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My Doctor My Maid 3


My Doctor and My Maid (MC, FM, Fdom, Rom, Preg)
By Homer Vargas

Chapter 3: Happily Ever After

Well it has been some years since I woke up in Maria's
arms that first time and things have worked out
beautifully. As planned, she was successful in getting me
to make her pregnant within a few weeks of my taking her
home (her taking me home?). How could it have been
otherwise? She had stopped taking her pills as soon as
she started working for me, intending form the beginning
to share me bed. And as Dr. Rodriguez had said, she was
hot, having me fuck her at least three times a day. She
almost died of happiness when the paper turned pink. With
dozens of relatives having to come from South America, we
didn't succeed in organizing the wedding in time to
prevent a few titers at the very suspicious little bulge
in her virginal white wedding dress.

Of course Maria was surprised, although not as much as
Carmen herself was, when she found out that the older
woman was pregnant, too and several weeks a head of her.
"Apparently I was so excited about seducing him for you,
honey, that I forgot to put a condom on him one time that
night. Or maybe it was just a tic of my biological
clock," Carmen grinned. Anyway, I was the happiest guy
around, knowing that two beautiful women's pants were
starting to get tight with my babies.

After Carmen's and my Antonio and Maria's and my little
Jennifer (for Ląpez, not Anniston) were born, the women
went into a huddle and decided that rearing their
children together would make it easier to ensure both
grew up bilingual. Maria and I pooled our money with
Carmen's (mainly hers) to buy a big house on the
outskirts of town with a downstairs from which Carmen
could continue to practice. When I asked why it was so
large, the women just smiled.

One night soon after we moved to the house I was lovingly
eating my Maria's still tender pussy. Jennifer had nursed
and was asleep in her crib (an absolute angel, only cried
at night if she was sick). It was a perfect moment. I was
bringing Maria down gently from her third orgasm, looking
forward to her falling asleep in my arms with her head on
my chest, when I heard a noise. Looking up I saw Carmen
there smiling at us. I was shocked, but Maria seemed not
to be surprised at all. "Mind if I borrow Robert for the
rest of the night; it sounds like you've already got
pretty good mileage out of him," she grinned.

I was about to tell her to get the hell out when Maria
said, "Por supuesto! Are you sure it's the right time?"

"Pretty sure, but maybe I should take him for the rest of
the week to make certain." Both women laughed.

Whatever they were talking about I didn't like it and I
was going to say so, but Carmen just gave me a really
intense smile. Suddenly I realized she was naked except
for her trademark high heels. Beckoning with her finger
she turned and headed for her room, leaving me to recall
for the first time in a long while that both these women
had some sort of power over me.

When I walked into her room she was standing by the crib
looking down at her, at our son. "He's so beautiful,
Robert," she said to me without taking her eyes off him.
"Thank you."

"Well, I really didn..." my words were interrupted by her
soft kiss. Without intending it, I was holding her close,
her nakedness against my own unclothed body. Of course I
was already horny from spending an hour between the sexy
legs of my wife and Carmen had little trouble guiding my
hardon to her pussy as we stood and kissed. But not for
long. "Ummm, nice, but let's get in bed. I like to be
comfortable when I'm getting fucked."

"But ... Maria ..." I protested.

"For the moment your wife can't enjoy this," Carmen
smiled, pushing me back onto the bed and positioning my
cock at the moist entrance to her pussy, "but I can." Her
pussy enveloped me. "Oh, yes, baby," she moaned as she
slid her pussy all the way down onto my raging cock.
"It'll be several weeks before Maria can make you another
baby. I'm ready now, stud."

"A ... b-b-baby" I looked up in horror at her determined

"Of course, a baby," she grinned. "What else happens to a
woman who plans carefully the best day to fuck a guy
proven not to shoot blanks?" She grinned as she rode me
slowly, taunting me. "Did you think after seeing little
Antonio I would want to stop at one, baby?" The exquisite
friction of her warm wet sex on my cock and her obscene
plans for me were getting me close to climax.

"Oh, Oh! What do I feel? Is that naughty prick of yours
getting even harder Robert? Does thinking about knocking
up your wife's best friend make you want to shoot?" she
giggled. "Imagine her being around me everyday, knowing
that I got my big pregnant belly from her very own
husband who just couldn't hold back his orgasm. Is that
what you want, seeing me waddle around the house with my
tummy full of another one of your babies?"

