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My dream girl with a dick MT MF wife swap


My dream girl with a dick, by Bigby 2002
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My dream girl with a dick, by Bigby 2002

It started out as a dream;

I was asleep, dead tired from all the skiing I had done with Skip
and Abby that afternoon. The low whispering of soft voices woke
me, but not immediately.

As the dream was slowly replaced by reality, I realized it was my
wife, June, speaking quietly with Skip's young girlfriend, Abby.

I didn't move, and their conversation continued unaware of its
new listener.

"I don't know how it ever got to this point, Abby." said June.
"We just don't seem to know how to have fun together anymore."

"You should have come skiing with us, June. We all had such a
blast together today."

"I'm using "fun" as a euphemism."

"You mean. your sex life is boring?"

"Well. yes. We used to do it like rabbits, but these days we
hardly do it at all."

"Maybe you need to add some fantasy, June. Do you guys ever get
into game-playing and stuff?"

"You mean in bed? Oh no, Henry wouldn't go for anything like

"Have you ever tried him? All guys like games. Usually football
games, unfortunately, but I've never met a guy who didn't go wild
at a little sexual deviance."

"Well, I guess you would know, Abby. But with your looks, I bet
you don't have much trouble getting them going."

"Well, no; but I like to do it a lot, so I still need to work a
bit sometimes. Guys; they have such tiny batteries, and they run
down so soon!"

I grunted and snorted convincingly as I rolled over; my rod
needed somewhere to go. I couldn't believe I was listening to
Abby tell June about her sex life.

"What do you do to get Skip going, Abby?" my wife asked the
younger woman.

"Not too much; Skip is a randy old bastard. Lately, I pretend to
be you."


"haha. Yes, Skip has a little crush on you June. Don't worry, he
won't ever let it show."

"But you're so much younger and prettier than me; how could he
want me?"

"You're still a very sexy woman, June. And you're still younger
than Skip."

"Well thanks for that, Abby. I've seen how Henry looks after you.
I have to admit it makes me jealous, but now I feel better."

"Oh, June! All men look after me, they can't help it."

That was true. Abby had a face and figure to turn all heads; she
was tall and strong, her skin was like pure porcelain, her eyes
were as clear as a summer sky. her short platinum blond hair
framed her perfect face, which was always expertly made up. Abby'
s accessories always matched, she was always impeccably dressed.
And she was only around 22 years old.

"All guys? You think so?"

"Of course, June. I'm their secret fantasy, what they really
want. The terrible thing is that they're what I want too."

They laughed quietly together.

"What's he like. Skip."

"Oh, Skip is wonderful. He's such an attentive lover, and his
cock is so. cock like. God I love it when he gives it to me. He's
a great kisser, too, and he's just always such fun. I never
thought I'd stay with him so long, but here we are after 3

"That's not so long. Henry and I have been together for ten."

"Do you guys ever mix it up?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like. swap and stuff."

"No. Do you and Skip do that?"

"We haven't yet. But I'm thinking we will soon, or we'll split up. I really like Skip, and he really is awfully good in bed [or
wherever], but I need variety. Three years of monogamy is about
all I can handle."

There was silence for a few moments. I snored slightly.

"Do you think Skip is attractive, June?"

"Not as attractive as Henry."

"Actually, I have to agree. Henry is just gorgeous. But still, do
you like Skip?"

"Henry would never agree, Abby."

"Are you kidding? Of course he would. guys all love these things.
If we want it, they won't say no."

"Have you talked to Skip about it?"

"Not seriously, just as a fantasy. But I can tell you the idea
does a certain something for skip."

"I don't think so, Abby."

"Think about it June; Skip's confident hands on your naked body
as his mouth slowly approaches yours. he touches you like this,
his touch is warm and friendly. You can trust him, he would never
betray you. He kisses you."

Shit! I could hear a kiss. could Abby be kissing June? Carefully,
I opened one eye. I couldn't see much, but I could see it was
really happening; I could see Abby's perfectly manicured fingers
on the back of my wife's straw blond head. There was a period of
quiet as they continued.

"And finally, you would want Skip to do it to you; you would long
to feel his big steel cock inside your body." Abby said
hypnotically. "It will feel so good as it penetrates you, a big
strong penis of a big strong man who is not your husband; he'll
pleasure you, he'll hold you and love you. His cock will be like
fire inside you, your body will be stretched over it as he pushes
it deep inside until you come. Yes, darling, you'll come so
sweetly in his arms, I can see it already. Once, twice, probably
three times; only then will Skip shoot his spunk up inside you.
Shoosh, shoosh, shoosh, hot, sticky and good into you."

