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My Daughter Eases My Pain chapter three


My daughter Eases My Pain
By: curious2c,

Chapter Three
What a start to a wild weekend. To take you back a bit and get you up
to speed, I had lost my wife several years ago. My daughter, who was in
college, had set me up with some dates. In all cases there had been
problems at some point. I had been alone with no dates for just about a

My daughter Sue decided to start staying with me on weekends. I think
she was worried about me being alone all of time. One Friday night, not
knowing she was in her room, I stumbled drunk into the house after being
out with my friends. I had gone to the bathroom and was on my way back to
my bedroom when I saw Sue lying on her bed asleep.

I still don't know what caused me to do what I did, but I remember
kissing and feeling her up before gaining my senses back. She had been
lying there just watching me as I felt her breasts. She never said or did
anything to stop me either.

Ashamed, I had run out of her room and into my bedroom. I was sure that
I had destroyed our relationship together now. In the morning she asked me
why I had stopped. She had been willing to let me 'have' her.

The following weekend she had some friends from school stay. It ended
up being a well planned 'fuck dad weekend'. They had schemed and planned
out all the things that had happened right up until Teresa had told me she
loved me. That had changed everything.

Sue had had sex with me along with her friends and I had some problems
coming to grips with myself after that. She had been very clear that she
wanted to have me along with her friends and in the end, well; I had
enjoyed all of them.

That Sunday morning I woke with a feeling of light kisses on my stomach.
I looked down and saw Teresa looking back at me as she kissed and tongued
her way down to my now very hard cock. As she took me into her mouth her
eyes stayed locked on mine.

Her motion was slow to start with then soon became fast and she was
taking in more and more of me on each down stroke. Soon her lips would
crush against my pubic bone and the head of my cock would be in her tight

It didn't take long before I started to cum Teresa looked into my eyes
as I shot off. She took all I had and didn't spill a drop. After that she
crawled up and kissed me sticking her hot little tongue into my mouth. I
could taste myself on her and found this act to be pretty sexy.

Teresa then hugged me tightly to her. I pushed her off and onto her
back. Moving down I began to kiss and lick her pussy and clit. She spread
her legs way far apart and I had her whole center available to me.

I licked from her clit down to her little rosebud and back up again. I
would play a bit at each end, driving her crazy with lust. I even stuck my
tongue into her backside and 'fucked' her with it.

I brought her close to orgasm several times, never letting her go over
the edge. Then, when she was getting real crazy, I went for it and brought
her over hard. Her orgasm went on and on for several minutes, and since I
was still licking and sucking on her clit she just came and came for me.

I moved up after she settled down and kissed her, trading her juices
this time. She hugged me tightly and just held me for a while. I looked
into her eyes and saw tears.

"I love you Dave. I really love you. You are everything to me, you
know that?"

"I love you too Teresa. I have a question for you though. Will you be
able to handle an older boyfriend? One that loves you, but is old enough
to be your father?"

"Oh Yes. I want you so much and I will do anything to keep you Dave.
Anything at all."

"You don't think your parents will be upset with us or maybe your other
friends? After all I am twice your age."

"I don't care what anyone else thinks Dave. I LOVE YOU. I want you
forever. I will live with you if you let me."

"We just met, how do you know that you won't fall out of love with me in
a month or a year?"

"I have loved you for over a year Dave. Sue used to talk about you all
the time and I used to listen. I knew that I loved you before I ever came
here this weekend. I just had to figure out how to let you know and see if
you would consider me as a lover and companion."

As we were talking about us we never saw the other girls crowding around
the slightly open door. They were listening in to us in case things didn't
go the way Teresa wanted them to. They were there for her in case I
rejected her. My next statement to Teresa caused them to give themselves

"Well, since we are going to be an item, and date and all that stuff
what do you think about what your friends and my daughter have done with me
this weekend?"

Before I could comprehend what the hell was going on I had four yelling
and screaming girls on my hands. They were all over me and Teresa, hugging
and kissing us. They all had tears in their eyes and Teresa and I must
have looked stunned by their entrance.

"Oh we are so happy for you Teresa, you too Dave. You will make a great

"Oh daddy, I am so glad you like Teresa, she told me she was in live
with you a couple of months ago. This is so great."

