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Title: My Cock, My Life
Keywords: mF, inc, teen, mom, son, sister Author: Caesar
"An eager inventor named Jones
Was reduced to to loud sobbing and moans.
He'd devised x-ray glasses
To study clothed lasses
But all he could see were their bones."
-author unknown
This is just a quick and dirty story, that is unfinished, which
I wrote while bored in a hotel room one weekend. Its about a
well-endowed young man and his passage through early life.

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictional and a figment <g> of my
imagination. Constructive e-mail welcome.

My Cock, My Life

By Caesar, copyright 1994-2002

$Revision: 1.6 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:25 $


My cock is my life. I do not mean that lightly nor symbolically.
My life revolves about my cock. The things that happened to me
are directly related to my dick, and specifically the size of my
dick. Even my first memory is about my penis, and the reaction it
created in others. Many of these reflections may seem typical
male bravado simply written to paper as proof of a low self-
esteem. Yet the proof of these words is that I am beginning to be
weary and even have despairing thoughts about the organ
between my legs.
Chapter I

The earliest of memories are about my family and with the warm
large house I grew-up in. My two older sisters and my parents were a close family. Happily middle-class. I have no memories
beyond being happy in my first few years.

But the first visual memory I have involved my mother's sister,
Aunt Thelma. It was New Years Eve and I had been sent to bed
soon after the new year rang in. I awoke an indeterminate amount
of time later with someone laying next to me in my small bed. I
can still remember the sharp smell of alcohol as well as stale
perfume. It was not the body next to me in bed that woke me but
the hand inside my pyjama bottoms and even inside my shorts.
The warm, long nailed hand, had my pre-teen manhood in a firm
grasp and was milking it lovingly. Not understanding what was
happening I pretended sleep as my member grew as it sometimes
did at the most embarrassing of times. I guess the lips pressed
into my cheek when I reached full hardness, the gasp of
astonishment echoed into my ear. The thin female body pressed
itself into my leg in time to the squeeze of the hand. I can
remember being scared, but more memorable is that I enjoyed the
hand and the close body next to mine. After several minutes of
this the person next to me let out a guttural moan then lay still, her
body still pressed against mine. Nothing happened for several
moments until I ventured to take a peek at the person next to me. I
saw that it was my Aunt and she appeared to be sleeping. The
next morning I awoke to find myself alone.

Another time, much more innocent, yet I remember it chiefly
because it made me so embarrassed - is when I innocently walked
into the living room where my mother was entertaining several of
her friends. As soon as they saw me, all became quiet and I saw
my mother turn beat red. Just before they saw me, I saw one
woman holding her hands up before her as if measuring
something. And I heard the older women giggling like young girls. I stood in the doorway of the room awkwardly as they all
stared. At that moment I still hadn't figured out what they were
talking about until I saw Mrs. Youb's eyes starring below my
waist. I watched as she licked her lips and realized she was
looking at my crotch. The long seconds lasted until my mother spoke up, "Go to your room Daniel." I quickly departed, puzzled.

As all young men I was only remotely interested in the opposite
sex at that pre-teen age. But I realized older women were
interested in me, or rather what was between my legs. I had
become a topic of great interest which was repeated behind my
back often among the ladies of the neighbourhood. My friends
made fun of my "deformity" and I actually became depressed that
I was so much larger between the legs than any of my friends.
Surprisingly it was my father who sat me down one Saturday
afternoon and told me a few things about the "thing" between my
legs. I could not go into detail here, but he instilled a self
confidence that would mold the way I thought for years to come.

The only other incident that I remember is one where I was
becoming bolder with my manhood and was comparing mine to
two of my friends. It was summer and we were in the backyard in
shorts, so it was easy for us to simply "pull it out". It was only a
slight movement but I noticed a face in the kitchen window,
looking down between my legs. It was my friend's mother.
Embarrassed I stuffed my cock back into my pants after it was
obvious that I was the clear winner. A few hours later I had the
urge to urinate and went to the bathroom. I stood over the bowl,
my shorts about my knees when the door opened. I stood
surprised when my friends mother entered, she tried to look
surprised but even I could tell it was a planned encounter. The
older woman just stood their looking down at my penis with a
feverish look in her eye. I quickly finished what I was doing then
pulled my shorts up. When I finished she was gone, and I did not
see her for the rest of the afternoon.
Chapter II

My early teen years were eventful, in that I became interested in
the opposite sex, and interested in the why women seemed to want
my penis. Another important thing happened to me then, my
father died fighting the Germans in Europe. The blow was
devastating to our close family. My mother was the closest hit,
and spent days in deep depression not even leaving her room.
She would not recover for many months, which I had a small part
in that.

It was my turn to notice the women about me, the first incident
that I remember is walking into the bathroom I shared with my
two sisters to find the eldest, Sarah just getting out of the tub. Her
wet nudity radiant and my eyes quickly took in her natural beauty.
She stood surprised at my intrusion, half-crouching with her arms
suspending her up. I took my time to look her over then closed
the door before me. Afterwards I was embarrassed but my sister never made mention of it.

The first time I used self-satisfaction, or masturbation, was the
evening after a dinner party at my Aunts. It was to lift my
mother's spirits but hadn't worked. Aunt Thelma sat directly
across from me in her study where we all sat about discussing
mundane things. I knelt down on the floor to play with my Aunt's
dog. When I looked up, I noticed that I could see up my mother's
sisters skirt. I saw to the edge of her stockings and the pale white
flesh above there. It was not the first time I saw a woman in
stockings - as my sisters often busied themselves getting dressed -
but it was the first time in such an encounter. I didn't stare but
turned back around, feeling the flush of my cheeks and the
hardening of my penis. When I turned back the knees were wider
apart and I imagined I could see all the way to my Aunt's panties.
I saw staring for some time, while my Aunt crossed then
uncrossed her legs twice. I discovered then that I was a leg man,
and loved a shapely leg covered in silk.

