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NANCY05 movie uncles house this



NANCY (teen incest mf ff)

by Drifter

Our Innocent young Niece

5 - The old Homestead

Two weeks later Clair called and Jim and I both were on the phone as she

"You two performed some kind of a minor miracle. Nancy has stopped
misbehaving, her grades are excellent. She is the manager for the high
school basketball team, she has a part time job two days a week, and she is
dating several of the nicest boys in town. She is a pleasure to be with.
She always has this positive glow about her. Getting her into horseback
riding was a brilliant move. She is a very happy, satisfied young woman."

I thanked her for her kind words and said,

"It is amazing how happy we women are when we are well satisfied in our

Clair agreed and said, "Nancy said you guys said it was OK for her to
come up anytime. She seems very eager to get back up there to ride."

I replied, "Send her up any time. There is a big stallion and a mare
she likes to ride up here so please send her up anytime. I even think the
horses are missing her. She did take great care of them while she was

Then Nancy came on the phone. We chatted innocently for a moment then
Nancy said,

"OK they finally left the house. I gotta tell you two, I have been
having a ball. mom and Dad are convinced I am perfect but if they only
knew. Well Sue and I are together every day. I love the way she eats my
pussy. And I am dating these four guys now in high school and fucking all
four of them. Each of them think they are the only guy who ever fucked me.
Coy and I are eating each other regularly as well as she and I both fuck
her boy friend in a threesome. I got a job with your friend and we fuck
every time I go by there.

It was especially fun the way it started with the guys in high school. I
picked up with a fairly quiet guy first that Dad likes a lot. We dated and
he held my hand and kissed me goodnight. I wanted to go down on him so bad
that first night on the porch but I waited. After a few dates we went
parking out at the lake. After some hot necking where he was french
kissing me pretty good. I was hot as hell and dying to fuck. I asked him
if he ever had a girl. He replied in a bit of a huff that he sure had,
several. I told him I was a virgin but that I was real curious about sex.
That I planned on "doing it" before I got married.

He was hot as hell and his cock stood up pretty good in his pants. He
kissed me and I felt his hands cup both of my big breasts. When I didn't
resist he broke the kiss and said,

"I love your breasts Nancy. boy are they big and nice. I love to play
with them, I hope it feels good to you too."

I smiled and told him it felt good. Particularly when he touched my
nipples. Then I felt his hand start under my sweater. I stopped him and

"Maybe I ought to take the sweater off. You might stretch it and then
Mom might wonder."

I slipped it over my head. Without waiting I unhooked my bra and
dropped it as his hands found my bare breasts. He kissed me and sucked on
my nipples and I was now really dying to have his cock in me.

He broke for a moment telling me how great I was and how much he enjoyed
my breasts. I laughed and kissed him and said,

"I love the way you play with them, Bobby."

He continued to play with them as he said,

"Nancy, my cock is so fucking hard"

He caught my hand and put it on his hard cock. I wrapped my fingers
around it and he was well equipped. Not like Jim or Dan, but OK. After
playing with him for awhile I said,

"Can I see it?"

He had it out in a flash. As I stroked him he moaned with pleasure.
After a moment I said,

"I saw this xxx-rated movie at my uncles house this summer. They did
everything. This girl sucked this guys cock and he fucked her vagina and
then in her backside. It was wild. He went down on her too. Some day I
think I want to do all of that."

He almost had a stroke but he said,

"Nancy I would love to do all that stuff too. I have done some of it.
Oral sex and straight fucking. It all sounds great to me too. I looked at
his cock and licked my lips hungrily. He picked up fast and caught my head
and pulled it down to his cock as he said,

"Here try giving head."

Then I gave him the blow job of his life. After I sucked him dry he

"Shit Nancy, I've never had it that good before, you are a natural."

I was sitting up with his cock still in my hand. I said,

"I loved doing it. It felt and tasted good. I think I am going to like

He smiled and said "Can I return the favor. girls tell me they love
being eaten and I like eating pussy a lot."

I slid my panties off and spread my legs as I lay back in the seat. He
ate me good, making me come several times. When he raised his head I
pulled him up on top of me and we kissed and talked. I felt his hard cock
pressing against my cunt. I wondered what was stopping him from putting it
in me. Then I said,

"Oh Bobby, you are a great teacher. I have loved all you have taught
me. I wonder what the rest of it feels like."

He was sweet and he said, "Nancy I am dying to fuck you. I want to be
the first guy in your cunt, are you ready for it now"

I sighed and answered, "I don't know Bobby, will you still like me if I
let you fuck me."

He swore he would and I spread my legs wider and said, "Put it in just a
little OK? I am dying to know what it feels like."

He raised up and I felt the head of his cock barely start in my steaming
cunt. I couldn't resist I pulled him hard into me, his cock sinking in to
the hilt. I came immediately. He was busy apologizing saying he must have
slipped, thinking he did it. I smiled and said,

"It's OK Bobby baby. It felt real good. Since you already fucked me
once maybe you could fuck me some more."

