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My Sister Mary


My Sister, Mary {Redman} {MFF inc}
(c) November 2000
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My Sister, Mary
by Redman
I lay back on the bed, watching my semen begin to
slowly ooze out of Sheila's beautiful vagina. She
opened her arms, drawing my sister Mary into her
embrace. They kissed passionately, until Sheila
attempted to rub her sperm-laden pussy all over Mary.
Being a lesbian, Mary naturally found Sheila's actions

Once again I marveled at Sheila's ability to
manipulate us both into doing what we wouldn't
normally do ourselves. Certainly she was beautiful,
intelligent and sensuous. Either one of us would have
been more than happy to accommodate her wishes. But
Sheila's perverse pleasure was in getting us to do
something that we wouldn't normally do ourselves.

With me, it was easy. As a man I had always wanted to
be with two women. That wouldn't change just because
one of the women happened to be my sister. I had
always been intrigued with Mary, especially after she
told me she was a lesbian. She and I had been close
all our lives. We talked about everything. I knew
about her sexual preference years before she announced
the fact to mom and Dad. Neither one of us had settled
down with a partner, so we comfortably shared an
apartment together. Besides being my sister, Mary was
my best friend.

But Mary knew I was curious, like any heterosexual
male, about the ways of women who love women. I asked
her incessant questions, especially at first. Some she
would answer, some she would not.

So it was easy for Sheila to bend me to her will. The
only thing that would have prevented it was Mary
herself. Even more than my innate incestuous interest
in my sister, I truly loved her and wanted her to be
happy. If Mary had not begged me to join her and
Sheila, I never would have imposed myself on their

But Mary was smitten with Sheila; was head-over-heels
in lust with her from first sight. Mary and I had
attended a party together and we both met Sheila
there. I had hit on her first. She was attractive,
single and easily approachable. She had seemed
interested, but non-committal. She flirted back,
giving as good as she got, but then made it clear she
wanted to mingle and see what other opportunities were

So it surprised me to see her in a quiet corner later
with Mary. Even before I had a chance to ask what was
going on, I could see that Mary was taken with her.

Mary is a plain girl. I loved her, but if she had been
straight and not my sister, I wouldn't have hit on
her. Sheila, on the other hand, was gorgeous. I think
Mary was surprised that such a beautiful girl would be
interested in her. When Sheila caught my eye over
Mary's shoulder and winked at me, I knew she was going
to be bad news. Sure enough, she lived up to the

Sheila wanted to date us both. At first it was
separately. She was a fun, sexy date. After dinner and
dancing, we necked like teenagers in my car in front
of her house. She let me finger her to orgasm and then
she pushed me up against the car door and gave me a
fast, very effective blowjob. As she wiped her mouth
off with the back of her hand, she told me she looked
forward to our next date. She kissed me goodnight,
making sure I received a little taste of my own semen
on her tongue.

Two nights later she went out with Mary. We never
officially compared notes, but when Sheila dropped her
off, Mary came in with her clothes and hair
disheveled. She was flushed and out of breath and I
had the distinct impression that she had just been in
the throes of orgasm. Mary quickly went into her own
room, ashamed to let me see her.

After dinner on our second date, Sheila insisted on
going back to my place. That was fine with me, since I
knew that Mary was working late that night. At first
Sheila seemed disappointed when Mary wasn't there, but
we ended up in bed anyway. Sheila was an amazing lover
and the more we experimented, the more amazing she
became. There was a point at which she became even
more vocal -- even more enthusiastic -- in our
lovemaking. I was so distracted that I didn't learn
until later that it coincided to the same time as when
Mary arrived home from work.

Apparently though, things did not go so well on Mary's
next date with her. Mary wouldn't tell me what the
problem was, but there had been some quarrel. Sheila
wouldn't return Mary's phone calls or mine. After a
week passed, I began to lose interest. Sheila was
wonderful, but I had experienced her fully, or so I
imagined. I didn't particularly care for the way she
treated us both, especially Mary.

