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MyClanFamily MyFirstSlave


Title: My Clan family - My First Slave
Keywords: mF, inc, teen, mdom, sm, mom, son
Author: Caesar

An ARPAnaut name of Corvette
Had a fetish involving the net.
As he fondled his IMP
His cock went from limp
To as hard as concrete which has set.

My Clan family - My First Slave

by Caesar, copyright 2000-2002

$Revision: 1.4 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:25 $

When I got home from soccer practise I knew Linda or mom was in
trouble - that familiar stressful energy was in the air.

Dad met me just inside the kitchen - he was drinking his coffee and
reading the paper at the table, just like there was nothing going on.

"Ah Tom, come here boy."

I wanted to shower the sweat and dirt off my body but knew better than
to cross my father.

He seemed in rather good spirits as he set down his paper and looked
me right in the eye. "I think your ready son."


He ignored my question, "I have had it with her... and besides your
old enough to handle it."

He was smiling at me as if awaiting praise, but truthfully I had no
idea what he was talking about. "'Handle' who dad?"

"Your mother boy." He said it like I was an idiot. "She is now your

What could I say, thanks?

He saw my confusion, "You know how this family works right Tom?"

I knew the family, or should I say the Clan, rules off by heart, as
did the rest of our family. "Yes sir."

"What you didn't know is that the head of the house can get rid of any
woman that he is master of...", he was getting 'rid' of mom? "...But
as is often customary, one or more of the ladies can be given to a
younger male of the household. Purely at my discretion mind you."

Whoa, is he saying what I think he is saying?

He saw the sparkle in my eyes, "That's right boy - I'm giving you your

As the rules go, the same rules my fathers family has been living by
for generations by the way, when he gives away a female in his
household even he has no claim over her, though I'm still beholden to
him as the head of our home and family. What that means is that if he
wants mother to join him in his marriage bed, then he has to ask me -
mother's new lord and master.

Mother is my first slave!


Dad roared with laughter.

I had dozens of questions but the most obvious, "What about your
marriage dad?"

"Annulled this morning by the local Clan priest", which was like the
preacher for our religion. This meant that mother and father were no
longer married.

"Does she know?"

"Oh yes!" His coffee was finished and he strode over the counter to
deposit the mug. "Its a big responsibility son - more than you can

Of course he was right but all that kept going through my head, was
that I was a woman's master. Hell, I'm fifteen years old and never
once been with a woman - that's right, I'm a virgin. I suppose mother belonging to me could mean I... well, she has to do anything I tell
her right?

Dad came over and stood across the table from me, "Have you noticed
how your mom has been getting into a lot of trouble son?"

Oh yea. I've seen her purposely break dishes just to gain fathers
attention away from Linda - even if it was just for a spanking. "Yes

He nodded seeing that I understood, "I've lost interest in her son."
I knew where his interests were focused - my younger sister Linda. "I
don't even have the energy to keep on whipping her ass." Which, by
the way, was my fathers favourite punishment for ladies in his
household. In fact I think if he saw a naked woman, the first thing
that came to his mind was how she would look as her whipped her.

I nodded like I understood - while in truth I could not understand how
he could loose interest in mom, she was a fox.

He turned to go, "She is downstairs in the spare room", where she has
slept for the last several months, her and all her possessions having
been kicked out of dads room, "and is expecting you." As an
afterthought he added, "Linda will be in my room from now on."

At least until he tired of her or sold her off, but that was none of
my business - she was his.

Dad disappeared down the hall leaving me with my thoughts.

I couldn't very well run down stairs still wearing my soccer uniform
and feeling all hot and sweaty could I? Walking, though rushed, I
went to my room and ripped off my clothing and without even my robe,
rushed to the bathroom. I was anxious to find and join mom downstairs.

From behind dad's bedroom door I heard the unmistakable sounds of
Linda moaning and knew dad was giving it to her. It was not the first
time I've heard him fucking her either - at least once a day these
last couple of months.

