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My Boys 2


My boys 2

The rest of the day, I spend plotting how to fuck the twins. They were
always together and had this non verbal communication so that every plan I
came up with had an element of separating them from each other. Each plan
had to be clear that this was to between “playmates” and not “father and

Exhausted, and without a plan, I went to bed. No sooner had I drifted
off when the lights snapped on and I heard “Attack” It was Mikey. He flew
across the room and landed on my chest. I was momentarily stunned but that
was enough for the twins to tie my hands to the bedposts and throw back the
bed covers exposing my naked body. I put up a mock battle but knew it was
useless. I was hard in anticipation as this was a well thought out plan
and I was looking forward to it. Images, of sucking cock and being fucked
flashed through my brain causing me to leak. They had left my legs untied
so they could be moved to get access to my ass and hole.

Once, I was secure, Mikey got off and the three of them huddled, arms
around each other’s shoulders occasionally taking a peek at me. I tried to
image what I looked like. A mid-thirty aged man, his hands tied to the bed
posts. His hairless, but firm, chest rising and falling with every breath.
His stomach. His fully erect 8’ cock laying against his flat and hard
stomach, occasionally jerking up and then falling back; drops of precum
oozing out of the tip. Muscular thighs that had pounded many miles of
pavement. What an image, I was getting even harder.

As they huddled, I could tell this was part of the plan. Breaking the
huddle, each of the twins grabbed a leg and raised it so that Mikey had
access to my hole. Burying his head, he lapped at me. Occasionally, one
of the twins would make a comment and Mikey would change his tactics. It
felt so good, his little tongue swabbing my hole and every so often,
sticking it in. I would twitch at these intrusions even though his tongue
was just big enough just to enter my hole.

Then one of the twins told Mikey to get the jar in their room and he
trotted off. Matt, being the more assertive of the two looked at me and
said solemnly: “Dad, we are avenging our brother, Michael, for the
unspeakable acts that you have forced upon him. We take no pleasure in
what we are about to do, but it must be done.”

“Oh, shit” I thought, this is not a game. They are going to rape me
like they thought I did to Mikey. But then they started laughing
hysterically and I knew this was just a game. They were really into the

“Please, young sirs, I am but a humble dad, doing his best with his
unruly sons” Have pity on this old man” I bemoaned.

“Nevertheless,” Marty jumped in after a momentary pause, not expecting
me to play along. “Punishment is punishment. We do not intend to go
lightly on you. Your deeds are evil and wicked”

“Where did that come from?” I wondering if it was the Knights of the
Round Table books that they were reading.

“Then, young masters, I submit to your will. Do what you will, as I am
an at your mercy”

And they did. Mikey had returned with a jar of vaseline which the boys told him to cover his fingers with. He knew what to do next and shoved his
finger into me. I grunted and felt something push passed my anus. Matt
told him to add fingers so he forced all his fingers except his thumb into
me. He giggled as he rammed his hand up my hole.

This I felt! Sharp pain around my ring. Each time he removed his hand,
I relaxed only to feel his little hand invade me again. All in all it
wasn’t a bad feeling and after awhile, I moved my hips in time to his
fucking. The twins had shed their night clothes and their boy dicks
pointed straight out from their bodies. They must have been all of 5”
hard. and it was time for some serious action.

Matt straddled my chest as Marty sucked as much of me down his throat as
possible. I moaned, which gave Matt a chance to thrust his boy cock into
my mouth. Caught off guard, I gagged momentarily then, as best I could I
licked the hard boy cock in my mouth. I tasted soap from his earlier
shower. His boy cock felt very comfortable in my mouth. Looking up at
him, with my mouth full of cock, he was beaming. He reached down and
tweaked my nose as a sign of affection. I nipped his cock in return. I
was getting hotter by the minute.

Turning his head over his shoulder, he simply said “Plan B”. Mikey
pulled his hand from my ass and Marty let my cock fall from his mouth. My
cock slapped against my stomach and the sound of it made them giggle. Matt
kept his boy rod where it was. Mikey and Marty switched places. Mikey
straddled my hips, his ass poised to take my cock. Marty, raised my legs,
aiming his boy dick at my hole.

“One, Two, Three” yelled Matt thrusting as deep as possible into my
mouth and down my throat. At the same time, Mikey had jammed my man cock
up his little ass and was fucking up and down with abandonment. Not to be
left out, Marty rammed his cock into my virgin ass and was pounding away.

I came! Never in my life had I had such a sudden and intense orgasm and
I even stayed hard. I sprayed Mikey’s guts with seed, as I moaned around
Matt’s cock which was savagely fucking my mouth. After I finished spewing
my seed, I just lay there experiencing my first cock sucking and ass
fucking. My throat easily accepted Matt’s cock and as he pulled away, I
puckered my cheeks exerting pressure. “Dad, you have such a hot mouth” he
moaned, turning me on even more. I wanted to give his the best blow job of
his young life.

