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My wife has a baby


My wife has a baby.

By: curious2c,
Carol and I have been married for about eight years. We are expecting
our first baby in about seven months. I am positive that the baby isn't

Carol is a pretty vivacious-looking blonde woman. She is well built,
being proportioned in a very visually stimulating way. She has been
somewhat of a prude in bed, which surprised me quite a bit considering her

I have loved her from day one. She is everything I could want in a
woman. Kind, intelligent, funny, great body, and she has a good job.
Don't laugh; I had a girlfriend who didn't work once, that was a nightmare
in the making.

Carol is an office manager for a large corporation. She sometimes has
to travel, though very rarely. Usually for training at headquarters a
couple of states over. She loves her work, and the people she works with.

I am a Vice-president of marketing for the firm I work with. Sounds
important don't it? I am one of about three hundred Vice-presidents nation
wide working for this company. Not a real prestigious job. I like my
work, it's just the title makes me out to more than I am.

Anyway, to get on with my story. I don't think that the baby is mine
because I am sure that I can't have kids. I had an accident in the gym one
day three years ago. I was doing some leg lifts on a machine and it had a
come-apart on me. A metal rod, that was supposed to be fixed came undone
and smacked me in the groin.

After a hospital stay and some surgery, I was told that I would not be
able to have kids the normal way. Some 'duct' work in my groin area had
been severely damaged, preventing me from shooting live 'bullets'. I had
been given, for all practical purposes, a vasectomy by a weight lifting

Carol and I had a pretty good sex life, even after the accident. She
was very active in bed. She loved to give me blowjobs, although never let
me cum in her mouth. She claimed to not like the taste or 'feel' of sperm.

We would fuck in different places and positions. She really loved
getting it 'doggy-style'. I loved fucking her. She was very vocal and an
eager participant in all things to do with sex. She didn't let me cum in
her mouth, and one other thing, no anal. Not at all.

She had been working on some projects at work, trying to break through
to a management position. Her supervisor had hinted that she had the
talent and the intelligence to move up in the organization. I was happy
for her since she really wanted to move up.

One day she came home and seemed a bit troubled. I bugged her about it
until she finally told me what was bothering her. I seems that her boss
wanted her to accompany him on a business trip, in order to learn more
about her companies customer base. She would be gone for two weeks if she
decided to go at all.

I was not sure that I liked her being gone for so long a period of time,
but I also wanted her to have the necessary information and knowledge to be
able to move up in her job. I finally convinced her that she should, and
could go. I trusted her and her judgment. I knew that she would be good
at the next position up in her company and so I pushed until she decided to
go ahead and tell her boss she would go.

Her boss is a large white guy. He is almost fat, just on the 'stocky
side' by a bit. He smokes cigars like a chimney and has a reputation as a
real ladies man. I never liked him since he tended to be an arrogant ass
at times, but he was in the position to help Carol in her job placement, so
I overlooked that drawback.

As she packed for the trip I talked to her and told her she should have
some fun on the weekend. Go out and enjoy herself. I thought she needed a
break from me and then when she got back I would be the beneficiary of some
great 'make-up' sex.

She left the following Monday. I got a call at work when they got to
their destination. She sounded excited and happy. She promised to call on
Tuesday, probably in the daytime. She had a few places she wanted to go to
that evening, one of them being a museum that she had always wanted to see.
She sounded so happy and bubbly I was sure that I had made a great choice
in talking her into going on the trip.

Her boss had the room next to hers, and he seemed to be pretty busy
checking over some contracts and things. She was glad that her interaction
with him would be limited to working hours. She hated the smell of cigars,
and he always smelled like them. I hung up happy that Carol was so happy.
Payback on this trip would be very memorable for me. (If you know what I

Tuesday Carol called and sounded a little down. She was busy learning
new things she said and John, her boss was being very patient with her so
far, although she could tell he wasn't exactly real happy with her learning
curve being what it was. I wished her luck, and told her that if she
didn't want to she didn't have to call me every day.

