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My Boss and I parts 1 2



It was lunchtime and my boss was out. I was waiting for him in his office. I
had planned this for a few days. In five minutes, he’d walk through that

I’m tall. Very slim. I have long blonde hair, straight, and flows down
around my shoulders. I have blue eyes. I’m told I am innocent looking, (you
ain’t seen my mind babe!), And I’m told I’m attractive. My boss thinks so.
For a couple of months he had been trying to get me. I treated it has a
joke. But one day I took it serious. I planned my seduction of him, and told
you about that in Part 1. Now we are a few days later. Nothing has happened
since. But in five minutes….

I’m wearing black stockings, a suspender belt, a black lacy bra and panties.
Over the top of that I have a long black skirt and a black jumper. My boss
has no idea of what is underneath. I’m writing this before he comes in. The
rest will be afterwards…

The door opened and my boss stood there. I was sitting in his chair, feet on
the desk. He seemed taken aback. “Hi,” he said with half a laugh. I took my
feet off the desk and stood up.

“Did you have a nice lunch?”

He told me he had. I then asked if he remembered the other day. He said he
did. I asked him if he liked what had happened. He said ‘yes’.

“Mmmmh,” I replied, “Good.” I walked over to him, “The desk is clear…I’m
going to lock the door. While I do, I want you to simply lie on your back
over the desk.”

He smiled, then looked puzzled, then seeing I meant what I said, nodded his
head. I went over to the door, locked it and turned around to see him get up
on the desk and lay himself down on it. I pulled off my jumper, then
unzipped the side of my skirt…it fell to the floor.

He craned his head to look at me. He gasped out loud and me. “Oh God that’s

I smiled and walked over, swinging my hips. “Now just you lie there, don’t
worry about a thing.”

I stood by the back of his head. All he could do was look up at me. I
reached forward with both my hands and put them on his shirt over his chest.
I started to rub his chest with both hands. I leaned my body forward, so my
black bra was near his face, so near, yet so far.

He moaned has my hands rubbed his chest. I slowly worked them down to his
trousers, circling, downwards, then back up, then a little more downwards. I
wanted to tease. By now I had lowered my chest so that sometimes my bra
would brush his face. I made sure that I moved my chest from side to side.
He reached up and held the side of my chest.

“Can I please undo your bra?” He asked.

“Mmmmmh, well I suppose so.”

He reached over my back, found the clasp and undid it. I let it fall from my
arms, my small breasts hanging free poised over his face, wobbling a little,
the nipples standing hard, pointing down at him. He sighed. I think he
liked what he saw.

I reached forward some more and started to unfasten his trouser. Pulling the
belt through the buckle slowly, then undoing the top button. I stopped for a
minute, to slowly stroke his tummy along the line of his trousers. Then I
leaned forward to kiss and suck and bite the flesh there. This caused my
titties to push against his face. He didn’t waste the moment. I felt his
lips brush against one nipple then open, and my nipple was sucked in. He
sucked at it hard, trying to engulf the whole of my breast. His hands
wrapped around my back, keeping me there.

He moved his mouth from one breast, I felt his chin and lips drag along my
flesh till he got hold of the other one. He bit gently at the soft flesh and
then sucked the nipple deep into his mouth, his tongue flicking and swirling
around it.

For a moment I just enjoyed the feeling, then resumed my work. My fingers
found the buttons of his fly, which I undid, one by one. When the last one
was opened I tugged his trousers apart, revealing his white pants. Over the
top of which was some hair, dying out before it got to his tummy. I sunk my
lips into it, licking and kissing. I swirled the hair around with my tongue,
matting it as it got wetter. I could feel his hard cock against my forehead
through his pants.

I pulled away from his tummy and craned my head towards his cock. Sticking
out my tongue I started to lick at his pants where the outline of his
cockhead was. I traced around the side of the head, licking where I could
see the rim was. He moaned again, muttered something about ‘heaven’, and
moved his hips and legs a little.

He reached behind me and with both hands clenched my panty-clad bottom. His
hands mauled at the cheeks, squeezing and rubbing them. I started to grind
my pussy against the top of his head. I almost climbed on to the desk at
that point, so we could go into a 69, but I wanted this one to be on me, I
wanted this one to be purely my work.

I eased his pants down a little, exposing his cockhead to my view. There was
a drop of pre-cum on the tip, right over the eye. I leaned forward and
licked it off…letting my tongue drag over the hard head. That made him moan
some more, and more loudly. I then pulled his pants down until his whole
cock and balls were lying there. I put my face against them, letting his
cock press against my cheek, smelling that man smell, feeling the hair with
the side of my face.