Not long afterwards I came home early from a baseball game that
was cancelled to find my mother in the laundry room off the
kitchen. From the distance I could see that my mother was
leaning foreword onto the washing machine as it was doing a
load. I was about to say hello when I realized something was
"strange". Silently I came forward close enough to see the side of
my mothers face, she had her eyes closed and looked faint. She
was opening and closing her mouth silently and her eyes rolled
behind the lids while her body pressed against the spinning
washer. I watched for several moments puzzled until I realized
what my mother was doing. She was masturbating, something I
had never thought a woman did, let alone my mother. As the
seconds ticked away, I saw that she had tears running down her
face as she masturbated. Only years later did I realize that she
missed my father terribly even while her body had needs that
would not be easily quelled. I stole away, without her even
knowing I was there.

I had an encounter with Mrs Youb. She had asked me to drop by
to help with some light fixtures in her house. Her husband was
away and it was not the first time I had helped her out. I stood
upon the old chair her hands holding my waist as I lifted several
parts of the huge fixture from its hook. I only noticed her hands
move when the tips of her fingers touched my cock though my
pants. I froze wondering if the touch was purely accidental until
the hand advanced even further until much of her right hand
grasped me. Taking her time, she measured my cock with her
hand, while it hardened by the shear fact that someone else hands
besides mine held it. Quickly it poked to the side of my pants,
and I can still remember the sound of her loud breathing as her
hand touched me thoroughly. I felt her hands quiver as she began
to unbutton my trousers, but that is when I jerked in surprise and
fell from the chair. I rolled onto my back to see Mrs. Youb as I
have never seen her before. She looked crazy, her eyes wide, her
tongue constantly wetting her lips, her body quivering. She
looked at my hardness on as her hands rolled up and down her
body rubbing herself though her dress. "Would you like to stay
Danny?" Her rubbing had reached her breasts and her hands
began too squeezed the large globes roughly. Looking back I
would probably have stayed if she had showed me her attractive
legs - just because I would have liked to see more. But the way
things were, I was beyond my depth and wanted to get out. I left
her standing there even as I closed the door behind me.

Always when I rubbed my cock it was late at night imagining
things that had happened to me that day. Yet something was
missing and I usually fell asleep with an unfulfilled desire. Up
until the day I had come home to find my mother crying at the
dinner table. She had been attempting to make supper and her
emotions overcame her so I began to fill in by completing supper
for her. Well I dropped a lid and it shattered upon the floor,
mother was not impressed and began to yell at me, "That was a
gift from your Father!" She dragged me to her room for
punishment. The place my father would use his belt upon us kids
when the need arose, which was rarely. But my mother never
raised a hand to us. She grabbed one of father's old belts then sat
at the edge of her bed, lifting her skirt to her knees. "Drop your
pants and get over my knee young man!" Was she mad? I have
never seen her like this before, almost as if her sadness was
fuelling her anger at something I did not even think was that big a
deal. I remember the flicker of her eyes as she took in my teenage
cock before I bent over her knee, but hadn't noticed at that time.
She positioned me until I lay on her knee with my bare bottom
raised, both my head and feet almost at the floor. The belt came
down striking my buttocks again and again. It hurt but I realized
she hadn't the strength that father had used. Instead I was
conscious that my naked penis was pressing against the silk of her
leggings. And that the jerks of my body caused a friction. My
cock hardened to its full length. My mothers skirt rose up to mid
thigh and my cock slide between her legs. Every time she struck
me my body would raise then back down again giving me the
most delightful of sensations. The blows lasted forever, but
realistically could have only lasted a few moments. Suddenly I
felt an explosion that seemed to drain all my energy out the head
of my cock. I didn't know what was happening but my manhood
erupted and began to shoot thick white sperm which covered part
of my mothers lap and down the whole side of one leg to her
ankle. That was when she stopped spanking me. I quickly stood,
crying with embarrassment and pain, my hands rubbing my
backside as I faced my mother. Time froze, as she looked down at
her lap then up to my cock. Her hand dropped the belt then
reached out to grasp my shrunken penis in her grasp. Only a
second after she touched it I could feel it begin to grow again. She
helped the process by stroking it slowly until it was again at its
full height. Then she jerked her hand from me and spoke rapidly,
"Go to your room." I left puzzled to contemplate what had

That was when I learned the power of my cock, but I was only just
learning how to properly use it. I wanted another encounter, to
see the reaction of a woman at the sight of my penis. mother ignored me after that fateful day, much to my puzzlement. I tried
to approach her but she ignored or bushed me off at all attempts.
I did finally get what I needed, more attention from a woman to
see if the reaction was similar. It was Sarah my eldest sister who
was next. I lay awake on a school day, and Sarah came to wake
me. I feigned sleep. As I had hastily planned, I lay uncovered by
the blankets and my pyjama bottoms in disarray. So well had I
planned this that most of my soft penis could be seen when my
sister opened the door. And see it she did. I saw the light from
the hallway though the slits of my eyes and my sister standing
open mouth about to tell me to get out of bed. Instead she came
into the room and advanced to the bedside. Since she was so
close I closed my eyes. I soon felt a presence near my cock and
realized it was my sisters breathe I felt. Then ever so lightly I felt
a single finger run along the length of my manhood. Just as it was
beginning to harden my mother's call to come down to breakfast
resounded out the upper floor. Sarah quickly stood and returned
to the door to begin the day by waking me up.