She thanked me, saying that she could really use the extra time learning
the new things that John was showing her to her advantage. She promised to
call me on Thursday, after I got home from work. I hung up a little
troubled, but not too much. I knew that she was probably working hard to
stay ahead of all she was learning and John could be pushy as a boss

On Thursday she called me at home. She said that she was glad to hear
my voice. She sounded a bit distracted throughout the whole conversation
though. I was slightly bothered by this, but figured she was looking over
papers as she talked to me.

When she was ready to hang-up, she said that she would call in a few
days. I never realized that those few days would end up being five. I was
nervous as hell by the time she finally called me on the following Tuesday.
I was also kind of mad.

"Carol, why in the hell haven't you called before this?"

"I'm sorry Bill. I was so busy getting down the new things I have been
taught that time slipped away on me. Please forgive me baby?"

"Oh, all right. I was just worried honey. I hadn't heard from you and
I wasn't sure if you were ok or not. How are things going anyway?"

"Well, John has shown me how to do so much more than I knew how to do
before I came here honey. I never realized that there was so much more to
know. He has actually said that he is proud of me and my accomplishments
these last few days. I think that I am going to get that promotion when I
get back home dear."

"WOW. That's great Carol. I am so proud of you too. I hope that you
are real happy in your new placement at your job. Did you enjoy the museum
trip? "

"What? Oh yeah, the museum. It was pretty good. They had a lot of
things there that I hadn't seen before. John and two clients came with me
and the clients showed me around the place. They are quite nice men."

"I'll bet you have had to fight off advances this whole time haven't you

"Oh you silly. They only came on to me one time and I set them straight
right away. They have been perfect gentlemen since. Even John has been a
good boy."

"You must have come across like a drill sergeant huh?"

"Be nice Bill. You know that my daddy was a drill sergeant in the army.
Don't make fun of that please? You know I don't like that."

"Sorry dear. Have you been learning much about your new job too? I
know that you said you had learned a lot more, but how much is for your new

"Oh all of it so far. John has been busy teaching and the clients have
even helped out several times. They have been real good teachers and I
have learned all they needed me to so far."

"Well I am happy for you Carol. You know I love you still right? I
have missed you quite a bit honey."

"I've missed you too Bill. I really wish I was home tonight to show you
how much I have missed you baby."

We hung up and I felt a premonition of sorts. I had a feeling that
there was something Carol hadn't told me. I brushed it off as my missing
her and a bit of jealousy towards her boss who was seeing her each day she
was gone form home. I missed my wife very much. I only hoped that her new
position wouldn't require her to travel a lot.

Carol got home the following Sunday. I picked her up at the airport, as
a surprise. I was surprised when I saw John give her a smooch as he left
to get his car or baggage or something. I stepped up behind her and
pinched her bottom.

"What the... BILL! What are you doing here? I thought you were going
to wait at home for me."

To say she was surprised was to put it mildly. I had suspicions about
her at that point, for the first time. She looked so guilty and a bit
scared too. I decided that the kiss John had given her was more than it
appeared to be.

"I thought that I would surprise you honey. You sure look surprised. I
have missed you so much."

"I have missed you too baby. Lets get my stuff and go home. I have so
much to tell you."

John came up to us as we walked over to the baggage carousel. He handed
me a small box and gave me an evil kind of smile.

"Thanks for letting me take your wife for the last two weeks Bill. I
have enjoyed her tremendously. She is an asset to our company. She even
sold a few contracts for us that I never expected to get. She is the best
woman for the new position she is going to fill."

I gave him a half-hearted smile. I knew that there was more behind his
words than he was letting on. Carol would explain it to me when we got
home. I really hoped that she hadn't done something stupid with him that
would upset our relationship.

On the way home Carol acted nervous and almost upset. As we walked into
the house she took her things and tried to take the box that John had given
me too. I stopped her and took it away from her grasping hands.

"Carol, what in the hell has got into you? You are acting strange as
hell. What is the problem?"

