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MyClanFamily FirstWeddingToASlave


Title: My Clan family - First Wedding To A Slave
Keywords: mF, fF, teen, inc, bond, mdom, mom, son
Author: Caesar

Who walked down the street in the nude.
A bobby said, "Whattum
Magnificent bottom!"
And slapped it as hard as he could.

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My Clan family - First Wedding To A Slave

by Caesar, copyright 2000-2002

$Revision: 1.5 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:25 $

Clan weddings can happen any where - all that was needed, was a elder
or a priest to reside over one... and a little privacy from the rest
of non-Clan society of course.

On one side stood of the meadow stood Anne, with her large extended
family behind her.

On my side stood mother and Mr. Duncan.

In the middle, the Clan priest, with the scriptures of our forefathers
in his hands.

I listened earnestly at the palms, the wisdom held within awing me
with reverence. Yet, I could not help but stare across the sun-filled
grassy field at the tiny naked teenager that would soon be my wife.
Her father stood next to her - awaiting the command of the priest to
step forwards.

She was beautiful and still youthful. Mr. Duncan had arranged this
marriage for me - his patronage having advanced me both in my personal
and professional life these last couple of years. Anne's family was
also senior in the Clan, her father an elder in his own right. The
price for her exuberant, but the political link to her family well
worth it.

A breeze started and the trees surrounding the glen whistled like

I saw the priest nod and stepped slowly forwards.

Anne and her father did the same opposite me.

I stood before my bride, her father looking at the priest patiently,
she looking at the grass before my feet.

"Do you accept this slave for your wife Thomas?"

"She will do." It was the proper response. Anne had lovely tiny
breasts - her nipples even now puffy in the light spring breeze.

"Do you willingly sell this girl-child to this man?"

"Yes." Not the proper response but I could see that he was nervous.
No one, including I, will fault him.

"Then, she is yours to command." The priest smiled at me and closed
the bible. Seems quick - but there was twenty minutes of readings
before we had closed the distance between us. And midnight last night
I had to meet with Anne's father and the priest for a couple of hours
- final negotiations.

I then leaned forwards and slipped a gold chain about the neck of my
new slave - her innocent eyes smiling at me, with love perhaps, as I
clasped it behind her head. In years past the Clan used to use thick iron, or far enough back - bronze, collar's - now the chain is more
symbolic and the ancient metal only needed when the girl's devotion to
the Clan was in question. Anne's was not. She had been trained from
birth for this moment.

The final act of this age-old ritual was when Anne's father passed me
a jewelled symbolic leash and a silk scarf. The ceremony was complete
- I had my second slave, my first wife.

All those attending started to clap, a couple of Anne's brothers
hooting playfully. Anne blushed and looked at me shyly beneath her
long dark eyelashes - she was lovely in a youthful innocent sort of

Anne stood before me after her father and the priest started to walk
away chatting and laughing, naked - as she owned nothing of her own,
only what her new husband was willing to give her - our eyes
communicating. Was that love in her eyes? It couldn't be.

We had met once before - after Mr. Duncan had passed me the
information and the rewards for such a binding - at her parents cottage by a small picturesque lake. We had not spoken a word, I only
talked with her father and two of her brothers. Yet she was brought
to me, told to disrobe, turn and then kneel upon the floor and be

The Clan priests taught us in Sunday school, as a child and teenager,
that young girls spend years anticipating being sold to a strong and
powerful man. One whom will protect and pleasure them. It was not
impossible that a innocent, and I mean that in the Clan sense of the
word, could fall for her husband though she had never said a word to

Being the recipient of such strong devotion was a little startling
from my perspective.

Anne was a tiny woman, shorter than mother, with small 'B' cup breasts with nipples that tended to puff rather than tighten when excited or
cold and she had thin hips. It was her petite face that attracted me
most - strikingly beautiful. Her full lips, small pointed nose, ice
blue eyes, petite round shaped - gorgeous.

