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My Sister Hannah


A submission from "SmartAlec"

My sister Hannah is about a year and a half older than me. We were never really "close" until Hannah got to be around 15 or 16, and I noticed her body changing, especially that she had boobs.

We were often alone at home together, as our parents divorced when we were young, and mom always seemed to be at work. I began spying on Hannah through keyholes, especially when she was in the bathroom. She was the first female I ever saw nude.

Hannah has always been good looking: thin, black hair, dark brown eyes, and dark skin. She has always kept herself clean, well groomed, and has always smelled nice.

I loved peaking through the bathroom door. I'd hear the shower running, and I'd sneak upstairs and wait. When she was finished showering, she'd pull open the shower curtain and I'd see her in all her radiant glory. She was beautiful. With her wet hair slicked back, body glistening with droplets of water, and those gorgeous breasts with dark nipples. I can't even remember all the nights that I masturbated before bedtime, fantasizing about her, and what it would be like to lick the water off her skin.

I would always watch her towel off, pull on her underclothes, and then I'd leave so she wouldn't catch me. I did it all the time.

Things all changed one summer day when I was 14. I was peaking through the keyhole like normal, and unexpectedly she quickly unlatched and opened the door before I could get away. I was shocked... so was she. Standing there in a towel she looked at me and said "What are you doing?"

I was trying to mumble some answer when she blurted out, "You were peaking at me through the keyhole, weren't you?"

I answered "no," that I was waiting to use the toilet, but she looked down at the bulge in my shorts and said, "You're such a pervert! I know you were looking at me, sicko! I know how you are, I have heard you jacking off in your room at night."

At that I was totally embaressed and ran away. When I saw her later
that night, we didn't speak of it, and she didn't mention it to mom.

The next day, overall, she treated me normal, and that evening when I heard the shower running, I couldn't resist the opportunity to see her again. So I crept upstairs and peaked through the keyhole.

At last the water turned off, the curtain opened, and there she was, toweling her wet body. She went over by the sink, and before I knew it, the door flew open. I was still kneeling, trying to see, when it opened. I was caught, there could be no excuses. Hannah started yelling at me. I offered no excuse, I just looked at the floor, at her beautiful feet.

"Why do you peak at me? I'm your own sister! Don't you think that's sick?"

I figured since I was caught, I might as well be honest. I said, "I can't help it Hannah... you are so beautiful. I peaked at you once just out of curiosity, and I couldn't believe how beautiful you were. I started looking all the time. I think about you all the time. I think I'm in love with you."

The whole time I was looking at her feet, because I didn't have the courage to look her in the face as I said all that. After a moment or two of silence I looked up at her, expecting her to be furious with me. She had a look of total shock on her face. I finally asked her, "What are you thinking?"

She answered, "I'm in shock! You think you love me? Are you serious?" she asked in disbelief.

I told her yes, that I thought of her all the time, and then I confessed that it was her that I thought of when I masturbated at night.

She couldn't believe it. She stood there a moment or two, the silence was awkward. Finally she said, "What do you think about when you think of me?"

I said, "Everything. Usually they start the same: I come in the bathroom just as you are turning off the shower. You open the curtain and see me there. We smile at each other, and you becken me over. We embrace, kiss a little, and then I start licking your breasts. I love them, they are so sexy..."

I could tell by the look on her face that she actually seemed to enjoy what I was saying. She motioned for me to go on...

"I lick your nipples, and make my way down your stomach, tongueing your belly button. You sit on the edge of the tub and open your legs for me. I squat down and begin licking your pussy..."

At this she interupted me, "Oh my God," she said, "would you really want to lick my pussy?" The shock had returned.

I told her yes, I would like to, that I thought about that all the time when I jacked off.

She didn't know what to say. After a moment she asked, "Have you ever done that before? With a girlfriend or anyone from school?"

I told her "no," that I was still a virgin, and that she was the first girl I'd ever even seen naked in real life. She smiled at that.

We both stood looking at each other.

She said, "Do you really like my body as much as you say?"

I said, "Hannah, I love your body."

She smiled, then she awkwardly looked down at the floor.

Gently I reached out and touched her shoulder. "Will you show me?"

Reluctantly she said, "okay", and I gently pulled her towel off. I couldn't believe how beautiful she was, and I told her so. She smiled shyly.

I slowly reached out a hand and touched one of her breasts. She exhaled hard, but allowed me. As I rubbed her breast, I thought I would cum right in my pants, I was so turned on.

I whispered, "Hannah, can I please lick it?"

She said nothing, and so I slowly moved forward and took her nipple into my mouth. I remember that moment like it was yesterday. I was in total bliss. As I sucked on her breasts, she wrapped her arms around me. I then started kissing down her stomach. She stopped me... "Not here," she said, "let's go to my room."

She led, and I followed, watching her gorgeous ass sway from side to side. I knew at that moment that I really was in love with her.

We got in her room, and she said, "Do you really want to lick my pussy? I've always wondered what that felt like." I responded that I'd love to, and she layed down on her bed with her legs open.

I knelt there, just looking at her lovely vagina and breathing in her scent. I told her, "Hannah, you are so hot!" She smiled at me, and I leaned forward, and started to lick her pussy. I really didn't know how, I just licked all over it. I remember how excited I was at her taste and at the heat of the moment. Somewhere in there, I actually did cum in my shorts. I couldn't help it.

She moaned and rubbed my hair as I licked her, and I knew she was liking it. Finally she orgasmed, and I can remember licking up all her juices.

"That was nice," she said with a smile. "Now can I see you?"

I told her that I didn't mind showing her, but I confessed to her that I did cum in my shorts while I was licking her. She wanted to see anyway.

I stood up and removed my shorts and underwear. My dick was still hard, but you could see my white cum on it. I was embaressed, and went to turn away...

"No, don't," she said, "I want to see you." She took her towel and began to wipe the cum off. I quivered as she touched my erect organ. But I loved it! I wanted her to feel me. I wanted her to suck me.

She must have been reading my mind. She said, "I want to taste you now, can I?"

"Please," was all I could say. She began licking up and down my dick, and then took it into her mouth and sucked on it. I couldn't believe how I felt.

I told her, "Use your hand too, like this," and I began to stroke the shaft while the tip was in her mouth. I let go, and she took over, stroking and sucking. It didn't take but a minute or two, and I knew I was gonna cum. I started moving and groaning, and finally when I knew I was gonna cum, I jerked away from her mouth and I quickly jacked off onto her floor.

She sat there smiling at me. "Did you like that?" She asked?

I told her, "Oh yes, very much! It was the best thing I've ever felt in my whole life." She answered that was how she had felt also.

We sat there, naked and smiling at each other. Finally she got up and got dressed.

We kept that day to ourselves, but it wasn't the end. We frequently got together for sex. Eventually we both dated, but we still pleased each other, and kept it secret.

Now I'm 28, married, and have a son. She's married also. But we get together at least once a month and have the best sex, which always starts orally. So far no one has ever found out, and I'd say that I love Hannah just as much as my wife, if not more.


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