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My Bitch Apprentice

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My Bitch Apprentice

First of all, let me give you a little background about this story. I
work as a journeyman electrician on the night weekend crew in a factory.
We only have 2 electricians on each shift and I have been having to do it
all for a while because my partner took another job. Part of my job is to
train new personnel and make sure that they can do the job correctly and
then when they have enough training I put them working on their own. I
happen to work night shift so my "training" that I give my apprentices vary
from person to person. Another part of my job is safety. I am responsible
for all my people's safety so I expect them to do what I say without
questioning because they are in training. Oh, and most importantly and the
least liked part of my job is deciding if a new hire is going to make it or
not. If not, it is my job to make a recommendation to fire them.

One night when I came into work I had a note from my boss. It said that
there would be a new apprentice there for me at the start of the shift.
Damn, another apprentice. That's all I needed tonight. I didn't mind
training but it seemed like that was all I did any more and every minute
spent on training was another minute of overtime I would have to spend
catching up on my other work. I was already working so much that I hadn't
had time to go out and have any fun. My mind was always on sex it seemed
because of the lack of it because of my job. I was sitting at my desk
going through my papers when I heard a soft sexy voice saying "Hi." I
looked up and I saw this beautiful dark haired young girl standing before

"May I help you girlie?" I said as I looked up and down her young frame.
"M-m-my name is Amanda. I am your new apprentice electrician," she said
almost stuttering.

My jaw hit the floor I am sure. I sat there and looked this young girl up and down. I have to admit that I liked what I saw. She was a pretty
young girl; very well built with a dark complexion, long black shiny hair
and I guessed about 18 years old. I looked her up and down, taking in her
form. She was shaking, not real hard, but hard enough that I noticed.
"Well sit down girlie," I said and pointed over to a chair. She walked
over to the chair and sat down. "Pull the chair up closer girlie," I said
and she did as she was told. "Now tell me a little about yourself," I said
as she pulled her chair up.

"Well, I guess there's not much to tell. My name is Amanda, I'm 18
years old and single, no children and I hired in here to train as an
electrician. I have a steady boyfriend that I see a lot but we haven't
made any commitments yet."

"So you think you want to be an electrician huh?" I asked her.

"Y-y-yes sir" she said nervously.

I leaned back in my chair and gave her a stern look. "Well first of all
let me tell you something. I am not sure what kind of crap they told you
when they hired you, but I am letting you know that being an electrician is
not an easy job. There are many things that we will work on but the main
thing is trust. If you can't have total trust in the person you are
working with in this trade, you will not have a pleasant working
relationship. The work is hard and the hours are long and I expect my
electricians to know their shit. And on top of that, I am a strict
taskmaster and I expect my apprentices to do everything that I tell them to
without question, and I do mean everything. Is that understood girlie?"

"Y-y-yes sir," Amanda replied looking down.

"Well," I said, "I guess we will see what you are made out of then young lady," I said. I stood up and then she did the same. I extended my hand
to her and she shook it. "I hope that we can have a good working

"Follow me Amanda," I said as I walked toward the door. She got up from
her chair and followed me and we went to the shop. When we got to the door
I stopped and looked at her. She looked back at me. We stood there for a
few seconds. "Well, what are you waiting for, open the door for me
Amanda." She quickly pulled the door open and I walked through. She
followed me inside and I started giving her the nickel tour of the shop. I
showed her the different tools that an electrician uses and tried to
explain to her what they were for. She seemed really interested. She
picked every one up and touched them with her fingers, running up and down
the length as if to get in tune with them. As I said, I was so horny I
imagined her young hands running up and down the length of my cock but it
was only a fleeting thought and I was soon snapped back to reality. I
showed her where the work orders were and how the paper work was taken care

"Now let's get to it girlie," I said as we walked toward the door. This
time I didn't have to say anything because she beat me to the door to hold
it open for me. "Good girl," I said as I smiled at her. Amanda smiled
back and although I could tell she was still a little nervous, I felt like
she was becoming a little more comfortable. I walked to the lockers and
gave her a key. I showed her which locker was hers and then opened my
locker. I removed my keys from it. I walked to the front of the shop and
unlocked my toolbox and Amanda followed me. "Well Amanda, get the box and
we'll go to work," I said. I motioned for her to follow me.

