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Title: My Single Greatest Challenge
Keywords: mF, inc, mom, son, mdom, nc, grandma, fF, daughter Author: Caesar

* Read: 'My Second Greatest Challenge' for the previous episode
My Single Greatest Challenge

by Caesar, copyright 2001-2002

$Revision: 1.3 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:26 $

It was a simple question but I felt my heart pounding in my chest and
froze with a stupid open-mouthed gaze.

Mom looked from grandmother, her mom, to me and back again.

My frozen stupidity only lasted a mere couple of seconds but it was
long enough for me to realize that mom knew something was wrong. For
two people to overreact to the simple question of, "What are you two
up too?"

I looked over to my grandmother and saw that her face was flush white
beneath her makeup, her eyes looking guiltily down toward her feet.
The submissive response that I've come to know and enjoy.

Mom had unexpectedly come over to her mothers place, to pick me up for
a family supper tonight. No big deal right?

Well, mom was no dummy - she saw the strange reaction we gave her at
her seemingly polite question - though she would never imagine her son
and her mother were fucking up a storm would she?

In fact, I was staying here at my grandmothers house more nights than
staying at home. My excuse was that I was getting busier at college and grandmother lived a few minutes walk from the campus. No one
would suspect a senior citizen to be living in complete submission of
her grandson - would they?

I rather enjoyed the last couple of months, a slave available at my
merest whim. And I used her expeditiously - and she loved every
second of it.

You see, grandma had the door to her sexuality opened by me - pleasure
and ecstasy were an unknown till I forced her to enjoy what I told her
too. She loved me, of course, but more than a grandparent, she loved
to pleasure me - because that was the path to her own pleasure.
Nether of us, any longer, cared that it was immoral, unethical and

Never before had our little relationship come so close to being public
as in that few seconds when mom saw our reaction to her question.


"Honey - why haven't you been dating anyone lately?"

It was weeks after mom picking me up at grandma's, but I was instantly
suspicious of her question. "Ah mom! It just wouldn't be the same
since Georgia left." Which was true - Georgia was my third slave and
I had been crazy in love with her.

She seemed to drop it, thankfully. "Are you going to be home this

I simply nodded 'no'.


Grandma knelt at my feet in the living room, she wore a towel wrapped
just below her armpits and had her head upon my naked thigh. Minutes
before we had coupled like animals and then showered together and I
knew my grandparent had enjoyed herself immensely, as she usually

I was absentmindedly stroking her hair and flipping through the
channels on the television when my slave gently commented, "Gail came
over today."

I forced myself to simply relax and continue flipping through the
channels, but my heart was racing and my mind raging. mom must have
visited while I was at school. "Oh?"

"I think she suspects something."

The blood must have drained from my face and I realized that I sat
frozen in that position. Now, I had never seriously thought about the
consequences of someone finding out about my relationship with my
grandmother, but it was starting to get serious. "Why do you think

Grandma lifted her head from my lap and shrugged, "She is just acting
strange. She commented how good I looked today and asked me if I
found a boyfriend."

It was true, fucking agreed with grandma - she looked ten years
younger in my opinion. The strangest thing, and what grandma never
voiced, was that her daughter, my mom, never normally enquired into
her mothers love life.

Finally she asked, "Do you think we should slow down a little

After a lengthy sigh, "Do you want to grandma?"

Immediately, "No."

"Neither do I." My cock twitched beneath my own towel, and I noticed
that grandma had quickly looked down at the jerking movement.

Then she continued, "I found what I have with you so late in my life
that I'll do anything not to jeopardize that." I wondered what
'anything' meant? "Please don't leave me James?" 'Leave' her meant
stop fucking her.

A tear was sliding down one cheek and lifted my hand to cup the side
of her face softly, "I have no plans on 'leaving you' my little girl."
'Little girl' was this verbal game we played.

She pressed the side of her face firmly into my hand and smiled up at
me. "I want you James." Meaning she wanted to fuck me.

I wanted her too.

"Come here grandma." She quickly shed her towel and crawled up upon
my lap - fishing beneath my own wrap, she found me hard and ready.

Her sex, as I have come to expect, was hot wet and ready as she sunk
down upon me.


I didn't mean too but I started to think about my mom finding out
about grandma and me. What I mean is that I became obsessed on the
topic of mom suspecting her son and his grandmother having
intercourse. I started to go to lengths to deceive her on my
whereabouts and actions. I spent time watching her while trying not
to be watched. I wanted to figure out what she knew and what she
would do with any knowledge if she knew about it.

It wasn't to great effect - I learnt next to nothing.

But something else happened, actually an idea.

You see, mentally I have been boasting to myself about how great a
challenge it was to get my grandmother to be my slave. It was the
greatest huddle a man could ever do, I imagined. Yet, there was
something, or rather someone, even a greater challenge was there not?

Mother was in her early forties and attractive, in her middle-aged
sort of way. I've never, and I mean ever, looked upon her with the
gaze that I've only started - as a sexual woman, a possible slave.

Now that, without a doubt, would be my single greatest challenge -
would it not?

I already have a slave, of course. One that I was partial too
actually - fucking grandma was fun and I did not want it to end.
Seducing my own parent, while it seemed impossible, had to be worth
the risk. If only for the immoral pleasure of mounting your own

Where grandma had a tiny thin frame, mom had a voluptuous tiny frame.
Grandma had average sized breasts, mom had these big mammeries that
seemed obnoxious on such a small woman. They actually made her look
fat, but I had known since a child, they it was all breasts instead of
fat. Grandma had a rather large round ass, mother had a round better
proportioned bottom. Grandma had a nest of wrinkles about her eyes
and lips, mom only had small barely-noticeable lines.

They were the same but different, one aged the other ancient.

Suddenly, after weeks of watching her and contemplating my options
toward getting 'caught', I suddenly found myself desiring my mother.

Could mom be a natural submissive as her mother was?