"Teresa, I am so jealous. You caught the best man in the world. Lucky
dog you."

"Hey, does this mean we can't fuck Dave anymore? I want to have some
more fun yet. Come on Teresa, you have to share for the rest of the
weekend at least."

"Yeah, I want some more of that big cock of Dave's still. You have to
share with us."

"Don't I have anything to say about you girls fucking me?"

"NO." Three voices chimed in at once.

"Well, I guess you guys can have my new boyfriend for the rest of today.
After that, it hands off though. OK?"

"Oh Teresa, you are the best friend a girl could have. Let me at him, I
want him to fuck me now."

Cindy was naked as were the other girls and she just threw herself on me
and pretty much tackled me onto the bed. She wasted no time grabbing my
cock and starting to suck me. I looked at Teresa and saw a shadow in her
eyes. I stopped Cindy and tool Teresa to the side.

"I'm sorry Teresa. Do you want me to stop?"

"Oh, I was worried that ... never mind. You let me tell them how it is
going to be then we'll start fucking the hell out of you sweetie."

Teresa had a hold of my hand and tightly held it while she laid down the
ground rules for the day.

"I will let you have my boyfriend but there are some rules to follow
now. First of all, he cums only in me. My mouth, my pussy, my ass. You
guys can fuck him or what ever you want, but when he cums he pulls out of
you and cums in me. I know that is selfish, but he is my boyfriend now and
that changes all of this."

"Is it because you want his cum or is it because you want to taste us?"

"Hell, as long as he fucks me into oblivion you can have all the cum he
has Teresa."

"How do we work that out?"

Well, Teresa had some real good ideas on that subject. Cindy once again
started to suck on my still hard cock. Soon she straddled me and plunged
down on my shaft until I was totally in her tight wet pussy. Teresa was
licking my balls and my cock when Cindy was on the upstroke. This 'extra'
touching caused me to approach my first orgasm very fast.

Cindy was cumming all over my cock when I started to orgasm myself. I
pulled out of her and Teresa took me into her throat in one fast straight
shot. I came into my new 'girlfriends' throat in one huge orgasm.

Cindy watched, as did the other two girls. They had smiles on their
faces and giggled a bit afterwards.

"WOW, Teresa is going to be pretty full after today. All that protein
will fill her right up."

"How do I taste Teresa? I have always wondered about that. How do I

"Hey, since I am his daughter I should be able to let him cum in me too.
After all, I got you two together."

They were teasing and not at the same time. I had never seen anything
like it. Of course I had never had four women at once either. Teresa just
smiled and hugged me close. I noticed that she always had a hand or was
touching me in some way now. Showing that I was her property I guess. I
didn't mind in the least. Matter of fact, I loved it. I was discovering
that I had feelings for this exquisite beautiful creature. Feelings that I
hadn't had in a very long time. Ever since Madeleine.

After that, Sue started on me. The other girls moved back, with the
exception of Teresa, who stayed next to me like glue now. Sue fondled my
cock and began to suck me. Her tongue was caressing the head and shaft of
my cock lovingly. Her eyes stayed on mine just like Teresa's had earlier.
I knew it was because Sue was my daughter and she loved me too.

Sue kept up her blowjob until I was hard as iron. She then moved up on
all fours and begged me to fuck her ass.

"Fuck me in my ass dad. Take my asshole."

I moved up behind her and fingered her asshole. Becky came up with some
oil to use as a lube and I poured some in her crack. As it flowed down I
rubbed it into her asshole and began to stroke two fingers in and out of
her. When I felt that she was loose enough, I placed the head of my cock
at her entrance.

Sue moaned and pushed herself back onto my cock. I entered her much
easier than I thought I would. She took me all the way in one long shove.
I let her direct the motion as she willed. Soon she was ramming back and
forth on me at a pretty fast and full depth clip. I reached around and
started to finger her clit only to find Teresa already there with her

Teresa moved up a bit and soon I could feel her tongue on my balls and
my shaft, as Sue would pull off of me. When Sue plunged back down on me
Teresa would go back to her clit. This went on for quite some time and
eventually Sue came very hard. I was still ready to go after Sue pulled
off of me. Becky came up to me next. Sue and Cindy were sitting down at
the foot of the bed resting as Becky joined Teresa in licking my cock.

