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Title: My Second Greatest Challenge
Keywords: mF, inc, grandma, son, mdom
Author: Caesar

My Second Greatest Challenge

by Caesar, copyright 2001-2002

$Revision: 1.2 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:26 $

I've had three primary sexual relationships in my life, up to this
wild juncture.

The first, Erika, was a girl whom had come from a nasty household.
Drunk mother, physically and sexually abusive father. Her claim to
fame to me was that she was the first girl to spread her legs. She
was also the first girl whom I had discovered my pleasure in sexually
commanding another person.

I was like a child in an unknown world at that point.

Erika ran away from her family and me five months after the first time
I sunk my dick into her, to the day. The rumour mill said she was
selling her ass for hits of heroin on East Hastings, in Vancouver.

The second was Camile, beautiful and a very sexy sixteen year old who
was also as dumb as an ox. And as such, it was for me a time of
sexual discovery; where I was able to experiment with many of the
sexual deviant ideas that came upon me. I used and abused that
beauty, till my dick was tired of her stupidity and I came to realize
she was not a 'true' slave, only an ox.

It was my first taste of desiring a 'natural' submissive and not just
a woman or girl who played games.

It was the third that truly allowed me to grow as a dominant - who was
truly my slave. Georgia, dark haired and long legged. She was smart,
sexy and submissive. We lasted for over a year, when she moved away
to go to University. She cried upon my shoulder at the airport,
begging me to command her to stay - but I loved her enough to let her

Deep huh? I still can not fucking believe I let her go.

That leaves us here and now. A Master with no slave.

There were girls that I rather liked, but none I found that would
submit to me how I wished. I wanted full trusting submission from a
woman - a virgin to her slave-side, who I could push toward a
lifestyle she may not even have imagined but whom was destined for.

Months after Georgia had left, I was still a lone Master.

I went to school, the local College, and lived at home that first year
out of High School. It was a year of discovery of how far I would
allow my desires to push the envelope of what society would accept.

And it started here...


It was the last thing I would have ever expected to find in my
grandmothers bedside table.

I sat down stunned and starred at the object in my hand, the phone
forgotten for the moment.


The caller, "Yes... I'm still here?"

"Did you get that number I gave you James?"

"Yea... yes madam I did." I barely heard her, and most certainly did
not take down anything she had told me. Just one of grandma's stupid
friends - the old bat would forget she had phoned and left a message

"OK, tell your grandma to phone me?"

I hung up, my eyes still starring at the object in my hand, the number
I was instructed to translate to paper forgotten.

I was in her room, building a shoe rack in her closet when the phone
rang. Being by the bed I had, of course, opened the top drawer, which
lay beneath the phone, for a paper and pen for the phone message.
What I found was not paper nor a pen.

With my free hand I turned the base and the six inch dildo began to
vibrate in my hand.

That's when I started to break out laughing. A belly roar that I
haven't had in months!

It was all so hysterical, my mothers mother had a dildo and a tube of
lubricant in her bedside table!

She knitted sweaters for her family - scolded anyone that said 'hell',
went to church each Sunday!

She was, till that very moment, the most uptight person that I know.

And she also owned a six inch dildo.


Grandmother lived in a condo minutes from my college and a twenty
minute ride from home. I've never dropped in, unless beckoned, as I
had been that fateful day. I had been volunteered by mother, to build
some shelving for her mom, and after procrastinating and complaining,
I finally went over to do the chore.

That was when I found 'it'.

The next time I went over, it was for a social visit.

"More tea James?" Grandma always had tea in a kettle cuddly that she
knitted. Each year she knits a new one, along with bathroom, kitchen
and dining room curtains, mats, towels... everything. She has done
this militantly since I can remember - and all her grandchildren place
bets on the next colour or pattern she was knitting.

Grandma poured enough to top my cup without a word from me. I had not
been allowed a sip of coffee or tea until the day I turned eighteen.
Now, she delivered it to me without my asking - and you want to know
something, I hated fucking tea.

She sat back down and looked out the window for the sixth time since
my visit, almost as if I had been interrupting something with my
unplanned visit. "A lovely day don't you think?"

In her defence, I doubt she knew what to say to one of her
grandchildren whom she rarely ever saw and knew little to nothing

For me, I was feeling awkward for another reason. I had come over to
confront her about what I discovered in her bedroom last week. I'm
not ever sure why, to tell you the truth, only that I had this

"How often do you use the vibrator grandma?" It came out softly
spoken and just like that, without any warning.

The grandfather clock in the other room chimed loudly and the birds
outside sang. But grandmother never said a word so I looked up from
my cup of tea to see her bright red face looking at me with horror.

There it was, I knew that she was human after all. Not some strict
automation that even my own mother feared to cross. Perhaps this was
what scared my grandmother most of all - the discovery of her 'human'

Finally she seemed to gain back her resolve and she asked sternly,
"What business is that of yours young man!" It wasn't a question.

I had the training of three slaves and the patience to go along with
it - and I knew the looks a woman would give to attempt to hide her
fear, disgust or humiliation.. So I knew grandmothers strength, at
that moment, was a mere facade.

"My guess you use it once or twice a week?" I glared right back at
her - challenging. No matter how this visit worked out, it couldn't
come back to bite me on the ass. Hell, no one in the family would
even remember anything about this, if it got out, except that the old matron was using a sex toy!

"You sick little... pervert! Do you think I am some type of

"I think your a horny woman that needs a vibrator to get off."
Actually, till the other day, she was nothing but a uptight old woman
to me. One that I could barely stand being around.

She disengaged my glaze and looked down at her cup, which she held
firmly with both hands. Her knuckles were white and the trembling in
her hand threatened to spill her tea.

Finally, "I think you should leave James."

"Not until you answer my question?" I was the picture of calm
patience - it had to irritate the old lady to no end.

"Do I need to call your mother young man?" Normally this type of
statement would have put the fear of god into my youthful soul, but no
longer. It had been used on me often as a child - it had no power
now, I knew that she was human. Perhaps like Superman she had a
weakness, one that appeared to be her sexuality. Of course she will
never call my mother - grandma never wanted another soul alive to know
of her weakness.

"Will you tell her how often you use the vibrator grandma?" I knew
she couldn't let another human know about my discovery. I let the
silence lay for a few lengthy seconds before continuing, "I promise
not to tell another soul."

She simply starred at her tea and seemed to be trying to slow her
breathing. Strange, since I could not see if she was hyperventilating
or not. If anything she looked stunned, like a deer in the headlights
of a fast approaching car.

I've never seen her look like this before - as if she was not in
control. Which of course, if she realized it or not, was the truth -
I was.