Wearing clean shorts and a loose tee-shirt I forced myself to walk
slowly down to the basement. mother awaited me, knowing I was the man who held her fate at my whim. I could beat her till she was black and
blue, though the Clan forbid any permanent damage, or rent her out as
the centre piece to orgies, then again I could just sell her to get
more money for myself - I had been wanting that new computer after

Now there was a thought.

She sat on the couch, that was also her bed, hands clasped together in
her lap staring at the rough carpet before her.

Mother is a very attractive woman; short blonde hair, full curvy body,
very large 'D' cup breasts and a face that held both her age and
beauty. Certainly she looked thirty three - dad having purchased her
when she was sixteen, the youngest age that could be sold into
marriage for our Clan and she had given birth only a couple of years

Unfortunately for her though, my thirteen year old sister looked like
a younger version of mom. Huge breasts on this thin shapely body -
and a face that looked innocent and sexy. I could understand dad's
focus change but to give up his wife, my mother, while she still
obviously had many years of servitude left in her, that just didn't
make any sense to me?

She obviously had been crying while she waited - her whole life was on
the brink of change, and it may go for or against her. Even I knew
not what or how to care for a slave - especially one that was my own

Mom wore what dad had decreed for the spring and what I always
remember her wearing; a flowered loose summer dress, no bra and simple
cotton panties. I knew of the panties because I've seen mother lift
her skirt for punishment many times as ordered by my father.

Dad had always claimed his wife was a handful - especially for one
that was born into the Clan and not one that had come in a free-born.
Until today he had always enjoyed this sexy 'handful' at his

"Uh... hi mom?" She hadn't moved, even though I've stared at her for
a couple of minutes.

"Hi." Barely a whisper.

"Dad told me." Nothing. "He said Linda is moving into his room...".

She lifted her head and looked me right in the eye, "I know!" It came
out very roughly, nearly a shout.

Damn, she wasn't going to make this easy was she?

Mom stared me down as if challenging me to prove my authority of her,
my own parent. To be truthful, the idea of mastering mother was very
attractive, the reality of it was much more complex. Dad was right, I
foresaw challenges with mom as my slave.

I looked around, mostly to give me something else to look at besides
her angry gaze, and saw the boxes and piles of loose clothing about
the walls of the room. It was cold and damp down here, as mother should know by now. "Its chilly down here?" I needed something to

She returned to looking at the carpet, we both knew that she would
live how and where I wished. If I wanted to make her sleep on the
porch outside, she would have too.

Finally she spoke up, "I suppose you will sell me to buy that computer
your father wouldn't let you have?" She was again glaring at me in
challenge. I should think I would get enough for a computer and a
used car from selling her!

I've thought of it, I'll admit it, it was true after all.

And facing this strong slave down showed that it would be a very tough
road if I kept her. But I wanted to know why she had come to this
conclusion, "Why do you say that mom?"

"I know you have no interest in me Tommy." She meant sexual
'interest' and she was wrong.

For a slave to survive she had to focus totally on her master, else
she face the consequences. In my household neither mom nor Linda
would even look at me if dad was in the room. If mom thought I never
watched with hunger as dad forced her over his knee for one of her
frequent on-the-spot spankings, she was very wrong.

Though her comment was incorrect I didn't want to come out and tell
her I thought she was a sexy woman and that I've masturbated for years
thinking about her round sexy ass and huge white tits. If I did, I
would give away some of my power - as she would know how to best
manipulate me.

As you can see, Dad has taught me well over the years.

I shrugged as an answer and she looked at the door, her belief that I
was going to sell her reaffirmed, at least to herself. Her eyes
clouded up with tears.

"Tell me why I shouldn't just sell you mom?"

She quickly countered, "I'm getting old, you won't get very much."

I parried, "Enough to get that new computer." Touche. And with dad's
standing instruction that mom and Linda both work out each day - I
should think the price for this big-titted slave would be very

Mother looked down at the floor and whispered, "I can make you very
happy honey." It was time for her to show her hand, attempt to show
her new master what she had to offer - even if I was her only son.
Her being my mother was irrelevant in the Clan's eyes - she was a
woman and a slave, that is all that mattered.

