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My Bitch Apprentice Chapter 2

********************************************************* Disclaimer!!!
I do not in any way condone abuse or misuse of women or any other human
being. Please keep fantasy where it belongs.

Copyright 2001 by author. Do not repost without permission from author.
Email any comments or requests to

My Bitch Apprentice Chapter 2

The sun was just coming up in the eastern sky as Amanda got into her car
and headed home. It had been her first night on the job and she had just
been taken sexually by her supervisor. She knew that it was against the
law for him to do that to her but she didn't really care. She had needed
the discipline of a man for a long time. Her boyfriend, if that was what
you wanted to call him, didn't do it for her any more. She was supposed to
meet him at his apartment this morning after work. She pulled out onto the
freeway and headed toward home, contemplating the previous night's romp in
the bathroom with her boss. "My bitch apprentice" was what he had called
her. She could feel a slight anger begin to grow as she thought of those
words, those words that were meant to demean her, meant to piss her off but
instead just confirmed what she already knew about herself. She was a
bitch, a slut, and a whore if you will a woman whose station in life was to
give herself to her man, hell to any man obviously. She thought about the
feel of her boss's cock in her mouth, thought about the taste and smell of
his cum as he face fucked her. God she loved the feeling of him oozing his
fluid into her mouth and she loved the feel of his cum splashing against
her cheek and splattering off her face and running down her lips. She
would do it again and again and again if the opportunity presented itself.

As she changed lanes and moved onto the exit ramp, she thought once
again about her boyfriend. She thought about how much different he was
than her boss. He was just a boy, only 21 and even though he was legally a
man, he was not the kind of "man" that she craved. The kind of man she
craved was the kind of man who knew what he wanted and knew what it took to
get it. She had dreamed about the type of experience that she had
encountered the night before with her boss but she knew that experiences
like that didn't come every day.

The loose gravel crackled under her tires a she pulled into the
apartment driveway. Pulling into her boyfriend's parking space she
reflected on her relationship with her current lover. As she sat there she
wondered if she loved him or just put up with his shit. It was a hard
decision that every woman must go through once in a while. He was good to
her in most respects but he didn't seem to take the relationship seriously.
He just made her go out every night and work while he sat at home on his
lazy ass. Just why she put up with his shit she didn't know. Well, that
was not exactly true. She knew very well why she put up with him. It was
because he had a dick between his legs, although not a real big dick, a
dick none the less. And she knew that she could trust him while she was at
work every night. The trust aspect of their relationship was important to
her because if she hated anything else and that was sharing her "dick" with
the other tramps in town.

Amanda shut her car off and opened the door and stepped out shutting it
behind her. She aimed her remote entry at the car and pushed the button
and waited for the tell tale beep that let her know that the alarm was
active. This was a rough part of town and she always made sure her alarm
was set on her car. She knew it wouldn't stop every thief in town, but it
would stop the lazy ones. Stretching as she made her way to the apartment,
she felt herself yawn, the long hours caching up with her. Sleep...that
was what she needed, sleep. She was so tired and her body ached and she
needed some well-deserved rest.

The coolness of the conditioned air hit her in the face as she opened
the door and made her way inside. Walking down the hall, she saw one of
her neighbors and nodded to him as they passed. She had seen him before.
Joe or John or some name like that she thinks she heard him called one day.
Although she didn't know his name, they were on a "hello" basis. He was
black, stood about 6'2 and weighed about 250 pounds and simply because of
his hulking presence, she steered clear of him. He seemed like a nice guy
but he, as most people in this apartment complex pretty much stayed to
himself. She often wondered why people of different races seemed to stay
away from each other. It was such a shame that there was not more
tolerance from every ethnic group, but that was the way it had been for
centuries and probably would be that way till the end of time.

As she walked up to the door, fumbled in her pocket for her key.
Inserting the key into the lock and turning it, she started to push it
open. She paused momentarily, realizing that she hadn't felt any hesitation
when she turned the key. The door appeared to be unlocked! She removed
her key and slowly turned the knob and pushed the door open. Stepping
inside she felt a feeling of something different in the air. It wasn't
something she could put her finger on, but something was definitely amiss.
Maybe she was just being paranoid, maybe nothing was wrong. Maybe her
boyfriend forgot to lock the door. It had happened before but she still
was going to err on the side of caution. As she slowly looked around the
apartment, she noticed that things seemed out of place. Someone had moved
things around on the shelf and on top of the television. A chill came over
her and she backed out of the apartment. Someone had been in here! Maybe
a burglar had come in or worse yet, maybe he was still in there! Amanda
looked around and walking quickly down the hall, pounding loudly on the
first door she came to.

The door opened slightly, being stopped by the chain that secured it.
"What do you want?" a voice asked.

"I need some help. I think someone is or was in my boyfriend's

"What do you want me to do about it?" the man asked her.

"Come and help me check or at least call the police for me."

"I don't want to get involved," the man said as the door was pushed shut
and she could hear the sound of the dead bolt being fastened in place.

