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My Black Hero


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My young Black Hero, By Ace
Every morning I walked my daughter to school through the park, and
every morning he sat there, on the same bench, unless it was

He was large, frightening, and black. A young man, a boy really. I
suppose he was only 17 or 18 years old.

"Look-ing good, baby." He would say, as we passed. Or;

"Foxy, mama."

At first, I would feel threatened. Later on, I came to think of it
as harmless, just the sound that type of creature made when my type
of creature walked past.

Usually, he sat alone. Sometimes he would be urgently speaking to
someone else. Then he would ignore me.

Once, I saw him running. He was fast. He ran like a Gazelle,
lightly, effortlessly. The two huffing policemen pursuing him had
no chance.

Then one morning, Sarah and I were early. I stopped to talk to
another woman who was walking her dog. Sara wondered into the
adjacent playground.

Then she was gone. I was annoyed, Sarah knows that she should not
wonder far from me. I called her name and looked around for her.
Then I saw her doll lying in the mud. Adrenaline rushed through my
body, panic began to rise. I cursed my fashionable high-heeled
boots, I should be wearing sensible running shoes like the black

He was there, sitting on his bench some distance away. I ran up to

"Help me, please help me! My daughter is gone!"

"Whoa, mama! Chill out, I'm sure she's here somewhere."

"No, no!" I nearly couldn't speak, I was filled with panic. I shook
the muddy doll at him.

He took one look at it, and I saw something click on his face. He
understood. He leapt to his feet, his nostrils flaring, fire in his
young eyes.

"The creep, I saw some creep around here this morning. I never seen
him here before! You go that way,"

He pointed back towards my house, "I'll cover this way." And he
waved his long arm, indicating the rest of the small park.

"A policeman," I gasped, "we should find a policeman."

"The cop left five minutes ago, and he won't be back for ten more.
Now go!"

Of course the boy knew the precise movements of the policeman.

And he ran, ran like the wind. I clomped off in my direction,
cursing the fashion clothes and boots that my own vanity and office
convention had caused me to be wearing.

My panic rose as I found nothing. I headed back towards where the
black boy had gone.

I had to stop and breath, and then I heard them.

"You can go now sir, but I'll need you to come down to the station
later to sign a statement."

"Yes, thank you officer."

Then I heard Sarah start to scream. I ran around the corner; a
large white man, fortyish, holding my daughter by her wrist. Sara
struggling and screaming. Two policemen, one talking to the creep
while writing in his little book, the other with his foot in the
middle of the back of the black boy, who was face down on the
ground, handcuffed.

My panic turned rapidly to rage. The creep didn't see me stomping
towards them. I noted that he had blood all over his shirt, it was
still coming from his nose.

"Arrest him!" I screamed at the officer, pointing to the creep.

The creep saw me, released my daughter, and ran. The policeman
looked at me in confusion.

"Stop that man! He tried to take my little girl!"

The policeman with the book gave chase. The other held his

"Let that boy go!" I demanded.

"Forget it lady," he replied, "we finally got young Leroy here with
the goods." He held up two little plastic bags, each with some green
material inside.

The creep was getting away. The cop was too slow.

"My husband is judge Zheng. If you don't let that boy go right now,
and catch that creep, I'll see to it that you regret it."

I'm a small woman; I barely came up to his nose, even in the boots.
But at that moment, I could have torn that stupid policeman limb
from limb.

He looked doubtful for a moment, and then he produced the keys to
the cuffs.

"Give me those!" I snatched them from his grasp, "Get him!" I
screeched, pointing at that now barely visible creep, nearing the
other end of the park.

I paid no more attention to the officer, I released my young hero.
He said nothing, but as soon as his hands were released, he took off
at a tangent, heading towards another exit.

I had done what I could about the creep. I took my daughter into my
arms, and just held her.

The officers were too slow; the boy, Leroy, caught the creep again.

"Are you really judge Zheng's wife?" He asked me, later.

"Yes, I am. How do you know my husband?"

"He gave me time, once." Said Leroy.

I had trouble sleeping; I was having nightmares. Sara would be
missing, I couldn't find her. I'd wake up in sweat.

Or sometimes, Leroy would return her to me, smiling broadly.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Zheng!" He would say to me.

Then the dreams changed; I was making love with Leroy, he was
holding me, we were kissing. I woke up feeling disturbed.

About a week after the attack, I resumed my schedule, and again took
Sara through the park. It was difficult for both of us.

