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Must be love


This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to
all e-mail at Really. It makes my day
like you wouldn't believe. How come you haven't written already?

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By Shon Richards

"Must be love," I heard behind me. I think Nelson said it. He
wasn't bothering to lower his voice.

"It has to be," Dennis agreed. "Just look at her dancing with
Scott! Why the fuck would a hot babe like Bianca stay married to him,
I'll never know."

I knew why Bianca stayed married to me and it was something they
never would know. I was tempted to tell them but I was also intrigued
by their conversation. They were discussing my wife not five feet away
from me and they didn't fear me hearing them at all. It was like my
wife's flirtations had made me a non-entity in their eyes.

I watched as Bianca dipped back in Scott's arms. Her black dress
pulled at her dark skin and her breasts almost fell out of her
cleavage. I could see Scott's eyes bulging from here. There was no
doubt his cock was bulging as well. Bianca's legs were moving
lasciviously against Scott and the skirt was riding higher and higher
on her smooth legs.

"Jesus," Nelson muttered. "Look at her dance! Her ass can move!
Did you see how tightly she's pressing against Scott?"

"If she was my wife, I sure as Hell wouldn't let any guy dance
with her," Dennis said, a bit too loudly.

"Know what she told me?" Nelson said. "She said Michael didn't
like to dance. Can you believe that shit?"

It wasn't true. I didn't like to dance with her.

"That's nothing," Dennis said. "I'm still thinking about what
she said during dinner. There was this huge roll that I was mashing
down to fit in my mouth and she laughed at me. Know what she says?
She said 'No, you don't need to mash it down. It's just a matter of
opening your mouth wide enough, tilting your neck just right, and
swallowing it all down in one gulp.'"

"She didn't!" Nelson exclaimed.

I know she did.

"Yeah, she did," Dennis said with a touch of annoyance. "But
when I tried to put my hand on her knee, she just twisted my thumb till
I moved it. She might just be a cocktease."

"Nah," Nelson disagreed. "You just have to approach her right.
I mentioned that she was going to fall out of her dress, and you known
what she said? 'I would hope that a gentleman like you would put them
back where they belonged.' I swear to Christ, that's what she said!"

Dennis laughed. "Good luck, man. Let me know if you get lucky."

"Oh, I will," Nelson, laughed.

He didn't.

Later that night, Bianca was in good spirits. Her long black
hair was down and her sultry eyes were twinkling with memories of the
party. She had fun; teasing, taunting and promising things subtly and
overtly depending on her whim.

When we were in the kitchen getting snacks before bed, I took a
terrible risk. I wrapped my arm around her waist from behind and
pulled her to me. She purred gently in my arms till I leaned down and
placed a kiss on her neck. It was stupid of me but I had to try.

"Michael!" Bianca hissed. She elbowed me away and spun around.
"How could you ruin that moment!"

I saw the betrayal in her eyes and knew. I knew it still wasn't
over with her older brother. I knew she still woke up with the shakes
at night. I knew the therapy hadn't brought her close enough to where
we were before she started having the nightmares. The hurt in her eyes
was as intense as they were two years ago the first night that she
remembered what he had done to her.

"I'm sorry, Bianca," I said. "You were flirting so hard with
everyone tonight; I just hoped that maybe you had a breakthrough."

"No, damn it," she swore. "That was just for fun. I know I'm
fucked up, but they don't know it. It's nice to be with people who
don't know they are not going to get laid."

I tried to apologize and maybe she listened. Bianca begged off
that she was tired and went to bed to her bedroom. Again, like every
night now, she locked the door.

In my bedroom, with my cock wrapped in tissue, I remembered how
she was that night. I pictured her sexy legs flashing from her dress.
I stroked myself as I remembered how her hips swayed like the
passionate woman I remembered. The sight of her dark legs excited me,
and I moaned as I recalled how they used to wrap around me and pull me

Nelson's words about her cleavage flashed through my mind and I
remembered those brown nipples. I pumped my cock faster as I
remembered the large saucers of her aureoles, the way sweat collected
under her heavy breast and the soft pleasure of sinking my face into
her breasts until I had to come up for air.

Dennis' words about her eating the bread reminded me of her
mouth. Oh God, I missed her mouth! I missed the love in her eyes as
she went down on me. I longed for the wet heat of her lips and tongue.
As I pumped my cock harder, I remembered her words- mouth wide open,
tilt her head, and just swallow.

I climaxed and since it was my fantasy, I imagined her happily
swallowing my seed.

When I rolled over, I felt like a fool for what I did earlier.
Sex never seems as important after climax. I felt like a selfish
husband. Tomorrow I would explain that I would try not being jealous
and that I would give her as much time as she needed.

A thought nagged my mind, like it usually does at this late hour-
if I missed sex that much, why didn't I leave her for someone who could
have sex? The answer was simple. I thought about her smile. I
thought about holding hands with her. I remembered her being there
when I lost my father. I tried to imagine wanting to grow old with
anybody else.

It must be love.


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