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MyClanFamily TimeToGrowUp


Title: My Clan family - Time To Grow Up
Keywords: mF, fF, mdom, inc, teen, bond, mom, son, sister, daughter Author: Caesar

There's an unbroken babe from Toronto,
Exceedingly hard to get onto,
But when you get there,
And have parted the hair,
You can fuck her as much as you want to.

* Read: 'My Clan family - My First Slave',
'My Clan family - Soccer Championship' for previous episodes.
My Clan family - Time To Grow Up

by Caesar, copyright 2000-2002

$Revision: 1.5 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:25 $

Our night was fantastic - I had given mother a hemp bracelet for her
ankle, one for each. What was not so obvious, at least to anyone but
the two of us, was that these bracelets locked together with two
others that I had given her, for her wrists, last winter. In any
combination I could bind her ankles and wrists at my discretion.

It had been her birthday, thirty nine years old yesterday, and we had
danced the night away at a local watering hole.

I may not have much money, but I think mother has been happier these
last three years since we moved into our own apartment, closer to
college. She wore a smile continuously, yearned for her son's cock,
and was the perfect slave.

All in all - it was a wonderful time.

I hoped it was never to end!

I woke before my slave and just lay there looking out the window at
the multi-coloured leaves, it was fall - nearly time to restart my
last semester at college. And yes, I was smiling and I was very
happy. Owning a slave can be a very pleasurable experience, take my
word for it if you don't already own one.

I had taken my slave to the pub down the corner, a place many of the
students hang out - several knowing mother and I by sight - ate
burgers and salad. Then we danced to the tunes from a crappy old jukebox in the corner - which devoured the last of my money. After
several of the beers both of us stumbled home, laughing and flirting

As soon as we reached our tiny bachelor apartment and the door closed,
mother dragged off my jeans and simply swallowed my cock. She didn't
come up for air until I had emptied a load down her throat. That was
only the start of our evening.

I often joked that mother was into her sexual peak-years and she would
get that mischievous look in her eye as she used it to get some of my
cock. Her getting older, only made the sexy woman into an older but
still very sexy woman. mother still worked out, took great care at
her appearance - though I never needed to ask. She seemed to know
just what to wear, or not to wear, to appease me. Nothing was
forbidden and nothing was denied.

A great time.

Oh, my marks at school were very good as well.

As a Clan member, I knew the limitations of having a outsider as a
friend and found all attempts frustrating and a little boring. Some
of my peers in college chased skirts, some got lucky, others were
humiliated and denied. Me, on the other hand, found the lifestyle
that I had grown up within a blessing - mother, my slave, ensured
that. By owning my very own woman, some of the normal pressures of
being a young man were non-consequential.

In other words, I was able to concentrate upon my studies since I was
able to fuck my slave.

It was a lovely morning - the sun was out, a bit of a chill in the
air, and the leaves that were left upon the tall old trees and those
upon the ground made the world colourful.

I had other reasons than the season and getting my dick wet to be
happy - Mr. Duncan, one of the Clan's elders had arranged to meet with
me here in my home at two in the afternoon.

That's huge news!

A little daunting as well. A Clan elder just doesn't drop into a
members home - it had never happened in my fathers household. I was
rather nervous about it, while feeling anxious as well, that I should
be so honoured. I didn't even tell my mother - none of her business
what I did any ways.

Warm hands slide across my back and around my body to hold me in a
firm hug. "Morning mom."

"Darling." She pressed the side of her face against my back tenderly.

"Sleep well?"

"Hum... I always sleep well if you do." Meaning I sleep heavily after
having a handful of orgasms - my slave likes nothing better than to
please me. I could almost picture her content smile and closed eyes
as she hugged me.

A hand slipped down past my navel and gently touched the head of my
penis. Her face turned slightly and I felt her lips gently kissing my
ribs. "Darling...?"

The leaves looked so fine this morning.

The hand became bolder and the whole of her tiny hand encircled my
soft cock and squeezed it expertly. "Master...?"

Why was the Clan elder coming to see me?

Behind me, mother wiggled about so that she was able to slip her face
about my flank, her cheek upon my lap. "Please...?" Her warm moist
lips encircled the head of my soiled soft cock, her tongue swirling
about anxiously.

