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Metaxa madness 1

By: Pornsmith.

Warning: The following material is ADULT FICTION. What you see here are
WORDS. You are not forced to read them.

In fact if words dealing with sex bother you, don't continue. If you
are bothered by the graphic description of lesbian incest with

fisting, water-sports, objects, bondage), don't continue. If you are
unfortunate enough to live in a place where the literary depiction of
sexual acts is against the law, don't continue. And if you are under-age,
you obviously can't continue. Your parents
or guardians would have stopped you by now.

Chapter 1

It was a dumb movie and even though I was staring at the screen, I did
not see any of it. The glass

in my hand was almost empty, and as I reached for the bottle, I realized
that I had way too much to drink

and it was very late and time to go to bed, but I was not moving. I
knew that it was stupid of me, but old
habits die hard. Here I was, in my early forties, waiting up for my
grown daughter and slowly getting drunk

because she was late coming home from a party...

Of course that was not the only reason I couldn't sleep. I was also
quite horny, and taking another sip of the brandy, I spread my legs a
little wider to give my left hand more room. With my eyes closed I started
to touch myself, trying to conjure up some guy, big and sexy with a long
hard cock, but it was not working. What I got instead was the image of my
best friend and her latest fluff as I saw them earlier in the day. I
didn't want to think about them at first, but as my fingertips slid along
the already moist groove I knew I was fooling myself. The truth was that I
wanted to think about them very much. May be it was my favorite Greek
brandy that did it, but after months and months of denial I was accepting
it: I didn't want a man, I wanted a woman. God I wanted that bitch! No. I
wanted both of them! Sitting there, staring blindly at the tv screen I
realized that watching those two fuck each other crazy finally tipped me
off the fence...

We weren't going to open until ten, but I had a few things to check in
the back. I had the nagging feeling that we were short of some of the
smaller sizes, and wanted to make sure before Donna placed the next order.
I got pretty involved with the job, but after a while my stomach reminded
me that I had no breakfast, and decided to grab a coffee.

I never quite made it

As I turned the corner that led into the narrow corridor and beyond that
into the office, I saw them through the open door. They were half naked,
and they were not trying on dresses. They were meshed together in a tangle
of arms and legs, but despite the confusion of limbs, I had no problem
recognizing them. Donna wore her thick dark hair in a pony tail, and I
didn't need to see her face to know who she was. The face of the smaller
woman was clearly visible as she leaned her head back, her eyes tightly
shut, her mouth half open, gasping for air.

Frozen with shock I stood there staring at them, and --incongruously I
wondered what a university student with a busy social life was doing here
on a Saturday morning? Then I remembered that Bev Hatfield just finished
her mid-terms and was going to be with us for a couple of weeks, and that
meant working weekends. And she was obviously not wasting any time to get
close to Management. The calculating little slut. I felt my heart pound
in my chest and without realizing it I moved closer behind one of the
racks. I knew about Donna for a long time, but this was the first time I
actually saw her with a woman, and the sight sent a gamut of conflicting
emotions through me. I was very angry, a bit surprised and  strangely
quite jealous. Standing there, frozen, I had this crazy thought that this
was all my fault. After a life long friendship my sister-in law finally
made a move on me, and it turned out to be a disaster. The two of us went
skiing, had too much to drink and ended up in bed. It wasn't the first
time for us, but the ancient college memories were vague, and they didn't
really count. This new thing at the chalet was different. We were older and what we did that night totally unhinged me. It was too good. So good
in fact that it scared me. Lying awake beside her after, with her taste
still in my mouth I told myself that it had been all a mistake. Obviously
I was straight. I used to be happily married and I had two grown children.
I liked men, I loved cock, I loved fucking. I definitely was not gay!
What happened years ago in college meant nothing... just silly kid stuff.
And what Donna and I just did was a mistake. A careless, irresponsible
escapade. And so I snuck out of the hotel while she was still asleep, and
we never talked about it. I knew she was hurt and I was ashamed, not so
much because of the sex but because I hurt her. Because I was too chicken
to face her, to talk it through with her. To tell her I was scared because
sex that night with her blew my mind...

Things between us changed after that. On the surface everything seemed
normal, but underneath there was a distance. The old spontaneity was gone,
and our friendship was not the same. And neither was Donna. She never
denied her sexual orientation, but now she was a lot more open, almost
blatant. And what was happening in that small back room a few feet away
wouldn't have happened before our ski trip. I walked away from her then
and now I was watching her making a fool of herself in our place of
business with a young bimbo half her age.

I didn't know when they started, but by the time I discovered them the
preliminaries were obviously over and the main event was about to commence.
Bev was lying back on MY small cot, and I felt my mouth go dry as I looked
at her. Although I hated her at the moment I admitted to myself that she
was no bimbo. She was a lovely and young with a cute face and great body,
but apart from that she was bright, friendly and the costumers thought she
was great. And obviously so did my slut of a partner. Oh, I had seen
Donna flirt with the little bitch, but I never thought that she was going
to do it for real. But she was. She was going to fuck the little slut
bowlegged...IN OUR OFFICE! And then I realized that the very idea of it
was turning me on like crazy. Most people have kinks and mine is watching.
I love to watch people fuck. But that was just part of it. I shivered as
I recognized that the best part was that I was spying on a woman who was
like a sister to me... I wasn't really thinking as my hand slipped into my
top and my fingers fumbled with the bra-hook. Then almost idly I was
rubbing my nipples, and as I felt them grow hard I knew I was not going to
move away any time soon...

