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Title: My wife Cums Home.



WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do
not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE

(c) copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved

(MF, MF, MF, MF, Slut wife)


The original version of this story was one of the prime inspirations for
me to begin writing erotica. I first found it on a porn site that
specialized in pictures and videos, not stories (yep, I really am a dirty
old man). It was entitled 'Kim Cums Home' and did not include an author
credit. Later, I found the very same story on ASSTR, same character names,
etc., but with a different title, 'My Wife's Homecumming,' by Lingus (who
is no longer listed as an author on ASSTR). Anyway, I liked most of the
story, but felt it needed a few 'improvements.' I made the changes,
including the title, and now offer it for your enjoyment. Charley Ace.

The story:

"Now this is really depressing," my wife Kim said as she read her mail.

"What's that?" I asked.

"It's an announcement of my high school twentieth reunion in July. It's
hard to believe it's been that long," she said as she threw the packet in
the trash.

"I take it you don't want to go," I said in my typically observant

"You got that right. I haven't seen any of my classmates for at least
ten years. Why, I haven't even been back there for longer than that," she
continued. "They probably wouldn't even remember who I was and I would
hate to be embarrassed because I didn't recognize most of them."

Since I wasn't particularly excited about making a trip to some hick
town in the midwest during the hottest part of the summer, I wasn't about
to press the point. Still I did feel badly for Kim that she didn't have
the same great memories of high school that I had. I wouldn't miss my
reunions for anything.

The reunion seemed to have been forgotten until I came home from work
one night and found Kim involved in a phone conversation that went on for
nearly half an hour. That was quite unusual for her because she hates
talking on the phone.

When she finally hung up I asked her who she'd been talking to.

"Oh, that was Linda Thompson, or at least that's what her name used to
be. She's one of my high school classmates."

"What did she want and what were you two talking about for so long?" I
asked as my curiosity was aroused.

"She called to see if I was coming to the reunion. We just talked about
old times and who was where these days. I guess I got kinda carried away,"
Kim replied. "Actually it was fun hearing about everybody. I hadn't
thought much about them for so long that it's almost like they were really
part of a different life. Then when she called it all seemed like just
yesterday. Everything came back to me. It was pretty weird actually."

"Well, I assume you told her that you weren't going to the reunion," I

"Yes, I told her that when we started talking, but then after we'd
talked awhile, I told her I'd think about it and get back to her. Would
you mind terribly if we went?" Kim asked.

"No, I guess not," I replied. "You've gone to several of mine so I
guess I can tolerate one of yours. It's up to you, but we'd better make
plans soon so I can get a vacation request in if we decide to go. OK?"

"Thank you, sweetheart. I appreciate your understanding. I'll decide
by this weekend. I promise."

Before the weekend Kim had received two more calls from other classmates
who were anxious to have her come to the reunion. Between the three of
them Kim had become excited enough about the chance to renew old friendships that she decided to go.

We both put in our vacation requests and got our affairs in order so
that we could take a few days off to make the trip. The kids would stay
with Kim's sister who lived about fifty miles away. They were excited
about the chance to see their cousins so that was not a problem. Our next
door neighbors would watch our house and take in the newspapers and mail.

Whenever we talked about the reunion it was obvious that Kim was nervous
about it. "I wonder what Granville is like after all these years," she
said one night. "It's been so long since I've been back there. The last
time was just before the folks moved to Arizona and that's been almost
fifteen years now."

"Well, a lot of the small towns in that part of the country haven't
fared too well these last several years," I told her. "I'd be prepared for
some changes for the worse in that regard. Remember though that we're not
going there to see the sights. Let's focus on the people in your class.
Where did you put your high school yearbooks?"

"Hey. Good idea," Kim replied. "I think they're in the cedar chest in
the spare bedroom. I'll see if I can find them."

Kim found the yearbooks and we spent one Sunday afternoon looking
through them. She got a real kick out of it. She paged through the books
and made comments about the members of her class. We both had a good laugh
the first time we came across Kim's picture. She was as skinny as a rail
and her black hair was very straight and hung half way to her waist. "Wow,
have you ever changed!" I said. "I wouldn't have even recognized you."

I thought some of the girls in her class were pretty cute, but
considering how much Kim had changed since then, I didn't take much note of
them. She did point out Betty Hopkins who had been homecoming queen. "The
girls were all so jealous of her," Kim said. "I really didn't like her
much though. She thought she was hot stuff. I was one of several of the
girls in class that she wouldn't even talk to."

As we got to the sports section, Kim's comments about a couple of the
guys caught my attention.

"That's Tommy Wendell," she said. "He was the first guy to try to get
into my pants. That guy just wouldn't take no for an answer. He started
in on me when we were freshmen and he didn't quit until we graduated."

"Well, did he succeed?" I asked, my curiosity piqued.

