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NANCY06 sucked him hard and fast bobbing


NANCY (teen incest mf ff)

by Drifter

Our Innocent young Niece

6 - Nancy Goes To college
Some months later when Jim came in from the fields I handed him this
letter from our Nancy. Nancy was now entrenched in college and this was our
first letter. She had spent the summer with us again and had left to go home
to get ready for her freshman year at college.

Our summer with our young Nancy had been fabulous. Nancy had
matured and had learned and practiced a lot more about sex. All of the old "connections" had been renewed this summer plus several of Nancy's young friends came to the ranch to visit her. When Coy came Nancy was quick to
get Jim to fuck her while she and I watched them. She also introduced Coy to
me sexually and to Dan our stallion.

Another time one of her high school dates came up, Tim, the one who
had fucked Coy and encouraged Nancy to fuck Jack. Well she helped Tim to
"seduce" me one day while Jim was away. We had great fun with that and Tim
left thinking he had cleverly seduced Nancy's sexy aunt.

Well I had already read Nancy's letter once and was delighted at how
well she had already settled in at college. Then Jim began to read her letter
aloud to me.

Dear Uncle Jim and Aunt Liz (and my lovely Dan)

Well I have been at state now for two months and all is great. I
checked in and was assigned this really gorgeous room mate with a great
body, very much like mine. As I looked her over I knew I was going to seduce
her soon. I wanted to taste her hot cunt as I looked at her that first time and I
wanted to have a wide open room mate so I wouldn't be limited in what I could
do. Well Joy, my new roomy, turned out better than even I expected but I will
tell you about that in a moment.

My folks brought me to school and got me settled in my room and then
they beat a hasty retreat. Later that day my room mate and her parents showed up and things got more interesting immediately. My room mate, Joy,
as I said earlier, was something but her parents reminded me of you two. In
fact her Dad was a real turn on for me. As I watched him bring Joy's stuff into
the room I couldn't help notice the large bulge in his trousers. Well this one
time that I was staring at the outline of his cock he noticed where I was
looking. He just stood there until I looked up at his face and he smiled and
winked at me. It was only fair that I look at him, he certainly had been looking
at my body.

Well I started helping them bring the stuff in and Mr Jones kept
accidentally brushing against me when we were alone. You know me, I tried
to accommodate him and soon we were flirting pretty openly when Joy and
her mom Jan were out of earshot. He told me what a great looking young woman I was and how my body was going to drive a lot of guys, especially
teachers, wild. I told him that would be fun, especially the teachers since I
liked older men a lot.

Well by the time we had everything in place Bob and I were great
friends and it was clear to me that he wanted to get a lot friendlier with me. I
felt that lovely hot flush in my loins that I always get when someone turns me
on and I wondered if it would be possible for Bob to arrange to get me alone
and fuck me before they left.

Well then we all went out for dinner. I sat next to Bob at the restaurant in
this booth with Joy and Jan across from us. Shortly after we sat down I felt his
leg move over against mine. I just looked over at him and smiled and returned
the pressure. As we all chatted about school it wasn't long until I felt his hand
on my bare leg below my short skirt. Again I smiled at him and I said that I
was glad to get to know my roomy's parents and that I wanted to get to know
them both a lot better. Bob squeezed my leg gently and moved higher a little.
I was eager to fuck this good looking man, no doubt about that, the fact that he
was my roomy's dad only added to it. The fact that we were now sitting there
chatting with his family while his hand explored my upper thigh and I
wondered how his cock would feel in me also added to the tension.

His hand was high on my inner thigh between my legs. I had allowed
my legs to open for his hand each time he mover higher. His hand was only
inches from my bare love nest and he knew I would let him do anything he
wanted. I never wore panties any more and I expected him to have his hand
on my cunt any moment but the food came and we all were hungry and began
to eat and I was sad when he pulled his hand free from my legs.

He looked at me and said softly so that only I could hear it, "I will be back
soon kitten."

I smiled and said, "Hurry"

I wasn't very hungry at the moment. I was hot and ready to fuck and food
wasn't of interest. I ate a little and then said,

"Excuse me folks I need to be alone for a moment. I am missing my
folks. I'll be on the terrace for a few minutes."

As soon as I was out of sight as I expected Bob got up to come
"console" me. Later I learned that Joy had suggested he follow me. I would
thank her later for that.

I was standing looking out at the water below the terrace. I heard his
foot steps and then I felt his hands on my waist. I also felt his body meet mine
with his half hard cock against my ass. I said nothing but sighed so he could
hear me. Soon his arms slid around my body and his hands slid up and
cupped my large breasts through the thin material. As he caressed them
nicely he said, "I have been dying to do this all day. Damn baby you have
fabulous breasts"

I moaned softly with pleasure as he expertly toyed with my nipples.
After a moment I said, "I know Bob, I loved the way you looked at me today.
Like you could eat me."

