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Title: My Night at the Sleeping Tyrant Inn
Keywords: mf, hist, rom
Author: Caesar

There was a young cook with the art
Of making a delicious tart
With a handful of shit,
Some snot and some spit,
And he'd flavor the whole with a fart.

Sleeping Tyrant Inn (originally titled Dream #4)

by Caesar, copyright 1992-2002

$Revision: 1.7 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:26 $

The Sleeping Tyrant Inn was very full. Before I even entered the
smoke filled building I could see the packed humanity within. If
another wayside stop was within twenty miles I would have kept going,
yet this was my only possibility. A night upon the lightly covered
snow did not impress me. I had to reach my destination by tomorrow
evening, nothing could slow me down.

The stable boy took my Palfrey and the coppers with a toothless smile.
Before I even went through the door, a man came flying out. Head
first. I almost turned around and kept going down the road, but the
grumble of my belly prevented me. Stepping over the comatose
individual I entered the Tyrant.

The first words I hear, "Ave gov'?"

"Uh, good evening..." I was rudely interrupted.

"Now ya' just sit yo'r p'etty buns down gov' and I be'd right wi't
cha'." Do I really need to give a description to this tavern worker.
I think not, my story is about someone else.

I looked about the room, and there was no place to sit, no table free.
I loathed sitting with uneducated farmers and their lackeys. Yet over
near the wall, furthest from the fireplace and loudest commotion, was
a small round table. It was the person sitting at the table that
interested me most, and who is the reason I'm writing this short
story. A lady of mark and obviously her maid were sitting alone, the
other tables full of men ignoring them as lower classes often did with
high-born women.

I stood over them, my hat in hand, "Good evening lady," I addressed
the one, "would it be uncivil of me to present myself and ask the
privilege of sitting at your table?"

"Of course good sir, a gentle-man is always welcome at a lady's dinner
table. Especially if she is alone amongst..." She stopped and looked
around, echoing my own thoughts. "My name honoured sir is Lady
Elizabeth, this is my maid H----." For the life of me I can't
remember the maids name, no matter, I didn't even look at her.

"A pleasure of your acquaintance my Lady, my name is Viscount
Rothman." I took my place in the empty seat. "Have you yet eaten?"
She nodded no. "The wench does not want to serve our kind it seems."
I was taken back, we had money, and we will not barter with chickens
for a drink as I assume many of her clients do.

I immediately stood and waved over the woman that had greeted me upon
entering this establishment. "Madam, three fine dinners, well cooked
mind you, and wine for the table. Hurry about it wench." She gave me
a evil look but the silver coin I produced caused her to shuffle off
quickly and with a smile.

Sitting again, I began a polite conversation with the pretty Lady. I
learned many things, none that truly interested me. The supper
arrived, great heaps of it piled high upon the plate, was palatable
barely. Yet it did fill me up. I ordered three rooms for us. There
was no problem with that, most of the clientele lived within riding
distance and only came for an evening to drink and socialize. I
accompanied Lady Elizabeth to the door to her room, kissing her hand
telling her I will be gone early and would not see her tomorrow. She
nodded and sweep into her room. I was about to enter my own when
H----- grabbed the crook of my arm.

"Sir, the Lady Sir!" She dropped her voice, barely audible over the
steady roar of the tavern. "It be'd her husband, he's right knocked.
If ya' know what I mean? We are going to his mothers where I believe
he wants the gentle Lady disposed of Sir!"

I was a little taken back, "Disposed of? What do you mean woman?" It
was a very stern voice I used with that maid.

"I mean Sir, he wants a d'vorce." I had to sigh with relief, I had
thought she meant...well you know. A divorce was possible since King
Henry VIII created the Church of England, yet only the very rich could
afford this privilege and is still rare even at Court. The maid took
my silence as not understanding her simple country words, "The Lord
has a new woman, a country wench with no manners. He even flaunts her
in the household manner. If I be so bold," she has so far, "the Lady
is beyond herself. Perhaps even readying to leave us by her own

She was saying that Lady Elizabeth was preparing to commit suicide
because of her ignoramus husband. I could not believe that the
soft-spoken smiling Lady that I had dinner with, was going to take her
own life. Then a door opened down the hallway and H----- scurried off
almost scared. Why had she told me, what could I do? I entered my
room and lay upon the bed starring at the ceiling.