Mother had attended to her shortly after my first meeting as I had
agreed to continue with the negotiations for marriage, as the senior
and only woman in my household, her duty to inspect the girls virginity. The Clan was very particular about a young girls virginity. She had returned with only one complaint - her hips were
too thin for baring children. And she called her my 'Lolita bride' -
which gained her a playful paddling upon her sexy round ass.

I laughed it away; she may be a tiny woman, but she would be a fun
ride to be sure!

After that it was only about money - which was sorted out promptly.
Money meant nothing to me now - the Clan was very generous to its
favoured sons. I never had a need for anything those final three
years in University, and the one year since graduating I was paid by
both my job and the Clan bankers directly.

I was still being groomed and watched for some higher purpose.

After Anne's sixteenth birthday, the day was set. It was a beautiful
spring day and Mr. Duncan had suggested this meadow as it was where he
had married his own bride so many years before.

I agreed readily at my mentors suggestion.

"Kiss me Anne." She came the two steps toward me and stood up upon
her toes, her lips puckering, her eyes closed. I had to lean down but
the kiss was magical - wonderful. She tasted so delicious.

I noticed that someone was beside us - mother. "This is my mother Anne." I separated and nodded toward mom. Though they had met, she
was now being formally introduced. "She is the senior of my house."
Meaning the senior woman among these two slaves.

Anne cocked her eye at me, surprised at this non-traditional
instruction. Normally a wife automatically assumed the senior
position within a household - though this wasn't a formal Clan law, it
had become almost tradition in most homes, especially in our region.

Coldly mother smiled, and motioned for the girl to come to her. Like
me she had to lean down, not as far though, to kiss the teenage bride.
Unlike me she slipped a hand to that lean tiny ass and gave it a firm
squeeze. Anne gasped and looked up into the eyes of the older woman -
"Never forget that and we will get alone fine slave." She released my
bride and smiled at her son sweetly, "Wonderful marriage darling."

I had known of this approaching power struggle for some weeks - mother had playfully nagged me to discover my intentions with this new
addition into my family. What her station was, how much control
mother had over her when she found out I still wanted her as the
senior slave. I had even found mother spending more time primping and
exercising - perhaps unconsciously knowing a much younger woman was
about to be added to what has always been our very private and
personal relationship.

"It was wasn't it mother." I was full of pride and happiness - the
crowd had already found the huge tent and the catered dinner awaiting
us. I leaned in and gave mother a wet kiss upon the lips - her eyes
glowing with pride. Anne watched us silently.

Two hours later, I sat at the head of the largest table - Anne serving
me the fine dessert. Her brothers making bawdy jokes and reaching for
the serving slaves present. The older ladies made delightful comments
upon the expensive and endless supply of food and the state of this
fine day. All were finely dressed except for the bride - and many of
the men present looked at me with envy.

Hours later, as the crowd started to thin the priest that had
proceeded over my marriage drunkenly slide into a chair near me. "Ah
Thomas - wonderfully perfect."

"It was sir - thank you!"

He waved it off and turned his head to stare, not for the first time I
had noticed, at mother. "That saucy wench - would you be willing to
sell her now that you have a new bride?"

Now it was very improper for a Clan priest to make a public offer for
another man's slave. Not that it wasn't within his power to even
demand the woman at whatever price he wished - I had risen in stature
within the Clan that it did not worry me. Much higher than father had
ever even thought about I should add.

I could see his hunger and put my arm around him jovially, "She has a
couple more good years for me I think." Inside I was getting angry -
that this senior priest could allow the alcohol to affect his
judgement so much. Perhaps I should have a conversation with
Mr. Duncan tomorrow.

The old priest laughed and elbowed me in the ribs then half-whispered,
"I love big tits on a woman boy - name your price?" For most men, his
request was close to a demand - but I feared him not.