"Asshole!" Amanda yelled, kicking the door as she heard it lock. She
looked around her and walked down the hall to the apartment of the man she
had seen earlier. He was a very large man, maybe he would help a damsel in
distress. Knocking on his door she thought about how she had never even
talked to this man but now was going to ask for his help. She felt guilty
about that, but she hoped that he would understand that she needed help.
After standing there for a minute with no answer she knocked again. She
heard a rustling sound and the door opened slightly. "Can I help you
miss," the man asked?

"Hi I'm Amanda, I saw you in the hall earlier. I think someone was in
my boyfriend's apartment and I'm afraid that he may still be there."

Her heart sank as the man pushed the door shut but within a couple of
seconds she could hear the chain rattling on the other side and soon he
opened it again. "Come on in young lady," the smiling man said. He opened
the door and although she couldn't help it, she knew that the look on her
face must have given away her surprise as she looked at him. Not only was
he tall and more attractive than she had remembered him, he had on a crisp
blue uniform that she recognized as the uniform of the city police

"Now what seems to be the problem Amanda?" he asked as he motioned her
inside. He shut the door and she began to tell him about going into the
apartment and finding things not quite like they should be and getting
frightened, looking for someone to go inside the apartment with her. The
man listened intently to her story, nodding occasionally and letting her
rattle on. When she finished her story, he motioned for her to sit down.
Amanda watched him as he walked over to the bar and picked up his holster
strapping it on his hip. Her eyes watched him as he moved about the
apartment. He was a tall, good-looking man with broad shoulders and hips.
He was not heavy in any way, just a large man. She watched him as he
walked across the room, taking in his features, especially the looks of his
butt in those tight pants. He walked into the other room and returned with
his nightstick. Amanda looked at him as he inserted the long black pole
into his belt and thought about how it would feel if he were to take his
long black pole that was probably dangling between his legs and stick it
into her "holster" between her legs. She shook her head bringing herself
back to reality, suddenly ashamed that she was thinking these kind of
thoughts. The name on his shirt said "Jones". The officer walked over and
turned the handle of the door. "Let's go have a look miss," he said as
they headed out the door.

Amanda followed him closely as he walked down the hall. As they neared
the apartment door, he held his hand up motioning for her to stop and he
reached for his pistol, pulling it out of his holster. He cautiously
walked over to the door, stood to the side and pushed it open. He listened
for sounds and heard none so he moved his gun to the firing position and
slowly walked inside. Amanda followed him, trying to stay as close to him
as she could but trying her best to stay out of his way. The apartment was
just a small studio suite so it didn't take long to see that no one was in
the living area. They walked toward the bedroom and made their way by the
bathroom and kept his gun at the firing position as they moved ever so
cautiously. The officer walked to the bedroom door and with his left hand
he slowly turned the knob. As the door opened, they heard the sound of
someone in the room. The policeman motioned for her to stand aside as he
made his way through the door. Amanda could see the look of tension on his
face as he pushed the door open, cocking his pistol and dropping to his
knees and yell, "Police!! FREEZE!!"

The sounds from the bedroom stopped and the silence was so thick that
you could cut it with a knife. "Put you hands on top of your head," the
officer commanded and he heard the unmistakable sound of his pistol being
cocked. He stayed there for a minute and she could hear the intruder
mumble something and then the officer said a little more forcefully this
time, "I said hands ON TOP of the head asshole!" He got up from his
crouching position and reached around behind him and fumbled for his
handcuffs and entered the room cautiously. "Now lay down on the floor and
keep those hands on your head," he commanded the thief. Amanda walked to
the door and watched as the officer pulled his hand behind his back put the
cuffs first on his right hand and then pulling his left hand behind him.
He was a black man, about 6' tall and over 200 pounds.

Feeling a sense of outrage for this intruder breaking into the
apartment, Amanda began to curse him and moved toward him and thought about
kicking the crap out of this guy but she knew that he would probably be
able to sue her for assault. The officer took hold of the chain of the
handcuffs and as he stood up he pulled the would be thief to his feet.
"What's your name fella," he asked?

"Fuck you pig," he spat.

"Fuck you pig? Interesting name asshole," he said as he pulled a card
out of his pocket. "Ok Fuck You Pig, I'm officer Jones and I want you to
know that you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent, you
have the right..." he continued as he read him his Miranda rights. "What
the fuck," she thought what about my "Amanda" rights not to have this
scumbag bastard violate my property. What about my rights to kick the
living shit out of a scumbag who desperately needs it. When he was done,
he told her to go down town with him and fill out a report. "Shit," she
said, thinking about how she was feeling from working all night. She was
tired to the bone and she definitely didn't have time for this crap but
knew that if she didn't fill one out, they would have to let him go.