"Heavens no," she replied with a laugh. "I think if he'd been
successful, he would have left me alone. He had a reputation of trying
with all the girls. I think he actually succeeded with some of them, but
that's hard to say. guys back then used to brag that they did it
regardless of the truth, and the girls certainly wouldn't admit it for fear
of getting a reputation. The only ones we could be sure of were the two
that got pregnant."

"You mean there were no virgin births in Granville?" I asked with a
laugh. "You know we had one of those in my high school. The girl insisted
that she'd never done it. At first she insisted that she wasn't really
pregnant, but she maintained she was a virgin even after the baby was born.
The strange thing was I think her parents believed her. All of us guys thought it was hilariously funny at the time, but I guess it was really
pretty sad. The girl was really pretty messed up, and I'm sure her baby
must have had it pretty tough."

"There's Bobby Kincaid," Kim said as she excitedly pointed at the
picture of a kid with long hair and a very bad complexion. "He was the
first real love of my life. Now looking at that awful picture I can't
imagine what I saw in him, but then I thought the sun rose and set on him.
He could do anything he wanted, well almost anything, with me. We had some
pretty hot times at the drive-in together."

"Exactly how much is 'almost anything,'" I asked as again my wife had
piqued my curiosity about her early romantic and sexual adventures.

"Well, we never went all the way, but we came close a few times. I
think if he'd have had the foresight to buy a rubber, I would have let him
do it. Unfortunately, he didn't, so we just played around with each other
using our hands. His cock was the first one that I ever saw, or played
with. I remember I was so impressed by how it got hard, and how big it
was. Boy, was I naive," Kim said with a laugh.

We completed the review of her yearbooks without any further comments
about romantic or sexual entanglements. "Are those two guys the only two
that ever tried to make it with you?" I asked.

"Yes, in high school anyway. I wasn't sexually active in high school.
That's a bad habit I didn't acquire until college. Even then everything
would have been OK if some upperclassman hadn't taken me to the homecoming
dance in my sophomore year, and then seduced me before he took me home.
I'd tell you more about that, but I think you already know about it since
you were there," my wife replied as she jabbed me with her elbow.

Kim has always maintained that I was the first and only man that she'd
slept with. I've always had suspicions about that because she seemed so
accomplished at some things, particularly fellatio. She also seemed to
know exactly what she wanted from me when we made love. Maybe she's just a
fast learner with a lot of natural ability, but I still wonder about that.

A week before we were due to leave, Kim began selecting her wardrobe for
the trip. Her anxiety was growing by the day as she anticipated seeing her
classmates for the first time in many years. "I look so much older," she
said apprehensively.

"Ahh, but you look so much better, too," I chimed in. "You will be the
envy of every woman there as all their husbands give you the eye." I meant
what I said because in the intervening years Kim's figure had filled out
somewhat. She was still quite slender, slinky might be a better
description. She doesn't have large breasts but her proportions look
perfect, at least in my book. A year or so ago she adopted a new hair
style. She now keeps it cut very short on the sides and back and the top
is almost like a long crew cut. It stands up but still is soft looking.
The effect is really striking. We rarely go out but what I notice guys giving her the once over. I always enjoy imagining the dirty thoughts that
are going through their minds.

"Denny, you old sweet-talker, you," Kim said as she gave me a kiss.
"Just for that why don't you pick out what I should wear to the big event."

"That's easy," I replied. "The red and black outfit would be perfect.
You know it's my favorite." I was referring to a skirt and blazer outfit
that I bought her for Valentine's Day. The fitted knee length skirt was
black and the tailored blazer was bright red. She wore it with a sheer
black blouse and black hose. With her dark hair and dark brown eyes, she
looked stunning in it.

"Good idea," she replied. "I like that outfit too, but maybe that's
because of the way you look at me when I wear it."

"I'm not the only one who looks at you that way," I said with a laugh.
"Every guy around looks at you that way and probably thinks the same

"Oh, those dirty men," Kim said with a giggle. "If you really think
they're doing that, doesn't that make you crazy?" She asked.

"Heavens no!" I replied emphatically. "I get a kick out of it. After
all, I know that I'm the lucky guy who gets to take you home and really do
what they can only fantasize about."

"Do you mean to say that you think other men fantasize about having sex
with me? Is that what you meant? I really doubt that," Kim said in

"I hate to disillusion you, my dear, but I know better. I've heard the
comments some of them have made, particularly if they don't know I'm your
husband. Even some of my friends have told me that if you weren't my wife they'd love to get you in the sack."

"Dennis, you're kidding. You mean other men make comments like that to
you about your wife? Doesn't that bother you?" Kim asked as she pondered
my remark. "I know I would sure be upset if I heard other women speculate
about what you'd be like in bed."

"Well, I don't think you need to worry much about that. First of all I
don't think women talk like that, at least not nearly as much as men do.
Furthermore, I can't think of very many of your female friends that would
interest me in that way."

"They better not!" Kim said firmly.

The next few days passed slowly. I had to reassure Kim frequently that
she wouldn't be the ugliest or oldest looking woman there. I found it hard
to do at times because I was absolutely certain that my wife would make the
other women there look like wallpaper. Conveying that perception in a
convincing fashion proved very hard to do nonetheless.