Mother had heard some part of this conversation and turned her head
toward us, her face becoming bright red. Anne refilled my drink and
stood silently next to my shoulder - was she quietly hoping I would be
forced to sell my 'senior' slave. I then took a long glance at the
one woman that had been with me my whole life - my first slave, mom.
She was certainly getting older, her eyes showing the creases of age
and no amount of exercise could stop the battle with gravity. Yet
that woman was my first love, even my only love. I could not tell her
of course, but even now I felt a jerk of my cock in my slacks when I
looked upon her in that wonderful summer dress and stockings talking
to Anne's mother and aunt. She wore no panties, and her crotch was
hairless - all as I had ordered those years before. I knew she was
happy as my slave, even before I become a favoured son of the Clan,
downright poor - she was in endless lust and love for her son and

That didn't still her fears that I could drop out of passion for her;
I had noticed the small comments toward pretty and youthful girls at
church each week. Or the shy questions about her added, and
uncontrollable, weight about her ass and hips. And then there was
Mr. Duncan politely suggesting I should marry - and mother sobbing
into her pillow at the news... again after meeting my 'Lolita' bride.

Even with all that history between us, and mother in her forties, she
could be counted the most attractive woman here.

Mom saw that look too and knew I could not sell her and she smiled
gently for me before turning back to her conversation. She could
almost read my mind, my desires, by a look. We shared so much for so
many years - and I had come to expect and enjoy her form of 'mind

"I'm sorry sir - that slave makes a perfect contrast to Anne here." I
slipped my free arm about my new wife's waist and pulled her against
me. And it was true - where one was youthful the other older, thin
and voluptuous, blonde and brunette, huge breasts and small. I have
thought of these pleasures since that first formal meeting of my new

The priest sighed and then giggled before barely making it to his feet
and stumbling away. Was he thinking of other ways to force me to sell
mother - was he naive to assume I could be bullied like other members
of his church?

The priests in our Clan were all important - they carried the wisdom
of our ancestors - yet it was the elders that held the power. It has
always been this way and it shall always be.

The party was at its end, Mr. Duncan having shaken my hand heartily
just before I finally slid into the limousine where mom and Anne
already waited. Several faces were smiling with pleasure, Anne's
mother crying into a scarf, as the door closed.

Finally silence.

Mother leaned in and started to kiss one side of my neck with
feather-like kisses. I turned my head and frowned at my new bride, as
she simply sat there and watched. Was she that naive? I think not -
mother, through private talks with Anne's aunt, had discovered weeks
before that the girl may have kept her virginity but her mouth had
been well used for years by everyone in her family.

I think mother privately enjoyed the thought of another slave joining
us that was reputed to be good with her lips and tongue!

I lay my head back on the seat and felt both sets of lips kiss my neck
and face.

If you've ever been married, you will understand that it was a very
long day and I was exhausted - yet I had that fateful duty to attend

The buttons of my slacks were being undone, and then both lips
disengaged from me. I knew what was coming of course, and waited
until I felt one set kiss about my newly released manhood.

I opened my eyes to watch my new wife as she kissed, then licked and
then finally sucked my cock expertly. mother only kneeling next to
her watching and sometimes kissing the girls cheek. When things were
quickly advancing toward the inevitable, mother looked up at me and
smiled with her face as if telling me that the girl was most certainly
good with her mouth.

A girl has no rights that are not defined with the Clan bible - and
those are limited. Then there was other 'laws', like tradition that
dictated a woman's life within the Clan. Traditions like a girl must
be innocent in all erotic arts till she hits puberty - or a woman must
be a virgin on her wedding day.

I had to agree.

Mother held the tiny brunette head so the lips were pressed at the
base of my cock, I doubt she needed to bother - as my cock began to
spurt out its seed and my wife swallowed hungrily and with pleasure.
Anne swallowed loudly, not stopping her sucking till my cock greatly
reduced in size.

Dreamy, I watched, as mother lifted the girls face and they French
kissed passionately. My sperm was exchanged along with an abundant
amount of saliva.

