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MyClanFamily SoccerChampionship


Title: My Clan family - Soccer Championship
Keywords: mF, inc, teen, mdom, mom, son
Author: Caesar

There once was a sailor named Gasted,
A swell guy, as long as he lasted,
He could jerk himself off
In a basket, aloft,
Or a breeches-buoy swung from the masthead.

* Read: 'My Clan family - My First Slave' for previous episodes.
My Clan family - Soccer Championship

by Caesar, copyright 2001-2002

$Revision: 1.6 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:25 $

Her kisses were like sugar and my mouth was glued to hers as we
stumbled into my home. Her lithe body was pressing passionately
against my own and my hardness throbbed as a response.

When I got through the private patio door to my room, in the basement,
I threw my trophy onto the couch.

Leanne's tongue was spearing aggressively against my own and her hands
seemed to be glued to my hard ass.

I was dirty and a little sore after the game, my shorts and shirt degrees worse, but neither of us cared. One of my knees had a long
scratch where I had fallen upon it - the blood long dried.

I had little illusions why Leanne was here with me and not with her
jock boyfriend - I was the school hero of the moment. I had won the
winning goal for the soccer game, even our local papers will have a
picture of me kicking the ball through the mud into the opposing teams
net in tomorrows edition. I would suspect any pictures after that
goal would also have the very pretty Leanne next to me - smiling for
the cameras. I could care less - she was the hottest girl in school
and she was with me.

With the door closed behind us I began to fumble with her blouse, her
light jacket already discarded upon the floor behind us. Her hands
now fumbling with the knot of my shorts.

I was the hero that won the championship - the most points for the
game and the winning goal. This girl, the most popular girl in high
school, was mine.

Unbuckling her jeans I began to push them down her smooth thin hips.

She had given up on the knot and slipped her hand up the shorts leg
hole to grasping my hard cock. Now she was panting into my mouth with
a need that matched my own.

My passions were high and I pushed her gently away with a grin. She
was the prize that I had earned this day, the joke a couple of my
teammates had whispered to me just before I left the party.

Leanne seemed puzzled why I had pushed her away. I slipped back so as
to get a good view of her beauty and ordered, "Get naked."

She seemed startled for some reason - it couldn't be inexperience,
there was a story about how she took the starting lineup of the
football team in the middle of a watching crowd a couple of months

But soon the smile reappeared, the one that even wooed the male
teachers at our school, and she began to slowly dance to some unheard
music - her clothes slowly being discarded meanwhile. It was hypnotic
watching her slim hips sway as more of her perfect skin came into

Her years at high school had taught her how to be the seductress to

My gaze was hungry - she was gorgeous. When her breasts came into
view, I started on my own clothing - breaking the knot of my shorts in
the process. I was naked and panting in a very short amount of time.

"Come here."

She sundered to me with a sly grin.

When she stood with her heaving perky breasts nearly touching my
stomach, I grasped her suddenly and spun her about so that her ass
touched my hard prick. I felt her tense in puzzlement and surprise.
I slipped my hands about her body and grasped her round firm breasts,
my lips coming to her neck. She felt so wonderful before me that my
dick throbbed against her hard teenage ass.

With passion I swung her back around and pulled her face into my own -
my tongue slipping into her mouth again.

Through slits in my eyes I saw her wide eyes as she watched me with a
mixture of nervousness and innocence. I had to have read that look

Pulling away from her I asked gently, "Anything wrong?" She was the
slut of the school - there is even witnesses to prove it!

Leanne shrugged and then her seductive smile lightened up her face and
her posture returned to that of the teenage girl that anyone in my
school would recognize. With swaying hips she sauntered over to my
messy bed and crawled upon it - her round hard ass wiggling inviting.
She rolled over onto her back and promptly spread her legs revealing
the true prize.

My cock was rock hard and thrusting before me and without any other
preamble I slipped it into her. She lay there and looked up at
me... as if she was being patient.

That look disturbed me briefly.

Upstairs I heard the front door close and then light footsteps - mom and Linda must be home. I saw them last just at the end of the game,
and they told me they were going grocery shopping before returning
home. The sounds upstairs moved to the kitchen and I guessed they had
accomplished their mission.

I was determined to block them out of my mind - to better to enjoy
this prize of mine.

With the passion I was feeling I began to piston myself in and out of
the prettiest girl in the school - her body bouncing to the slap of my
thrusts but otherwise she just lay there. Must be something wrong? I
changed the movement of my dick and slowed to a easy in and out,
taking an excruciating amount of time for each thrust. Still nothing.

Leanne lay there watching me - waiting!

I stopped and looked into her eyes, "Something wrong Leanne?"

She frowned, her cute face loosing much of its appeal, and asked, "Why
should anything be wrong?"

"Your... you don't seem to be enjoying it?"