Sitting there in the den using both hands now, the images I needed were
finally there, and as my fingers began to twist the thick, rubbery nipple,
I could almost see Bev clutching at her hard, apple like tits. They were
not very big but they were disgustingly firm, and I remembered the jealous
envy I had felt standing there watching them. I had my top open by then
and I shoved my bra up to get to my boobs, and there was some satisfaction
in the fact that they were round and flawless and they didn't really sag
all that much. And that they were big enough so that I could suck them. I
did not do that earlier in the office, I was too busy playing with my
churning cunt, but I had a lot more time now. My tits felt soft and heavy
as I hefted them, and I felt my mouth go dry as I pinched the nipples until
they seemed to be ready to pop. I have huge, dark aureoles that puff up
when I get horny and leaning down a little I let my spittle drop on my
right nip. Then I spat on the left and then I forced them together to rub
back and forth. It felt good, and even better when I stuck out my tongue
to flick around the hard, berry like knobs, but it was not enough.
Committed now, I scooted lower on the couch and lifting my ass a little, I
got rid of my panties. I didn't know how much time I had left before Annie
came home, but I pushed the thought aside. I wanted to make this good, and
I wanted to make it last. With my feet on the coffee table I watched as my
right hand slid lower across my belly, watched my fingers grip into my damp
bush, and had to grit my teeth as three digits curled into my sopping hole.
It was hot and mushy and not at all tight, and even as I pushed deeper
inside I already knew I needed more. I thought of my vibrator upstairs,
and the much bigger rubber dildo, but even those were too mundane. The way
I felt I wanted something big and hard and totally outlandish. Almost
without thinking I reached for the near empty Metaxa bottle. It was long
and smooth and thick and I wandered what those two dykes would do if they
could see me like this, nearly naked, my tits hanging out and my panties on
the floor, preparing to shove this obscene glass dildo into my big,
drooling gash. The bottle felt cold and hard and not at all like the real
thing but the very idea of fucking myself with something so nasty only
added to my excitement. I was wide open now and the inner flesh of my cunt looked stark pink between the puffy, hair covered lips. I was mushy wet
and my clit looked huge and I could smell myself as I scooted down a
little. Tipping the bottle I watched the golden liquid trickle down the
broad mound, seep into the damp, frizzy pelt, into the dark hewed, syrupy
cunt slit, and almost screamed as the fiery brandy burned the creamy gash.
I had two inches of the neck inside and wanted more, and shifted a little
to improve the angle. I was using my right hand to grip the elongated
flask and the knuckles of my left whitened as I pulled the lips apart with
thumb and fingers. The tv screen was completely forgotten now as my eyes
focused on the nasty looking glass cock slide deeper into the slimy,
clinging hole, and I wished that I was limber enough to curl down and suck
my own clit. Or that I had Donna down there licking me. Like she had been
licking that little blond slut. Kneeling front of her, her face jammed
into that beautiful young cunt, licking, sucking, chewing, sticking her
tongue up her as if trying to reach her womb. I didn't see her tongue but
I could hear Bev moan and scream, telling her to fuck her, to go deep, to
stick her face into her. I was sweating as I drove the fake glass cock so
deep it began to hurt, and for an instant wandered why peeping on people
was such a turn on for me. It was a silly question, a no-brainer. I have
known the answer for a very long time.

I was twelve when I had my first real orgasm and it came from imitating
mom as she played with her pussy while my dad was pulling at his half stiff
dick, trying to get it hard for the second time. She was lying back on the
couch in the den, completely naked, one leg on the floor the other on the
backrest, her pussy a wide open red gash surrounded by a thick dark fringe,
one hand squeezing her tits, the other rubbing at her clitoris. She was
talking at him, talking filthy, telling him how hot she was, how she wanted
his big cock up her horny cunt, how she loved it when he stuck his prick up
her ass. Then he pushed his thing into her mouth and that silenced her,
and then she sucked him and kept fingering her slit, and neither of them
was aware that they had an audience.

It would be easy to say that I was immediately turned on and went wild
with excitement at the sight, but that wasn't the case. In fact I had been
very confused and quite upset. Sure I knew a little bit about sex, but not
very much, and what my parents were doing seemed gross. Especially mom.
She was wonderful, very proper and very beautiful , and seeing her like
that, hearing the things she said was terribly upsetting. Kneeling at top
of the stairs, watching them, I was shaking and sweating and had to bite
into my knuckles not to scream at them to stop. Then dad twisted around
and started to do it to her, and as she hooked her legs around him, as she
began to hump up against him, things began to change for me. I thought
about it later, tried to remember exactly what happened, but couldn't. I
just know that after a while what they were doing was not awful but
exciting, and as my dad kept lunging into her I began to touch myself.
That wasn't the first time I rubbed my pussy, but it was never like this,
and as my hand between my legs picked up their rhythm, I couldn't tear
myself away from my spy spot. The sight of their naked sweating bodies,
the moaning, gasping sounds mom made, the nasty, dirty things my dad said
were so overwhelming that I nearly fainted. Then she was telling him that
she was coming, and he grunted that he was coming too, and a few feet away
from them, sitting back on my knees, with my fingers pumping into my slit I
had my first orgasm...

I guess it was unfortunate that I had my first climax while I was
watching my parents fuck, because in a sense I never quite got over it. I
masturbated regularly after that and the results were always great. Then
one night I saw my mom doing it in the den, and my body went crazy. She
was sitting on the big arm chair, talking on the phone, and she was mostly
naked. She must have been about thirty five at the time, still very
pretty, with a slim figure and beautiful breasts, but her best features
were those gorgeous long legs. I am not sure who she was talking to,
probably my dad, but she was talking dirty and she was playing with her
tits. She was pinching the nipples, pulling at them, and I could hear her
describe what she was doing. Then she started to rub her pussy through her
panties, and than she began to lie. I guess it was a game they played,
because she was telling him that she was not alone and that she had Julia
over, and that Julia was kneeling front of her and licking her cunt. She
got very filthy then and said all kinds of incredible things, and all the
time she was playing with her pussy. She was not big, only about 5'4",
with a neat, compact body and as I watched her I couldn't get over her
bush. It was thick, darker than her hair, and seeing that heavy pelt made
me all hot and wet. I didn't have more than a light start at the time and
wished that I had a pussy just like hers'. Then she was rubbing her slit
and I was rubbing mine, and as she began to push her fingers inside I tried
to copy her. I was sort of confused when she kept talking about Julie, a
girl who used to baby sit me, but I was way too excited to really pay too
much attention. I was still virgin at the time, still very tight and when
mom began to work the head of the phone into herself I knew I couldn't
imitate her. She was crazy wild by then, moaning, swearing, saying filthy
things as she drove that plastic thing into her cunt, and I could feel the
sweat running down my back and tummy. I was in a kind of shock because
watching her made me incredibly excited, but it also bothered me. I mean
how many young girls see their mom do things like that? Fucking herself
with a phone? The thing was though, that even then I realized that it was
the nastiness of it all that made me so incredibly horny. I didn't know
the word, but somehow knew that it was the depravity of it that made me so
excited. I didn't have much up front yet but my pussy was sort of fat and
my clit was like a large pea, and as I listened to my mom pleading for a
cum I knew I was going to come too. She had the phone all the way up her
when she began to gasp, and I had to cover my mouth not to scream out when
my own pussy exploded.

That was then and this was now, and I didn't have to be careful or
silent. I was lying on the couch with my feet on the coffee table and the
Metaxa bottle was half way up me, and I wanted more. My voice was raspy as
I used the words, urging that big rod to fuck me deeper, to fuck my fat
cunt and my horny ass, and as I felt the juices seep into my rear crack I
knew that that was to come next. Anal sex came later in life, after I was
married I was eternally grateful to Ralph for introducing me to it. He
hadn't been a great lover but loved to fuck my ass, and it didn't take me
long to get to love it too. The thought of the bottle up there was
frightening but exciting as well, and I knew I was going to try it. And
then I heard the car and swore in frustration. I was only seconds away...

"Shit no... don't come home now! You little bitch. Not now!!!"