They certainly had a different background. Grandma grew up in a
strict poor household, where anything sexual was taboo and severely
extinguished. mom also grew up in a strict household, but closer to
middle-classed, and from what I gathered mom was kind of a tramp
before she met dad, rebelling in the values her parents attempted to
teach her.

Perhaps this was the one time to test another theory of mine out, if
being submissive lay in the genes. Could mother be as submissive to
her sexuality, to me, as grandmother is?


Mom picked me up at grandmas after work, as asked. I jumped in the
car and quickly leaned over to kiss her. In the process my hand
grasped the upper region of her slack-covered thigh and pressed my
lips against her cheek, near her mouth.

I sat back, just as quickly, and buckled myself in and pretended to be
looking away.

Mother sat frozen for several seconds before putting her BMW into
drive to speed away.

Out the corner of my eye I watched her.

She had to know; could she not smell it? Feel it upon her skin? Even
see the damp patch on her wool slacks?

You see, I had just come from between my grandmothers legs. Timing it
cautiously, I orally pleasured my grandparent to a generous orgasm -
meaning I had leisurely licked and fingered her hungry cunt and ass.
When I had placed my hand upon moms thigh, it was still dripping with
grandma's juices. When my lips pressed upon mom's cheek, near her
lips and just below her nose, I left a damp patch of her own mothers
sexual spend.

So out of it, after her orgasm, that grandma had no idea I had ran out
of her own dripping with her juices - not sure if she would have cared

Mom, on the other hand, was looking at me frequently, at my face and
at my hands. She was sniffing frequently and I saw her reach up to
wipe the juice from her cheek before sniffing her fingers deeply.

Her eye widened impossibly and I knew that my own mother now knew of
my incestuous relationship with my grandmother.


I never had a plan, so little did I know about my own mothers
sexuality, but I went on instinct and my own desire to win this

Mom received my blatant non-verbal message about her mother and me
rather well, considering the subject manner. I mean we didn't get
into an accident on the way home or anything.

Sometime that very evening she did come into my room looking like the
wrath of god.

"James what the hell is going on with you and your grandmother?"

Its almost comical if you watch someone who is trying to be quiet
while acting furious and non-shouting. mom looked like she was going
to pop a blood vassal.

"What do you mean mom?"

I could see that she wanted to slam the door but dare not, it closed
silently behind her. "Its wrong James and its disgusting! How could

"Your talking about grandma and me having sex aren't you?" I was
purposely being obtuse, throwing this into my mothers face. She was
libel to figure it out eventually regardless of my callus actions.

Hearing me say those words though, had an instant affect upon my
mother, and she stalled in her lashing out. Finally, after a full
minute to calm herself, she continued, "When did it start James?"

"Just after I fixed that shelf in her closet."

Mom looked disgusted, "The one I sent you to fix?" More accurately,
the one she nagged me to fix. Was she already blaming herself because
this started when I was nagged to do some handiwork around
grandmothers house.


"It has to stop, now, James." She looked firm but calmer - like this
was the the real purpose the middle of the night visit, and mom was
thankful to finally get it out.


That surprised her - that and how calmly I spoke it. She shook her
head and expanded upon her order, "You must James! Its wrong. Its
illegal. Its...!"


She stopped in her logical reasoning why a grandson does not have sex
with his grandparent, and nodded for me to ask my question. The look
of extreme displeasure and forced patience written upon her brow.

"I don't want you to say anything to grandma about what you know." It
was calmly spoken but obviously not a request - but an order.

I've never talked to my mom that way before and we both knew it.

Her mouth hung open for several seconds before she asked, "My god, you
can't be serious?"

"I am."

Her arms crossed over her chest, "Tell me why I shouldn't ask my own
mother why she is molesting my son?"

I couldn't help it, her choice of words seemed so inappropriate to my
relationship with grandma, that I broke out laughing. I quickly
regained control of my faculties, though I had angered mother even
more by me outburst. "Because if you do I'll have to spank you." My
heart actually fluttered when I said those words - and though I had
not intended on saying it, I had no regrets once the words were out.

It was, after all, my favourite form of punishment for one of my

My room suddenly seemed dark and cool, the silence now thicker than
the air. So much so, that neither of us could breath calmly.

"First thing tomorrow morning I'm going to go over to moms house and
confront her James. And you can do nothing about it."

This was it, the moment in our lives when we become adults. Most
certainly this could not be the way that the majority handle it.

My heart, pounding fast, allowed me to adjust from a compliant and
amused man to an angry, defencive one.

The thought that mother could hurt her mom, my grandmother, so lightly
made me furious. With barely contained rage I stood up from my bed.

Mom didn't look to sure of herself now, and I saw her peek behind her
at the closed door, probably sorry for closing it in retrospect. She
had to see my anger, feel the raw rage in my cluttered room almost
electrify the hairs upon our heads.

My hand reached out quickly and grasped the front of her robe, mom opened her mouth in fear even as I yanked her off her feet toward me.

I twisted and she landed among my messy bed, face down. A new energy
lay in the air, mothers fear of her son.

I jumped upon her, my knees straddling her waist so that I knelt upon
the bed, my hands twisting her head so that her face was exposed to
me. Just as her mouth opened, to scream was my guess, I clamped my
strong hand over it.

At that second I came to my senses and realized what I had done; knew
of the enormous shift to our lives by the actions I had went through.
There was only one option now, the only thing I could do in such a

Calmer now, I gently held my mother to my messy bed while I retrieved
one of my socks. Quickly, I removed my hand and then shoved the
soiled white cotton sock into her mouth.

I expected her to be flailing about, but mother just lay still upon my
bed, watching me over her shoulder with something like terror.

Sitting upon the edge of my bed, I then roughly dragged my tiny framed
mom over my lap. She didn't resist the whole time, strangely enough.
Then tore at her robe and satin nightgown up to her waist. Only then
did she attempted to roll away from me - a quick twist of her arm
behind her back stilled any remaining rebellion.

Mothers white ass seemed to shine in my dark room and I realized that
it wiggled delightfully as mother was undergoing violent shakes ever
few seconds.