"Oh god, Abby. not here. Henry will wake up."

"Let's go into the other room." Abby whispered.

The door opened and closed quietly and quickly.

There was a keyhole, but I couldn't see anything through it. I
could hear, though; the soft sighs and grunts of lovemaking. The
hard short breathing of orgasms.

I wondered if it would really happen; if I would let my old buddy
Skip screw my wife while I got to have a go with his Abby. I had
decided to be hesitant at first, but of course in reality the
idea was keeping my cock hard half the day.

I had known skip for a long time; he owned the car dealership
where I worked, he was my boss as well as my friend. I had known
him when he was still married, I had been his confidant through
his messy divorce. I have to admit that I didn't approve at
first of his relationship with Abby; she was just too much
younger than him, the image of the two of them together was
somehow disturbing. Abby is a photo model, and they'd met while
she was modeling for an advertisement for him at the dealership.

June didn't like her at all, but after awhile Abby won us over.
It was impossible to ignore her happy exuberance, her humor and
wit. She knew we disapproved of her, but she ignored that until
we inevitably accepted her as Skip's girlfriend, and part of the

Now we were up here in a ski lodge Skip had hired for the week.
We had all been having a lot of fun, on the slopes and off; but I
certainly never expected anything like this. I have to admit,
thoughts of making love with Abby were no stranger to my mind;
but I never imagined June would want to.

Abby and I had even shared a secret kiss or two; she had kissed
me goodnight in the kitchen several days earlier. Was it an
innocent kiss of friendship? If it was, how come we didn't
repeat the kiss goodnight the following evening when June and
Skip were present, but we did repeat the kiss the evening after
that when they were not?

Her lips and burned me, the light pressure of her breasts against
my chest left an impression that I could feel for hours; the
silky smooth skin of her shoulder under my hand, the caress of
her fingertips on the back of my neck; it left me feeling
conflicted, horny, and slightly guilty.

I couldn't sleep that night, until June returned to our bedroom.
How could I, knowing that my wife was making love with my fantasy
girl in the next room? I pretended to be asleep as she climbed in
next to me; we both slept.

It was Abby who made the proposal to me.

"So tell me Henry; would you let June spend the night with Skip?"

Even though I knew [hoped] that this might be coming, I was still

"Ah, say again, Abby?"

"Would you mind if your wife spent the night with Skip? Oh, of
course I would be spending the night with you." She said,
breaking into a laugh.

We were sitting together on the ski lift. There were still some
minutes before we would get to the top.

"Have you talked to the others about this?" I asked her.

"Yes." She said, looking at me steadily with the challenge
written on her pretty face.

"So I'm the last to know then?"

Abby laugh again; "Well, someone had to be. Besides, I was
pretty sure you wouldn't refuse. What do you say, Henry?"

I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer; her
lovely lips were so close, it was as though our faces were
attracted to each other magnetically. It was cold up there as we
kissed gently, our tongues exploring each other's warm mouths.
No one could see Abby's hand on my crotch, massaging my rock hard
dick through my trousers. No one could hear my heart pounding in
my ears with excitement.

No one said anything about it over dinner; but June sat a little
closer to Skip, and I sat a little closer to Abby. None of us
seemed to want to be the first to speak of our tryst in front of
the whole group.

"Henry?" Abby asked me finally,

"Yes?" I said.

"Let's go to bed." She said, with a twinkle in her eye.

I felt my face burning as I looked up at Skip and June. They
both looked back at me poker faced, waiting for my reaction.

"Okay." Was all I could seem to find the words to say. I took
Abby's hand, and we went to the room I had been sharing with my

At last her firm young body was in my arms, and I held her to me
with all my strength; my hands slid up and down her back, her
breasts were pressed into my chest as we kissed.

It was like there was fire between us; we were burning for each
other, we had to have each other.

"This is going to be so good Henry," Abby whispered to me, "I can
hardly wait to make you come. And then I went to make you come
again. I want to make you come 3 times tonight. I want to make
you wild, will you be my wild man Henry?"

"I'm wild for you already, Abby. I'm mad for you."

"You're so hot, Henry." She whispered.

