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My Daughter Eases My Pain chapter four


My daughter Eases My Pain

By: curious2c,

Chapter Four

If you have been reading along with this story you know that I had lost
my wife several years ago, that I had a college age daughter who loved her
father dearly and tried to help out his love life by setting him up with
dates. Dates that usually failed at some point along the line, usually due
to the prudish nature of the women I was dating.

Then came the weekend when Sue (my daughter) had her friends over for a
"fuck Dave weekend". That had led to me having sex with four beautiful
young ladies, my daughter included. That had also culminated in one of the
young ladies admitting that she loved me. For real.

Now, after having had sex with them for the last two days, they were
getting ready to go back to school. All of them, with the sole exception
of Teresa the girl who was now my girlfriend. Teresa was going to move in
with me and commute to school each day.

I was in love with a girl half my age. What would my friends and
relatives think or say? I had some doubts as to the way this was all
working out, but I knew deep in my heart I loved Teresa, and I was equally
as sure she loved me.

Sue had a heart to heart talk with me alone just before she left with
Becky and Cindy.

"Dad, you know that I love you very much."

"Yes honey, I know you do, and if I had any doubts, you erased them this
weekend. I have had and still do have a bit of a problem of us having had
sex though. I'm not sure that was the best thing for us to do."

"Hey, I am an adult woman, and you are an adult man. It's not like I 'm
going to get pregnant or anything. Besides, I loved fucking you dad. You
are a very experienced and skillful lover. Teresa is a very lucky lady to
have you as her boyfriend."

"I'd say I'm the lucky one on that part. She is exquisite and
beautiful. I am in love with her already Sue. I think she has stolen my
heart in just two days."

"She may have had a little help on that part dad. I had been telling
her all about you and how great you are. I also guided her for the
weekend. I kinda set you two up because I knew that you two would be great
together. She confided in me that she loves older men one night. After
that confession I really started to work on her about you. It didn't take
much prodding on my part though. She was ready to have you one way or the

"Well, I owe you a debt of gratitude Sue. You have done very well for
your old man."

"Yeah? Well just continue to pay my college bills and I will call it
even daddy."

Her laughter brought the other girls into the living room to see what
was so funny. We just laughed and looked at each other with a conspiring
secret. Teresa moved over to me and took my arm in hers. She leaned up
and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek.

"Hey you two, what's so funny?"

"Oh nothing really. Just an old father-daughter joke. You guys wouldn't understand it and definitely not find it funny like we do."

"Yeah, besides, an old man like me needs a laugh every once in a while.
This one was with my daughter. The next one will be with you Teresa. I

Teresa hugged me close and was stuck to me like glue on paper. I found
it to be a very good feeling. I loved having someone to look out for. It
didn't hurt that she was so beautiful and good-natured too. These girls had taught me so much this weekend. I was still a bit stunned by what I
had done and had been done to me.

Becky, Cindy, and Sue hugged us both as they left. They promised to be
back on the next weekend and have some more 'fun'. I was a bit fearful of
how much 'fun' they were planning, since I seemed to be the sole male
recipient of all that attention. I was going to be worn out quite a bit if
this kept up too long.

"Don't worry Dave. I'll keep you fed and your energy level up to snuff.
You will be the stud of the state. MY stud of course. God I love you
honey. I can't believe that this has finally happened and we are together.
I feel so...LOVED right now."

It seemed that Teresa already knew my thoughts as I thought them. I
felt like she was a part of me. I wondered if the feeling was mutual.
Looking at her I realized that it was. Her eyes communicated so much love
and feeling towards me that it would have been hard to miss.

"Hey Teresa, I love you too. You have no idea how much your being here
is a tonic for this old man. You are so alive and vibrant. Madeleine
would have loved you and I am sure she is very happy for me right now."

"Do you think so? She would have loved me? She is happy for you right

"Oh yeah. I knew her so well. I will know you that well too. We were
meant to be together you know. Sue even said so."

"Sue thinks that? Then I am the happiest girl on the face of the earth
tonight. I value Sue's opinion a lot. She is one smart cookie your

"Yes she is. Not as smart as my new girlfriend though. You are a very
smart and good looking woman Teresa."

