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MyClanFamily DefendingOurWayOfLife


Title: My Clan family - Defending Our Way Of Life
Keywords: mF, inc, mdom, teen, mom, son
Author: Caesar

A gay young prince from Morocco
Made love in a manner rococco.
He painted his penis
To resemble a venus
And flavored his semen with cocoa.

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My Clan family - Defending Our Way Of Life

by Caesar, copyright 2001-2002

$Revision: 1.4 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:25 $

I lost myself into my work. The loss of Anne hit me harder than I
assumed it would - yet it happened during a time of joy.

The birth of my first child, a daughter, was miraculous and a joy to
my world. Minutes after her birth, Anne slipped away into oblivion -
nothing the doctors could do, could save her. Perhaps mother had been
right, Anne was too slight to bear children.

Though I had a girl-child, she was the love of my life. So precious
and a pureness of innocence that I found myself spending as much time
as possible around. I cared little for what my opponents within the
Clan claim, that nothing matters but a man-child. Little Dora, my
mothers mothers name, mattered.

The tome I had been reading for the last three hours was giving me a
headache. Written centuries ago, the ink almost blurry on the thick parchment, setting down the beliefs that we now lived by. This book,
and others like it, were the forebears of our way of life. I sat back
and grabbed for a bottle of Tylenol and a glass of water.

"Headache again darling?"

It was mother, standing in the doorway to my personal office at home.
I simply chased the two pills with a mouthful of water and swallowed

The love of my life and my first slave came behind me and massaged my
shoulders. So much was different - gone was the carefree days of
college. Now it seemed that I had little time or energy to even
fornicate. I regretted my retreat into matters larger than my
immediate family - but it appeared unavoidable.

Her hands quickly loosened the knot of muscle about the base of my

"Hum... that feels great mom." It did.

"Why don't you take the rest of the day off honey?" We have been
together so many years that she was the only one in my life that was
allowed such familiarity when she addressed me.

Another thing that was different than so long ago - I had become an
important person within the Clan. My mandate giving me power over the
future of our Clan.

"Is Dora sleeping?"

"Yes darling, Glenda read her a story and Dora was asleep before the
second page was finished."

Glenda was a slave I purchased, mostly to help with the raising of my
daughter. mother had found her. Glenda had not been born into the
Clan but introduced to it when she was a teenager - it was the life
that she chose to live. Such individuals are often looked upon with
suspicion by Clan insiders, but the reality was that someone that
consciously made the decision to be among us was a strong proponent
for our way of life. Glenda's husband and small son were killed by a
drunk driver a couple of years before - it tore her world apart.

She was now an important part of my family - and my mothers lover and

I reached around and gently pulled my mother down upon my lap, she
laughed gently and wrapped my head in her arms. "I love you Master."

My hand slipped beneath her woollen skirt and she spread her knees to
allow it to reach her crotch. I found it, as it has always been,
warm, smooth and moist. With a little more attention, I knew mother's
sex would flow like a river. It was the path to her soul that was
always open for me.

Her lips found my own and I kissed her with passion that has been
lacking in my life since Anne died. Mothers hip pressed painfully
against my hardening cock and she sighed with the pleasure of the

The fucking phone rang immediately tearing my erotic soul asunder. I
couldn't leave it.

Mom slipped off my lap understanding as always. Straightened her
skirt even as I reached for the damn phone.

"Yes? Get the team together, tomorrow morning... ten is fine." I
hung up, angry at the intrusion. I allowed the luxury of sexual
bliss, even the promise of it, so rarely in my life these days, that I
almost felt guilty for neglecting my work while also feeling angry at
choices long forgotten.

I leaned into the desk and back to the tome. mother knew what it
meant, "Will you come out to the table for supper honey - or should I
have it sent in here?"

"In here mom."

She slipped silently from the room.

I sat back, my mind still not able to focus on my work.

