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My Learning Continues


My Learning Continues by Telephoneman

This work is the intellectual property of the author Telephoneman and he
claims the copyright. Permission if requested WILL be granted for this
story to be posted or archived to any free site. Permission MAY be granted
to any commercial or pay site or organisation. Requests for such
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WARNING xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of adult
fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults
and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside delete
this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of material
where you reside delete this file immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

My Learning Continues.

It was a sunny Saturday in late September a few months after my
introduction to the pleasures of the flesh at the hands of Sue, an older woman (see Its Better Than Football). I was outside lounging in our front
garden trying to get the last of the year’s sun and was dressed accordingly
in just a pair of shorts. I live with my parents and we are lucky to have
a corner plot with its resultant large garden.

I noticed a cyclist on the main street riding towards me. Even from a
distance I could tell the rider was female and with each few yards she
approached I revised my appraisal of her. This was a favourite game of
mine, lying on the grass just watching girls and women approaching, usually
on foot. I would try to work out a level of desirability for each. This
cyclist started well and improved, as she got closer. My guess at her age
had started out quite young but as I saw her face ended at mid twenties.

The slender figure that had initially misled me was clad in shorts and
low cut top. Her breasts seemed large compared to the rest of her body but
not overly so. Her bronze legs were well shaped perhaps because of the
cycling. I was looking forward to when she passed me so I could check out
her arse as it powered her long legs. She wore a baseball cap which hid
her hair and somewhat hid her face.

As she drew level with me I made no attempt to hide my interest,
relishing the sight of her breasts bouncing in rhythm to her pumping legs.
I’d just about got a rear view when a car overtook her and turned right in
front of her into our road. The woman had nowhere to go and was forced off
her bike hitting the ground and rolling a few feet. I jumped up and ran to
the fallen cyclist and was relieved when she sat up and screamed ‘Bastard!’
at the disappearing car driver.

‘You’re all right then’ I asked holding my hand out.

‘Yes I’m fine I think’ she replied as she took my offered hand and used
it to held her stand up.

I gave her a looked her over, partly to check for injury, but mainly to
appreciate her body. She was aware that my gaze lingered longer than was
necessary, especially on her firm breasts. ‘Honest I’m fine’ she repeated.
‘Your knee’s bleeding and your bike is definitely not ok’ I said nodding
at the broken bike, ‘it looks like the car ran over your back wheel’.

As she looked at the mangled wheel she nearly collapsed, probably
realising that it could have been her that had been run over rather than
her bike. Quickly I grabbed her round the waist to support her. ‘Come on
I think you need to sit down for a bit’ She let me lead her to my house
where I sat her down at the kitchen table. Being English I immediately put
the kettle on to make that “cure all” a cup of tea. The woman was still
quite but her colour was returning so I told her I was going to get her
bike off the road. I quickly dragged the damaged bike and left it by the
back door. The kettle was just boiling so I made her a cup of strong,
sweet tea. She gave me a weak smile as I gave her the cuppa and I sat down
next to her, uttering the usual mundane platitudes. As she drank her tea
the shock wore off to be gradually replaced by anger, swearing at the
unknown driver. Seeing that she now appeared ok I went and fetched some
antiseptic cream from the bathroom.

When I returned I kneeled in front of her and started cleaning her
injured knee. With football and our biking my friends and me had performed
this operation on each other countless times in the past and I thought
nothing of it. At this point all sexual thoughts were unusually absent.

The profanities broke off as she said to me ‘You don’t have to do that
you know. It’s only a graze’. For the first time since the accident she
looked at me. ‘I’m sorry. You’ve been my “Good Samaritan” and all I’ve
done is swear at you. Look I can do that myself I am capable of looking
after myself’ a small pause was followed by ‘Well I am now anyway’ She then
realised that she still had some tea left in her cup and put it to her
mouth to finish it.

‘Ugh! Sugar. I hate sugar in tea’ she grimaced.

I’d seen her drink most of it without comment or distaste and she too
realised it when she continued with a smile ‘It seems that I’ve drunk most
of it anyway so thanks I must have needed it. Oh I’m Kate by the way’

‘David’ I said returning the smile.