The reunion was to begin with a cocktail party and banquet on Friday
evening, and we planned to arrive early that afternoon. In fact the
reunion started early for us. As we were walking from our gate at the
airport to pick up the rental car which we would drive the last forty miles
to Granville, we heard a woman shouting, "Kim! Kim Jackson! Is that you,

Kim stopped in her tracks and looked around. She was startled to hear
her maiden name being called. "I wonder who that was? Whoever it was,
I'll bet they're looking for another Kim Jackson," she said as she started
walking again.

"Kim, please wait," the voice called again. This time it was much
closer. We paused and looked around again. Finally we spotted a woman as
she came running out of the crowd. As she ran, the armload of bags and
other paraphernalia that she'd been carrying came loose and scattered
across the terminal floor. Kim and I helped her gather up her stuff, still
without a clue as to whom this woman was.

"Oh, thanks Kim," the woman finally said as everything was reassembled.
Then she noticed Kim's look of bewilderment. "Oh, I'm sorry," she said.
"I guess we'd all better get used to this. I'm Connie Karnowski, Connie
Lynch actually back then."

Suddenly Kim's eyes lit up as she recognized her former lab partner from
senior biology class. "Gee, I'm sorry, Connie," she said. "I just knew
this was going to happen. That's why I didn't really want to come. I'm
afraid I'm not going to recognize anyone here. They'll all think I'm such
a snob and I don't mean to be."

"Oh, heavens Kim. Don't worry about it," Connie went on. "I only
thought I recognized you because of your hair. I've never known anyone
else with such black hair. The hair color looks like the only thing about
you that hasn't changed though. Kim you look terrific!"

"Gee, thanks Connie. You're looking pretty darn good yourself," Kim
said fibbing just a little. I didn't remember Connie's picture from the
yearbook, but she easily looked five years, or more, older than Kim, and
she had a tired look about her.

"Oh, Connie, I'd like for you to meet my husband Dennis, Dennis Drake."

"Hi, Dennis," Connie said as she extended her hand. "Gee, you're a
sweet guy to come to something like this. John, my husband, said he'd
rather spend a weekend visiting my mother than come to something like this
where all of the classmates are busy reminiscing while their spouses try to
make small talk for two days. Well, I took him up on his offer. Next
month we're going to go visit my mother. That'll fix him."

Kim and I both laughed. Connie was obviously a very outgoing person
with a good sense of humor. "If things get boring this weekend," I thought
to myself, "I can probably have a few laughs chatting with Connie."

Connie hadn't arranged for her transportation from the airport to
Granville so we invited her to come with us. We got our car and were on
our way. It was a laugh filled trip as Kim and Connie discussed some of
the foolishness that went on in their lab class.

As we checked into our room at the hotel where the reunion was being
held we ran into two more of Kim's classmates. Fortunately she spotted
them first and recognized them. They also remembered her and complimented
her on how great she looked. "Wait 'til you see her at the banquet," I
thought to myself.

We had some time to kill before it was time to get dressed so I was
prepared to just sit in the room and relax until I heard, "Dennis, did you
bring the toothpaste?" Of course I hadn't because I thought she had. This
meant I had to make a quick trip to the store. Kim went along in case she
might see something else she needed. We got the toothpaste and some cotton
balls at the local drug store, and then we spent some time driving around
Granville. We found the old drive-in root beer stand that Kim had fond
memories of.

A black cow and a chocolate malt later we left off down the country road
that Kim remembered as the route to the gravel pit where all of the kids
went to park and make out. We found the driveway to the place but it was
all barricaded up. Apparently the local authorities didn't want any
shenanigans going on there any more. "I wonder where they go now," Kim
said as she mourned the loss of one of the places that she apparently had
some fond memories of. "It's really a shame that they couldn't leave well
enough alone."

"You make it sound like this was really an important part of your life,"
I said jokingly.

"Well, it was, in a way, I guess. Remember my telling you about Bobby
Kincaid. Well, this is where he and I used to go. If we'd ever done it
this is where we would have done it," she explained. "I guess that sounded
pretty silly didn't it," she went on as she laughed at herself.

"It's time to head back and get ready for the party," I said looking at
my watch. "I'm anxious to get there and see everyone's reaction when they
see how great Kim Jackson Drake looks after twenty years."

"Thank you darling," Kim said as she gave me a kiss. "I appreciate your
support, but you know, I'm really nervous about it."

I watched with delighted interest as Kim got dressed for the party.
She'd brought a very sexy black lace camisole, matching bikini panties and
black thigh high stockings to wear under the black blouse and skirt. "Why
aren't you wearing a garter belt?" I asked. I'm a big garter belt fan.

"You can't wear a garter belt under a skirt that tight," she explained.
"The bumps of the garters would show. It just wouldn't look nice. I'll
wear a garter belt tomorrow for the tour and lunch. OK?"

