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My Lovely Brother


My Lovely brother
"I'm sitting in the front seat," whined my sister, "It's too cramped in
the back with Trevor and the bags." "You'll do as you are told," father said, "Your mother sits in the front and that's that." Finally we were on
our way, we had booked a cabin in the hills about four hours away, miles
from any town or city, there was my mom and dad, me, I'm 16 and my sister Kate, she's 11 and a brat at times. We reached the outskirts of town quite
quickly. As the changing scenery flashed by, Kate stopped moaning and
settled down. She tried to get comfortable to have a nap but the bags were
in the way. "Lean on me," I said, "and stop squirming about." She smiled,
and turning on her back she plopped her head on my lap and brought her legs
up onto the bags.

"Thanks bruv," she said, and settled down. Ten minutes later she was
asleep.She looked an angel, fresh complexion, long mousy coloured hair, she
lookedgood in anything she wore. I had often seen glimpses of her coming
out ofthe bathroom, her nubile body tall and slim, she had just started to
form breasts but no sign of any hair on her pussy yet. We started to go
off the main road now and it was getting bumpy. I put my arm over Kate to
stop her falling off the seat. She must have felt my arm because she
turned on her side amid cuddled my arm to her chest. I was looking out of
the window and I felt Kate move again, she had placed my hand on her
breast. I looked, she was still sound asleep. I could feel the shape of
her breast in my hand, and as the car bumped along I felt the nipple
getting hard against my hand.

Should I pull my hand away? Maybe not, she might wake up and think I
had been touching her on purpose, besides it felt quite nice. Giving it a
little squeeze, I looked the length of her body as she slept. Her skirt
had Ridden up to the top of her thighs. All I could see was her brief
panties, she had not noticed my manipulations to her tit so I carried on, a
feeling of getting away with something that I shouldn't be doing . Her
T-shirt had twisted around her waist and I saw a band of skin just under
her budding breasts. My heart pounding, I placed my hand on this delicate
flesh, she did not stir, gradually I slipped my hand further up, I had her
tit in my bare hand, I felt her nipple getting hard it felt so delicate.
Suddenly she squirmed, taking her T-shirt and pulling it down over my hand,
trapping it under her T-shirt, still on her budding breast and folding her
arms across her chest, I was trapped.

I realized I had a hard on, just inches from her head. My mind was
whirling with thoughts I had never entertained before. My sister was sexy.
I had never thought of her as a sex object before even though I had often
seen her naked. I started to play with her nipple again. She squirmed
again. I noticed a smile on her face. MY GOD SHE 'S AWAKE! My hand
froze, she took my hand in hers and moved it over her tit, encouraging me
to continue. I was getting worried my parents might see what their son was
doing to their daughter. I pulled myhand away. She sat up pretending to
just wake up. She smiled at me and I felt relived she was not going to say
anything. "Time for a break kids", dad called out from the front as he
pulled into a service station for petrol. We got out and walked to the
coke machine, mom had gone to the toilet and dad was filling the car.

Handing Kate hers I said, "Sorry Kate I don't know what came over me."
She smiled and said "what for, I was dreaming about you." What do you
mean?" I said, puzzled. "Last night when you came in late from your date I
was awake, I saw you going into your room and a few minutes later I heard
noises from your room, I got up and looked through the gap in the door.
You were wanking yourself off, you must have had a good date last night,"
she laughed, "I was dreaming I lay next to do doing it for you. When I
realized your hand was on my tit it felt as part of the dream. I was
confused, my own sister having dreams about me...

"Time to go kids," dad called. We went back to the car. My mind was
full of what we had talked about. Kate said she was still tired and got
into the same position but faced the back of the car this time. She
reached for my hand and placed it on her breast again, mouthing the words
"Please do it again," and smiled. She put my hand under her T-shirt and my
hand reached for the little bud of her nipple. She sighed as I continued
to stimulate her. I could hear her breathing changing as I continued, she
was getting turned on, she reached for my hand and moved it down to her
skirt, pressing it into her mound and rubbing it. I was getting worried we
would be found out by our parents, I had a raging hard on and she was
getting worked up. I mouthed the words "later" and withdrew my hand. Kate
sat up and rearranged her clothing pretending to just wake up. Kate
noticed my hard on and patted the bulge, smiling at me, knowing she had
turned me on.

"Here we are," said dad, coming round a bend. We saw a cabin on the
edge of the river, no other sign of cabins or people, We jumped out of the
car and ran to the river, trailing out fingers in the cool crystal clear
waters. "Time to unload the car, kids," dad yelled. We ran up to the car
and took the bags into the cabin,

Kate's room was next to mine, mom and dad's was in the other half of the
cabin with the front room in between. "Can we go swimming mom?" Kate
begged. "Alright but you both stay together and stay in the bay." As we
walked to the water's edge Kate took my hand. She had never done that
before. She looked good in her swimming costume, the breasts I had played
with in the car were clearly standing proud in the tight material, the
nipples were showing quite clearly. The bay was just around the corner and
hidden from the cabin. It was a safe area for bathing.