"Smart or sexy? Is that a pickle in your pocket or are you just glad to
have me?"

Come here you tart. I have a little something for you right here."

"THAT'S NOT A LITTLE SOMETHING DAVE. That is a huge something. Can I
have it right now? I want it right now, right here."

"Right here? We are in the front yard minx. What if the neighbors see
us out here having fun?"

"Invite them over to watch up close. Then we can watch them up close.
Maybe then we can all watch each other together up close."

"Girl, you have such a mind on those shoulders. Where do you come up
with these ideas?"

"I learned them from the master. You gave them to me."

"Oh really? Well, how about this idea?"

Reaching out I grabbed Teresa by her waist and pulled her into me. I
stuck my tongue into her open and waiting mouth. Our kiss caused us to
begin to strip right out in our front yard. Naked I set her on the front
steps and spread her legs wide.

I knelt down and began to lick her pussy and exposed asshole top to
bottom. She leaned back and spread her arms out on the upper stair leaving
no doubt that she loved what I was doing to her.

I could see her nipples getting hard as little rocks and I reached up
with a free hand to finger and pinch them as my tongue explored her hot
area between her legs. Her shaven pussy turned me on like no tomorrow. I
loved the silky smooth feeling on my lips and tongue. So soft and so
smooth I was lost in my fun as I ate her to an orgasm.

Soon she pushed me off of her and we switched places. I sat down and
she knelt between my legs. Her tongue explored just like mine had her. I
could feel it at my tight little asshole and she actually fucked me there
with her tongue for a bit. She then moved up and took my cock down her
throat sucking me like a vacuum cleaner.

The closer I came to cumming the more she would change her tactics. She
was driving me crazy and not letting me cum. She brought me close several
times and then would back off. She did it on purpose. She knew exactly
how much to tease me and when to let up.

After a bit I realized that we had missed the sunset so enthralled were
we in our sexual fun. Teresa finally let me cum and it was a huge orgasm.
I think it was the best of the weekend especially because she was still
here and we were a couple. It felt 'right'.

We got up and went inside to finish before we got eaten alive by the
bugs. In the living room she tackled me, getting me on the couch. There
she pushed me back and straddled me like an Amazon woman taking her captive
male slave.

"This is going to be a long fun night sweetie. I hope you are up for
what I got to give you. I have been saving up all this time for when it
was just you and I alone together."

"Oh really? You mean that I haven't worn you out yet?"

"Not by a long shot Dave. You are about to get a lesson in making out
that will take you into tomorrow. I am going to go all night long on your
cock. Until you can't possibly get it up anymore. Then, I'll start on
your other body parts. You will be the most satisfied man in town tomorrow
morning. I am sure of that."

Teresa began to fuck me with a passion I had not yet seen from her.
This girl truly loved to fuck. I was happy that I was the one she truly
loved to be fucking. Her pussy was squeezing my cock and I could feel her
muscles griping it in a milking sort of way. I was into my first orgasm
before I knew it.

She kept on with me until about two o'clock in the morning. We both
fell asleep on the couch. In the morning I woke up a bit late and had to
call in. By the time I had my boss on the line Teresa was giving me a
blowjob to end all blowjobs. It made it difficult to talk to my boss. I
managed to get my message out about being sick. I thought I heard him say
as he got off the phone that I had maximus-sex-itus.

Teresa was sucking me and taking all of me into her throat. Her fingers
were in my asshole fingering and rubbing me in a spot that made me almost
shoot off in a few minutes. I was amazed at what she knew about male

Just before I came she backed off and took me by the hand and marched me
into the bedroom to finish what she had started. Pushing me onto the bed,
which I was getting used to getting pushed onto by now, she took me back
into her mouth.

Her body was alongside of mine so I grabbed her leg and pulled her over
onto me so I could get at her pussy. As she sucked me I started to suck
and finger her pussy and asshole. I had four fingers in each of her holes
and my tongue was getting in where it could. She shuddered and started to
cum for me. I let her go off before letting up on her a bit.