She started to pull off my clothes, she pushed me on the bed and
unlaced my boots. When she had me naked, her hands went to my
hard cock; her cool touch on my burning tool was the most amazing
sensation I'd felt in years. The shine in her clear blue eyes as
she looked at me was the most beautiful thing I'd seen in years.

"You just relax, darling." She told me. "You relax and let me."

I watched her remove her blouse. Her breasts swelled forward as
she reached behind herself to unhook her bra. The wonderful firm
globes were released at last. She leaned forward over me with a
smile to allow me to caress them; then she knelt between my legs
and put my cock between her breasts. Her smile was irresistible
as she squeezed my dick between her lovely young tits. She was
like an angel with her porcelain skin and blond hair, an angel
with the sensuality of a devil.

She started to suck my cock; lightly at first, and then deeper; I
was amazed to see my entire penis disappear into her beautiful
young face; her sweet pink lips wrapped around the very base of
my shaft. The pressure of her throat against me was almost more
than I could bear at that moment.

She licked my balls, she sucked on them; she sucked my dick
again, until I was crazy.

"It's time baby." She said quietly, "I want taste your come."

Who was I to argue? I gave up resisting, and allowed the orgasm
to begin. I came so hard and so long, I was afraid I would have
nothing left to pleasure her with later. Abby's pretty face
stayed on my dick until the very last, looking up at me as she

"Feel better now, baby?" Abby asked me with a smile.

"That was magnificent." I answered her. "No one's ever done
something like that to me before."

She sat back on her heels and smiled with real happiness at my

"Don't you move a muscle, sweet thing." She told me, and went to
rinse her mouth in the bathroom. She returned after a minute,
still wearing her sexy shorts, her sexy smile, and nothing else.

"I want to save the main event; you don't mind do you Dave?" She
asked me, sliding her hands provocatively across her groin.

"Anything you want, Abby." I answered her, still recovering.

She laid down on her stomach next to me on the bed, her pert bum
protruding into the air slightly. She had the tv control in her
hand, and she switched it on.

"Rub my back, sweetheart." She said, "I have a nice surprise for
you; I left the videocamera running next-door, and I have it
rigged to run on this TV."

"Come on, you're joking." I said, as I ran my hands down her
beautiful smooth back.

"Damn! It works!" She said with a laugh, "Look at that!"

There was amazingly clear picture of the bed next door; my wife was sitting up against the headboard, as my friend and employer,
Skip, kissed her tenderly. They were stroking each other gently.
They were still dressed.

I sat on Abby's thighs with my soft cock resting in the crack of
her ass as I rubbed her back and we watched.

Abby had a lovely back; her shoulders were broad and strong, and
her white skin was as smooth as silk. It was odd watching my
wife share her tongue with Skip; despite the fact that I had
already shot my load down Abby's throat, it somehow looked as
though Skip and June were getting more from their liaison then we
were; there was an emotional intensity to their light kisses and
tender touches that even Abby's hard blow job couldn't quite
match. I rubbed my cock against her buttocks and continued to
massage her.

"I've waited so long for this, June." Skip said. I was shocked
at the clarity and volume of the sound.

"Really?" My wife replied, "You and Abby always seemed so

"Abby is a very sweet girl, and I love her dearly; but she so
young, and so different to me. She could never be a partner."

"Well," said Abby casually, "I guess I should give up waiting for
Skip to propose."

"But I could?" June asked Skip.

"If you weren't with Dave, I'd ask you in a moment." said Skip.

"You do know how to charm a lady, you nasty bastard." My wife answered him, and began to tug on his belt buckle."

"And I thought we were being nasty." Abby said. "Do my neck,

My dick stiffened between Abby's firm round ass cheeks as I
rubbed her neck and shoulders while watching my wife fondle
Skip's stiff cock.

This went on for about 10 or 15 minutes I guess; June started to
go down on Skip, sucking his cock slowly as he grinned down at

"Do you want to fuck me in the ass?" Abby asked me.

"I don't know. Would you like me to?" I asked her.

"Absolutely." She answered, "But maybe not yet. Here, lie down
on your back." She said, jumping out of bed. "I bet you want to
see it, don't you?" She said, looking her thumbs in the band of
her shorts.

"I sure do." I answered happily.

"And I bet you want to suck it, don't you?" She asked with a

"I'd love to." I answered her, wetting my lips in anticipation.

"You're so so naughty." She answered me, and began to pull down
her shorts at last.