As I mentioned mother practically ignored me, but still showed
signs of being depressed. A few times I caught sight of a hasty
glance from her, as she visually measured the bugle in my pants
or when she thought I was too busy to notice. By this I deemed
her interest in my sex organ was not lost. What happened next
was not planned, but happened naturally. I came home from
school to find mother cleaning potatoes in the sink. As I often
did, I went to her and gave her a chaste kiss upon the cheek which
recently she had taken coolly. Since I had to bend forward to
kiss her and because I stood behind her my front brushed her
back. In that second that I was behind her I felt her bottom arch
out and press against my crotch. Instead of disengaging I just
stood behind her, my lips an inch from her ear as her round fleshy
bottom again pressed against me. In response I pressed my
quickly hardening cock forward knowing she had to feel it against
the soft round flesh of her bottom. She hung her head and bent
slightly forward over the sink causing her buttocks to press more
firmly with my cock. She began to gasp about the same time she
wiggled delightfully, agitating my cock almost to the bursting
point. It was a natural reaction and I reached around her to grasp
each of her bountiful breasts in my young hands, the hard nipple
pressing into my palms. I must have gone too far and she
attempted to disengage herself from me. But I pulled her torso up
from the sink until she pressed into my chest and felt my seed
wet my pants. I wet both the front of my pants and the back of her
skirt. She pulled from my grasp and quickly left the kitchen.

Twice more I played the same game with Sarah. She even
unbuttoned my sleeping garment to gain access to my cock. And
the last time had lightly touched my penis after it had hardened.
Nothing else happened but the encounters gave me an idea. I
entered my mothers room deep into the night, only the moonlight
though the half-open window gave me light to see by. My gamble
required mother to be awake as I had done with Sarah. So I
loudly opened her door and saw her eyes twitch in what could be a
point between slumber and wakefulness. I turned my head away
from her as I closed the door, time to give her to think. I was
gambling that my mothers desire for my cock would keep her
silence and feigned sleep. I was not disappointed when I turned
about and she lay as I first saw her. Silently, as not to awaken
her, I stole to the edge of the double bed. With as much
gentleness and patience I pulled the thick hand-made quilts down
to the foot of the bed. mother always wore her long nightgown
which covered her from neck to ankle, and tonight was no
different. Since she was sleeping next to the bed it was easy to
bend over her and kiss her soft lips with my moist pair. Then as
planned I began the slow process of unbuttoning the top five
buttons of her nightgown down to her navel. Pulling the flaps
aside I saw her full breasts for the first time. She had small
nipples pointing straight up, upon the round crest of her pale
white skin. I bent before her and gently kissed the pair. Again,
then again I pressed my moist lips to her forbidden skin until I
thought I saw her hips wiggle ever so slightly. I moved
downwards and thought I could feel the tension in the air multiply
as I began to undo the buttons from the base of her nightie. The
nightgown fell to either side and I saw the dark shadow of
mothers sex. I fell in love with it immediately and pressed the tip
of my nose into the full bush smelling the new scent of a woman.
Since her legs were mostly together, I could not do much else to
that region but give it several hot kisses that were not faked by
me. So delightfully naughty, sinful, and lecherous were my
actions that a new unplanned idea came to me. I stood above my
mother and pulled my hard cock from my pyjama bottoms. I
began the rhythmic stroking of my cock above her torso. With
the sight of her naked beauty below me it took only seconds for
my orgasm to erupt and cover my mother's upper torso. Several
drops landed upon my mothers lips and chin, her neck, and
stomach. But the majority dropped directly down to cover the
closet breast. The sight was intoxicating and I could see that my
mother could barely contain her feigned condition and I quickly
buttoned her clothes back up and exited from the room. Standing
outside her door I listened to the faint noise as mothers breathing
and bed frame became loud. I smiled knowing that my plan had
worked and I now knew she had a desire for me that was
unnatural but to my young mind, fun.

I again entered my mother's bedroom to reenact the previous
encounter at least three more times. Always leaving my tribute
upon her pale skin. The only difference was that I never closed
her nightgown afterwards, letting my come soak into her skin as I
left her laying there, often trembling. A few moments later I
would hear her small moans of passion through the closed door. It
was sort of a game. It did not improve relations between mother and me but not once did she let on that she was awake or that she
did not desire my person. Surprisingly it was my second sister Louise, that was the next notable encounter. Driving to my
fathers parents house for a visit my sister and I were thrust
together by the simple fact that there was no room in that small
house for all of us. On the second night Louise lay facing away
from me when I awoke late in the night. I reached out innocently
and found that I held her naked hip in hand, the nightgown having
ridden up. Also to my surprise my youthful cock lay hard against
one of her strong inner thighs, having peeked out from my pyjama
bottoms. Not sure why, and still ignorant of the ways of sex, I
simply pressed forward with my hips. This moved the head of my
cock to her warm and inviting hole. I did not know what lay
ahead but I pressed firmly forward. Louise groaned out when I
felt a warm moistness envelope the first inch of my cock. My
friends and I talked about "fucking" but none of us really knew
anything about it. The next time I moved forward my sister pressed back with her hips which properly impaled her on half my
pole. To this day I know not if she were sleeping or awake, but I
did what came naturally - I moved my hips back and forth and
began the motion I that I knew as fucking. I could feel my sisters
body unwind or relax, though I did not realize I had just taken her
cherry, the blood next morning told me otherwise. It did not take
long but my cock erupted shooting a large load of come inside a
woman's vagina for the very first time.

New reasoning took hold of me and I found what had been
missing in my sexual play. Not surprisingly it was Mrs. Youb
from down the street that is the focus of my next statements.
Having learned a few things since the last time I ran from her
house, I played her well. She seemed determined to keep her
hands to herself, perhaps my previous departure had ruined my
chances with the middle-aged woman. I tried something that I
had done with mother accidentally only a few weeks ago. Mrs.
Youb had asked me for a drink of juice and I followed her to the
kitchen obediently. As she reached up to the cupboard for a glass
I walked forward and enveloped her in my youthful arms, my
semi- hard cock pressing into her generous backside. All she said
was "oh", and froze. My hands felt her huge breasts and became
lost in those curves while my cock had found the natural valley
between her rear globes. She moved her hips back and forth while
I did the same, which I recognized as simulating the fucking
motion. She was breathing heavily and seemed to enjoy the
moment before she moved forward over the counter then reached
behind her to lift her flowery dress up to her hips. I took a step
back and saw her panty covered bottom come into view, but what
captured my vision is her shapely legs encased in stockings and
garters, both tan colour. Her quivering hands pulled her panties down to the edge of her stockings revealing her generous crack
and a huge mound of hair lower down. "Hurry Danny, put it in".
Her voice shook with emotion and I deemed what was expected
of me. She stared at my crotch over her shoulder, waiting and
watching as I unbuttoned my trousers and freed my hard cock.
Her cool hand came about and grasped my pole and aimed it
directly into the middle of that furry jungle. Even a foot behind
her the head disappeared in her love grotto. I followed her
direction and pressed my cock forward deep into her. She
screamed out her pleasure which surprised me as I began the
pumping motion with my hips. I took notice that the cunt I was
now in was not near as tight as my sister Louise. And I took great
enjoyment looking down at her rear flank to watch my member
disappear between her globes again and again. I left my tribute
deep inside her when I left her panting they're bent over the