‘I think the knee has enough cream on it by now don’t you?’ she then

Aware that I was still rubbing around her knee I abruptly pulled my hand
away ‘I’m sorry’ I said before adding ‘I wasn’t aware what I was doing’

She laughed for the first time since we’d met and said, ‘You mean you
were enjoying it too much’

Blushing I acceded ‘There is that too. I’m really sorry I wasn’t trying
to take advantage or anything’

Again the laugh ‘I know you weren’t. Anyway it’s me that should be
apologising. You’ve been great and all I’ve done is give you stick’. She
leaned down and said in a whisper ‘To be really honest I liked it too. It
was nice and relaxing. Still I’d better be going instead of taking up all
of your time’

I put my hand on the stretch of bare skin below her shorts just above
the injured knee. ‘No don’t go’ I said too quickly, ‘I’ve nothing special
to do’ before adding with very little belief ‘ and you may still be in

‘Do you really think so?’ Kate asked ‘If you’re sure I’m not in the way’

‘I don’t mind. Honestly. In fact it’s nice to have someone to talk to
with mum and dad away for the weekend’

Kate had not moved my hand nor commented on it so I took it as a
positive sign and began to gently massage her thigh keeping below the level
of her shorts. My cock also decided to wake up and started to grow in my
shorts. She asked my about myself, my parents and where they had gone. As
I answered I continued the gentle caressing of her leg and was quite
excited when after about five minutes she parted her legs. I leaned
against the inside of one leg and looked at her crotch. Her shorts were
too loose to allow me to discern the beauty I knew lay below, but that
knowledge was enough to make me hard. My hand continued to stroke her leg
but now on the inside of her thigh and reaching right up to her shorts.
Sometime around then the conversation, already superfluous, ceased
altogether as we both concentrated on my wandering fingers. I let them
wander inside her shorts’ leg my fingertips searching for her sex. Not
being able to reach their goal they retreated to advance again outside the
shorts. Soon I felt my fingers touch the softness of her pussy through the
coarse material.

Remembering what Sue had taught me I pressed, squeezed and teased her
pussy through her shorts. I could feel the dampness my fingers were
causing and could hear the telltale change in her breathing. I whispered
that Kate should stand up, which she did, willingly helping my hands undo
her shorts and smiling down at me as my fingers gripped shorts and panties together before lowering both to the floor. Whilst she was still standing
I admired only the second naked pussy I’d seen. Kate was slimmer than Sue
but had the same taut stomach. Her hair was light brown forming a thick triangular bush. I sat her on the edge of her chair before I slid my legs
under it positioning my hungry mouth in front of her swollen lips.

I wasted no time in tasting her placing my arms around her thighs and
pulling her onto my mouth. My tongue easily penetrated her barrier of
interlocked hairs and attacked her cunt with vigour. I relished in the
taste of her excitement probing her pussy with my tongue. I licked the
length of her slit as I sought her clit. Finding it I set about giving it
all the attention it warranted. I used my tongue to lick it, my mouth to
suck it and my lips to squeeze it. I did everything Sue had shown me and
very clearly Kate was enjoying it every bit as much.

Kate’s thighs were by now gripping my head like a vice, her hands
forcing my mouth into her sex. She was moaning almost continuously. Her
Orgasm was triggered when my teeth accidentally rubbed her clit. Her
Orgasm was short, as if she was trying to fight it, not wanting to lose
control. Immediately it was over her legs released their grip and her
hands pushed my head away.

‘Wow! Where did you learn that little trick?’ she asked rhetorically,
‘and I used to think young men were too selfish or too inexperienced to
make good lovers’ Kate pulled me up and sat me on her naked lap. We kissed
for the first time, a long passionate kiss with dueling tongues and teeth
on teeth. We were holding onto each other as if our lives depended on us
not breaking the kiss. It was Kate that did eventually end the kiss
pushing me up before stooping to remove my shorts. I was as hard as a rock
as I proudly showed my cock to Kate. Kate let a sigh of disenchantment
when she saw my cock. For my sake she tried to hide her disappointment but
I’d seen it. I was soon to find out that at less than 5” in length my cock
was anything but impressive. Kate’s look of regret was not to be the last
during my life. My once proud maleness stated to wilt but when Kate’s
succulent mouth descended over it my ego came a poor second to the
sensations her tongue sent through my excited body.

