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My Doctor My Maid 2


My Doctor and My Maid (MC, FM, Fdom, Rom. preg)
By Homer Vargas

Chapter 2: Confrontation:

When I awoke I realized I was not in Dr Rodriquez's
office. The room looked like an ordinary bedroom of a
residence. I thought I could hear voices from somewhere,
perhaps a downstairs. One voice was that of Carmen
Rodriquez. The other one was familiar, but...

"Is he still out?" the unidentified voice asked.

"I'm afraid so, honey. I gave him quite a workout. You're
going to love him. He's as big as you guessed and he has
the stamina of a horse. After putting him under with a
fuck in the office I gave him something to keep him happy
and dreamy to bring him back here. I fed him a big plate
of pasta to keep up his strength, had plenty of Gatorade
by the bed, and went to work on him. I got him to fuck me
three times last night and once early this morning."
Carmen was gloating.

"Four times? Was that necessary?" the other woman sounded

"Maybe not, honey, although each time he went under a
little deeper, but remember I'm doing this for you "pro
bono," well "pro boner" in this case," the doctor
giggled. "I charge most women thousands of dollars to
give them the docile, horny man they've dreamed about."

"I know and I am truly grateful. I've wanted him so bad
ever since I started work for him, but I couldn't get him
into bed no matter what I did."

"I understand you perfectly. I thought you were
exaggerating, just infatuated, but he really is a hunk.
I've never enjoyed a 'patient' more. And I did a sperm
count. He's loaded. You'll be knocked up in no time,

The other woman giggled nervously. "But you're sure it
will work?"

"Always, honey. As soon as a man realizes that he can get
all the sex he wants by being his woman's little fuck toy
and that's the ONLY way he can get it, he's hooked."

"Does HE realize it?"

"Well, his male ego has just received a pretty hard blow.
He was seduced and totally dominated by a woman for the
first time in his life yesterday and, although he
wouldn't admit it, he loved it. That should have him off
balance. You have to make sure he stays that way by
keeping him so well fucked his normal male-dominant
reactions don't have a chance to surface. That's where
those other things I told you come in."

"You mean the drops for his super-pure spring water?"

"Yes. They had him in a nice receptive for me yesterday.
His libido was cranked up and he was perfectly vulnerable
to suggestion. I hardly needed the locket. Make sure you
don't give them to him when he's about to go off to work,
though, or some other woman my scarf him up."

"My man? Not on your life," she replied fiercely.

I could tell they were talking about me as if I were the
second woman's chattel. She even intended to use me to
make her pregnant! It was outrageous - and frightening,
especially that I found myself aroused by the thought.
Still, this was too much. I looked around for my clothes
but could only find one of those hospital-type smocks.
Putting it on, I went to confront them.

As I descended the stairs trying to make as little noise
as possible the livingroom came into view. Nearer the
stairs was the unknown woman with her back to me. Carmen
was seated farther away facing the stairs obliquely. The
hem of her frilly yellow sundress stopped well above the
knee and the 4' pumps she wore matched the dress. The
neckline was low and displayed plenty of her large brown
boobs. Her leg was crossed revealing acres of the soft
skin of her thigh. I stopped in my tracks to take in how
sexy she was. As I gaped Carmen spotted me.

"Good afternoon, Bobby. 'Hablar del Rey de Roma y el se
asoma,'" ** she smiled. "Sleep well?"

At her voice the other woman turned. I was Maria!
Suddenly everything became clear. Carmen had probably
been putting something in my food to cause the headaches
in the first place. The visit to Dr. Rodriguez was just a
set up for her to seduce and do who knows what else to
me. Now I was to be turned over to my twenty-year old
housekeeper to be her plaything.

"I heard you talking, Dr. Rodriguez. I know what you and
Maria have planned and I'm not going to let you get away
with it!"

"Oh?" she turned to Maria with an amused look before
returning her gaze to me. Maria looked more uncertain.
"An just what part of having Maria in your bed every
night, giving you all the sex you want do you not like?"
Maria giggled.

