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My First Period Part 2


My First Period - Part II - The Carnival

It was June 17th. I remember it very well as that day (a Saturday)
became my Daddy's and my anniversary. I was 12 years old and it was the
day I gave him my virginity.

Where to begin, where to begin... Well I guess the story really begins
after my first period. That was when Daddy started telling me that "it"
would happen soon (as I would ask him like every few days). Waiting for
that to happen was worse than the anticipation build up for Christmas!!!
Because at least then I had a target date that I could mark on the

But I didn't know and it frustrated me. I know now, in hind-site and of
course talking to my dad, that he was purposely avoiding any sexual contact
with me to build up both our sexual appetites and make our first time
together very special. I played with myself a lot during that time, and
many a time I made myself raw. But I was always careful not to rupture
myself. Yes, I knew about my hymen and I knew it why it was there and what
would happen the first time I was made love to. I knew it would hurt, and
to be honest, I kind of dreaded the pain as even today I am a total wimp
when it comes to pain. And yet, I barely gave it much thought as the
butterflies in my tummy and the burning itch in my groin was making me do
sexual back flips (figurative language of course - though I could do cart

But Dad had it all planned out, as I said. He was and still is a good
schemer. On the night of the 16th as I was giving him a kiss and hug good
night, he reached up my over sized T-shirt to my panties and stroked my
pussy. It had been so long (almost two months) since he had touched me
there that I almost came at first contact. As mom was upstairs getting
things ready for the night, I knew we had a few seconds together and it
felt sooooooo good. I was rocking against his fingers and I could feel his
erection against my leg. I wanted him soooo badly it hurt.

I jumped when we heard mom coming down the stairs and he gave my soaking
pussy a friendly squeeze and whispered in my ear "tomorrow night." I jumped
on his lap and kissed him and hugged him tight before running off, thinking
of what tomorrow may have in store for me. I don't know how many times I
thought about it that night, but I was exhausted the next morning. I
hadn't slept a wink, not because of my anticipation of what was to come.

I guess mom saw something in my face because she asked me if I was
feeling OK. I didn't want her thinking I was sick or something, so I
forced myself to brighten up and it wasn't really hard to do as I was
already just about ready to burst something, so I let some of my enthusiasm
out and wolfed down my cereal as I sat watching cartoons on TV.

It wasn't long before Dad got up. I know he and mom didn't have sex the
night before as I had been listening. I was glad they didn't. As he came
out into the living room, he flashed me his penis under his robe before
going out to join mother who was in the kitchen.

I heard them talking, so I turned the tv down to eavesdrop. They were
having a tidbit of an argument. I hated them as they always depressed me
and made me worry. I loved dad and enjoyed pleasing him, but I also loved
my mom and was always afraid that hey would get a divorce. The fears of
any child, I guess. My parents are still together.

From what I overheard (and of course my after-the-fact knowledge) I
figured out that there was a small festival going on downtown and Dad
wanted to take me and mom there to have some fun on the rides. Well mom hates crowds and so she never liked festivals or fairs, etc. Dad knew she
would turn him down, he was counting on it. And in fact it was mom that
suggested that he take me alone and make it a daddy- daughter day. So
after a few minutes he "relented."

As for me, I was sort of crestfallen. I didn't want to go to some
stupid carnival. I wanted to be fucked. So when dad came in to tell me
the news, I was in a glum mood and gave him the "evil eye," of which he
just smiled and winked. It confused me, but it didn't take me long to
catch on that the carnival was a ploy.

So I hurried to get dressed and brush my teeth and hair. I put on a
pair of yellow shorts and a white tank- top that showed (what I thought
anyway) off my just beginning to bud breasts. It would be another 6-8
months before I really had nubbins to speak of, and I was totally hairless
till I was almost 14! I pulled on a pair of grungy tennis shoes and waited
very impatiently while dad took his time in the shower and getting ready.
And what made things worse was that mom was giving me this speech about
minding Dad and not wandering off, etc. Then FINALLY Dad was ready to go.

He gave mom a quick kiss goodbye and told her we'd be back late this
evening. I was so excited to get going, but mom caught me by the arm and
pulled me in for a gushy hug and said to remember what she'd told me and
have fun. Dad asked her once more if she wanted to come along, and my
heart stopped beating until she answered no. That she would just stay home
and get caught up on some work and watch some TV.