It was obvious to me that was the way "it" was done. What a
women wanted most from my cock was to have it inside her. Of
course I realized women enjoyed my lips upon parts of their body
and gentle caresses also. I wanted things to improve between my
mother and me, I wanted to be her son again. Perhaps if I gave
her what she needed things would improve. Yet if she wanted it
why did she not simple take it, I thought she may be too
depressed about life to help cure her ills. I was naive then. I
knew two ways to fuck, on the side and behind, of course I have
talked about other ways with my friends but never did either. I
began to plan my next encounter with mother. It was late in the
evening and I got out of bed and went down to the living room to
find mother alone knitting a sweater while listening to the radio. I
told her I had trouble sleeping and she just nodded, still cool
towards me. She was sitting on the couch with her legs drawn up
beside her and I sat just next to her feet. She was dressed in a
flowery patterned dress with stockings of course, rarely did a
women go in public without her stockings covering her legs.
Unsure how to start, I simply placed my small hand upon her silk
covered leg, just below the knee. She didn't react in the least, but
I did see her needle tremble slightly for just a second. I rubbed
my hand up her leg under the edge of her dress. I was thrilled to
come to the edge of her stockings and felt the warm smoothness
of her upper thigh on my fingers. "Stop that Daniel", she said
sternly. I did, and withdrew my hand. I then lay down upon her
lap, my face almost in her stomach. She put aside her knitting
and rubbed my unkempt hair with one hand lovingly. My hand
again returned to her leg beneath me and began to run its way
upwards. Since mother was sitting slightly on her one hip, I
found that my hand was cupping much of one soft buttock. My
fingers were just about to slide beneath the edge of her panties,
after a moment of feeling her up, when her hand came down and
grasped mine in a death gripe and pulled me away from her. She
firmly placed my hand onto my hip. Then she began, "Daniel I
know what you are feeling, but it is wrong and want you to stop."
I looked up from her lap and could see the curvature of her breasts from underneath and could see the points of her nipples standing
erect. Even as I agreed with her my hand rose and grasped one
breast in my hand. She suddenly stood, disengaging herself from
me. I looked up to see her looking furious and then she stormed
off leaving me on the couch. This may not be according to plan
but I followed her and entered her room seconds after she did,
closing the door behind me. She looked up startled at my
intrusion and I could see the anger plainly on her face. She came
threateningly at me but I pushed her firmly and she fell backwards
onto the bed. Her face looked angry but I could see fear in her
eyes as I advanced. I grabbed her hips and rolled her onto her
stomach, only the upper half of her body on the bed. Her body
knelt at the edge of her bed and was about to get up when I
dropped behind her basically laying down on her. She was
breathing heavily as my hands fumbled between use to lift the
edge of her dress then to push my bottoms down from my hips.
My hardness entered her near-dry hole with a single lunge which
stole her defence's and left her half-laying upon the bed sobbing
and panting. I lay over her back for quit some time noticing the
moisture that was rapidly coating my cock and even dripping out
of her to the front of my thigh. I then began to fuck her, slowly so
as to enjoy each second. That she was enjoying our coupling was
obvious, mothers wetness coated my pumping cock yet I could
hear her sobs as she continued to cry. My pleasure was evident
when my organ began to pump it's seed only a single moment
after entering her. Laying over her, I regained my breath and
kissed mothers neck while my youthful strength quickly
returning. When I finally left, mothers pale bottom was still
visible and her sobs loud.

That same night my sleep was troubled and what I had
done began to eat away my consciousness. Did I actually force
mother to have sex? Her pitiful cries were ignored to my ears
while I continued to my pleasure. Twice I awoke, sweaty and my
male hardness reminding me of my action. It was still early, an
hour before I had to wake up and leave for school when I awoke
from the feel of my covers moving down my body. Thinking it
was my sister I lay feigning sleep while hands slowly opened my
garments. My cock rose when the hand squeezed my organ. I felt
a body climb upon my small bed and move about my body. The
hand pointed my throbbing rod upwards before I felt a warm
wetness descend upon me. I then opened my eyes and looked up
into my mothers blue eyes. She wiggled about and ground her
loins upon mine, causing a moan of surprise and delight to escape
my lips. mother sat above me, completely naked, her large breasts wiggling delightfully. My surprise was complete and guilty tears
ran from my cheeks while mother bent forward and allowed a
wide brown nipple to enter my open mouth. I suckled as I had
when I was a baby, even as she began to move her sex up and
down my shaft. mother controlled our coupling and fucked me
gently and slowly. The sound of our mutual enjoyment getting
louder in sync with my enjoyment. When I felt my orgasm about
to explode, mother sank upon me and clenched deep muscles until
I felt the urge dissipate then she again began her pleasure ride.
This happened several times until my dear mother squealed out
before collapsing upon my sweaty quivering body thus allowing
my own orgasm to explode to flood her inner depths for the
second time. Her mouth found mine and then her tongue entered
my mouth to grapple with my own.