As she recovered she began to suck on me with renewed vigor. Suddenly
she pulled off of me and spun around. She aligned my cock with her asshole
and pushed down, taking me into her ass in one long slow shove.

After she got used to my being in there, she rolled her hips back and
forth, fucking me in a slow and wonderful way. We stayed that way after we
both came and fell asleep. Our whole day went that way. We would wake up
and then start fucking or sucking each other never quitting until
nightfall. We were both worn out that night and after we showered and ate
we went to bed and slept the night away.

She used my second car to go to school in the morning and I went in to
work. The guys at work teased me quite a bit since they knew that I hadn't
missed a day of work since Madeline had died.

I took it all day before I let it out that I had a girlfriend now. Then
the questions started. Who was she? What did she look like? Had we
made-out yet? How was she in the sack? I just listened to the questions
and didn't answer them. It drove them all nuts. By the end of the day
they were practically begging for any little tidbit of information that I
refused to give them.

Arriving home I saw that Teresa was already there. I came in as she was
hanging up the phone. She ran up to me and gave me a hug and a big kiss.

"That was mom and dad. I just told them about us. Is that all right
with you?"

"Yeah. How did they take it? Did you tell them how old I was? The
whole story?"

"Yes I told them everything. Dad wasn't too happy with you or me for
that matter, but mom was happy for us. Her uncle and aunt were just like
us. He was twenty-four years older than she was. They had a great

"Is your dad going to be a problem for you?"

"Oh no. My mom will work on him and by the time Thursday rolls around
it will be all right. You'll see."

"Thursday? Why Thursday?"

"Well, we are invited over to their place for dinner. They want to meet
my new man. It will be ok. Honest."

Two nights later I found myself escorting my girlfriend to her parents house. It was a nice home in an exclusive neighborhood. I could see that
her father had money and probably some prestige. I hoped that this night
went well.

Our introduction was a bit stiff and almost cold. By the time dinner
was served though, we were all getting along pretty well. I could see her
father eyeing me up, trying to tell if I was a good man or not.

Eventually he invited me into his den for a chat. Teresa was helping
her mom with the dishes so she missed the two of us going off.

"Hmmmm...So you and my daughter are dating?"

"Yes we are."

"What do you do for a living?"

"I am an engineer for an aerospace firm."

"Tell me, do you like my daughter, well, I mean..."

"Tom, I love your daughter. She has been a godsend for me. Ever since
I lost my wife several years ago I have been, well, lost. She has ended up
being the beacon in my life. I love her very much."

"You understand my concern I hope. Nothing against you particularly,
I'm just concerned that my daughter doesn't get hurt."

"I know exactly what you mean. I have a daughter just Teresa's age.
Matter of fact, they are best friends. I have had some thoughts about our
age differences too."

"Your daughters best friend? Sue is your daughter? I wasn't aware of
that until now. She is a bright and level headed young lady your

"Teresa is also. You have done a fine job of raising her you know.
That is part of the reason I love her so much. She is so bright and

"Well, it seems that we both admire each others daughter. You of course
love mine. What are your intentions?"

"I would like to make sure we are compatible, then if it all works out,
I want to marry Teresa. I would like you to accept us as a married couple
if possible."

"My daughter is a strong-willed young lady. Of course you probably
already know that. If you are good enough for her in her eyes, then you
are good enough for me Dave. I do have a problem with the age difference,
but not that much of a problem."

The rest of the night went very well. Teresa's mother was very
interested in me and where I lived. She seemed to know more about us than
she let on. I asked Teresa about that on the way home.

"Your mom seemed to know something about us. Like possibly we were
having sex or something."

"Yes. She does. I told her about us. Everything."

"You didn't tell her about Cindy, Becky and Sue did you?"

"Of course not. I don't want her to think her daughter is a slut or
something. I just told her that we have slept together. She also knows
that I am going to move in with you too."

"How did that go over with her? Was she upset?"

"Oh a little, until I told her that I loved you and you loved me. Then
I told her that we were probably going to get married pretty quickly too. I
hope that was all right with you Dave."