The path was set and there was no turning away.

My hand came down with a deafening smack, her ass flattened and
reverberated wildly. mother suddenly straightened out her back and
screamed into my sock, already, visible in this dim light, a large red hand-print was appearing upon her skin.

Again my hand came down and again. She was jerking about my lap, not
so much to get away but as a response to the pain stimuli her bottom
was undergoing.

I have no clue how many times I struck my own parent - but when my arm
was too sore to lift and my hand throbbing in time to the red welts
upon moms ass, I stopped.

I simply lowered my knees and mother rolled off my lap to the carpeted
floor before me.

That next moment, several things happened. First I realized I had one
huge aching hard cock - mother had to have felt it against her hip,
there would be no mistaking the aggressive bulge in my cotton warm up
pants. Second I looked down toward my boner and saw a dark spot upon
the gray cotton pants, directly where mothers sex had hovered over.
Finally, mother curled up into a ball before me and sobbed silently.
Her eyes, though, watched me with something between awe and terror. I
reached over and pulled the sock from her mouth and her gown over her
still exposed ass.

My anger was gone - but I felt no regret for what I did. "Grandma is
happy, maybe for the first time in her life... and you want to destroy
that?" Mom's only answer was to sob loudly - staring at me with a
strange hard look.

"Get out mom."

She began to claw her way to the door, crying all the way.


Nothing happened - nothing. mom certainly did not talk with her
mother about me. In fact, she never said anything at all to me about
her midnight intrusion or the spanking she received. I did notice her
wince a few times when she moved or sat that week, but no one else
seemed too.

A week passed when I came up to mom in the kitchen, "Mom, can you
drive me to grandma's?"

She looked wearily toward me, knowing why I was going, but nodded her
reluctant acceptance anyway. Outside grandmothers home, I unbuckled
my seat-belt and just as I was opening the passenger side door I
instructed a humiliating demand, "Come back in ninety minutes mom -
I'll be finished with grandma then."

When I exited grandmothers home, mother was sitting in the running
car, waiting as instructed. I slipped into the passenger seat and
leaned over to kiss mom.

She turned her cheek away, guessing where my lips had recently been,
so that I moistened a point just below her ear with my cunt-wet lips.

"Lets go mom. What's for supper - grandma really worked up an
appetite in me?"

Mother simply looked horrified at me.


That was the way it went the next month, mother dropping me off or
picking me up at my slave's residence.

At some point soon after that first ride, I would begin to give mother some of the details of what I had done to her mom. Fuck, suck,
lick... mother heard me describe my actions with her mom, in great
detail. At first she appeared horrified and disgusted, but by the end
of the month she appeared to ignore me.

She asked me to stop of course, but I only laughed and told her, "I
would have thought you would want to know what makes grandma happy
mom?" That shut her up.

Was my mom a submissive like grandma?

Other than driving me to and from the slave's home, there was not much
evidence to go. I certainly had not pushed the boundaries, as I had
with grandma those first few weeks. Oh certainly I pushed the limits
of our prior relationship to new heights, but it was probably because
of mothers silence rather than any submissive quality I may or may not
have sensed.

I had to push her further, faster.

So, the next time mom and I drove home from grandma's, with me
reliving every sordid detail to mom, I slipped my hand over to her
lap. mom almost got in an accident as I slipped it beneath her long
woollen skirt, then tried to tear at my hand even as it found and
cupped the crotch of her cotton panties and her treasure beneath.

"Well, well. Looks like you enjoy hearing about grandma and me!" mom was indeed wet and warm between her legs - the cotton noticeably

"Please James... please!"

She drove up into our garage and put the car into park, my hand still
where I had initially placed it. mom turned toward me in her seat,
but said nothing - she looked rather sever though.

"Did you know that grandma loved to masturbate - used a vibrator too?"

After all the other details she had heard, mother never visually
responded to this piece of information but I thought I felt her sex
twitch beneath my hand.

"Do you masturbate often mom?"

"I'm getting out of this car right this minute James." She didn't
move and neither did my hand.

"Grandma's vibrator was white, what colour is yours mom?"

"This isn't right James and it has to stop."

I pulled my hand from beneath her skirt, "Your right mom." I brought
my hand to my face and laughed silently as mom watched me smell and
then taste her juices from my digits.

"Hum... not as strong as grandma's."

"God your disgusting...!" mom slammed the car after she got out.


That was the start of me openly fondling mother outside her panties or
pants - rubbing gently as I told her what I wanted to do with her
mother or what I had done. She never stopped me but she always acted
disgusted at my actions - her sex, though, lubricated quickly and
warmed my hand delightfully.

The chauffeured rides to grandmothers never stopped - my mother always
seemed available for that chore.

Grandmother noticed as well - and peering out of her closed curtains
at the running car before her home, she whispered as if her daughter could hear her, "Do you think she knows?"

I was seated, naked, upon the couch - attempting to catch my breath
from the rather delightful sexual escapade we had just completed.
"Yea, she knows."

Grandma turned her face toward me, her mouth open in horror - the
blood already drained from the skin of her cheeks. Her naked exposed
thin body seemed to shrink before me.

The clock in the corner chimed and I realized with a malicious grin
that mother had been waiting for her son for nearly a half hour.

My grandmother brought her hands up, rather ridicules knowing how
intimately I knew every inch of her person, to cover her breasts.

Even tired as I was I sat up and growled, "What did you expect? mom only wants you to be happy." Not really true - but I felt no guilt at
this little lie.

Stammering, "Really?"

I nodded. "Hell, I think she actually enjoys the thought of you and
I... together!"

Grandma's eyes got larger before she got up the nerve to ask, "Does
anyone else know?"


That seemed to revive her a little, and her breasts were again
exposed. Grandma peeked out the front window yet again, "Your mother was always the wild one of my kids." This was spoken mostly to
herself rather than to me.

"We both love you grandma." She turned her head in surprise at my
statement - the word 'love' used so rarely between us.