After that morning mother lost her depression was again the same
person I had previously known. When we were alone she could
not keep her hands from my cock, she constantly wanted my
penis for her own. I loved it and no longer felt any guilt at any of
my previous actions. We spent a couple of times a week in her
bedroom having quick and dirty sex. Mostly we did it with her on
top, and a few times with me above her, but she never let me
mount her from behind until years later - though I found I
especially enjoy that position. No longer was I her son but her
lover even in my early teens. It was Sarah, my oldest sister that
was the next victim of my desire. About a month after finally
bedding mother, my sister again entered my bedroom. This time
was different from all the other times I had allowed her
voyeuristic urges to bloom. She took my semi-hard cock into her
mouth and began to suck me. It was fabulous and I grabbed her
head as I began to pump in and to of her mouth. Her eyes looked
up at me and I was surprised to see pleasure in them.
Momentarily she pulled her mouth from my organ and throaty
spoke, "I saw you and mom..."! She smiled knowingly and then
returned to sucking my cock. The information she revealed
stunned me, and I wondered how long she had known. I almost
missed the enjoyment my sister was giving me until my orgasm
reminded me. Sarah pulled her face from my cock as it began to
pump its seed, her eyes watched with great interest as the come
shot upon my chest and stomach.

I knew my nocturnal interest with mother was wrong and Sarah
used this information to her satisfaction. As well as mine, I may
add. The next morning I awoke to find my older sisters sex to be
in very close proximity. It was only inches above me while her
thighs held my head still. "Lick me!" She moaned as if
anticipating my next actions. I began to flick my tongue upon her
folds and realized that I loved the taste and smell of a woman's
cunt. Seconds later Sarah bent forward to engulf my own sex
with her wonderful lips. One that I soon learned was that my
eldest sister loved to suck my cock she could not get enough of it.
She would spend hours just examining every detail, the smell,
taste, texture both hard and soft. She also loved to see the pearl
coloured come shoot out of my cock, Sarah often came upon her
own orgasm when that happened. My face was pressing into the
hot wet crack between my sisters thighs, my tongue attempting to
fuck her hole as a cock would have. When my orgasm began she
pulled her mouth off me just in time to see the come shoot upon
her skin. This, as it so often would for years to come, brought
about her own pleasurable explosion. But the first that gripped
my tongue, holding me inside her as her muscles fluttered and her
juices ran. When it was all over she lay sweaty above me, my
softened cock laying against the upper side of her face. "Has she
ever sucked you?" Sarah whispered. I knew who she was
referring to, since her admission to me yesterday. I answered
negatively. "Do you think mom would?" I honestly didn't know
and didn't give an indication either way. "I want to see her suck
your cock," this surprised me, "on her knees." I kissed the inside
of a tender pale white thigh. "Please Danny?" Lips kissed the
crown of my cock. When I groaned an answer, since the idea of it
was deliciously sexy, then my sister rewarded me by doing
something else that I never encountered before. She began to lick
up my fallen come, working slowly so as not to miss a spot.

I never had any other encounter until the weekend. That was
when Sarah arranged for the house to be "empty". mother came
home from the market to find me alone in the living room
listening to the radio. I jumped up to help her with the bags. I
told her that Sarah was gone to a friends and that Louise went to
the library to study. When the groceries were away, I didn't waste
any time and encircled mothers body with my youthful arms, my
hands grabbing her breasts. She came about inside my grasp and
hungrily found my mouth with her own. She whispered that we
should go to the bedroom in case my sisters came home early. For
an answer I pressed her backwards until her buttocks pressed
against the kitchen table. Giggling naughty she lay back and
spread her legs wide in the air. Without preamble I pushed her
skirt up to her waist and moved her bloomers aside as my other
hand released my cock. She understood my desire and groaned in
anticipation, her sex already wet with need. The sight of her face
as I sunk my cock deep into her with a single lunge was deeply
satisfying. I began a slow rhythmic motion that I knew my
mother enjoyed. It quickly did its magic, that and the hardness of
my cock deeply buried inside her. She began the familiar rotating
of her hips as her moans of delight became louder. I knew it was
time and pulled my pussy-juice coated cock from her sex. It was
the first time I had ever heard a woman beg for me, or rather for
my cock. And the fact that it was my mother inflamed my senses
and I desired a completion to the plan as early as possible.
Grasping the point right behind her knees I pulled her from the
table before pushing her to her knees. Panting loudly, and with a
familiar look in her eye, she didn't even blink when I forced my
cock between her lips and into her mouth. She began a
movement with her head that I found incredible - moving up and
down while rotating it back and forth. Much better than my eldest
sister had ever done, and I could feel my balls boiling with
anticipation. I grasped mothers head in both my hands and began
to earnestly pump her face, I looked over to the dining room door
and saw my sister standing there with her hands under her skirt,
franticly masturbating. Sarah was about to have an orgasm and I
timed my own with hers, my sperm shot deep into the hungry
mouth before I pulled it out and let the remainder of my love juice
spurt upon the pleading face. Dear mother tried to capture as
much of my come with her tongue as was possible, but only
succeeded in getting her face coated with my juice. She looked
up from below me and said in a most sexy and seductive voice,
"Now fuck me till I scream!" How could I refuse?
Chapter III

The next few years were much the same, with my mother as my
lover while my sister enjoyed a quick nocturnal meeting. Even
Mrs. Youb became an object of my affections frequently. Puberty
caused me to become quiet a large young man, both in body and
cock. I towered over mother, and my sister swore that my cock
would split her in half if she allowed me to do what I most wanted
to her. My latter teen years were a time of experimenting while
my early years were more for discovering. It was also the time
when I began to realize my full power and energy that was
between my legs. How to withhold "favours" to be able to get
what I wanted, or to give too much as punishment.

Several times a week mother would come to my room, and during
each of those nights neither of us slept much. mother and I didn't
talk as a couple, instead she was my mother and would still scold
me if I did something she didn't agree with. She still acted like my
mother even while she fucked, or sucked, me. Rarely did she
become a uncontrolled slut, her desires controlling her actions, the
way I liked. I put up with this to humour her, but I knew it was my
cock that ruled her. I quickly learned to withhold my orgasm, as
well as hers, until she promised me anything I wished.