I was soon fully erect again and when I was Kate moved her mouth turned
me around and sat me on her chair. She stood astride me and reached down
to guide my aching cock into her pussy entrance. She rubbed the tip up and
down her cunt before finally lowering herself down onto it. I was amazed
at how different it felt from Sue’s pussy, somehow I’d expected them all to
be the same. She began to straighten her legs my cock very nearly escaping
its captor before she would bend and her cunt would once again engulf my
cock. I was totally at the mercy of Kate and her pace governed my
pleasure. Her cunt was a lot tighter than Sue’s was and it wasn’t long
before I was coming. I warned Kate but I could not delay any longer. I
grabbed her hips and forced her to move to my rhythm, as I pumped shot
after shot of come into her body. Kate had not been near coming and once
again I felt that she was fighting it. Sue had always told me that it was
a poor lover who left his partner behind.

Still sitting on my cock Kate asked ‘Did you say you’ve got the house to

‘Yes, all weekend’ I replied.

‘Delightful! What a superb way to spend my last free weekend’ She went
on to explain that she was getting married next week.

The thought of another man’s bride sitting on my cock gave me a perverse
thrill. My cock, which had been softening was once again hard (Ah the
memories of youth)

The change was not lost on Kate as her pussy lips still gripped it.
‘Christ you’re hard again already’ she screamed in delight ‘This is going
to better than ever. Where’s the bloody bedroom?’

She lifted herself off my cock and grabbed my hand demanding the comfort
of a bed for our next bout. I took her to my room with its double bed and
with great care and attention removed her top and bra. Her breasts were
nearly twice the size of Sue’s. I stood behind her reaching round to cup
her tits. I was surprised by their weight and whilst I played with them,
teasing her nipples erect, Kate used her magnificent arse to rub against my
throbbing cock. Pushing my hands away Kate leaned against my computer desk
and spread her legs. Her sopping pussy displayed at its best was an
invitation I couldn’t refuse. I held my cock to guide it into the
Aladdin’s Cave awaiting it. Her come filled pussy took my cock as easy as
a hot knife through butter. This time I was controlling the tempo and I
was determined that Kate was going to come before me. I upped the pace,
withdrawing everything but the very tip of my cock before plunging back
into the depths of her sweet pussy. I reached round to finger her clit as
my abdomen collided repeatedly with Kate’s fantastically firm buttocks. I
rubbed her clit harder and harder as I thrust into her willing body. I
felt her muscles tense as her Orgasm approached so I increased the pressure
on her clit and piled her harder onto each thrust of my rampant cock. As
her Orgasm began I felt her hand try and move my probing fingers from her
clit. Instead of yielding I increased the pressure of my fingers and the
power of my thrusts.

The entire street probably heard Kate’s scream as she came. The pitch
reaching its peak each time I drove my cock into her pussy. When I was
satisfied that Kate had come fully. I eased my cock from her delicious
honey pot. I pushed her onto the bed and lifted her legs over my shoulders
as I once again entered this sexy woman. Her contortion gave my fabulous
access to plunge the depths of her cunt. I did this with vigour and
enthusiasm and as I recognised my approaching Orgasm I was delighted when I
felt Kate come again. For the first time our orgasms coincided as my come
exploded into her cunt already soaking wet with her own secretions.

Our position too uncomfortable for Kate to maintain we rolled over to
lie side by side. ‘That was awesome. I’ve never come like that before.
Ever!’ she exclaimed. Talk about ego, at that moment I felt the best lover
in the world.

‘You can come like that every time if you’re willing to cede some
control’ I said, repeating what Sue had told me.

Kate just looked at me. ‘How do you know so much so young’ she asked.

‘I had a good teacher’ I replied starting to realise just how good Sue’s
instructions were.

‘Mmm’ was Kate’s reply as she snuggled up next to me. We made love
twice more before Kate finally had to leave. I knew that unlike with Sue,
sex with Kate was just that; sex! Very good sex but what was between us
was lust not love. It also showed me that I’d forever love Sue, not be in
love, but just hold that little place for her in my heart.

The weekend was far from over. Kate was moving away when she got
married but she’d said I was too good to waste, her words not mine so she
was coming around Sunday morning with a couple of friends.

I can’t wait.


As usual I appreciate all comments, including criticisms. All I ask is
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