"I love you too." She used the word frequently between us, but this
time her statement seemed to bring tears of joy to her soft eyes.

I stood up, my strength rapidly returning, and looked around for my
hastily discarded clothing. "Good - from know on I'll tell mom she
can wait for me here rather than in the car."

Grandmothers eyes shot up in surprise, but she continued to look out
the window between a crack in the drawn curtains.


Mom was staring at a magazine when I descended the stairs and came
into the living room. She was attempting to ignore me.

I was only wearing my boxer shorts and carrying the remainder of my
clothing when I came before her and pulled the magazine from her her
hands. She looked up at me in surprise, not from my appearance but by
my actions, and I turned the magazine over and pushed it back into her

Mother turned red, the magazine had been upside down.

As I sat across from mom and pulled on my socks, grandmother finally
followed me into the living room. She was wearing a new silk bathrobe
that I had purchased as a gift for her some weeks before. The robe,
which stopped just above her knees, allowed her white stocking-clad
legs to be revealed.

My mom could not take her eyes from her mother as the elder matron
came into the room. "Can I get either of you something to drink
before you go?"

I was proud of grandma, she was trying very hard to be casual about
our little circle of knowledge. Its only been a week since learning
that our relationship was known to her daughter - and in that week I
had dominated her into accepting the inevitable. The clothes she was
wearing now was what I had ordered her to wear minutes before.

"No thanks grandma. Mom?"

Mother was open mouth looking at her parent in such a foreign garb -
and do you know why, the older woman looked good.

Finally mom nodded negatively, still staring.

Grandma was slowly turning red from the scrutiny of her daughter before her lover. It was obvious where we had just come from - what
we had been doing. Even if mother had not been waiting almost twenty
minutes and had to have heard her mother squeal in orgasm minutes
before - the situation was obvious.

Dressed I stood and cleared my throat to get mom's attention; "OK,
lets go mom." Grandma looked thankful that I was taking this awkward
situation out of her home. She would do what I ordered but she could
not silence decades of morality that went against nearly anything I
asked of her.

Mom went out the front door with me following, just inside the house I
turned and pulled grandmother to me suddenly. We kissed, my tongue
spearing into her mouth aggressively. I slipped my hand up between
the silk folds of her robe, pulling it wide apart, and fondled her
soft exposed average-sized breasts. Grandmother balked and froze at
my forwardness in such a public forum, her own daughter feet away, but
submissively did what I wished.

When I finally disengaged and turned I found mom standing a few feet
behind me with mouth open and eyes wide. Both ladies had red embarrassed faces as we parted company.

Grandma pulled closed her robe even as I was climbing into mom's BMW,
her daughter not able to stop staring at her.


Minutes later, after turning away from grandmothers street, I softly
ordered, "Spread your legs mom."

Turning to me slowly we shared a look before mother spread her knees
as far as the drivers seat would allow.

My hand slipped beneath her skirt, across her hot thigh and directly
over the crotch of her panties.

Mother never said a word and simply kept driving.

Cupping her sex, which was wet enough to soak the cotton brief, I
started to press into the top of the groove with the tips of two
fingers - rotating and grinding them as I knew grandmother loved.

In response, mother hissed and grasped but did not attempt to close
her legs.

The the remainder of our drive I spoke softly, lewdly in her ear as I
fondled her clitoris through her panties. "Like listening to your mom and son fuck don't you mom?" She never spoke a word. "Gets you hot
just listening to grandma scream in passion doesn't it?"

Mother barely got the car into our garage without hitting both the
edge of the wide door or putting it through the far wall. Yet as soon
as the BMW was out of drive she dropped her head back onto the neck
rest and allowed the orgasm to come.

Mother gasped, so much like her mother does, as the orgasm washed
through her body.

I slipped out of the car, knowing that I would not be missed for some
minutes - so out of reality had I left my own parent.


Mom knew I was boning grandma of course but she only started to
realize that it was something else, something more sinister about the
relationship. It was not a case of Spring - Winter passion, two
people, regardless of age, enjoying the passions of the other.

No, she started to realize that I was the dominant with grandmother.
With her too, she knew.

I openly fondled my grandparent before my mother now and grandma had
found a deviant joy in allowing her daughter to see her happiness. I
ordered my grandparent to wear some of the skimpiest clothing - sheer
lace often - parading her before mom's wide eyes. I would ask grandma
the lewdest questions regarding our intimacy and get a lewd answer
back - all within mothers range of hearing.

Between mother and I, I had withdrawn actually. After giving her the
orgasm in the car I rarely did more than pat her round sexy ass.

This forced mother to show her hand, to ask me if she could drive me
to my slave's home, asking me if the clothing she wore would be
acceptable and if it was anything but a skirt it never was. I would
succumb to some requests, letting her drive me to and from grandma's,
I would critique her clothing till she wore what I wished. But it
never went past that.

Mother wanted more but I never delivered - was it her submissive side
that drove her passions or only a middle-aged horny woman?

All this time Grandma was a happy woman - getting more and better cock
than any other period in her life. She worshipped me, bowed to my
phallus altar. Nothing I told her to do was denied.

Then, kneeling between her raised legs - my cock hard and immersed in
her sex, I told her, "I'm going to add mom to our fun grandma."

I felt her body almost chill - her sex seemed to freeze about my cock
and her passion died in seconds. Our eyes met and I saw hers tear up.

"Its that or our secret may get out."

She just stared at me.

Downstairs mother waited, frustrated but silent. I had found
something within her that she never knew existed - what was mirrored
in her parent. Grandma had a desperate desire within her - almost as
if she wanted to get as much of my cock for her pleasure before time
caught up with her. mother on the other hand, was in that early stage
of my domination - and I did not know what was laying within her soul
and unsure how right and wrong could possibly be accountable to her
forbidden passions.

I felt the need to reason with my slave, "You told me many times that
you would do anything to keep what we have?"

A tear rolled down her cheek.

"You have enjoyed these last couple of weeks, with mom seeing how much
of a slut you are?" Grandma, even after all this time, still hated to
be called a 'slut'.