It was silly of me of course. She was home. She came the worst
possible moment but my older daughter Annie was home. Scrambling without
conscious thought I straightened things up and sat there, staring at the
screen, trying to focus on the idiotic movie, but it was no use. Like so
many times in the past I was waiting to hear the door open, to hear her
come in. It is strange how mothers never change no matter how old and
grown up the kids get... but with me there is that extra dimension. I am
a voyeur, and I used to wait up not just out of concern, but because
watching her with her boyfriends after a late date had become a habit of
mine. I felt my heart beat a little faster and my mouth felt dry as I
switched off the tv and sat motionless in the dark. With her away at
school there had been a long break, and gave me a chance to put an end to
the voyeur hang-up. This situation tonight was a kind of test, and I
failed. I wanted to get up to go to bed, but knew that it wasn't going to
happen. Without conscious thought I moved toward the little side window,
and my palm felt moist as I reached into my robe.

There is a light across the street and I could see their silhouettes in
the small car and it bothered me that they were a bit too far. I knew that
I should not have started looking, but I also knew that I would not stop.
Deep down I always knew that spying on my kids was the continuation of
spying on my parents and that it was beyond casual kink, but wouldn't let
myself dwell on it. That changed after Phil died and Annie moved in with a
fellow student and I started to have crazy flashes about her and her
boyfriend. They were very intense and quite serious about each other and I
used to imagine them in all sort of positions... in bed... in their their car. Those fantasies were wild and dirty, but they were
just fantasies. Annie and Frank lived hundreds of miles away and dreaming
was safe. I was safe.

Then the shock came. Four months ago. She phoned and told me that the
whole thing was over and she left Frank and asked if she could come back
for a while. Of course I had said yes. I wanted to ask questions but
somehow I never did. From the start it became obvious that she did not
want to go into detail, and that probing would not help. She was a grown
up now, and it was her decision how much she wanted to share... My job was
to help her. It had taken weeks, but finally she began to get back to
normal. I still didn't know what went wrong, but finally Annie was herself
again. It seemed that she began to rebuild her social life.

I could see their outlines in the car and they were obviously making
out, and it was making me even hotter than I already was. I was still very
high from my interrupted session with the brandy bottle, and watching them
made me wet. They were wrestling around on the front seat, and I had the
impression that her date was feeling up my girl's lush, firm tits, trying
to get his hand under her dress. Then they seemed to move apart and I
wandered if they were finished, but that didn't make any sense. He must
have said something to her because she shook her had no, but he did not
move back to her. Then I saw her lean back, saw her shoulder move in a
rapid, stroking rhythm, and knew what was happening. The kinky bastard was
making my daughter play with her pussy while he watched and jerked off.
The thought of it sent a gush of cream seeping down my inner thighs, and I
cursed again because there was not enough light to really see. Fortunately
the night was silent, and the voices carried a little better. Annie's head
was pressed against the back of the seat, and the heavy, gasping sounds she
made were faintly audible through the open window.

" this... watch this you kinky pervert... Fucking my cunt for
you...all wide open... wet... ohh yes...yes...oh shit... You like that?
I am taking three...So good. So fucking good. My clit! You like my big
clit? Help me cum... oh Christ... help me cum!"

Her head was rolling side to side and I thought I could see the guy's
hand over her boobs, squeezing them, pinching them, just as I was doing to
mine. I had my robe wide open and my naked tits felt full and heavy as I
grabbed them. They are still good tits, big and fleshy with thick, fat
nipples, and as my fingers began to twist and pull on the sensitive knobs,
I realized that my orgasm was not too far off. I wished I brought the
bottle with me to fill my pussy hole, but could not make myself move away
from my spot. It was a weird sensation and probably impossible to imagine
unless you are a mother and a voyeur at the same time. As a mother I felt
upset, but as the voyeur I was going wild. I always liked to watch and the
years didn't change me much, except that at forty two I am a lot hornier,
and the sight of my daughter finger fucking herself a few feet away was
driving me crazy. I knew that my face was flushed and my palm felt damp as
my hand curled around my left boob inside my robe. Breathing through my
mouth I pressed my fingers around the bursting nipple and pinched the erect
bud until it hurt. I was hot and also jealous. I envied my daughter because she had a partner and she was getting the kind of loving that I was
missing for a very long time And then I realized that I also envied the
unknown stud, because he had my beautiful daughters to play with. It was a
disturbing realization and I wandered if it had anything to do with my
situation with my butchy partner. I didn't push the implications aside as
quickly as I did in the past, and as I watched Annie's pale, writhing
outline on the front seat I had to admit that it was the sight of her body
that gave my excitement an extra dimension. It was a nasty, scary thought
and in the end I decided to push it aside. That was a direction I was too
scared to go...

The goodnight kiss in the car became a very long one, and it was obvious
that the two lovebirds had no intention of ending it quickly. The house
was in almost complete darkness with only a small tv light above the color
set, and I guess Anne thought I was asleep, and so there was no reason for
her to come in. Especially as things out there seemed to get better all
the time. I couldn't tell exactly when her date took out his cock, but all
at once he changed positions and at the same time Anne leaned forward over
him as if looking down at his crotch. I saw her shoulder move in a slow,
pumping rhythm and I realized that she was jacking him off. I could
picture her long slender fingers around his prick, her hand moving up and
down, and I felt my juices dampening my thighs under the nightshirt.
Straining to see more, I squeezed both my big, slightly pendulous tits,
imagining that my hands were filled with the guy's thick hard cock. The
action was still pretty heavy, and I swear I saw the little car rock. I
was a bit surprised that Anne was letting things go so far. As far as I
knew, she met no one serious since she came home, and this was her very
first date with this character. It was obvious that they hit it off well,
or maybe she got too used to steady sex with Frank, and just needed a
recharge. Then they were kissing again and I had enough. Not being able
to really see was frustrating, and I gave up. My mind was in a turmoil as
I sat on the couch, staring at the tv screen, not really seeing anything. I
knew that I was drunk but not totally wasted and giggled when thought of
the action in the car. Yep, she was my daughter all right. Hot as a
firecracker and almost as loud. I heard her scream and moan and wandered
what to do... and decided not to do anything. What was there to do? Anne
was an adult... it was her life. Besides, if I was honest with myself the
predominant emotion I felt was envy... and lust. I had not seen very
much, but the idea of my daughter making out out there made my pussy cream...I heard her come in, heard her hesitate inside the door, and than
she noticed the light above the TV. She seemed flustered as she came down.

"Oh... you are still up. I thought you went to bed ages ago."

She was enunciating the words very carefully and looking up at her I
realized that she was in worse shape than I was. Her hair was mussed, she
wore little lipstick and than my eyes focused on the garment crumpled in
her hand. At least she didn't leave her bra in the car. The thought of
her big tits naked under her top sent a jolt through me, but my voice was
steady enough as I shook my head.

"You know better than that hon....Could never go to sleep when you were
out on a late date." She shrugged and smiled, coming closer. She was
moving very carefully, trying hard to keep her balance.