Upstairs I heard Linda yell and then my mother yell back. Shit - now
was a bad time for my mom and sister to have another one of their
fights. father was out of town on business and I was certainly not in
the position to break up the fight - though I knew it would escalate
till one of the males of the house broke it up.

Leanne was frowning with disgust - not at the screaming upstairs but
at me.

And I had no idea why!

Perhaps it was her gaze or the rational of knowing that this was
exactly how she 'fucked'. My buddies and I had joked about 'average'
girls being better lays than the beautiful ones - but I always laughed
at them. My mother was a hot looking woman and she certainly was not
a bad 'lay'. Then of course, she was a slave of the Clan and her life
was devoted to her master, me.

It came to me like a hammer, I had made a big mistake.

I slipped my hard dick from her sexy naked body and headed toward the
adjoining bathroom, "Get dressed and get out Leanne." I didn't mean
to be as cold has it sounded, but I had lost all desire for the
prettiest girl in school.

"What?" She screamed the question in surprise. No one, and I mean no
one, turns down this seductress I knew.

I had just told the prettiest, and the easiest, girl in the school to
get out of my bed without properly shagging her. I know the guys will
think I'm nuts and Leanne will most likely advertise that I'm a fag or
something - but it didn't matter. It meant nothing. As a member of
the Clan with my own desirable slave, I knew Leanne was nothing
against my own mother.

She was cursing and fumbling for her clothing in disgust as I ignored
her and went to my adjoining bathroom.

The shower was hot and soothing but even with the noise of the spray I
heard the shouts upstairs escalate and something fall and break.

Wearing only my robe, I ran up the basement stairs two at a time.
"Mother! Linda?" My voice was loud and commanding - intended to
interrupt any argument that were having.

I found them facing each other dangerously in the middle of the
kitchen. mother had her arms folded over her bountiful chest and
Linda had her hands on her hips. A pottery bowl was on the floor
between them, in pieces. Filled bags of groceries lay about the
counter. Linda was red in the face and screamed now at me, "Get your
slut slave out of here Tom - the bitch doesn't know her place! Dad
should have sold her when he had the chance!"

Mom opened her mouth, most probably to scream at her daughter not to
yell at her master, when I intercepted, "Shut up Linda. mom go
downstairs." mother glared with daggers at her daughter and stomped
past me toward the doorway to the basement and our privacy.

"The slut must clean up this mess first!" Demanded Linda, loudly.

I was the man of the house while dad was gone and Linda was acting
rather inappropriately.

My voice took on a new dangerous tone, "You clean it up Linda - then
you will make dinner." I glared at her with anger, "And you will do
it quietly!"

Swinging about I followed mom.

"That bitch goes too far sometimes Tom." She stood in the middle of
my, our, room her arms still folded across her chest.

"I know mom." But she was now the head slave of my fathers home and
as such was head of any female in it.

Mother took a deep smell as she stood in the middle of my room,
"Perfume?" Her anger seemed to disappear but she didn't look pleased
either, "Is it that girl that was hanging on your arm today master?"
She couldn't meet my eye.


She finally looked at me with a silent question. "Don't' make it into
more than it was mom - I sent her home before things got going." mom understood and looked away to hid her pleasure.

My slave was so transparent at times.

I returned to the bathroom to complete my toilet - brushing my teeth
and shaving.

As I shaved I thought about the game; the fun and pleasure I had when
the whistle was blown and the team found ourselves the champions - me
the hero of the moment. It really all amounted to very little. I had
found the attention of the prettiest girl in school to be the
highlight of my day but then it also revealed itself to mean
absolutely nothing. Leanne would become old and fat someday - a wife to some ex-jock, a blue collar home, her beauty only a memory. When
that happened, some guy will not be content to drive himself into her
body as she lay like a dead fish - her lost beauty will mean nothing
and she will become a very lonely old woman. It really all meant

I've had four offers at various colleges, two near my hometown. I've
put off choosing but realized that this days events pressed home the
issue of my future. I was the hero of the soccer game but tomorrow I
would return to being just another teenage boy trying to get through
school. I didn't want to be like everyone else, I wanted to excel.

Mother was tidying my room when I returned and with a gentle smile she
left me with my thoughts. "Mom, could you rub my shoulders for me?"
My whole body ached, especially my legs and shoulders, from the game.

We all know that a question by the master was more than a simple
request - of course she would.

"Yes darling."

I took off my robe and lay face down on my newly-made bed. mother lifted her loose skirt to mid-thigh so she could climb up and kneel
next to my hip. mom had wonderful hands and I knew from experience
that she found pleasure in using them for my benefit.

They started at my shoulder and I let my mind fade inwards at the
delightful feeling. Playing soccer always left me feeling sore and
achy for a week - mother always helped alleviate any of my pains.

The hands worked slowly and patiently, moving down to my hips and then
back up. They loosened each muscle they massaged.

