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My one and only real Indiscretion


My one and only real Indiscretion

Some background is in order. I am in my mid thirties. married to a
wonderful man. We do not swing or cheat. My husband does know about this
and we have had some great sex replaying it in our minds but I won't let it
happen again. There is too much at stake. We have one child and he plays
an indirect part in this true story. I am considered attractive and work
hard to stay trim. I am by most standards very conservative. The one wild
thing I have done for my husband is to have my nipples pierced. I decided
on this over a tattoo because when I leave out my jewelry no one can tell,
even in the locker room of the Spa. This story takes place just a week
after I was pierced and no one except my husband knew about it.

Our play-group consisted of 8 women all with only one child and all in
there thirties. We had become good friends and did many things together.
Mom's nite out,Pampered chef parties, Tupperware,Little league moms,the
whole thing. Our husbands were very good about babysitting for us and
often played poker together on guy nites. Lisa, one of the youngest and
mother to the only girl in the group, invited all of us for a weekend at
their cabin in Tahoe in the late spring. The guys all said yes so we
loaded up and left for what I thought would be a good visit and maybe a
show or two. One of the purposes was to cheer up Gwen, A borderline wild
child, over her impending divorce.

For the trip up I wore a simple white shirt and levi skirt over normal
everyday Bra and Panties. My nipples were still very tender and I had to
keep my stainless steel studs in them for another few days. At Lisa's
cabin we settled in and the girls started right in on a pitcher of
Maurgeritas. I usually am a very light drinker but it was a holiday and we
were having a blast. The conversation was baudy and we all were getting
more and more Drunk. The group always drifted into two camps the wild
rowdie ones and the more demure ones. I listened and enjoyed but usually
gravitated toward the conservative group. As the day wore on My nipples
were getting very sore so I slipped off my Bra and hoped no one would
notice. It didn't take long and Gail noticed my nipples thru my white
shirt. They had to here all about it and even wheedled me into showing

Julie got the hair brained Idea that what Gwen needed was a tattoo.
Soon Lisa and Gail piped in until Gwen said ok let's go get a tattoo. We
sat and called all the tattoo parlors in South Lake Tahoe until we chose
one for the deed. I am sure the tattoo artist had no idea what he was in
for as eight slightly drunk women burst through his door. We all watched
as Gwen got a little dragon tattooed on her butt. To my embarrassment Lisa
had found a display case of piercing jewelry and started to tease me about
needing something pretty to wear for my husband. They wouldn't stop and
finally got together and bought me a pair of cages that pulled my nipples
out. They were gold and expensive and I saw no easy way out so I relented
and put them on.

Back at the Cabin it was still only the early afternoon. The group was
still having loads of fun and I even let Julie talk me into a picture in
the Backyard sitting next to a Rock outcropping. The afternoon turned to
evening and we all changed to go out for dinner. I wore a cotton jersey
skirt black in color and sandals and yes I wore panties. On top I had a
very pretty multi floral and sheer black lace, button front blouse. I
usually wear a pretty black lace bra with it but my nipples still in their
gold cages Let me know that would be impossible. The front panels were
covered in floral print enough so that I could get away with Braless. I
still managed to get teased by the girls because the back was mostly sheer
and it was obvious I wasn't wearing a bra. Off we went to a very nice
Mexican restaurant to eat. Our table wasn't ready so we waited in the Bar
and Drank even more Maurgueritas. Lisa and Gwen started flirting with a
group of guys as soon as we got there and the next I knew we were invited
back to there house for a BBQ. There were four guys and they were there
for a Bachelor party that was for a friend the night before. We all
decided to go, even the conservative half of our group as the guys were
nice and a BBQ sounded like fun. When we arrived The BBQ was already
started and it turns out there were six guys including a very hungover
groom-to-be. The guys were all younger than us by as much as 10 years and
you could tell that some of them would just as soon not have us there. I
started to talk to one of the quieter ones named Dave and Gwen was really
flirting with two of them both out on leave from the army. We ate then
danced and the guys kept our Maurgueritas coming. Things were getting a
bit hazy but I remember dancing with a couple of the guys. I looked up and
realized that half of our group, all of the more sensible ones, had left.
About then I was thinking I should have gone with them. Things could very
easily get out of hand with Julie, Gwen, and Lisa.

I knew that we only had one car there (the other went with the women
that left)so I was stuck until Lisa decided to go.

The dancing and drinking continued and I had to admit I was having great
fun. I was chatting with Dave on the deck outside when Kevin came out and
asked him excitedly where the polariod was. He replied on the counter next
to the phone and asked why. Kevin replied that they were going to see who
had the biggest tits and he wanted to get pictures. Dave laffed and I
blushed as Kevin hurried off. I asked Dave do you think he was kidding?
Dave said let's go find out. I couldn't believe any of them would actually
expose their breasts to a bunch of strangers but I had to go find out. We
hurried in to see what was up.