Then she whispered, "Twice a month... usually." It was an admission
that the earth was not round, that we were not alone in the universe,
that god was a woman.

The clock ticked with each swing of its balanced weight - the seconds
turned slowly to minutes.

Time to lift her back up from that black pit of despair, "I do it once
or twice a day grandma."

With a quick glance over the tops of her glasses, I saw her
astonishment and maybe a little disgust.

"Men are different than women James." She was again talking to her
cup and saucer.

I laughed lightly, "Evidently not!" I could see, even beneath the
layers of makeup, her face pale.


The next visit was completely unannounced, and grandmother did not
give me a warm look when she opened the door.

"Aren't you going to let me in grandma?" She stood aside reluctantly
and closed the door after I entered. She was dressed in a flowered
dress and looked like she was getting ready to go out, "Going
somewhere grandma?"

I simply strode confidently into her living room.

"Yes, the church is getting the basement ready for the bake sale this
weekend...!" The church was always getting the basement ready for
something or another.

I sat down and motioned toward the couch across from me. Like a
puppet she silently strode over to the couch and gently sat down.

"I don't have time for a visit right now James?"

I ignored her comment. "So, did you have the guts to tell mom about
our little talk the other day?" I glared at her, though she wasn't
looking back, as a challenge.

Grandmother never said a word, but again her face paled.

"Thought not. You don't want anyone to know that you have a little
plastic friend you use to help you get off."

"James!" She looked angry at my bravado, glaring suddenly at me with
a new spark. Or rather, the old spark.

"Well its true isn't it?" When her face hung back down, her eyes
staring at the tops of her self-knit slippers, the same colour as the
mats here in the living room, I let out a soft malicious laugh. "You
know what grandma, you really are stuck in another time - girls like
to masturbate as much as guys do."

Just a whisper, "Please leave here James." I pretended I never heard

"In fact, after our little talk the other day, I was so hot I went
right home and jerked off - twice!"

Her eyebrows rose in surprise and I didn't miss the rapid glance down
at my denim covered crotch.

Her gaze changed to bewilderment, grandmother had no clue why I jerked
off after my last visit was my guess. "You don't realize how
attractive you are do you grandma?"

I thought I saw a spark of pleasure in her eyes just before they again
dropped down to stare at her feet.

And it was true, after all. She was, of course, not a thirty or forty
year old woman any longer, but looked rather fine for woman of her

"In fact that's what I came over to find out - if you liked our little
talk last time as much as I did?"


"Grandma? Did you get off since I was last here?"

Not a sound, but her lips moved, "No."

That surprised me, and I wondered if I was here, manipulating and
humiliating my grandparent, wrongly. That intuition I had, that she
was a woman from a different era, an era where the man was the boss
and where her pleasure only made her only feel guilt - was I wrong?


Again the minutes passed by with not a movement or a word.

"I'm starting to worry about you grandma, you are a beautiful sexy
woman, I thought you would have used your little toy in the last few

She ignored my obvious attempts at flattery when she boldly looked up
into my eyes, "I threw it away."

That surprised me, "What? The vibrator."

"Its over James, it never existed. Now just leave my home and I will
forgive you for these ungentlemanly questions."


At first I thought I had guessed wrong about my grandmother - that she
was not the submissive woman beneath a strong tough shell after all.
But I began to understand; the source of her humiliation and
embarrassment was that vibrator - its use obvious. With it gone, her
deep ingrained guilt at using such a thing for her natural urges, was
but a memory. And grandmother was famous in our family for ignoring
or forgetting things that she did not like.

My next visit was two weeks later - and her face looked stern with
displeasure at another unexpected visit.

"What is it James?" Her free hand went to her hip in a firm resolved
stance - effectively blocking the door.

I held it up and the meek and defenceless gaze returned and I strode
past her into her home.

Grandma came into the room and sat down, in the same couch, me across
from her as before. She didn't need to be instructed this time, much
to my pleasure.

The vibrator, six inches and white, was still held in my hand before
me. She was staring at it with something resembling defeat and

My other hand slipped into my coat and retrieved three attachments for
the vibrator, rubber sleeves for a different feeling - the sales lady
had said.

"Go call mom and tell her I'm fixing your door handle or something -
and tell her I'm staying for supper."

Like a zombie grandmother stood up and I heard her do as I ordered in
the den, from her side of the conversation with my mother.

When she returned I stood up and blocked her entrance to the living
room - handing her the hard plastic cock. She took it in forefinger
and thumb, like a thing diseased.

"Its new grandma, and clean." She gave me a look as if she had never
seen a vibrator before but understood its purpose - and it appeared to
disgust her.

"I want you to use it."

Her face snapped up, staring at me with astonishment and a little
humiliation. I had expected anger - but I could see none.

"Right now - before supper." And yes, I did intend to spend supper

She just stood there.

I softened my gaze and voice, "I worry about you grandma - I think you
are stuck in the morals from fifty years ago." Nothing. "Its OK,
I'll read the paper in the living room - and I'll wait however long it
takes." And finally, "I'm doing this because I love you grandma."

Her eyes blinked and she had to be thinking that this was all a crazy
nightmare, but I kept the humour of this situation from my eyes. I
would have time enough to laugh later, when I got home.

The minutes rolled past and I changed my voice and my attitude,
roughly I ordered, "Go up to your room and use this between your legs
right now or by god I'm going to spank you!" I put a hand on my
leather belt about my waist for emphasis. My grandfather had been a
strict disciplinarian, from the stories my mother and her two sisters
told, and I had guessed it wasn't only toward his kids.

Grandmothers eyes widened in surprise, and I thought she would throw
the vibrator at me and scream for an hour. If she did that, it would
be the end of my little charade - at my attempt to discovering if she
was submissive or not. It was the deal I had agreed with myself.

Instead, grandma, slowly turned and began to shuffle down the hallway
toward her room. I stood there, my heart beating impossibly fast, as
I watched her enter the door at the end of the hall and close it
behind her.

My god, she was doing it!

I had been right, my guess at the submissive learning of a girl so
many years ago and a wife to a strong demanding man, had been right.

Of course she was no longer a little girl, nor was she a married woman
- but the decades long lessons had ingrained into her soul.

I sat down in the living room holding the paper before me as if
reading, though I never saw a written word, and waited.

An hour passed before the door to her room opened and she shuffled
down the hall, quickly turned and went into the kitchen where I heard
her preparing for my supper.

I left her alone till she shuffled back to her room, leaving a
steaming plate of leftover tuna casserole on the dining room table. I
ate alone.


Shouldn't a grandson feel guilt at forcing his mothers mother to
humiliate herself like this? Of course.

But I didn't.