Finally, she speaks, "That was different!"

"How is that different?"

She just swallowed loudly and turned her head away from me - suddenly
ashamed I would guess.

I pulled my hard cock from her body, a bawdy sucking sound echoing
through her room. I dressed slowly. "When you are ready to accept
mom... call me."

I stormed out of the room angry and a little frustrated.

It was supposed to go smoother than it had gone.


Mother was smug as she drove me home that afternoon from grandma's -
she had to have heard me slamming the door to her mothers bedroom, me
storming down to the living room. mom knew me better than any other
person, having raised me, and knew I was angry.

But her attitude, her pleasure with the way I stormed out of
grandmothers home was too much. Perhaps if I had not been frustrated
with my earlier actions with my grandparent - her juices drying upon
my dick even now - I would not have been as angry as I was.

"Turn down here." I pointed rudely.

Mother did as she was told but her pleasure and smugness quickly
disappeared, replaced with uncertainty.

I knew this road for years, gravel side road that lead down to a
little creek that some of the teenagers like to have bush parties at.
It was close to town but completely hidden from prying eyes.

Mom's expensive BMW was bouncing along the gravel and muddy road when
it came to a concrete block. She stopped the car, put it into park
and turned to me in a silent question.

"Turn the car off and get out."

She was starting to look scared now - good.

I simply came out of the car, around to meet her between the front of
the overpriced car and the cement block. I didn't hesitate or slow,
but grabbed the back of her neck and pressed her face down onto her
precious black hood of the fucking car.

Mom screamed out in surprise and I growled, "Shut the fuck up mom."

I pushed her further up onto the hood so that she was bent at the
waist with her full torso laying upon the slick clean polished
surface. She stayed laying upon it when I pulled my hands from her.

I ripped the blouse from her shoulders and nothing but a gasp escaped
her lips and her bare breasts pressed into the cool metal. She had
asked me what to wear hours before and I had not known then that my
orders would allow easier access to her person.

She never said a word or moved as I tore the skirt from her waist and
pushed it to her feet. Mother's breathing was fast and deep, her
chest heaving before me.

It was not supposed to be like this - practically rape.

Plain cotton white panties easily came from about her waist to hang
half ways to her knees - I noticed the crotch dark with her juices.

Her naked person was now open to me - mother unresisting.

There was no foreplay, no preliminaries to prepare her for what was
about to happen. The only thing that gave her forewarning was the
seemingly loud sound of my zipper descending.

Then I rammed it into her.

Mother screamed out, surprise or pain I knew not what, but immediately
quieted afterwards.

Grasping the back of her head of hair roughly and yanking her
backwards so that her face and even down to her breasts came up off
the car just as I started to drive in and out of her body.

It took some time for me to realize, or to care, that mother's sex was
wet - and I mean really wet. Hot too! It was like a river - and it
was something else that reminded me of grandma. And that rekindled my
anger and I pounded like a madman in and out of my parent. What else
was apparent, in that brief moment of clarity, was that mother was
pressing her ass back to meet my brutal thrusts.

Then my lust overtook my thoughts and I gasped and growled even as the
seed flooded into my parent.


Mother laying as I left her for several minutes, attempting to slow
her rapid breathing while ignoring the chill air upon her sweaty skin.
Finally she lifted her head to look at me over her shoulder where I
sat upon the cement block.

"Come here." The words came out raspy, as my throat was incredibly

Mother pealed herself from the hood of her car and upon quivering
knees took the two steps toward me. I yanked her down by her wrist
and she fell to her knees before me - eyes wide and
neutral... waiting.

My cock hung limply from my jeans and mother could not help but look
down at the organ that had brutally thrust into her body minutes
earlier. I grasped the back of her head and pulled her face down to
my lap - without a word or any resistance, she opened her mouth and
took my soiled dick between her lips.

"Suck me clean mom." Did she know that she was tasting her own
juices, mine and even her mothers upon me?

Where grandmother loved to have my cock in her mouth and tried very
hard to pleasure me, she was but a novice to the mouth that engulfed
me now. It made me think back to comments about my own mother being a
little wild when she was younger. How many dicks had she sucked off I

When I felt a twinge of muscle behind my balls - and knowing that the
delicious mouth that sucked me back from oblivion could bring new life
to this soft dick - I pushed mothers hungry mouth from me.

She moaned with the loss of her son's cock and whimpered even as her
eyes looked up into my own.

Mother patiently looked at me, waiting for my next command.


Grandma held out longer than I thought she could. Nearly ten days
without a word before the phone ran early before school one morning.

I've missed her to be honest - even with the addition of the new slave
into my life. mother did anything and everything I asked - enjoyed it
all, or at least I think she enjoyed it. I even told her about what
grandma and I had fought about - and she never even blinked when I
told her that she will be eating her mother's cunt if the old lady
gave me a call back. She simply nodded and accepted it all.

I listened calmly, a smile on my face, as grandmother simply asked if
I wanted to come over for lunch today. "What about mom?"

After a long pause and a sigh that carried across the digital pathways
of the phone grandma replied, "I will do anything you want darling."

"Tell me why I should come over grandma - I've been fucking mom for
over a week now." And she had a tighter cunt and a hungrier mouth,
but I did not think it the time to reveal that much information -
still what I did say humiliated the old woman enough.

Grandma gasped loudly, then tentatively asked, "Do you want to come

Did I?

Yes, I've thought of it quite a bit these last couple of days. And
what I thought was my greatest challenge to seduce my mother - whom
had been an easier conquest than grandma if you had not guessed - it
was actually to gave these two female relatives as my slaves. Not
simply to alternate fucking one or the other - but to actually have
both at the same time.

"And if I bring mom?"

Another pause, "I said I'll do anything you want and I meant it." She
sounded more committed now - good.