I bounded into the passinger side of Dad's red ford pickup and waited
for him to casually climb into the cab. When he did he smiled at me and
squeezed my thigh reassuringly. I was ready to burst I tell you. I just
wanted him to take me away and make love to me. Where are we going I asked
him as I waved bye to mom. And he responded tot he carnival of course. No
we ain't I said and he looked at me and said quizzically "we're not? then
were are we going?" I shrugged my shoulders and sat back against the seat.
I wasn't sure where we were going. My mind thought of people's houses,
motels, and even the back of his truck, but he wouldn't answer me.

Well, by that time I really didn't know what to think, especially since
we were headed down town - toward the carnival. And sure enough, Dad parks
close by, but as he got out, he told me to stay and wait for him, so I did.
About 15 minutes later he comes back with a couple of pepsis, hotdogs,
popcorn, two bags of cotton candy, a large, light green teddy bear and a
couple of other little prizes.

He smiles at me and says evidence, and I laugh and grab at the cotton
candy. Dad gets in and sets the teddy bear between us and as it is almost
noon, we munch out. Just as we were getting done, he takes this big god of
ketchup and mustard and wipes it on my shirt. He laughs at my indignation
and reminds me how often I don't make a mess. But I had been trying that
day! But he was right.

He started the truck and I was content to eat popcorn and see were dad
took us. Soon we were headed out of town and into the country along the
back roads. I had caught on where we were going, as his dad used to have a
cottage on a small lake, but Grandpa had died a couple of years back, so it
was empty now. Dad hadn't sold it and we use it as a get away every now
and then.

We pulled up to the driveway and I was full of anticipation. I could
feel the hotdogs, popcorn and cotton candy all just sitting in my gut like
a lead weight. I was jittery. I wanted this to happen and I couldn't
believe that it was finally coming true.

Daddy could read me like a book, though I've gotten better at hiding my
emotions, even from him. But anyway, he asked me if I was feeling ok. I
looked at him and I swear my heart started Going "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM"
thick and heavy. I was in love with him and I would do anything to make
him and me happy. I nodded yes and smiled.

Good then, he said to me and got out of the truck and I opened the door
and he was already at my side offering me his hand, which I took and
climbed down. I took a minute to look out at the beautiful lake, with the
sun shining on the water. It's funny how when the important events in your
life, you can remember all the little details like the lake and how good
the sun felt on my skin and even the coolness of the shade and the gentle
breeze that seemed to come off the lake's edge!

Daddy called to me from the door, holding open the screen as he unlocked
the heavy oak door. Inside, everything was just how I remembered leaving
it the last time we were there in the spring. It smelled a bit musty, but
it was a comforting smell. One I knew and trusted from visits and
vacations here.

Dad closed the doors and stepped up behind me and I could feel his
hardness at the small of my back. He started gently rubbing at my
shoulders and it felt really good. He always did know exactly the thing to
do to help me to feel good. After a couple of minutes his hands wandered
away from my shoulders and down my chest to my little nubs of beginning
breasts and my nipples were so sensitive at that time (not that they aren't
now, but that whole puberty thing just had them on fire all the time!) that
my nipples were rock hard and almost hurt. But it was good kinda hurt that
went straight to my loins.

A couple of seconds of that and I had to pull away from him for my own
sanity. I looked at him a bit questionably as I didn't know where we
should "do it" but after all the asking and pleading, for some reason now
that it was here, I had trouble saying it and I hoped he would understand
what I meant. And he did.

Smiling he reached out and took my hand, whispering Come on. He led me
to the hot-tub on the enclosed "inner deck" (it used to be the deck until
Grandma and Grandpa had a hot tub installed, then they had the deck
enclosed and insulated and a new deck built).

I was surprised to see that the hot tub was filled with water already
and was about to say this to Dad, but he shushed me with his knowing smile
and hit the heater and water jets. He told me to get in and he would be
right back.