"Sounds delicious to me," I replied. I didn't normally watch Kim dress
or even undress so I was thoroughly enjoying the wonderful sight of my sexy
wife in her very sexy underwear. "You know, it's almost too bad that all
of the guys can't see how sexy you look underneath that suit," I said as I
watched her put on her sheer black blouse.

"Yeah sure," Kim replied, "as though you'd really let them and as though
they really cared."

"Oh they'd care all right," I countered. "I'll bet there isn't a guy
there tonight that wouldn't give his eye teeth to see you just like this."

"Well, that's very interesting, but I guess they'll just have to keep
their eye teeth. Are my stockings straight?" The black thigh highs that
Kim was going to wear had a seam in them. I helped her straighten them and
grabbed a couple of feels of her private parts in the process.

"My, aren't we feeling frisky tonight," she said with a laugh.

I don't normally like to arrive late for anything, but tonight I really
hoped that there would be a lot of other people already at the cocktail
party when we arrived. Then I knew all the heads in the room would turn
when they saw Kim entering. All of the men would lustfully and jealously
stare as my sexy wife and I made our way across the room.

That's what I imagined and that's pretty much what happened. I would
guess there were fifty or more people in the room when we got there. When
Kim and I entered I noticed heads begin to turn. By the time we had
crossed the room to the bar, I felt fifty pairs of eyes on us. Kim seemed
very self-conscious as she sensed the stares too. "Did I forget to put
something on," she said. "What are they staring at?"

"They're staring at you, my sexy wife. They're staring at you because
you are the most spectacular sight in the room. I almost feel sorry for
those other men who are here with such ordinary looking wives."

"Cut it out," she said as she gave me a nudge. I was barely able to get
us our drinks before we were surrounded by her classmates. "Kim, it's
great to see you." "Kim, you look wonderful." "Kim, I hardly recognized
you," and so on. I suddenly felt in the way as the men and women she'd
gone to school with clamored for my wife's attention. I found an opening
in the crowd and sneaked through. There was a group of three or four guys standing over in the corner talking. I went to join them.

"Hi," one of the men said as he extended his hand. "I'm Jack Martins. I
take it you're a class spouse like the rest of us."

"That I am," I replied as I shook his hand. "I'm Dennis Drake." The
others in the circle introduced themselves as well.

"Is that your wife in the red jacket?" Jack asked as he looked over at
the crowd around Kim.

"Yes, it sure is," I said proudly.

"She's some fine looking woman," he said as he continued to look over at
my wife. Then I noticed him shake his head before finally returning his
attention to our group.

The other men and I spent the next forty-five minutes making small talk
about where we were from, what we did for a living, our hobbies, our kids,
etc. It was pleasant enough so I wasn't getting bored but my real
attention was watching Kim as she engaged in conversations with various
people around the room. First her conversations were mostly with women,
but then I noticed that she chatted with a series of guys. I wondered if
any of them were the "Tommy" or "Bobby" that she'd pointed out in the
yearbook. I really couldn't tell.

"Who's that good looking babe over there?" A new member of our group
asked as he pointed at Kim.

"Oh, that's Dennis' wife," one of the others replied. "She's really
pretty nice, huh?"

I found it hard to keep a straight face as I heard other men discuss my
wife. Perhaps it's because all of us in the group were strangers and
mostly from out of town, but I'd never been in a situation where such a
discussion went on so openly before. I loved it. It was almost as though
they didn't know I was there.

The cocktail party finally came to a close and we were all called into
the hotel ballroom for dinner. I finally found Kim and dragged her out of
conversation with another of her male classmates. We found our table and
sat down.

"How are you doing?" Kim asked. "I'm really sorry for abandoning you
like that. I guess I got carried away when I saw all of my old friends."

"Don't worry about it, sweetheart," I assured her. "This weekend is for
you. Enjoy your friends. Do anything you want. I won't mind."

"Thank you, darling, for being so understanding. Anything I want, huh?
Now that's an interesting thought. But seriously, I'm sure glad we came.
It's not nearly as traumatic as I thought it would be."

"For you, I'm sure it's not," I agreed. "The crowd was all dazzled when
they saw you. Even the husbands I was talking to wanted to know who the
good looking babe in the red jacket was."

"Dennis, please don't make fun. I'm nervous enough as it is."

"Kim, I'm not kidding. Almost every guy who walked in asked who you
were. Then I stood there and busted my buttons as one of the others would
tell them 'oh, that's Dennis' wife.' Believe me, sweetheart, you are the
star of the show, just like I knew you would be. By the way, have either
of your old boyfriends shown up?"

"Who? You mean Bobby? Yes, he's here. We chatted for awhile. Boy,
has he changed. You wouldn't recognize him now. Who else do you mean?"

"That Tommy guy who you said was always trying to get into your pants."