It was on one occasion that Sarah lay above me, inverted with my
cock in her mouth. Of course the familiar wet sex before was
taken advantage of and I used my tongue to great effect. Often
when in this position I would run my tongue up the length of my
sisters sex, from the nub of her clitoris to her "bum hole". She
always enjoyed this and often asked for more, if were hadn't meet
recently. I'm not sure why I began to centre my attentions on her
rear hole, but it was not long before my tongue became a small
cock and was fucking her bottom with great gusto. Sarah loved it,
and pushed her buttocks back, almost smothering me, as proof.
The sound of her pleasure was loud and I spent several long
minutes on this area of interest. Later, after our mutual orgasm
caused the tired delirium that we were familiar with, I asked her if
she really liked my tongue in her bottom hole. " was
wonderful Danny, couldn't you tell?" Of course I could, but never
considered the rear hole for anything sexual. I wondered if men "fucked" women in there ass? And asked my sister, which
produced a giggle and a reply, "I suppose so, but it is much
smaller than here." She pushed her wet wide open vagina against
my nose. Eventually she left my bed and returned to her own

I wanted to try this new idea out, and immediately considered my
mothers wide white buttocks. Within the week I approached
mother before bedtime, hoping to gain entrance to this part of her
anatomy that very evening. She was knitting on the couch and I
sat next to her and asked if she would consider something new. I
admit I was shy about the whole affair, it was my mother who
controlled our coupling up to now. She just looked at me sweetly
but didn't reply, I was still her young son. I put the question
forward as easily as I could, hoping to see a smile come to her face
and anticipation to cause her to pull me upstairs. Instead I saw
revulsion and anger before she spoke, "Don't be ridicules Daniel,
no one does that!" To say that I was puzzled was an
understatement, but I attempted a different method to get my own
way. I told her I always thought she had a beautiful bottom and
that I was sure she would enjoy it, I finished by assuring her that I
would be gentle. That just caused her to blow up and told me to
drop the idea, then she left without another word. To punish me,
she didn't come to my bedroom for almost a week, and in that time
I began to think and to be angry for her actions. When finally I
felt mother slide next to me, I allowed her to fondle my cock while
kissing my neck for several moments, her sex pressing against my
thigh. Her breathing became quick and her sex left moisture upon
my thigh. We have not withheld our sexual play for this long
before and she was very bothered. Me, Sarah attended to my
needs, and her mouth often did a wonderful job. When my cock
was huge, hard, and throbbing, I rolled away from her onto my
front. Effectively hiding my cock from her reach. She just sat
stunned for several long seconds then promptly left my room.

I do not know if she became inflamed and sour by my actions or
the lack of sexual attention she was receiving, but I was given
many jobs about the house that keep me busy for several days
afterwards. In my exhaustion I didn't even notice mothers
entrance to my bed until after my cock was hard. Again I moved
onto my side and this time she tried to pull me back to her. When
her strength would not move me she curled up to my back and
began to press her wet sex into my buttocks. I quickly sat up and
went to the bathroom, and when I returned mother was gone.
Instead of the cold reception that I received after the previous
encounter, I was met with a warm inviting embrace the next day.
My mother gave me a quick wet kiss with a firm squeeze to my
cock as her way to say "good-morning". She pampered and
fawned about me, and when finally my sisters left for school,
seconds before me, I pined my mother against the kitchen counter
and grasped both her full breasts. I licked her ear and ground my
soft cock into her buttocks, which she wiggled and pressed back
invitingly. I whispered, "You want it?" She groaned an
affirmative. "What is it you want?" She pressed her ass back
against my hard cock as an obvious answer. "Where do you want
it?" With this she froze and seconds before I left I answered my
own question with a question, "In your ass?" She didn't move
from the edge of the counter where I left her, shaking with sexual
adrenaline and excitement.

Well that was a sexual dry period in my teens, for an
unremembered length of time mother would not come to my bed
since she knew that I desired something from her she was not
willing to give. It was obvious she desired my presence, or rather,
my cock to fill her sexual needs but her stubborn determination
withheld me ultimate desire. Even Sarah could not come to my
bed nearly as much as before, since mother continued to fawn and
present herself to me in various ways. Often she would allow her
hand to stroll over my crotch or allow her dress to rise up to give
me a view of her pantied crotch and still-firm thighs, or even
"tuck-me-in" wearing an outfit I thought she would never put on,
provocative and very sexy lingerie. This performance was
intended to seduce and persuade me to give up my idea to bugger
her. It didn't work. Rather, it pointed me towards my sister Louise whom my innocence was given. I came upon her late in
the evening when I was returning from the bathroom, she was
standing before Sarah's closed door. What was strange was that
she was bent almost double her eye almost in contact with the
doorknob and her long nightgown was gathered up in one hand,
the other was hidden before her. I crept towards her and touched
her shoulder. It produced a violent reaction when Louise jumped
up bringing her hand to her mouth to cover her surprised scream. I
realized then what my sister had been up to. I saw the moisture
coating her one hand, while the other still held the gown almost to
her crotch level. I also noticed that the door to Sarah's room had a
faint light coming from the old-fashioned key lock, which was
large enough to possibly see into the room. I slowly bent down
and looked into through the doorknob and to the sight of my eldest
sisters sweaty loins as she masturbated herself frantically with but
her hands. Sarah was also feeling the loss of our previous
interactions. I again stood and looked into my sisters fearful eyes,
I was puzzled that she was obviously enjoying the sight of our
elder sister. Gently I pulled the hand from her face, and brought it
to my lips. She watched amazed as I began to slowly lick and
suck her juices from her trembling fingers. When her digits
appeared clean, I pulled her back to the door and bent her forward
to her previous stance. Louise gave me a nervous look but could
not contain the urge to continue to peek. I crouched behind her
and rubbed her back watching her watch our sister. Soon, I her
nervousness was overcome by her sexual desire and she again
placed her saliva wet hand between her legs. I only kissed her
neck and shoulders, holding her as I felt her body tense with
excitement. Not much longer the dim light disappeared from
Sarah's room and Louise stood, her knees wobbly and began to
head down the hall to her own room. I followed. She didn't stop
me in any way when I closed and locked the door, or when I sat
next to her upon the slim bed. Gently, with ease and patience, I
pushed her back upon the bed and pulled the hem of her
nightgown up to her waist producing her almost hairless loins for
my viewing pleasure. I could see the desire in her eyes but also
the reluctance, yet she didn't resist as I pulled her legs apart giving
me easy access to her womanly virtues. Her own pleasure was
interrupted and not complete so with only a few gentle licks of my
tongue upon the hard bud of her clitoris she orgasmed violently.
My face was caught tightly between her young strong thighs and
my hair was practically ripped from the roots with her
uncontrolled explosion. Only when she was finished and began to
relax, did I lift my face from between her legs. I crawled up next
to her and wondered at the prospects of having her lips upon my
cock. It was not too be, instead Louise began to quietly chat. I
learned many things that night, listening and talking with her; for
one, she was aroused by woman and not men, that she had
consented to our initial coupling since she was "interested" what it
would be like to have a cock inside her, that she knew about my
sexual relationship with the other two ladies in this house.