The plant was very quiet since we were the only ones there. Amanda and
I went to work. I found out that she was a smart girl and she caught on
quickly. I also discovered that I seemed to be paying a lot of attention
to her young body. I watched as she bent over the machinery to work on it,
watched her ass in her blue jeans as she moved. I imagined what her young ass would look like and I started feel my cock stir in my pants. I watched
the beads of sweat run down her neck and saw the way that it trailed down
the cleft of her breasts. I tried to keep my mind on my job but with this
young girl running around it was hard, almost as hard as my cock was

"Isn't there anyone else here at the plant," Amanda asked?

"No it's just me and you. They only run day shift through the week
around here but maintenance has to be here around the clock." Amanda nodded
and continued her work and I continued to look at that ass and imagine it
naked and prone before me. After a couple of hours of very hard work, we
took time to eat our lunch. We chatted a little about things, just small
talk but the more we talked the more we seemed to hit it off. As we
talked, Amanda started to open up to me a little and I found out that she
had been raised by a couple of very strict parents. She'd had a few
relationships but they never seemed to amount to anything because the men that she had dated seemed to be either totally stuck on themselves or worse
yet, mama's boys, and she wasn't interested in any of them unless they were
at least sure of themselves. After lunch Amanda and I started back to work
and the second half seemed to be as pleasant as the first. I looked at the
clock on the wall and it was getting late. I looked at Amanda and she had
gotten quite dirty.

"Well Amanda, I guess it's time to start cleaning up," I said.

"Isn't it a little early," she asked.

"Well, you see the beauty of working the weekend shift is that if we get
our work done early, we can clean up and have a little break before we go
home. Now get busy and clean this mess up."

"Yes sir," Amanda said. She started putting the tools up. I have to
admit that this girl looked like she would work out fine. At least in the
work department but I had to find out just how good of an employee she was
really going to be. After she had put the tools in their proper place, we
headed back to the shop. Amanda pushed the box against the wall and I
headed to my office. She followed me and I sat down at my desk and started
to do my paper work. "Do I go home now or what," Amanda asked?

"No. You still have about an hour so if you want to clean up, there is
a shower behind that door. Feel free to use it if you want to." Amanda
smiled and nodded. She left the office for a minute and came back with her
bag. She disappeared into the bathroom and I went back to my paperwork. I
tried to concentrate on the paperwork but no matter what I did, I couldn't
help but get my mind off the young girl in the shower. My cock started to
stir, as I thought about her naked in the shower, soaping her young smooth
flesh up. I looked at my watch. "Should be about right," I said to myself
as I moved my chair back and stood up. I quietly walked over to the door
and turned the handle. I walked in and pushed the door shut.

I slowly moved over to the seat that is in the shower room and sat down.
I glanced up and I could see Amanda's nude body through the opaque glass.
Although I couldn't see any details of the young girl's body, I could see
her form through the semi-transparent glass. Amanda took the bottle of
shampoo and put some on her hand and started working it into her long black
hair. My cock was straining against the fabric of my jeans and I slowly
unbuckled my belt and opened my jeans. I stood up and after slipping my
work boots off, I slid them down my legs. My dick was standing out against
the fabric of my underwear, demanding to get outside. I stepped out of my
jeans and then put my hands into my underwear and pulled them off. My cock
was harder than it had been in a long time and the pre cum was already
starting to ooze out the head.

I thought to myself for a moment, should I continue with the decision I
made to have this young girl or should I just pick up my clothes and walk
out of there now before it had gone too far. My balls were burning from
the lack of a good piece of ass and my cock was hard as a rock. After a
few seconds of contemplating my next move I decided to continue with what I
had planned. I pulled my shirt off and then stepped toward the shower. I
could smell the fragrance of the soap in the air mixed with the steam and
my cock twitched when I put my hand on the shower door. I could see Amanda
finish rinsing the soap from her long black hair and she had reached for
the towel she had draped over the shower door to wipe the water out of her
eyes. When she put the towel to her eyes, I quickly slid the shower door
open. Amanda let out a little scream and I rushed into the shower to grab
her. I held her tight and said in a commanding voice, "Be quiet Amanda,
just do what I say when I say it."

Amanda started to scream but I put my hand over her mouth as I pulled
her wet young flesh against my body. She started to struggle but I held
the little bitch tight. I felt my cock push into her young soft body, felt
the warmth and my cock got even a little harder if that was possible.
"Now, I will remove my hand when you agree to not scream. Is that
understood?" I said. Amanda nodded. "I am going to have you so you had
better just make it easy on the both of us girlie," I said as I started
moving my cock against her body. I felt Amanda relax a little and I
started to remove my hand from her mouth. She remained quiet as I released
her mouth and I turned her around. I looked into her eyes and although I
could see a little fear in them, I could also see that she was not scared
out of her wits like I had thought she would be.