She turned around coyly as she pulled her underwear down along
with the shorts, revealing her perfect round ivory ass. She
turned to face me as the garments hit the floor, covering her sex
with her hands.

"Open your mouth." She said huskily, crawling onto the bed
towards me.

At last, she removed her hands, and put them on either side of my
head, grabbing my hair.

"Here it is, lover." She said, as my whole world turned
upside-down; because between Abby's girlish legs was swinging a
very un-girlish penis.

I went completely limp; this was so utterly unexpected, so
totally unreal, I just had no idea how to react.

"I hope you're not disappointed, Dave; don't worry, it gets much
bigger when it's erect." She said, and pushed it into my mouth.

This was just utterly incomprehensible; it would've been easier
for me to accept being kidnapped by aliens. There was a penis in
my mouth, my dream girl was a guy, and there was a penis in my
mouth. There was a penis in my mouth, and there was nothing to
do but suck on it.

Now you're probably reading this story because the idea of
sucking on a penis somehow appeals to you; and indeed, after a
time I found that it appeals to me too. But in that first ever
moment of feeling the strange organ in my mouth, I didn't know
what to do, or how to respond. Everyone knew except me, and they
all must have thought I also knew about Abby; suddenly, curious
little comments that the others had made now made sense. And
that night that Abby had made love with June; Abby had fucked
her, fucked her with this penis that was now stiffening in my

Everyone thought this was what I wanted; they had all thought I
wanted to suck cock, they had all thought I wanted to make love
with a she-male. What should I do, tell Abby it's all a big
mistake? Tell her I really did like her until I found out what
was between her legs? Tell her that I was such an idiot that I
was the only one that didn't know? There was no stopping June and
Skip now; they were going all the way tonight. I had agreed to
it, I had made a deal. And then I realized the most shocking
thing of all; at some levels at least, I was enjoying it. There
was a warm stiff penis in my mouth, Abby was sliding it in and
out, and I wasn't nauseated. The shock was starting to wear
away, and still I took no action to stop what was happening.

The cock was alive in my mouth, hard and warm; connected directly
to the pleasure center of my strange lover's brain. I could feel
her pleasure through the organ, flowing back through it and into

I have to admit though, that what really kept me from stopping
this was the fear of embarrassment; you might think it was more
embarrassing to do it, but to me in would've been more
embarrassing to admit that I didn't know what I was getting in to
when I agreed to swap my wife for Abby.

"How does it feel, baby?" Abby asked me, her stiffening cock
moving in and out my mouth preventing any answer. "It's lovely,
isn't it? Women are great, but most of them just don't have one
of these."

I looked up at her face; the beautiful face I had coveted for all
these months, the beautiful face I had watched my penis disappear
into earlier, in the most incredible blow job of my life. The
face that photographers paid money for. Abby's face was still
beautiful to me, her smile was still infectious; her even white
teeth and her clear eyes shining down at me were still
captivating. There was a penis moving in and out of my mouth,
and I sucked on it, I found pleasure in it; what else was there
to do? I wasn't going to stop, so I should at least try to enjoy

Skip loved Abby; June loved Abby, I loved Abby. Everyone who met
her loved her, no one could resist her exuberance, her lust for a
life. How can I resist her cock? How could anyone refuse to
pleasure such a creature? Abbey brought pleasure to everyone she
met. Her humor, her smile, the bounce when she walked; she was a
person that shone, a true beauty. It was a privilege to have sex
with her, everyone who knew her knew that sex with her would be a
privilege granted only to the very luckiest.

"Suck my dick, baby." My dream/nightmare lover told me, "That
looks so damn sexy. I just love to watch a guy suck my dick."

My hand went to her fine round ass; the most perfect asked I had
ever seen, certainly the most perfect ass I never had the
privilege of caressing. I gripped her buns as they pushed and
pulled the penis from my mouth; slowly, I became more active in
what we were doing, I began to pull her into my mouth, I sat up
and wrapped my other arm around her thighs, gripping her other
ass cheek.

"Oh yes darling." Abby said happily. "Do it to me. I've wanted
you for so long, I'm so happy to have my dick in your mouth at
last. You're good at that, really good."

I ran my hands down her feminine thighs, tickling her behind the

"Oh Skip," I suddenly heard my wife saying through the video system, "that feels so good!"