The young girl followed Officer Jones to his car. It was a very nice
Crown Victoria and although it was a civilian car it had all the standard
police gadgets in it like a radio and a siren and light mounted on the
dash. She had never been inside a police car before and she was fascinated
by all the things in here as well as fascinated by the man. The cop put
the thief into the back, careful to push his head down as he pushed him
into the seat. When he had secured his prisoner, he walked around and
opened the door to let her in. Amanda smiled at the friendly policeman.
Maybe she had been too judgmental in her first impression of the man. She
got into the car and he pushed the door shut. Amanda watched his large
frame as he walked around the front of the car. She noticed that not only
were his shoulders broad but he had a very nice butt too. "What are you
thinking girl," she asked herself? She cleared her mind and thought about
the thief in the back. She turned around and said, "I hope you go to jail
you stupid nig***" she said cutting her words off. That was such an ugly
name but one she felt fit the man in the back. Officer Jones got into the
car and backed it out of the parking lot. "Aren't you going to turn your
sirens on or something," she asked. He just smiled at her and shook his
head. Amanda decided that she had obviously asked a stupid question and
sat back to enjoy the ride, closing her eyes to get a little rest.

The car pulled into the police station and she opened her eyes and got
out of the car. Officer Jones walked around and opened the back door and
took his prisoner by the arm and led him into the station. Amanda had
never been inside a police station before. She followed them and he took
him to a desk setting close to the entrance. "Breaking and entering,
burglary and who knows what else," he told the man at the desk. "No name,
no address. You'll have your work cut out for you with this one," he
smiled at the man.

He motioned for her to follow him and as his prisoner was being led
away, she followed him into an office. It was just a little cubicle in the
middle of a large room. She looked around and followed him to a desk.
Sitting down, she watched intently as he walked to a file cabinet and took
out some papers and then sat back down. "I need a name and address please
miss," he said as he pulled out her paperwork.

Amanda gave him her name and address. "Now, what exactly happened this
morning," he asked her? She gave him the short version of what happened
and how she entered the apartment and not realizing that it was unlocked
and then felt like something was not right. He wrote all her information
down. "I'll need a picture id too if you have one." Amanda sat her purse
down on the desk and opened it. She dug around in her purse and pulled her
wallet out of it. Something fell out of her purse and she reached down to
get it and then she and Officer Jones realized what it was. It was a
joint. Amanda quickly reached for the marijuana and as she touched it, he
grabbed her wrist. She looked up at him and he pulled her hand toward him
and pulled it open. "Well, what have we here Amanda?" he asked her,
glowering his disapproval at her.

"Uh.... I don't know. I've never seen it before officer," she tried to
convince him.

"I've heard that one before miss!" he said as he removed it from her
hand. He reached over for the phone and pushed a button. "Will you come
in here for a minute. I need a witness." He hung the phone up and sat
there in silence as they waited. Amanda was shaking visibly, knowing that
at this moment in time she was in deep shit. After what seemed like
forever, she heard the door open and another police officer walked in. He
was also a black man, not as tall but his build was as big as Officer
Jones. "Look what fell out of little Amanda's purse." The man reached out
his hand and took the joint from him. "This looks like a joint," the
officer whose shirt had the name of Johnson on it. Officer Jones reached
for her purse and Amanda tried to keep it away from him. "Look little
girl, you're already in big shit so if you don't want to be in any deeper,
give me the purse." Amanda handed the purse over to Officer Jones and he
opened it up. He emptied the contents on the desk and dug around and found
2 more joints. "Looks like we have a little dope head here Johnson," he
said as he held up his find.

Amanda was getting scared now. She was in the police station and knew
that it would do her no good to run. "Where did you get this grass
Amanda," he asked her?

"I don't remember sir," she said weakly.

"Don't remember? That's one I've heard too. Now tell me where you got

"I said I don't remember officer!"

"Well maybe we can help you remember little girl." Officer Johnson took
Amanda by the arm and pulled her up, hurting her arm slightly. "Shit!" she
exclaimed as he pulled her toward the door. "Where are you taking me?"

"Just never mind Amanda, just come along quietly." Officer Johnson led
her out the door and down the hallway to a room. She had seen a room like
this before on those police shows and she knew that this was where they did
their interrogation. They unlocked the door and pushed her into the room.
Tears were starting to form in her eyes as she walked into the cold room
with the steel table. "What are you going to do to me?" she asked,
pleading for an answer. "Well, I'm not sure if there is enough pot for a
felony drug charge, but I know that a misdemeanor carries a sentence of up
to a year in jail. Not only that, you will have a drug conviction on your
record that will keep you from getting any kind of a decent job for the
rest of your life."

Amanda sat there and her tears left her eyes and began to flow down her
cheek. "Fuck mister, I don't want to go to jail, it is just a couple of
joints. Can't we forget the whole thing?"

"Well, maybe if you will tell me where you got this shit," he said
forcefully. Amanda thought about her situation. She was maybe a lot of
things but one thing she wasn't was a narc. "I can't," she said as if all
the life was drained out of her. "Well, then it looks like we have no
choice then. I guess we'll have to place you under arrest." Amanda shook
her head wildly, not believing she had gotten herself into this situation.
"Isn't there ANYTHING I can do sir," she asked once again, tears flowing
like water.