I had two very beautiful young women licking and sucking me, knowing
where that cock had just been, and not even caring. Becky had a certain
look in her eyes that worried me though. I could see an emotion in them
that mimicked Teresa's. I could see a problem here now.

At one point Becky was on one side of my cock licking and Teresa was on
the other, their faces towards each other. Teresa and I both saw it start
at the same time. Becky had tears running down her face. She was crying.
Teresa stopped licking me and took Becky's face in her hands.

"Ok, what is wrong Becky?"

"You are so lucky Teresa. You get Dave as your boyfriend."

"Then why the tears Becky?"

"I...I think...well, I love him too. I am in love with Dave too Teresa.
I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. I figured that you had a thing for him too. I
remember your questions that night several weeks ago. I knew you were
thinking along the same lines I was, and since I was in love with him
already, well, I knew you were too. It'll be ok Becky."

"No it won't. You have him and I don't."

I felt bad. I felt bad because I didn't feel the same way towards Becky
that I did for Teresa. I hadn't noticed Becky having any special interest
in me at all. I was confused for a moment, and then Sue guided me to the

"Dad, why don't you go shower or eat something. Us girls have some
things to talk over and your being here will complicate things to much."

I left and showered. I was fixing up something to eat when they all
came out and sat at the kitchen table. I could see that they had made a
breakthrough of some sort regarding Becky and I and Teresa. I looked to
Teresa for the explanation.

"Dave, we have worked out a deal. If you agree to it Becky will not
feel left out of things."

"Ok. What kind of deal did you four work out Teresa?"

"Well, we are all in agreement that you and I are to be
boyfriend/girlfriend. Since this weekend wasn't supposed to work out like
this and we were supposed to have more fun over the next year, well..."

"Out with it Teresa. If we are going to be an item you will have to
learn to speak your mind to me. I am built to take what ever you have to
tell me."

"Ok. If you agree, Becky and Cindy and Sue will be special guests of
ours for the next year. When they visit we will all get to play with you
and you with us. Becky will get a bit more time than the others."

"Oh, that clears up the whole problem then?"

"Sort of. I get to be, or rather, have to be present at all times. NO
private times with anyone other than me. I want you to treat Becky special
though. She deserves to have you treat her like a girlfriend too."

I knew that this must have been hard for Teresa to do. She was or had
been asserting herself as my girl since this morning. I knew that this
would be a difficult year for sure. I was still having problems dealing
with having had my daughter sexually this weekend too.

"Well, I don't know. This is all so much so quick. Shouldn't it just
be you and me Teresa? I mean we are the item here. I am looking to date
you exclusively from now on."

I saw tears falling down four faces now. All the girls were crying. I
stopped talking and just sat down. I had said something that they hadn't
wanted to hear and now I had to wait for a response to know how bad I had
screwed things up.

I was sitting in my kitchen with four naked crying girls. If anybody
had looked in on us they would have certainly called the cops, thinking
that I had kidnapped them or something. As it was I felt pretty badly for
Becky. How could I have missed her being in love with me?

Teresa took my hand and pulled me into our bedroom.

"Dave, I love you, you know that. Right?"

"Yes you love me Teresa. I understand that."

"Ok. I love Becky and Cindy and Sue too. I want for them to be happy
as I am. In Becky's case I will have to share you with her every once in a
while. I think she will get over you eventually, and then we can move on.
Right now I am worried about her though. She is having a hard time knowing
that you love me so much and I think that if we work together we can help
ease her pain a bit, don't you?"

"Maybe the right thing to do is cut it off short and sweet Teresa."

"Spoken like a true man. No, we need to help her over this and not let
her feel rejected by you. You need to be extra careful of her feelings and
emotions. She loves you almost as much as I do. I do think though, as
does Sue and Cindy, that she will let go soon. She just got caught up with
everything. After all, you accepted our deepest fantasies and didn't make
us feel dirty or nasty at the same time. That has a way of letting a girl fall for a guy in a hard way."

"Ok Teresa. You know her much better than I do so I will trust you to
know what to do."

We went back in to the kitchen and Teresa let everyone know how things
were now. Cindy and Sue were happy and Becky jumped up and hugged both
Teresa and I as we stood there. Teresa took one of my hands and Becky the
other leading me back to the bedroom for more fun and games.