That's why it surprised me when I came home one
afternoon to hear Sheila in Mary's room. They were
obviously making love. Sheila's loud moans and wails
could easily be heard from the next room. My
imagination was inflamed. I knew what I had done to
work Sheila up to such a fevered pitch. I wondered if
Mary was doing similar things.

Somehow they must have heard me even though I tried to
be silent. They grew suddenly quiet. I started to
leave, to give them the privacy their lovemaking
deserved. Looking back on it, I wish I had left.

Mary came out in a terry cloth bathrobe. She made
nervous chitchat for a few moments and then blurted
out her odd request.

"Tommy, would you like to join us? Sheila wants you to
join us. Please . . ."

"Are you serious, Mary? I mean . . . I'm your brother.
I've never even seen you naked."

Mary came real close to me and, with tears in her
eyes, whispered, "I love her, Tommy. It wouldn't be
you and me together. It's just that we would both take
turns . . . with her. I don't like the idea of you
watching me and I don't like the idea of me watching
you. But, it's what Sheila wants. And Tommy, I want
Sheila! No matter what it takes, Tommy! I want

She started to sob a bit, so I hugged her as her
brother and her best friend. I knew what it was like
to be in love. Hadn't Mary helped me through my own
schoolboy crushes and obsessions? Hadn't Mary always
been there for me?

"Sheila's bad news, Mary," I whispered to my sister,
holding her tight. "She's only gonna break your heart.
You know that?"

"Maybe so, Tommy," my sister sniveled, "but I have to
try. I have to!"

So I joined them, against my better judgement. I wish
I had been stronger for Mary's sake, but a part of me
wanted it, too. I wonder who's to blame more: Sheila
for demanding it of Mary or me for going along with

It was the most erotic, beautiful thing I've ever
experienced. Sheila was propped up on the bed against
the headboard. The lights were off, but four candles
around the room illuminated the women and the bed
enough for me to see everything. They were a study in
contrast: Sheila, lean, naked and gorgeous: Mary,
stocky, bundled in her robe, unsure of herself and a
bit unattractive.

My sister crawled on the bed with her lover -- with
our lover -- and they began to kiss. She moved her
hands over that lovely body as Sheila lay back and
looked into my eyes. Sheila was blonde and her breasts
were heavy, tipped with hard, prominent nipples.
Mary's hands found them and she began to rhythmically
rub them as they kissed. Sheila's hands went inside
Mary's robe and slowly, inch by inch, she began to
pull it off my sister.

Mary was moaning as Sheila's hands obviously found her
breasts. Sheila whispered something in her ear. At
first Mary shook her head, but the blonde's legs came
around her in an embrace and Sheila nibbled at her
ears as Mary squirmed. Soon, with a little more
coaxing, Mary began to remove her arms from the
sleeves of the bathrobe. From the gleam in Sheila's
eyes, she was enjoying stripping Mary in front of me.
I was no better though; my erection was already hard
and throbbing in my pants.

When Mary's arms were out of the robe, Sheila began to
push her down between her legs. Mary kissed her as she
moved south, making love to Sheila's breasts and
belly. As she went down, Sheila pulled more and more
of the robe from my sister's body. I first saw the
backs of Mary's knees, then her thighs and eventually
her bare bottom. It wasn't the prettiest bottom I had
ever seen; certainly not comparable with Sheila's; but
it was perhaps the most erotic.

After I had gazed on it for quite a while, with all
the flourish of a stage magician, Sheila whisked away
my sister's robe and, there before my eyes, was Mary
worshiping between Sheila's naked thighs. Two naked
women, loving each other. Or, more honestly, one
expressing her love and the other accepting it.
Sheila's eyes were locked on me. Mine kept moving back
and forth from her beauty to my sister's activity
between her legs.

Mary knew how to please her or else the erotic tension
of the situation was enough to get Sheila off quickly.
In moments, the blonde was thrusting herself back into
my sister's face. I saw Mary put a hand underneath her
and she began to use her fingers as well as her mouth
to stimulate her love. Mary's small, pointy nipples
swayed underneath her to the rhythm of their movements
together. I watched them jiggle on her chest and felt
ashamed that my sister's body stimulated me so.