She burst into tears and ran away. She went into our bedroom and threw
herself on the bed face down. Her sobs were tearing me apart. I knew now
that something had happened on her trip. I didn't know the extent of it
but I was sure that John 'knew' Carol much better than I liked.

"Carol, we have to talk about whatever is upsetting you. You fucked
John didn't you? He got you drunk and fucked you while you were not
yourself didn't he? I s that why you are so upset?"

"NO. Oh GOD Bill. I have really screwed up big time. Yes, John fucked
me. NO, I was not drunk I was drugged. I was stoned when he fucked me.
He wasn't the only one who fucked me either. OH GOD BILL. I am so sorry.
I have been such a whore. You are going to hate me when you see what is in
the box John gave you. I am so sorry."

I went out to the living room and tore open the box. What I saw was
three pairs of torn dirty panties, and four videotapes. I went over to our
VCR and put one in. As it came on I dropped the box I was still holding.
My heart stopped in my throat. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Carol was dancing, naked in a room full of men. They were pawing her
and poking their fingers into her pussy and ass. Her breasts were marked
and had little hickies all over them. As I sat there watching the video, I
saw my wife dance up to John. She danced in front of him and then
straddled his legs.

As she sat down the camera zoomed in and I saw his cock standing up, out
of his pants. Carol, MY Carol, sat down on his cock and started to fuck up
and down on it. Another man stuck his cock in her face and she started to
suck on it like no tomorrow. John was sucking on her breasts as his cock
worked in and out of her tight pussy
. The man in her mouth didn't last long before he started to cum.
Carol swallowed his cum as he shot it down her throat. She had no choice;
he was fully buried in her mouth and throat. His balls were contracting as
he shot off and her chin was rubbing against them.

I watched as my wife, the love of my life fucked and sucked everyman in
the room. At one point she started to take one guy in every hole. Pussy,
ass and mouth. This kept up for a long time. I am sure that every man there came in her pussy, ass, and mouth one time each. I was sickened at
the sight of my almost virginal wife acting like such a slut.

John had her asshole at the end of the tape. He was stroking his large
white cock in and out of her in a fast hard jamming motion. As he started
to cum he pulled out and stuck his cock into Carol's mouth. She swallowed
his cock to its base and then took all of his cum into her stomach.

I sat there after the screen went blank, stunned and shocked. How could
she have allowed herself to get into this position? Why? Was there
something that I didn't know about her? Had she been doing this stuff all
along and I had not seen the signs of her cheating? What was that she had
said about the drugs?

She had done things with those men that I had wanted to try but she
would never allow me to. I was getting very angry. My shock was wearing
off and my anger was coming on. Carol was still crying in our bedroom. I
walked in and stood there looking at my once faithful wife.

Without realizing it, I stripped off and was tearing her clothes off
before she could protest. I had her naked in seconds, ripping and tearing.
I mounted her and shoved my cock into her pussy. I rammed her for a bit
then in my anger, pulled out and rolled her over on her belly. I grabbed
her asscheeks and spread them wide open.

As I looked down at her ass I realized that it was wide open. She had
cum running out of it, a lot of cum. I jammed my cock into that hole and
fucked her there until I was about to cum.

I wasn't nice or gentle with her. I rammed and fucked her hard as I
could. When I pulled out of her abused asshole I moved around to her head
and grabbed her hair. Pulling it back in a harsh tug, her mouth opened in
a cry of pain. As she opened it I rammed my filthy cock into her mouth
right down to its base.

Carol was choking and gagging as I started to fuck her mouth like I had
fucked her other holes. I soon came in her throat. She swallowed my cum and fell to the bed as I released her hair. I got dressed and left the

I walked around for hours, blindly, unseeing. I almost go hit by two
cars at two different intersections. I didn't care. I was lost in deep
thought. I walked around until my legs got real tired, then I headed for

Going into the house, I saw that Carol was in the kitchen. She was
making dinner. This was something that she always would do when upset,
that is to cook. I went into the kitchen and sat down. She wouldn't look
at me. She ignored me as she hustled around the place, keeping busy.