I grasped the back of her head in my hands, holding onto her short
blonde hair as her lips became more aggressive. mother was very
experienced with sucking her son's cock - it has been in all three of
her holes more times than I care to count - but that sexy full lipped
mouth was used more than her ass or cunt.

Just when I felt my dick swell with interest, and mother began bobbing
her face up and down, the damn phone rang.

It was an old rotary by the bed and I retrieved the receiver
immediately. mother never missed a stride. "Hello?" My voice wasn't
the friendliest.



"Dale Cardigan... your fathers friend." I felt the blood from my face
drain away and my dick started to soften.

"Yes, hello Mr. Cardigan." Dale Cardigan and my father were old drinking and hunting buddies from years past - though it was strange
that he was contacting me directly.

He was also a Clan member, of course.

"Its your father Tom... he's dead." I pushed mother away from me and
she rolled back onto the bed and waited like a good slave should. She
knew me well enough to see that something important was happening, so
she silently waited.

"What...dead... how?" Dad may have been a prick, even to me, his only
son, but he was still my father and I felt my eyes well up with water.

"Yesterday. He killed himself Tom. God, it was terrible."
Mr. Cardigan sobbed, a sound that I would have thought impossible from
the gruff bear-like man. "Since you were at school I had to handle
the immediate matters for the coroner and the Clan." Then he said
something that surprised me, "I had to send your sister Linda to you,
by train, she should have arrived at the station an hour ago."

"Linda? I thought dad sold her?"

Father, in all his wisdom had thought with his cock and not with his
brain - and took pleasure in his pretty daughter. Fun for a while, to
be sure - but it was stupid, as it lowered the chance for Linda to
have a fruitful life and even her resale value. It was near
impossible to sell a soiled teenager for marriage - as a mistress or a
whore, sure, but never for marriage - as dad had found out.

Father, though, had finally found a man who was willing to buy his
daughter. Even knowing that she was not a virgin - the man being near
his seventies, didn't seem to care. In other words, dad lucked out.
Oh, he didn't get the same price as if she was a virgin but more than
if she was sold to a Clan run whore-house."

It had been dad's saving grace - after loosing his job from his
enjoyment for the booze - finally finding a buyer for his daughter which put some money back in his pocket. Dad had sunk so low that he
even lost the house to the local Clan bankers - and lived not much
better than I did here at school.

"The old man died the day before the signing of the contract - and his
family sent her back." That is what must have killed dad - he had so
much relied upon that deal to get him out of his financial troubles.

"There is something else Tom... something that he wanted to hide from
you. He had gotten in hot water with the Clan as well." He what?
"Something about telling off an elder and sleeping with another man's

How fucking stupid can one person be?

Within the Clan, fornication of another mans property was punishable.
Let alone it ostracized the offender for years afterwards - no man within the Clan could trust him. In effect, life as he would know it
was at an end.

My tears tried up suddenly and I turned my head to see mother, having
only heard my side of the conversation, was fighting back tears of her
own. Though she may hate the man she had been sold too, whom she had
married and then given children too - she was still a woman. And as
the Clan bible said, a woman was a weak and emotional thing.

The door knocked right at that moment and I nodded for mother to get

"I think Linda is here now Mr. Cardigan." She must have taken a taxi
from the train station - it would be just like Mr. Cardigan to give
her some cash to effectively dump her at my doorstep. Dad had to have
tell his close friend how mother and Linda simply hated the sight of
each other? Both men had been of one mind when it came to the care of
their slaves.

"You should sell Linda son, her life..."

I had to interrupt, "Yes, I understand." Her life within the Clan
would be miserable if she could not find a marriage to be sold too.
Unless I decided to keep her.

Mother had pulled on one of my soiled tee-shirts and opened the door
for her daughter. The two of them just glared at the other.

"The lawyer will be in contact with you for all the estate matters."
Like outstanding bills - father had tens of thousands of dollars he
owned... or more accurately, I now owed. "I'll call tomorrow...?"

"Thank you Mr. Cardigan... I will chat with you tomorrow."

"Bye Tom." He hung up.

After I placed the phone in the cradle I turned about to look at my
sister, whom I had not laid eyes upon in nearly three years.