Officer Jones smiled a wicked little smile and winked at his partner.
"Well, maybe we can fix it so you can do some community service and not
have anything on your record." Officer Johnson smiled and nodded his head.
Amanda sat there, thinking about her situation and thinking about having a
record. "I'll do whatever it takes to stay out of jail sir," she told the

"She is a pretty little girl you know Jones," as he reached over and
wiped her tear from her cheek. "I don't think she'd make it in prison," do
you? "No," Officer Jones said, "some old mean lezzie would probably make
her their 'wife'." Both of them broke out in a burst of loud laughter.

"Please let me go," Amanda pleaded with the officers. "I'll do whatever
it takes, whatever kind of community service I have to do. Just please let
me go!"

Officer Johnson put his hand on Amanda's cheek again and rubbed his
large finger on her face. She attempted to moved away but he just moved
with it. "Yes Jones, she is a pretty little girl," he said as his hand
moved down her cheek and to her neck. Amanda sat there frozen in fear as
his hand made it's way down her neck, stopping before it reached her chest.
"Yeah Johnson, It would be a shame to throw her to the wolves." Officer
Jones walked over and stood behind her. Amanda felt him touch the back of
her head and begin to run his fingers through her long black hair. He
stroked her hair and she felt a chill run up her back starting at the base
of her spine and working it way up to where his hand was. His hand felt so
soothing to her but she was in no way going to relax. She was a prisoner
and at their mercy. What was she going to do now?

"What are you going to do to me?" Amanda asked in a voice trembling from
a combination of fear and the lack of sleep. "I need some rest sir, I have
to go to work tonight. I can't afford to loose this job."

"Job? You've just been busted with some weed and you're worried about
your fucking job?" Officer Jones bent down and looked Amanda directly in
the eyes. "I think you have a lot more to worry about young lady than
loosing your lousy fucking job."

Tears began to form and run down Amanda's cheeks as the black police
officer stared into her eyes. He glared at her and then stood up.
"That'll be all officer Johnson," he told his partner. "I think I can
handle this all by myself."

Officer Johnson nodded at his friend and turned and left the room. "Get
up Amanda," he told her.

Amanda stood up and she felt small compared to this huge policeman
standing before her. He took her by the arm and led her out the door.
"Where are we going," she asked afraid that she was going to jail? The cop
didn't say anything but just led her out the door and toward his police
car. He walked to the back door and pulled it open and almost pushed her
inside, her head barely missing the roof of the car. He slammed the door
and walked to the driver's side and got in. As he backed out of the
parking spot fear welled up in her body. "Where are you taking me," she
asked as she sobbed in the back seat. The sudden silence and the way that
he ignored her made her worry more now than it had when she was at the
station. Amanda lay back in the seat and wept softly to herself as he
drove. After what seemed like an eternity, he stopped the car. She sat up
and realized where they were. They were at her house. "How did you know
where I live," she asked? The man held up her driver's license and turned
and smiled an evil smile at her. He opened his door and then walked around
and opening her door, grabbed her and jerked her out of the car. "I think
after we search your home, we will be able to find a lot more on you little
girl," he said.

There was another car in her driveway that she didn't recognize. Who
did it belong to? Why was it here? What was going to happen now? A
million questions were running through her mind as he led her to the door.
When they got to the steps he opened her purse and pulled out her keys. He
fumbled around and finally found the key that would fit and unlocked it and
shoved her inside. "Where the hell are you Johnson?" he yelled as he
entered the house. "I'm in here Jones," he said. Amanda recognized the
voice and suddenly realized that she was in serious trouble. "You find
anything interesting," he asked?

"Hell yes," he replied as he walked out of the bedroom door. He had a
joint in his hand and was just blowing a puff of blue-gray smoke from his
lips. "This little bitch sure knows good shit when she sees it, " he said
as he handed Jones the partially smoked joint. Jones took a deep drag and
held it in and then slowly let it escape from his lips. "Damn, that is
good shit," he said. "Anything else?"

"Yeah, come here," he told his partner. Jones followed him into the
bedroom and Amanda could hear the whir of the fan on her computer. "Get a
load of this," he said as they walked to the screen.

"Well I'll be damned," he laughed as he looked at her computer. There
on the screen was a picture of a woman tied to a chair with duct tape
across her mouth and the look of fear on her face. "Seems the little bitch
likes a little bondage action," he laughed.

"Damned if she don't," he said. Both men turned to Amanda, watching her
as she felt the heat radiating from her face.

"Leave my shit alone," she yelled!!!! "You've got no right to come in
here and mess with my shit," she hissed.

"Well, looks like the little slut has finally come to life." He smiled
at her but she did not smile back.