He was very good and I enjoyed it a lot. He lasted forever and I came
many times before he did. Since that night he has also fucked my ass,
which he thought was his idea. My folks think he is such a nice boy. So
do I. He is over the house a lot. In fact my parents talk about how they
don't worry when I am with him. They leave us alone at home a lot and we
fuck up a storm. Bobby has fucked me in every room in the house and in the
back yard and garage. I think the man next door suspects. I may have to
fuck him too.

The other high school guys were very similar. They all have nice cocks
and are getting better at using them as we practice it all. Liz one night
my folks were gone all night and I sneaked each of the four guys into the
house without the others knowing it. I went from room to room fucking all
of them over and over all night. Then I snuck them each out. I would
rather had all four of them at once but guess I'll have to wait on Bill and
Toby and Wayne.

Your friend I work for Jim, You had talked to him and when I showed up
he really looked me over. I think he thought you might be playing a trick
on him. He said you told him I would work well for him and would do
anything he wanted. I told him that was true. He couldn't keep his eyes
off my tits and then he said,

"Sweetheart, Jim intimated a lot of things that would be just too good
to be true."

I smiled at him and I couldn't resist blowing his mind so I said

"Tom, I just spent the summer with Liz and Jim. In that time my Uncle
Jim fucked me at least 100 times. He fucked my hot wet cunt until I cried
and came over and over. He fucked my eager mouth and came with more than I
could swallow. He fucked me in my ass hole over and over and I loved it.
He fucked me between my big tits, coming all over my face. He ate my young pussy til I screamed. He taught me to love sex in all forms. Is that what
he intimated Tom. Now that I am home I need someone to take Uncle Jim's
place. Would you like that job?"

He was smiling from ear to ear and his cock was hard. I locked the door
and in the next two hours we did it all and he was great. Thanks Uncle

The other night I had been thinking of how good more than one cock felt
in me at the same time. Tim is one of the guys I date regularly, one of
the four I fuck regularly. We have double dated with Coy and Jack some.
They would be fucking in the back seat while Tim and I were doing it in the
front seat. We have watched them quite a bit. I like watching too. Well
he has hinted that he would like to fuck Coy. Since I already am fucking
Coy and Jack I thought this would be a good way to get two great cocks in
me at the same time. A good beginning. Remember Tim thinks he is the only
guy I've ever fucked.

I talked to Jack and Coy and they thought it would be fun to "Let Tim
talk his way into a foursome." The guys picked us up this afternoon. Well
as we normally headed for the parking area as soon as it was dark. But
today we were out on this deserted road by the lake mid afternoon. As
usual we were all bareass quickly and engaged. This afternoon I was going
down on Tim. Coy and Jack stopped to watch.

I heard Coy encouraging me. When Tim came in my mouth I took it all
down and then let his cock go free. When I noticed the audience I
pretended to be embarrassed. Coy joined us in the back seat and
"comforted" me. I still had Tim's cock in my hand and Coy laughed and

"I notice you haven't turned loose of Tim's fine big cock."

I pretended to be even more embarrassed. Coy put her hand on top of
mine on Tim's cock and she said,

"Honey don't be embarrassed. Look I love to play with a guy's cock too.
Here move your hand and let me show you."

Now she began jacking Tim off slowly. I looked at Tim and smiled and

"Do you like Coy playing with your cock honey?"

Tim smiled and said, "It's great, wouldn't it be great if we all did it
together. I mean how would you like to mess around with Jack while Coy and
I did it."

I smiled, "You mean I should fuck Jack and you fuck Coy, we should
switch. Do you really want me to fuck another guy. I thought you wanted
to be the only guy to fuck me."

Coy was really pulling on his big hard cock and he said,

"Baby I think you would enjoy trying a new cock. I bet Jack is a great

Coy smiled and said, "He is great Nancy, you ought to try him"

Jack spoke up and said, "Hell Nancy, I would love to fuck a great body
like yours. I ve watched Tim fuck your ass and I would love to try it.
Hell I would love to try all your stuff."

Then I said, "It might be fun. I do like watching Coy play with your
cock Tim."

Coy smiled and said, "Watch this", and she went down on Tim.

Jack crawled across and I felt his familiar hands on my tits. He

"You are a great fucking actress, you even have me convinced."

Tim watched as I began to play with Jack's hard cock and he said,

"That's the way Nancy. Don't you want to fuck Jack?"

I replied, "It does sound hot. In that movie two guys fucked this girl at the same time. I kinda like that idea."

Tim smiled, "Sounds like fun doesn't it"

In only moments Coy was sitting on one side of the back seat and me the
other. Tim was between her spread legs fucking her mightily and Jack was
doing the same to me. Then I got on top of Jack and I heard Coy say,

"Now Tim, fuck Nancy's ass while Jack is in her cunt."

It was great, since then we have doubled like that some more. I am
planning a party next time the folks are gone with three couples. I want
every hole busy.


Well it seems like we have helped to create a greedy little sex fiend in
our Nancy.

I can hardly wait until she comes back to the ranch next time.

end part 5


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