At the other end, Marty was pounding away at my asshole. There was
little pain, in fact, somewhere in my gut a warm feeling had started and
continued to build. Mikey was in his own world, fucking up and down on my
still hard cock, moaning and moaning.

I tried to image what the scene looked like and it got me hotter. My
cock felt like it was made of steel. I could see myself laying there, my
hands bound to the bedposts. A handsome boy, his head thrown back;
thrusting his hips while forcing his hardness in and out of my mouth.
Behind him, a child, bouncing up and down on my cock, impaling himself each
time. And finally, a duplicate of the boy at my mouth, fucking his cock up
my ass for all he was worth. I was so full of lust that I never wanted it
to end. I felt used and abused. My holes were plugged by boy cock and I
wanted more.

“Switch” cried Matt, pulling his boy meat from my mouth. At the same
time, Marty withdrew his young pole from my ass. I never felt so empty in
my life. Mikey never missed a beat and continued to impale himself on my
man rod.

In a flash, Marty was in my mouth and Matt, my ass. Marty cock tasted
of my shit. I didn’t care. I just gobbled his cock like his brothers. It
felt so good when his slid down my throat. If my hands were free, I would
have grabbed his cute little ass and forced all of him into me. His mouth
fucking was gentler than his bothers. He would slide his boy dick all the
way into my mouth, pause and slide out. Not like his brother who just
rammed his cock in and out of my mouth. Marty’s mouth fucking was full of
passion and it raised the level of my lust. I wanted to please his so much
that I puckered my cheeks even more hoping the sensation in his cock

Matt, like his mouth fucking, was pounding away in my ass, his balls
slapping against my asscheeks. I felt helpless which made it all the more
exciting. It felt like he was raping me and I wanted him to! Wrapping my
legs around him, I spurred him on to fuck me harder. Taking his cue, he
pounded into me with all he was worth.

The sensations built to fast that I couldn’t take anymore and recoated
Mikey’s guts. My hips thrusting upward as Mikey rammed downward. This
pushed him over the edge and he shot his boy goo all over his brothers
back. And like dominos, Marty spewed his seed into my mouth. I gulped as
fast as I could, wanting all of it in my belly.

But not Matt, he was still fucking me, hard and fast. The other boys had gotten of me and pulled my legs as wide as they could go, giving Matt
better access to my hole. Without the distractions of the others, I
concentrated on Matt’s cock and the feeling in my ass.

There was no pain only pleasure and it was building again. My cock,
once limp, was hardened with his pounding. A fog covered my brain so that
I could only think and feel his boy cock; pounding, pounding into my gut. I
found my self panting like a dog in head. I wanted his cock, needed his
cock to fill me! I couldn’t get enough of him. My hips bucked forcing him
deeper. I was moaning, “Fuck me, fuck me” tossing my head from side to
side. All I could think about was the pounding of his cock and my asshole
tightening around it. In and out, In and out. My head felt like it was
going to burst! “Give me your cock, your cock” I cried! Then raising up,
“Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” I forced myself on his cock! As I cried out to be
fucked, Marty rammed his newly harden cock down my throat again. I sucked on him with a vengeance. I was a wild man. The cock is my ass was
pounding me, lifting me to heights of passion I had never know and I was
sucking like a thirty man in the desert. I couldn’t get enough! I wanted
their cocks to meet in my belly. It was wonderful. I felt so full. My
lust driven brain wanted more. I slurped the mouth cock as my asshole
squeezed the asscock. I was a driven man. Al I could think of is “not
enough, harder, not enough, pound me” The bed was rattling from me forcing
more and more the cocks into me. The mouthcock felt like it hit my stomach
as it rammed down my throat and the asscock felt like it hit my intestines.
“Soon” soon” my mind screamed. My whole body was bucking wanting more and
more cock.

When it finally felt like the mouthcock and asscock touched my belly, I
shot my final wad of the night. Marty had grabbed my head and was slamming
in boy dick down my throat and Matt threw my legs of his shoulders
ram-roding his boy pole as far up my ass as he could. I was in heaven.
Never had I been so aroused in my life. But I wanted more! Marty, holding
my head thrust once more, his belly hitting my nose and spat his boy seed.
I gulped and gulped until there was no more. Matt had grabbed my
asscheeks, burying his fingernails in my flesh. He, too, thrusted so
mightily that my head hit the wall and spewed his boy goo in my gut. I
felt it race up my bowel, giving me the shivers.

The boys collapsed on the bed beside Mikey who was half asleep already.
I just lay there basking in the glow of sucking my first cock and loosing
my ass cherry. With boy cum dripping out of my ass, I never felt so
satisfied in my life.

The twins roused Mikey and headed back to their rooms leaving me tied to
the bed. As Matt left, he turned and said “Let that be a lesson” and
clicking off the light.

Lying there, the lesson had been wonderful, glorious; I was looking
forward the next lesson already.

Sometime during the night, Mikey returned and untied me. We snuggled
and my last thoughts were “two against two, let the games begin!”

Tyler Thane



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