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MyBigTiTMommy chapter2


12:54 AM 8/22/01


My aunt Donna, after watching my mommy, who is now holding her huge left
boob and bending her head to catch her long and erect nipple with her pink
and sensual lips,moved closer to me and trying to arrest her strong urge to
help her horny sister ,patted on my left ass cheek.

"Do you observe how horny is your mom,Lisa?Watch her and see how i
arouse her just by uttering few filthy words.Do you like it filthy,honey?I
love it and so does your mom! In sex,the more you use dirty and filthy
nonsense ,the more you get satisfaction.Watch her, you filthy mother fucking Lisa!.Watch her !how hot she is?.That fucking titlicking woman is
trying to hold all of her tit nipple between her lips and is trying hard to
pull it into her mouth.Oh my sweet cunt! Your mom is now licking her
nipple honey! Ohh god!See how lustily she is moving her long tongue all
over her own titflesh!."siad my horny aunt Donna,watching my mom and her
pure incestual self love.

My mom is now strecthing her long tongue to move its tip on her stiff
and erect nipple and probe its flesh to fully satisfy her hunger for her
own flesh.I have watched so many porn movies in which women making self
love to their flesh.But my mommy bitch is one hot woman with huge
tits,always ready to lick and suck her own tits and get them fucked

"OOOoo.... My fucking tits! My own tits are driving me crazy!Wow!What
a huge pair of big boobs these are!People struggle to lick and suck their
own tits and for me it is so easy!Oh my sweet tits!I wish i had two tongues
so that i can lick and suck both of my tits at the same time!!.My fucking
tits need a huge cock bewteen them, Lisa!I wish you were a shemale so that
you yourself could fuck my tits thoroughly.Watch me ,you motherfucking
bitch! Watch I how lick and suck my huge boobs and you should try this on
your own tits often so that your hubby gets so hot for your tits!Ooooo.....
,I love showing my huge boobs to your hubby dear, and get fucked between my
huge tits with his 1 foot cock while you help us by holding my tits together and pushing them together for his long and fat cock to make my
deep tit valley tighter!Wow!Just imagine this ,you nasty asslicking Lisa!"
said my mommy ,trying hard to shove half of her titflesh into her own

Oh my god! I have never seen my mommy this hot.It seems she is
extremely hot today.and I very much wanted to see her doing so many nasty
things and it is my dream day atlast!It is now my turn to use her lust to
satisfy my hunger for her tits and ass .Her sis is very hot too and after
listening to her sis's words,she started squeezing her own big boobs and
offering her huge titflesh to me, she said " Come on you tithungry
girl!come and hold my huge tits with your hands and let's lick them
together to make your mommy bitch hotter and hornier.Watch that
daughterfuking lusty woman!Oh my god!She is trying to pull her long and
erect nipple into her own mouth and Wow!She made it! That damn fucking
bigtit woman made it!She is now sucking her own tit nipple and damn ,what a
sight!OOOooo!"Said my horny bitch Aunty Donna.

I along with my aunt watched my mommy , as my mommy without any shame
lustily started making love to her own tits,by holding her left tit firmly
with both hands and pushing the titflesh as close as possible to her mouth,
so that she could suck her already erect nipple much better. The nipple
which is looking like a pink bud on her dollar sized aurola,is shining like
a diamond ,all wet with her own saliva.She initially moved the tip of her
tongue all over the titflesh which is close to her mouth,and started
brushing every inch of awsome boobflesh,up and down and all around .,All
the while patting her own tit and sometimes giving it a rough squeeze,she
moved her toungue all around the pink aurola,first moving hte tip of the
tongue around the out ward circular flesh of the nipple and slowly
spiralling inward to the very base of the nipple flesh.

She is teasing her own nipple, trying to move the tip of her tongue to
push the nipple away from her face and again with same degree of lust she
is pulling the nipple towards her face either with her fingers or with her
tongue ,sometimes with both.She sometimes stops the nipple licking and
lifting her awsome big boob straight to her mouth ,with so much love and
lust,she even kisses it .And it looks she is very hot and to let it out,
she is biting her huge titflesh, moaning with lust.I could watch her eyes
all the time, and they showed pure lust for her own titflesh. Her tongue
is very long and she is able to stretch the tip of her tounge to the very
tip of her nipple.Oh, my god!This way, if looked at her for 10 more
minutes, i would surely cum hard and already, my pussy is all wet with the
overflowing juices.

" OOooo you fucking mommy!You are making me so hot. I feel like licking
my own tits!Oh mom!You and your sis are two damn fucking whores.Mom promise
me now!You will make me cum hard and let me rub my pussy juices all over
your huge knockers and lushful ass.Ohh mom!I feel like fucking my asshole
with your long and stiff nipples and shoving as much as of your titflesh
into my asshole and fuck your tits with my asshole.OOOoo!I love you mom! I
like you for what you are doing to satisfy your daughter."