"Married? When do you want to get married Teresa?"

"Oh, not right away. I was just letting mom know that we were very
serious that's all."


We drove in silence for a bit then I heard Teresa's soft voice, barely
over the road noise.

"You do want to marry me right? I mean...well...I want to marry you if
you want to marry me...someday of course...not right away..."

I broke in because I had been thinking about that very thing for the
last few days.

"Teresa, I have been thinking about that and I want to clear the air out
about this subject right now."

My voice must have made her fearful of what I was about to say since she
started to beg off on what she had just said to me.

"I don't... I didn't mean now...I meant that someday we might want to,
if you..."

"Teresa, listen to me for a minute please? I have been thinking about
the future and us. I am not getting any younger. I am in love with you so
much it almost chokes me when I think about it. I think we should get
married as soon as you feel comfortable with it. I want to marry you as
soon as possible honey. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH."

Teresa grabbed me as I was driving and almost caused me to swerve off
the road. I regained control of the car and pulled over as quickly as I
could not sure what she was thinking. I could see tears running down her
face as I brought the car to a rolling stop.

As soon as I had the car in park she fell into my arms hugging and
kissing me franticly.

"Oh I love you so much Dave. Yes, YES lets get married. I want to
marry you right now. I just know that we will work out so well, so
perfectly. Oh GOD I LOVE YOU TOO."

Our lips met in a wild kiss, our hands entwined. Her mouth was hot and
her tongue searching out mine. We were like teenagers at a drive-in movie.
(For those of you who can't remember a drive-in movie you shouldn't be
reading this you are too young.)

Our intense kissing led to heavy petting right there alongside the
highway. Cars shooting by as two lovers made out. Soon I had her top off
and her bra opened. It was a front closure type similar to the ones my
wife had worn so long ago.

I had her breasts in hand and was just beginning to suck on one when the
lights came on behind us. We separated and she pulled herself together as
the patrolman came up along the car.

"License and registration please, sir."

"Is there a problem officer?"

I asked him that as I got the registration out of the glove box.

"Yes. You are not supposed to park here. You really should take it
somewhere off the road system, don't you think?"

He was shining his light over Teresa as she struggled with her blouse. I
was a bit embarrassed by being caught like this. After all I was older than the cop standing outside my car right now.

"Sorry sir. I will take us straight home. Promise."

He laughed a bit then handed me back my license and registration.

"See that you do sir. See that you do. Are you all right young lady?
Do you need a hand?"

"Oh. Yes I am all right. I'm just a little embarrassed officer. I
have never been caught by a cop while making out before."

"It shows ma'am. You two be good until you get home ok? Don't let me
catch you doing this along the road again hear?"


As he walked back to his car we burst out laughing. Imagine, getting
stopped by a cop on the highway. What would her parents have said to this?
I was sure that Cindy, Becky, and Sue would have found this all hilarious.
Teresa's parents would have been mortified.

By the time we got home the tension between us was so tight you could
have played a tune on it. I opened the door and before I could step into
the house Teresa had my pants on the way down, my cock in her mouth.

I had her blouse off for the second time this night and her bra followed
quickly. Her nipples were standing out farther than I had ever seen
before. This cop stopping us must have fueled a fire in her mind somehow. I
was going to benefit from that now.

As we fell into the house, the lights came on suddenly and Sue, Cindy
and Becky were standing in front of us. Sue had let them in and they had
been waiting for us to find out how things went with Teresa' parents. They
all were in their nightgowns. We had woke them up from their sleep.

The weekend started a day early. I was in demand that whole night.
Teresa got her use of me as much as she wanted, but I could tell she had
really wanted it to be just us that night. She was a good sport though and
didn't let on to the others.

Just went to show how well we were beginning to know each other now. I
could see what her feelings were, and I was sure she could see mine. We
each kept quiet and just let the other girls enjoy the night. Sue, after
about six hours of sex of all kinds had a moment with me out of earshot of
the others.

"We interrupted you guys didn't we?"