A week later, I called her from school, a pay phone. "...something
besides casserole grandma?" Nothing but her silence. "I'll be there
in ninety minutes, go to your room and do it again grandma." I was
watching about me, making sure no one could hear my commanding words
to my own grandparent.

I did not wait for her acceptance before I hung up.


Three more times that month I went over for supper, either her going
to her room before I got there or afterwards. Each time she would
make me supper after, leaving it on the table, and disappearing to her

This time was different, when she shuffled with defeat, by her walk
and that heavy invisible burden on her shoulders, into the kitchen she
found me there by the sink, with only my boxer shorts on. I turned to
see her opened mouthed gaze, her surprise. She wore an ancient ugly
pink bathrobe and knit slippers.

Grandma had just completed my instruction; her face looking drawn and
tired as I would expect.

I pretended surprise at her silent look, "What did you expect - I have
needs too grandma."

I set the empty cup down on the counter, the ruse that I was getting
water no longer needed.

"What... where are your clothes?"

"In the living room." I pretended to misunderstand her gaze, "Don't
worry, I used a tissue so there was no mess."

"But...?" She didn't know what to say and I fought hard not to break
out laughing at this comical situation.

"Can you eat with me tonight grandma?" She nodded and quickly turned
her eyes away from my near-naked body, and shuffled over to the fridge
to retrieve the leftovers to roast pork.

Grandma frequently stole glances at my teenage body for the rest of my


To see me at her church was almost too much for the widow.

Grandma grasped my elbow roughly, smiled over her shoulder at the
other white and gray haired ladies, and pushed me to a table in the
far corner of the church basement.

"Get out of here right now James."

"You didn't say 'please'?"

Her eyes were roared with anger... and a hint of fear.

With a forced calmness, "Please James, go home."

"What if I wanted to go to your home and wait for you?"

Suddenly the fire was out and she hung her head in shame or
humiliation, "If you wish - just please please leave here?" This time
there was the proper amount of submission in her voice to excite me.

I looked over at the three elder ladies, attempting to ignore my
grandmother and I - but they were not doing a very good job of
it. From our distance, they sounded like a gaggle of geese as they
chatted and frequently looked toward us. My grandma knew it too - we
were the subject of intense scrutiny. I smiled at the ladies and
waved - my grandmother turned bright red.

"Will you agree to do something for me?" I looked back at her to see
fear at agreeing to an unknown request from her grandson who ordered
her to retreat and masturbate at his discretion.

The ladies were edging closer as they set booklets on the folding
tables situated about the room. Grandmother heard and knew it as well
- "Yes, anything, just leave James?" There was a little amount of
pleading in her voice. It as only a matter of time before the old busy-bodies interrupted us.

"Are you Betty's grandson?" It was asked half ways across the long
room, but the click of the heels on the tiles loud. I saw the fear in
my grandmothers eyes.

I looked quickly down at my grandma, her eyes waiting for me to agree
to leave, pleading with me. "Come home by six o'clock tonight." She
nodded quickly, almost thankfully. Then I smiled and swung the final
blow, "I want to watch you tonight." She almost collapsed and
probably would have if not for the three ladies and the younger one
who had called to me from across the room finally reached us.

My hand shook all three ladies paws in turn, as they fussed and
chatted up with me. My grandmother silent and white as a sheet behind
the small crowd, she stared at me with a unreadable face.

When it was time to go, I leaned in and gave my grandmother a quick
hug - and whispered, "Don't be late grandmother dearest."


She came home to find all the rooms dark - all except her bedroom,
where a single candle was lit.

That was where she found me, "James...?" I was seated in a hard back
chair at the foot of her double bed. When she started to talk, to
tell me that she could not do this, that it was wrong and immoral,
maybe even evil - when I put a single finger over my lips to shush

We both looked down to my lap at the same time. Across my lap lay my
belt, bent in half and held in one hand. The threat obvious.

Finally, grandmother looked about her room as if she never saw it
before, swallowing loudly when she saw the vibrator I gave her and her
tube of lubricant sitting on her bed. I saw the tremors that her body
underwent starting then as well - this was pushing her boundaries
probably further than she had ever imagined.

When she stood there silent for nearly a minute, I thought I would
have to get tough with her - remind her who had the power in our
relationship. Then she simply turned and shuffled with a defeated
walk to her private bathroom.

I sat silently, patiently, as the minutes passed. Ten minutes and she
finally emerged. I'm not sure what I expected, but her neck to ankle
flannel nightie was not it. I couldn't see a thing but her hands,
feet and head.

Grandma crawled up into her bed, pushing the toy out of her way, and
lay down upon it almost at attention. I saw that her eyes were half
open, and staring down her body to me... at me.

She had piled her hair into a bun on the top of her head, and had
removed most of her makeup in her earlier retreat to the bathroom - so
that in her white nightly in the pale light she looked younger, a
different woman.

Then still looked at me, she lifted the hem of her gown slowly to mid
thigh, showing more bare leg of hers than I've ever seen, before

She reached over and found the vibrator, strangely silent and
non-combative in my request, then squirted a large amount of lube upon
the length and about the head.

Grandma turned back to me, and spread her ankles a meter apart and
with the dim light I could not see anything but darkness up her gown,
believe me I tried. Then she lifted one knee and shoved her ankle
into her soft bed. Slowly she slipped her hand, and the prepared
vibrator, under her gown and between her white soft thighs.

I couldn't see where it went but found my cock hardening painfully in
my jeans.

Still watching me, grandmother wiggled her hips, adjusted her legs and
then reached down with her free hand and fumbled for a brief second
before I heard the buzz of the sex toy. The unused hand came out from
the darkness between her legs and grasped her raised thigh, near the

Her eyes watching me, looking into mine, staring down at my rapidly
moving chest and maybe lower... then I heard it. The obvious sound of
the little electronic motor as it was stuffed repeatedly in the sheath
of a woman's folds. Grandmothers face never registered what I knew to
be going on between her legs. The sound of the buzzing rising and
falling in volume as it moved slowly in and out of her vagina.

My god, how easy this all was - forcing her to submit herself to my
wish like this! I sat and watched, listened, to her masturbate. My
fucking grandmother for gods sake!

She had to be a natural submissive, she just had to be! Grandpa must
have beat her black and blue, before climbing upon her - she submitted
easier than I would have ever guessed.

Finally she closed her eyes and swallowed loudly for a brief second
before again opening them and staring at me firmly.

I could jump her right then, replace that fake cock with my hard
shaft! Or at the very least, I should pull out my dick and give it
some relief, it was down right hurting in my jeans!

I couldn't of course, I promised myself to be a spectator this time -
to be content with getting this far. Afterwards, another step past
that invisible line could be crossed - but for right now, let her do
this thing I commanded, show her my dominance and self-control... and
yes, even my pleasure at this scene. A woman, a slave, need to learn
to trust her master.