"I know. But that was years ago... I am a big girl now can't
worry about me forever you know."

"Of course I can. That's what mothers are for. To worry about their
kids. And there is not much I can do about it."

She bent to hug me and as her lips brushed against my face I could smell
the wine on her breath. Then she pecked me on the lips and giggled.

"Hmmm... and I felt guilty for having too much. What was it, brandy?"

"Yes, and you are not having any. And from the whiff of you, you had
quite enough."

"Oh oh... I am in trouble. Did you peek at us like you used to?"

"Not peeked... checked. Yes, I saw the two of you out in the car..."

"Good. Then you know that nothing much happened... that is a very tiny

She stepped back as I pulled my face a little aside, and she must have
seen the confusion in my eyes. I was not stone sober but there was nothing
wrong with my sense of smell. I tried to place the scent on her skin...
It was not her perfume...

"Good thing too... I thought you were going to shake it apart..."

"Oooohh mom... you do have a nasty mind. We just kissed good night
that's all..."

"Yeah, right. I think he is wearing your lipstick on his c...
everywhere. And you didn't have time to button up hon..."

I was grinning as I said this to soften the words, and she laughed back
at me.

"You are funny you know. You were going to say cock, weren't you?"

"Never. I don't talk dirty in front of my kids. And you should be
ashamed of yourself for accusing me of being nasty."

I reached up to hug her again, and her lips felt like silk against my
flushed face. Than she kissed my cheek and I blinked. I could have sworn
that I felt her tongue flick across my earlobe. And that smell.

"No... I would never accuse you of being nasty nasty. A little kinky
maybe, but in a nice way."

She was still bent over me, her cheek pressed against mine and I began
to feel decidedly uncomfortable. I was naked under my robe and knew that
if she looked down she could see most of my tits, including much of those
dark aureoles and fat nipples. Because they felt fat and hard. And if I
just moved my legs one tiny little bit she could see my naked pussy. My
hairy, soaked, still throbbing cunt. I continued the banter to divert her

"First it's nasty and than it's kinky. Is that any way to talk to your
middle aged mother?"

"No no no! Heaven forbid! But how long were you watching us, mother Theresa? Is that when you got rid of your bra? Were you playing with your
boobs while you checked if I was all-right ?"

She was nearly laughing, but this time there was no mistaking the
flicker of her tongue into my ear. I gasped.


"Just like you used to when I was a kid? Oh Mom... you are such a
perv. Did we turn you on? I bet you are not wearing panties..."


This was getting out of hand and had to be stopped, except that her
kneading fingers on my shoulders felt wonderful, and my outraged yell came
out like a half meant admonition. Then she was whispering into my neck,
and her lips felt moist and hot.

"I got rid of mine. I guess it's pretty dark out there so you couldn't
see much..."

"No. I couldn't. Do I know him? Is it serious?"

I knew I was out of line and pushing too hard, but couldn't help it. I
had to talk to cover the feelings that threatened to overwhelm me. She was
staring at me with a strange expression on her face and then she seemed to
have made up her mind.

"Come on mom. You know it's not a he... and no. It is not serious."

"Oh..." So it was not her perfume. In fact it was not perfume at all...
I didn't know what to say.

"You don't seem to be surprised..."

And strangely enough I wasn't. All of a sudden the penny dropped. All
of a sudden many little things finally made sense. Standing there looking
at my lovely daughter I realized that deep down I had guessed for a while
that she was at least bi-sexual, but never really let myself dwell on it.

"I... I don't know what to say. I am not really surprised ... I
wandered once in a while... but after you met Frank I thought I just
imagined things..."

"You didn't imagine things. I thought you knew."

"But all your dates were guys... and Frank?"

"I am bi... too bi I guess. That's why things didn't work out with
Frank. It wasn't his fault. He can't help not being a woman."

"Oh... And to-night?"

"You mean Leslie. One of the girls at the Mall. She is not... she is
married. Just curious...nothing heavy. To tell you the truth, she is a
selfish slut!" She sounded angry and then I understood.

"You mean she had her fun and then left you hanging? You poor dear." I
sounded sarcastic even to myself and knew that I was being a bitch, but
somehow I couldn't help it. Annie's eyes grew wide and serious and she was
obviously upset, and I kicked myself for being so stupid.

"Please mom... I don't want to fight with you. You don't have to make
me feel bad. I am just gay... not a cheap tramp." She sounded hurt and I
felt like the most insensitive moron in the world, and almost cried as I
wrapped my arms around her. I hugged her close and had a very hard time of
controlling my voice.

"No hon... I didn't mean it like that! Please... I really didn't! I
was just worried... sitting here, waiting for you..."

"... I just couldn't help it. It has been so long ... weeks since I
have been with anyone. So when Leslie came on to me tonight I just
couldn't hold back... I didn't mean to upset you."

Her body felt warm and vibrant and as her arms tightened around me I
felt myself getting hopelessly wet. I always had a hair-trigger libido but
the way my body reacted to her hug was frightening. Being aware of Annie
as a sexual being was not exactly new, but not quite like this. My tits felt heavy and my nipples were like pebbles and so I pulled back toward the
small wall-bar just to break contact. I was afraid to look at her because
I was sure that if I did she would know what was happening to me. I was
wet and I knew that it wasn't the residue of my session with the brandy
bottle. I wondered if she could smell me like I could smell her?

"And I didn't mean to sound like an inquisitor. Or maybe I did, but
that's because I am nosy. I guess that's what comes with old age. You get
your kicks vicariously... You become a peeping Tom." I couldn't believe
how bitter I sounded and that seemed to bother her. She decided to take a
lighter tack.

"Oh phooey. Stop being so up-tight. So you like to watch, so what? I
like to show off! Did you play with yourself while you peeked on us?"

She was slowly getting undressed while she talked and my eyes were glued
to her fingers as she fumbled with the buttons. My mouth was dry and I
gulped my drink.

"You are awful! You have a dirty mind... "

She had her blouse undone and I had a quick flash of her naked boobs,
and wondered if she really got rid of her panties? And even drunk I
realized that my mind was working in a totally unacceptable way. The
thought of her being naked under her dress was turning me on something

"Dirty mind my foot. I sure hope you got farther than I did. What I
got is a sore tongue and whisker burns."