"Fuck you asshole," she said. "Arrest me if you want, but leave my shit

"Ooh, I like that don't you Johnson," he asked? "Yeah," he answered," I
like would much rather have my sluts fight than just lay there." With that
he took Amanda by the arm and pushed her onto the bed. "Let's see what
else the little slut has on here." Amanda watched as they slowly clicked
from one picture to another.

"Fucking god almighty! Look at that!" Amanda saw the picture that they
were looking at. It was the picture of a young brunette girl with her arms
tied to her feet and there was a black man with his huge cock pointed at
her pussy and another huge black dick touching her lips. "She really is a
little slut isn't she? You don't think that ass and pussy belongs to
Amanda do you?" Amanda could feel her face turn red at the thought of these
two black men putting her in these pictures. "Of course it isn't me you
stupid bastards!" she told them. The two men just chuckled and kept
looking at the screen. Amanda started to get up but as she moved off the
bed, one of the men pushed her back down. Amanda lay there as the two men went through her computer files, looking at the bondage pictures on there.
She was so ashamed to think that they were violating her space as well as
angry that they were holding her hostage.

Amanda laid there on the bed, trying not to drift off to sleep but after
working all night and then being kept down at the station all morning, she
caught herself drifting in and out of sleep. She was awoke a time or two
from the roars of laughter from her two captors. Finally unable to fight
it any longer, she drifted off.

Suddenly Amanda was awaken by the sound of splintering wood. She opened
her eyes and looked to the direction that the sound came from. There at
the shattered door to her room was a very large white man. "Let this girl go. You can't treat a woman like this." With that, the two black men went
after the intruder but it did no good, because not only was he big, he was
one hell of a fighter. First he hit Officer Jones once in the stomach and
then across the chin and he went down like a sack of potatoes. Johnson was
a little more of a challenge and a better fighter. But, as good as he was
he had both men whipped just like the good guys in the movies. After a
minute or two of struggling, he had them both down on the floor begging him
not to hit them any more.

"Oh thank you mister," she said as he rolled her over and taking the key
and unlocking her handcuffs. "These guys were planning on keeping me
locked up here."

"You're welcome miss," the stranger said as he leaned forward and kissed
her on the lips. Amanda closed her eyes and she felt herself melt in the
stranger's arms as he kissed her gently. She felt his hand touch her face
and then felt him run his finger across her cheek and down her neck. She
lay there with her eyes still closed as the stranger put his hand inside
her blouse and stroked her breast.

"She is a pretty little thing," she heard someone say. Amanda snapped
her eyes open. Damn, it was THEM! It was the two policemen! She hadn't
been rescued, she'd only been dreaming. He had his hand under her blouse
and was caressing her breast. "Leave me alone you stupid pigs!" she
yelled. He pulled his hand out of her blouse and then rolled her over and
gave her a swift slap on the ass. She yelped and they laughed as she
squirmed to try to get away. "Don't call me a stupid pig you little cunt.
Now just lay still Amanda while I undo these cuffs."

Amanda stopped fighting as the men inserted the keys into her cuffs and
turned them and she felt the metal released from her wrists. " Now sit up
Amanda. We need to talk to you seriously." Amanda sat up and looked up at
the two men.

"I think you've punished me enough for now," she said to them.

"Punished you enough? What do you mean?"

"Don't play innocent with me asshole!" she said in a sarcastic voice. "
First, you pretended to arrest me and then you brought me here and on top
of it all, you have abused me and sexually molested me. Now I demand that
you let me go before you get into real deep trouble."

Officer Jones' expression went from that of a "good ol' boy" to one of
dead seriousness. He moved toward Amanda and she fell back on the bed. He
moved himself on top and put his weight on her. "Now listen Amanda, it's
like this. You will do WHAT we tell you! You will do it WHEN we tell you
and you will do it HOW we tell you!!!"

Amanda realized at this moment from the weight of the man lying on top
of her that she was in no position to fight him. He was an enormous man and he definitely had the upper hand. Amanda nodded to him and he moved
himself off of her. "That's better Amanda. Now we can get down to
business. Now Amanda, sit up and take off your blouse!"

Amanda shook her head slightly from side to side. "No," she whimpered.
"Please don't make me do this sir."

"Take off the fucking blouse or go to prison! Your fucking choice

Amanda hung her head down and slowly pulled her blouse off her upper
torso. She threw it down to the floor and it was quickly kicked out of the
way. She sat there trying to cover her naked breasts but Jones just
motioned for her to put her hands down to her sides. A whistle escaped
from his lips as she uncovered her young breasts. "Mmmmm mmmmmmm good,"
she heard him mumble as she exposed herself. He reached out and put his
large hand on her tit and began to squeeze her hard nipples. "See, I told
you she was a hot little bitch," he said as he rolled the hard bud between
his fingers. "You're doing fine little girlie, keep on doing what you are
doing." Amanda stood and put her hands into the elastic of her shorts and
slowly pulled them down. "That's it little girl. That's it. Now the
panties," he said as she finished stepping out of her shorts.