I know what it is - grandma truly loved being my slave, loved to fuck.
While mother appeared to enjoy fucking and being my slave, but overall
was a dead fuck. It was the incestuous and taboo nature of our
coupling that I found most attractive about mom and I. While
grandmother, though older and less secure about her sexuality, was
simply a better lay. It took more than a tight sex-box and a more
experienced mouth for me - it took a little soul and a true submissive

"Wear the white stockings", she always looked best in white stockings,
"and nothing else."

I hung up the phone before she could say a word.


Mother was a little sad as we entered into grandmothers home - she
knew what this meeting meant. She also knew that she had to share me
now with another woman - and I guessed there was a little jealously
already sparking within her. Had she hoped our private affair would
last forever - that I had left her parent for what lay between her own

I locked the door behind us, "Grandma?"

"Up here darling." In her room evidently - her voice sounded raspy
and nervous.


I had waited till late in the afternoon - knowing grandma had rushed
immediately after our phone conversation to prepare herself for me -
hours before. As she always did.

I grunted toward mom, still standing in the foyer, "Get your clothing
off - leave the stockings." mother looked toward me but said nothing,
as normal, and stripped down to her white stockings. She had worn
exactly as I had instructed.

I took her hand and lead her upstairs - there was no resistance but
neither was she following me willingly.

Grandmas door was closed and I pushed it open gently, inside it was
dark with the curtains drawn and the only light with half a dozen
candles strategically lit about the room.

Upon her wide bed laying seductively, as only a woman that enjoys and
knows her man can do, was my grandmother - wearing white silk
stockings and a small happy smile. "Hi?", she said husky. She was
ignoring her daughter who stood behind me.

"This is what you want?" She nodded affirmatively and the look in her
eye told me that it was true - grandmother had considered this
decision very well before calling me. She already looked as if she
was in heat.

I took a couple more steps into the room and dragged my naked mother with me - the two ladies looked at each other silently. Neither
looked very happy of this change to our relationships.

"Mother this is my slave," I nodded at grandma and she blushed enough
to see it even in this pale lit room, "and grandma this is my other
slave." mom swallowed loudly.

"You are both here willingly?" Grandma nodded first and then my
mother, both still looking at the other - their eyes now drifting down
to exposed flesh.

"Both of you will submit to anything I may wish?"

Grandma took her eyes from her daughter and looked at me with a fire
within them, "Yes darling - anything." I saw her hunger and it
surprised and excited me.

Mother simply nodded. Cold-fish, like I told you.

With the mental hurdle of the three of us being together behind her, I
think grandma actually felt excitement. In fact it was like
electricity and it caused my dick to harden in my pants and mother to
stare in surprise at her parent.

Grandma wanted to be a slave, to submit to me. It was so evident to
mother and I that we could feel grandma drawn to me like a magnet.
Mother started to look nervously between grandma and I, knowing that
her parent had something that she did not - something that I was
becoming, reluctantly, aware of.


Grandmothers kiss was full of submissive passion and hunger - she had
missed this, me, in the last week. My hand between her soft thighs
felt the molten river of her sex - her hunger.

When I released her I nodded to mother still standing just inside the
doorway. Grandma gave me a soft smile and strode over to her
daughter. I heard her whisper even as she leaned in, "Relax... this
is what he wants...!"

Mother and daughter kissed, softly and gently.

The kissed lasted a full minute, with grandma being the dominant and
mother simply following her lead. I saw tongues slipping in and out
between cracked seal of lips, and I saw saliva escape down both chins.

When the two ladies broke apart, I noticed that both sets of nipples
stood at attention, even as they turned toward me. My body was
trembling with desire - the sight of my grandmother and mother kissing
with nothing on but matching stockings was more than any fantasy I
have ever had.

They came toward me slowly, grandma wearing a small seductive knowing
smile as they came to either of my flanks. Two sets of moist lips
kissed my jaw, down to my neck, behind my ear and upon my brow. A
hand, I know not whom it belonged too, quickly unbuckled my belt while
another hand unzipped my pants. More hands behind me, one lifting my
shirt up and another pushing my pants past my buttocks.

My clothing was pulled and pushed quickly from my person and I was
left standing and quivering with desire. Grandma slipped to her knees
a mere second before mom and I watched with amazement and lust as both
mouths opened and took either side of my cock between them.

Their faces moved up and down the length of my cock, their lips
quickly coating my dick with abundant saliva. Soon mother took the
head of my dick into her mouth and started that delightful suction
that she did so well - while grandma leaned down and tilted her head
up so as to begin sucking on my balls.

God what a feeling.

Rather roughly, but none complained, I yanked mother off my dick and
replaced her with grandma. Grandmothers less experienced mouth had
more passion and feeling as she sucked my cock - she simply loved my
dick so much that she could spend hours sucking on it. I pushed mom down between my legs and thought she would suck my balls as grandma
had done earlier - but instead I was startled when the tip of a warm
wet tongue pressed against the muscle of my ass hole. mother started
to lick my bunghole, attempting to slip her snake of a tongue into my

It was certainly a new sensation - one that I initially disliked. But
the loving mouth sucking my cock and the persistent tongue pressing
into my ass hole - it started to feel really wild.

Soon I was gasping for breath and holding onto grandmothers head for
balance. I didn't want to come, not yet anyway. So I pushed grandma
gently from my dick and stepped away from mother. They both still
knelt there looking at me, both panting with hungry eyes and wet

Panting for breath I ordered, "Grandma... on the bed." She turned
about and crawled slowly to the middle of her wide bed. Then she
flipped over onto her back and looked down toward me, waiting. Her
eyes loving and trusting, not caring what came next - but knowing she
would enjoy it.

"Mom...!" I stared hard at my parent, communicating what I had warned
her would happen when this meeting occurred. She simply returned my
stare and swallowed several times before she slowly climbed to her

Grandma watched as her daughter moved slowly toward her - first coming
to the end of the bed and then slowly crawling up it - helping her by
spreading her feet wide apart. When she stole a quick look at me I
knew in that brief gaze that she truly desired this lesbian taboo -
that it filled her senses the same way as I felt when watching the two
ladies kiss passionately.