Leroy was on his bench.

"Morning, ma'am." He said.

"Good morning, Leroy." I replied.

"Sarah, aren't you going to say hello to Leroy?"

"Hello, Leroy." Sara piped, hiding behind my leg bashfully.

I normally went to my office after dropping off Sara at school. But
I didn't want to start work again yet, and so I headed home via the
park. Via Leroy.

He was alone; there was rarely anyone in the park at this hour.

"Hi, Leroy."

"Hello, Mrs. Zheng."

"Call me Mei"

"What he kind of name is that? Chinese?"

"Yes. My husband was born here in America, but I was born in Hong
Kong. I came here when I was 18."

"What can I do for you Mrs.,. Mei?"

I sat on the other end of the bench.

"I want to know what I can do for you, Leroy. You saved my
daughter, you saved me. I would like to do something for you."

He looked at me seriously; "You don't owe me nothing, ma'am. I did
what any man should do. I'm proud of what I did, and if I never do
anything good again in my life, I know I can always be proud of

This simple boy from the street had humbled me. I was filled with
feeling for him.

I took his large hand in mine, and looked into his handsome young black face. I felt tears come to my eyes.

"Aw shit, Mei, you gonna start crying on me?"

"I'm sorry, Leroy. I don't mean to embarrass you."

"That's okay Mei. You been through a lot."

He slid over, and put his strong arm around my thin shoulders. I
put my head against his shoulder, and cried. Not for long, just a

I stood up suddenly, feeling self-conscious.

"Would you join me for lunch, Leroy?"

He hesitated; then said, "I'd be pleased to, Mei."

"I'm in No. 35." I said, pointing to the row of houses at the top
of the park.

"What time?"



I was nervous. What if someone saw him come in? They could get the
wrong idea. Then again, I supposed anybody would probably think he
was coming to do some work for me.

I was flustered; I didn't really know why I had invited Leroy into
my home, I just wanted to be nice. After all, he was the hero. My
hero. The one who saved me, saved Sarah.

I fixed lunch.

He told me of himself while we ate. He sold petty amounts of
marijuana in the park in the morning. The park was dominated by some
dangerous characters in the afternoon. Leroy was careful not to get
in their way.

He had a part-time job in the afternoons. He lived with his mother and two younger sisters.

When we had finished, he stood and took the dishes to the kitchen
before I could stop him. I came up behind him as he turned, and we
found ourselves nose to nose for an instant. As I looked up into
his eyes I suddenly melted, I realized that I desired him. I could
smell him, his young animal scent, I could feel the heat from his
body, his aura.

I couldn't move. I didn't want to move. I knew I must move. He
was trapped against the sink.

Slowly, deliberately, he put his arms around me. He pulled me the
short distance to himself. He held me in his strong arms, and I was

His hand slid up my back, slid through my still thick black hair,
and held my head. I offered no resistance as he tilted my face
upwards. I looked into his eyes, his thick dark lips only an inch
from my own. I wanted his kiss, his vital heroic young kiss. I
wanted to feel his power, I wanted his power to rise for me, I
wanted to be swept up in it, to surrender to it, to be overwhelmed
by it.

"Mei, Mei." but he also seemed to have nothing to say.

I thought I had melted, but when our lips met I melted again. My
body melted into his, my tiny soft body into his large hard one.
His big hands moved up and down my back, to my neck, to my thin
buttocks. My small hands moved over his large body, the muscles of
his shoulders, his arms. His perfect round behind.

I could feel his penis burning hard and hot through his fleece
training pants, burning like a hot iron against me.

We kissed for an eternity. We were afraid to break the spell,
afraid to move from the ridiculous position, standing in the

I pulled back the elastic of his trousers, and reached inside. He
was large, I knew that, I had felt that already. But when I felt
him with my hand, I became afraid. He was too big, it would not be
possible for him to enter me, to do to me what I now wanted him to
do so badly.

He moaned my touch, and I felt him unzipping my dress.

Although I was sure intercourse would be impossible, we couldn't
stop. They were still things we could do.

He lifted me like a doll, and carried me effortlessly up the stairs,
to the bedroom. He removed his clothes, revealing his perfect
physique, his tapered torso, his long powerful legs, his flat black
stomach, his great frightening log of a penis.

He sat on the bed, and I wrapped both my hands around the organ,
enjoying the feel of its power and feeling so much regret that my
body was inadequate to accommodate it.