So after he left I shucked my shirt, tossing it to a far corner, kicked
off my shoes and peeled off my shorts and panties in one big lump and
tossed them to join my shirt. I tested the water with my toes, but it was
still a bit cool, so I went and opened up the windows (They still wanted
the feel of being outside, so they had these huge insulated windows put in
as they enclosed it)

They slid open easily and I enjoyed the feeling of the fresh air on my
naked body. By that time, Dad came back. He was naked already and
sporting his huge boner. I shivered seeing it and knew it would soon be in
me, but NOT SOON ENOUGH FOR ME! I felt like I was leaking all over. I was
ready for it, I knew it!

In his arms he carried a couple of towels two long stemmed glasses and a
Dark bottle. You're not in yet, he said, and I shot back neither are you!
But mine had a double meaning and I smiled mischievously. I was excited
doubly because not only was I gonna get fucked, but I concluded that this
would also be my first glass of wine. mom and Dad drank wine occasionally
for supper, especially when friends came over, but they'd never let me have
more than a quick sip, but Dad had TWO glasses!

He set the towels down on the plastic lounge chairs and took the bottle
and the two glasses and stepped in and sat down. I watched as his penis
disappeared beneath the churning water. He motioned for me to come sit by
him, so I too climbed in. The water was starting to get warm, but it still
felt like ice on my overheated pussy!

I snuggled up to him and he put his arm around me. I laid my head on
his chest and felt/heard his comforting heart beat and my hand went down to
find his hard cock. I had started fondling him, but he maneuvered away
from my hand saying that there would be time for that. First we both
needed to relax I smiled and said ok.

I moved away from him a bit and dunked my head (I've always been one
that if I'm wet, I need to be all the way wet or it just feels too weird).
While I was doing this, Daddy was pouring the wine. I don't know what kind
it was, as at that time I just figured they were all the same except for
the color! But this one was a deep burgundy color. Blush probably.

He handed me the glass (only half full, but who was I to argue ;) and I
snuggled up to him again and took my first sip and it tasted sooooo good.
In fact, in all the wines I've had since then, I've never gotten close to
the taste of that day. I settled back into his arms and let the water rush
over me and I could feel my body go limp. It felt so good. For a while I
even forgot why we were at the cottage in the first place.

That is until he started caressing my shoulder and kissing me on the
neck. I'd drunk my entire half-glass of wine by then and he was adamant
that I couldn't have more and it was a good thing too, because looking
back, I can say I was at the very least, tipsy. All of a sudden I felt HOT
and needed to get out of the tub. I started to climb out, but my legs gave
way and I ended up being caught by Daddy who picked me up and carried me
out. The cool air felt icy and my nipples perked right up.

He asked me if I was all right and I just smiled at him and said yeah
and I laughed. boy I was out of it, LOL. I don't think I was bombed drunk
or anything, just a really good buzz :)

Daddy carried me into Grandpa's old room and for a second I could have
sworn that he was there too and it sent shivers down my spine. Daddy felt
me shudder and asked me if I was cold and I put my arms around his neck and
said yes, to which he replied that I wouldn't be for very long, and he set
me gently on the bed and gave me the longest and best kiss I have EVER

I suppose it was the magic of that day that made everything so "special"
or perhaps it my memory building upon it. I don't really know, nor do I

Daddy pressed himself on me and I could feel every hair on his chest and
his skin was fire on my own. His dick was pressing maddeningly into my leg
and I was so incredibly horny and I kissed him again. Each time he kissed
me it drove me nuts. The feel of his tongue in my mouth and mine in his,
dancing and swirling - together...

Then he broke our kissing and kissed me on the nose, then on the chin
and I knew what was next because it was the routine he always did before he
went down on me. My pussy spasmed in want and anticipation and I was
busily rubbing it against him wherever I could come into contact with him.

His kisses trailed down to my breasts and I was so ready to climax.
Usually I like him playing with my nipples with his tongue and sucking them
into his mouth, but I pushed his head lower and lower and I was just about
bouncing off the walls when he got to my belly button, then lower until he
finally got down to my pussy. I think he knew what a frantic state I was
in because he didn't bother teasing me like he usually did, but went
straight for my clit. And at the first touch of his tongue on that little
button, I was off like a rocket. I pushed my pussy up into his face,
grabbed ahold of his hair and squeezed his head between my thighs as I got
off. Again I must say that it had to have been one of my biggest climaxes.