She ignored me.

"Carol, I asked you why. Why did you do this to us? What possible
reason would have made you act and do those things on those tapes?"

She still refused to talk to me, so I got up and went out to the living
room. The tapes were still where I had left them. I put in the second
tape and started to watch it. John had so thoughtfully numbered them for
me. I was still pissed off, and wasn't thinking straight at all.

I watched as Carol fucked some more men. This time she was in a bar or
dance club and was getting fucked across a table. Her dress was removed as
she came back from a dance and she was naked underneath. Strange men stepped up and stuck their cocks in her face and pussy. In a public place,
with other people watching, my wife was treated and acted like a whore, a

This bar fucking went on for most of the tape, and then it changed to a
small room. I soon realized by the screen in the background, that it was
an adult movie/ bookstore. My wife was sucking and fucking all kinds of
cocks in that booth. Her dress was off and John was there directing
traffic, so to speak.

As I watched she took on three huge black cocks. The men all fucked her
several times. Each in her ass then her mouth, then finally in her pussy.
They came in her mouth when they were done. She was covered in cum at the
end of this tape.

My heart beating slowly, I put in the third tape. I couldn't imagine
her doing anything more that would shock me. Was I surprised. She went
farther than I could even imagine on this tape.

The tape opened to her having two cocks in her pussy. The men had
gotten in a position, crotch to crotch, their cocks touching each other.
She stood over those two black cocks and squatted down on them. They
entered her pussy easily. She took them to their bases and then leaned

A third man stepped in behind her and started to work his cock into her
asshole. She was soon cumming on three black cocks in her lower holes.
Three black cocks stretching her out to large proportions. When they all
shot off you could see the cum flowing out of her onto the men under her.

The man in her ass got off of her and she stood up enough to get off of
the cocks in her pussy. She then proceeded to clean them up with her mouth
and tongue. Even the man who had been in her asshole got deep-throated.

As soon as they were done with her, they went off camera, and three more
men came in view. They positioned themselves like those before had, only
this time as Carol sank down; they put their two cocks into her asshole.
They then leaned her back and the third man entered her pussy. A fourth
man came into view and stuck his cock into her mouth.

My wife was getting gang-fucked and appeared to love it. She begged for
more when nobody was in her various holes fucking her. She even
masturbated at one point waiting for someone to fill her up. She was
acting like such a slut.

I couldn't believe that this was my Carol. My wife being gangbanged.
My wife begging for more cock. My shock was complete. My wife was nothing
but a big whore.

The fourth tape was pretty much the same as the first three. The only
exception being that John had a segment where he introduced me to my wife,
his new slut. I was angry with Carol for doing this to us. I was furious
at John for taking my wife like he had. I was going to kill that bastard
if I got the chance.

On the tape he talked to Carol and had her say things to me. Hurtful

"Hey limp dick. I want you to meet my new slut. The company whore.
Her name is slut. You may know her as Carol. She is my slut and will do
anything I ask her to do. If I tell her you are off limits, she won't let
you even touch her. She is a real good slut. I have trained her well.
Tell your hubby slut. Tell him what you think of him now."

Carol tried to argue with him, but in the end she did as directed.

"Bill, you don't have what it takes to please me anymore. I need huge
cocks, and a lot of them. You could never satisfy me with your...your..."

"Go on slut, tell him like I told you to."

"You will never be able to satisfy me with your...limp...little...dick."

My tears started then. I had lost my wife to this bastard.

"You know she thinks that you are a small cocked limp dicked wimp don't
you? She has told me that several times in the last few weeks. She had a
very tight pussy and asshole. You must have either not fucked her or you
are very tiny dicked. Your new life is going to be interesting Bill."

I felt a jolt of fear run through my body. What was he getting at? He
was not going to control me in any way. I would kill him first. Bastard.

