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MyBigTiTMommy chapter1





MY BIG TiT mommy ( CHAPTER 1)

(This is the first part of a series of stories whose main theme is big
boobs and tit fucking.All the stories involve atleast one character whose
main source of lust is big boobs.The series is about a mother,her
sister,her daughter and her two stud sons.All the characters are fascinated
by big boobs and the lustful tit fucking.So dear reader, your interest
differs from this, please look elsewhere!)

"Lick your tits you fucking bitch!.Suck and lick your huge fucking
boobs" said my aunt Donna to my mommy who has been making good use of her
huge 40dd tits by lapping her huge tits with her pink toungue as much as

My mom is a horny bitch who has been enjoying this incest fun for the
past four years with her sister Donna,me(Linda) and her two stud sons Paul
and Dave.My aunt has a very sexy and huge fleshy fat ass which has become
the major source of our lust in the recent times.And her huge boobs are the
main playthings of all members of our family.She has been training mommy in
the art of titfucking for the past few days and mommy has become a
submissive student of my aunt Donna.

"Ooooo mommy ! I am getting very hot watching you licking your huge
tits!.Oh momma! You know I love to watch you playing with your huge
fucking boobs.You promised me that you would do whatever I liked .Please
momma! Your daughter wants to watch you doing so many nasty things with
your fucking tits.Oh momma! Your fucking boobs are driving mecrazy.Please
do all the things to your tits which you promised you would do! Will you
do it for me ,momma?"

" Ohhh Baby ! you know I would love to do anything that would make you
happy, honey!.Today aunt Donna is with me only to make you fully happy.You
know her better than I know.She is expert in the art of titfondling and
titlicking.We promise you we will put on a great show for you honey!" said
my momma winking at me.Aunt Donna is now looking at me licking her lower
lips with the tip of her pink toungue and she is wiggling her ass to show
that she is naughty enough to do whatever I want with my horny momma.

"You do not worry honey! Your momma and me are going to to give a show
which you have never seen in any porn movies .We are going to use our huge
fucking boobies to make you extremly hot and horny.We will fuck each
others' tits finally with big dildos and you can watch all this in the
climax or if you wish you can fuck your slut momma's huge tits for
yourself.Your mommy likes titty fucking.She gets very wild when somebody,
be it a man or a woman fucks her huge tits.Don't you,Julie?.You titlicking
slut! I am going to shove my huge tits and and their long nipples in your
ass and pussy today and fuck them till you cum hard on them!Your ass hole is very big honey!I think it can take a quarter of my huge boob inside it
and Oooooo!, just thinking of my tit and its nipple inside your fleshy ass
and fucking it with my tit is making me horny,honey!.Let's do it honey!
Let's show your daughter how I am going to fuck your sexy ass with my big
boobs and long nipples!" said my aunt Donna looking at me with her lust
filled eyes.

Oh my god! My aunt is really going to use her big fucking boobies on
mommy and sure , I am going to see a full tit orgy scenes today.My pussy is
becoming wet at the thought of watching my mommy on all fours and showing
her fat ass to me while aunt is behind her huge ass plaing nasty games with
mommy's ass! Wow!This is sure like two horny bitches with huge tits doing
the nastiest!.

"Oooo Donna! You really are going to fuck my fat ass with your tits?
Honey!Oh my god! It has been long since I felt your long nipple and tit
flesh in my big ass!Oh! This is a goint to be huge turn on for my horny
daughter Linda,honey!.Please fuck my fat ass with your huge tits,you
fucking slut!.I will lick your ass and fuck your tits with my huge dildo in
return!"said my slut mommy.

My mommy has become very horny and she now held her left tit with her
hands and squeezed it with full force.The tit being very heavy and big has
bulged out and its nipple has become stiff and erect like a small
nail,which looked like a small cock protruding out of her tit flesh.Aunt
Donna, looking at what my big boob horny mommy is doing got so hot that she
moved her hands on her huge naked tits and started pulling on her nipples.I
am getting very hot by looking at these horny bitches,my mom and aunt.

"Look at my tits, you horny fucking bitch!Look at your mom' huge fucking
boobs!You wanted to watch me licking my own tits?YOU fucking slut!Come near
and help your momma!Oh god!My ass and pussy are burning with desire
,Julie!Do something to my tits.Make me cum hard and showmy daughter how
nasty we get while doing this tit orgy!" said my horny momma out of lust.

She wiggled her fat ass while uttering all these nasty words and i
immediately ran to her and stood before her.Oh my sweet pussy! Her huge
fucking boobs stood like two huge water melons on her chest and one of her
tit nipples looked really blood red in color.She held her left tit with her
left hand and moved his right hand to the tit and pulled its nipple out.Oh
my fat fucking mommy!The nipple along with the tip of the tit flesh
strecthed out atleast by an inch.

"Look at this nipple,you bitch!Look at your mommy's long stiff
nipple.Now i am going to lick this fucking nipple with my long and fat
toungue till you ask me to stop licking.And then i will suck my own nipple
by shoving my tit flesh as much as i can into my mouth till you cum hard in
your pussy.Donna,please come behind me and hold my huge tits with your
hands and squeeze them.Come on you fucking bitch,come and hold your
sister's big fucking tits and push them together till they swell to my
mouth."said my big tit mommy.

To be continued in part two:Send your comments and suggestions to


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