Mother still had her hand upon the handle of the door and blocked her
daughters entrance. If mother hated dad, she was disgusted with her
daughter. Not once in our time together had she spoke of her female

"Let her in." I growled.

Linda was a thinner, younger, version of mom. Long blonde hair and
smaller of hips - she had a sexy innocent look in her eye, that I was
pleased was still there. Her breasts, nearly as big as moms, were
noticeably huge for her thin shapely frame.

She stepped in carrying a single duffle bag and looked exhausted and
very sad.

Her father and lover had died. Yet, don't forget he had died after he
had sold her to marriage of servitude to an ancient man and when
finding out she was returning had killed himself. I had no concept of
what she must be feeling right now.

"Tom." She dropped the duffle on the floor just inside my single room
apartment, ignoring her mother. They were rivals for far too long,
Linda effectively taking away the older woman's husband and master,
and taking the dominant female position in father's household very
seriously. Well the tables were reversed now obviously - Linda was
homeless and had very little to look forwards too in her future.

"We don't have room, she'll have to go!" mother was addressing me,
barely holding in her rage. I wondered if mom was still jealous, an
offence for a slave within our Clan, of her daughter. Of course she
was, I chastised myself.

I stood up and faced the two of them - Linda looking down openly at my
hanging member. Was that hunger within her eyes? Could she see
mother's saliva still upon me?

Mother must have noticed her daughters glaze as well, "Sell the bitch
to the lower caste darling!" He voice was becoming shrill.

Linda spun her head and hissed at mother and then turned back to me
and smiled sweetly - her sadness seeming to melt away. Then it struck
me, what must be very obvious to my mother and sister - Linda's life
now belonged to me, her brother. Her whole future lay in my hands,
and both slave's knew it. Up to that point she has always been just
my sister - a distant younger sibling, female as well. In a Clan
family, a woman, even a family member, was worth only what she could
be sold for.

To be truthful, I had no idea how to handle this situation. I
couldn't take fathers actions and advice - look how fucked up we had
all become because of him!

"She stays." Mother's face became pale and her shoulders slumped in
defeat and fear. While Linda's brightened up and she blinked her eyes
and thrust out her very generous breasts toward me.

Mother never missed a thing, as she look wild eyed and defeated.

Not knowing what else to say or do, I grabbed a clean towel from a
shelf and slipped into the only other room in my apartment, the
bathroom. I shut the door and sat upon the tiny throne and held my
head in my hands and shed my grief with tears.

The scolding water helped return me to normal - but did nothing to
help me handle the two volatile women in the other room.

My apartment was filled with tense negative energy as soon as I opened
the door to return to the main room. Mother, still wearing my
tee-shirt was cooking me a late breakfast. Linda had changed from her
jeans into very skimpy shorts and nothing else.

Her side was toward me and when she saw me, she slowly brought up her
hands to cover those huge breasts. They were larger than her small
hands and overflowed rather sexy - I could not help but notice. Then
she smiled and I knew this was all a pretence, a game. Those breasts,
as well as the rest of her were mine to do with as I pleased.

Mother slammed the frying pan down onto the hot plate and swore under
her breath. Both Linda and I didn't even turn at mothers outburst and
the sexual tension between us was building up.

"Oh Tom. I'm sorry", an innocent smile just for me, "I was just
changing." She let go of one breast and reached for a tiny shirt,
which I thought would not cover her navel. Her breasts were very
large, like our mothers, yet they were higher upon her chest and
firmer. Turning her back to me, she pulled on the tiny tight shirt and turned back - it may as well had been painted upon her body, it
was so tight upon those big sexy breasts.

I was naked as well - and walked over to the corner, where I kept my
chest of clothing - and Linda rushed over to kneel by me.

It startled me and I looked down and noticed that her face was but a
foot from my soft, now clean, cock. Her eyes were watching it closely
as she reached into the chest and brought me out well worn jeans. I
took these and pulled them on, her lips and face pouting comically
when my cock was hidden behind the denim. Then she passed me a clean
tee-shirt and finally socks, which I denied the latter.

Mother never attended to my every day needs, per my wishes - though it
appears that Linda was taught differently. There is something to be
said for having a sexy slave attend to you!