The knot in my throat made speech impossible. She was
really enjoying teasing me, knowing I couldn't hold out
much longer. "Better be careful, honey! Even a little
leak from that big baby-maker of yours and my little
pussy would be done for. Just imagine what would happen
if my fertile womb were to be flooded with a load of your
hot cum. Why my pants would start getting tight and all
the girls at the office would figure it out. 'Did you let
your girlfriend's husband make you pregnant AGAIN. What's
wrong with you girl?" they'll ask, 'maybe that first time
wasn't an accident after all. Maybe you just found a stud
who gets you so horny, you WANT his baby.'"

I was groaning; Carmen was getting pretty carried away
herself by now and started chanting as her orgasm
approached, "A baby ... a baby," she panted, "a
babeeeeeeeeey! She threw herself down hard on my prick,
ground her pussy against my pubic bone, and shuddered.
Her cunt clinched down on my prick and I came as hard as
I ever have. I could feel jet after jet of cum blast into
her recesses and she twitched in post-orgasmic shock with
each blast. Then she just collapsed onto me. I rolled us
to our sides and gathered her into my arms. She was
breathing hard and - sobbing.

"I want this baby so much, Robert. Give me this baby.
Give me your baby ... please."

I just held her and stroked her hair. As much as I adored
Maria, at this moment, I could not love Carmen less. She
had given me the most wonderful present a woman can give
a man, the desire for his child. I stroked her hair and
kissed her, calming her after the cataclysmic climax that
had drained her. Although she was almost as tall as I am,
I cuddled her like a child and reassured her with
sincere, meaningless words. "Yes, Carmen, I'll give you a
baby. You can have my babies - always." Her eyes were
closed and she looked sleep, but she schoonched a little
closer and sighed.

We made love the next morning and almost daily from them
on. Soon enough Maria joined in, wanting more than just
my daily worship of her with my mouth. Nevertheless we
were all convinced that Consuelo was conceived that first
marvelous night with Carmen. Again, Carmen was more than
a month along before Maria got pregnant with Robertito.

Now maybe you think I'm going to tell you that both these
intelligent, beautiful, and sexy women continued to give
me babies every year, but that's not what happened. After
Robertito was born, Carmen decided that Maria should go
to university. She eventually got a law degree and today
she is a top-notch attorney. During this time Maria only
had three more babies, accidents, she claims. The twins
were the result of celebrating her graduation Magna cum
Laude so we named them Magdalena and Laura. Barbara was
conceived the night she passed the bar.

Carmen, on the other hand, continued to give me a new
little one each year, Alejandro, Amparo, Benjamin,
Rebeca, Susana, Estevan. Being pregnant was no impediment
to her practice; indeed it was a kind of testimony to the
efficacy of her "treatments. I was proof that she had a
man several years her junior so totally in lust with her,
he kept her pregnant all the time.

Fortunately I love kids and I am quite good at taking
care of them, whether it's changing diapers (I've never
go out of practice <g>), kissing boo boos, shuttling
toddlers, pre- and elementary-school kids around in the
SUV, or teaching Jennifer the fine points of fielding a
pop-up fly. I quit my job years ago; Carmen and now Maria
make more than enough money to support our brood.

Carmen is pregnant again, but she's told me she's afraid
this may her last baby as she's nearing fifty. I could
see the nostalgia and sad question in her eyes -- would I
still find her attractive when ... She needn't worry. I
intend to make love to Carmen when she's a great
grandmother. Her beauty and my love for her can only

Now that Maria is settled into a lucrative practice - a
small firm specializing in cases of discrimination
against women - she intends to play catch-up with Carmen.
Carmen agrees that I should spend most nights with Maria
until her next pregnancy is confirmed. Then they go back
to sharing me equally. Having started younger than her
friend, and already having four, there is no doubt Maria
will eventually surpass Carmen's eight (maybe nine if
she's wrong about the "change of life) Maria's mother had

I couldn't be happier married to one and living in loving
sin with another of the two most wonderful women I could
dream of. And just as they planned, all our children
speak both English and Spanish, perfecto.

Comments, please, to:
Homer Vargas

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