I've been given a task to reinvent the Clan for our younger members.
Duncan, and other Elders, have been aware for years of the eroding
dedication that was needed for our way of life to survive. Members
stopped attending church, girls ran away from their families, tithe
was stopped, even some men abused the power they had over their
slaves. Violence was rampant in our Clan and we were in danger of
having the rest of the world discovering, and thus destroying, our
chosen path.

The outside world seemed to seduce our members and I was to find out
why and how to keep them.

To that end, I was given a free reign to choose the men that could
help me. I chose some of the wisest Priests and Elders, even two
older slaves that have been part of our Clan for eighty years -
bringing them from all parts of the world to our little town. I tore
into these old books as if they held the answer - sometimes spending
days on single passages. So far they hadn't given anything but
headaches - certainly no answers.

There was a light knock on the thick oak door. "Yes?" It was rather
angry sounding, though I did not feel that way.

"Hello Master?"

"Yes, come in Julia." I sat back to watch my youngest slave enter my
office, at some point it had gotten dark outside and my room was
nearly black except for where the light shone upon my desk. She was
in shadow till she stood a mere foot from me. "What is it?" My voice
was softer this time.

I had found Julia when I toured one of the Clan Children Farms - a
place for unwanted or abandoned children of our Clan. Mostly girls.
They were horrendous places - abuse and neglect the norm. I had
overhauled the system, from the top down, a few years back - to much
success. Though I feared that my changes were cosmetic and the horror
of such a world continued as it always had.

Julia had lived nearly her whole fifteen years when I met her in that

It was a year later and I felt her knowledge of the rawness of humans
to be valuable. Julia had a long scar, from her left eye to the
corner of her mouth - she had been beaten with a spatula for some
minor indiscretion, and the sharp edge had sliced her face - but she
was a very beautiful young woman. It was her eyes that I saw first,
they contained a sad wisdom that caused me to stop and talk with her.

I can still remember how the farm attendants and executives stood
behind me nervously as I stopped before a dirty bench to chat with
this waif of a girl. She had spoken with fear but had the strength to
speak her mind - regardless of the consequences.

I took her with me that same day when I left from my inspection.

The strange thing about her was that she enjoyed sex - though hated
the abuse, mostly sexual, that she endured since she could remember.
I would think a person would learn to hate what was used to harm them.
Perhaps it was because Julia was intelligent enough to understand that
sex in itself was not bad, but how it was used.

Sometimes, as we coupled, I found her tiny thin Lolita body
reminiscent of Anne's. I had to always stop myself from that path,
depression and despair lay down that path.

The real sadness was that, as a child of the Farm's, she never
expected to live in a house as grand as my own. Or to belong to a
gentle and caring Master, as I believe I am. The future for such
children was bleak, to say the least. And thus, her devotion and
passion for me never faltered, and she was a staunch supporter within
my family. I never took it for granted.

"Would you like me to bring you supper now Master?" She stared down
at the floor before her feet - something she learnt as a child, never
look someone in the eye.

I knew she had not come here to ask me about supper, but mother had
send the teenager to see if she can draw out the passion that had
sparked earlier with my parent.

My hand slipped out to gently run itself along her thin smooth thigh.
She wore only a long tee-shirt that barely reached to mid-thigh.

Perhaps I should take a break - it has been weeks since Julia and I
have fucked? And maybe a good tumble would clear my thoughts - let me
get back into the thick tomb.

My other hand slipped up and gently pulled the willing teenager's face
down to my own. Her eyes closed and her moist lips parted as we
joined. Even in her kisses, this slave was submissive.

How do I get the honour and dignity of the Clan back?

Her tongue slipped about my own through my travels of her mouth, never
guiding only following. My hand slipped from her thigh to between her
legs and I felt her molten sex overflowing with desire.

As I had discovered early, when shown gentle deliberate passion, her
body responded very positively. It was probably a side-affect of
being mistreated for so many years.

A finger slipped into her and she opened her mouth wide to gasp with

She was my slave and I owned her.