When I was finished dressing in my normal attire she stood and placed
both hands upon my chest and leaned in. She was shorter than I,
though a couple of inches taller than mom, and stood upon her toes, so
her lips were an inch from my own and whispered, "I belong to you now
big brother." She smiled at me, as if we shared a secret, and I felt
a flutter between my legs.

My sister was good.

She knew where her strength lay - not with her brain, if I could
remember correctly - but in her strong sexuality. Even knowing this,
and understanding how it had ruined my fathers life, I felt the draw
of her as my cock started to lift and press against my jeans.

I know not what would have happened when a loud crash suddenly brought
me out of Linda's power and I looked toward mother. She had dropped
the frying pan, making a mess in the process, and stood staring at her
two children. "Uh... sorry... slipped." It wasn't a very believable

Linda hissed again and I quickly slipped past her to help mom clean up
the mess. Privately thanking her from separating me from that
seductive slave.

Was the Clan elder coming to visit me because of dad's indiscretions?
There were circumstances that the whole of a man's family could be
punished for some wrong - was fucking another Clan members wife and
slave one of those? Was he coming here to take possession of my
slaves and to give me one of those two fateful options young Clan boys whispered about?

Linda may be trouble, but she was damn sexy. A younger version of mom indeed. There was something more - something seductive about the
teenager. Certainly it was that innocent and young look upon a
gorgeous woman's body. It could even be that her nipples always
seemed to be hard, thrusting against whatever she wore - and just
begged to be bite! Or was it because she was my sister - more of that
forbidden fruit that I have already tasted with mom?

Not to say that mother was any less appealing - her kneeling there
before me while cleaning up her mess, her loose neckline hanging down
so I could see that huge soft sexy breasts swaying beneath her. She
knew too and looked up to meet my eyes and she smiled seductively at
me as well. Even mother played the game - it saddened me if anything.

Since I had taken possession of my first slave those years before, our
time together has been magnificent - every teenagers wildest fantasy.
Yet that little look she had passed me just then was new; mother realized her position and life was in jeopardy and was turning on her
charms to steer me away from straying. Hadn't she already lost one
master, though not a very good one in my opinion, to her daughter?

Linda was behind me, still over in the corner of the room - probably
waiting for me. Waiting to direct more of her potent sexual seduction
toward me. mother knew it too.

Mother leaned in so her face was inches from mine, "I want you
master." She fluttered her eyes and lifted her chin so I could get a
better view down the neckline of her tee-shirt.

Mom was smart, and experienced when it came to what excited her son -
calling me 'master' and knowing I had been interrupted from my earlier
blow job.

She leaned in and kissed me, our lips opening and her tongue slipping
softly into my mouth. I slipped one hand between her kneeling hands
and hefted one beautiful big breast - as if weighing it. mother moaned with pleasure and gasped into my mouth. She pulled away from
my lips long enough to again whisper, "Mommy needs you darling." As I
said, the 'forbidden fruit' indeed!

Deftly she rolled onto her back, her lips still connected to my own,
so that she lay with her head inverted beneath me. Both her hands
lifted up the tee shirt to her neck exposing her fully. mother grasped her full heavy breasts and squeezed them roughly, again
gasping into my mouth with expansive pleasure. Then one hand stole
downwards, past her flat stomach to that hairless pleasure place
between her legs. A longer uncontrolled gasp as her back arched
pressing her navel upwards.

Just then I felt lips against my ear and was actually surprised -
though I shouldn't be, Linda would have been able to see everything in
this tiny bachelor apartment. She spoke near silently, "You and mom are making me so hot big brother!" Her hand squeezed my ass through
my jeans firmly. "I'll do anything you want Tom...", her tongue
slipped into my ear canal briefly, "... would you like to see mom lick

That caused me to disengage from mother and turn my head to look at
Linda in the eye. She was smiling softly, seductively, waiting for
her new master to instruct her. The seconds slipped by when she
mouthed, "Anything".

I then nodded at my sister, affirming her last suggestion. I had
never even fantasized about such a thing - and when my sister had
suggested it, the concept blew my mind. I would like nothing better
than to see these two slaves couple together.