"WHAT are you DOING???" Amanda demanded obviously pissed at the invasion
of her privacy.

I took her hand and moved it to my hard cock. "Well, guess what I'm
doing you little slut," I said as her hand touched my hot throbbing member.
"Well just get the fuck out now and I won't say anything about it to
anyone," she hissed at me, now more angry than scared.

I removed my hand and pressed against her and pushed her against the
cool wall of the shower. I felt her body push back against mine as it
contact with the cool wall.

"Now don't say any thing else," I demanded. She started to talk but I
put my finger against her lips. "I told you right up front that if you
were going to be my apprentice that you had to do everything I said without
question. And by that I mean everything," I said as I worked my right knee
between her legs. I felt the soft flesh of her inner thigh as I worked my
leg between hers. The water was still running against my back and my cock
was about to burst from the excitement of taking this young girl.

Amanda stood there not knowing what to do, suddenly realizing that she
was trapped and could do nothing. I pressed my cock against her and worked
my knee between her legs, slightly spreading them as my cock pressed
against her stomach. I worked my free hand down and took one of her
breasts and started rubbing her nipple between my finger and thumb. I felt
her tense a little at first but then relax as I felt the bud start to
harden with the attention it was receiving.

I released her nipple and moved my hand down farther and found what I
had been after all along. I pushed my hand between her legs and slid it up
and found the smooth skin of her pussy. I had not seen her pussy but I
could tell that it was trimmed and the bare flesh felt good against my
hand. I rubbed her leg and ran my hand across her pussy lips and I felt her
tremble slightly as I touched her private places. Amanda let out a soft
moan as I touched her and I removed my finger from her lips and pressed my
lips hard against hers. She tried to struggle but I could feel the tension
leave her lips as I continued with the long hard kiss.

I removed my lips from Amanda's and I moved my leg and spread hers apart
and soon I had positioned myself between her young limbs. I wrapped my
hands around her tight and moved my lips across her neck, down her body to
her breast. I took one of her nipples into my mouth as my other hand
squeezed the soft tit that it held. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and
gently bit it. I heard her cry in pain and pleasure as I bit her breast. I
relieved the pressure off of her nipple and slid back up, moving up so my
cock slid up her leg and into the crevice between hers. Amanda winced as
the head of my dick touched her cunt. "I'm going to fuck you and then
you're going to suck my cock you little tramp," I whispered into her ear as
I pushed the head against her clit.

Amanda trembled and slightly opened her legs, giving my cock an easier
entrance to her womb. "No," she said softly, "please sir, don't," she

Amanda raised her leg a little and I took my hand and grabbed my dick. I
took the head and put it into the opening of her young pussy and pushed my
hard dick her softness. She trembled as she put her arms around my neck
and lifting her leg a little, allowing me to push a little more into her
tight box. "Oh GOD!" was all she could say as I slid deeper until my dick
was buried deep inside her. "Please don't hurt me sir," Amanda said as I
pulled out and began to fuck her slowly. It was all I could do to keep
from coming as I held her tightly as I left my dick in her tight young cunt, savoring the warmness of her flesh.

"I'd never hurt you Amanda, but I am going to teach you what it is like
to be a servant to me."

Once again Amanda tried to pull away but I held her fast and I pushed to
her depths this time, not being gentle at all. "OH MY!" she exclaimed as I
pushed into her and made her ass bounce against the wall of the shower.

I pushed hard into her tight cunt that was gripping my cock like a vise.
It had been years since I had had a pussy this tight and I was bound and
determined that I was going to fuck this little cunt for all I could get. I
pulled out of her pussy and turned the water off. I slid the shower door
open and took her hand I pulled her out into the room. I grabbed her towel
and handed it to her. "Now spread the towel on the floor and get down on
all fours baby," I said as I continued to be in command of the situation.
Amanda looked toward the door like she was getting ready to run but I
grabbed her and held her tight. "Now put the towel down you little slut,
cause I am going to fuck your pretty little brains out." I released Amanda
from my grip and I watched her ass as she spread the towel out on the
floor. "Now get down and put your ass into the air girlie." I watched as
Amanda moved lower and got on her hands and knees and I could feel my body
flooding with desire for a piece of that ass.

Amanda was visibly shaking as I got behind her and got on my hands and
knees and positioned myself behind her. "Put your head down Amanda," I
said. Amanda put her head down, laying her breasts down against the hard
floor of the room. I looked at her ass and then pulled my hand back and
slapped her hard across her delicate pink ass. "Ouch!" she cried when she
felt the first blow against her soft cheeks. "Don't hurt me!" she cried as
I hit her ass, increasing the force with each blow.