"How mom?" I wasn't giving her any mercy, as this first time together
as master-slave, would forever dictate how our future together would

"I can teach you how to be a man." She must know I was a virgin, dad
had joked about it often enough around the dinner table much to my

I thought to be ignorant, "Dad has been training me for years mom."

Now it wasn't going to be easy for her, "Differently Tommy... I can
help you become a man in... sex ways."

"'Sex ways'?" Now I was really being ignorant, but I was beginning to
enjoy this.

Dad had told me years ago that slaves only had one true power and that
was their sexuality - since by Clan law they could own no possessions.
As long as we, the men, understood about this power, they could never
control us with it. We would always control them.

Mother had to humiliate herself to resort to this form of manipulation
- with her future looking bleak, I suppose I should not condemn her
for it.

With bitterness she added, "Like your dad has Linda, you have me."
She saw my feigned blank look, "I will do everything I can to make
sure you are happy Tommy." She just could not come out and blatantly
say it but she looked me right in the eye and I saw her glaze soften
and her lips curl slowly upwards - a look that she has never given me
before. She was attempting to seduce me, her only son.

Yet I wanted to hear mother say the words; that I was her master. "I
have Jody - tell me why I need you mom?" Jody was my girlfriend, and
no she was not in the Clan but dad assured me it was fine, if I was
only 'sowing my oats', as he called it. To date, the most I got from
my girlfriend was a hand-job and to suck on her nipples - and till
this morning that was a very big accomplishment, at least to me. It
now seemed insignificant though.

That soft glaze turned away and I saw her face turn red - perhaps I
had pushed too far and she was starting to resolve herself to a life
in a whorehouse or a kitchen slave.

If, for no other reason, I would not sell her was the simple fact that
she was my maternal parent and I would not see her abused by anyone.
I would not sell her, for a computer a used car or for any amount of
money. I had come to this conclusion even before I came downstairs to
confront her - back when I took a shower.

Dad, in his mysterious wisdom, had seen fit to grant me this woman,
this slave, and I had a duty to protect and, yes, to pleasure her.
She being my mother, a woman that I love, just reinforced my beliefs.
From this day forwards, she had nothing but me - that was the law of
the Clan.

"I'm not going to sell you mom." I said it gently and mother spun her
head toward me and instead of pleasure I saw puzzlement. She really
did think I had no interest in her didn't she?

I looked around the room again, mostly old furniture and half empty
packing boxes... but a plan started to form in my mind. I'm sure dad
would agree if I asked to remodel the basement, to be a large room for
me. With better heating and more windows, this room could be a great
bedroom. There was even enough room to put a pool table and desk,
along with a bigger bed. After all, there was a slave that I would
like to add to the list of objects in the room as well.

As I had conceptualized the space in the basement, mother had slide
off the couch and was sitting on her heels, back straight and hands on
her lap palms up. It was a position I've seen her in numerous times
for dad, but never here alone with me... for me.

Her head was high but her eyes lowered and when she noticed my
attention back to her she whispered, "Master?"

So she had come to the realization that she had to live by my rules -
as my slave. For the first time in my life, a woman knelt this way
for me - and to tell the truth, I rather enjoyed it.

"Yes mom?"

"Master... I love you."

Though I could answer the same, it would be ill-advised to do so.
Instead I stood silent, staring at her. The fact that she felt this
way was irrelevant in the Clan's eyes, but meant much to me.

"I promise to be a good slave Master."

I thought to play with her a little, "You mean cleaning up and
cooking?" mom would have seen my smile if not for her lowered eyes.

"Yes Master, as well as attending to any desires you may have."


"Yes Master."

"With you?" My smile was huge now.

"If you wish Master."

"You can call me Tom if you wish mom, just don't call me 'Tommy'."

"Thank you honey... Tom."

"Tell me what happened while I was at soccer that pissed dad off mom?"

She paused for a awkward length of time and I knew she did not want to
speak of such things out loud.

"Slave!" mom jerked as if hit, she was rather tense obviously.