"Oh honey, its all right. Teresa and I were counting on being alone
tonight, but this is ok. We will have other nights to be alone with each

"Yes you will, but it is important for you two to be able to have some
control over your lives on weekends too. I am going to talk to the other
girls. I think that you two need more time just to be with each other."

"Hey, talk it over with Teresa first Sue. Whatever she wants is what I
will want."

"That is what she told me just a few minutes ago. What ever Dave wants
is what I will want. You two have become one already. Unbelievable. You
might as well get married tomorrow."

"Funny, that is what we were talking about when the cop caught us making
out tonight."

"Making out? In your car? A cop caught you making out in your car?
TONIGHT? You were talking about getting married tonight?"

"Slow down there Sue. First of all, yes a cop caught us making out.
Secondly, we were off the road parked. Thirdly, we had been talking about
getting married soon, not tonight, although if we could, I imagine we would

"My father and my best friend, pulled over by the police for making out
on the road. That has to be some kind of record. You should know better
dad. GOD."

The other girls had crowded around us and were laughing at Teresa and I.
They had their fun until we all got sleepy and went to bed. Teresa and I
were in our bed together, alone, until Becky came in and crawled up on the
other side of me, away from Teresa.

"I want to say something to you two. I have been thinking about our
deal and I think that I should bow out. You two are so happy together and
I am just a third wheel. It's all right; I think I have a guy on the line
at school. He is so cute; and he is older than me by a bit too. I love
you guys and all, but this will be my last weekend with you, you know, with
the sex and all."

She hugged me close and then rolled over me to hug Teresa. We held her
between us and as we lay there we fell asleep. In the morning I awakened
to two tongues, two sets of lips caressing my body. Both headed in the
same direction.

My eyes opened to see Teresa and Becky on each side of my cock,
worshiping it like it was a god or something. I just enjoyed the feelings
and tingles that ran through my body as they worked me up to a state of
readiness. I don't think I will ever forget the feeling of a pair of lips
and a tongue on my balls, sucking and licking me there as another pair of
lips and a tongue were taking my cock into a hot mouth, then throat. It
was something to remember for sure. I loved every second of it.

I also had two hot tight and wet pussy's to enjoy at the same time. I
was fingering them both. One finger led to two, which led to three, then
four. Soon I was fisting them both as they gave me an excellent blowjob,
made in heaven. I didn't last as long as they did, shooting off into
Teresa's mouth, filling her to the brim with my cum. Becky licked up what
Teresa let by and they were both moaning as I increased my efforts on them.

By the time Cindy and Sue came into the room we were already starting on
our second run. Cindy jumped on the bed and Sue wasn't far behind. Teresa
and Becky pulled away from me as Cindy took me into her mouth and Sue
straddled my head. I was soon busy with eating my daughter as Cindy
lowered her pussy onto my very hard cock.

Teresa and Becky played where they could as the new girls had their way
with me. My senses were in overload. I didn't last long that time. After
that we rested and then got up and had some breakfast. We all showered and
then met in the living room.

"Well, what do you gals have on the agenda for today?"

"We have a plan of sorts. You are going to like it a lot. We hope

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. We are going to keep you tied up for the whole day Dave. You
are going to be begging for mercy at the end of this day for sure."

"And just how do you propose to tie me up all day?"

"Like THIS."

With that I realized, too late of course, that they really meant to tie
me up. Cindy had been holding one hand while Teresa Held my other. Sue
was in front of me and just sunk down on her knees blocking my feet from
assisting me in anyway. Becky had gotten some rope from somewhere, and
then they proceeded to tie me up.

After they had their handiwork finished they picked me up and carried me
into the bedroom. There, I was retied spread eagled to the bed. I felt
very exposed and almost vulnerable. I knew that as long as Teresa was
there they wouldn't do anything that I really didn't want them too since
she would stop it. I hoped anyway.

They began to tease me and fondle me as I helplessly lay there. I had
hands and fingers, tongues and mouths all over me. I was in a constant
state of excitement, not knowing just what they had in store for me.

Teresa came up to me and put a blindfold over my eyes. She gave me a
very endearing look just before my eyes were covered. Her last words to me
were quietly spoken.

