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My Boys 1


My boys 1 (incest, m/b, b/b)

It was a typical Sunday afternoon; I was sitting in my open bathrobe,
watching the football games. My youngest son, Mikey, sat in my lap, my
hard cock stuffed up his 12 year old ass. His head lay on my shoulder and
he was intently watching the game. Every so often, I would pinch his boy nipples which would make him squirm keeping my cock hard and embedded in

How this came to be you are probably wondering. Up until a year ago, I
was happily to my wife and loved my children, Matt and Marty, twin 14 year
olds and of course Mikey. I couldn’t complain about my sex life as my wife was always willing to accommodate me, That was until a year ago. She was
diagnosed with a form of bone cancer and it was too late to do anything
about it. She passed away within six weeks leaving me and my sons to

Within days after the funeral, Mikey would wake up in the middle of the
night and get into bed with me. He would spoon against me, snuggling his
boy butt against my crotch. At first I would wrap my arms around him and
we would sleep. After a week or so, I found myself getting hard when he
spooned against me. My boxer cover dick would slip into his crack and he
would snuggle even closer. I was so horny and needy and any hole would
have done, even my son’s. It got so bad that I began sleeping naked and
when my cock, slipped into his crack, I would move my hips using his cheeks
to get me off. He didn’t complain and letting me release my frustration
and my juices all over his back and my stomach. The one night, he moved
unexpectedly and my cockhead found his hole and slipped in. We both froze.
“It’s ok daddy, you can fuck me” he said, “I want you to.” For a 12 year
old he could be very mature. Lifting his leg, I slide all the way into
him. His asshole tightened against the intrusion but he said nothing but I
knew he was in great pain. We just lay there, my cock filling my little
boy. It felt so good and I forgot he was my son. I started fucking in and
out of him, totally involved with the feelings in my cock. After awhile,
he started moaning which turned me on even more. I was pounding in and out
of him and his moaning got louder and longer. I was close. My mind was
full of lust. I needed release! I had to have a release! Then I did. My
brain exploded and I say stars behind my eyes. My cock also exploded,
sending my jism shooting into my son, coating his guts. I spasm a few more
times and relaxed back to the bed. He lay there, not speaking, breathing
heavily. We fell asleep that way. In the morning, before he left my bed,
he whispered in my ear. “You can fuck me anytime you want daddy”

And we did! I taught him to suck cock but what he loved best was when I
fingerfucked him while a stroked his boy dick. He would take my cockhead
in his mouth and suckle it like it was a tit.

So there, I was enjoying the football game and my son when I heard “Way
cool” It was the twin. They had returned early and saw us. Mikey freaked.
He jumped up and ran from the room. I, meanwhile, tried to cover myself as
best I could but my dick stayed hard and was still visible.

“Now, boys, I can explain….” Before I could get any further, they had
shucked my clothes. Marty had rushed over, his back to me, grabbed my cock
and slammed himself down on it. Matt, meanwhile, moved in front of Marty
and thrust his cock down his twin’s throat. I was shocked! Marty was
ramming himself on me and all I could do was grab his hips and help. It
was not long before I shot my load into his ass. His ass milked me like a
pro. I felt drained.

“What about me” I heard. It was Mikey. He had returned wearing a pair
of shorts, his little boy dick tenting them. Without missing a beat, the
twins grabbed him and carried him to the middle of the living room. He was
squealing with delight as the pulled his short off his little body. They
forced him to his hands and knees. Matt took the back and shoved his cock
up Mikey’s cute little ass. Marty took the front and stabbed his cock down
his throat. I got hard! Not wanting to be left out, I knelt beside Mikey.
Stroking each twin’s butt cheeks, my fingers sought and found their
assholes. Surprisingly, my finger slid into Marty easier than Matt’s. But
the effect was the same. The both grunted and started groaning. I finger
fucked them in time to their own fucking. I felt two hands on my cock.
Each twin had taken hold of me.

What a scene we made; Mikey on his hands and knees, one twin fucking in
and out of his ass, the other fucking his mouth and I fingerfucking the
twins. The only sounds that could be heard were our panting and Mikey
slurping on his brother’s cock. Visualizing this in my mind had made me
hot. The boy hands had were pulling and pushing on my cock. I couldn’t
think straight. The pressure in my balls was intense and had to be
relieved. Thrusting my hips, I came. The boys stroked me even harder. My
semen shot out of me landing on Mikey’s back which triggered the twins and
they shot their loads in the holes they work fucking. Even Mikey came,
shooting his meager seed into the carpet.

We all collapsed to the rug, each exhausted. Almost immediately, Mikey
jumped up and started bouncing off the walls. I understood immediately.
He was finally included the activities with his big brothers, who had
excluded him in the past..

In a firm voice I told him to sit. The twins had move to the couch and
I to a chair. Mikey wiggled in between them and grabbed their limp cocks;
The biggest smile on his face.

Watching Mikey bounce around, I thought of the implications. If this
got out, I could be carted away to rot in jail and the boys would be split up. Addressing this issue, I put this to them in no uncertain terms. If
this was to continue, then NO ONE was to know, period. As I spoke I stared
are Mikey. When I finished, He threw out his chest and said “I haven’t
told anyone that you’ve been fucking me all these months, have i?”

We all broke up laughing. I told the boys to get cleaned up for dinner,
wondering how long the twins had been fucking and what it would be like to
be fucked in the ass and take a cock down my throat. It made me hard. Comments/ suggestions welcome!

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