My other hand slipped to my own lap to unzip my pants. She merely
followed as I guided her, her thin thighs straddling my own strong
legs. Expertly she found the thrusting pole and lowered herself upon

"Oh!" It never failed to amaze me, how tight this girls sex was. And
she was so tiny, I wondered if the head of my prick entered her to a
point directly behind her belly button. "Master!" Slowly, seemingly
empathetic for my needs, she rose her body from mine - froze - then
dropped it roughly back down.

Julia was also a screamer.

She didn't hold back this time and my book covered walls must have
vibrated from the bellow of her pleasure. I simply watched her
youthful pixie-like face, the raw pleasure obvious.

Mother told me not many months before that Julia loved me, loved
giving me pleasure, loved the pleasure she received when I was happy.
The perfect submissive. No so unlike mother it would seem.

The same but different. And I found pleasure in both.

I tore the thin tee-shirt wide, exposing her near-flat chest - her
tiny nipples puffing out obscenely. They were always a gauge to her
pleasure, if her hot wet cunt was ignored, the tiny nubbins ballooning
at least three times their size were an excellent test. And they
never reacted like this when cold only with hot with passion.

Her movements began to accelerate and I marvelled at her ability to
hug my sex with her inner muscles with each slow withdrawal of her
body. It was like a strong fist that moved upon my cock. Julia would
allow the tightness to loosen before she dropped back to my lap. When
our bodies smashed, the erotic echo of our intertwined sex parts was
like bawdy music to my ears.

She clung to me now, her head upon my shoulder, her small chest
against my sweater, as her ass moved up and down deliberately. I
could feel her desire to please me, to draw out my energy through my
cock - yet knew that her own was approaching much faster than her

Julia bit into my sweater and squealed loudly as the last pinnacle was
reached and she teetered on the summit of her climax.

The scream must have caused all in my home to smile, knowing that
their Master had forgotten his work, if only for a few minutes, to
enjoy this sexy young slave. Julia wailed as the orgasm hit her hard,
her whole body becoming wild and uncontrollable. I found myself
holding her firmly, else she fall and perhaps hurt herself on the
hardwood floor.

Somehow she never became unseated from my still-hard cock and found
herself exhausted and laying lifeless upon my body.

The minutes passed and I was allowed to savour the closeness with this
girl - her innocence a lie contrary with the horrors she had to endure
before she entered my life.

I felt her hips raise and reached around to hold them down against me.
Julia pulled her face away from mine and stared at my chin when she
whispered, "Master?" Her question obvious, I was rock hard and inside
her body - her pleasure could not interrupt my own, I was the Master.
She wanted to be allowed to continue and did not understand why I
stopped her.

"Shhh... quiet Little One," my pet name for her, "I'm enjoying this
moment." Julia lay her head upon my chest, directly over my heart and
never moved.

A small knock came to my door.

It was fucking busier in here than at the team building, I had rented
nearly a year ago for our group work.

It was mother. "Darling? May I come in?"

"Yes, come in mother." I knew my voice did not sound amused at her
intrusion. With both hands I held that tiny face and guided her lips
to my one. They tasted sweet and I could tell she desired to pleasure
me by the way her body melted into my own, the way her lips drew my
into her. "Go have a bath little one, I'll come up later - after I do
a few more hours of work."

The only way to describe the look in Julia's eye was sadness.

She slowly disengaged from me, her spend leaving my crotch soaked.
Mother stood over my left flank and looked down surprised at my still
hard pole. I caught her give the young slave a disapproving glance -
it was a woman's place to pleasure her man - it was mothers spot as
head woman of my household to ensure I was happy.

"Julia?" She stopped before the doorway and turned back to me
silently. "Did you ever dream about being like the outsiders - a girl growing up in a outsider family when you lived in the Farm?"

Julia frowned in thought, then answered cautiously, "Not that I
remember Master... but we did not really know how outsiders lived." I
knew she was taught that outsiders could not be trusted and were evil
- I have seen the curriculum that the instructors taught these

"And now - honest Little One?" It was a warning.

She looked surprised and stared me directly in the eye, a rarity in
itself. "No Master never. I can not think of a better place to live
- a better man to be a slave too."