Kate ran into the water, like a child, splashing the water everywhere. I
sat down on a rock and watched her frolic in the water, my mind was filled
with lurid thoughts about her. Telling myself it was wrong was no good, I
was in love with my own sister. Kate dashed out of the water and splashed
me as she shook her head, her breasts swayed as she shook. "Dry me
please," handing me her towel, "darling," she added, looking at me for a
response. She stood in front of me, her breasts were at eye level, she
turned her back to me and I stood up and rubbed her shoulders gently with
the towel. I went down her back and stopped at her bum. Her costume had
pulled itself into the cleft of her buttocks leaving a white strip of skin.
I rubbed hard now and she moaned, raising one leg to a rock so that I could
dry it. She turned and I handed her the towel.

"Please do it for me," she pleaded. I took the towel from her and
started to pat the skin on her arms. She took my hands and placed the
towel on her breasts. "Start here," she said looking into my eyes. I
moved the towel slowly over her breasts, She moaned and held my arms to
balance herself. Going down to her hips I knelt down. Her swimming
costume was wedged between the lips of her pussy. She parted her legs and
I gently rubbed the towel along the lips of her sex. She gasped, "Don't
stop! Please don't stop!" I increased the speed and she dropped to her
knees, legs wide open to allow me to continue rubbing.

She took my head in her hands and kissed me full on the lips, forcing my
mouth open with her tongue she lapped into my mouth. Her hand slipped to
my trunks which were now a tent holding my growing penis in check. Her
hand took hold of my prick and squeezed. She gasped out, "It's so big my
darling brother," and rubbed it up and down. This was getting to be too
much for me. Taking the towel away I placed my hand on her pussy. She
groaned. I let my fingers follow the contours of her costume held between
her lips. Pulling the material to one side I plunged my fingers along the
furrow of her lips. Her hips jerked as I grazed her little clit, she
shuddered and went stiff in my arms, holding my hand still she collapsed
onto the sand.

Her breathing was returning to normal as she sat up, she kissed me
deeply and said "Can a sister love her brother?" Taking her in my arms I
said, "It's against the law Sis, if we were caught doing this we would be
in big trouble." We continued to talk for a while, but it was autumn, and
the sun started to set in the sky. "Come on," I said, "It must be tea
time." We walked up the path to the cabin. She turned to me and said,
"Does that mean we can't do that again?" "I don't know," I said, knowing
that I wanted to more than anything in the world. After tea we sat and
played scrabble. At ten my mom said, "Alright Kate it's bed time." For
once she didn't argue. "It must be the fresh air," my dad laughed, "she
never gone to bed without a fight." Kate kissed my mom and dad and then she
came and kissed me goodnight, she had never done that before.

Mom, dad and me sat up for about half an hour, they explained they were
going to look at a cabin twenty miles along the river tomorrow. "It's
going cheap since the owner died and the family didn't want it. Can you
look after Kate while we are gone?" "Yes," I said, we can try out the
fishing." With that we all went to bed. I awoke with the sun streaming in
my window, I looked at the clock -- 7.45. I heard a noise and went to
investigate. It was my parents. "We thought we would make a early start,
we will back about 3pm, will you be alright?" "Yes." I said I would fix
breakfast and then go fishing. They got into the car and drove off. I
glanced into Kate's room. She was still asleep. She had kicked the sheets
off in her sleep. She had on one of my T-shirts to sleep in. I entered
the room and looked at her laying there so serene. Her thighs were
slightly ajar. I bent down as looked up under the T-shirt. She had no
knickers on. I gently lifted the bottom of the garment up. Her sex stared
me in the face. I could feel my prick rising in my shorts as I took in the
sight of her lips pouting. I sat on the edge of the bed and bending over
caught a wiff of her sex.

She started to stir, her eyes flickered open. She sat up startled to
find me bent over her. "Its alright they've gone out," I said. She
relaxed. She realized her sex was exposed and pulled her shirt down.
Pulling me to her she kissed me and said "Good morning sexy." Pulling the
sheets back she said "Come and give me a cuddle." I climbed into the bed
and she pulled the covers over us. I lay on my back and she moved towards
me putting her arm over my chest and wrapping her leg over mine. She
started to kiss my neck and run her hand over my chest. Feeling the hairs
that had formed on my chest and ran down to my hairy prick, she followed
the hairs down and felt my prick jutting hard against my belly.

"Why brother dearest what's this?" Taking it in her hand, I shuddered,
feeling her small hands engulf my dick inside my shorts. "Does your
girlfriend play with it for you?" she smiled. I told her she did. I had
to explain how she wanked me and sucked me until I came. "Yuck does she
really put it in her mouth?" I told her she loved the feel of it between
her lips. She was still playing with me and I turned to her and said,
"Have you got a boyfriend?" She explained she had a sort of boyfriend, and
that he had touch her tits outside her blouse and she had touched his dick
but it was only small, not huge like mine. I put my hand on her tit and
started to rub.