Once I calmed down enough to see straight, there was Dad smiling a warm
smile and asking me if I was all right and know that I was. I nodded and
he asked if he should continue. For an answer I sat up and kissed him

He gently broke our kiss and laid me back down and I was in for a nice
long tongue bath. I wish I could give you a detail of every little stroke
of his marvelous tongue, but it seems to all run together, with little
snatches of memories of orgasm after orgasm and me gripping the bedspreads
and his fingers gently prodding my pussy and rear end. It all just felt so

Finally after what I cannot figure in my own mind if it was a long time
or a short time, he stopped after my last orgasm and I was breathing hard
and I had my eyes closed and was just enjoying being alive. My body was
all electric and I cough feel everything from Daddy's warm soft presence to
the damn material of the bedspread. I was never so alive! I couldn't
imagine it being any better, but it was!

Daddy started crawling up to me and spent a tad bit on my neglected
nipples then moved up to kiss me on the mouth some more and I wrapped my
arms around his neck and pulled him closer, forgetting again where his
tongue was just at.

Finally he sat up on his knees and maneuvered himself so that he was
between my legs and I was spread ever so wide. I watched him as he picked
up a tube of Vaseline that he must have had laying on the bed and rubbed it
all over his cock so that it glistened. Next he put a nice glob on his
fingers and spread it on my pussy, concentrating on my soon to be bigger,
hole. It was a bit of a shock, that first cold application, but soon he
had me rocking back and forth on his fingers, but he stopped just short of
sending me over the edge again.

Then he lifted me by the waste and his dick slid up against and wedged
ever so hotly against my pussy lips as he pushed a pillow under me and
settled me back down. Then he edged himself closer and started to run his
cock head around on my lips and gently wedged in between, then back out and
around my clit and over my lips and back in, repeating the cycle till I was
practically thrusting my pussy at him every time it got near my entrance.
I'm sure he was having more than just a little fun

Then he settled himself at my hole and pushed in just a little bit, and
it felt so HUGE! Already it was hurting a little bit as it stretched
gaining even that little bit of an entrance. Then he looked at me (I was
watching every little detail as I didn't want to miss a thing. I'd waited
too long to have my eyes shut now and I STILL Like watching it go in!) and
silently asked if I was ready, I nodded, knowing that this was going to
hurt as Daddy and I talked about it quite a lot actually.

Then I couldn't think anymore because he sort of just dropped on me and
fire spread through my groin and my vision kind of went dark for a second
except for these little white explosions (I kid you not!) and I could hear
myself give a scream (something I promised myself I wouldn't do) and I was
crying. Damned if it didn't hurt like a bitch and Dad was hovering over
me, him still in me, caressing my hair and asking if I was OK.

I sniffed out that I was, but it hurt really bad and he asked if we
should stop. I said no, but just don't move it for a while, so we laid
there with him on top of me and in me whimpering into his shoulder. I've
asked him since, what it felt like for him and he said that if it wasn't
for the knowledge that he had hurt me, it would have been a fantastic
entrance and even through it all, it was extremely difficult for him not to
pump the hell out of me.

But after a while the pain lessened or more rather got numb and the I
was becoming increasingly aware of his fullness inside me. I began
tentatively making small movements with my hips and when more pain didn't
rip through me, my movements got bolder. Daddy picked up on my moving and
it wasn't long before I had the nice steady rhythm going of getting fucked.
It's amazing isn't it? How the body just naturally knows exactly how to

Soon I was frantically thrusting my pussy up and down his thick cock and
I remember watching it between us, disappearing so magically inside my
still bald pussy. It didn't take me long to orgasm and I just wrapped my
whole body around him and shook. God....

When I was over and relaxed back down on the bed, he began thrusting
into me and I could feel myself beginning that familiar ride to an orgasm
again when all of a sudden he pushed deep inside me and I felt him pulse
and I could feel his dick throb with every jet of his sperm going deep
inside me. It felt fantastic! When he was done, he kissed me and sort of
let himself fall to my side but with his arm still around me.