I knew her to be an intelligent young woman - but could her brain
washing early years have distorted her beliefs and thoughts?

"Thank you Little One... use lots of bubbles!" She smiled and
retreated. And I knew her to be pleased that she would share my bed
later in the evening, the coveted spot in my home. I also knew the
pleasure she found in a simply bubble bath - never having seen one
till she moved in with me.

When the door closed I grunted at mother, "Get down here and clean
this." My cock.

She looked surprised, but pleased, as its been a long while since I
have given her a similar instruction. And if there was two things
that mother enjoyed, was my cock in her mouth and the taste of a woman
upon that cock.

In her expensive wool skirt and silk blouse, mother came over and
knelt slowly before me. She leaned in and took long licks of my
soiled dick - her smile evidence of the pleasure of her job.

It was several long minutes before she was completed, and my cock
cleaned from that teenage beauty when mother suddenly lowered her face
and sucked my cock to the back of her throat. I knew what she was
doing, of course, attempting to pleasure her son in a way that she
knew to work so many times in the past.

"Mother? Slave!" She finally stopped and lifted her face from my
lap, licking her lips perhaps to savour the lingering taste.

"Yes darling?" mother smiled up at me, knowing that I knew of her

"Why did you come to see me?" I reached down and tucked my hard cock
into my pants - the movement enough of a dismissal that mother knew
her wish to pleasure her only son was refused.

"Glenda wondered if you would like to see Dora before she put her to
bed?" mother stood back up, primping with her skirt to iron out the
wrinkles from the kneeling position she had held for the last several

Bed? Hadn't Dora just gone to bed? "I thought she was sleeping

Mother gently smiled at my time loss and came over to return to my
lap, my hand fondling her sexy stocking covered thigh with unconscious
pleasure. "That was hours ago darling, before Dora's nap. You have
been working all this time."

"And my supper?"

"You never answered the door - its in the oven if you would like it

I ran my hands through my hair and laughed at myself, how I loose
myself in my work.

"Yes, I'd love to see Dora before bed."

She smiled and slipped off my lap. Just before she opened the door
her hand froze and she turned back to me, "Honey - are you OK?"

"Of course mother - why do you ask that?" Had she noticed that my
dick had wilted back to its comforting everyday size?

She shrugged, I think perhaps she missed that life we had in college as well. "I worry about you. I'm just a silly old woman."

"Your hardly old." She gave me one of those, 'you have to say that
your my son' looks. The truth was, I have barely touched her in
recent months and I knew this hurt her.

Glenda came down holding Dora's tiny hand, both smiling happily. Dora
came running over to me, her matron left before the door, "Daddy!"
She wrapped her tiny arms about my neck and gave me a fierce hug.

I pulled her up into my lap and hugged her back. Finally she pulled
away and looked at me with a serious frown, "Not tired daddy!" She
had this little sing-song voice that was precious.

"Your not tired?"

"Dora not tired." She firmly added.

I smiled softly and said, "I love you darling!"

Her lips pressed together and her arms came around to fold before her
little fleece nightie, "Not tired!"

I laughed at her stubbornness, like her grandmothers, and kissed her

Glenda, knowingly, came in and lifted the tiny girl from my lap. "She
missed you today Master." My daughters arms held about the neck of
her nanny.

Like my mother, Glenda had a way to voice her displeasure and her
concerns. I actually enjoyed it from the mindless devotion that was
demanded of slaves. How else was I to successfully run this family without knowing when something was not right?

"I missed you too Dora."

"Daddy all done work?" Her little eyes looked at me hopeful.

"Soon baby." Perhaps we should go on a vacation somewhere for a
month... after this assignment was complete... I'll have to ask mother to plan it. Will I ever complete this work?

"'Night daddy!"

"Good night my little angel." She was too.

I was left in the darkness with my thoughts.

How was I to preserve the way of our Clan? It seemed that Duncan was
desperate for an answer from me, that I could help rebuild something
that was in danger of disintegrating after centuries.