"Your father asked me to deliver breakfast in his room... when I got
there I found your sister bouncing up and down above your dad,
fucking. He just said, 'set the tray there and get out', so I came
over and poured the contents of the tray on the bed next to Linda and
your dad." She took a long loud swallow and finished, "I expected a
beating but he just glared at me so I ran out and cried in the living
room. When he was finished with Linda he told me to pack up all my
things and go to the basement while he was going to the Clan priest to
annul our marriage. The last thing he said to me was that he was
giving me to you because he couldn't stand to look at me any longer."

"Is it not dad's prerogative to enjoy any woman within his home?"

"Yes." It came out more of a hiss.

"Even if it is his own daughter?" As was within the Clan's laws, even
if it is unwise.


"Then why did get upset with him? Why have you been acting like a
bitch for so long?" My voice had gotten angrier and I saw mothers
body freeze in fear.

"Why mother?"

"I was jealous." A whisper.

"Pardon me?"

"I was jealous of Linda."

"You realize that a slave is not allowed to be jealous don't you mom?"
The Clan's laws, written down by our forefathers hundreds of years
before, forbade any slave from being jealous - that it was actually a
crime in our religion. Yet those laws were wise enough to recognize
that females do get jealous of each other and it was up to their
owners to prevent any situation occurring. If a Clan elder had wind
of what mother had just said, not only would she be punished but dad
would as well.

"Yes Master."

"You realize that you could loose your rights as a slave and be
condemned as one of the lower caste don't you?" The punishment for
jealous slaves - I'll not got into the disgusting life such a woman of
the lower castes lead.

Her eyes came up briefly and I saw the surprise and questions, she had
told her son in confidence and she now wondered if it had been a
mistake. "Yes... Master."

"There will be no more jealously from you right slave?" It was the
first time I had called her thus, and it felt good rolling off my
tongue that way.

"No Master."

"I am going to buy a bride in a couple of years and I will have a very
harmonious household." My voice was coming out very stern. "You will
serve me breakfast while I fuck my slave if I so wish, you will even
feed it to me with your bare hands if I wish."

"Yes Tom."

"If I order you to clean my wife's cunt with your tongue after every
fuck what will you do mother?"

"As ordered Master." Her eyes were low and her body in that rigid
submissive posture, I couldn't read her body language very well.

"And you will enjoy it?"

"Yes Master, I will enjoy it." She didn't sound too sure of that

I took a deep breath as my voice had been getting louder with each
statement, and then squatted down so my face was nearly level with
mothers. I lifted her chin and her eyes shifted to look into my own.

Gently I continued, "What happened in our house these last couple of
months will never happen in mine - you will not be discarded or
forgotten mother." Her eyes clouded up with tears, with happiness
this time. "You have to do anything I ask at any time," her head
nodded slightly in acceptance, "but you will always be the senior
slave of all my women."

Whispered, "Thank you honey."

I leaned in and pressed my lips to moms. It was our first kiss, I
don't remember the last time we even had our faces so close before.
Hers were moist and full, mine dry and warm but her head tilted and
eyes closed and then I found that our mouths fit perfectly. Our lips
opened and I felt her tongue slip past my mouth to find my own. I
could feel my response between my legs - mothers, as she groaned in

Was this what she had wanted growing up, to have a household that she
felt secure in, dominant of her peers? Did she think she had that
until dad fucked up by ignoring her? Well, as most sons will claim, I
wanted to be more than my father was, I wanted to be a better man and
master to the women in my life.

Don't read that to mean he was a bad person, he wasn't, but in this he
was wrong. It was his responsibility to protect and pleasure his
slaves - he had forgotten the latter with mom. As was the case, I
have leaned much from my father over the years, and this is simply
another lesson learnt. I indeed loved her, but I would never say it.

I sat back and looked at her face - it was lovely, glowing now with
pleasure rather than anger. mother slowly opened her eyes and tried
to read her sons, to no avail I should hope.

"Go over to that table and lay face down upon it mom, I'm going to
punish you."

The moment was gone, as she blinked and answered, "Yes Master." She
slowly got to her feet and moved to the dirty table. Upon it lay
piles of her clothing, and with a swipe of her arm, dozens of white
cotton panties tumbled to the floor. mother moved to the edge of the
table and then lowered her torso.