Two hours must have gone by in a wink before a decision came to me. I
exited my room and entered the Lady's. Yes I didn't knock, nor was it
locked, but had a triangular piece of wood under the edge of the door.
Very easy to still open quietly.

I sat upon the bed next to the dark sleeping form, and then spoke,
"Lady Elizabeth?"

She turned around facing me, I could sense her nervousness as well as
my own, "Viscount, what...?"

Gently with as much skill as I could apply, I kissed the Lady upon the
lips. I found them warm, moist, and inviting. She did not resist nor
did she return my kiss.

Holding my face above hers I whispered, "Good Lady your maid has told
me what ails you." I kissed her again. "I am here to convince you
that I for one cherish your life." This time she returned my kiss,
yet with very little passion.

My tongue caressed her lips and slid past into her mouth. I fondled
and toyed with her mouth, coercing her to open her lips even more to
my intrusion. Very slowly she responded to my interest and returned
my passion. Her own tongue caressed mine, while I savoured her hungry
taste. In only a single minute she was transformed from a sad mute,
to a passionate woman. She began to explore my own mouth, teeth, and
lips. Her hunger rapidly gaining ground with my own passion.

Lady Elizabeth pulled her arms from beneath the thick woolen blankets
to wrap me against her. Her hands were pure energy, moving rapidly
pulling my blouse from my trousers and feeling the smooth hard skin
beneath. I in turn held her head in my hands gentle as if holding a
babe. I would not want to turn her away with aggressive mannerisms.
She held the reins as to how far and what this evening entailed.

Her hands snuck between our stomachs to undo my trouser belt. The
lady's hands were shaking so violently I wondered if she was scared by
my intrusion. Yet when my bottoms were pushed past my buttocks and my
manhood exposed did I learn the full truth to this woman. Lady
Elizabeth held my rigid penis with her small hand and let out a very
deep sigh into the depths of my mouth even while she measured and
tested my manhood. Evidently she was satisfied and I felt her body
relax, her hand come away from my crotch, and her mouth detach from my

She whispered, "Viscount Rothman I am convinced that my life means
much to you." Her lower body rose up and pressed into my own,
grinding herself for only a second. "Yet I wish to be influenced even
with more latitude!" She brought her mouth again to mine, the kiss
infinite with possibilities and with great passion.

Yet I pulled away and swiftly stood before her quick hands grasped me
by my loose blouse. I stood and began to disrobe, my body exposed to
the pale moonlight coming through the window. I could see her wide
eyes glow in that light, watching me minutely. The clothes slowly
dropped to the ground, as I enjoyed the show I was giving the Lady.
Her legs wiggled beneath the rough blankets and her hands roamed her
upper body. When finally I stood naked beneath the moonlight and
allowed her eyes to behold my male wonders did I really notice my full
passion. The Lady was tiny, her body small while still being cute.
Her face round with wide bright eyes, her mouth a smile, her curves

My sex exposed as it was in the damp cool air, stood hard and straight
pointing towards the ceiling at its usual angle. I grasped in on my
right hand, as males would do, perhaps assuring ourselves that it is
real. I spoke, "The nightdress, my Lady?" I presented it as a
question, it was in her power to deny me this one present and for me
to deliver her my tribute in any manner of her liking. But Lady
Elizabeth quickly pulled up the nightgown from beneath the security of
her covers and quickly over her head. The lovely eyes barely left my
grasping hand except for the brief second of disrobing. I caught a
glimpse of her lovely round breasts, the tiny dark nipple, both of
which quickly disappeared beneath the rough blanket.

"Come my Lord, tonight I am no Lady but your servant!" She held the
edge of the blanket up inviting me. I caught a glimpse of her pale
thigh and leg, enticing me even more, before I quickly slide in beside

"And I yours Madame!" Our lips met yet again.