Getting backing the bedroom Teresa had me stand at the foot of the bed.
All four girls were in the room now and they all got in close to me and
started to kiss me all over. I had tongues on my cock, my balls, in my
mouth, and one insistent one trying to get in my asshole. I had hands
spreading my as cheeks to allow this tongue to get to its intended target.

As I looked around I saw that Sue was licking my balls, Becky was on my
cock, Cindy was in my face so that meant Teresa was the one behind me
driving me nuts. I had a girlfriend who would do anything she had said,
and she obviously meant what she had said.

All the stimulation was getting me so close to shooting off I finally
groaned a warning. It all stopped at once. Hands pushed and pulled me
onto the bed to where Becky was now lying spread-eagled. I was guided up
between her legs and then a hand grasped my cock and aligned it with her
tight pussy.

Becky rolled her hips up, taking me all in one stroke. I felt her heat
on my cock and then a tongue was back in my asshole. I looked back and saw
Teresa looking up into my eyes, her tongue darting in and out of my most
private spot.

Becky grabbed my head and turned it back to face her. Her mouth
engulfed mine and her tongue was in between my lips, exploring me
intimately. Cindy and Sue were massaging my back as my thrusts into Becky
became stronger and harder. Soon Becky and I started to cum. Becky came
first then I followed. I shot off into her as Teresa tongued then fingered
my asshole.

After I had relaxed from cumming, I rolled off. Teresa took me into her
mouth and cleaned me up, she then moved in between Becky's legs and began
to lick and suck on her pussy. Teresa was trying to get all of my cum out
of her friend. She had been serious about my cum going into her each time.
We all watched as Teresa and Becky began to enjoy each other.

Becky moved around under Teresa and started to lick Teresa like Teresa
was licking her. Cindy and Sue were fingering themselves and moaning as
they watched. I had been absently handling myself as I watched the Sapphic
delights in front of me. My new girlfriend and her friend eating each
other out. What a sight.

The next thing I knew, Cindy and Sue were licking my hard cock and
taking turns sucking it to the base. They both knew how to suck a cock. I
fondled their breasts and pussies, going to their assholes when able to. I
was lost in a heaven of tight little bodies, mouths sucking and licking,
and all of the other feelings running through me.

I heard them before I understood what they were saying.

"I need to get fucked now."

"Yeah me too."

"Hey, I want to fuck something too"

I opened my eyes to see all four girls around me touching and grasping.
Each trying to maneuver themselves onto my cock. I was a bit unsettled for
fear that I would get hurt in a moment.

"Hey, I can only do one at a time girls."

"You can do more than that honey."

Teresa had a look on her face that made me wonder who was the teacher
and who was the student. I had an idea it was a close call between her or
Sue, since these girls had already shown me far more than I had ever
imagined possible.

"Dave, lay down on your back and put your arms out."

I did as directed. I was like a human cross. Teresa took my hands and
pulled them up so they were bent at the elbows, hands sticking up in the
air ninety degrees from my body. She then straddled my face and rubbed her
pussy on my mouth. I heard her ordering the others around us.

"Ok, Becky, you get on his cock like so. Cindy, get over his left arm.
Sue get on his right arm. NOW, you two do what we had him do to us last
night. You know, the hand thing?"

Not able to see all I did was feel two warm wet pussies on my hands as
they stuck up in the air. Becky had already taken my cock into her pussy and Teresa was really stroking up and down on my nose and tongue.

I felt my fingers being pushed around and positioned and bit-by-bit more
added until soon I had two pussies fucking my hands and arms as they stuck
up. I was the center of a female gangbang. This was so wild, I knew that
I would never be able to explain or even begin to tell my friends about
this. I only wish that I had a picture of what it must of looked like as I
had four girls fucking me at once like they were.

After a bit, everyone came and fell into a restful sleep next to me on
the king-sized bed. I woke later that afternoon in a new tangle of arms
and legs. I got up and showered. Teresa joined me in the shower and we
had a private slow, loving fuck as we showered together.

I knew at that point my new girlfriend was a special and very open
person. I also knew that I had already fallen in love with her at some
point. I was in love and the happiest man on the planet for sure. I also
knew that if Madeline were watching, she would be happy for me too. I was
at one with my world.


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