"I'm so sorry Leroy, you realize there's no way. You're just too

"It's okay, Mei." He said, quietly, as I lowered my mouth over his
manhood. "You don't have to if you don't want to. But we can do it,
I promise we can do it."

It was wonderful, if frighteningly black, and frighteningly large.
I had heard of things like this, but I had never believed the
stories. How could such men reproduce? What woman could take such
a penis into her vagina?

He pushed me on to my back, and lowered his head between my legs.
The feel of his tongue against my clitoris was delicious, wonderful.

I had never cheated on my husband before, and I was amazed at how
naturally it came to me. And how hard I came against Leroy's young tongue.

He was rubbing me, rubbing my clitoris with his penis, his huge
frightening penis.

"Leroy," I whispered, "it can't, it can't fit in there. I wish it
could Leroy, but it's impossible."

"Relax Mei," he said to me softly, reassuringly. "You just relax and
we'll see. You just tell me if you want me to stop, do you want to
stop, Mei?"

I didn't. I didn't want him to stop ever. I wanted to feel his
powerful black organ sliding up-and-down against me. I wanted to
have an orgasm just from the touch of it against me.

His fingers were sliding and out of me, stretching me, preparing me.
I surrendered to him, I spread my short legs wide, and waited.

Slowly, very carefully, he worked the blunt end of his wonderful
tool into me. There was pain, and pleasure. I was surprised that I
was enjoying both.

Slowly he worked deeper, deeper. I was very afraid, I didn't know
if I could survive this.

Finally, he was in all the way, our pubic hairs mashing together.
We stayed like that, static for a minute. I didn't know it was
possible to be so filled. I thought if he moved, he might kill me.

But he did move, and it was good. I became accustomed to it, to
this stretched feeling, this filled feeling.

I relaxed, as he was urging me to do, and I felt the orgasm coming.

It crashed into me like waves into rocks during a storm, causing
shudders to run through my frame with its power.

Then I felt the pulsing of his cock, the powerful hot stream as he
came deep inside me.

I had to see him again, I knew it.

But it was dangerous, difficult. We both knew we had to be very
careful. We met in a hotel;

I had my hair done, I wore it down, in thick waves. I had spent a
lot of time on my makeup, I wore a blue silk dress that emphasized
what assets I still possessed at 38 years old.

I have a small, lean body. My legs are too short, my tits too
small. But my hair and skin are still healthy and youthful, I have
a nice small ass. My stomach is once again flat, and stretch marks
from my pregnancy are not prominent.

My lover was young and handsome. It was very flattering to me, but
I had to do all I could to make myself attractive to him as an older woman.

I massaged him, worshiped his young body. Worshiped his wonderful
sex organ with my hands and my mouth.

When he entered my body with it the second time, it was easier.

I had never known sex like this. I had made love only once or twice
before I met my husband and we were married. My husband is a good
man, and I love him. I thought sex with him was good before I knew
Leroy. But now I realize it was always tepid, inadequate. My
husband's penis is very small, but I don't think that is why sex
between us was never as amazing as between Leroy and myself.

My husband is intelligent, sophisticated, successful. Leroy is
vital, powerful, strong, and so young.

He was infatuated with me, I don't know why. Perhaps his mother didn't love him enough, I don't know. All I know is that I couldn't
resist him, couldn't get enough of his young body, his enthusiasm
for life. And sex.

I rented a small apartment where we could meet. Leroy had a few
free hours between his dealing in the park and his afternoon job. I
started taking two-hour lunch breaks. I had to work late to make up
for it.

I loved to buy sexy outfits to wear for Leroy's pleasure. All kinds
different things, a tight leather skirt. A skimpy leather vest.
Various negligees. Garters, stockings, and high heels. Expensive
designer dresses, cheap things that young girls would wear.

I didn't want him to get bored with me, I never forgot that I was
twice his age. I had to give him more than a young girl could give
him, and in only one or two hours a day.

Sometimes we would steal some extra time, and drive out of town.

We went to dance clubs. I was afraid I would be recognized, but as
Leroy pointed out, even if I was seen by someone I knew, they would
be unlikely to recognize me in such a context, the way I was

When we went out together, I loved to dress up like a young tart.
Wearing six inch heels, the top of my head was level with Leroy's
nose. I'd put on a lot of makeup, and a studded black leather
collar on my neck, wear a lot of costume jewelry, and show some

Leroy flattered me, showing me off to his young friends. I was
pleased that they were of all races. They were a happy bunch, they
gave me hope for the future.