"Trust me to let you have the most wonderful time today Dave. I will
watch over you and not let anything bad happen to you, I promise. Just go
with the flow and you will have the most fun a man has ever had."

"I trust you with my life Teresa, remember that always. I trust you
with my life. I love you."

"I love you too. Now just relax, we have some new things to try out
here. You're going to love this day for sure."

I heard them all leave the room and giggling like little schoolgirls in
the living room. After a bit, maybe twenty minutes I heard them all come
back into the room.

I soon felt two mouths on my chest. Each mouth took a nipple into it
and began to suck. One was lightly biting while the other softly and
tenderly just sucked and tongued me. I next felt a mouth taking my cock
into it fully. Then the fourth mouth moved to take in my balls, one at a
time. Carefully and gently.

I had four mouths on me and they were driving me crazy. Then all of the
sudden I had a mouth on my mouth, a tongue insistently demanding entrance.
I then felt yet one more mouth on my stomach, tonguing my bellybutton.
What the fuck was happening? There were more people in the room now than
when we had started.

At first I thought that I had missed or not kept track, but the other or
rather, the original four mouths were still at work on me. These others
were definitely new and added to the four. I had for sure, six women, or
at least I hoped they were all women, having their way with me.

Tied up like I was there was nothing for me to do but let it all happen
and hope for the best later. Soon I felt the mouths on my nipples pull
off, then the ones on my cock and balls pulled away. I had been on edge of
orgasm and gave out a little groan as they pulled away.

I still had two mouths on me after the others pulled off. I was
wondering who they belonged to, but they weren't saying anything so there
was nothing to give them away. I lay there as the two new mouths explored
my body.

I was in a quandary. Who was now here? I hadn't seen anyone with the
girls at all. I was mystified and a bit unsure as how to act or react.
Teresa came up along side of me and whispered into my ear.

"Hey honey. Just relax. These new girls will have their fun with you
and when they feel comfortable, maybe, just maybe we will take off the
blindfold to let you see the new additions to your harem."

"My harem? Since when have I had a harem?"

"Since last weekend silly. You have been a harem master since last

"Some master I am, all tied up and blindfolded. I thought that the
master was in control of all in their harems. Not being controlled."

"Hey, this harem has inventive ways to please...master."

I now had a very wet and very hot pussy sliding up and down my cock.
Teresa moved away and another, or the other woman with me put her pussy right on my mouth. She tasted sweet and salty at the same time. Almost
like strawberries with a dash of salt in the mix.

My new companions kept me quite hot and bothered for the next hour. I
believe that both fucked me and both used my mouth and tongue too. They
were very experienced in what they did with their mouths and tongues as
they licked and sucked me.

When they finished with me the rest of them all left, leaving just
Teresa and I there. Teresa took off my blindfold and hugged me. I noticed
that she did not untie me.

"We will keep you tied up for a bit yet. Uh, do you need

"Visit the little boys room?"

"Uh yeah. Do you need to go to the bathroom sweetie?"

"That would be nice. I wouldn't want to have an accident in front of
you all."

Teresa got the other conspirators, and together they got me loose and
guided me into the master bathroom. I never saw the two new 'additions' to
my 'harem'.

After I finished my business I was led and tied back up again. Lying on
the bed I had no choice but to relax as much as a man could in that
situation. The blindfold reappeared and was fastened on me. I knew that
the 'new' girls were to be there at that point, so that meant that they
hadn't left.

I soon had six pairs of hands on my body, massaging and rubbing me all
over. As time went on hands became tongues and mouths. Then other things
began to rub on certain parts of me.

After several women had 'used' me and had strong orgasms, I was left
with two mouths and tongues on my cock. They skillfully brought me back
into an erect condition. As I was getting this delicious dual blowjob Teresa came up to my head and removed the blindfold.

My eyes took in a sight that startled me and left me speechless. The
two mouths and tongues belonged to two lovely ladies of about my age. I
had never seen them before in my life.

They were looking up at me, into my eyes as their tongues licked and
played with my erect cock. Looking at them I saw that there were some
familiar features that I almost recognized, but not quite enough to tell
who they were.