Her hands began to lift the hem of her dress up the back of her legs
when I grunted, "Stop! I will do that." Dad had always enjoyed
watching his women strip their bottoms themselves, it added to their
debasement, their humiliation.

Yet, I didn't want to humiliate mother only punish her - she had been
very naughty this morning when she poured the contents of that tray
down upon the bed and she hadn't been spanked for it. I didn't need
to tell her what the spanking was for, hell I didn't even need a
reason, by Clan law anyway.

While out duck hunting last summer dad had told me that slaves were
like animals - that they thought of hunger and pain as their prime
motivation. I think he forgot pleasure - I had seen enough of his
coupling with either woman in our home to know that he didn't think a
woman's pleasure to be important. While I, on the other hand, thought
it the most powerful of tools for a master. If you read between the
lines of the Clan bible, I think you would see that our forefathers
would have agreed.

Standing directly behind my mother I reached down and slowly lifted
the back hem of her dress with my fingers. I did it slowly, as I
enjoyed the sight - not new perhaps, but now this woman was mine. It
inched up her firm smooth shiny legs till I saw the white cotton panty - then I bundled the flowered dress about her waist and stood back to
admire her covered ass.

Mom, as I said, had a wonderful bottom. She did aerobics and swam
every day. Dad had decreed that her focus be upon her breasts, to
keep them firm and sexy, but he may not have realized the bonus of
this round firm ass from all her exercises. In all my time watching
mother with dad, the only time he noticed her ass was when he spanked
or whipped it.

Then hooking both my index fingers just beneath the elastic of the
panty on either hip, I gently pulled downwards. With resistance her
panty lowered and I felt my eyes widen as more of mothers bottom
revealed itself.

This ass, white and without any blemishes looked delicious. Dad may
not have realized, but I think the path to mothers pleasure was her
bottom and not her tits, if he even cared. Just watch her pleasure
when he stroked her bottom or even spanked her was obvious, his
mauling of her chest was much less so.

I left her panty at half mast, nearly to her knees. "Feet further
apart mom." She did, till she could move them no further as her
undergarment was stretched to the limit.

"You have a wonderful ass mom." My hand lay upon one cheek and I
caressed it with a feather touch.

"Thank you honey."

My touches became firmer and I alternated between each cheek. mother was beginning to breath heavier and when I firmly held one cheek in
hand and looked down between the divide at the treasure normally
hidden she held her breath with barely pent up pleasure.

As a slave, mother had grown up in a happy family knowing her future -
praying to find a good man who would live up to the Clan's proverbs.
To protect and pleasure being the most obvious. The priest from my
Sunday school, years before, had told use that when a woman spent
years expecting pleasure then delivering it by a good master was easy.
It was like a dam and all a man had to do was open the valve to
release the water - it was the same with a woman's pleasure.

"No more panties mom." I had just given her my first directive as a
man, this woman's Master.

"Yes Master."

Now both hands fondled either cheek and I easily saw the tiny wrinkled
muscle normally hidden between. Her ass hole - the one place that I
knew father never cared for - 'its where they shit son', is what he
told me when he found out that I was not a breast man.

Of course mother was clean, its not an option for a slave to be dirty
- unless directed so by her Master.

Enough! I stood back and sighed that I had to release those round
firm smooth globes. I had earlier seen a belt to one of mothers
dresses half ways out of a box in the corner - so retrieved it

Now, to say I wanted to be a better man than my father is very true,
but what I didn't want to do is be as cruel of body as he was. I have
seen, or listened, to mother get a whipping nearly every day for the
last seven months, and infrequently before that. For any little
reason father glorified hurting mother. To some extent she enjoyed
it, but I knew father did not know when to stop the hurt and to give
pleasure. I prayed that I would.

It all goes back to our different perspective of the Clan Bible, that
pleasure is the paramount power rather than pain.

"Count out loud slave. You get fifty."

"Yes Master." She was an old hand at this, while I had never raised
my hand in anger or for punishment in my life.