Her eyes were starting to close more rapidly, the large gasps silent
but obvious, the swallows louder. Her hand upon her thigh was clawing
at her white skin, the nails biting into flesh. Grandmothers hips
were moving in small circles, almost impossible to see in this light,
in time to the sexy sound of the movement of that plastic cock.

And something new, something wondrous. The scent of her... her sex,
it was filling the room and my head with its earthy aroma. I loved
it. Then the sound, of a woman excited, getting louder as the seconds
passed - sloppy bawdy echos from between her thighs.

I was all so incredible.

When I looked back to her face, she was again staring at me, sad and
pleading silently. She whispered nearly beneath the sound of her sex
and the moving electric cock, "I want to stop?"

I didn't understand - stop this show, this command? No, impossible,
not now!

My head firmly nodded negatively.

A tear rolled down one of her checks and she whispered again,
"Please...? I always stop now. I can't go on!"


"I have to stop now... please?"

The scene was impossible, it couldn't be stopped and of course
immediately grunted, "No!"

Tears were rolling down her cheeks like a river even as her hips
started to press upwards, the sounds louder, and the smell stronger.
I knew the inevitable was approaching and I painfully clenched the
arms of my chair and leaned forwards.

Grandmother was no longer begging to stop, pleading with me to end
this - why she started too, I have no clue. It hadn't been the
request of a woman in heat, it wasn't brought on by her passion.

Then it happened and grandmother lifted her ass and hips from the bed
then held herself there in an arch. She squealed out in pleasure and
froze in place in that obtuse position. Time stopped as she hung
there, even her breathing had stopped. Seconds later, she fell back
to her bed and gasped out for breath.

Even in the dim light I could see her exhaustion, her sadness as she
pulled a shiny hand from beneath her thighs and rolled over into a
fetal position on her hip. From where I sat, with her knees up nearly
to her chest, I could see something poking out from directly between
her round ass and thighs, pressing her flannel nightie outwards
obscenely. The vibrator had been left in its place, a large round
damp circle staining the white flannel gray.

I stood up upon trembling legs, my cock forcing me to stoop over
comically, and made my way to the edge of my grandmothers bed.
Bending silently over, I sat looking down at her face, the tears
streaming down freely now, her humiliation complete. I leaned in and
kissed the top of her head before standing and silently leaving.


When my grandmothers voice came across the phone I could not have been
more surprised. "Hi James."


"Uh... did you want me to fix you supper sometime this week?" I could
hear the quiver in her voice, the awkwardness of this situation -
having to call her grandson to come to her home.

"I would like that grandma."

A lengthy pause, "I thought maybe... after last time... you didn't
want to...?" I haven't called or dropped in since my voyeur show two
weeks ago, somehow she had interpreted this to mean something. What
exactly, I wasn't sure. Did she believe I felt disgust at what I had

My mom and dad looked up from supper and mom made a motion, as if
asking if her mother wanted to talk with her.

"Mom wants to talk with you grandma. I'll come over for supper
tomorrow night." I looked at mom across the room and with a smile and
nod she confirmed my statement. What else could she do, she was very
pleased that some of the burden of spending time with the old broad
was off her shoulders.

"I would like that James." Did she rely upon my visits for her
pleasure now - was she already submissive to me to this extent?

"I'd like that too grandma. I have something I want to give you too."

A long pause, "OK." She didn't sound too sure at my offer.

Mom was standing next to me with her hand out, "Here's mom... see you
tomorrow grandma!"


Tea again!

When both cups were filled, the two of us sitting in her living room
again, as if the last weeks had not happened and it was only a
rebellious teenager reluctantly visiting his ageing grandmother.

"I wanted to tell you something about your last visit darling."


She saw that I wasn't going to interrupt and continued. "I've been
taught since I was a child that it was wrong for a girl... a woman to
... enjoy... that." Her face was red, though she was keeping with the
facade of a lady drinking tea in the late afternoon.

"I only did that once before James... and my father beat me when mom heard me." Did what before - she has masturbated a handful of times
now for me?

She set down the cup with her hands trembling and grasped her thighs
above her flowered skirt, to still them. "I wanted to thank you for
showing me that pleasure again." Am I hearing what I think I'm
hearing, that grandmother has only had one other orgasm in her life -
one that she was punished for? No wonder she is screwed up - or not,
depending how you look at it. It was incredulous to me that a person
would masturbate but not too orgasm.

Then she spoke the real reason for her commentary, "I wanted you here
to thank you and to tell you that its over." She was watching me
demurely. "Its wrong what we are doing, that a woman does not...!"

I held up my hand to stop her lengthy reason why I shouldn't come over
again. Like the submissive I already she knew was, she closed her
mouth immediately and waited for me to speak.

I set down my cup and saucer, then handed over the paper bag. "Open
it grandma."

She looked surprised and a little worried as she pulled apart the
edges of the bag.

Inside was an expensive pair of lace white stockings - in a size I
guessed to be close to hers.

My grandmothers eyes widened when she realized what lay within her
hands, "I'd like you to go to your room right now and put on your
white nightgown, I hope you washed it since my last visit," her face
took on a deep red hue, "and those stockings. Nothing else."


She stopped when my gaze pieced into her own and she slowly, with
trembling knees, stood and shuffled like a prisoner toward his
hanging, down the hallway.

I sipped my tea and waited.

Within five minutes she returned.

I ignored her entrance and she stood next to my chair for another two
minutes, her place in our relationship obvious.

Finally I nodded for her to sit, across from me in her usual spot.
She she sat down nervously, I saw that my order had been followed

"You don't want me to go do you grandma?" I was smirking as I asked
this obvious question.

Her voice was raspy as she whispered, "No."

Time to change the question, "Have you ever masturbated in front of
anyone before grandma?"

She nodded negatively and I grunted, "I asked you a question?"

"No I haven't."

"You liked it though." Nothing. "Grandma?" Firm but quietly spoken
and only a hint of a threat.

Again a whisper, "Yes."

"And you want to do it again?"

Without a pause this time, "Yes."

Another shift in the conversation, "How do the stockings feel?"

She had to swallow to calm herself before answering, "Sexy."

"Sexy?" I was surprised at her disclosure. It was a word that
sounded foreign coming from her mouth.

"We only wore stockings when I was younger... but not like this."

"Not like what?"

"For another person."

Ah. "You never used stockings to highlight your sexuality?"

The question surprised her, and I could see her inner thoughts as she
contemplated this.

I answered her question knowing that she would never asked, "Yes, I
think you will be very sexy with stockings on."

Her eyes were wide as she looked at me.