"Oh, yeah. He's here too. He's still trying too," Kim said as she
smiled and turned red. "I can't believe the guy. He started coming on to
me with two of my old girlfriends standing right there. When I looked
around at them for help, he said 'just ask them, Kim. I'm a treat that you
shouldn't deny yourself. They know.' Neither of the women denied it
either. I must say he's a lot better looking now than he was in high
school, too. Since he and both of the gals I was talking to still live
around here, maybe they're more recent conquests. I don't really think any
of the girls would let him near them in school."

"Holy shit! I guess it's just like old times then," I said.

"Yes, unfortunately so in some ways. By the way, who did you talk to?"
Kim asked.

I named as many as the men as I could remember.

"You were talking to Jack Martins?" She said in dismay. "Why did you do

"He was part of the group I ran into," I said. "Why? What's the
problem? He seems like a really nice guy."

"Well, he's Betty Hopkins husband. Remember her? She was homecoming
queen. The snooty one I told you about."

"Oh, yeah, I remember. Well, I didn't meet her. I just talked to her
husband, and like I said, he seemed pretty nice. He even said how great he
thought you looked."

"Oh, really? Now isn't that a switch. His wife did finally come up to
me and say 'hi' but I only think she did it because I seemed to be getting
all of the attention and no one was talking to her. Anyhow, she made some
catty remark about having taken some guy away from me in school. I didn't
understand who or what she was talking about, but she didn't wait around to
elaborate or answer questions. Boy, now there's a woman that has really
changed...physically that is."

"Oh, yeah. For the worse, I would guess," I conjectured.

"For sure. See her. She's sitting over there on the other side of the
third table over. That's her husband Jack on her left."

I found whom Kim was referring to and she was certainly right. It
looked like life had been too good to Betty, about fifty pounds too good.
As I watched she puffed on a cigarette and then coughed. She was no longer
a pretty sight.

The rest of the guests at our table found their way in and we all
introduced ourselves. Kim hadn't known any of them well in school so most
of the dinner conversation centered around identifying mutual friends and
acquaintances. I was glad when the 'brief program' got underway. That
meant that the dancing would start soon. Dignitaries were introduced and
two classmates who had come from homes overseas were recognized for their
long trip. There was a moment of silence for those classmates who were
known to be deceased and a very brief speech by the class president. At
long last the mistress of ceremonies announced that the DJ was open to
requests and would work until midnight.

Kim went to freshen up a bit before we danced one dance together. While
we stood on the dance floor waiting for the next dance to start a guy came
up and asked if he could dance with Kim. I only got to dance with my wife a few more times all night. After she'd been on the floor for several
songs, she finally came back to the table with some guy in tow.

"Honey, I'd like for you to meet Tom Wendell," she said. She winked at
me as she said, "remember, I pointed him out in the yearbook."

"Oh, yeah, sure," I replied as I remembered that he was the guy who
wouldn't take no for an answer. Kim and Tom went back out to the dance
floor while I wondered exactly where his moves on my wife might lead. I
was about to find out. A dance or two later Kim came back to the table
alone and sat down next to me.

"Sweetheart, did you really mean it when you said I could do anything
tonight. I mean did you mean..." then her voice trailed off. "Of course
you didn't. I've got no business even thinking about something so
foolish," she answered herself as she started to get up. I reached for her
arm and pulled her back down in her chair.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked, having had a strong suspicion.

"Welll, Tommy's still hitting on me, and I just wondered..."

"You mean you want to fuck him?" I asked as I feigned surprise.

"Y-yes, I just thought I'd find out if he was as good as advertised."

"You have some nerve, I really didn't mean you could fuck other men, but
if you do, do so knowing that you're giving me the green light as well."

"Oh no, I don't want you to do any other women." She paused for awhile,
and continued, "but I really need to find out if he's any good, can I?"

"Do so knowing that I might dip my wick into some strange stuff, too."

"Honey, please don't."

"OK, this is your reunion, but I'll feel free to do the same at my next

As a mischievous smile spread across her face, she said, "then could I
have the key to our room?"

I handed her the key and whispered, "there's only one thing. No wet
spot on my side of the bed. OK?"

My wife gave me a funny look before she smiled and said, "OK, I guess
that's fair. Thank you sweetheart. I'll be back as soon as possible."

I looked around and saw Tommy standing nearby with an
'I'm-about-to-get-the-best-piece-of-ass-of-my-life' grin on his face.

'Tonight's your lucky night, Tommy old boy,' I thought to myself.
'You're lucky you didn't succeed with her until now, because once you've
had Kim, no other woman will satisfy you.'

I don't remember a thing about the next forty-five minutes or so except
that my thoughts were filled with visions of my naked wife cavorting with
another man in our bed. I pictured his glee when he found that her pussy lips were shaved. I pictured his bliss as my wife's expert tongue washed
over the head of his hard cock. I pictured Kim's sigh as she felt her
pussy lips being forced open by only the second cock she'd known in her
whole life. I pictured their mutual passion as he filled my wife with a
load of his hot cum.

I was roused from my trance by someone tugging on my arm. "Honey, I'm
back," I heard a voice saying. "Are you all right?" She went on to ask.