I then noticed that the driver of stretch limousine was watching
through the rear-view mirror. He wasn't a Clan member, if I remember
correctly and he just had a glimpse into our life.. I just smirked at
him, when our eyes met, and ordered, "Close the partition buddy."

"Yes sir." Neither woman seemed to care - nor should they.

There was still some minutes before the car reached home and my mind
remembered mothers smile when telling me about Anne's experienced
tongue. I knew what was the thoughts behind that smile - knowing that
my mother had found pleasure only with other women until she became my

"Mom... on your knees facing me." mother smiled happily and knelt on
the carpeted car floor with her elbows on the leather seat next to me.
She was looking up at me expectantly. "Anne, lift mom's skirt...",
Anne didn't hesitate and looked at the generous sexy ass as it was
revealed, "... now you bring mother off with your tongue before we get

She met my eyes briefly, "Yes master." Then Anne slipped to her
stomach and arched her head upwards. When mother gasped I knew that
tiny mouth and petite tongue had come in contact with her, always, wet

Leaning down I brought my lips to mothers and kissed her. She was
enjoying this and I had little doubt the girl was good with a pussy.
Little doubt that she had been taught between the thighs of her mother and aunt. In minutes, long before we reached my home, mother groaned
out and squealed as Anne tongued her to completion.

"Good girl." Anne crawled up from the floor, pulling mothers skirt
down to cover her white ass and stocking tops. Anne looked a little
embarrassed but happy to please her new husband. I brought the girl to me and kissed her firmly, tasting that familiar heady taste of
mother on her lips. Anne was breathing heavy and I knew her passion
was high as well - it will have to wait.

"Girls?" mother lifted her head wearily and both sets of eyes waited
for me to continue. I focused on mothers, as this was mostly for her,
"I am pleased that you two had find pleasure together, but I forbid
you to do this unless I first give my permission. Do you understand?"
No hanky panky unless they asked first, in other words..

Mother pouted her lip in mock sadness then nodded, she could see that
I was serious and dropped her playfulness. Anne nodded seeming a
little surprised - perhaps the home she had grown up in had been
different. They would do as commanded.

The car arrived at my building and mother helped cover Anne with the
warm cloak she had worn to her wedding. I left the car, went past the
doorman silently and waited till the two tired girls were in the
elevator. The ride to my apartment seemed to take forever. Though I
was tired, this night was not complete till I had taken the only thing
that Anne had left - her virginity.

My home was the penthouse apartment, the only apartment on this top
floor. When the elevator opened directly into my foyer I grunted to
the two slaves, without looking at them, "Prepare her mother - I want
her panting when I come to my room."

"Yes master."

Wide eyed, Anne went with mother to my room. The masters room.

I shrugged off my jacket, undid my tie and made to the bar before the
huge bay windows facing downtown. The drink I had was to still my
desire not to give me strength - and I stood before the huge window
facing the city for a long while.

When I heard a feminine moan of pleasure and noticed that it was not
the familiar sound of mothers passion, I knew it was nearly time.

I was the master of two slaves - two beautiful and passionate woman.
They awaited me, one to give a man the greatest of her gifts - if she
realized it or not, the other to attend to my any desire and to make
this night memorable.

Mother wore white stockings and a white chemise that looked delicious
upon her. Anne wore nothing.

The teenagers hands were bound together and above her head, which
surprised me - though I found pleasure in the sight. Her lower body
was wiggling about in high passion, her legs wide and high. mother was laying between those thin strong youthful thighs and her face
hidden in the sparse brown jungle. mother was licking low down,
obviously upon the girls anus before moving back up, but not as far as
her clitoris to tongue fuck her cunt hole. I guessed that mom would
ignore that part of her, the clitoris, to prolong this torment till
her master's wish could be done. The middle-aged woman was grinding
her pelvis into my bed - obviously her actions working to impassioned
herself as well.