Cindy stepped up in sight of me.

"Mom, this is Dave, Dave, this is my mom. Oh, Carol, her name is

Looking down I saw the redheaded lady nod her head and smile. Her
tongue quickly went back to work on me after that slight pause. She didn't
blush or seem embarrassed at all for us to be introduced while she was
playing with my cock.

Becky moved up and smiled at me.

"This one is going to really surprise you Dave. You have no idea."

"Oh yeah?"

"Aunt Kathy, this is Dave, Dave, my Aunt Kathy. She is visiting my
parents this week."

Aunt Kathy smiled and had a bit of a blush, but she quickly returned to
her ministrations on me. She had short blonde hair and I could see that
her body was quite shapely. Her breasts were pretty firm and looked all
natural. Carol had a nice body too. Her pussy was well trimmed with a
patch just above her pussy, in the shape of a small triangle.

Where had this all come from I wasn't sure. I wasn't going to complain
either. I noticed that Teresa was hanging in close to me appearing unsure
about all of this. I could tell that she felt threatened by these two
older ladies.

I cleared my throat and got her attention. I gave her a look of love
and singular attention. Reassured, she moved up close to me and leaned
down to whisper into my ear.

"I love you Dave, remember that. I love you and you are my man."

"Always Teresa, I am always your man, forever and ever. I love you

She kissed me thoroughly and then sat near my head to watch the goings
on around us. Since I was still tied up I had no choice but to do the
same. I was however the center of quite a bit of attention. Good, touchy
feely attention.

"I understand that you know how to please a woman with your hands Dave.
Would you be so kind as to show me your technique?"

Carol was looking at me and stroking my hand. I was a bit confused for
a moment until I saw Cindy blushing as red as a beet. I knew then that the
girls had mentioned or flat out told these ladies about our fisting

I began to answer her when I noticed that Kathy was slipping up and
taking my other hand in hers.

"Yes, we have heard so much about how you can use your hands to please
and pleasure a woman. I have never tried it but it sound very interesting.
Could you show me too?"

"Uh, well, I'm kind of tied up at the moment. Maybe, if I get free
later I will be able to demonstrate a bit of what I can do."

"It's later now. Untie him girls. I have to try this out. I have been
waiting all day for him to do me that way, and I can't wait another

Kathy was busy untying me as she spoke out. I could feel her shaking as
she fumbled with the ropes that had me bound. The others were smiling and
Teresa was actually laughing as both women became frustrated trying to get
me untied.

"Looks like that 'sicko perverted act' has both of you worked up. Wait
until he gives you the works. You will think you have died and gone to

Teresa was teasing them as they really started to fumble and get in each
other's way trying to get me free. I was amused to see these women in such
a, well, panic, to get me undone so that I could show them that 'sicko
perverted act' that they so desperately wanted to try.

I decided to tease them a bit too. They were still trying to get my
hands free, so I had some time yet.

"Who do you want to see me demonstrate my technique on? Teresa? Cindy?
Becky? Maybe Sue?"

"Damn you, I want you to show ME."

Carol was almost crying with her frustration of not being able to get me
untied. Kathy was looking at me and had finally gotten my one hand free.
She now moved down to my feet and started there.

"I think you should show both of us personally. I know that I would be
interested in finding out what the big deal is first hand."

Kathy was almost smiling as she said that. She had emphasized the
'hand' part of her statement as she said that too. I think she knew that
it was as big of a turn on for me as it was for the girl who was the
recipient of my knowledge. New found knowledge, but knowledge nonetheless.

"GOD DAMNIT. Get me a knife, this rope won't come undone."

Carol was almost furious. Her level of frustration was beyond her
ability to keep calm now. I had no idea why she was so worked up. I would
have thought that most women would have been very reluctant to have a man fist them.

Looking over at Cindy I realized that she must have told her mom a
much-exaggerated version of how it had felt. Her mom must have thought
about it for who knew how long and built a vision in her head of an
unbelievable feeling to have. That was just my guess.