Half angry now, she flopped down on the big arm chair, and as she
twisted around I saw her skirt hike up to her waist. She took another sip
of her drink and almost defiantly flung her right leg over the arm of the
chair, and the flash of the small yellow panties gave me my answer. I was
speechless and I knew I was flushed and I was sweating, but I couldn't tear
my eyes off her. The way she sat I could see the insides of her long
creamy thighs, the underside of her plump ass and strands of her crinkly
pubic hair. My mouth felt parched but I knew I was drooling and I wanted
to deny what was happening to me. I was turned on like crazy by the sight
of my daughter. In near desperation I tried to blame it all on that bitch
Donna and that little slut with those lovely fat tits making out at work,
but I knew I was lying to myself. This was not really new, and some of the
old, suppressed urges were coming to the surface and so finally I admitted
the unthinkable. I was attracted to my daughter in a way that no mother should be attracted to her child. I wanted to drop on my knees front of
her, wanted to lean forward to smell her, to watch her push that moist
crotch band aside so I could see those long fingers go into her gorgeous
hairy puss! To watch my daughter finger herself front of me. The idea
petrified me, and I could not utter a word to respond to her. I was very
much aware of my semi-nudity, and this time I didn't do anything to cover
up. My robe reached below the knees, but the belt was pretty loose, and I
had nothing under it. Standing there frozen, I almost succumbed to the
crazy urge to reach down and touch my swollen cunt. Finally I managed to
pull my gaze away from Annie's exposed body, and in order to do something I
turned to the bar-sink to rinse a glass that didn't need rinsing. Then a
movement caught my eye and I half turned back toward her.

Anne, still leaning back on the chair had dropped one hand down the back
of her thigh, slowly sliding it along toward the crotch of those tiny
panties. I was too scared to look directly, but my breath was heavier as I
watched her from the corner of my eye. I saw her slip her fingers under
the crotch band, and I could hear her breath through her half open mouth.
She was staring at me and glancing down I realized that my robe was gaping
open both below and above the sash, and as I moved a little, the touch of
the material on my nipple was almost harsh.

"No Mom, don't."

"Don't what?"

"Don't bother with your robe. Leave it like that."

Her voice was low and husky, and my face felt flushed. I was turned on
and so was she, and even half drunk I knew that we were moving toward
something very frightening.

"It's late... it's time to go up..."

"Stay with me Mom... I can't sleep yet..."


"I am too revved up to sleep....too horny..."

She was slurring the words and I turned more fully toward her. She had
her eyes half closed and she was using her one hand to pull the soaked
crotch-band aside, baring her oozing slit, making room for two fingers that
pressed between the fat, hair lined lips, then up to the swollen clitoris,
rubbing it in tiny hard circles. I stood there like a statue, unable to
move, and my heart was pounding in my chest like some wild thing. My mind
told me to be outraged, to scream, to make her stop, but my throat was dry
as dust, and it felt as if all my juices were flowing into my swollen
pussy. My cunt was sopping and I could feel the cream seeping out of me,
and I was positively reeking. I stared as her hand began to move faster
and never realized that I stepped toward her. Then she was looking up at
me again and slipped a third finger into her slit.

"Oh my god! Annie..."

I don't think she heard me as she spread her thighs wider and pushed the
three digits deeper into herself. She was rolling her hips as her slim
fingers twisted inward and I could see the cream frothing around her
pumping digits. It was the most obscene sight I have ever seen, and that
it was my daughter providing it only added to the utter depravity of the
scene. She had a prominent mound and the swollen lips were gaping open
with heat and her bush was dark with her cream. Suddenly I felt dizzy. I
clutched my robe tighter around me.

"She made me do this for her. The bitch! She hardly touched me."


"You used to do it for dad. He would sit right here all naked, his cock
half stiff, his hand moving up and down while he was telling you what to

"My god Anne... Stop it! You are drunk..."

"And hot! Soo fucking hot. You used to be drunk and horny too. Spread
out on the floor front of him, playing with your pussy...your tits. I saw
you suck your tits once. You really got off on that..."

"Stop it! You are out of your mind!"

"Just horny! Almost there... I am almost there... oh shit... ohh
fucking shit. Come on me... it won't take much..."

"I am going to bed." But I was not moving. I didn't recognize my voice.

"Please mom... you watching me makes me so hot. I liked doing it for
her tonight. She loved my tits, my cunt. And I like to look. She has a
long slit... hardly any lips. Big clit. Not as big as yours..."

"My god..."

"I always loved the way you look. Your legs... your boobs. So
beautiful. Big and sexy. Just let me look at you while you watch me...
Please mom. I am so close..."

Her breath was coming in short gasps and I knew that she was on the
verge of a climax. I could smell her and I could smell myself. The air
was heavy with the raunchy aroma of excited cunt. Or cunts. Hers and
mine. There was no longer any question as to what was happening between us,
but I still had the option to end it at this very late stage. I wanted to
walk away, rush to my room and lock the door, give myself time to think, to
get things straight in my head. With shaking hand I reached for the brandy
bottle even though I knew that another drink would do nothing for the
whirling confusion of my mind. The whole day had been insane: The peeping on my partner, the session with the bottle, the peeking on my daughter.
This whole business with women. That part was not new, but the intensity
of it was. And finally the sudden realization that I wanted to fuck them.
Donna and Bev and Annie. Especially Annie. Gulping my drink, I let my
robe fall open.

I didn't need to look down to know what she saw, and felt myself tremble
as I gripped the glass. My tits felt huge and my nipples ached and the
insides of my thighs were damp from the slime that was oozing out of me.

"I was doing that earlier. Used the bottle."

My voice was a hoarse croak, barely audible, but I saw the disbelief in
her eyes. She was staring at the fat Remy container and I shook my head.

"No... not this one. The Metaxa beside you."

I don't know why I said that. I don't think I meant anything by it, but
may be I did. At least Annie thought I did. My breath caught as she
reached for the bullet shaped flask, and I didn't even taste the drink as I
threw back the slug. She was staring at me and I watched as she licked the
long narrow neck, and I willed her to use it.

"Uhmm... it tastes like pussy..."

"Like cunt. Like my cunt."

And so it was me who really opened the floodgates. Hearing me say the
word was the signal to her that I wasn't going to leave. The restrains
were off.

"Your gorgeous fat cunt. I want to see it. Look at it when I cum.
While I fuck myself."

And then she was holding the thing in both hands, and there was no need
for her to pull the lips apart. She pulled her knees up a little and her
cunt was gaping open like an obscene mouth and my knees almost gave out as
I saw the dark glass tip slide up into her. She was looking down at
herself, rocking the bottle in and out and my mouth felt like sand paper as
I stood there frozen. I had seen something like this before, I had seen my
mom fuck herself with a huge English cucumber once, but that had been a
solo affair. She thought she was alone in the privacy of her bedroom and
didn't know HER little daughter was watching. This was different. There
was no privacy here, and MY daughter knew I was watching. She was doing it
for me! She was not yet fucking me, but she was fucking herself for me.
And as she lifted her eyes to mine we both understood what was going to
happen before this incredible night was over.

"This is sick. You know that."

"I don't care! I love it. Love being filthy! I knew you were watching
tonight. I wasn't going to do it just for her, I was doing it for you too.
Wanted you to get all hot... wanted you to play with your pussy while I
was playing with mine..."

"Oh Jesus..."

"Do it mom! You know you want to. I saw you before. I know how nasty
you can get..."