Mother moved slowly but did not hesitate, instead slipped between her
parents stocking clad legs and moved her face directly into the
junction they lead too. When grandmother gasped out in pleasure and
arched her back upwards, I knew mother had just slipped her expert
tongue into my grandmothers cunt.

"Oh my god!" Grandmother grasped at her daughters head and dug her
heels into the bed while lifting her knees. This allowed her to pull
my mom into her crotch while lifting and pressing her sex into the
face of her child.

What I witnessed for the next four minutes was debauchery like none
other - grandma rode her daughters face and did not hold back in
voicing her pleasure with screams and thrashing wild movements. Its a
wonder how mother never cracked her neck as grandma was forcing her
neck back and up.

I again wondered about mothers sexual escapades before marrying dad -
she appeared to have not aversion to a cunt, even her own mothers, and
I guessed her to have experience in pleasuring one.

That the eldest person in the room had an orgasm is not in doubt.
Hell, even her neighbours could have heard the screams of passion that
could not be contained within these walls.

When mom lifted her sloppy wet face from between the thighs of her
parent and looked over her shoulder to see if I was pleased with her
effort, I simply smiled lustily. Grandma lay like dead, panting and
gulping for breath while watching mother and I through slits in her
eyelids. It was as if she had never looked upon her own daughter before.

In fact, I doubt it not that she was seeing my mother as if for the
first time. I know I certainly was.


Mother and daughter knelt next to each other, thigh to thigh, hip to
hip, as I slammed my cock into grandma's super wet hot loose cunt.
She was gasping loudly while whipping her head back and forth.

Mom sat looking at her parent and then over her shoulder back at me as
I fucked into her mom's elder sexy body.

Suddenly, as I've done a handful of times in the last several minutes,
I yanked myself from my grandparents body and quickly shifted upon my
knees behind mom.

Though slightly tighter, I found mothers response much less
enthusiastic as I pounded into her voluptuous body. Certainly she
gasped and sighed, her body responding in all the right ways, but
compared to the loss of control her mother underwent, it was almost a
boring fuck.

Grandma seemed to realize my displeasure and leaned over to kissing
and lick at the side of her daughters face - wanting me to see this
lesbian incest between mother and daughter. Almost reluctantly, it
seemed, mom turned her head and the two began to, again, passionately

That increased my vigour as I fucked hard and fast in my mothers cunt.

My aim was getting better and I was getting faster, as I quickly
switched over to grandma's cunt.

"Oh god... fuck me lord...!" She shoved her tongue roughly into her
daughters mouth.

In contrast, grandma was obviously getting a more generous helping of
my dick - it was simple raw pleasure. She was a better fuck, in
nearly all regards.


Once you take out the incestuous taboo of fucking your mother, it was
almost a chore to continue to perform. mom may be younger than her
mom, had a different but sexier body, even had a tighter cunt - she
was no grandma!

I had been right of course, mother and daughter were both sluts at
heart - most probably pure submissive as well. Except, for grandma,
she truly enjoyed our time together while mom seemed to simply

Was that not submission?

The daughter stuck another finger into her mothers anus, the lubricant
generously coating all necessary surfaces. Three fingers - grandma
was starting to huff and puff already, just minutes after her last
orgasm. mom kept looking over her shoulder, at me stroking my own
cock, as if to see if she was doing OK.

Yea, mom was a submissive. But a brainless one. She almost reminded
me of Camile - my second girlfriend and slave. mom comes across in
sex as a dead fuck, an ox with a cunt. This much-anticipated three
way adventure was not nearly the heights of pleasure I'd hopped.

Grandma now, she was in a league of her own. Almost three times my
age, she comes across in her sexuality like a child. She entered into
my world with wide excited eyes, and her sex never failed to perform.
Only the once did she rebel against my rule, and that was when I told
her my mother was going to join us - I made a note to give grandma's
ass a good whipping in the days to come as a form of punishment. We
would both enjoy it, I was sure.

Grandma was the slave I've desired all my young years.

I shoved mom out of the way and leaned in, grandma's tight ass was
nearly too tight to take me, but I persisted. Grandma began to bite
at her own pillow as I shoved my erotic pole into her body - knowing
that my initial entry had to be painful - both of us knowing the
heights of pleasure soon to be coming.

Minutes later I felt my stomach press into grandma's raised buttock
and left it within to better prepare this part of her fuck what was to
come next.

I looked over at mom and saw her looking almost bored, "Get under her
and lick her cunt!" My voice was almost brutal, and I felt grandma
clench her anus in surprise, mother only jumped to comply to my
wishes. I wanted to hear the screams of pleasure from my grandparent.


"Why do you have to be so mean to her?"

I looked up from the lasagna that grandma had made me - "What do you

She gave me one of her maternal looks, something I was very familiar
with from my childhood. It held little patience, as if to say, don't
play that game with me young man.

Grandma was wearing a long tee-shirt and gray stockings, and sat
across the table from me eating from her own plate.

"She is your mother James." Grandma also had a displeased look about

It was like a flood-gate opening to my emotions and I sat back and
hissed, "She is a dead fuck grandma!" There, it was said!

I was spending more and more time over at grandmothers home, since
that first three-way with mom and grandma.

Grandma still had years of learnt morals and beliefs within her - she
could barely say the word 'fuck' and often winced when she did. "She
is your mother James." As if repeating the obvious would force me to
answer her original question - I simply stared at her dumbly.

She may be my mother and she willingly does all that I order, but I
found grandma more of a pleasure to be with. I took a deep breath and
calmed myself before asking, "What will you have me do with her

Grandma suddenly stood, taking her empty plate to the kitchen counter,
and I could not keep my eyes from slipping down to the half of her ass
that was exposed beneath the tee-shirt. When she turned back to the
table and me, she had a sad look. We both knew that with my forced
introduction for mother into our world, it could simply not return to
the way it was.

Strangely, I almost wished it could.

Before either of us could say a word the phone rang and grandma picked
it up, "Hello?"