"The, er, domination. Being her ..." I stumbled in
embarrassment, 'sex toy.'"

"You mean that you would not like being unable to turn
down her offer of sex?" I think there was some silent
signal between them. "Not being able to take your eyes
off of Maria's pretty titties when she opens her frilly
white blouse." Maria was slowly unbuttoning her blouse.
My god! She wasn't wearing a bra. "And let you have a
good look long look?"

Carmen had come to my side now as my eyes were fastened
on Maria's pert breasts with large erect nipples. Was she
aroused? I blinked several times trying to recover my
thoughts, my indignation.

"I'm not sure I believe you, Bobby. I think having a
curvy, hot little number like Maria running your sex
life, making you fuck her as often as she likes, arouses
you profoundly."

"No, I don't want that, I..." Carmen's hand had found my
cock through the flimsy garment and begun to fondle me. I
was still staring at Maria who had continued to strip.
She was stepping out her skirt, puddled on the floor, and
was hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her panties.

"If you don't like to have Maria seduce you, why are you
so hard, Bobby? Why don't you make her stop? Is it
because you can't? Your prick is telling me you need sex.
Are you really sure you would not like Maria to take you
to bed and give you a long leisurely fuck?" Maria was
totally naked now except for her stockings and heels
standing directly before me?

"NO," I said, summoning all my will power.

"Prove it," Carmen challenged.


"Prove that you don't want Maria to fuck you by giving
her a kiss." Carmen reached forward and ran her fingers
into Maria's abundant bush. "There."

I shook my head at the implications.

Grinning Carmen withdrew her fingers and rubbed them on
my lips. The rank, wet smell was overpowering. "Do it.
Taste her pussy and tell me your don't want her." Her
hand was on my shoulder pressing down. Slowly I dropped
to my knees and looked up at Maria. She was smiling
broadly now as she guided my head to her sex. I hesitated
only a moment before I plunged in.

I knew then I was lost. I had entered a new world, a
world of salty taste and powerful aroma. I clung to her
perfect little bottom and kissed and licked her pussy
enthusiastically, drinking of her flowing, intoxicating
juices. Time had no meaning in that world. I could hear
Carmen's voice. "Yes Bobby, this is where you belong - on
your knees, worshiping at your Mistress's temple. You are
hers, now. Let her drug you with her essence. You are
addicted to her sweet self; you can never get enough.
Soon she will teach you her pleasure, but for to yield is

"Yield" is too active a verb to describe what I felt. It
was like the slow deflation of a balloon; my will seeped
out of me. I could not give her what I no longer owned.
My consciousness floated away on a pink cloud of
pleasure. When next I was aware, I was in bed again.
Maria was aboard my cock looking down at me, her eyes
shining. I sensed that Carmen had left us alone. "Thank
you, Robert. Thank you for giving yourself to me this
far. I'll not let you regret it." I certainly was not
regretting it at that moment, her warm, pussy holding me
in its tight wet grip as she moved up and down on me.
"I'll always be a loving mistress, darling, demanding
nothing but your love and trust in return. You will learn
to please me and I will learn to please you. Will you
submit to me as your Mistress?" I could d nothing but

"Yes? Oh, I'm so happy darling." In her excitement she
began fucking me faster bringing me nearer and nearer to
orgasm. "Then seal it, my love. Give yourself to me
completely, mind and body. Give my your come, love. Come
for me! Come!"

My body reacted to her command with an incredibly
powerful orgasm and. It began in my groin and traveled
outward. I began to spasm into her, yielding up my jism
to her pussy's demands as I sobbed, "Maria, Maria." I
felt her shudder as well. For an eternity we grasped each
other as our bodies fused. When my orgasm was spent I
opened my eyes to see her smiling down at me. Then she
leaned down and kissed me and I was instantly asleep.

** "Speak of the devil and he will appear." Literally,
"Speak of the King of Rome, and he will draw near."

To be continued;
Comments, please, to:
Homer Vargas


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