Cindy stepped in and untied me since her mom's hands were shaking so bad
she couldn't get them to cooperate. Carol lay down by me and was grabbing
at me to start with her. She was flushed and looked almost desperate. I
obliged her hurry and got in position between her legs.

Sue brought some oil in and handed it to me. I began to lightly oil my
hand and then I poured a bit on Carol's pussy. I swear it was almost
steaming it was so hot.

She had her legs up with her knees near her head. They were also spread
out just past her shoulders. In this position her pussy was slightly open
and I could see her juices running down her onto the bed. This lady was
very interested in being fisted, that was obvious.

I started with two fingers and quickly added one more. In a minute,
with Carol almost crying with need, I added a fourth. Her hips were
rocking up trying to take me into her, but I could tell that she was still
too tight for the next step. I spread my fingers a bit at a time, until I
felt her loosen up a bit.

Keeping up the pace I then put my thumb into the mix. As soon as I had
it started into her she moved a bit upwards and suddenly my hand slipped
into her very, very, tight pussy.


Her breathing was ragged and she was flushing out on her chest. Her
nipples were enlarged and looked very hard. Her pussy lips were sucking on
my wrist, trying to get more of my hand into her. I was fascinated by the
way this woman was reacting to this debauched act.

'Aunt' Kathy was almost in the way she was trying so hard to see what I
was doing and how Carol was taking it. I could see Kathy fingering herself
as she watched us.

"Why don't you lie down next to Carol, Kathy and then I can start on you

"Right now? You can do both of us at the same time?"

"Two of you, two hands, you do the math hon. I can and actually have
done two at once, haven't I girls?"

"Oh yeah, he did Teresa and Becky both at the same time the other night.
They loved it too. It was great."

Kathy lay down by Carol, so they were a bit apart and spread her legs. I
oiled her up with my free hand and began to work my magic on her. Carol
was orgasming and it was a very long and hard one. I kept my hand in her
the whole time with the intent of giving her the best that I could. She
was to teach me something about some women that night. Her orgasm went on
and on. She kept having little ones after the big one and every time I
went to pull out my hand she would start another one.

Kathy took to it as well as Carol did. I had them both cumming for
quite a bit. While they were cumming Teresa got on all fours between them
and stuck her ass in my face.

"Lick me Dave. I want you to get me off with your tongue honey. I
really need your attention right now."

Teresa's pussy was literally running juices. I leaned in and lightly
licked them up, off of her legs as they trickled down. As soon as I had
her legs cleaned up good enough I started on her pussy. It didn't take
much on my part and Teresa was soon in her own wonderland of orgasm and

Teresa's back was arched so much I thought that she might hurt herself.
Her tummy was down almost to the bed, sticking her ass straight up into the
air. This made her pussy very available to my mouth and tongue. Since her
asshole looked so inviting too, I just moved up as Teresa's orgasm took
over her mind.

My tongue slid into her asshole easily due to the position she was in
and I tongue fucked her asshole until she about passed out. Here whole
body shook and shuddered for quite a bit afterwards. I had removed my
hands from the ladies I had been fisting and Carol was licking them clean
of their juices. Kathy had started to suck on my hard bobbing cock. Sue
had her tongue in my asshole and it appeared that Cindy was eating out Sue
as she did me.

This had all turned into a daisy chain almost. I looked around and then
began to pay attention to Teresa as my blowjob continued. I had Teresa's
ass cheeks in my hands and I started to lick and then suck on her asshole.
I soon migrated down to her pussy and it spasmed as I licked across her
slit. I felt my tongue being sucked into her hot wetness. She was moaning
and I couldn't resist my girl's body begging for me.

I pulled away from the blowjob and ass licking I was getting and shoved
my cock into Teresa's exposed sex. The feeling of her tight hot pussy on
my cock was a balm to my over excited senses and I lovingly began to stroke
in and out slowly. Soon it was just Teresa and I on the bed as everyone
else left us alone.

I could hear them in the room next door and it sounded like they were
continuing their fun without us. I was just into the moment with my love
and didn't want to share anymore for the night. Teresa and I fucked and
sucked for several hours and then collapsed, falling asleep hugging each


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