"I'm not hurting you little one," I said, "I am helping you become a
good servant to your master. Now, tell me when you want me to fuck you and
I'll stop."

"No. Please. Don't," she said as I hit her little red ass cheeks.

"I will continue to spank your ass till you tell me to fuck you," I

After a couple of more blows to her sensitive ass cheeks, Amanda in a
trembling voice said, "Please fuck me."

"What did you say little girl, I can't hear you."

"Please fuck me sir," she said, this time a little louder.

"I still can't hear you cunt," I said as I struck another blow against
her ass flesh.

"Please fuck me," she said louder, Please FUCK ME DAMNIT!!"

I looked down at Amanda's ass, which was red from the abuse that I had
done to it. I could see the imprint of my hands on her young smooth flesh.
I moved directly behind her and touched my cock to her ass cheeks and
rubbed down the crack of her ass. The skin felt warm as I trailed it down,
smearing my pre cum down her crack. I took my cock into my hand and guided
it between her legs, pushing it down across her clit and I felt her push
gently against me. "Now what is it you want me to do to you Amanda?"

"FUCK ME SIR, PLEASE FUCK ME!!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs
as I put the head of my cock into her. I felt Amanda shiver as I slid my
cock into her, getting used to her tightness. I put my hands on her hips
and held her tight as I slid deep inside her. "OH SHIT!!!!" she cried as I
pulled out and drove myself deep inside, this time not being gentle at all.
I started moving in and out of her pussy with a force that I know the girl had probably never had before, a force that made the friction that much
more intense. I took one hand and grabbed her long black hair and pulled
her head back as I pushed into her cunt. "I'm gonna fuck you good you
little slut," I said as I pounded her cunt.

"Oh, Godddd yes, fuck me sir, please fuck your little slut." It was then
that I felt Amanda tremble and saw her tense as her first wave of her
orgasm hit her.

"Go ahead and cum you little slut, I want you to cum for me."

"Oh my Godddddddddddddd……………………." Amanda cried one more time as I pushed
into her. I continued to fuck this little girl as she came again and
again. I had never seen a woman who could have that many orgasms and it
seemed to go on for a long time till she finally collapsed into a sweaty,
wet heap on the floor.

"Please, no more sir," she pleaded as I stayed deep inside her.

"But you haven't pleased me yet," I told her.

I pulled my cock out of her steaming hot pussy. I took her by the hair
and pulled her up. I stood up and put my cock in her face. I pushed my
cock toward her lips and Amanda tried to pull away. "Oh no please, not
after it's been inside me. Please don't make me sir," she whined. I
pulled her hair hard and I pulled her face toward my dick. It was slick
with her juices and I pushed it to her lips and pulled her hair hard till
she opened her mouth. I pushed my juice-covered dick into her mouth and I
heard her gag as it hit the back of her throat.

"Suck my cock bitch or I'm gonna push it back as deep into your throat
as I can," I said as I pulled it back out. Amanda willingly opened her
lips and started to suck on my hard member. She wrapped her lips around
the hard shaft and I released her hair enough to let her have the freedom
to move her head. She sucked my cock like she really wanted it. She
pulled my cock and then I felt her move her mouth and take her tongue and
run it around the head. She slid her tongue up and down the under side of
my cock, licking and sucking up and down the length and then take it into
her mouth again. I looked down and saw her start to bob up and down on my
cock and then she slowed and Amanda sucked on the shaft and then I felt my
balls start expand as my first blast of cum hit the back of her throat.
She tried to pull away but I put my hand on the back of her head as I held
her mouth on my cock. I shot wave after wave of hot sperm into her and
when I was finished, I released her head. Amanda grabbed the towel and
started to spit her mouthful out. "Oh no you don't," I said as I pressed
my hand against her cum filled mouth. Amanda knew that she had no choice
and she started swallowing the hot sticky fluid until it was completely

I released Amanda's head and then started to get dressed. Amanda
started to get up. "You aren't going anywhere till I say you are little
girl," I told her in a firm voice. I finished getting dressed and as I
pulled my shirt over my head I walked over to her and patted her on the
head. "Very good little one. I think that I just might keep you if you
continue to work as hard as you did tonight to please your master." I
motioned for her to get up and I watched as she started to put her clothes
back on. "Yes, I think I might just keep you forever Amanda," I laughed as
I walked out of the room.


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