I looked at the screen for a moment, and saw that they had
changed positions; June was now lying against the headboard, and
Skip's old head was down between her thighs.

"Put your finger in my ass." Abby whispered.

Carefully, I did as she said; I pushed my forefinger into her
ass. It went in with surprising ease. I cradled her hairless
little balls in my other hand, and sucked the penis as deep as I

"Yes baby, that's the way." Abby said, "I'm going to come.
Don't worry, it won't be much. It's. oh baby. it's the

The spasms started then, her body began to shudder and her grip
on my head became tighter; a small amount of fluid entered my
mouth. She held me there at her groin, my finger still in her
anus until the shuddering subsided.

She pulled her cock from my mouth, and laid her body down
against me. Her face was just inches from mine, those lips that
I'd wanted for so long parted as she held my head and kissed me.

I could feel her softening cock sliding against my own as I
kissed her back. What could I do? What could I do but
surrender, what could I do but allow myself to submerge into my
lust for this man/woman.

Because I still wanted her; as the shock of learning the truth
about Abby slowly subsided, my lust for her remained. I had
sucked cock, I had sucked it all the way, I'd swallowed the come;
I'd done about the most shameful thing a man could do, so there
was nothing to lose now. There was no reason not to simply let
myself experience the rest. My wife and my best friend knew I
was doing this, there was absolutely nothing to lose anymore. I
held Abby against me, her soft feminine curves conforming to my
body, melting into me as though we were two parts of a single

Our legs were intertwined, our penises laid against each other as
we stroked and kissed, as I admired her beauty despite what I now
knew she was.

"Roll over, handsome." She whispered. I complied.

I could feel her stiff cock pressed against the crack of my ass
as she stroked my back and shoulders while we watched the couple
in the next room on the TV.

June was now straddling Skip, who was sitting against the
headboard of his bed. June was lifting her body up and down
slightly, and although unseen, there was no doubt that Skip's
penis was deep in her body. They were holding hands, and I
didn't like the way they were looking at each other. I suppose a
husband should be more worried about another man's penis in his
wife's vagina than another man's face in his wife's field of
vision; but the two of them were looking at each other as though
they were seeing something more, something they wanted that
exceeded the sex they were engaged in.

"Wow, they're really into it." Abby said, lying face down on my
back. Her full soft breasts pressed into my shoulder blades, and
she kissed my neck as her fingers slid down my arms until they
found my hands. We watched tv for a little while as we recovered

Skip rolled my wife over, and began to give it to her hard in a
missionary position; June's arms and legs wrapped around him, and
they stopped to kiss before beginning again.

My wife had an orgasm, then another. Skip smiled happily, and
kept going.

He went on for a long time;. June had a couple of more orgasms,
but I found it was starting to get boring.

Skip pulled out, and rolled June onto her belly. He pulled up on
her hips, and she lifted her ass obligingly for him.

"Do you ever do June in the ass?" Abby asked me, her lovely
little penis stiffening against my back.

"No." I answered, "I don't think June would ever go for
something like that.

"Well we're about to find out, sexy." Abby answered.

Skip slid his large stiff penis into my wife from behind, and
began to play with her anus with his fingers.

"Sit up against the head of the bed, darling." Abby said to me,
"You can watch while I get back to it."

Once more, Abby's gorgeous white face was filled with my cock;
her beauty was irresistible, and I was soon back to full
stiffness. But I kept glancing at the screen; I saw Skip pull
his dick from my willing wife, and move it to a slightly higher
position; my wife said nothing, made no sound, as Skip pushed
against her virgin ass hole. He spread her with his thumbs, and
gently began to work his way in.

"Are you ok with this, June?" he asked her.

"I guess so. You left it a little late to ask, didn't you?"

"Okay, gorgeous." Abby said, changing positions. "It's time for
you to give me what I need." She arranged herself on her hands
and knees, facing the tv where Skip and June were doing exactly
the same thing. Abby's sweet ass was lifted, and there was
absolutely no doubt what she wanted.

I was slimy with her saliva, and I placed my stiff cock to the
alien hole. It went in without very much difficulty; it was
strangely the same, but so different to what I was used to.

"Oh God, yes." Abby said. "That's what I really like. A big
stiff cock on a big handsome man shoved up my rear. Slowly
honey, oh yes."

It was tight; the grip against my cock was amazing. There was
some friction, so I couldn't fuck her hard. I realized that for
this to work well, some kind of extra lubrication was required.
I moved my dick around inside her, and leant forward to fondle
her breasts.

