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NANCY01 swallow all and the excess


NANCY (teen incest mf ff)

by Drifter

Our Innocent young Niece

Part 1 - The Arrival

It was early summer when I received the panic phone call from my
husband's older sister. Clair was quite upset, she went on at length
about how Nancy, her daughter and our favorite niece, had started
"behaving very strangely" lately and was "running around with a
worrisome crowd", at least in Clair's eyes. Nancy had been dressing
very "provocatively" and Clair had caught her openly masturbating on
several occasions. As I listened to her go on at length, it seemed to
me that Clair was a little hysterical, making a mountain out of a mole hill.
I thought it seemed perfectly normal for a 15 year old young woman to
enjoy masturbation, even on a regular basis. I was a year younger than
that when I started masturbating on a regular basis, plus doing a hell of
a lot more. But I kept my silence and just listened as she expressed her
"serious concern". Inside I was pleased that our skinny little sweetheart
of a niece had started to mature.

Then the reason for her call came out, Clair was wondering if Nancy
could come spend a few weeks with us, since "we had always had a
way with Nancy". Maybe a change of scenery would help, she opined. I
thought to myself, "t least no one here would give her a rough time
about doing something so natural as [laying with herself."

Jim, my randy husband, Clair's younger brother, was sitting at the
kitchen table watching me, wondering what Claire was saying. I told
Claire to hold on a moment and related all she had said quickly to Jim.
He agreed with me that it would be great to have Nancy spend some
time with us and Nancy was soon on her way.

If Clair had only known what was to transpire that summer she would
have been glad for Nancy to just play with herself. But who knew?

We hadn't seen Nancy in over a year and we were in for a delightful
surprise. When she got off the bus we realized she had turned from a
cute skinny little girl into this voluptuous young, sex pot. I was stunned
by the changes. The cute little girl was now an incredible looking, head
turner. Even in sloppy jeans and a t-shirt (it was clearly evident she wore
no bra) her young extraordinary figure was obvious and very appealing
to both Jim and I. (I had discovered the advantages of being bi-sexual
years earlier while still in college). Only her face appeared so beautifully

I got a kick out of the way Jim stared at her. If Clair had seen how
her brother enjoyed looking at his niece's big tits, bouncing and swaying
so nicely, she would have had a fit. If she could have read my mind she
would have panicked for sure.

As we rode back to the ranch I had a good idea what was going on
in my Jim's head. He was a sucker for teen age girls. Jim and I, from
the beginning of our relationship, had shared all of our sexual fantasies
with each other. He had told me about his favorite fantasy, which was
for this really beautiful, well built, sexy, and emotionally advanced
teenager to seduce him. He resists in the fantasy but ultimately gives in
and fucks the sexy teenager. While they are going at it hot and heavy, I
walk in on them but instead of being upset I join them in a really torrid

Now here in the flesh was Jim's fantasy girl. Jim and I had realized
a lot of our fantasies over the years. I have to say, Jim's fantasy was
one we both wanted to make happen.. Maybe our sweet Nancy's visit
was a golden opportunity.

It was late when we got back to the ranch. I helped Nancy unpack
her things and get settled a bit. Then, without comment, she stripped
out of her jeans and t-shirt, all that she had on, with no qualms and said,

"Aunt Liz, I hope you guys don't mind nudity. I really hate to wear
clothes when I don't have to. That was one of the things that drove my
folks up the wall."

She continued walking around the room completely nude for a few
moments. I enjoyed the views I had of this incredibly lush teenage body,
then she flopped on the bed. At that point I stood up and leaned over to
kiss her goodnight saying,

"Nancy my sweet love, when you are with Jim and I, you can just
relax and do what ever comes naturally for you. Don't get us arrested
but feel free to be yourself. Jim and I don't mind a little flesh. You may
catch us running around nude too. Although Jim's eyes will drop out
when he sees you nude. You have really developed into a sexy young filly."

She giggled softly and said, "Thanks Liz.... I knew I could count on
you and Jim to be cool. Do you really think Jim will be pleased at how I
have changed? How my body has developed?"

"Oh yes Nancy... he will be more than pleased.... much much more.
You have to remember that tho he is your uncle he is also a very virile
man. And all the men I know will react to this hot body of yours in a
very predictable way. Goodnight sweetheart tomorrow we will talk a lot
about you and your mom and us."

As I walked toward my bedroom to wait for Jim I was surprised at
how turned on I was. Nancy's young body was even more impressive
nude than I had previously thought. Her large melon-like breasts stood
out firmly. Her tiny waist nipped in and then flared out in full hips, add
incredibly rounded tight buttocks and a lovely fully haired pubic area.
Her long trim legs were just as perfect. I wondered, when Jim sees his
niece, like this, so delightfully nude, what might run through his head. I
knew what was running through mine. I left her door wide open, Jim
would be coming upstairs soon and he would drop in to say goodnight to
Nancy. I grinned to myself as I anticipated his reaction when he saw his
sexy niece so exposed.

She and Jim and I had always been very close. We were her
favorites and she ours. We had always treated her as an equal and she
loved it. Now I anticipated how the relationship might further develop.