I fell asleep under her experienced hands and was surprised when I
became aware of the fact. The second thing I realized was that
something warm and wet was touching my ass hole - mother was rimming
my backside.

In the time since dad gave her to me, I have often used my tongue upon
that part of her - and had quickly learnt that it was a very erotic
point for her pleasure. Never till this moment had she done the same
to me, I had simply never thought to request this.

She must have known I had awoken and her gentle oral licks became more
aggressive and I felt her force her long tongue into my rectum. Her
hands pulling my hard teen cheeks apart to make more room for her

Mother was a passionate woman - born to a Clan family and raised to be
married to a man whose needs she had to meet. father had been a hard
master, never returning the pleasure he had demanded from her. When
she had become one of my possessions, mother had cried with joy at the
pleasure I gave her - for the first time in her life.

She had taken my virginity that first day - and since we had grown
sexually together and enjoyed new adventures with gusto.

My mother was what I thought a slave should be - loving, devoted,
submissive and very sexual. Since she could remember she had been
trained to pleasure a cock - my cock. Nothing was forbidden nothing

She now went down a new path and I moaned with the virgin pleasure of

My mind was cloudy with sleep and my body tired from my exertions as
well as from mothers soothing hands, yet my prick started to harden
painfully into my bed.

Why had I brought home the lovely Leanne when I had a woman, my slave,
like mom? It made no sense to me now - but I doubt I would forget it
so easily next time.

Not that it should matter to my slave, as the Clan Scriptures stated I
can find pleasure wherever or with whomever I wish and my slaves will
only feel happy that I am happy. In reality, at least with mother,
she was more than a simple slave wasn't she? She was my mom and she
loved me unconditionally - it made us closer than many master-slave's.
Mom had been jealous at the pretty teenager whom I had brought home
and when she discovered that joining had failed, she felt joy - but
neither of us could talk about it. Jealousy was forbidden to a slave.

My dick was actually hurting at the angle it was pressed into the bed
and I slowly moved so she could disengage her tongue from within my
body. mother watched with a happy shy smile, waiting for me to turn

I lay upon my back and looked at my lovely mother - how could I bring
home an immature teenager to replace mother's rightful place in my
bed? Stupid of me in retrospect.

Mother saw lazy happiness in my gaze and leaned down to easily take my
prick into her hungry mouth. More times than can be remembered, her
mouth has pleasured me in this way. I let out a grown of raw pleasure
at the feeling of her warm wet mouth and tongue massaging this part of
me. My slave made love with my cock, she didn't just suck, every
movement done to give me prolonged pleasure.

In this half sleep state, I felt like I could stay hard forever -
though knew it was impossible with her experienced lips and mouth. I
grunted something unintelligent and mother opened her eyes to question
me silently - she must have seen my hunger for her.

My mom read my gaze and bit her bottom lip as she began to climb up my
body - lifting her skirt to her waist and expertly aiming her naked
loins at my thrusting missile. She sunk down upon me with a gentle
export air from her lungs - I saw her closed eyes and that little
smile. She enjoyed this as much as I did.

A cupboard door slammed upstairs and Linda's footsteps retreated to
the top level of the house. It brought me out of this delightful slow
cloudy sexual haze I was in to bring back the reality of my house. I
knew then that I shall take a college at least a few hours away from
home - away from the potential explosions between Linda and mom.

Mom frowned for a brief second before it disappeared and I know she
too was disturbed by the interruption. Hated how we must live in the
basement, submissive to her demanding daughter and ex-husband.

To have my own family, I must leave this one - to venture forth into
the world to see if I was truly a man.

It was time for to take matters in hand.

My mind was again clear and for the first time in weeks I felt
refreshed at the decisions I had finally come too. Reaching about
mother, I grasped her round sexy ass in both my hands and pulled her
in against me. Then I suddenly twisted her about and with a little
tumbling, found myself above and between her spread thighs.

Mother was surprised but delighted at the change of venue - and
reached up to caress my face with soft loving strokes as my hips
started to move with purpose. My naked loins smacked into mothers
loudly and her sighs hit the tempo perfectly.

I fumbled awkwardly at the buttons of mothers blouse and she brought
down one hand to help - soon her large breasts were bobbing in time to
our rapid anxious movements.

My lips descended and our mouths locked, her tongue invading

The familiar tingling between my legs foreshadowed the inevitable and
mother was groaning into my mouth revealing her own impending
explosion. When her ankles locked at the small of my back and force
herself up to ground her crotch against mine, I knew her time had

My slave screamed near-silently into my mouth as her body vibrated
beneath me. I found that her arms had come about my torso and hugged
me uncontrollably to her.

That was enough to send me into that hazy nirvana that my mother was
so expert in delivering.

I collapsed, my chest heaving, upon my parents sexy body. Now this
was the way to celebrate winning the soccer championship.



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