"Mother - come here." I set down the glass and watched as mother spun
about, surprised that I stood at the foot of the bed, then scrambled
to comply. Anne watched with wide eyes, breathing heavy and with her
well shaped sparse pussy wiggling about seductively. "Disrobe me

She moved quicker than she normally would - and I guessed this to be
another point of evidence of her excitement. I ignored her and looked
down at the thin sexy teenager bound to my bed.

When I was naked, mother kneeling before me panting toward my hard
cock a mere foot from her face, I grunted, "She ready slave?"

Mother lifted her eyes to look at me and I had seen that face before -
mother was hot, very passionate, in an erotic fever. I suspect my
marriage night may be just as pleasurable for mother as it is for the
bride and groom. "Yes master." She whimpered and her hand dared to
stroke the inside of my thigh inches below my balls - mom was silently
begging me to include her in this pleasure.

That moment filled me with dominance - the day aiming toward man's
superiority over the submissive slave. I had two slaves awaiting any
command from me - panting with need, begging with their eyes for that
hard cock between my legs.

It was my marriage night - and if there was anything left, perhaps
mother may receive my manhood - but this was for Anne, my wife.

"Get the scarfs and 'billy'." The scarfs were white silk about two
meters long, the same that bound my wife's hands to the bed, and we
had an abundant supply. The 'billy' was our pet name for a toy, a
white vibrator attached to a belt - with remote control.

Money had increased our erotic toy chest tenfold evidently.

My mother knew what was in store and whimpered her displeasure as she
retrieved the items. "On your stomach, next to Anne." I quickly, and
with vast experience, bound mothers ankles together then her wrists
behind her - finally the wrists and ankles together - roughly so that
her back arched backwards. mother simply watched me, silently begging
for my pity.

Anne only seemed to get hotter at my puzzling actions.

Then 'billy' was attached - and mother gasped when I pressed it deep
into her vagina. It was not the first union between slave and this
vibrator - but mother was so close to her orgasm that just the slip of
the hard plastic cock into her passionate channel almost set her off.

I knew my slave well enough to know that she desired the familiar cock
of her son and not this plastic imitation.

I stuffed another silk scarf into mothers mouth then turned on the
vibrator via remote control. Anne's eyes widened and she shivered as
my mother suddenly screamed and pulled at her bindings, the orgasm
ripping through her soul.

I left 'billy' turned on - knowing mother would quickly ascent toward
another, and perhaps after that another, orgasm till they became more
painful than pleasurable.

My attention turned to my wife.

Anne refocused on me - seeing me advance toward her.

"Master?" She whispered.

I knelt between her spread thighs my hard cock a centimetre from her
hot wet ready sex. I kissed her roughly, "What is it wife?" My
impatience obvious.

With mother's moans, groans and whimpering as background music, Anne
mouthed, "I love you master."

My cock touched her pussy lips and I was amazed at how hot it felt
from only that simple touch. Then I pressed forwards and I was
enveloped by the hottest tightest feeling, a wet hot tunnel clenched
as I slowly pressed into her. Then there it was, the last part of her
old life inhibiting my entrance. Without mercy I lunged my hips
forward and broke through the barrier.

Anne screamed with the pain and agony of the tear.

My hips began to move on their own accord - enjoying this cunt as it
was nearly as tight as mothers ass hole had been when I took that

At first Anne cried out with pain, tears streaming down her face, as I
mercilessly drove in and out of that abused hole. The priests at
Sunday school had taught us well - this was the ultimate moment of
mastery over a woman - and they were right.

Then the screams turned to sighs and panting, as her passion returned
- the pain most probably mingling with the pleasure. mother had
warned me not to stop - to plow this new field till it returned with
an abundant crop. I stole a look next to my wife and I saw that
mother watched everything with wide cloudy eyes - she was again
climbing that summit to another orgasm.

"Wrap your legs around me slut." Anne quickly did as I asked, and I
slipped one hand beneath her to finger her tiny ass hole - not to
invade only to tease.