Our passion pressed us onward towards the glorious enviable ending
that was the logical finish to my tale. My apologies, I am getting
well ahead of myself.

Her hands quickly grasped my naked buttock and fondled them to her
delight. While the other held my head and hair, manipulating me to
the angle of her lips and tongue. The Lady was a hellion, her passion
consuming me, bringing me to the rein of her lips. It was my turn to
groan with delight.

One of my hands held me steady to her side while the other roamed
along the length of her body. The skin of this beauty magnificent, my
hand contently feeling the wonderful contours of woman. I trembled
with anticipation as my hand cupped her rib cage below her bosom.
Together we made noises of love as my hand slide up to hold her
breast. The nipple was small and hard, pressing into my palm.
Without thought my centre pressed to her hip, the hardness contained
warmly between us delightfully. The kiss and earnest fondling lasted
for an eternity while our bodies withered next to each other.

It was Lady Elizabeth that decided the beginning of the end. To my
surprise she turned away from me, causing me to fear a rebuttal of my
amorous desires. Thankfully she brought her warm round bottom to my
lap, grinding my hardness between the twin globes. My Lady moved her
upper leg ever so slightly and I again felt her small hand grasp my
manhood. Manoeuvring slightly she bent the shaft of steel and brought
the head to the opening of a warm delicious tunnel. We both moved in
unison, my hardness gliding effortlessly into the enveloping wetness
of her womanhood. I was surprised that the voice that yelled out was
my own, so delirious did she make me.

The round bottom of Lady Elizabeth began its slow dance. Moving with
a strange and erotic rhythm. By the heavens above, did I grasp that
soft hip and deliver unto her again and again. Our skin began to
slap, the speed accelerating deliciously. The Lady rotated and pumped
her bottom without effort, the speed in time to my own. It was
magical, the way our bodies related to each other. She was a tiny
woman, small to my size, yet she fit before me as if God himself
designed her. In fact my voice often called his name, as well as the
Lady Elizabeth's.

My hand detached itself from her hip and firmly grabbed a round
breast. Her back arched towards me, bringing her neck and ear to my
lips. My tongue left trails of moisture along those same contours.
Quickly, with desperation, I slide my hand from her bosom to the
wonder between her legs. I expertly touched the love button at the
head of the break wonderfully concealed with thick curly hair. She
was coated with her own desire, and soon my hand was covered from the

Lady Elizabeth cried out for God above, for mercy, and thankfully for
me. Our bodies were coated in a fine film of sweat, the sound echoing
about the room as our bottoms met, the smell intoxicated me. A man can only take so much of such a woman before his passions become too
much for him.

The lady straightened her body then stiffened herself like a board.
Nothing moved. Yet within her a hidden muscle went out of control,
squeezing my manhood deliciously bringing about my own outburst of
love. The tribute flooded into her, causing the Lady to jerk forward
into a ball with only her bottom still in contact with me. The
release of my passion finished all to quickly, my darling Lady also
slowly controlled the muscle spasms she had undergone while I had been
too far gone to notice.

Gently Lady Elizabeth again straightened out, her whole body soon in
contact with my own. My lips sought her neck and with love kissed the
smooth scented skin. She hummed and brought a hand around to caress
my hip and leg. Her legs tightened together upon my rapidly withering
organ and held it within its delicious confines. My body, exhausted
from my strenuous love play, soon began to fade. I slept soundly, and
believed I didn't move the whole evening.

This was no simple mercy encounter. In fact it may have began as one,
but turned into something more joyful. I wanted more of the same!

I awoke with the heat of the sun upon my bare chest. Next I noticed
the wonderful scent of Lady Elizabeth near me. So reaching out I was
surprised when the rough confines next to me were empty. I opened my
eyes and upon the sack that acted as a pillow, sat a note.

Needlessly I do not need to write what that tearful note contained.
Yet, dear reader, be assured the Lady was comforted and her mind at
ease. But the possibility of our continuing relationship quit
impossible. I was dually saddened and pleased!



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