"From now on, Carol here will be known only as slut, even to you wimp.
She will be available whenever I want her. She will fuck and suck however
and whoever I say to. You will see that she is delivered ready to fuck
when I tell you to. Follow my directions and I will see to it that you get
laid once in a while. Maybe even an ass or mouth fuck from the slut too.
Don't follow my directions, well it will be a long time before you get any
at all."

I was furious. Who in the fuck did he think he was? I was going to
talk to Carol and if she wouldn't talk to me or go with me, well she could
just drop dead with that bastard. I was beginning to make plans at that

"By the time you are seeing this, you will have seen your wife, my slut,
performing. She is in my control now. I expect you to have her at my
place tonight at eight o'clock. Don't be late."

I walked into the kitchen and Carol stood with her back to me. I
grabbed her and spun her around. Her tears were running down her face.
Her lower lip was quivering.

"You are going to tell me everything, and right now. If you don't, we
are through. I am going to give you one fucking chance to get out of this
Carol and that is all. Talk now or walk. BE VERY SURE OF YOUR CHOICE.
You only have the one."

Carol looked at me and said nothing. Her eyes were running tears full
force. She wouldn't say anything at all. I got furious and without
thinking I found myself slapping her. Hard. Her head turned and her body
followed a bit. I could see the red mark where I had hit her and
immediately felt terrible. I had never hit my wife ever. Not even in fun
or make-believe. Now, in the matter of hours I had hit her and actually
fucked her in all of her holes in anger. Mad twisted anger.

"Carol, you have to talk to me. Tell me what the hell has happened
here. You can't love him. Please! Carol you are tearing me apart here."

"I am not supposed to talk to you Bill. John said that I was not to
talk to you about anything. I am so sorry. You have no idea how sorry I
really am."

"All right. If you still feel anything for me at all you will explain
yourself right now. Otherwise we are finished. I have loved you forever,
and you go away for two weeks and this happens. You owe me Carol; you owe
me a lot here. I have seen you doing things that you have never tried or
let me try. You have been doing it with strangers, in groups. Carol, you
must tell me, I don't want to lose you like this. Please!"

"Bill, I can't. I just can't tell you anything. John has forbidden me
to talk to you at all. Please just leave me alone. You don't understand

"Fine. Just fucking FINE. You go get dressed up for your pimp you
slut. YOU WHORE. I will take you to him and you can rot in hell with the
bastard. I can't believe that my wife, my supposed loving wife would do
this to me. TO US. You are nothing but a rotten cunt. You deserve to be
with that bastard. I'll tell you one thing, you are not staying with me
you cheating rotten bitch. WE ARE FINISHED."

My anger flowed over and I was unstoppable. I went into our bedroom and
grabbed my 45 from the dresser stand. I put it in my pants, under my
shirt. Carol didn't see me do this. She followed in behind me. She got
dressed up and as she began to walk out of the bedroom I stopped her and
gave her one more chance.

"Carol, think! I love you. Whatever he has on you we can work out.
Please don't do this to us. You have to listen to me. Carol, please stay
here with me and talk to me now? I don't want it to end like this."

"Bill you have no idea what he is capable of. I want more than anything
to be your loving devoted wife. John has a hold on me and I must do what
he demands of me. He has said that it is only for a few months. Just a
few months Bill. Please wait for a few months then I will be able to tell
you everything."

"Carol, if you go to him I can't promise anything. You owe me. You
need to tell me now. I am your husband GODDAMNIT!"

"Bill, I need to go now. I can't be late."

We drove to the bastard's house in silence. As we pulled up he came to
the door. He opened it and stepped out on his porch.

"OK Slut. Drop the dress and show my neighbors how good looking you
really are."

Carol stepped out of our car and stripped naked. In just her heels she
started to walk towards him.

"Carol! Please!"

She hesitated for a moment, and then began to turn around.

"SLUT, get your sorry ass up here now."

I stepped out and started up the walkway. I pushed Carol behind me and
kept on going towards the bastard. He looked at me and just laughed.