I stripped and crawled into our bed waiting for Jim. I was already so
wet I was dripping. I knew we would be "busy" shortly after Jim came
from Nancy's room. Hell she turned me on. Jim would be hard and
ready I knew. It wasn't long until Jim joined me with this shit-eating grin
on his face. He looked at me and said, "Liz you won't believe this.
Nancy was completely fucking bare ass when I went in to say goodnight.
What a body that kid has.... she is one sexy young lady. When I walked
in and stood there dumb struck for a moment she just smiled and looked
up at me and seemed to enjoy the way I was staring at her big tits. I
stammered a goodnight and leaned over to kiss her cheek. Only Nancy
raised up and met my lips with hers in a soft but not so innocent kiss
that lasted a little bit too long. Then I hastily said goodnight and left the
room. I was afraid my hard on would show, I'm sure it did in fact."

I looked at my handsome rugged husband as he stripped his clothes
off and he was right. My favorite part of him stood out magnificently and
I went down on him enjoying the feel and taste of his huge hard cock in
my mouth. Then I glanced up in the mirror and saw our young Nancy
standing at the door peeking through the small opening. Well she was
going to get a great show. Jim soon came in my mouth and I couldn't
swallow it all and the excess ran down my chin onto my big tits. Jim
was still hard and in the next few moments he fucked my hot pussy from
several positions and then entered my ass. I was very verbal, partially
because that is how I am and partially for our "spectator". I moaned
loudly, telling him how good his fucking me felt. At least three times I
thought I heard Nancy gasp and moan as she came. I was sure she was
masturbating as she watched us.

Later as Jim and I lay there spent, I noticed Nancy was gone. Then
Jim and I quietly discussed all that had happened, including her
watching us fucking. I sighed and told my lover,

"I can't deny it Jim, I am more than a little turned on by our young charge. I want to eat her little pussy until she screams and then teach
her how to do it to me, maybe we ought to send her home tomorrow,
before it goes too far."

"I know what you mean Liz, she is the sexiest young thing I have
ever seen. Shit babe, when did this transformation take place? I had to
leave her room quickly earlier. All I could think of was spreading her
long trim legs and fucking her. She needs help. Clair will make a sexual
cripple out of her or else some punk kids will get her on drugs and gang
bang that young pussy. She needs some help developing in a healthy
way. We will have to be careful and help her through this (he had this
broad grin on his face). It is a tough job but someone has to do it."

I shivered "You are right darling but I just hope I can wait, at least
for a little while. And you, I know she is your fantasy come true. She is
so open about her body. It is the most natural thing in the world to her. I
will be amazed if we both don't fuck her before the week is out. And if it
happens I am not going to worry about it. Thinking about you fucking
her sweet pouty mouth, and her tight little hot pussy and that incredible
cute ass, is one hell of a turn on. I want to be around to watch it
happen. It will be good for her too. She will go wild I know. She is so

Jim smiled at me and replied, "I was sure you would be thinking
that way cause I sure was. She is hot and does seem so ready. We will
just have to relax and see what happens. I expect our sweet young niece will learn a lot this visit."

Neither of us dreamed just how much, how good a student she
would be. We fell asleep shortly, each of us vowing to be strong, but I
knew I was lying. I planned on exploring Nancy's sweet body fully at the
first opportunity. I expect Jim was too.

The next morning we let Nancy sleep in. As we walked past her
bedroom she was nude, spread out on top of the covers and she was
breathtaking to see. We both stood there and enjoyed the view for
several minutes before we moved on. She lay there spread open, so
vulnerable, so tempting. Her legs spread wide, her teen age pussy open, her inner labia open to our view so we could see into her inner
cunt so pink. Her Large tits with their quarter sized areola and large
nipples were begging to be kissed and sucked. I dropped my hand to
Jim's crotch and as I expected he was rock hard. I stroked his hard cock
through his pants and whispered in his ear, "Do you want to fuck her
as bad as I do?" He just nodded as he continued to stare at her naked
open beauty.

It wasn't long until Jim left in his pickup for the back pasture on our
ranch. He wouldn't be back until mid afternoon. I felt a little disloyal but
I was glad to have Nancy alone. I cleaned up the kitchen and headed
for Nancy's bedroom.

As I walked in she was awake and sitting up in the middle of the
bed. She looked up at me sleepily, sexily in bed and I sat beside her.
As I looked at her now I wasn't sure who this strangely beautiful young woman was. I was strongly affected by her enormous sex appeal. I
found myself wanting to touch her peach smooth complexion. As I
looked at her perfect cupid's bow lips, full and pouting I found myself
wanting to kiss her. Nothing was hidden as she sat there on top of the
covers. Her long legs stretched out, slightly spread, her dark nipples,
her dark pubic hair all on perfect display.

I moved closer sitting beside Nancy and she leaned over and slid
her arms around my neck and hugged me to her as she said, "Aunt
Liz, I am so glad to be here. I am sorry Uncle Jim left so early. I wanted
to talk to both of you about my problems. So much has happened, so
many changes. mom and Dad are going ape over it all. I think they can't
handle my growing up. Ever since my body started developing they
have been acting so weird."

She had relaxed the hug but her arms were still around my neck
loosely. My arm was around her waist and I couldn't resist stroking her
bare skin lightly. Her side, her waist, over her cute ass, I just let my
fingers trail over her soft smooth flesh. I was getting hot as hell and had
to fight to keep from taking one of her hard nipples in my mouth. . As
she talked our nipples brushed lightly. I never wore a bra and the thin
robe I had slipped into was no shield. Though I tried, I couldn't help it, I
was getting turned on so much and I felt my nipples harden and my
pussy getting wet. I glanced down at Nancy's nipples and they were as
enlarged and rigid as mine.

end part 1


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