I sat back and saw that mom was frozen, her eye filled with grief as
she watched me. Gone was that seductive horny woman and all that was
left was a depressed middle-aged slave. She could not have heard what
Linda had whispered to me, but she knew that her seduction had failed.

Linda leaned down to our mother and kissed her softly. "Our master
wants to see you lick me mother." A lick of her parents lips this
time, leaving a stream of saliva from cheek to cheek.

Mom didn't even seem to notice. Mother's eyes welled up and I nodded
for her to do as her daughter had informed her.

I was impassioned. In other words, hot!

"Lick me properly mother, or I may just smother you!" Linda giggled
at looked at me, as if it was all a joke. But mom looked to her
daughter in horror - no doubt believing the statement.

Linda swiftly stood up and slipped her shorts to the floor, the
undersized tee-shirt quickly discarded. She stood there next to our
mother and posed quickly for me - her master. Linda was fully naked
and spectacular - the differences between her and mother now more

Without any preamble, Linda straddled our mothers head with her feet
and then squatted down. Her pussy, dirty blonde, and well trimmed
flowered open as her knees spread. mom just watched with horror as it
came toward her.

Linda pressed it roughly just below mother's nose, forcing her jaw
open. "Licky licky mommy!" She ground herself down and smiled at me.
"Did mom ever tell you about her life before she married dad?"

Mom's eyes were watching me between those thighs but her mouth was
open and no doubt her tongue was busy between her daughters labia. If
she had been horrified at what she was currently doing, she seemed to
be terrified at what Linda was about to reveal.

I didn't even answer, but I doubt it mattered, Linda continued, "How
she had to 'train' with her sisters and mother before she came of
age?" Age to be married. I could only guess at what 'trained' meant.
"Or how she had come to me late one night and told me to do what I'm
doing to her now?"


Linda growled and jerked a hand between her thighs to grasp her
mothers short long hair, and pulled it upwards. "Lick me properly

"It seems our mother likes cunt." Mothers eyes were clamped firmly
shut but the tears still escaped. "Of course I told dad and he beat

Linda had to see the lust in my eyes cloud over at that last statement
- I have little patience with fathers form of submissive control - and
quickly shut her mother. And there was also the reason for Linda to
tell me that sordid tale - to gain mastery over our parent. Did she
gain the dominant position over her mother, at home, after she
revealed this? Did she think it would work twice to her advantage?

That 'cloud' eased my lust-filled thoughts long enough to guess why
mother had done what she did - because of her desperation. Dad never
sexually pleased his wife and she must have done what she had been
taught to do as a early teen in my grandparents home - search out
another woman to help her. And mother was a sexy woman full of lust,
as I well knew. Yet where Linda found amusement at the knowledge I
only found sadness - it returned me from that erotic spot and I now
thought more clearly.

"Get off her Linda." I quickly stood up over the two women.

Linda looked up at me and pouted, "Big brother I...?"

"Shut the fuck up slave and get off mom." She quickly rolled to the
side and lay on the floor looking at me nervously.

Emotions were shifting so quickly in my little apartment.

I leaned down and helped mother up off the floor, kissing her soiled
lips tenderly. Linda watched, her earlier sadness drifting back to
her face.

"I'm sorry honey." mother wrapped her arms about me and cried into my

My hands gently cupped mothers face and lifted it so she looked up at
me, "No more crying mother." She nodded slightly and sniffled by the
next sob.

I then lifted the hem of her tee shirt, that had again fallen to cover
mother's nudity, and pulled it up over her head. mother questioned me
with her eyes. Her body now fully exposed as her daughter was.

My hands went around mother and grasped that full sexy, firm from
aerobics, and spread her cheeks. Linda still laying upon the floor,
frozen and waiting could see everything in detail.

I nodded for my sister to come toward me, she started to stand and I
growled, "On your knees slave!" She quickly dropped back down and
crawled on all fours toward us - being forced to remember her place.
When I saw that she was about to crawl around mother, I pulled apart
those cheeks and grunted, "No... here." Linda's eyes widened and she
moved as ordered.

I watched mothers face as she showed surprise before her mouth opened
involuntarily and she gasped. Stealing a look over mom's shoulder I
could see that her daughters face was hidden between the white fleshy
cheeks and her head was moving slightly - I had little doubt Linda was
licking her mothers ass hole just like a good little slave.