Amanda shook her head no. "Fuck you asshole! You've done enough
already! I won't take off the panties!" she said defiantly. Officer Jones
glared at her as if to order her but she stood fast refusing to obey him.
Amanda casually eyeballed the door and contemplated running.

"Now I said take off the panties Amanda!"

Amanda lunged forward and headed to the bedroom door. She turned the
handle and it opened. Jones and Johnson raced toward her but she made it
to the door before they could and she moved quickly toward the entrance to
her house. Just as she came into contact with the handle of the front door
officer Jones grabbed her wrist and began to drag her back to the bedroom.
Amanda kicked and screamed as the large black man pulled her back into the
bedroom and threw her on the bed. "No! Please! Leave me alone!"

At this point the two men were done playing around with her. "Time to
get down to business," she heard one of the men mutter. Office Johnson sat
down on the bed and pulled Amanda's hands above her head. Officer Jones
took the handcuffs and snapped them around one wrist as her arms were
pulled to the headboard. Her fate was sealed as she felt the cold metal
snap around her other wrist. "There, now that's better Amanda," Jones said
as he stood back looking at the partially nude girl lying on the bed.
Amanda tried to struggle but it did nothing but made her arms sore. "Why
are you punishing me?"

"Punishing you," Jones asked? "We're not punishing you. We are going
to teach you what it is that you should do for a man. We are going to show
you what you were built for." With that Amanda watched helplessly as he
stood back and began to slowly remove his uniform shirt. She watched with
a mixture of horror and fascination as he undressed. She watched his hand
as it moved down, undoing the buttons one at a time. He pulled his shirt out of his pants and removed it. The white undershirt stood out in sharp
contrast to his chocolate brown skin. Amanda felt her body stir as he
undressed in front of her while this other man watched. She was scared and
excited and extremely confused at what her body was feeling.

Officer Jones unbuckled his belt and pulled it out of his trousers.
Amanda watched intently as he reached for the snap of his pants and opened
them up. The sound of the zipper moving down made cold chills run down her
spine. Jones slipped the pants down and stepped out of them. He was
standing there in his white tee shirt and boxer shorts. She wondered what
was under those shorts, wondered what it looked like, wondered what it felt
like. Jones moved toward Amanda and took his hand and put it against the
crotch of her panties. She felt an electric jolt run through her body as
he moved his hand around her pubic area. "My, my Johnson. She is a hot
little number. You can feel her heat and the dampness through her
panties." Amanda moaned softly as he moved his finger under the opening of
the leg. He gently caressed the tender flesh between her leg and her
mound. "Nothing like young, tender flesh," he said as he removed his
finger. Putting his finger up to his face, he touched his finger onto his
lips. He could smell the fragrance of her womanhood on his finger and it
triggered a reaction deep inside him. He felt his cock grow stiffer as he
smelled her.

Moving forward one more time he took his large hands and hooked them
into the elastic of her panties. In one swift jerk he pulled them down.
Amanda pulled her thighs together as a last helpless defense against this
intruder. She turned her head to the side to block out what was happening
to her just in time to see officer Johnson drop his pants. She could see
the outline of his cock against his shorts. He smiled at her and rubbed
his crotch. "Like what you see Amanda," he asked? Amanda was amazed at
the bulge in his shorts. He smiled at her as he pushed the underwear down
and exposed himself to her. "Oh my god," Amanda mumbled when she first saw
his penis. It was huge. It had to be at least 10 inches long and thick enough that she could not wrap her hand around it. Amanda felt her body
quiver in excitement at the thought of touching and caressing that man sized penis. She tried to fight off the feelings but just as she was
thinking about his beautiful cock, she felt officer Jones' finger run
across her pussy lips. "Such a wet hot little pussy," he said as he pushed
his fingers into the folds of her vagina. "She's going to be a hot little
fuck Johnson," he chuckled.

Johnson moved onto the bed and knelt at Amanda's head. He took hold of
his dick and guided it till it touched Amanda's cheek. It was hot and hard
and Amanda could see the seminal fluid start to leak from the end of it.
"Here you go Amanda," he said as he rubbed it against her face.

Officer Jones moved his finger away from Amanda's pussy lips and stood
between her legs and removed his shirt. He stood back, bent forward and
pushed his boxers down to the floor. Amanda could not see his cock but she
felt it as he moved forward and touched the head to her pussy. "Holy
Shit!" she said as she felt the head touch her young flesh.

"You like that don't you little girl." Amanda didn't say anything, just
laid there with spasms running through her body. She could feel as officer
Jones rubbed the head of his prick against her pussy lips and she could
feels her moisture build up and coat the head of his dick. "You want my
cock don't you Amanda?"

Amanda could not get her words to come out. "I said you want this cock
don't you little cunt!" he said pushing the head into the entrance to her
pussy. Amanda could only lay there and nod as he rubbed it against her.
"No please, not this way. Free my hands and I'll do anything you want to.
Please!" she pleaded. Jones paused momentarily and looked at Officer
Johnson. "What do you think?" he asked.