"Stand up grandma."

Slowly she did, and for the first time since all this began between us
I think she could anticipate what I wanted.

"Lift your gown and show me your legs."

Her hands were trembling so much she had trouble bunching the thick fabric in her small hands. Finally she held the gown to her knees.
"Higher." She knew what I wanted and didn't play any games and lifted
the hem of her nightgown to mid thigh, above the top of the elastic
band of her stocking.

In truth the white nylon looked very nice on her pale skin, the lace
at top holding them in place. Encased, as they were, I was surprised
at how attractive her legs looked - pleased at myself for this gift.

Grandma saw my hungry pleased look and I caught her surprised gaze.

She looked at me for a few seconds and then as if directing me to
again look down with her eyes, I followed her directions.

My grandma slowly lifted the hem of her nightgown to just below her
navel and I was looking upon the gray and brown curls of her sex. A
tremor of lust ran through me and I again looked up into her eyes -
and saw her pleasure at her grandsons obvious lust for her gamble.

Taking a deep breath, I knew what I had to do. Using a firm voice,
one that I learnt with Camile years before, I growled, "If you want to
show me more - lift up your nightgown to your waist!"

I saw her confusion; hadn't she already exposed herself. Then she
knew what I was talking about, and holding the front to her soft
stomach, she reached around with her left hand and did the same with
the back of her gown.

Then I wiggled my finger for her to come closer - her smile returned
and she took the three steps to stand by my side. Lust was in her
gaze, probably for the hunger for the taboo of her own blood.
Probably a type of hunger she had never truly tasted before.

"Over my knee grandma!"

That took some confidence from her brow and she awkwardly leaned over
and dropped a foot onto my lap. Her ass was there, naked, white and
soft looking.

She was looking over her shoulder at me, waiting anxiously for my

"You like this grandma?"

Hoarsely, "Yes darling."

"You like doing what I tell you?"

"Yes." A whisper, she was still that tightly wound woman remember, it
was hard to admit her sexuality let alone her pleasure in being
dominated by her own grandson.

I returned my attention to her round soft ass, white and rather
exciting considering it belonged to a woman over three times the age
of my last girlfriend.

I gently lay my hand upon the furthest globe and my grandmother hung
her head toward the floor and sighed deeply.

She wanted this, needed it. Had she ever been treated like this, with
a soft but commanding manner - based upon sex and lust?

My hand rolled over the soft flesh from her waist to hip to thigh and
the top of the warm lace top of her stocking. "You have a very sexy
ass grandma." She did, though she gave me no response except to sigh
with her pleasure.

"You want more than watching from me don't you grandma?"

Her head came around again and looked into my eyes, almost fearful of
revealing ever more of herself to me, when she nodded quickly.

My hand slipped down between the flesh of her ass, tickling the tiny
hairs and finding it warm and moist.

Grandmothers head hung down again, resolved at not fighting my
discovery of my touch.

My fingers slipped further into her crack and I felt the ring of her
anus tense up as I touched it for the first time. I smirked when she
froze, knowing that our future would hold much more for that part of
her - knowing she will crave my attention toward her ass very soon.

But my destination was lower, my fingers slipping past her anus to
tease the hard muscle between the two forbidden private entrances to
her body.

Then I felt a hot wet moisture even before my finger tips touched her
vagina and knew all my dreams could come true - that this woman was a
true submissive and desired me like no one else in her life.

Without any preamble I slipped two fingers into her sex and my
grandmother hissed at the intrusion, her head whipping around to look
at me with an astonished gaze. But she wasn't wishing me to stop, but
for me to continue.

"You have a very pretty pussy grandma." She tensed up at the bawdy
words. "And a tight hot cunt as well." Her head returned toward the
floor, almost in shame. Some things could not be forgotten so soon,
merely seeing her nudity was a feat for her, touching it incredible
but referring to it in a common manner, humiliating.

My two fingers began to move slowly in and out of her body. Her hips
soon moved in time to my thrusts, pressing off my lap and back to meet
my spearing fingers. A warm wash of thick woman-juice seemed to flow
from her and it felt hotter to my touch, if possible. She was panting
and swallowing repeatedly, possibly uncontrollably. Her legs were as
wide as she could make them in her position, her ass pressed upwards
to make my entrance easier.

One of the pins holding her hair in a bun had come loose and hung down
past her face, making her look the part she was playing so well.

Soon she was merely a rolling thrusting mass of flesh, living only for
the thrust of my fingers in her body.

I thought to humiliate her more, to stop this play and push her off me
- perhaps ordering my supper, watching her prepare it in her flannel
nightie and stockings. But I knew I couldn't, I was enjoying this too
much - wanting to bring her off in such a demeaning manner. I wanted
to finger fuck the woman whom had only two other orgasms in her whole
life - to give her a third. It was my power to give and to take away,
she would learn this - by my generosity.

Then it happened, and grandma froze almost horizontal upon my lap and
clenched my fingers in her fleshy vice. I felt the flutter on the
inside of her thighs, about my wrist, start almost uncontrollably -
spreading. Her body took over and it seemed that she was undergoing
convulsions, flopping about wildly.

Only when all was still, her body laying like death itself on my lap,
my fingers still in the incestuous tunnel possibly forgotten, did I
know that I had found my forth slave.

I pulled my two slimy fingers from her body and slipped them back into
the groove of her ass - teasing her relaxed anus enough to get my
middle finger to the second knuckle.

I waited for her to recover - she had promised me supper.


We sat across from each, eating silently. Grandma appeared very
embarrassed at what we had done, what she enjoyed. Her sexual spark
had started to re-ignite as I played with her ass hole, knowing it was
wrong even as her body started to respond uncontrollably.

In the time I had fingered her ass hole, she had started to beg before
I withdrew from her body and gently easing her down to the floor at my

Laying there looking up at me with exhausted, submissive eyes I saw
the hunger still there. There was one last thing to do before supper
and I leaned down to her and ordered, "Open up grandma."

First the finger that had been in her vagina, still wet with her
juices - she made face when she recognized where the digit had been.
Then within the minute she was sucking hungrily, cleaning herself from
me and watching my obvious pleasure at her actions. Then the second
finger, the one that had been in her wet hot cunt and then in her ass
- she took it with less of a fuss than the first though she did not
seem to relish it as much.

"Great supper grandma." It wasn't leftovers this time, she had
prepared much of it this afternoon - in anticipation for my visit.

She only smiled quickly at me, her nerves straining her ethics and
morals. Her sexual heat diminishing her logical taught brain kicked
in and said it was wrong what we had done, hating herself for her
weakness. I could see the silent dilemma upon her face.

"Take me home after supper?"

Even with her internal conflicts I could see the disappointment upon
her face - she didn't want me to go.