I was amazed at how real they seemed; I found out later that they
are real. Abby started taking hormones at a young age, and grew
them. She even wrote a story about it.

"It's alright, June?" Skip asked my wife.

"I think so." She replied, "It's strange, but I think it's

Skip began to slide his dick in out. I realized he must have
used something, and then I noticed a small tube like a toothpaste
tube lying on the bed. Well, he had experience at this.

"How does this feel, June?" Skip asked her, reaching below to
finger her.

"It's good, Skip." June answered him, "It's funky, but I like

I moved my hand from Abby's lovely breast, across her flat soft
feminine belly, to her small stiff unfeminine penis. I took it
in my hand; it was stiff and warm. I stroked it gently as I
enjoyed the sensation of her body around my cock, as I pushed and
pulled carefully at her. She reached back and took my balls in
her hand. The heat was incredible; I toyed with the blond hairs
on the back of her head, admiring the way each golden shaft
disappeared into her clean white scalp. I took her breasts in my
hands, toying with her nipples. I chewed her ear, she twisted
her head around and I kissed her as I started to come.

She groaned with pleasure at the feeling; she came as well, in
her strange way.

Shudders ran through her body, and she was clearly experiencing a
strong physical sensation, but only very small amount of clear
fluid was extruded from the end of her penis.

We relaxed in each other's arms, cuddling on the pillows as the
sweat slowly evaporated from our bodies while we cooled.

On the screen, the couple in the next room were still engaged for
some time. I was surprised to see June come yet again. Then
Skip had his orgasm at long last.

"That'll be the end of Skip." Abby told me, "He's only good for
one shot."

Soon the other couple were relaxing much as we were.

"How come you and Henry never had children, June?" Skip asked my

"Henry doesn't want kids." June told him, "He won't even talk
about it."

"But what about you, June? Is it something you want?"

"I think so. But Henry will never agree."

"Will you marry me, June?"

"Be serious, Skip."

"I am serious. Marry me and let's have children."

"What about Henry and Abby?"

"They'll have to work things out for themselves. I love them
both, but my life is slipping away, June. I want you to be the
mother of my children; I love you, I have for a long time."

"Jesus Christ!" Abby exclaimed, "Did you hear that?"

"I sure did." I answered; what we had heard had left me
completely numb. "I'm not sure what to do about it."

"Me neither." Said Abby, "There are some options open to me, but
having children will never be one of them. Is it true what she
said, Henry? You never want kids?"
"Yes, it's true." I answered.

My new lover buried her face in my neck while my friend and my
wife discussed their future together.


June is with Skip now, and she's pregnant. Abby is living with

I wonder sometimes if I've made the right decision; Abby has a
huge amount of energy, and often I'm wrecked from trying to keep
up with her.

I was lying face down in bed as she massaged my back yesterday.

"Do you have an itchy ass, darling? Don't say anything, just
relax. You're going to love this, it's what you want, I know

My ass cheeks were pulled apart; I could feel the tip of her cock
against my anus. I was afraid; I didn't know what to say or do, I
didn't know how to stop what was about to happen. I didn't want
this, I didn't want to be fucked in the ass; but then I was
thinking, I had done it to Abby many times. Wouldn't it be crass
to refuse her? On the other hand, I was the "male" here.
Perhaps I should be more assertive, I thought.

But by that time, my ass hole had somehow allowed Abby's small
hard penis to enter.

It was a very strange feeling, unlike anything I'd ever
experienced. It wasn't particularly unpleasant, and that was the
most surprising thing. She pulled on my hips, and I lifted my
ass upwards. She reached under and fondled my penis as she
started to fuck me.

I felt the burning fullness moving in and out of my own body.

"Are you going to come, baby?" Abby asked me. "I always have to
come when there's a cock in my ass. Go on honey, I wanted feel
you come in my hand."

I don't know why, but it pushed me over the edge. The strange
stimulation at my ass, Abby's hand gently but firmly pumping my
penis; it was more than I could bear. Abby squeezed the tip of
my cock as the spasms passed through my abdomen. As confusion
seemed to take an even greater hold on my brain, as seemed to be
the norm in this relationship.

"Oh baby, that's wonderful." Said Abby, "And we've only just

Bigby 2002

I'll post Abby's story [how Abraham became Abigail] if there's
any demand for it.

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