Right then,my bigboob aunty Donna,squeezing and pushing her huge dolls
together,lustly moaned to me,"Watch her Lisa! Watch your bitch bigboob
slut mommy!Oh my god!.She is lapping her huge titflesh as if there is no
tomorrow.Don't you feel like licking and sucking her tits?Ooo,imagine you
and your mommy sliding your long tongues all along your mommy's
titflesh,your tongue starting from its base and your mom's at top and both
the tongues licking the same tit and often touching each other .Imagine how
hot you feel when you twist your mommy's tongue with your own tongue on her
huge knockers and Wow, it is good to watch when your tongues meet at the
tip of your mommy's tit nipple .Then you hold her tit nipple between your
sexy pink lips and try to suck it deep into your mouth where as your mom moves her long snake like tongue trying to pull her own nipple into her own
mouth!Now if you two allow , i will join you and your mommy in "this
tongues on a single nipple war", and if you wish we all would lick your
mommy's tit nipple,Oh my god!.Ohh,Just thinking of three long tongues
moving on and around the same nipple is making me shiver with lust.Oh my
fucking Julie bitch!Lick your tit nipple ,you slutty titfucking whore,move
your pink tongue on that clitty like nipple.Ooo.! i feel like rubbing your
nipple with my long and stiff clitty.Oh my sweet pussy, i feel like licking
my own clitty now!Heavens help me!Let me lick my own clitty!"

With all this filthy monologue of my big tit slut aunt Donna, my pussy and perhaps my mommy bitch's pussy, both have become very wet and my pussy is so wet that i feel like rubbing my pussy juices all over my mom's and
aunt's big tits and make them rub their juice coated big knockers with each
other.And i looked at my mom and got so horny and hot after watching what
she was doing to her own big fucking tits.Oh my fucking ass!She is holding
her huge knockers ,one each in her hands and she is trying hard to bring
both the tit nipples close to each other(by squeezing the tits harder and
pushing them closer) , so that she can move her tongue on them
simultaneously.No one can stand this scene in which a horny and slutty
woman trying to lick and suck both her nipples at the same time, and for me
and aunt Donna ,this is surely a very hot scene.And for me, i have dreamt
about watching this scene for long time.I love to watch an extended version
of this scene, which i have to ask my mom to do it right now.

"OOhh , my bitch mom!You really look like a slutty woman now.You horny
titlicking fucking whore! Oh my god , if that tongue were one inch more in
length you would literally be moving your tip right around that long
fucking nipple .Don't worry mom.We are going to help you, mom.It will look
better if you pinch and pull your nipple with your fingers while you try to
lick and suck them with your tongue.and with all the sexy pink lips , you
have , you can as well purse your own nipple betweeen those pink lips and
try hard to pull it into your mouth and bite the nipple to arouse yourself
as well as our selves.You forgot these slutty and lusty lessons, you dirty
titfucking whore?But you would do it better, if you do it this way, the way
i am going to tell.Shall i tell you about that, my dear fucking slutty

I love to use filthy words on my mom and my aunt and they too like it.My
mom is struggling hard to make the two nipples touch each other.She loves
to show and i too like to see both her nipples side by side.For my aunt
Donna, all this is very easy, as her tits are much bigger than my mom's and
in a way her nipples are longer and so is her tongue.She can infact reach
her nipples easily by her tongue and pull them into her mouth and suck them
too.And with my dirty talk,i made my mom so horny for her own tits and
nipples that she almost shouted out of pure incestul lust.

"You dirty and filhty titfucking whores!.You two just watch my big
knockers while all the time i am trying hard to suck and lick my nipples.
You mother fucking whores, You are never tired of watching me licking my
own tits!Now, you filthy Lisa, tell me and your aunt, what ever you want us
to do with our tits ,pussy and ass,you dirty mother fucking slut!Tell how
best you want your aunt Donna should use me and my huge fucking boobs, my
pink pussy and sexy and fleshy ass?..She is going to stay with us all this
month,and you will have every fucking boob fantasy fulfilled now.Please
tell your aunt and me in really dirty and filthy words,all the thinghs you
want us to do!."yelled my big tit mommy.

These are the the words that came from my mom and i do not want to waste
this chance to tell them what i want.Infact ,i have thought about a list of
all the scenes in my mind,i wanted to see and act them in and it is my
dream come true now.And winking and smiling at my mom and looking at her
terrific, big melon sized tits lustily, i started descrbing all the fucking
nasty scenes that they have to indulge and make me cum atleast ten times.

Don't miss the nastiest third part(and also subsequent parts), which i
am going to post soon.Send your comments and suggestons to


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