I was half standing, half sitting on the bar-stool and I knew I was
sopping. She was working the bottle farther and farther up her slit with
one hand and used the fingers of the other to rub her clit. Her pussy looked familiar because it was just like mine, and I felt myself salivate
as I imagined sucking her. I had the picture of myself on my back with
Annie crouching over my head, her hairy cunt inches from my eyes, the puffy
lips gaping open, her big clit sticking out, moving closer, moving lower,
into my face, into my hungry mouth. I could smell her and almost taste
her. Without realizing, I sat back a little and hooked my feet into the
stool support, and my knees fell apart on their own. I saw her eyes go
round and her fingers speeded up on her clit and I could hear the squishy
noise as the narrow neck of the hard glass twisted deeper inside her. She
was moving it faster now and her fingers were rubbing in tiny, rapid
circles, and I knew that she was really really close.

" it for me... I want to see you wide open. See those fat lips
all stretched out... your cunt ready for a big cock. You have such a
nasty looking cunt mother... big and fat and hairy... oh shit... I am
gona cum... right there... gona cum..."

Her hips were hunching upward as she fucked that thing into herself and
there was no way for me not to become part of it. I knew I was oozing and
as I curled three fingers into my slit I could feel the clammy wetness
seeping down my palm. Then I added the forth and couldn't believe how
easily they slipped up there right to the knuckles. My clit felt huge as I
pumped inside, and I grabbed myself really hard to increase the friction.
She was close and I was right behind her and I realized what we both
needed. She was a voyeur like I was, and for us the ideas sometime are more
important than reality, words more potent than the touch, and I had the

"Like this? Is this what you want, you little whore? Watching me
fingerfuck my big sloppy cunt? Is it, slut? Is it?"

"Yes... oh fuck yes! Like that! Just like that. Fuck it... fuck it
hard... oh shit, you nasty fat dyke. I know this turns you on.! I know
you been wanting to fuck me for ages... daughter or not, you want to fuck

"...Just like you want to fuck me, you pervert. Showing off your horny
fat ass, your big tits... Cuddling up watching TV... staring at my
breasts... I am not blind you know... "

"...grabbing your ass, touching your cunt. Oh your cunt!
Fuck it...fuck it for me mom. Go inside... go deep. So big... fat...
want to eat it... suck it... Cumming. Oh shit... cumming... cum with
me mom...cum with me...Cum".

We were both cuming by then, and it was simply too much for me. In the
middle of it all my legs gave out and I slumped against the counter and the
only thing that mattered was the incredible hunger in my cunt. I was using
four fingers and they were half way up the gaping, oozing channel, and I
knew that if I had time I could push my whole fist up me. But I didn't
have time. I was shaking and moaning as I came, and was vaguely aware that
across the room in the armchair Annie was coming too. I don't think I
passed out, but for a while I lost a sense of time. Then I was back again,
leaning on the counter, staring into the mirror, looking at the face that
was mine, but not quite. Incredibly, I felt almost sober, and just as
incredibly, I didn't feel horrible. I looked into those familiar dark
eyes, searching for remorse, but couldn't find any... I was looking for
guilt, but I didn't feel any... And yet I knew that what just happened was
awfully wrong. The Judeo-Christian moral code told me so! Convention told
me so. And of course the Law told me so! It had to stop. We had to stop
this before we really started.

Staring into the mirror I saw Annie standing behind me, watching me.
She must have sensed my turmoil, but instead of letting me pull back from
the brink, she gave me the final little shove. I heard her move, and then
felt her against my back, and staring into the eyes of my mirror image she
pressed her hot, moist lips to the side of my neck. I shivered at the
touch than gasped as her tongue flicked into my ear, and her voice came
through to me as if from a deep well.

"Go with it Mom. You know it had to happen. It was always there. You
and I were always different. I knew it was going to happen when I came

I was watching her mouth nuzzling into my neck, watched that lush young body grinding against mine and knew that there was no way I could stop.
Just the idea of kissing her, touching her, seeing her naked was enough to
push me to the brink. I leaned back against her.

"Oh God...please darling. This is so wrong."

I didn't really know what I was pleading for, but she did. I saw her
hands slide under my arms, the long fingers curl under my tits, her thumbs
and forefingers press down on the thick, hard nipples, and whimpered as she
began to pinch. We stood there like that, with me leaning back against
her, her two hands mauling at my boobs and our eyes met in the glass. My
breasts looked heavy and very white and the nipples were like dark pebbles
on the large, puffy aureoles. I sagged a little as she began to squeeze
and turned my head so she could kiss my mouth. At 5'7" Annie is a little
taller than I am and very strong and there was not the slightest doubt as
to who was in the lead. She had one hand on my hip and the other was
cupping the back of my head and I told myself that she would hold me if I
tried to pull away, but that was only an excuse for not resisting. Despite
her bravado, the kiss was hesitant at first, almost as if she was testing,
and if that's what it was, I failed. Her lips were warm and wet on mine
and I could taste her lipstick as her tongue began to push into my slightly
open mouth. I resisted, refused to open my lips for her but did not pull
away, and that was the only encouragement Annie needed. I felt her right
hand slip farther around me, the grip on my head became firmer, and mashing
her lips to mine she snaked her tongue deeper into my mouth. After the
slow start it became a hard, demanding kiss, and I didn't even realize when
I began to respond to her. Moaning, I began to suck her tongue, swabbing
my own around the insides of her mouth, tasting the muskiness, the brandy
and that woman smell that I smelled on her when she came in. I pulled my
head back and stared into her eyes.

"You taste like her..."

"I know. She made me eat her out. You like it?"

But it was a rhetorical question and she didn't give me a chance to
answer. She kissed me again and this time there was no question of
resisting. Making small, hungry sounds I was sucking on her tongue again
and my arms slipped around her neck as I ground against her. I felt both
her hands grip into my ass-cheeks, kneading, rubbing, and I felt my insides
melt. She was firm yet soft and the top of my tits were mashed against her
boobs, and suddenly I had the urge to take the nips into my mouth and suck
them until she screamed. Then I felt her shift, felt her thigh press into
my crotch, and some of the old skills returned like magic. Shuffling my
feet apart I lifted my knee and heard her moan into my mouth as the top of
my leg began to grind against her pussy through those ruined panties. It
was years and years since I last did this with a woman, but I still
remembered the strange thrill of that dry-fuck, and awkward or not, I knew
I was going to cum. Then she twisted her mouth away from mine and I felt
totally confused.

"What... don't..."

"I am not. We are not stopping! I am gong to fuck you!"

"Oh... oh god..."

"Oh god yes or no!? I want to hear it. I want you to say it!"

"Yes. Yes! YES!!!"