There stood Lisa Gwen and Julie all in a row giggling and whispering. I
stood toward the back of the group of guys and Dave stood beside me and
casually slipped his arm around me and put his hand on my hip. All Three
of them pulled up their shirts to a wild round of whistles and cheers.
Kevin was clicking away with his polariod as fast as it would spit out a
picture. Julie definitely had the biggest breasts and that was the
unanimous decision from the crowd. She curtsied and bowed and thanked all
and then blurted out mine might be biggest but Sunnie's are the prettiest.
I turned crimson. Gwen and Lisa joined by all the guys were teasing me and
taunting me with no mercy. Finally in the face of all the pressure I
agreed to show them my Breasts. By then they had all heard about my
jewelry and the other three had all flashed so how could I say NO. I
polished off my drink in one gulp and with shaky hands unbuttoned the front
of my shirt. The guys were chanting and my friends were having a blast as
I slowly opened the front of my shirt so they could all see my Breasts. My
nipples were already blood engorged from the relentless pressure of the
cages but they got even harder as I blushed. I covered back up quickly and
tied the tails of my shirt as I didn't want to tuck it in front of all
those strangers. Dave whispered in my ear how pretty I was as we moved
back to the deck.

A few minutes later I finally decided to disengage from Dave who until
this point had been a perfect gentleman and find Gwen to tell her we needed
to go. Things were quickly progressing past what I thought was proper for
thirty something married women. In the living room Julie was dancing and
Gwen and Lisa were nowhere to be found. I asked Julie where they were and
she said they went upstairs. Thinking nothing of it I climbed the stairs
to find them. The first door I came to was slighty ajar so I stepped in. I
was shocked speechless. Gwen and Lisa were on the bed of what appeared to
be the Master bedroom wearing nothing but panties taking turns giving the
Groom-to-be oral sex. I felt Dave slip in behind me and he put his arms
around me. One across my chest and the other on my hip. Shhhhh he
whispered in my ear and backed me slowly into a corner in the semi darkness
of the room. I became aware that there were others in the room. Kevin and
his Army buddy were watching the show and as far as I could tell hadn't
noticed Dave and I come in. I knew I should leave even if I had to walk or
call a cab but I was mesmerized as Gwen and Lisa fondled each other and
went down on James, the soon to be married bachelor. It was the only time
I had seen sex in person and it was erotic and spellbinding. I could feel
Dave slide his hand under my shirt and tweak my stiff sore nipples. It
sent thunder bolts thru my body. I watched as Kevin's buddy Garret climbed
on the bed and slip down Gwen's panties. She never even looked up as he
inserted his penis in her from behind. My knees were getting weak and I
realized my shirt was open and my skirt was bunched up at my waist as Dave
nibbled my ear and gently carressed my pussy lips thru my now sopping wet
panties. My head rolled back as dave slid my panties down my hips. He put
a foot between my feet and pushed my legs apart with my panties in a pool
around one ankle. I could feel his hardon pushing against the cheeks of my
ass and realized his pants went when my panties did. I reached behind me
with both hands and circled his cock as his fingers spread my pussy lips.
He inserted two fingers and as I grunted, I could feel his arm slide behind
me and slip between my elbows and my body pulling me back against him and
pulling my elbows together. I was panting and nearing orgasm when I felt
hands start to roll my nipples. My eyes popped open to look directly into
Lisa's eyes. I glanced over her shoulder to the bed where she had been and
saw Gwen being used by two men. One in her mouth. The other fucking her
doggie style. Lisa kissed me tenderly as she rolled my nipples. I fell
off the cliff of orgasm with her tongue stuffed deep I my throat and her
hands caressing my nipples as Dave held me and sawed two fingers in and out
of my pussy. Every time he would stroke his palm would land on my clit and
his Dick would twitch in my hands. As I came back from my orgasm, he took
his fingers from my pussy and placed the tips at my lips. I licked them
clean allowing him to shove them into my mouth. He released me into Lisa's
arms and I found myself kissing her deeply on my knees. Dave placed the
head of his throbbing cock on our cheeks and Lisa turned and took him in
her mouth. She stopped and with her hand placed the tip of his cock at my
mouth and I took him in. We alternated between kissing and sucking as Lisa
began to drag her fingers slowly over my sensitized clit. Every time I
began to shudder she would stop. Dave dropped to his knees making me go
down on my hands and knees and grabbed a hand full of hair as he fucked my
mouth. I wasn't surprised. I knew what was next. I saw it with Gwen.
Another man kicked my knees apart and put his Dick deep in my pussy. All
with Lisa still dragging her nails ever so lightly over my clit. Lisa
still had Dave in her hand and every time I went down on him she would
stroke his cock. He pulled out and I looked up at him as Lisa pumped his
load out all over my face. The nameless man behind me was bucking and
grunting and I couldn't last any longer as I quaked thru a series of
explosive orgasms.

I woke up the next morning back at Lisa's cabin. In Lisa's Bed. I was
nude, Sticky, Hungover, and humiliated. I got up and showered it helped
the sticky but not the hangover or the guilty feelings. Lisa got up and
handed me an envelope. Inside was a note from Dave. It read " Sunnie, I
had a great time last night thankyou. If you ever want to do it again call
me (phone number) I found all the polariods of you and included them.
These guys are all pissed but heck you never know what they will do with
them. Dave "

I looked through the pictures and realized it wasn't all a bad dream. I
had had sex with three different men. All strangers only hours before and
even had sex with a woman. The one that really pushed me over the edge was
the closeup of me with bleary drunken eyes and another man's cum all over
my face. I dashed to the bathroom and vomited. I then called my husband
and through my tears confessed the whole thing. He was quiet for the
longest time. Then he said well you better find a new play group. I knew
he would forgive me. He also told me to bring home the pictures. The only
lasting affect to our marriage has been that I can no longer tell him he
can't cum in my mouth or face.


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