It was her only chance now, can't you see that? To be dutiful and
submissive - to pleasure me, even if that meant not being the primary
slave in my home?

Mom gasped again and a tiny smile appeared, I leaned in and licked at
my sisters spend on her face - savouring the taste. Mother's prime
erogenous zone was her ass hole - and it never failed to excite her to
no end when properly given attention.

Linda was giving her that attention.

I let go of mom's ass and saw Linda's hands come up to replace mine -
as she pried apart our mothers ass to give her face more room. I
pulled from mothers grasping hands and she fell forwards to hold onto
the seat of a chair, this, obviously, gave better access to her busy

Standing off to the side, I pulled my jeans and shirt quickly off -
Linda watching me without blinking above the edge of mothers ass. I
had no idea what she could be thinking at that moment - but we both
knew she was in no position to disappoint me.

Kneeling next to my sister, I was given a very graphic view of her
open mouth and busy tongue as it rimmed mothers saliva covered relaxed
anal ring. I knew enough of that part of her anatomy to know that she
would seen be helpless and on the path to a strong orgasm if my sister was left to continue.

I pulled Linda away from moms ass.

Mother groaned out in disappointment and looked over her shoulder at
her two children.

"Get down here mother." I said it rather roughly, though I never felt
any anger toward mom at that very moment - only a little pity that
I'll never admit to her. It was unseemly to do so - I was the
dominant after all.

Mom turned about and knelt next to her daughter, Linda turning about
so they both sat facing me, hip to hip. I leaned in and kissed Linda
quickly, her own saliva and mothers juices evident and strong upon my
tongue. Then I kissed mother and that kiss was passion-filled and
long lasting, as a slave and master can only do. Linda just looked
on, submissive and silently.

Then I stood up and presented the two slaves with my half hard cock.
Mother didn't even hesitate, closed her eyes, opened her mouth and
leaned in to suckle upon one side of my shaft. Linda only watched
with a look that could only be described as youthful inexperience. I
had to grasp her head of long blonde hair and pull her forwards till
she duplicated what our mother was doing.

For the first time in my life, I had two lips sucking and licking my
cock. I shall never look at a blow job in the same way again.

Mother took the head of my cock in her mouth and expertly bobbed up
and down upon it, her tongue swirling about the head on the upswing.
I guided Linda beneath my shaft and she began to suck and lick at my
sperm-full hairy balls.

What could be more wonderful than the feeling of two mouths upon your
organ - watching the two ladies work upon your organ of course!

I began to pump my hips with pleasure - my rod rock hard and
throbbing. Linda and mom switched places, and I came to appreciate
mother's experience as Linda was far behind mother's technique when it
came to sucking cock.

Reaching out I gasped both faces and pressed them cheek to cheek, the
edges of their mouths touching. Both eyes watched my cock as one of
my hands grasped it to aim, at mothers open hungry lips and Linda's
sexy wide closed lips.

My blast took Linda by surprise and she jerked back and my free hand
returned her cheek to my mothers even as I hosed down the two slaves.
Spurt after spurt ejaculated and landed upon each female from forehead
to chin. It was a nasty exciting sight.

Yet, even with my youthful endurance and stamina, my cock was finally
finished. I stood back and found the bed to sit down upon, catching
my breath.

Both eyes watched and waited, their faces now stuck together by
threads of sperm. "Lick each other clean", I was able to gasp out.

It was mother that took the lead and pulled away from her daughter before opening her mouth and leaning in. She was very familiar with
my sperm, having an oral dose of it nearly every day, and held her
daughter's head steady as she began to lap at her. Soon the pearl
coloured sperm was gone from my sisters face, replaced by mothers
glistening saliva.

Then it was Linda's turn - she starred at me and then at mother as if
she could not believe she had to lick the ejaculate off the woman whom
she had treated like garbage for the last several years. Then mother brought one hand up between them and took a wide pink nipple to
roughly pinch between thumb and forefinger. "Lick me bitch." The
venom in her voice surprised me. As I'm sure it did Linda, it was
enough to for her to opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and licked
our mother clean. mom was smiling with pleasure the whole time.

It was done.

"Crawl over here slaves." The two ladies crawled on all fours the few
steps to me - sitting on their heels, waiting.