Twice more did we meet discreetly, and both times my lips and
tongue brought her pleasure. Only after I requested attention, did
Louise use her hands to bring me to orgasm. An occurrence that
was very interesting to her, the sight and feel of my cock as it
exploded with my excitement was a continued interest to her. Yet,
she never consented to any other form of enjoyment, though often
asked me much about mother and Sarah's sexual preferences and
enjoyments. Many a strange conversation we had. mother realized that her tactics were not working, but just continued to
frustrate herself. Thinking back, I wonder if she perhaps thought I
had lost interest in her as a "woman", she certainly tried hard
enough to seduce me to no avail. After a long period of time,
things between use began to return to normal, at least normal in
the way that we acted towards each other before she began to join
me in bed.

It was on one of the days that things were "normal" in the house
when I mother leaned over and whispered, "I'll do it." That could
only mean one thing! I smiled and told her I would come to her
that very night, and to be ready for me. In the past I had withheld
favours for sexual compensation, yet never on this scale. mother obviously desired our coupling so much that she was willing to do
something that she considered "disgusting". I slipped silently into
her bedroom late that night and quickly disrobed. The only light
in the room was through the open window from the street. mother lay naked upon the covers of her bed, I could see the whites of her
eyes as she feverishly stared at my semi-hard cock. It had been a
while for the both of us. Without a word she rolled away from the
window and onto her side, bringing up her knees to her chest. I
advanced towards her and could see her pale skin under the gray
light quiver in fear or anticipation. Next to the bed, on a night
stand, was a small bottle with Vaseline. I had not thought about
this detail but obviously mother had. I knelt behind her and
scooped out two fingers full of lubricant. mother stiffened as my
fingers slide between her buttocks down towards her bottom hole.
I was very much an amateur with this part of a woman's anatomy
and attempted to force the two fingers into her backside, to no
avail. Abandoning one digit, the index finger easily entered the
very tight wrinkled ass hole. As it violated her, mother stiffened
perceptibly, obviously anticipating the next few moments. My
cock had hardened to a throbbing mass that almost hurt, as it also
anticipated the next few moments. With my own body shivering I
advanced and aimed my penis towards the goal before pressing
forward to replace my finger with a much larger phallus. As the
first time I felt my cock enter mothers body, she cried as I began to
stimulate the pleasure by moving my hips back and forth. To say
the orifice was tight is an understatement, I could see the ring of
her ass being pulled out as I withdrew and pressed deeply in as I
again entered her. The feeling was tremendous, almost as
wonderful as the first time I had fucked a woman. The sight of my
throbbing hard cock fucking the backside of my own mother also
stimulated my senses and I could feel the inevitable soon
approaching. I would deposit my seed within my own mother and
then have her clean me up, after I would give her what she has
been waiting so long for. It was at that point, mother could never
say no to me again.