I was nearly shouting the words at the end and then we fell strangely
silent, almost as if frightened by what we just both said. Then we were
kissing again, our tongues flicking, rubbing against each other until I
could feel saliva staining the corner of my mouth. I was flushed, shaking,
not sure if I wanted to make love or get fucked, but we were way too far
gone to take it slow. I felt her mouth nuzzle the side of my neck, felt
her right hand move down between us and crouched a little to give her more
room. Her palm was warm and damp between my thighs, the fingers demanding
and I gasped as two of them slid into me. I was hanging onto her and
sensed her looking into my face as she began to push deeper and deeper into
my slot, and sighed as she added a third digit to the first two. I thought
of that obscene Metaxa bottle and almost came.

"My clit... do my clit... Make me cum again..."

I couldn't believe I said that but at this point worrying about language
was more than ridiculous. No longer caring I humped my hips to take more
of her fingers up my spasming, leaking cunt, and her voice was a hoarse,
understanding whisper against my mouth.

"I intend to, you big horny slut! Your cunt is like a swamp!"

She raised her hand up close to her face and her eyes were bright as she
licked at her cream-soaked fingers before she brushed the tips across my

"Here... taste yourself... like honey..."

It wasn't like honey of course. It was slightly tart and there was a
tinge of brandy in the taste and I thought of the bottle again as two
fingers slipped deeper between my lips. I licked her twisting digits,
hesitantly first, than harder, and as our eyes held I knew that the
parent-child relationship was the thing of the past forever. Annie knew it
too, and there was a slight change around her mouth as she reached out with
her other hand. Her palm was damp as she cupped my breast, her thumb and
forefinger harsh on the bursting nipple and I gasped as she pinched down.
The pain was exquisite and I hunched my hips forward to grind my sloppy wet
cunt against her strong, smooth thigh and had to hang onto her not to fall
down. She jammed her leg back into me and I could feel her fingers tug at
the knob, twisting it, pulling at it, stretching my fat tit off my chest
until I was moaning into her palm...

"Hurts... You are hurting me..."

"And you like it! Say you like it!"

"Yes...Oh god....More. Harder! Do me harder!"

Her lips on mine cut off the words and her tongue was digging deep into
my throat, and I was gasping into her mouth as her thumb and forefinger
used my nipple like a radio knob. She was hurting me but it felt glorious,
and then I felt her saliva coated hand glide back down my belly toward my
mound again. I was still humping her leg, grinding my drooling slit into
her thigh until her fingers tugged at my bush and I pulled my ass back a
little to give her room. Anne stepped back to adjust the angle of our
bodies, and I crouched more to open myself wider. She was still pinching
with one hand while the other was cupping my splayed open cunt. She was
using all four fingers on the slit, rubbing the mushy surface in controlled
wide circles, and as the fingertips moved across the engorged clit I knew I
was going to burst. I felt her fingers curl into my hole and humped my
hips to take her deeper, and then my legs failed and I sank down on the
floor... She watched me fall back on the rug and stood over me, flushed,
breathing hard, her eyes bright with an excitement that was almost scary.
She looked gorgeous, and staring up at her I admitted to myself some of the
things that I never dared to think through before. That I wanted her like
this... that I've been wanting her like this for ages...that what she said
a minute ago was true. We always had this thing between us. She was young and fresh and beautiful, and even though she had gorgeous, grapefruit sized
tits, the focus of my attention was lower down, at the juncture of her
thighs. The hair on her mound was curly, a dark auburn, and the sight of
it sent the shakes through me. Like mother like daughter... Without
thinking I slipped my right hand between my legs and felt the damp springy
mat of my own bush. I was staring up at her and she was looking down at
me, and her voice reflected my own incredible passion.

"You like it? You like me like this, mom?"

"Yes... so beautiful... You are so beautiful!"

"So are you... Your big tits... Your big cunt...Don't stop... I want
to see you do it again... I can cum just watching you fingerfuck your

"You are filthy! It turns you on... talking dirty..."

"And how! Come on... Do it!

She was practically shivering with excitement and suddenly became very
aware of my fingers rubbing over my slit. God she was like me! This thing
with masturbating, this obsession with watching!... I was sticky wet and
my whole pussy felt swollen and I pulled my thighs farther apart to give
myself more room, and then incredibly the picture of my mom doing this
flashed into my memory. Her big hairy cunt, four fingers pushing up her,
her thumb curled under to make a fist...She had been half on her side and
she didn't see me and I had closed the door as I backed away. It wasn't
that long ago, shortly after dad died, but I made myself forget it. Until
now... Now it all came back and I realized that there were other memories
ready to explode to the surface. Then Annie was down on her knees front of
me and her eyes were glued to my moving hand. I had to swallow as I saw
her long fingers curl around her glorious, firm tits.

"Keep doing that Mom... I can't believe this is finally happening..."

"Ohhh . oohhhh! This is so sick!..."

"I know... Nasty! And you love it! Say you love it..."

"Yes... So hot. I am so fucking hot... please Annie..."

I guess maybe that was what she was waiting for. For me to ask her...
to beg her. I was shaking as she moved forward between my thighs and I
spread myself wider, and then she was kneeling in front of me and I had my
legs pulled way up and felt her fingers on the edge of my cuntlips as she
pulled them apart. She was staring into my slit as if mesmerized and I
wished that I had a shower earlier and that I had a prettier, smaller
pussy, and that I at least had given myself a trim job but then her head
dipped forward and all my insecurities vanished. Her mouth was open and
hot as she started to suck me, and as her lips tightened around my
throbbing clit I realized that I was at the very edge of another climax. I
felt her pinch down and pull, felt her fingers over my hands stretching the
puffy lips farther apart, heard her make little sounds as she practically
chewed on me, and then I exploded in one of the wildest orgasms of my life.
I was moaning and grunting as I hunched against her flushed face, and as my
hands pressed against the back of her head I had the crazy urge to swallow her up, to pull her back into my womb where she came from. I am a messy
fuck and I could feel my juices bubbling at the edges of my cunthole, could
feel the creamy rivulets seeping down the inside of my thighs into my ass
crease, and could hear Annie swallow as she tried to take as much down her
throat as she could manage. She had her tongue in me now, licking,
flicking deeper and deeper into my slit, searching for more pussy cream,
and even in the throws of that incredible orgasm I marveled at the silky
smoothness of her sweaty skin. I was wild and greedy and wanted more and
the way her lips gripped my engorged clit indicated that we were far from
finished. She pushed my legs up and apart, and the rug felt fuzzy and
rough under the soles of my feet as I pressed down to give myself greater
leverage. I was aware that I was making harsh, grunting sounds as I
lurched against her flushed face, and yelped as her fingers dug into my
ballooning ass cheeks. Then she was looking up at me, her face covered
with my icky cream, and her voice was urgent as she pulled me a bit

"Your tits... Play with those tits while I fuck your cunt. Love your
big jugs... those soft...fat mommy jugs..."