She said, "that's nice." She sat up suddenly. Thinking I had done
something wrong I pulled my hand away. She reached for the bottom of the
T-shirt and pulled it over her head. Laying back she placed my head on her
chest. "Kiss them for me Trev." How could I refuse? Lowering my head to
her nipple I took it into my mouth. I could feel it growing. Rubbing my
hand around the other breast, teasing the nipple with my fingers, my hand
made it's way down her body, now fully nude. It rested on her bald mons
She moaned and I traced the outline of her lips all the way down to her
bum. Her legs moved open and I ran my fingers into the slit feeling the
moisture warm to my touch. I slowly pushed my finger deeper into the
crevice. She was gripping my dick harder now. My finger found her channel
and slipped in deeper. It was gripping my finger. I pulled it out and
tasted it. It was heaven, slightly salty with a beautiful aroma.

I lowered my head and slipped my tongue along the groove, pulling the
pouting lips apart I licked the inner lips and folds that made up her
pussy, I knew what I was doing with my sister was wrong. I kept telling
myself this was incest, but I still carried on. Plunging my tongue into
her vagina, I licked up the juices that were forming from the stimulus I
was giving. I put my finger into her slit and covered it with juices and,
placing it on her little hole that was her ass, rubbing my finger along the
groove and slowly pushing it into her ass. Just the tip at first, I felt
the tight ring of her sphincter muscles gripping my finger, but as my
tongue was working on her pussy she slowly relaxed and I could slip my
finger further into her virgin ass. She was moving in time to my thrusts

She pushed me away, and laid me on my back. Taking my prick in her hand
she said, "I love you Trevor." And with that she put the tip of my prick
into her mouth. I nearly creamed. Her inexperienced sucking was bringing
me off. I turned her around in the 69 position and greedily sucked her
cunt dry as she licked my prick. I could feel my sperm rising and tried to
pull away saying, "I'm cumming Sis!" Instead she forced my prick deeper
into her mouth almost down her throat. That was too much. Bang, the first
jolt of my sperm hit the back of her throat. She swallowed it and sucked harder swirling her tongue over the tip of my prick I felt I would never
stop coming. As she tried to swallow all of my jism, some of it ran down
her chin as her mouth was so full. My tongue darted into her pussy and she
ground it against my face. I was covered with her juices. "I LOVE YOU
SIS!" I screamed as the final spurt of my spunk hit the back of her throat.
"I LOVE YOU TOOO," as she finished climaxing.

We laid on the bed clinging to each other realizing it was not just sex,
we were in love. "I loved the way your finger entered my ass she said as
she cuddled into me it sent me around the bend, but it did hurt a little,
"she said." Will you do it again please." I kissed her deeply and went into
the bathroom. I found a jar of vaseline and went back to my darling
sister, getting her to lay in a fetal position I put a blob of vaseline on
her button hole of her ass. Massaging it in she cooed as the cool jelly
felt soft and gentle. Rubbing my finger along the groove for the last time
I pushed the tip into her rosebud. She gasped. I waited for her to get
used to it and pushed again. The full length of my finger was buried into
her delicate asshole. I wriggled it around, drawing my finger in and out
made her gasp with pleasure.

"Try two fingers now," she gasped. I did. Her ass stretched as I put
both in. "Push hard," she said, pushing her hips back to get more in. I
sped up, she was coming again. "PUSH YOUR DICK UP PLEASE", she gasped,
almost shouting. I got her up on all fours spreading her ass cheeks I
entered her gently. She moaned as my rampant rod entered her forbidden
zone. Pushing deeper she took the lot. Reaching down I played with her
little clit that stood proudly out from the folds of her lips.

Pumping her tight ass gave me such a thrill. "Finish me off inside my
cunt," she pleaded. I withdrew my prick from her ass with a whoosh as the
air rushed into the gaping hole where my prick had been. Placing it at the
entrance I pushed it in hard straight into the depths of her gaping pussy.
She was a virgin alright. My prick had come to a stop at her hymen.
"Break me!" she screamed, "fuck me please fuck me," she cried. I withdrew
a little and plunged it in hard. She screamed. That drove me wild and I
pumped her as hard as I could in and out in and out, holding her tits in my
hand I was like a wild animal pumping my prick into my virgin sister, she
was coming, she thrashed on the bed out of control, never had she felt so
much emotion. This was too much for me, as my prick grew even bigger
inside of her, I released my sperm deep into her womb. "Give me all your
baby making cream," she squealed, "Fuck meeeee!" I pumped and pumped,
feeling I would never stop. I collapsed on top of her, drained. We kissed
and told each other of our undying love for each other. We drifted into a
sleep. Waking an hour before mom and dad were due home, we made a pact to
continue to make love as much as possible.


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