The belt swung down with a whistle and mother grunted, "One!" She
continued to count as I tried hard to make sure each strike of the
makeshift whip was the same as the last, both in pressure and length
between. There was no surprises in this whipping.

By the thirtieth, her ass was bright red with welts. By fifty she
could barely talk and screamed at each strike - her ass now bleeding
at several points. It was a harsh punishment but hopefully it would
be rare, as this time it fit the crime.

When mother realized that she had screamed out fifty and then heard
her belt drop to the floor, she knew it was over and sobbed to
herself, thankful for the respite.

I again came up behind her and slipped my hand to the back of her
thighs, as touching her ass would aggravate her pain. Then I did
something that showed how inexperienced at this I truly was - I
slipped my hands up and pressed a finger into mothers vagina. In
retrospect, I should have waited and let her pent up frustrations
build or at least to use something besides my finger.

Mother gasped in surprise as did I - she was soaking wet. It was a
hot sticky wetness and I knew it to be the opening in her dam, the
valve was starting to open. I slipped a second finger in and mother forgot her pain and started to gasp with pleasure.

"Are you going to be a good slave from now on mother?"

She only nodded, but that wasn't enough. I grasped her head of short
blonde hair in my free hand and lifted it from the table as my other
started to move my fingers in and out of her sex.

"Are you going to be dumping any more food onto beds mother?"

"No... honey!"

She was panting now, in time to the thrusts of my digits. "Good girl.
What are you mom?"

I jerked her head to get her to answer, "A slave darling." I roughly
pulled her head back so that her breasts started to lift from the
table and she retried her statement, "I am your slave Master."

"Good girl." I accelerated my thrusting fingers enjoying mothers
reaction. In all the years of watching mom and dad together I had
never seen her as passionate as she was at this very moment. Perhaps
the priests were right - that if given protection and pleasure a woman
was easily controlled. I had told her she had the former and that,
coupled with months of being sexually ignored, helped me open the
valve to the flood gates!

And as I contemplated this in my mind mother started to orgasm upon my
fingers and I can not do it justice but let me tell you that it was a
magical sight. So many firsts were happening for me today that I no
longer even counted, but seeing a woman, my mother, orgasm had to be
one of the best. She suddenly clenched her whole body before
individual muscles seemed to quiver uncontrollably - this included
those small muscles within her vagina. Her cunt held my two fingers
even as her head flew out of my surprised hand and her mouth opened
for a wailing scream of extreme pleasure.

It rocked the house and I knew dad and Linda two floors above could
hear her.

After that she suddenly collapsed and it seemed that she lost control
of every muscle in her body and lay dead-like upon the top of that
dirty table, gasping for air.

I had thought to slip myself into mother from behind after I teased
her a little and was so startled at this delightful outcome that I
just now remembered that I had lost out on the moment to loose my

It had been worth it, let me assure you, as that loss would happen a
mere short while latter.

Mothers hand lotion was by the couch, along with a large assortment of
feminine products, and I squirted a large amount onto her ass. She
didn't even move as the cold cream was rubbed gently into her red pained skin. Then I lowered her skirt and dropped her panty to the
floor about her bare feet.

It was over, I had punished and pleasured my slave... my mother.

Practically lifting her, I helped her over to the large comfortable
old couch and sat with her upon it. mother lay her head on my
shoulder, my arm about hers, and wrapped both her arms about my waist.
She sat on her hip, so as not to place pressure on her very tender
bottom. While I sat there holding her for what seemed like an hour.

Upstairs I could hear Linda move about in the kitchen, probably making
lunch for her and dad when I felt mothers hand gently pull my face
down toward hers. Her lips met my own and her tongue slipped into my
mouth. Passionately we kissed for a long while when I noticed
something by the door - turned to see Linda staring at us with wide

Mother surprised me, "Hi darling?" Much more polite toward her only
daughter than I've heard in nearly a year. "Can we help you?"

I looked down to see moms happy proud smile and turned back to see
Linda's startled glaze.

"Uh... I came down to get some hamburger patties, dad wants a barbecue
for lunch. Do you guys want some?" The freezer was near the stairs,
just outside the door to this room.