My breasts felt heavy in my palms as I began to lift them, and the way
she was staring at me made me forget that I was no longer young and firm,
and that the mushy globes had a sag to them now. In a way they are strange
with the huge puffy aureoles and the long, thick nipples, but men always
loved them and Phil used to tell me that they were a porno queen's dream,
and used to make me do all kinds of nasty things to them. Without
thinking, I began to pinch down on the two hard knobs, then started to
twist them until the ache became a sharper pain. I was whimpering as I
humped my cunt against her hand and felt myself stretch as she pushed all
four fingers into my hole. Then she pressed her thumb down on my clit and
her voice was a breathless command.

"Suck them. I want to see you suck your tits Mom!"

Until that moment I functioned in a kind of fuck-daze, aware, but not.
Calling me mom while telling me to suck my tits brought the awful truth
into focus... We were fucking each other. mother and daughter fucking
each other for real. My near naked daughter was kneeling front of me
playing with my big, sloppy cunt! And the realization got me so HOT. It
was so DIRTY. My breast felt sweaty and full under my mauling fingers and
I bit down on the obscenely long nipple just as the thumb and forefinger of
her left hand pinched my clit. The pain was sharp and I yelped as she
pinched harder as if she knew that that was what I wanted. She was
breathing through her half open mouth as she pressed harder and I whimpered
in pain but didn't ask her to stop. Then she had her open mouth plastered
against my gaping hole and her nose was rubbing against my bursting cherry
and I could feel my juices flowing down the insides of my thighs into my
deep dank ass crease and the messy, slimy sensation pushed me to the brink.
Gasping, making little piggy sounds I sucked the swollen, fat nipple deep
into my mouth, then took more, almost as if trying to take my whole tit
inside. People make fun of the "recovered memory" syndrome, but it's not
all bunk. sucking my own tits jolted a trigger because suddenly I was four
years old again, feeding on mom's breast, sharing with my little baby
sister, loving the fat nipple spurting into my mouth, loving the sticky
sweetness of the milk, loving mom cooing at me, loving her fingers rubbing
me between my chubby thighs... There were other things, filthy things that
came back like flashes, but this was not the time to dwell on those.
Hungrily, I switched tits, and as Annie looked up at me I slid forward a
little. There was no need to tell her what I wanted because by this time
we were perfectly tuned. She lip-bit me first and then her tongue began to
swipe downward, and I gasped as the broad surface began to lick across the
sweaty dark crease. I was wide open and when her mouth pressed against the
flat-stretched hole, I started to babble."

"Yes, Jesus yes! Soo hot. There! I want to feel your tongue way up

"Say the words! Come on bitch, I want to hear it!"

"My ass... ohh god Annie. Suck my horny ass... Stick your fucking
tongue up my fat ass and ream me out, you cunt. You teasing lesbian cunt!"

Then suddenly the tip was in me, pushing, burrowing, flicking inside. I
don't know how deep she got but it felt like inches, and then she began to
suck me, suck me hard, and I pushed down on her to get that wonderful probe
farther into my dilating anal passage. I knew I was a mess down there,
covered with sweat and saliva and cunt juice, and the place was reeking
with sex, and that turned me on even more. I was moaning, whimpering,
begging her to stick her tongue into me, in my ass, up my cunt, to eat me,
fuck me, bugger me before I went insane. Then her mouth was on my cunt again, her lips gripping my bursting clit and two of her fingers were
corkscrewing up my asshole but that wasn't enough.

"More... harder! Fuck it into me you goddamn dyke!!! Fuck me...Fuck
me! Fuck me you SLUT!!!"

"You like that bitch? You like what I am doing to you?

"Yes...Yes... Love it. Love it back there. My cunt too. Do my cunt too.

"The bottle. Where is that fucking bottle... I am going to use it on

"Ohhh yes. YES. Get it Oh Christ, get it..."

I watched her move, watched her looking at the long, tapering flask, and
then she took a long swig. I saw her lips curl around the neck, saw her
tongue lick across the glass, and her eyes were wide as she savored the

"I told you it tastes like cunt. Yours and mine. You really want

Her voice was a raw whisper and she was already pushing the smooth neck
between the hairy folds of my slit and I reached down to pull the swollen
lips wider apart. We were both staring as she began to twist the tip into
the obscenely big hole that looked like a bearded, hungry mouth, and all at
once I knew what I wanted. The long dark bottle was cold and hard, not at
all like a real cock or even a plastic vibrator, but it felt wonderful, and
I groaned as the widening column began to stretch me.

"Feels good. All of it! I want all of it!"

"I know! I know what you want!"

"Stuff it up me... I am so wet I could take a horse..."

"Maybe you will. Maybe we'll find you one with a huge cock and I'll
help you to fuck him..."

"...ohhh... ohh yes... like that! Do it just like that..."

"...get a hold of his monster prick and rub it on your fat tits... on
your face, mouth..."

" cunt! You could lead it into my horny cunt..."

"...rub it across your clit... into your twat... jiggle it into your

" it deep... all the way up... make him fuck me all the way

We were both crazy by then, lost in a kind of a fuck haze, and I was
clutching her hands as we pumped that glass monster up me. I had over half
of it inside and it felt smooth and hard and began to hurt but I was beyond
caring. I knew her prattle about the horse was just 'mind-fucking', but it
worked. Grinding down on the bottle I could almost believe that it was a
huge live prick attached to a powerful snorting stud, and the very idea of
it drove me insane. I was fucking up at her and saw that thing slide
almost all the way in, and at that moment I really thought I could take it
all. Then the tip hit bottom and there was nowhere to go and I felt her
ease off a little. I was at the edge and Annie herself was real close and
I reached down to pull her up to me. She was confused at first but then
she understood and never letting the Metaxa go she twisted on top of me.
Her pussy was a smaller version of mine but I was too far gone to savor the
details, and she didn't really want it slow. I mashed my mouth into her
gash, and as her tongue flicked across my clit I started to suck her. She
was grinding her cunt into my face and I was clutching at her incredible
ass and then she told me that she was cuming, and as I yelped into her
oozing cunthole she smacked my clit really hard, and that did it. It was
like a tidal wave and it went on and on and when it was over we were both
lying on the floor, clutching at each other, unable to make a sound,
unwilling to move apart.

I don't know how we got upstairs and much of the rest is a kind of a
blur. I remember little snippets, but much of it is disjointed. I
remember being on my back, my arms hooked under my knees, my daughter kneeling beside me driving the brandy bottle up my cunt, I remember the two
of us in a 69, with me eating her out while she was still using that glass
cock, I remember Annie wide open, begging me to use the thing on her ass,
and I remember the two of us entwined on the big bed totally exhausted,
kissing, licking each other's face, saying things to each other that were
filthy and hot and totally disgusting. And the last thing I remember is
her warm, sweaty body plastered to mine, her thigh pressed into my poor
abused pussy while I flexed my own into her slit. She murmured something
that sounded like she loved me, but I was already drifting. After that
there was just darkness...

This could be the End, or the end of Chapter 1. Let me know if you
think that there is any point going on with it.

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