It was the first words she had spoken since being over my lap, "Sure

I hated her calling me 'darling', it made us sound fucking married or


"Along here is fine grandma."

She pulled her large American car to the curb and put it into park and
turned to me to smile uncertainly. My home was just up at the end of
the block, and this was the only place to park on the busy road.

I turned to my grandmother and leaned in to kiss her lips softly, not
so much like a lovers but certainly not like a grandson's. When I
disengaged, I saw her disappointment yet again. She was so
transparent - her desire for me, for what I offered, written like a
book in her eyes.

"Give me your panties grandma?"

Her eyes widened in surprise and she stared down at my hand waiting
for her offering. Now she understood why I had rushed her to dress,
ordering her to wearing the stockings and a dress - she had not even
had time to bath the scent of her pleasure from between her legs.

"Why James?"

After this evening, I had not thought this to be a point of
contention. "Because I wish to fall asleep with the scent of you
beneath my pillow." That seemed to still her astonished eyes a
little. "I will bring them back Sunday when I come over for supper
again." She smiled suddenly at the promise of another visit and undid
her seat belt. Her hands slipped beneath her skirt, and I caught a
glimpse of the lace elastic at the top of her stockings before she
began to wiggle her hips as she pushed down her ugly white cotton

I must remember to pick up some lace panties for her, something high
in the hip to show off her sexy figure.

She placed the warm and, yes, wet undergarment into my hand. Her
smile looked pleased and a little naughty - we were outside her
daughters house after all.

I stuffed them into my jacket and looked around - the street was dead,
as it normally was after eight on a work night.

"Now, one last thing grandma..." I quickly and expertly reached down
and unbuckled my jeans and pulled the flap open. "I want you to suck
me off before I go."

The horrified look on her face told me volumes, and it was anticipated
I should admit.

"Hurry grandma, before someone comes." Like me!

She shook her head violently side to side, her mouth open without any

I turned toward her and glared my voice returning to that commanding
tone she had only heard once, "You will come here and do what I tell
you grandmother!"

She was frozen looking from my open jeans to my face to about the
quiet neighbourhood, obviously not knowing what to do.

Reaching over, I thought to help, as my hand hooked the back of her
brown and gray curly hair and pulled her down and toward me. There
was no resistance but she whispered, "Please no... not this James?"

Finally she was down, her lips nuzzled in the opening of my jeans but
she was still, only placed in that position under protest. I looked
down at her, she unable to see my pleased face, "You will do this for
me grandma or so help me I shall never come to your house again."

I let her lay like that for a minute, thinking and considering her
options before she whispered her defeat, "I... I don't know how."

I almost broke out laughing at the situation, but my lust rather than
my demented humour won over.

My hand turned from a claw holding her head down, to rubbing her back.

"That's OK - we can just go slowly OK grandma?" She never said a
word, but I took her silence for submission.

"Take it out." The intent obvious even to the near-innocent senior
citizen. Both her hands came up below her, and her small fingers
fumbled with the flaps of my pants and the hidden treasures beneath.

When it finally popped up and out, it actually slapped her chin and
grandma jerked backwards as if punched.

"I don't want to do this James?" She was only whispering, knowing
that her eyes were filled at the sight of my hard young cock.

"Have you enjoyed what we have done so far grandma?"

Barely audible, "Yes."

"Then trust me... and give me some of the pleasure that I've given

I think that did it, because she asked, "I don't want to hurt you -
will you teach me how?""

My hand stroked her hair lovingly, "You won't hurt me grandma."

Her mouth opened and I felt the head of my dick, in the cool air of
the car, be engulfed into her warm wet mouth. She held me there long
enough for me to offer, "Slip your tongue around grandma." My mothers
mother began to rotate her tongue about the crown of my cock, slowly,
deliciously. Pausing only infrequently to tease the hole with the tip
of her tongue before returning to that rolling oral pleasure.

It felt wonderfully delicious. I added, "Now move your head up and
down grandma, let me move in and out of you."

She did, seemingly anxious to please me, her ineptness at sucking cock
obviously making her an oral virgin. When she suddenly stopped and
lifted her mouth from me, "James?"

"Yea, grandma?" I could not hide the frustration of her stopping from
my voice.

"What do I... well, what do I do when you go?" She sounded deeply
embarrassed, and I could imagine her bright red face as it looked up
at me.

"Go?" I knew what she meant, but was enjoying this addition to my
pleasure by voicing her to use such common words.

"When you... finish?" She barely got out that word.

"Good little girls swallow every drop." I felt her uncertainty in her
silence. "Are you my good little girl grandma?"

She never answered but only slipped her lips back down around my
thrusting pole. I guessed her inner turmoil or uncertainty gone by
the energy in her effort at sucking and licking me.

Grandma was laying upon her hip, side ways, her feet still down about
the peddles of the car. My hand easily reached that round soft
familiar bottom, quickly yanking the skirt up to her waist. She never
paused as my hand slipped back between the cheeks of her ass and my
index finger quickly found her anus.

It was still hot, relaxed and damp from our earlier pleasures.

"Oh god that feels good grandma!" Did she wonder if I was talking
about her ass hole or her lips?

No matter, she kept on bobbing her head, her tongue swirling about my
crown and the underside of my shaft. Her saliva running down to my
balls, making them cold in the chill air. Frequently she swallowed
and I wondered if she could taste my pre-come - did she enjoy it? Had
she ever tasted a man before?

I was gasping now, pressing my hips up to meet her lips. I prayed to
last forever, to make this torture/pleasure last a lifetime but knew
it to be a ridicules thought. After this evening with my grandmother
and her submissive soul, I'm amazed at how long I was lasting!

My finger was to the second knuckle and grandma grunted lightly as I
fucked her in time to her plunging face.

She may have been so inexperienced to misread the sudden swelling of
my shaft, forcing her mouth almost to the limit of its circumference,
that she did now what was next.

I suddenly grasped her curly hair in my free hand and forced her head
to still as I pressed up with my hips so that my cock hit the back of
her throat and I groaned loudly in the car. My first shot had to have
gone directly to her belly, so far down her throat was I. Yet it was
not enough that she started to cough and gag upon me. I dropped my
hips so that only the head of my cock stayed within her and allowed
the remainder of my sexual energy to shoot out the head of my prick.

Grandma's gagging quickly turned to loud swallowing and she began to
moan after the forth spurt. I felt her trying to raise her face and
held her head down, "Suck me dry grandma... don't miss a drop."

At sometime in the last minute I had sunk my finger fully within
grandmas rectum and held it there as I used the other end of her. I
pulled it from her body with a pop and finally lifted her face from my
lap to check out her work.