Johnson nodded to Jones and he removed his penis from the entrance
between her legs. He reached up and unsnapped the cuffs from one wrist.
Amanda jerked her hand down and began rubbing her tender wrist. "Now
remember Amanda, you service us or you'll be restrained again and we will
have our way with you. Do you understand?"

Amanda looked up at Jones with her big brown eyes and nodded as if in
defeat. She knew what she had to do. She had done it before and she knew
that she would do it again and again. Officer Jones moved back and Amanda
slipped off the bed and dropped to her knees and came into eye contact with
his penis for the first time. She trembled as she saw it. It was not as
long as Johnson's cock but it was almost twice as big around! He smiled as
she took her hand and wrapped it around his dick. She looked up at him as
she aimed his manhood at her face and pressed her lips against it, gently
kissing the sensitive head. "That's a good little girl," he said smiling
as she gave her attention to it. Amanda opened her lips and she pulled her
head forward and she felt the smooth shaft enter her mouth. The taste of
it was salty but sweet she thought as the trail of pre cum ran down her

Officer Johnson walked toward the couple and watched as Amanda slid her
mouth over the head of Jones' cock. He rubbed his cock as he watched her
take him into her warmth an inch at a time. Her mouth was straining to get
around his shaft but she was giving it her best try. "Suck my cock Amanda!
Suck my black cock you little slut."

Amanda felt something change inside her at his words "you little slut."
It felt like something inside kicked her young hormones into high gear.
She started to pump his dick with her hand as she brought her other hand
and started gently playing with his balls. He saliva glands seemed to kick
in gear as she moved her lips up and down on this huge black dick into her

"Son of a bitch, look at that little slut go," officer Johnson said as
he watched her suck on it with all her being. Amanda let his cock fall out
of her mouth and she lifted it up and ran her tongue along the shaft on the
bottom side. She smiled an almost evil grin as she stopped her nibbling of
the under side of his shaft. She could hear Jones moan as she preformed
her oral talents on him. "Wanna' fuck me officer?" she said in her best
little girl voice.

With that, Jones pulled away from her and she released his cock from her
tender fingers. He reached down and pulled her up by the arm and took her
to the living area of the apartment. He laid her down on the couch and
propping her head on the arm of the couch began to lay on top of her.

"Hey Jones, don't hog it all," they heard Johnson say.

Jones moved off of her and took Amanda by the arm and stood her up.
Johnson sat down on the couch and stroked his cock. He moved Amanda in
front of him and pushed her down to his knees. "Suck his cock Amanda while
I fuck you." Amanda moved forward and crawled between his legs. She took
the cock of Johnson and held it in her hand and began to lick the
underside. "Lick it you little bitch. Lick it you little cunt," she heard
him moan.

As Jones moved behind her, she felt him slide between her legs and
spread her knees slightly. She pressed her lips against the bottom of
Johnson's dick as she felt Jones position himself for his entrance into

"You want my dick Amanda?" he asked her. Amanda moaned and nodded. "I
asked you if you wanted my dick you little cunt?" he asked as he slapped
her on the ass. Amanda released Johnson's dick as she felt the force of
his hand make contact with her tender ass. She felt Johnson's hand slam
into her ass flesh again. "Tell me you want it." "Yes," she responded

Once again the hand of the black man slammed into her ass. "I said tell
me you want my big black cock."

"Yes! Yes!" she said. "I want your big black cock!"

"Tell me what you want me to do with my big black cock you little cunt,"
he said as he smacked her ass harder this time.

"Fuck me! Fuck me with your big black fuck stick!" she screamed as he
teased her.

With that, he pushed the head into the entrance to her young pussy. His
cock was harder than he thought possible now. It was unbelievable, the
pressure on the skin as his erection was at full force. He took hold of it
to steady it and slid it against the lips of her pussy. Amanda let out a
low moan as he pushed the big black head in. "Oh my!" she exclaimed as he
pushed into her. Never before had she experienced a cock thick enough to
fill her and rub against her clit at the same time. Her eyes rolled back
in her head as he pushed himself into her. He was splitting her wide open!
She felt the heat transfer from his cock to her cunt walls as he forced it
into her. Her fingers dug into the thighs of the man whose legs she was
kneeling into.

Johnson sat there and watched her face and knew that she was feeling the
full force of his partner's cock, but he was getting impatient waiting for
his pleasure. He took Amanda by the hair and pulled her head up from his
lap. "Hey cunt, you are forgetting about me," he said as he pushed his
cock into her face. He didn't wait for her to get her mouth completely
open before he pulled her face against his dick and slid it between her
lips. Amanda felt his dick push against the back of her throat and almost
choked before she was able to pull her head away. He released her and let
her go to work on his member as his partner continued his rear assault.