I had always been a rather conservative woman, and I was amazed at
myself by what I got up to. Leroy loved to take me out, and he
loved to me to be looking desirable. I felt completely safe with
him, after all, was he not my hero? It made me feel young myself,
wearing a semitransparent blouse, my small breasts visible if anyone
cared to look. And often enough, they did.

I realized that I had never had an adolescence. I had worked hard
to get top grades in school before leaving Hong Kong, and then I had
worked equally hard in University here in America. I started
working immediately when I graduated, and I had married very young.

My husband was 10 years older than myself, and very stable. "Stable"
meant "good" where I was brought up. Here in America, it meant

Leon and his friends liked to smoke marijuana, and I never did
that. I was surprised that my abstinence didn't bother them. They
were great fun when they were all stoned, and we always had lots of
laughs. I became one of the gang, and we all went out to movies or
clubs together sometimes.

It was not very difficult at home, as my husband was obsessed by his
work, and was often out late himself. We had had separate bedrooms
for a couple of years already, anyway.

On several occasions, the young girls from Leroy's circle of friends
asked me to advise them on this or that. Affairs of the heart,
mostly. It was wonderful, the way the young people accepted me,
made me part of their world. I had never felt so appreciated.

I was so happy when Leroy finally relented to my wishes, and gave up
his dangerous morning occupation. He took a full-time job, but that
meant our afternoon rendezvouses came to an end.

My double life started to become difficult, being a mother, having a
full-time job, a home. And my other home, my secret lover, and all
the socializing I did with him.

Leroy's capacity for love seemed to be boundless. I loved to cuddle
with him on the couch, both of us naked, while he studied the books
from the night course he was taking.

He would simply pass one of his large dark hands over my small pale
body, and the stresses of my life would leave me, a feeling of
euphoria filling my being.

I loved to play with his penis, I was no longer frightened of it. I
loved to keep it hard for an hour at a time. I would crouch down
and suck on it for a minute or two, then let Leroy study some more.

When it was late, or when he finished a chapter, he'd put his books
down to devote his full attentions to me. I was like a toy in his
arms, he would lift me onto his lap, his great penis trapped between
our bellies as our mouths met.

The feeling of Leon's cock entering me remained the pinnacle of
physical pleasure, but the long and slow love sessions that preceded
the fucking was what made it so special.

After I was accustomed to his size, he was able to screw me hard. I
can't describe how wonderful it was for me, the orgasms of course,
but also just the feeling of being loved by someone so intensely.
Someone for whom love was No. 1 in his life, all other occupations

Of course, I knew it couldn't last forever. I was surprised it
lasted as long as it did, almost two years. By that time, I was 40
years old, and Leroy was 20. Gray was starting to appear in my black
hair, I had lived too long without enough sleep. Perhaps that's why
Leroy found himself a younger lover.

I knew the girl, I even liked her. She had confided in me once,
about an earlier relationship. She was young, Leroy's age,
beautiful and black.

Leroy didn't tell me at first, but I found small things of
Yvette's around his apartment, the apartment I was paying for.
Still, I was so addicted to his love that I was willing to share him
with the young girl. But it was not to be. I think Leroy is one of
those very rare individuals; a monogamous male.

I talked to Yvette about it. She had a lot of respect for me, and
felt guilty about screwing Leroy.

"Then why, Yvette?"

"I came over to look for you one evening, but you weren't there.
Leroy made me a cup of tea, he was so nice. We talked until late,
and then I don't know how it happened, we were in each other's arms.
We knew it was wrong, but it was like we were unable to stop."

She started to cry.

"There, there, Yvette." I held my young rival to me as she cried. I
knew I had to pull away and let the young people make their life.

"You're so good Mei. You should hate me, I'm taking your man. How
can you be so good?"

"I'm not so good, Yvette. Don't forget that I married, and not to

the creep was convicted of kidnapping Sarah, and of two counts of
earlier rape against children. he will never be released.

Now that our affair is over, I'm able to see Leroy openly. He and
Yvette come for dinner sometimes at my house. I love Leroy, I want
what's best for him, and what's best for him is Yvette in the long

My husband is surprised at the sudden upsurge in our sex life. It's
good to love him again. But I have to admit; I do miss Leroy's love,
and his young powerful body.

I sure would like to hear response from my readers. please write me
a note; I would really appreciate it.

I just like to write 'em, and I hope you like to
read 'em!

Ace 2000


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