She stared up at me silently, with a strange hungry submissive look
that I enjoyed. I saw a glob of my release upon her white wrinkled
chin and scooped it up with my dirty digit - my soiled finger slipped
into her mouth. She had to know where it had been and what was upon
my finger, but she only watched me as she sucked with relish.

I saw the shiny mess of saliva and sperm upon my soft shaft and
stomach, and grunted, "Lick me clean grandma." I let go of her head
and relaxed as she did what I commanded without a pause.

Then finally she sat up, looking about the car wondering if there had
been a crowd to her complete abandon to her life's morals. I quelled
that fearful gaze with a soft, "No one saw grandma."

She lay her head back down upon my shoulder and used her hands to tuck
my soft cock back into my pants, fumbling with the unfamiliar zipper
of my jeans.

I put an arm about her shoulder after she was finished and relaxed
with her - when she asked gently, embarrassed, "Can I be your good
little girl darling?"


Sunday supper started a little earlier this week, when, in my fathers
car, I was sitting outside grandmas house when she got back from

Her smile was wide when she saw me. Then it slowly subsided as she
looked around, perhaps to see if anyone else had seen her happiness -
so rare was it that alone could be construed suspicious by anyone who
knew her.

I followed my grandmother into the house seconds later - yanking her
over to me after the door was closed. My lips found hers and my
tongue speared into her mouth aggressively.

Roughly I slipped my hand down and quickly pushed her skirt up and out
of the way, my hand soon cupping her warm panty and nylon covered

Her response was very positive, grandma melted into my arms, squatting
ever so slightly to give me room between her soft thighs.

I pulled away from her suddenly, her lips still open and moist from my

A foot before her I grunted, "Get naked."

Her first reaction was to look around the foyer to her home, at the
open windows and bright sunshine of the day streaming into her house.
Nothing could be seen outside, I knew, from our current position - and
knew she had to realize this too.

Already her hands were trembling, came up to fumble with the buttons
of her silk blouse. "What are you going to do with me today James?"

Her question surprised me, and angered me just a little as well - it
wasn't a slave's position to ask such a question. I smiled suddenly,
knowing she had much more training to do before she could be termed a
full 'slave'. So I ignored her question.

The blouse fell to the floor revealing this huge ugly white bra and I
grunted, "Get that thing off."

Her face red but still held a generous ounce of excitement when she
reached behind her back and unhooked the contraption. It suddenly
slipped past her shoulder and to the floor with ease revealing her
generous breasts to me for the first time. The nipples were wide,
aiming at a low angle toward the floor, and hard. Her breasts, as
white as the skin of her ass, hung low upon her chest and she looked
at me to gauge my reaction to this part of her.

She could have only seen my lust and anxious desire to see more.

The skirt fell quickly after revealing the ugly tan nylons and the
white wide panty beneath. "Get those off!" I pointed, as it did
little to heighten her attractiveness in my eyes. "I'll make you a
list later today, you have till next weekend to shop for more suitable

I thought she was about to argue but instead, "Yes darling."

My grandmother was naked directly before me, a little embarrassed at
such scrutiny of her ageing body but excited at the prospects.

"Now me." Her eyebrows rose in surprise and confusion. I was obvious
she had no idea where to start, "Take my clothing off."

A dangerous edge had crept into my voice, yet she ignored it. "Yes my
love, she quickly knelt before me." That was the first time she had
ever called me that!

Her hands fumbled and finally released my jeans, pushing them quickly
to my feet. Without bothering with underwear, she looked back up at
my half-mast cock. "Want to kiss him grandma?"

"Oh...!" Her head simply bobbed before me with anxious eagerness.

She leaned in and I suddenly grasped her well-made curly hair in my
hand to stop her descent, roughly. She looked up into my eyes in
confusion, "Are you my little girl grandma?" She nodded. "Tell me!"

"I am your little girl James."

"You better convince me more than that, or I'll get dressed and leave
right now."

"I am your good little girl James." Not good enough and I sighed
toward her slowly as if my patience was running out. Finally she
wiggled her hips suggestively, unconsciously, and gasped, "I am yours
my darling, I want to be your little girl... yours!"

This time I believed her.

I let go of her hair and her face dropped into my lap. My cock was
immediately engulfed in her hungry mouth. If it was my guess, I would
think grandma found something she liked better than her vibrator.

Her face bobbed up and down my prick for a long pleasurable amount of
time and I found that my dick was like rock when I roughly pushed her
from me. Her large eyes looking up into my own and waiting, they held
her energetic passion - and I knew she was a virgin in this type of

"Crawl on the floor to your room grandma. Wait for me on your bed."

"James...?" She looked hesitant.

I leaned over so that my nose was nearly touching hers, "I said crawl
to your room grandma?"

She saw my look.

Her head started to shake negatively, with fear. "James... anything
but we can't...!"

"...We can't what? Fuck?"

Her face paled but she nodded affirmatively. "Sure we can." I smiled
maliciously. "Didn't you know that your mine grandma?" Her eyes
became even wider and her mouth opened comically. "Your my little
girl to use however I wish... right now I wish to fuck your wet cunt!"
I was practically yelling in her face.

The profanity was carefully planned to keep her off balance but I had
guessed her defiance would eventually show itself. I actually thought
it would happen before she sucked me off - it was probably the
'incest' component of intercourse that she found so offensive.

Grandma was so old-fashioned.

"Will you suck me off grandma?" I had calmed my voice a little and
backed off a couple of inches.

She looked relieved, "Oh yes darling, yes James."

"And will you let me fuck your ass hole?" That stopped her


"I... we... I...?"

"Virgin back there grandma?" She simply nodded, fearful. I think we
both knew that she was cornered into giving up her anal cherry if only
to keep us from committing 'incest'. It wasn't my intention but
simply a fringe benefit of my obnoxious attitude this day.

"You will let me fuck your ass though, won't you grandma?"

Slowly, and looking like she couldn't breath, grandma barely nodded
her head positively.

I patted the top of her head and smiled reassuringly as if she was a
child, she only looked at me with fear.

"Say it grandma?" She just stared at me. "Ask me to fuck your ass or
I'm going to fuck that wet cunt right her on the carpet!" My voice
had risen again.

She swallowed slowly, "Do my bum James." She really did not sound

"Did you like when you sucked me the other day grandma?" Her eyes met
mine again, and she barely nodded, not sure where this line of
questioning was heading but surprised and probably pleased at the

"Now ask me properly grandma?"

Another swallow. "James... darling, please do my bum."

Well I have hand it to her, I actually think she wanted me to do her
'bum'. But I nodded negatively, "I'm not going to 'do' anything, I'm
going to 'fuck' not your 'bum' but your ass hole. Ask properly

She couldn't meet my eyes this time, her face bright red with
humiliation, "Please fuck my... ass hole James?"