I pulled both faces down so that they rested their saliva covered
cheeks on either of my thighs. My hand stroked softly as I told them,
"I have to go out for a short while girls." mother actually mewed and
stroked her check against me. "Mother I want you to do something for

She lifted her face and had a content dreamy look upon her, "I want
you to orgasm twice for me while I'm gone OK?"

Mother smiled softly, "I'll do anything for you my lover."

"The first time have this inexperienced slave, Linda, lick your ass

Mom hummed and licked her lips in anticipation.

"And only your ass - do you understand slave?" My hand had turned to
a claw and jerked Linda's head by her hair.

A squeak escaped from her, "yes".

"Thank you master." mother and I shared a smile.

"Then second time you may use your imagination - but it has to have
something to do with this slut?" I pulled Linda's face from my lap
and she looked into her mother's eyes.

"It will be my pleasure master." I had little doubt to the full truth
to that simple statement.

I would not want to be Linda for the next hour.

Gently I stood and went to retrieve my clothing, both ladies watching
me from where I had left them. "Bind and gag Linda when you are done

"With pleasure darling." No doubt.

I left.

I had left the incestuous den for two reasons - one because I had to
get out and think in the chilly fall air and two, I make a couple of

When I returned, all was quiet and mother was freshly showered and
wearing only a pair of white lace stockings - which, she knew I rather
enjoyed upon her. Linda was hog-tied naked and gagged upon the floor
in the corner on her stomach, she looked rather pitiful, sad, dirty
and tired.

Sweeping mom in my arms I kissed her passionately, my hands again
returning to that sexy ass. "Had fun?"

Mother had a sparkle in her eye when she answered, "Most definitely!"

"A Clan elder is coming in an hour..."

She forgot herself, "What!" It was nearly a scream. mother knew, as
I did, that such things don't normally happen. She then looked around
at the mess in our tiny apartment and was suddenly very nervous and
probably scared.

I let her go as she scurried to tidy up and to the kitchen to 'whip'
up something to eat.

Then I strode over to the corner and squatted down before my sister -
her eyes watching me, pleading. It was useless of course, she was a
slave and I had to think without my dick in this situation.

My hand slipped down to grasp her firm tight ass - harder than moms,
most definitely - then slipped a finger between her cheeks. I forced
it into her sweaty anal hole, guessing that it was virgin as our
father had no interest in that part of a womans anatomy.

On the far side of the room, mother had stopped in mid stroke with the
broom to watch her two kids - and I was amused at her insecurities,
that she should be still jealous after the morning we just had.

Frigging her ass hole, Linda grunting with the pain, I said rather
loudly, "Nice ass baby sister." I had to force the second one to join
the first as it was so tight, and she screamed into her gag.

Mother came up behind me, standing there watching and waiting.

"It would have been nice to fuck a great body like yours", both ladies
eyebrows raised at my use of the word 'been', "yet your destined for a
different future."

Tears welled up in Linda's eyes and I could feel mothers smile even
without looking.

My fingers pulled from that tight hot hole and forced themselves into
her cunt. It was certainly easier to frig, as well it had a generous
coat of her juices to slick my invasion. I wondered, and knew I would
have to ask later, what mother and daughter had done while I was gone?

I stood back up and faced mother, while staring at my two fingers that
had a generous coat of my sister's spend upon them, "Happy mom?"

She never said a word, so I grunted harshly, "Mother?"

"Yes." Barely a whisper. Her admission was based upon jealousy, and
I was the only person alive that she had admitted this too - the same
person that could ruin her with the information.

I lifted my hand and pressed those two fingers between mothers
submissive lips - and she obediently sucked them clean as she watched
my eyes curiously.

Rather roughly I explained, "If not for Linda and your history, I
would have liked to keep the little slut as a slave." Mothers eyes
never blinked as she sucked and starred into my own. "I would have
liked nothing better than to have both your lips suck me as we did
earlier, to take her anal cherry, watch one of you lick the other, and
take turns fucking either of you."

My fingers disengaged from her mouth and I gasped her jaw roughly to
hold her head firmly, mother now looked a little scared, "What I told
you that first time was true, you will always be my senior slave - but
I want you to know that you failed me mother."