Her first orgasm surprised me and she wailed until the walls echoed
with her pleasure. Her scream of pain had been nothing to this wail -
and I only pounded myself into her harder, wanting this moment to be
forever held within her mind's eye, the moment her new husband took
her virginity. Beneath me she thrashed about and I was almost
uncoupled from my position, her strength must have been reinforced by
her passionate release.

It was over, her orgasm and body dissolving to oblivion and her face
started to wince at my hard thrusts. I stopped, seated within her to
lean in and kiss her tears and smiling lips gently.

"Welcome to my family wife", I whispered.

"Thank you my husband." She could barely talk and I guessed her eyes
would not open until hours of sleep revived her.

Yet one of the prime duties for a wife was not pleasure, though you
may be surprised, but to give son's. Pleasure can be found, as the
priests had taught us, in any woman's cunt. A good fiery fuck was
fine but what was at stake was the extension of the family - to give
strong masters to the Clan.

Awkwardly I was able to unbind my wife's wrists and she just let them
collapse upon the bed, exhausted and spent. I doubt not that her sex
was abused and sore, a pool of blood between our legs - yet it was not
finished. This was my wife, my slave, and she had to be trained and
perhaps reminded in her duties.

I kissed her eyelids and they fluttered open. She looked in surprise
at my silent command, my wife nodded and winced as my dick slowly
withdrew and then returned into her body. Anne clasped her eyes
closed and tears started anew as I gently moved within her, shamed to
harm her, yet strong in my resolve. I willed this coupling to finish
and thankfully my cock listened - so holding it deep within her I
flooded her depths with my seed. Anne's lips opened in surprise at
the new feeling within her body and then she smiled as she felt the
warm sperm fill her body and knew her duty was now at an end.

Quickly, to end my wife's pain, I eased my soiled cock from her - its
size shrinking enough that it hurt her not near as much on the final
exit. I was to roll off my wife, but her lips sought out my own and
she kissed me passionately, as if thanking me for my strength and
passion, thanking me in making her a woman. I kissed her back with my
own silent messages.

I think she was asleep when I finally rolled away from her spread and
exhausted body.

Mother lay still upon her stomach the noise of the vibrator echoing
her own groans of pleasure. I turned the damn thing off - almost
embarrassed that I had to resort to such a method to employ mother away from a mans duty to his wife. Yet it had worked - and I knew she
would understand.

My mom was exhausted as well, 'billy' slipped from that liquid cavern
effortlessly - and quickly unbound my slave as well. Mothers duties,
not the Clan's or even traditions but of my family, were not yet
complete, though she lay with eyes at half-mast barely able to focus
upon me. I leaned down and ordered gently, "Wash us slave."

Mother turned her head as if I was joking - to demand this knowing how
exhausted she was of mind and body. Yet she could see in my gaze that
it was not a joke but a command from her master - her son.

I watched her wash my wife's loins gently with a warm wet cloth,
Anne's eyes not even fluttering open, retrieved slowly from the
bathroom after some minutes to gain her strength. mother had warned
me weeks before that Anne would be too bruised and painful to enjoy
for the next few days - yet I had assured her my wife had other holes
than her cunt. Then mother knelt before me next to the bed and washed
my soiled cock - the red blood had been drying upon it.

When it was finished from her cleaning she could not resist leaning in
and kissing its shiny head. There was not even the normal jerk as a
response, I too was exhausted.

My duty for the night complete all I had to do was instruct my woman
on our sleeping arrangements.

There was several beds in my home, but my own was large enough for the
three of us and more. "Your in the middle mom." She smiled and
climbed back onto the bed - shoved my wife onto her side so her ass
was pressing into mom's pelvis. Anne did not even stir.

I joined them spooning behind mother, my soft tired cock in the
crevice of her bottom - wondering which woman would get my first
tribute tomorrow.

Sleep overcame me as my arm encircled both slaves.


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