Sheila suddenly began to climax. Her thighs clenched
at Mary's head, her hands pushed Mary's face down
towards her center. She bucked and moaned loudly as
the spasms of orgasm racked her body.

When Sheila's thighs finally released her, Mary looked
up at me hesitantly. Her face was shiny in the
candlelight, slick with Sheila's juices. I wanted to
lick and kiss her face, but Sheila beat me to it. As
Sheila kissed and fondled her, Mary watched me,
embarrassed by her own arousal in the blonde's arms.
Soon, Sheila had effectively swapped places with Mary.
It was her between my sister's thighs; it was Mary
laid out on the bed as a banquet. As Sheila began to
tongue her, the blonde's hands reached behind herself
and spread her asscheeks and vagina out in an
invitation for me to enter her.

I didn't need any more encouragement. Much to Mary's
further embarrassment I quickly stripped and
positioned myself behind Sheila. She was so wet to
look at, so warm when I entered her. She bore down on
my cock with her vaginal muscles, flexing her velvet
glove around my shaft. I drove into her, pushing her
down more forcefully onto my sister. I could see
Mary's anguish and her arousal, both mixed in her face
-- the face I loved and cared about. But, more than
anything else, I could see Sheila opening before me,
accepting me deeper and deeper.

Soon, it wouldn't have mattered if there had been a
hundred lesbian sisters present. All I could think of
was Sheila's wonderful wetness around me. I held on
fast to her hips and hammered into her. Her grunts and
mine mixed with the moans of Mary's impending climax.
I watched, mesmerized as Mary's breasts bounced in
tight little circles on her chest. When I exploded
into Sheila, it was almost as though I exploded into
my sister, by proxy. Over Sheila's shoulder, I saw us
both achieve orgasm at the same time, climaxing
together on either end of the blonde.

And that's when I lay back on the bed, watching my
semen begin to slowly ooze out of Sheila's beautiful,
well-fucked vagina. She opened her arms, drawing my
sister Mary into her embrace. They kissed
passionately, until Sheila attempted to rub her sperm-
laden pussy all over Mary's brown pubic thatch. Mary
squirmed beneath her. Sheila, undaunted, rose up over
her, positioning her crotch above Mary's mouth. With
the greatest reluctance, Mary began to lick my semen
out of her lover's vagina.

That's the way it went, night after night. Sheila used
me to humiliate and degrade Mary. Every time I pleaded
with Mary to stop her, my sister would beg me to
cooperate. Her infatuation with the blonde temptress
was so great that she was willing to lower herself to
any level to please the girl. As much as I wanted to
keep from responding, as much as I wanted to hold back
for Mary's sake, I found myself mounting Sheila. I
found myself filling her with my semen every night.
Filling her vagina, filling her mouth, ejaculating on
her face, her belly or her breasts. Then I watched,
fascinated as Mary was asked repeatedly to clean her

Finally, even these perversions were not enough to
satisfy Sheila.

She was on top of Mary, kissing her and fondling her
breasts. Their pussies were rubbing against one
another, Mary's brown humping back against Sheila's
blond. Sheila had been teasing her unmercifully,
building her up almost to the point of orgasm and then

Then, unexpectedly, Sheila rolled off of her and
looked me fiercely in the eye.

"Fuck her!" she demanded of me.

I was completely taken aback . . . completely
surprised. Mary looked equally stunned. I had never,
in all our time, even touched Mary. Certainly I had
looked at her. I had lusted after her. I had
ejaculated into and onto Sheila while fantasizing it
was Mary, but never anything more.

Sheila leaned down and whispered something into Mary's
ear, probably some dire threat. Mary looked at me in
anguish. I should have left immediately. I should have
been strong for both of us. Instead, I let Sheila
convince Mary, let her bully Mary into doing her will.

"Do it, Tommy," Mary whispered almost breathlessly.

Still I hesitated. Finally Mary began to beg me. But
it wasn't the begging that convinced me. I realized
even as I approached her that that was only the
pretense. From the moment that Sheila had said it, I
was going to do it. I was going to violate my sister,
probably even if she hadn't agreed. At least in my
mind I could always say Mary begged me. In my heart, I
know it wouldn't have made any difference.