"Huh?" I grunted as I suddenly came to. "Oh, hi. You back already?" I
said groggily.

"Yes, I'm back and I'm sorry that it took a little longer than I
expected, but are you OK?" Kim asked again.

"Sure, I'm fine. Did you have a good time?"

"Yes, it felt sort of strange at first doing something like that, but
once I got into it, it was fun. I hope you're not upset with me for it,"
my wife whispered in my ear.

"My turn will come. Does this look like I'm upset?" I said as I pointed
to my hard dick.

"It sure doesn't. I hope you save that thought for later tonight," Kim
concluded. "Do you mind if I dance some more?"

After several more dances Kim came back to the table as a DJ put on a
slow dance. She took my hand to pull me up to dance with her. "It's your
turn, mister," she said as she led me to an open spot on the floor.

"Dennis, I'm really sorry for leaving you alone so much. I feel kinda
guilty about that."

"Don't worry about it," I assured her again. "Actually I get a strange
sort of kick out of seeing the men get so excited about dancing with you."

"Some of them have been more excited that you think," she said. "I'm
surprised how often I've noticed lumps in guy's pants. Most of them are
pretty embarrassed about them too. I must admit they don't bother me
though. In fact, it's pretty flattering to know that I have that effect on

"Speaking of lumps," I responded, "did you have fun taking care of
Tommy's lump?"

"Yes, like I said, once I got over being nervous about it, we had fun.
Oh, and by the way, you'll be relieved to know that although there's a big
wet spot, it's all on my side of the bed."

"He came a lot?" I asked.

"He came twice," Kim replied. "I've never known a man to get hard again
so fast. Maybe that's part of his charm," she said with a laugh. "Anyway
I want you to know that he's not as good as what I'm used to. I guess I'm
spoiled, but at least I think I finally got me out of his system, and him
out of mine."

"Good, and as you can tell, hearing you talk about it gives me a lump
too." I pressed my hard cock against Kim as I pulled her too me. "I hope
you'll be up to taking care of that problem later."

"For sure," my wife replied, "but there is something I wanted to ask
you. Would you think I'm a slut if I said I wanted to do it one more time?"

"Bobby?" I asked.

"Um hmm," she replied. "He had a pretty big lump when we were dancing
and I mentioned to him that maybe tonight I'd like to finish what we
started more than twenty years ago. I thought the guy was going to have a
stroke right here on the dance floor, he got so excited. Would you mind if
I did him too?"

"Anything still goes," I replied as I felt my cock jerk at the thought.
"You still have the key."

"Yes, but this time we'll go to his room. His wife isn't here with him.
I thought about using our room again, but the bed definitely looks like
someone got laid in it, and I don't want Bobby to get the idea that I'm a
slut. Understand?"

"Yes, I agree," I said as the DJ changed the tempo. "Go have a good
time. I'll see you in a bit. I love you." We kissed before my wife left
to spend some time in bed with the second man she'd been with this evening.

This time Kim was gone for more than an hour. Most of the crowd had
already left for private parties, and the DJ had just called for the last
dance when she came back to the table. This time she was smiling but she
looked more like she'd just been up to something. Her makeup was smeared
and her skirt was badly wrinkled.

"Hi sweetheart," I greeted her. "I guess I don't have to ask if you had
a good time. It shows."

"Do I look really terrible?" Kim asked. "I did my best to get myself
back together, but my makeup is in our room and I was afraid that if I took
time to go touch up, the party would be over and you'd be here waiting by
yourself. Let's just go upstairs before I run into anyone. OK? I'm

"Oh, don't worry about it. I hope you had fun."

"Yes, it was a lot of fun. I'll tell you about it on the way to the
room," Kim said as we got up to leave.

As we walked into the lobby and took the elevator to our floor, Kim gave
me a blow-by-blow and stroke-by-stroke recount of her time with her old high school flame. "The reason I was gone so long and look like such a
mess is that we did it the first time in the back seat of his car, you
know, for old time's sake. He was even going to drive out to the gravel
pit until I told him it was closed off. We just stayed out in the parking
lot instead. It was really exciting. I thought Betty and Jack Martins
were going to see us because they walked by while we were doing it. I
don't think they did though."

"I'll bet Betty would really be pissed if she knew that you were
screwing the men in the class when they probably won't even give her the
time of day anymore," I said with a laugh. "That would be poetic justice,
I guess." My cock got hard again as I pictured my wife getting fucked in
the back seat of her old boyfriend's car, and possibly being seen doing it.

"After we'd done it once there, we came back in and went up to Bobby's
room. Then we did it again, twice. I don't know what caused it, but I've
never seen men get hard so often as those two did tonight."

"That's easy to explain," I replied. "It only happens to men who are
with an extremely sexy and attractive woman. You really got both of them
excited. Both men had a night with you that they'll never forget, but
neither one will ever have another one like it."

"Thanks sweetheart. You make the slutty way I've behaved tonight seem
almost noble. I'll just accept your gallant explanation. It makes me feel
a lot better about things."