My teen sexual escapades were not limited to the ladies of my
household. Indeed, the size of my cock was a well known
throughout both the men's and ladies locker rooms. I was
constantly made fun of by some of my peers, and an object of
desire from others. I dated frequently and found that more often
than not, the girl I was with only had the desire to find if the
rumours about my size was true. Rarely did I get to sample the
juicy regions of those same girls. In fact, they often became
scared or afraid of my cock, much of there fear came from my
large size and there small hole. One girl that I dated for a few
weeks, Melony, overcame her surprise and we had a pleasant,
though, non-sexual relationship during that time. It was her
mother that drew my interest, I assume that her daughter had
confided my physical size to her at some point since the
middle-aged woman showed "signs" that she liked me very much.
I caught her looking longingly at my crotch several times, and
twice we passed in the thin hallways and her round soft buttocks
firmly slide past my groin. Only two weeks into the relationship
with Melony, her mother and I were alone, Melony had rushed out
with her father unknown that I was making a unscheduled visit.
Her mother, ever the kindly woman, invited me in to wait and I
accepted. I sat in the breakfast nook and watched as the middle
aged woman began to brew tea for me. The sway and motion of
her buttocks under her loose skirt attracted my attentions and
caused my cock to harden inside my slacks. I can still remember
her face when she turned about and saw the huge bulge in my
pants. She stared open mouth and did not even realize she had
dropped the tea bag from her frozen hand. Several seconds went
by until she recovered her senses and quickly turned about. I
spoke up at that moment, "Would you like me to take it out?" She
froze, facing away from me. There was no sound in the kitchen
until the sounds of my slacks being undone and pushed to my
ankles reverberated about the small warm room. After some years
with females that desired my cock, yet felt guilt from it, I knew
what buttons to push with this older woman. "Would you like to
touch it?" No answer, she just shivered visibly. "Perhaps you
would like to kiss it then?" She gasped and brought one hand up
to her face to wipe away the sweat beginning upon her brow, the
hand quivering violently. "No one needs to know. And it is hard
because you have such a pretty bum. Wiggle it for me while I rub
my cock." I must have hit the right spot, because both her hands
reached behind and began to gather up her skirt, exposing the
stockings, garter belt, and white panties common to ladies of that
time. And I was not mistaken about the shape of her bottom, it
was full fleshed but very arousing to my senses. "
beautiful!" I was hamming up my reactions for her benefit,
normally I need to say very little. "I want to see your bare ass."
She hurried to comply and pushed her white panties down to the
edge of her stockings, the garter belt hindering the descent any
further. Again, she finished her movements by making sure her
skirt was about her waist, allowing me complete sight of her full
white bottom. I realized her breathing was very loud and quick, in
fact it was violently laboured a testimony that my actions were
taking some effect. Melony's mother was certainly a woman in
need of desirable attention. I stood and took two long strides until
I stood behind the trembling woman, a simple pressure forced her
to bend and rest her torso upon the hardwood counter. I knelt
behind her and placed a hand on each of her warm white buttocks
before pulling them apart. The only thing she said was, "Oh!" I
could smell the aroma of aroused woman, as well as see the wet
evidence coating the inside of the woman's thighs. I saw the
pulsating pink inner lips of her vagina as they seemed to pucker to
kiss me. There was also the brown wrinkled rear hole that tensed
continuously. After a long deliberation I bent forward and licked
slowly up the inside of her thighs towards her hungry sex, the taste
of her arousal strong on my tongue. As a response, she gasped
and pressed her bottom out predominately so her two apertures
were more pronounced and easier for my access. My tongue
continued up to the top of her outer vaginal lips down to her hot
sloppy wet hole and even past her tensed anus. She was
mumbling under her breath as my tongue left a slimy path up her
buttock and finally to her hand, which held the skirt. I sucked upon a single digit for a brief few seconds then quickly stood and
then aimed my cock. She practically screamed as her orgasm
exploded even while my cock was initially entering her. I pumped
her near-comatose body until I left a large deposit of my seed
inside her sweaty quivering body. Only a few weeks later,
Melony and I broke up. Her mother was the hardest hit by the

Another memorable encounter that is prominent in my memory,
was still at my school and with the head of the English
department. Mrs. MacLeod always wore immaculate and very
proper clothing. Her slightly graying hair was always tied tightly
in a bun and she never went without her wire-rimmed glasses. To
be honest, I never gave a second glance at this woman beyond the
normal noticing of her hourglass figure hidden behind her gray
skirts and loose blouses. The reason I stood in the instructors
office at that moment was overly dramatic, Mrs. MacLeod was
told by my English instructor that I had plagiarized my Shakespeare
essay. Totally untrue. In the years that I attended that school,
Mrs. MacLeod never even looked twice in my direction except
when my actions demanded her position as a department head.
On this event, Mrs. MacLeod had to step out of the room for a
moment, and left me with a stern warning not to touch anything. I
will now admit, then I was a spoiled teen, especially towards
women. So I took little heed from the instructors advice. I
snooped for a few moments about the desk and many drawers of
that area, it was only until I came upon the ladies purse did I
discover a interesting object. Opening a hinged box within the
cavernous bag, I found a hard ivory phallus, an imitation cock
inscribed with Hindu inscriptions. Though I had never seen one
before, its purpose was obvious. I noticed the size of the cock was
almost as large as my own, and indeed larger than most of my
peers. Mrs. MacLeod did indeed enjoy her pleasures, though I
was surprised she even had any. As my day, up to that point, had
been particularly bad it is not surprising when the department head
came upon me while I held the fake cock. Instead of the screech
that I had expected she just stood in the open doorway while the
blood from her face drained away. Slowly, with her eyes
watching very closely, I bent forward and put the object back in
the box then in the large bag. Mrs. MacLeod finally entered her
office and closed the door behind her, I knew from the blood
returning to her face and the stern look in her eye, that I was
indeed in trouble. I know not why I did it at the time, I bent again
towards the handbag and retrieved the case holding the phallus.
The older woman gasped out and began to speak but changed her
mind and I again saw the pale flush come upon her. I again felt
partially in control. Still acting upon instinct, and not on my
emotions, I unbuttoned my trousers and pulled my softened cock
out for Mrs. MacLeod to compare my size, even soft, with her
own fake. The gasp this time was much louder and every
believable. Almost in a dream state, the older school matron slid
off her chair and crept towards me, her eyes feasting on my male
organ. I aimed it even while her mouth opened and she took me
orally. Pulling the fake cock from the box, I pressed the hardness
against the woman's face, running its hardness over her skin even
while she suckled my cock. My cock responded in its natural
response, by hardening upon the feminine tongue. Mrs. MacLeod
was red-faced and looking completely opposite to the woman that
had looked fearfully at evidence of her unconservative pleasure.
Nor did she resist when I pulled her from her kneeling position
before me, she only groaned a guttural response to her desire. The
woman spun about on the floor away from me, then pressed her
shoulders to the cold hardwood floor. With knowing movements,
I pulled the gray skirt up to her waist exposing the hard bottom
and panties beneath. I roughly pulled the flimsy panty to the side
exposing the full length of her sexual valley, while tearing the
garment which was left forgotten about one leg. My hard cock
quickly and easily entered the older woman's hot wet sex. Mrs.
MacLeod began to rotate her buttocks to stimulate the fleshy
phallus inside her to the best advantage. I had other ideas. Still
holding the fake cock I aimed and pressed it towards the dark pink
wrinkled anal hole that puckered uncontrollably from my vaginal
ministrations. Her juices had earlier lubricated the valley between
her buttocks enough for the head of the cock to enter the small
tight hole. She begged that her "backside" was too small for such
an attention, but I only pressed harder into both her holes. The
cries alternated from obvious painful pleading to sexual
abandonment. I orgasmed not long afterwards, the rush of warm
sperm causing her own orgasm to explode. I doubt she even
noticed my exit. But I never had any other trouble in the English
Department again.


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