"OK, much better grandma. Craw into the living room and kneel over
the footstool." It had been grandpas' favourite stool - I wonder if
she thought of that as I had.

She looked nervously at the open windows but began to crawl into the
living room. I followed directly behind her - knowing that if anyone
came up to her front door they would see a naked teenager and a naked
senior citizen soon to be coupling. Grandma knew it too.

My grandma pulled the leather foot stool from the corner and lay over
it, her stomach placed directly over it. It left her ass and
shoulders to either side of it. I came directly up behind her ass.

"You have a nice ass grandma." Not the first time I've said it - and
I meant it each time. Grandma had a large white ass, rounded
perfectly. Grandmother looked like a short skinny woman when viewed
from far away, but get her naked you could not help but notice the
large round ass as well as the generous sized breasts.

"Ask me again?" I knelt behind her, stoking my saliva-slick cock.

"Fuck my ass James."

I pried apart the cheeks of her ass and studied all that lay normally
hidden. Was I the first to view this woman from this angle? It would
be a safe bet to place.

I'm not sure why I did it, as it simply came upon me. I leaned in and
pressed my face between the valley of her rear cheeks and placed a
long wet lick directly over grandma's anal ring.

It suddenly clenched up and grandma groaned in surprise and pleasure.
"Oh!" Suddenly her hands came around and took a hold of her own flesh
to hold it apart. I kissed the wrinkled ring this time and she
sighed. Another lick and she panted.

Now my sexy naked grandma angled her ass out by arching her back
downwards and pulling forwards with her hands. Her wrinkled ass hole actually seemed to sigh and open ever so slightly - inviting me.

This time, when I leaned forwards and placed my face between the
cheeks of her bottom and slide my tongue directly into her ass hole.

A deep guttural groan escaped grandma's chest and her head whipped
about, as she also tightened her grip upon the skin of her ass,
bleaching it white.

I started to fuck her with my tongue, in and out, again and again. My
cheekbones pressed against the curve of her skin and my nose right at
her tail-bone. I was fucking my grandma, my tongue going where no
tongue has ever gone before. And do you want to know something - she
loved it! That was obvious.

Within a minute her body had broken out in a sweat and her breathing
had quickened exponentially. Another minute and gasps and sighs
randomly escaped her lips. And on the third minute of her anal
tongue-fuck grandma was begging to orgasm, swearing at me, praying to
god, hissing at me to 'pound her bum' harder, deeper!

It was a wild and exciting couple of minutes. And it couldn't last
much longer.

Before the fourth minute started, grandma began to wail out in a
anguish of pleasure. Her skin seemed to roll about randomly and she
was shoving her ass back so hard it actually hurt my neck. All that
time through her peak, I shoved and forced my tongue as far as it
could go within her.


I gulped at the air greedily and looked down at the delightful sight
that I had caused. Grandma was laying as if unconscious over that
firm leather stool, her hands forgotten on the carpet, her body sweaty
and quivering with exhaustion.

To my guess, grandma was going through a late-life sexual crisis - a
time when she was learning more about her sexuality than at any prior
period in her life before. To her reasoning she hated the things I
was doing to her, forcing her to do, but her body and her soul loved
it - needed it. Never again would she deny me her bottom, her mind
would be overwhelmed with the memories of her body and soul's

Kneeling back up I took myself in hand and sunk within her body.

It was as easy and as anti-climatic as that - I simply slipped my rock
hard dick into a overheated well of female sexual pleasure. Grandma
had to know where I was, but never lifted a finger, said a word or did
a thing.

Then I moved my hips, in and out. The large amount of her sexual
fluid was running out of her like a river, my lap and her thighs were
soaked. At each thrust, a gulp of air escaped and the echo of my
bawdy use of her was loud in that large room, her pleasure obvious.

One of my hands slipped down and easily slipped two digits into her
rectum before moving in and out of that part of her in time to my
thrusting cock.

Finally, a minute maybe two, she opened her eyes a crack to look at me
over her shoulder. It wasn't anger or disgust but happy pleasure I
saw therein. I pulled my two fingers from her ass hole and shoved
them into her mouth. Without a thought she sucked them fiercely. I
had to ripe them from her lips to return them to her bottom, well
lubricated with her spit.

Within a minute of opening her eyes grandma was already moving her
hips in time to my thrusts, trying to get more of me into her. Her
whole being was cunt now - and that cunt belonged to me.

I continued to shag her fiercely with determination and lust.

My free hand slipped beneath her sweaty torso to retrieve a full soft
breast. I tortured her nipples for the rest of that ride and the only
response was for her smile to widen.

When I realized that she would not be joining me on this journey to
the summit of my pleasure - I started to go wild. I fucked her
wildly, her elder soft body bouncing violent at each of my angry

She took all I have to give and more, attempting to watch her grandson
as he worked frantically to empty himself with her body. Her eyes
tried to watch my face, but my violent slamming into her made this
very difficult indeed.

Of course I did finish - and I did it deep within that incestuous
cavern of my own grandparent. She was slamming her ass back toward me
even as my seed flooded her depths. The side of her face, toward me,
was smiling hugely at my gift and both of us knew this was not a
one-off thing.

I slipped out and fell to my ass, my back against the couch behind me
- exhausted.

What a ride!

It was the sort of fuck that I missed with Georgia, passionate and
lust-filled, with the right amount of dominance, and with nothing
forbidden to me.

I supposed I had drove a truck past any previous boundaries I had with
my earlier slaves - rimming my grandma before fucking her has to be
the most incredible thing in my life.

A warm hungry mouth sucked in my half mast cock, and I looked down
into the eyes of my grandparent as she suckled and cleaned my soiled
dick. Her eyes said it all - she did this now simply because she
loved my prick within her mouth, upon her tongue. She wanted to
pleasure me, as the path to her sexual nirvana was through me.
Grandmother understood, I knew, what only a submissive woman could

I closed my eyes again and relaxed, wondered what was next - maybe to
bind her up and torture her body to multiple orgasms through the
night. Or maybe I should simply get her to mount her own dining room
table, the table my family ate Christmas dinner at, and use her dildo
upon herself. But I knew nothing was forbidden and I had time to
spare, this slut was not going to deny me anything at any time.

Already I felt a stirring of my cock, at the insistent and energetic
sucking of the senior citizen, and knew she felt it as well - she
moaned suddenly and started to accelerate her sucking.

Damn, this had been a wonderful conclusion to my seduction - turning
my prim and proper grandmother into my sex slave has to be the
greatest challenge in my life

I would soon learn, it would be my second greatest challenge!



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