"What, are you going to beat me up? What a dumb ass. I will clean the
ground up with your worthless ass."

I got to within three feet of him and just pulled the 45 out and aimed
it at his head. I don't remember pulling the trigger. All I saw was a
small round black hole in his forehead and then he fell backwards onto his

I had just killed a man. Me. A killer. Carol was on the ground
sobbing. I grabbed her up and pushed her into the car. We left. I didn't
know if any one saw us or not. I drove us home and pushed Carol into our

"SEE? See what your silence has caused now? CHRIST. I have killed a
man. A real bastard, but a human nonetheless. For a close-mouthed slut
like you. I hope that you are worth the pain and trouble I am going to
have after this. Why didn't you just talk to me? Why Carol Why?"

"Maybe he's not dead Bill. We should go back and make sure he isn't

"All you are worried about is him? What the fuck is wrong with you?
You are supposed to be my wife. You are supposed to be in love with me.
What the hell has happened to you Carol? There is no doubt in my mind that
John is dead. I saw where I aimed and when I pulled the trigger I saw him
die. I didn't miss where I was aiming Carol."

I was sick, scared, hurt and felt lost. My own wife was more worried
about some son of a bitch who had been using her as a slut. She could
seemingly care less about me her husband.

"Oh god Bill, I have lost you forever. They are going to take you away
to jail and I will have lost everything. I should have talked to you
before. This is my entire fault. I have caused you to take a man's life.
Please forgive me Bill."

I was torn between my anger and my pain. I loved my wife so much. I
just couldn't figure out why she had done what she had done. I put the 45
on the coffee table, unloaded. I called the police and told them what I
had done. Carol was weeping sitting in the easy chair.

The cops got to our house in about ten minutes. I had the front door
open and was waiting for them with arms spread wide, so there would be no
mistake. Although I felt like dying, I didn't want my death on some other
person's shoulders. They took me in and I was booked.

To my great surprise the grand jury refused to indict me. They found
evidence in John's house that led to several arrests. It appears that he
had been blackmailing several couples and using the wives as sluts. He had
tapes and other things tying him to several other people. He had not been
a nice man by any stretch of the imagination. Released I went home. Carol
was waiting for me.

Carol told me how he had first tricked her into going out for a
'business' dinner. Then he had drugged her drink. After that, he had
filmed her fucking him and two other men. They had used her hard and in
some of the video's she appeared to love what they were doing with and to

They had used that video to get more out of her for the rest of the time
away. John would drug her up a bit before each taping and by the time the
camera was rolling Carol was extremely horny and wanting to fuck. He had
threatened her with my life if she didn't play along.

We had some long talks and eventually we even had counseling. It took
several years to get over the whole thing. Even today, it causes a shudder
down my back to remember the look on Johns face as I pulled the trigger.
He had never expected that I, the 'wimp' husband would be capable of
something like that.

I had nightmares over that for quite some time afterwards. Still today
I am thankful for the way it all turned out. It could have been far worse.
I could have been sitting in jail or prison for the rest of my life. I was
fortunate that the people on the Grand Jury were levelheaded and thought
everything out before refusing to indict.

As for Carol and I, well, we are still in love. A bit more serious now,
but in love. We have moved and both have new jobs. I can't say where,
because I don't want to be haunted by our past. Also, we found out that in
the right circumstances, the kind of sex carol experienced was, well,
arousing. To me. We now go out and find some 'safe' men and have little
parties. I love to watch Carol getting cocks in all of her holes, and she
loves to have me 'clean' her up afterwards. Kinky? UBET.

P.S. The baby will be well loved and cared for. We decided to have one
and had one of Carols more studly white boyfriends have the honors. It
will be raised as our child; he will be the 'uncle' or perhaps the
godfather. Someday we might tell our child the whole story, but for the
time being, it will be just Carols and mine. Why didn't we use my sperm?
Well it turns out that it wouldn't work, something to do with the damage to
me back then. I don't care, I have a son or daughter on the way to love
and raise.


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