The elevator door opened on our floor, and we practically ran down the
hall to our room. "I think you owe me this last dance," I said as we
closed the door to our room.

"You're right, sweet husband," she agreed as she knelt before me, took
my hard cock out of my pants and sucked it into her mouth. She stopped
just before I came, and we quickly undressed and hopped into bed.

I always eat Kim before we fuck, so I started to do so again. She tried
to stop me saying she was a mess 'down there' but I persisted. I admit I
felt some trepidation as my tongue first entered her messy, cum filled
slit, but I found the sensation of eating her after other men had fucked
her to be wildly erotic. The taste of cum mixed with Kim's own pussy juices was remarkably appealing as well.

I could have gone on for a long time loving my wife's cunt with my
tongue, but she pulled me away saying, "I need to be fucked. Denny, please
fuck me." I obliged her and was able to make her cum once before I shot her
full of one more load of hot cum. Within minutes Kim fell asleep. I laid
awake for quite awhile as visions of Kim and her two lovers of the night
bounced around in my head. It had been a landmark evening in our
relationship, and I wondered where tonight's breakthrough might lead.

The next morning Kim woke up with a case of morning-after guilt. It
took me a while to convince her that I wasn't upset with her about what had
happened last night. Finally, she felt better and was even able to laugh
about how silly it felt for a thirty-eight year old woman to be having sex
in the back seat of a car.

"If you'd told me before we left home that'd I be doing that, even with
my own husband, I'd have said you were nuts. It sure was fun though," my
wife finally admitted. "Next time I try it, I'm going to wear something
more comfortable than a tight skirt."

Since the weather was hot, and we would be outdoors part of the day, Kim
chose a bright multi-colored sun dress to wear for the day.

We were ready early enough to go down to the coffee shop for something
to eat before the day's events began. As luck would have it the first
person we ran into was Tommy Wendell. When he saw Kim he flashed a big
smile and offered a warm, "hi. How are you this morning?"

Kim tried to avoid eye contact with him. I finally answered for us
saying, "we're both fine, thanks." Then I said something that I thought was
rather funny, but Kim blushed a thousand shades of red. "How did you enjoy
the banquet and dance last night?" I asked.

"It was spectacular. I've never had such a wonderful time," he
answered. "How about you two?"

"We enjoyed it too," I replied. "I think Kim had a particularly good
time, didn't you, sweetheart?"

As soon as we sat down Kim said, "why did you have to say that? I'm so
embarrassed I could die."

"Kim, he knows that I know what you two did last night. He was standing
there watching as you asked me for the key. I saw the grin on his face as
he anticipated getting into my wife's pants. I think it would be rather
silly to act as if it hadn't happened, but I apologize if I upset you."

"I guess you're right," she said after a brief pause. "I did what I
did, so I have to live with it."

"Hey, it's my understanding that everyone involved, you, Tommy and I,
all enjoyed what happened. It will be one of the things about this reunion
that we'll all have fond memories of for years to come."

"Yeah, and the other special memory is that I got laid in the back seat
of a car. Is there something wrong with this picture?" Kim replied still
struggling with her virtue.

"It sounds like more fun than I've had at any of my reunions, and more
fun than most of the others have had at this one," I replied. "I mean it's
not like you're some promiscuous slut who does this sort of thing
regularly. These are very special circumstances which I think excuse doing
some unusual things."

"Look, Dennis, I admit I had a real good time last night. I guess I'm
still having a hard time accepting that what I did was really OK.

"Understand. Now let's eat our breakfast and get on with our day. I'm
not upset, AT ALL. In fact, I want to make it very clear that since the
reunion is still going on my permission to do 'absolutely anything' still
stands. You don't even need to ask about it if something comes up. I just
want you to tell me about it later though. OK?"

"I guess," Kim replied, still doubtful.

The agenda for the day was a tour of the new (sort of) school buildings,
a couple of sample classes in the science and computer departments and then
lunch in the cafeteria.

The tour was a rather loosely organized event with small groups going
from room to room at pretty much their own pace. In each room a member of
the staff or an upper class student would tell a little about what went on
in that room. Kim and I got separated frequently because she got involved
in many different conversations as our group circulated through the
complex. I usually knew generally where she was, but about an hour into the
tour I lost track of her. I didn't take much notice or worry about her
thinking she may have just slipped back into another group.

I was surprised when she came rushing up to me just as the tour was
ending, again with a big smile on her face and this time with what looked
like a pair of panties crumpled up in her right hand. It dawned on me what
had happened, but I didn't have a clue as to who it happened with.

"Hi darling," she said breathlessly. "Did I miss anything?"

"Not much," I replied. "Who was the lucky guy this time?" I asked with
a smile and a look at her hand.

"Well, you'll never guess," she replied. Kim didn't seem the least bit
concerned that I had figured out what she'd been doing. I liked that.

"You're right," I replied. "How about a hint?"