I looked down at mom, wondering if she was hungry and she read my
disinterested gaze, "We'll pass honey," she answered without taking
her eyes from mine, "we are going to be busy for a while longer." Her
face glowed with pleasure as we shared a knowing look. In the doorway
Linda mumbled something and disappeared.

You must know a little about a teenage girl in our Clan whom must
attend to her father's needs. Though Linda seemed to greatly enjoy
her new standing within our family, as the most important female, the
one warming her fathers bed - it would would be hard pressed to get a
good price for her in a couple of years, when it was time to sell her
into marriage. mother had been a virgin when dad bought her from her
father, and it had cost him quite the small fortune at the time, but
that only revealed how wise her father had been. Linda's life, though
she may not yet know it, was only going to get worse - and it was all
because of dad's lack of self control with her natural beauty.

What mother knew and what I now understood within that hungry wet
kiss, was that none of it mattered. She had a new Master, a new
family if you will... and this time, it promised more than she had
received in her last.

Then again, maybe I'm over-thinking it, and mother was just basking
with the aftereffects of a huge orgasm - and saw in her daughters eyes
that the girl had never even come close to such a feeling. mother had
something that Linda did not, and may never have. Certainly not while
she shared my fathers bed, as he could care less.. mother had a new
man and she was proud of the promise of that new life.

Hands fumbled with the string of my shorts and I felt cool air upon
the hot skin of my half-hard dick. mother never took her eyes from me
and asked even as her warm hand encircled my cock, "May I suck you

I couldn't even find the words, my mouth suddenly dry and my heart
thumping loud and fast, I simply nodded. mother smiled and with but a
quick parting kiss, lowered her eyelids and then her head. I felt my
body enter hers as she sucked me to the root.

Mother suckled me gently for a couple of moments, licking around the
head of my cock while it sat within her mouth, and I quickly grew to
full hardness. Then she began a slow torment by driving that
teenage-cock in and out of her mouth, a slow gentle glide with the
same speed that I had fingered her cunt I thought humorously.

This was it - the paramount of the responsibility and pleasure of
having a slave. It was nirvana, let me assure you. I knew at that
moment, without a doubt, that I had been right about pleasure being
the true power rather than pain. I have never seen mother treat dad's
cock as she now did my own - and I accredited it to her orgasm
earlier. Given pleasure mother would return it, with interest. If
that pleasure was forced from her, she would only give what she had

Mother sucked my cock with love and desire - and put more feeling and
passion in each movement than her whole time with my father. And true
to being a horny teenager, it could not last!

The first blast surprised me, but I knew mother anticipated it as she
lowered her face till I could feel the head of my dick hit the back of
her throat. Then the remaining spurts of come shot out of my dick and
mother hungrily swallowed it all. The loud gulps coming from her made
me think that this is the one meal she had been waiting for her whole
submissive life - perhaps she had been.

I sat panting while wearing a smile.

Mother was my slave, mine. I could have those lips about my cock
every day, twice or three times if I wished it!

She sat back up and lay her head again on my shoulder, allowing me to
regain my breath and even my strength. While her hand gently stroked
my still hard prick, now covered in a thin film of her saliva and my

It then hit me that I wanted, more than anything else in my life, to
loose my virginity to this woman, this slave. Immediately!

I kissed her forehead and ordered, "Get up and stand before me mom."

She seemed a little surprised but did as I asked, standing with her
legs nearly touching my knees. I took the place of her hand on my
dick with my own.

"Now get naked."

The uncertainty in her eyes was suddenly gone and all that was left
was pleasure. Her hands came deliberately up and she unbuttoned her
dress. After four buttons it slipped easily down her body to lay
bundled about her feet.

Mother stood a mere meter before me, completely naked.

I sat staring at my slave as she stood awaiting my next command,
watching the pleasure in my eyes to be sure. mother had very large
beasts and five centimetre wide nipples - triple 'D' had had said. No
wonder a man would loose themselves in those huge bags of sexy flesh,
they were magnificent. I trailed the curve of her waist down to her
hips with my eyes, enjoying the path. mother had a very firm sexy
body, years of daily workouts, and could easily be mistaken for a
woman ten years younger.