It was incredible, but I realized that I believed it may all come
crashing down amongst us. I strode to the large window and looked out
over my estate, the large trees half bare and blowing in the fall

Yes, it may not be from the outsiders discovering us or may not be
when our young members loose faith. I believed there was something
else that threatened our way of life - ourselves. If we kept on
acting like masters of this world, treating women like objects we may
find ourselves outcast from our very own world.

What the hell was I thinking?

Was not the Clan the life I grew up in - the reason for my pleasure
and my rewards?

It was also the base of my embarrassment - the Farms for instance. To
treat children like that is too horrific to justify. I trembled to
imagine Dora in such a place.

We had to found what we sought before we looked upon ourselves as
evil, as surely the outside world would if they had a glimpse into our

But how do I tell this, teach this to our brethren? How do I tell
Duncan and the other Elders that they have to change all that they
hold sacred?

And what about the women, the slaves?

That was the base of our faith, our way of life, that men are dominant
that women are submissive. Yet, there are ancient writings also
claiming that there were strong women, superior to many men. This was
somehow ignored by our Priests and Elders.

Were women to always be property? Or is it more complicated?

I felt my loins stirring in my pants and it surprised me so much that
I looked down comically, as if I never realized I had something behind
the zipper of my slacks.

It was my thoughts of women - of slaves, submissives. I enjoyed this
life that I had been born into. I'm proud of the power it gave over

There was many positives to this life - this world we in the Clan
lived in. Yet, there was also the bad, things that we tried to ignore
as if they did not exist but we felt guilt and pain still.

Thoughts started to just roll through my mind - and after months of
study and talking, it all came upon me suddenly. It seemed that I
knew the problems that our society faced and I knew what I must do
change it.

I had to teach.

There was a knock at my door and instead of the normal feeling of
being interrupted, I felt secure this sudden knowledge could not
easily drift from my thoughts.


It was mom, again. Probably to try and get me to eat something.

"Come in mother." She came to stand behind me, I could hear hear
breathing, feel her concerned eyes upon the back of my head. I spun
about and gave my first slave a wide happy smile. "I'm glad your here

Her brow furled in a silent question.

"I want you." I looked boldly into her eyes and I saw that the
understanding come to her, her lips widened happily.

"Where my love?"

"Here... now!"

She stood there, as if uncertain how I wished to start, not wanting to
offend my delicate mood - else this be but a respite of the recent

"Take your clothing off." I stood before the window, the moon
spilling past me to spotlight my middle-aged mother as she slowly

This was unexpected, but the life of a slave was sometimes unexpected.
She was beautiful - even after all these years - and I felt my manhood
hunger for her. She silently questioned me with her eyes, if the
smoke coloured stocking should stay or go - they soon fell to the
floor with the remainder of her clothing. My answer silent as well.

Mother, naked with not a hair upon her body below her head, looked
younger than her years. Perhaps as young as my peer. I knew every
inch of her, tasted every inch of her, enjoyed in creative ways every
one of those inches. I loved her, felt joy that it was returned.

"Turn slowly slave."

Mother rotated her body extremely slowly, her eyes trying to watch my
own. I think she was surprised at the renewed fire she saw, the
hunger for her.

When she again faced me, "You were my first slave."

"Yes Master." There was not much else to say.

"You taught me how to love, how to fuck, how to make love like a man."

Mother gasped at the word 'love', I've never used it with her. Times
were going to change mother - you are going to be my slave till the
day you die, but you may be pleased at what will go on about you - how
you and your fellow slaves are treated.

"Thank you Master. I loved every moment."

I know she did. "Come here."

She took the two steps and pressed her large round breasts against my
chest - her arms coming up to circle my neck. I pulled her roughly
against my body, enjoying her softness. "I want you."

It was the second time I had said that and I felt mother tremble with
desire. "I want you too my son."

I released her, "Take my clothing off mom."

Mom moved swiftly but expertly as she rushed to remove every stitch of
my clothing. The room was cold and the hard wood floor chilly, I
enjoyed the realization of now.