"Well," she began, obviously ignoring my comment, "Jack Martins saw
Bobby and me together last night. First he saw us as we left the hotel to
go to his car. Then he recognized my red blazer when he and Betty walked
past Bobby's car.

"'Kim,' he said, 'that sure looked like you two were having fun out
there in the parking lot. I sure would love to have some fun like that
too. I don't think you'd want a nice guy like Dennis to know what his wife was doing while he was cooling his heels in the ballroom, now would you?'"

"What did you say to him?" I asked.

"I said, 'well, Jack, as a matter of fact Dennis knows all about it so
don't worry about being burdened with some sensitive secret. I wouldn't
think of cheating on my husband and not telling him about it.' You should
have seen the look on his face. It was priceless. I got really mad at him
for trying to blackmail me into having sex with him. Then an evil thought
popped into my head. I had the perfect chance to get even with a classmate
for the rotten way she's always treated me, and to get even with Jack for
trying to blackmail me."

"I said, 'Jack, I won't do that sort of thing with a guy because he
tries to blackmail me into it, but I will do it if I think the guy is worth
fucking. Where would you like to do it?' His jaw hit the floor and I
thought for a minute he might have a heart attack from the shock, but he
recovered quickly. We took off for the gym because he remembered seeing
some wrestling mats there. That's were we did it."

She went on, "we got to the gym, I quickly took my panties off, pulled
my dress up, laid back on the mat and spread my legs. I told him, 'here it
is Jack, come and get it.' He pulled his pants down and was on me in a
flash. He came after only a few thrusts, got off and left me there
spread-eagled. I wiped his cum off as best I could with my panties and
came back here."

"Wow!" was all I could say. My cock sprang to life as I followed Kim's
account, and as we entered the room for our first sample class the bulge in
my pants must have been visible. I quickly found an empty seat and sat
down. I don't recall a thing about the class. I kept visualizing Kim's
encounter with the homecoming queen's husband.

I saw Kim looking around the room. Her eyes lit up as she located her
prey. She marched over to where Jack and Betty were standing and I bolted
out of my seat and followed.

"Hi Betty, Jack," Kim started, a leer on her face. "Jack, I have a
souvenir for you. You left a deposit with me a short time ago and since I
found your performance to be unworthy, I decided to return it," she stated
as she opened her cum-soaked panties up for Betty to see and stuffed them
into Jack's jacket pocket.

Jack's face turned fourteen shades of red, and Betty's astonished look
was probably every bit as priceless as Jack's had been earlier.

"Why you cheating bastard," Betty shouted as she hit him over the head
with her purse. He reacted by turning and heading for the nearest exit.
Betty took off after him shouting, calling him every cuss word in the book,
and then some.

Kim and I broke up, it was hilarious, by far the funniest thing we had
seen in ages. Kim got her revenge on the both of them, and then some.

Nothing more happened for the rest of the day. The official functions
of the reunion ended mid-afternoon on Saturday, but there as an informal
pizza party Saturday night, which many of us from out of town attended.
The Martins were conspicuously absent.

The next morning as we were packing and getting ready to leave, the
phone rang. A man's voice asked, "is Kim there?" I handed the phone to my

"Oh, hi Bob, we're getting ready to check out now but we plan to have
breakfast first. Actually our plane doesn't leave until after noon. Oh,
heavens, I don't know about doing that," she replied as her face turned
bright red. "Just a sec," she continued. Then she put her hand over the

"Sweetheart, Bobby wants to know if he and I could get together for a
bit before we leave. Would you mind? I know the reunion's over and all."

I smiled as I thought for a moment. "Go ahead," I acquiesced. "The
'anything goes' applies to the whole weekend as far as I'm concerned and
the weekend isn't over yet. When we get home we'd better talk about it
again though. OK?"

"You sure?" She asked. "I don't mind saying no. I've had my fling with
Bobby. I'll understand."

"If you'd like to go, go. It's up to you."

Well, my wife and Bobby spent another hour together while I checked out
and read the Sunday paper in the coffee shop. When she came in to get me
she was wearing a big smile again, but apparently she wasn't wearing part
of her normal apparel.

"Sweetheart, would you mind if I got in my suitcase?" she asked.

"No. Why?" I asked.

"I need another pair of panties," she replied as she blushed.


"I gave my other ones to Bobby as a souvenir, silly, huh?" I laughed.
"It's a good thing I brought extras, that's the second pair I've given
away," she laughed. I chuckled again, and went to get her suitcase.

I had a hard-on the entire flight home. Kim gave me even more detailed
accounts of each of her reunion unions. After that we talked about how we
each felt about her temporary freedom and decided two things.

First, although we both greatly enjoyed what happened, we don't want to
do anything like that at home. There are too many complications and risks

Second, we will make it a point at least once a year to get away where
we can do it. Next time we'll try it for a week, and it'll be my turn.

"I'm still not sure that I can handle the thought of you with another
woman, but I can't wait for my turn again," Kim said as we got off the

'I can't wait either,' I thought to myself with a smirk on my face.

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