I remember how "void" it felt inside me as though something were
missing, and there was - him! I felt so happy! But then I realized that
he came inside me and I turned to him with my fears. I was 12 years old and I wasn't stupid. I knew how babies were made. He just smiled at me
and explained to me a little further. He reminded me that I had just
gotten done with my period just the day before yesterday and that a girl doesn't ovulate right away. He said it was a very risky form or birth
control and that after today we'd use condoms, but he wanted my first time
to be without so that I could know how great it felt. He was right, Skin
feels so much better than rubber,

I settled down and snuggled myself closer to him, trusting in him that
he knew all the answers. He was my dad and he could do EVERYTHING! ;)

I fell asleep in his arms that day. He was so warm and so safe. I
still felt a bit uncomfortable down there, but also very satisfied. I
awoke later to him caressing my tummy with his fingers. "morning
sleepyhead" he said to me. He was lying on his side next to me with his
hand supporting his head. I asked him how long I was sleeping and he told
me only about a half hour.

I stretched lazily and I could feel the sliminess of the Vaseline and
the stretched out feeling of his dried cum on my side and back from when we
cuddled. He then said we had better get cleaned up and head back home.
With that he picked me up and I put my arm around his neck and he carried
me back to the still warm waters of the hot tub. He set me down and I
crawled in. At first, the warm water made my pussy throb, but very soon it
relaxed the muscles and the throbbing quickly went away.

The warm water felt good and I put my head back and just let my body go
limp and I was effectively floating pretty much on my back. Dad climbed in
next to me and pulled me over to him and he proceeded to gently caress away
all that afternoons fluids that had since dried.

"Does it hurt?" he asked and I forced myself back down to sit instead of
float. No, I told him, it didn't. I lied. It still did hurt some.

To change the subject, I asked if we could still go to the carnival for
a little while. I mean, after all, I WAS a kid, and carnivals were fun.
Daddy didn't seem to go for the idea and said that we should really go home
so mom wouldn't worry.

But I'd already learned that you can make a man do practically anything
if you give him the right..."motives." And I had just recently acquired a
new weapon in that arsenal.

"Please?" I asked putting on my biggest puppy og face I could muster and
when that didn't work, I climbed onto his lap, put my arms around him and
asked again staring into his eyes. Still he said no, but I could feel
something else stirring, so I reached down and stroked it to full hardness.
I asked once more as I positioned him just inside my battered pussy lips.

He closed his eyes as I sank slowly down onto him and it was a good
thing too, cause I know I must have been cringing. It felt good, but damn,
my pussy was just not used to it and it still hurt from the first time!

When he was all the way inside me I asked him once more and he opened
his eyes and kissed me hard and said OK. I was happy and soon we were
rocking back and forth as he and I built up our orgasms. I reached mine
first and pushed myself down hard onto him and shuddered as it hit me. My
tight pussy orgasming around his dick was too much for him and he delivered
another load of his semen into me. The second load of what would become
many many times.

He held me for a while and I felt somewhat amazed, as his dick shrank
inside me. I could feel it as it lost it's hardness and inched it's way
out. I still think that feeling is neat!

After that, we got out and dad dried me, paying special attention, of
course, to my pussy and breasts. He was gentle though, and for that I was

We got dressed with lots of hugging and copping feels, and dad let out
the water, got rid of the wine evidence and we were on our way. I admit, I
wanted to talk with him about what happened and what would happen again,
but when we got on the road, I was fast asleep and didn't wake up till we
got to the carnival.

By this time it around dinner time, so Daddy treated us to some carny
pizza and pop before hitting the rides. All total, we probably were there
about an hour, but it was still fun

When we got home, mom was a bit mad about us being so late, but she
asked how were the rides, and I told her bluntly that I liked the big rides
the best and I went on it twice, smiling to Dad at our private joke.

mom asked what ride was that? and Daddy looked almost frightened, like
as if I would give him away. And I just said, "oh you know, that one that
you go up and down on... I forget the name." mom looked puzzled but let it
drop and dad was sweating!

Then I changed the subject and said that I was starved and what was
there to eat.

Later that night as I laid in bed, I listened to the absolute quite and
it just made me remember the days events. I couldn't help myself and my
hand found it's own way down beneath my panties and I gently stroked myself
to another two orgasms before falling asleep.

"The day is done and the hour won, but now it the time for sleep" --


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