Even then, I was not unkind. Mary was no virgin. She
and her lovers had used dildos and phalluses. But I
was the first man between her legs. I was the first
man to spread her out and enter her slowly. I was the
first man to bury himself into her tight, wet vagina.
I was the first man to make love to her.

And it was making love. At least, on my part, I know
it was. I did love Mary . . . I do love Mary. I wish I
was stronger and had not done what I did; but having
committed myself to this course, I was as gentle and
sweet and kind to her as I have ever been to any
woman. I held her in my arms and I rocked into her
gently, trying to feel some movement, some response
from my sister.

She was crying softly. I kissed her eyes and her
tears, first as a friend, then as her brother, then as
a man who was making love to her. Mary stopped crying.
She slowly began to move beneath me, tentatively, in
awkward, unpracticed movements. As I gently explored
her depths, she returned my kisses and her hips began
to rock ever so slightly.

I held Mary's head between my hands and looked into
those warm, deep brown eyes. At first there was only
shame and hurt, but as we moved together, I began to
catch a sense of something else in her eyes, something
softer and more vulnerable.

"Do you remember when I asked you to marry me, Mary?"
I asked in moan-like whispers between my thrusts.

Mary's back arched ever so slightly and I saw her eyes
roll back in their sockets just a bit as a wave of
pleasure when through her. It caused me to bear down,
to drive into her a little bit more.

"You were six, Tommy," Mary finally responded. Her
voice sounded like a hoarse croak. As she said my
name, her legs came up around me and embraced me. Her
heels began to dig into my backside, encouragingly.

"But I loved you, Mary. I've always loved you," I
groaned, moving closer and closer to my climax.

"Then show me," Mary whispered in my ear. She said it
so softly I could have almost imagined it.

Her response was more than I could take. Without
thought of the consequences, my body tightened like a
spring and then released in orgasm. As the first spurt
of my semen entered her, I realized that Mary had
never used birth control -- had never needed it. My
seed was the first to land on her fertile soil. It
should have given me pause. At that moment, it made
the sensation all the sweeter.

Mary's legs were still around me, her arms still
holding me tight. She whispered into my ear, coaxing
my ejaculate from me . . . coaxing me to fill her . . .
coaxing me to finish.

When I had done, I raised up from her and looked down
on the sister I had violated with my love. She gave me
a sweet, sad smile of forgiveness. In the candlelight
after our lovemaking, I didn't notice her plainness
anymore. Mary was suddenly beautiful to me.

We both looked over at Sheila at the same time. She
was scratching herself obscenely between her legs,
trying to get herself off. Mary looked at her with
disgust. Somehow the spell had been broken.

Mary and I looked back at each other. A wave of
understanding passed between us. Whether it was the
understanding of siblings or of lovers, I'm not sure.
Perhaps it was both.

We both seemed to mouth the words at the same time.

"She's bad news!"

"Get out of here, Sheila," Mary said, suddenly finding
a voice for her resentment of the humiliation the
blonde had put her through. "Get your things and get
out of here. I don't want to see you ever again."

Sheila stared back, mid-stroke, unbelieving. She
looked at me. I responded by tossing her skirt to her.
Before I handed her expensive silk blouse back, I
wiped my wet, sticky genitals off with it.

After she had left in a huff, Mary and I were in the
living room. Both of us were in our robes, trying to
survey the damage done to our relationship and to our
fragile egos. She began to weep and after a while she
let me hold her while she sobbed on her brother's
shoulder quietly.

After she had cried herself out, she looked at me

"I'm still a lesbian, you know."

"I know, Mary. I'm sorry I took advantage of you. I
knew that girl was trouble from the very beginning."

"I know. You tried to tell me, Tommy."

"Sometimes it's hard when you're in love."

"Tell me about it," Mary hissed. Then, looking at me
sideways with an accusatory glare, she reaffirmed,
"I'm still a lesbian, you know."

"I know, Mary. Nothing we did changes that."

"Still, it wasn't terrible," Mary whispered softly.
"If you asked me nicely sometime, I'd think about
doing it again."


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