Raising my head I began to kiss along the shaft, working my way back up to
the head. By now he had started to lick my tummy and the tops of my legs.
His hands were working on my bottom, squeezing and hugging the cheeks. He
didn’t try to pull my panties down. I guess he knew the rules.

I stood up straight, pulled away from him. “You can watch,” I told him, “But
that’s it.”

I then walked around to the other side of the desk. Taking his trousers and
pants in both hands I pulled them off. I then leaned forward and touched his
tummy with my forehead. I held his hips, there was no way my hands were
going to touch his cock now. This was just going to be my mouth and his
cock. Nothing else in the world existed.

I managed to suck the head of his cock into my mouth. I then pulled upwards
and back down to his legs. His cock went from his tummy, to standing
straight up, and then pointing downwards towards his feet a little. All the
time I kept the head of it in my warm wet mouth. I knew that I could bring
him off without my hands if I kept his cock pointing downwards. It’s like
when you sit astride a man and lean back, from that point on you know he
can’t help but cum quickly.

At first I didn’t move my head at all. Just held his cock head there and
swirled my tongue around it. I did a little clenching with my teeth while
licking at the underside of the rim of the head. I looked up at him. He had
his hands behind his head, watching me intently. He smiled.

My breasts were rubbing against the tops of his legs. I could feel the
nipples brush them as they gently swung from side to side. I was moving my
hips around, why I don’t know. Perhaps I wished someone had been there
behind me, someone to fuck my brains out.

I then drew my head up as far as I dared without letting his cock pop out of
my mouth. For a second I hung there, just the tip of his head between my
lips. His cock bent back towards his legs, I could feel it pushing against
my top lip, not wanting to be there, not at this angle. My eyes caught his,
and as they did so, once I was sure he was looking at them, I rammed my head
down his shaft as far as I could. Instantly I brought my head up again. He
almost screamed. Before he had time to really react I rammed my head down
again. I felt the hairs around his cock hit my face and nose, then my head
zoomed back up to the tip, then down, then up. His head shot back, his legs
tensed, his hips bucked.

“Fucking hell!” he almost shouted. I kept at it, ramming my head as far down
as I could, pulling back up, almost releasing his cock from my mouth each
time. I felt his cock as it rushed past my lips with each downward thrust,
shooting over my tongue and hitting the back and roof of my mouth. I kept my
lips wrapped tightly around the shaft with each upward stroke. I was like a
machine now, not even thinking. My head just ramming up and down this cock.
There was nothing else in the world. I could see his hands gripping the
sides of the desk, his knuckles white. I could see his head arched back, the
veins standing up on his neck. I knew this must be close to torture for a
man. But I also knew he wouldn’t want it any other way.

My breast continued to brush and rub against his legs, now so tense, I
didn’t know how long I could keep this up, I was trying to master the art of
breathing. I wondered who was going to break first. My hands were gripping
his hips…later I found my nails had really dug into his sides…. Neither of
us noticed at that time.

He started to shake his head from side to side; he started to moan loudly. I
could feel his legs really tense up like he was holding his breath. I felt
his hips rise a little. I saw his hands gripping the table so hard I though
he’d break his fingers, and then, suddenly…bang, right in my mouth, a
terrific wad of cum shot into my mouth on a upward thrust of my head. It was
like someone had spat into the back of my throat. It almost seemed to bounce
around my mouth. I got the taste and everything all at once. I forced my
head back down as another gob of cum shot out, this was so close to my
throat that I had no choice but to swallow. Three more loads followed, all
of which by slowing down my head I was able to control and keep them in my

When finally his cock stopped erupting I leaned forward pushing his cock so
that it stood directly upwards from his body. I pulled my head back so just
the tip was still in my mouth, and then formed my lips into a wide grin. His
cum ran out on both sides and trickled down the sides of his cock. My eyes
fixed his. When it had all run out and was streaming down his cock, I opened
my mouth wide, pushed my head down his shaft and then closed my lips around
it again, then pulled upwards, cleaning it of his cum. I finally took his
shaft in one hand. His mouth opened in amazement. I smiled and then opened
my mouth again, letting his cum drip down over the head of his cock where it
ran down on three sides after sliding off his cock head. I stuck my tongue
out and pushed some of the gobs around before they slid over the edge of the
head and ran down.

“That’s never happened before.” He said, awe struck.

I smiled. I’d never done it before, but I wasn’t about to tell him that.

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