Johnson could feel the vibration of Amanda's voice as she moaned while
Jones pushed deeper into her pussy. Every time he pushed it in a little
more, she would gasp and start to release Johnson's cock from her mouth but
he always had his hand there to stop her from releasing him. "Suck it you
little cunt." All Amanda could do now was suck on his dick while Jones
moved his massive piston into her. Johnson took hold of her hair and began
to move her head back and forth on his dick. She tried to suck but all she
could do was hold her mouth on him. She could feel Jones as he held onto
her hips and pushed his wide dick inside her until she didn't think she
could take any more. She felt her pussy begin to spasm as he pummeled into
her. She felt her muscles twitch and then she felt her body clamp around
his cock tighter as she felt her first wave of orgasm hit her.

Jones felt her muscles contract around his rigid rod and he pushed into
her faster, feeling the pressure build up in his balls until he could take
it no more. Amanda began to buck back against him as he fucked her and
then she felt him release his first burst of hot spunk into her steaming
hot snatch. Wave after wave of delicious pleasure moved over her body as
he squirted his life fluid into her depths. She dug her nails into
Johnson's thighs as she felt her orgasm peak and felt Jones' cock start to
soften inside her.

Jones pulled out of her and moved away from her tender pussy. Johnson's
cock by now was in need of some release, so he pushed Amanda away and stood
up. He rubbed his cock and looked down at Amanda. "Now it's my turn
tramp," he said as he smiled at her. Taking her by the arm he lifted her
up and laid her back on the couch and moved between her legs. "Now you are
going to see what a real cock feels like," he told her as he aimed his 10
inch dick between her legs. "No please, I can't take any more," she moaned
as he hovered over her.

Johnson looked at her and said, "You'll take what I say you'll take," as
he pushed into her. She spread her legs wide and felt his cock slide deep
into her. His cock went into her slick pussy with ease. He pulled it out
and slid it inside her, moving deeper and deeper with each stroke. He
penetrated her even deeper than Jones had been able to. "No!" she moaned
loudly as he pushed into virgin territory. She tried to struggle but he
just held her down with the weight of his massive body and pushed into her
until his entire tool was buried in her hot snatch. Amanda wrapped her
legs around his hips and her arms around his neck and pulled him tightly to

He felt her nibble on his neck as she held him tight and he withdrew his
cock and pushed it deep inside her once more. "Fuck me," she whispered in
his ear. "Fuck me hard you black stallion."

Johnson pulled back and after pausing for a second pushed the entire
length of his dick into her pussy. "Oh shit!" she moaned as he began to
fuck her harder. She relaxed her legs, giving him room to move in and out
of her easier. "Oh fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me!" she moaned.

"Fuck the little cunt," she heard Officer Jones tell his friend. "Fuck
the little bitch good. Show her what a brother can do to a fresh little
cunt like her."

Johnson pulled his hand back and slapped her on the ass as he pushed
deep into her pussy. "Unnnnnggggg," she moaned as increased the intensity
of every stroke.

"You like that don't you slut," he said as he hit her again. He looked
down at her ass, red from the swats he was giving her. "A little pain
heightens the pleasure, doesn't it slut," he said as he hit her ass again.

"Yes sir!" she moaned. "Please fuck me, please fuck me!"

"Fuck her Johnson, fuck the little fucking slut hard!"

The combination of his friend's cheering, Amanda's moans and the
tightness of her pussy was doing it's number on his cock. Amanda could
feel his huge balls push against her clit each time that he pushed forward.
"Such a tight little pussy," he said as he felt the tension build up in
them. Amanda's pussy muscles once again began to contract and he knew that
she was reaching another orgasm.

"OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" she wailed as he fucked her with all his
might. Amanda was no longer pushing back, she had collapsed and was just
trembling in orgasmic pleasure. He pulled out of her pussy and pulled her
back. He aimed his cock at Amanda's face and rubbed up and down the

"Open your mouth for your reward for being a good little bitch," he told
her as he stroked his cock.

"Yeah, open wide bitch while Officer Johnson gives you your reward for
being a good little fuck slut," his friend yelled!

Johnson let out a yell as his huge black cock released it's cum into her
mouth. Amanda choked as the first blast came from those huge balls and
then she closed her mouth and the second hit her face and ran down her
chin. She sat there as wave after wave after wave of his salty hot love
juice splashed across her face. Johnson continued to stroke his cock until
all of his cum was drained from his balls. He took hold of Amanda's chin
and forced her mouth open and pushed his cock into her mouth. She sucked on it like it was candy, draining what sperm was left in him.

Johnson pulled out of Amanda's mouth and pushed her back onto the
carpet. "Thanks a lot slut. I guess you have done your community service
today." Both men laughed as they walked toward the bedroom and began to put
their clothes back on. Amanda weakly pulled herself back up on the couch
and lay back watching the men who had just fucked her hard get dressed.

After they had left, she made her way to the bathroom. She walked to
the sink and looked at her face in the mirror. "Oh my god," she said as
she looked at her cum covered face. She walked to the shower and turned it
on as hot as she could stand it. Stepping into the shower she leaned
against the wall and let the water cascade across her body. Life was
really getting interesting, she though to herself. And….tomorrow is
another day.


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