I pulled her back into my arms and kissed her long and hard, my tongue
invading her mouth with a hunger and passion long forgotten. My hands
roughly grappled with her wide sexy ass.

It ended as sudden as it started and gently pushed her away from me.
Mother was lost now, I saw it in her eyes, panting with need but
submissive and loving for her Master.

Quickly I spun about, bringing mother with me and pressed her back to
the waist high sill before the large window. The wide window was
arched outwards with the low counter before it - the hastily discarded
forgotten books were quickly pushed to the floor as mother hopped up
onto the old oat shelf.

Her eyes questioned me, wanting me, wanting me to be happy.

Then her eyes trailed downwards and she saw that the response of my
hunger for her, my cock pulsated tall and proud between us.
Unconsciously she spread her legs and brought her ankles up to rest
upon the shelf, against he back of her thighs. This almost doubled
her body in half, it certainly caused her hairless sex to open

I took the step needed to close the distance between us and just
slipped myself into her.

Mother hissed, "Oh god!"

I had sunk to the root in one long thrust, our bodies pressed together
as we have known so often before. Her eyes watched my own, searching
for answers to my heavy soul perhaps? Yet only finding a new found
pleasure and vigour.

Both of my paws came up to grasp her huge soft breasts roughly.

In years past, we had fucked like pubescent teenagers. Not getting
enough of the other, both of us learning with the other. Somewhere
along the route we had lost that. Now it was back, I knew she felt it
as I did. Thought it puzzled her, perhaps she did not even know it
was lost?

I began to vigorously fuck into the hot passionate woman before me.
It was very well received, I assure you. This woman, this slave,
thrust her self toward me in time to my own movements - her bosom
pressed firmly into my hands and her mouth was open and gasping with
pleasure. It was her eyes, though, that spoke volumes.

Our slapping thrusting bodies pounded lewdly and her sex was so hot so
wet that it echoed upon the same walls that heard my slave Julia
scream earlier.

I pushed her back so to that her head and shoulders lay upon the
window - it had to be cold but she never seemed to notice. Then I
began to really move, I fucked without reservation, hard and fast.
Mother immediately began to hiss and gasp as an orgasm overtook her.
Yet, I never even slowed, just continued to move in and out, fucking
her like I haven't done in years. Soon another orgasm was approaching
and she pulled her own knees back to her chest so as to give me better
access to her vagina.

I lost count how often mother gasped our, shivered in delight and
hissed as another orgasm overtook her. I haven't a clue how long I
fucked into her sexy older body. I was sweaty and my muscles
trembling, but my cock was hard and strong.

When it was inevitable, I simply stood back away from her wonderful
form and stroked it in my hand as I exploded.

My orgasm was shattering, and I felt it in every inch of my body and
soul. It was exactly what I needed. My spurts of ejaculate splatted
upon the white skin of mothers big heaving breasts and soft rounded
stomach. Her eyes now watched it discharged with a gentle pleasure,
thankful perhaps that her sex-torture was over. And I wondered for
the first time if she would be sore tomorrow, I had pounded against
her for so long and so roughly that I new it to be a fact.

Finally her eyes closed and she hummed with pleasure, one of her hands
came up and rubbed my come into her white smooth skin. All the while
I stood watching, panting, my hand on my wilting dick and fighting the
urge to sit upon the chilled floor in exhaustion.

The two of us were a product of our Clan, both of us born into the
middle levels of it. We represented both the good and bad in what
every member had to take responsibility of.

Mother was a slave, given to me years ago by her husband, and she
loved me like no outsider mother-son could understand. She had found
peace in the submission of her sexuality and her life, she also found
power in herself. My slave was a strong woman - a woman who had
taught me how to be strong. She was without a doubt the most
influential person in my life, and she was only a slave.

My mind was returning to the thoughts of earlier, strategizing my
thoughts so that I may discharge them from my soul to let others

Lost in thought I never noticed mother slip from her perch. But I did
feel those wonderful lips take my soft member and suckle me with love
and submission.

I had the ammunition to defend our way of life, it lay in the strength
and character of the woman kneeling before me.


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