Sighing she held it out to me, "Its your mom."

I stood and took it. "Yea?" My voice was starting to get that harsh
sound again while grandma stood just before me watching my eyes.

"Do you need me to pick you up?" She meant if I wanted her to come
over and join her mom and I in another repetition of our original

"No, grandma made supper and I thought I'd stay here tonight."

There was a lengthy silence before, "Tomorrow morning?"

I put a hand over the receiver and whispered to grandma, "She wants to
come over?" Grandma shrugged, it was my option or not.

Suddenly an idea came into my head and I whispered to grandma, "Do you
want to fuck her?"

She barely contained the wince from my bawdy words then shrugged
lightly. Grandma had greatly enjoyed that one time when mother and I
joined her in a three-way pleasure session, the sight of her body as
well as the echoed memories of her screams of pleasure still clear in
my mind.

I had to repeat, a little firmer this time, "I'll give her to you
tonight, my gift to you, anything you want... do you want me to tell
her to come over?"

Grandma's eyes had widened at my offer and though she never said a
word, it was obvious what she wanted.


"Yes honey?"

"Come on over tonight... in two hours." I looked to see if the timing
agreed with grandma, she was beaming with pleasure toward me.

Mother showed more pleasure at my instruction, over the fucking phone
as well, than she did when we were intimate. "Okay... James."


"Yes honey?"

"I'm giving you to grandma tonight... your my gift to her."

Again a short period of silence, and with a more neutral voice, one
that I was more familiar with, mom answered, "OK."


The noise of grandma's pleasure kept me awake till just after midnight
- strange and wonderful sounds coming from the end of the hallway, my
grandparents bedroom. Mostly from grandma, but sometimes screams of
pain from her daughter. If not for my double orgasm hours before with
my slave, I doubt I could have lain here knowing that there were
several available holes for me just down the hall.

Consciousness came slowly to me, the familiar but wonderful feeling of
my cock getting sucked. From the skill and the technique, I could
tell it was my mother. Then just when I thought to open my eyes,
grandmothers lips whispered into my ear - "Thank you my love." Her
lips kissed mine softly and tenderly.

Grandma lay down next to me and let her daughter wake me properly with
her mouth. I could smell the scent of sex emulating from her weary
body and felt the thrust of her crotch into my thigh.

We were an odd trio.


Mom lay upon her back, her shapely legs wrapped about my waist to lock
her ankles behind me, as I plowed in and out of her. It was Saturday
morning and dad was off golfing while the rest of my family had
disappeared to their various errands.

As grandma had begged me, I was giving my mother more of my special
attention. That her mom loved her, was without a doubt - lusted after
her as well if the truth be told.

Mom was squeezing her own breasts, after my grunt of an order, and had
her eyes closed. Her hips were moving slightly in time to my own,
shoving upwards to clash with mine lewdly. And other than the heaving
of her chest as she breathed fast and deeply, her excitement could
barely be seen.

I was doing this as a favour to grandma, knowing how appreciative my
slave can be. Fucking my mother only so future fucks with grandma
would be even better. Unlike mom, grandma never held back in
revealing her pleasure with me.

Strange isn't it - I look at grandma as my slave and my mother simply
as a horny middle-aged woman whom I give mercy fucks too or whom I use
as a reward to my slave?

I think my slave, my grandmother, understood - and perhaps even
agreed. But the old woman found perverse pleasure in her daughters
sexuality, pimping her grandson for her daughter, having that daughter lick her grandson's sticky spend from any of her own holes. The old lady was maniacal when it came to pleasuring herself at her daughters

Why did I not feel the same perversity at fucking my mom? Was it
because I was already screwing my mothers mother?

I felt some ripples along the length of my moving shaft and wondered,
not for the first time, if this was an orgasm mother was undergoing.
It was so difficult telling, as she barely moved otherwise.

My mom was not my slave, though I treated her as one as the need
arose, but more of my slave's slave. Grandmother laughed when I told
her that, and blushed deeply - then she began to buckle and fuck me
like a demoness. She would never agree that her daughter was her own
sex toy, only my own. Grandma insisted that I care for that toy as it
should be cared for - perhaps how she would if she had a cock.

I yanked from the near comatose body and sat back, mother opened her
eyes and silently waited for my next command, seeing my dripping hard
cock and knowing it was not over - I shoved her over onto her stomach
rather roughly. With a quick hard slap that left my hand print in red upon that round sexy ass, I yanked on her hips to bring her closer to

With expertise from much use, I aimed it and pressed slowly forwards.
With only her sweat and juices from her bubbling sex, I pressed into
her tight hot ass hole.

Mom grunted at the pressure and pain of it, but held her self steady,
her face hidden in my pillow. I wasn't worried about her pain, but my
own - knowing the danger of fucking a tight hole can be less than

Grandma had told me when we lay naked and spent after a vigorous ass
fuck that my mom loved any and all attention to her ass, just like her
dear old mother actually. When the two sluts got together, there was
usually at least one orgasm brought on by a tongue in someones rear.

I shoved into her, wanting to hear her pain or her pleasure - not even
caring which.

Unlike the games I played with grandma, it would be a waste of time
calling the old woman so she could hear me fucking her daughter - what
could she hear besides heavy breathing? No, I'll bring my soiled dick
to my grandma later today, mom driving of course, and let the old slave lick me clean - that was kinky, allowed me to show my slave
proof of her daughters defilement, and grandma loved it.

My own pleasure was approaching finally, this fuck session taking a
wildly long time. If I had fucked grandma this long, she would be in
her third orgasm by now - exhausted and begging me to finish. mom just knelt there on her knees with her shoulders and face in my pillow
- silent and submissive.

I once thought this, fucking and getting my own parent to submit to
me, was the height of potential pleasure - my single greatest
challenge. My malicious laughter suddenly broke out in my room, as I
considered what my greatest challenge truly was.

It could only be one thing, pretending to actually enjoy fucking my
own mother while my slave waited anxiously for the details.



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