There, it was said. mother understood immediately and I saw the tears
well up in her eyes and she stared at me submissive. Linda was going
to be sold not because I wanted too but because mother could not get
along with her daughter. My devotion to my slave was enough that I
could not chance her jealousy when with her daughter. My slave, my
mother, had hurt and disappointed her master by his willingness to
give up his own pleasure.

Mother had failed me.

Deep huh? Welcome to the Clan.

A full minute passed and we shared a long look - and we both knew I
had just grown up in only the last few hours.

I let go of her jaw when I saw that she understood. Before she could
speak I barked, "Now clean up before Mr. Duncan arrives." My voice
left little to negotiate and she quickly spun about to retrieve the
broom and began to frantically clean. All the while crying silently
to herself.

I had humbled her - after Linda was gone, I was going to punish her.
I had a belt, rarely used I'll admit, that did a wonderful job. There
was certainly no time now - and in the days before I could find a
buyer, as I would not be choosy like dad had been - there was still a
couple days of pleasure to be had.

Linda looked up at me in deep depression, her eyes past tears, and we
both knew that this time next week she would be spreading her sexy
legs in one of the Clan-run whore houses for any and all that could
afford a couple minutes of her fucking. She would be able to help our
Clan - by selling her body - else there were worst things that could
be done to her.

Enough of that now - I grunted at mom to dress more appropriately with
our visitor coming and growled at Linda to shut up. I didn't need to
threaten her, dad had been heavy handed with pain, and she understood
the alternative.

Mr. Duncan sipped at the tea and starred thoughtfully at me.

It was nearly ninety minutes since I had chastised mother and revealed
to Linda her future, none too soon as mom had just finished getting
dressed when the knock at the door came.

Mr. Duncan was a very rich man, if clothing could be any judge.
Expensive suit and tie, platinum ring and watch, and shoes that must
have cost more than my monthly rent.

I apologized yet again for the low state of my home, and again he
simply waved it off. Though I was sure he did not often sit in such a
unstately room.

It was storage to some, but for this elder of our Clan, he never even
looked at Linda or asked about her, bound and gagged as she was, mere
feet from us. She was a woman, a slave, and as such was not of

Mother served us some tea-biscuits that she had hastily made.
Mr. Duncan didn't even look at her, looking very pretty in her skirt
and blouse which made me proud of her.

He came right to the point after a sip of his scolding tea, "I'm sorry
about your father Tom - I just learnt of it this morning."

"As did I sir... thank you." I was very humbled in the presence of
this older man. Rightfully so.

"His business has nothing to do with why I am here." I breathed a
sigh of relief but otherwise never said a word. "The Clan has taken
notice of you boy." His eyes bored into my own - like a hawk into its
prey. "You have behaved exceptionally considering your pedigree."

Mr. Duncan took a small bite of the biscuit and smiled then nodded at
mother, silently complimenting her cooking. They were still warm from
the oven.

"What were you going to do after you graduate son?"

Graduate? I had a hard time just thinking about the next semester,
let alone when I left school. "Get a job sir."

He nodded and set down his biscuit and tea cup before sitting back in
my second-hand chair. I hoped it didn't break - it would be
disastrous if a elder of the Clan fell upon his ass in my apartment.
My life, all of our lives within the Clan, were in the hands of a
unknown number of elders.

"Quite right. Have you thought of going on to take your Masters
degree?" I had, but student loans and grants would not pay for it.

"Yes sir." I didn't need to explain my financial situation to this
man, he probably could tell me what time of day I was born on.

"Each year the Clan supports three to six of our numbers... those that
hold promise."

I couldn't hold back the question, "Promise?"

He didn't seem to hear the interruption and simply continued, "All
expenses are paid - you are able to live very well as you finish your
studies. Even take your PHD if you so desire."

I looked around my humble abode taking my life in with a single look -
it was about to change, if I heard Mr. Duncan correctly. mother was
cutting up the banana bread she had just pulled out of the oven - not
part of our conversation, a mere object in the room - but I saw the
corners of her lips turn up in a discrete smile.

Mr. Duncan was smiling when I turned back, "We are proud of you so far
son... just keep up the good work."

I couldn't say anything but, "Thank you sir."



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