Lower down was a generous growth of dark blonde hair, her pussy. It
was lovely and wild and I guessed it to reflect mothers wild and
strong personality. Beneath that blonde jungle was the glistening
pinkness of her excitement - her cunt.

"God your sexy mom."

I leaned forwards and planted a kiss upon her blonde beaver - and
mother suddenly gasped in surprise and involuntarily grasped at my
head from pleasure. Dad would never, and I mean ever, do that.

I leaned further and slipped out my tongue and tasted her tangy strong
flavour and was gratified to hear another gasp, of pleasure this time
from mom. Again I licked, my tongue flicking at the hard button at
the top of the crevice, well hidden within the hairy growth. She
jerked out her hips and crouched down to allow me easier access.

Then I sat back, merely teasing her this time, while pulling a single
kinky blond hair from my mouth. I caught her eye and told her, "If
you trim back that bush I think you'll get a lot more of that in the
future." I was very serious, I've always wondered what mother tasted
like and now that I knew, I was addicted. If not for my anxious need
to loose my virginity within her, I should think I would have
continued with my oral explorations.

"Oh Master! I will shave it bald for you immediately!" She was

I answered with a smile, thinking what her sex would look like without
hair upon it, "Then I'm going to enjoy licking you from clit to ass
hole to make you come!"

She squealed in pleasure, her teeth showing white with her wide smile.
I could read her thoughts, that I was going to not only lick her most
sensitive of places, her clitoris, but I was also going to tongue that
most secret of pleasure zones of hers, her ass hole.

Wiggling my dick comically I ordered, "Now get down here and sit on my
throne slave!"

She rushed forwards with a girlish giggle, "Oh... yes my darling!"
Mother knelt to either side of my thighs and positioned her pouty
dripping sex above the head of my dick. Then she stopped before the
plunge and looked her son in the eye with a furled brow and serious
eye, "You find me pleasing Tom?"

That had to take the award for the stupidest question of the day, even
comparing them to my earlier dumb comments. It did not even deserve
an answer.

Rather I grasped mothers soft hips in both hands and suddenly drove
her down. mom screamed out in another, though less intense, orgasm as
I felt her pubic bone press into me.

My hands let go of her hips and slide up to her large breasts, they
were most definitely more than a handful. I twisted one nipple
firmly, but not maliciously. "Get that red ass moving mom - this is
my first fuck and I intend on enjoying it."

With a tired moan mother grasped my shoulders with her hands to steady
herself and then began this simultaneous rotation and thrusting upon
my dick. Even though she had her second orgasm and her body had to be
exhausted, mother began to pant and sweat with her new found climb up
another explosive summit.

I simply sat back and watched, my hands having fallen back to the
couch. If watching her pleasure herself on my fingers earlier had
been delightful - imagine with a much bigger object and with the bonus
of pleasing her man. I could see that she was building up to another
ear shattering orgasm - and do you want to know something, I wanted to
give it to her. I did, I wanted to be her best - the best master, the
best fuck, everything.

If her ass had not been glowing and sore, I would probably have thrown
her on the dirty carpeted floor and fucked her hard and fast - or if
nothing else, reached around and played with that big sexy ass. But
alas, I could not - at least not if I cared about her pain. Which I

Instead I simply sat and enjoyed. It was the best thing I could have
done. I lost my virginity in this cold damp basement by the best
looking woman in my life and in the process had gained a slave.

Mother's head was laying back on her neck so that her chin was nearly
straight up, and I saw that her mouth was open as if the scream of
pleasure was fast approaching. Her body continued to move deliciously
and my own pleasure was mounting.

Even as that first intense pressure deep down beneath my balls moved
upwards to my dick, mother began to scream out in orgasm with a fury
that surprised and pleased me. It was more intense than the first.
Along with her violent outburst of energy and pleasure, the muscles
deep within her again clenched and convulsed about my dick. It was
all that was needed for me to loose myself in my own pleasure.

I pumped my seed into my slave.


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