Just then he pinched both of my erect nipples pretty hard and I
gasped and sighed,

"Oh shit that feels great"

In a flash his hands dropped and returned under my blouse and now
were on my bare tits. I just moaned softly some more. His cock was raging
hard against my ass and I couldn't resist sliding my hand between us and
clutching it tightly.

He moaned as I played with him and he said,

"Baby love, I am dying To fuck you. Later tonight I will try to arrange for
an opportunity to do just that. I hope you aren't just teasing."

I pulled his hands free of my breasts and turned to face him, still holding
his cock in my hand. I kissed his lips briefly sending my tongue out to meet
his and I whispered,

"Tell me where you want to put this lovely cock"

I stroked him faster. He smiled and started playing with my tits again as
he said,

"Baby I want to put my cock in that lovely mouth of yours and have you
suck it until I come in your mouth, then I want to fuck those fabulous tits of
yours and come all over your face, then I want to fuck your hot little cunt until
you come and come and then I want to fuck your tight asshole."

I shivered with pleasure and smiled up at him and said, "Hmmm Daddy
Bob, that sounds good. I am going to pretend that you are my daddy and that
you are going to fuck your little girl a lot. I always wanted my daddy to fuck me
but he never did even though I teased him a lot."

He smiled and said, "I like that baby"

I knew he would, I bet he had wanted to fuck his own daughter for years.
Now I would be his daughter and fuck him. I couldn't resist any longer and I
unzipped his pants and slid my hand in around his hard cock and pulled it free.
We were quite secluded and I dropped to my knees and took his cock deep
into my mouth as I said,

"Hurry daddy Bob, I want you to come in my mouth now."

I sucked him hard and fast, bobbing my head on his cock rapidly As I
expected he let go his huge flood of cum in my mouth shortly. I sucked him
dry and put his limp cock away. As I stood up I kissed his lips again and
slipped my come covered tongue into his mouth. As before he sucked on it
and then I broke the kiss and said

"Hmm Daddy your come tastes good don't you think."

He chuckled and said,

"OK but I will prefer the taste of your cunt"

I smiled and said,

"Ohh I hope you taste it soon. We better get back now."

As we rejoined Joy and Jan it had only been twenty minutes. I
apologized to them and told them that I was pretty home sick and your dad
made me feel much better Joy. He let me cry on his shoulder and he gave me
just what I needed to not miss my folks so much.

Over dessert, we all chatted about stuff and then Jan and Bob and
Joy insisted that I send the night with them in their hotel rooms. I was quick to
accept looking forward to more action with Daddy Bob. As we chatted I felt
Bob's hand slide up my leg and rest on my wet love nest. As we ate our ice
cream he managed to find my clit with his finger and I almost jumped out of my
skin. I loved the idea that he was playing with my cunt with his wife and
daughter sitting so near to us.

Jan looked over at me quizzically and said, "Are you OK honey?"

I smiled and pressed my cunt harder against Bob's probing fingers
and said, "I am really fine. I just turned wrong I guess and sort of stimulated a
nerve." I was close to coming but I knew I couldn't explain away the scream
that I wanted to let loose in that room so I said, "I will be careful and not let it
happen again, at least not in public" Bob took the hint and pulled his hand

We left the restaurant shortly. We went by the room to get my
toothbrush and stuff and as I expected Bob escorted me in. As soon as we
were out of sight he turned me and kissed me hotly. Then he said,

"I loved the way you sucked my cock baby, as soon as we get in your
room I am going to eat your delicious hot cunt."

I led him to the room and locked the door. He picked me up and put me
on the bed, it happened to be Joy's bed, and he went down on me. He was
wonderful at eating pussy and soon I was coming over and over. After I had
come four or five times he stopped and got up and kissed me and then went in
and washed his face. When he returned I was ready and I kissed his lips and

"Daddy that was fabulous the way you ate your little girls cunt"

We laughed all the way to the car. At the hotel they had a two
bedroom suite with a living room. Each bedroom had two double beds. Jan
went directly into their bedroom and Joy hers. While we stood there alone Bob
was standing behind me and I reached back and started to stroke his cock. It
was hard instantly and he laughed and pulled away saying,

"Lets get you settled."

Jan had just returned and said,

"Nancy baby would you rather sleep out here on the couch or on one of
the beds in the bedrooms?"

I had just assumed I would sleep in the room with Joy and said so. So
Bob and Jan ushered me into that room. Bob left the two of us alone. Jan
had slipped her arm around my waist and pulled me close as she said,

"Sweetheart if you need a woman to talk to or maybe to just hold you,
call me."

I looked up at Jan and all of the sudden was swept up into the idea that
she was gently hitting on me. I turned facing her and hugged her as she was
hugging me and our bodies met in a full embrace. I don't know why but I had
this urge to deep kiss this hot looking woman and I said,

"I would love a goodnight kiss Jan"

She smiled and hugged me tighter and our lips met. I am sure she
only intended a light kiss but I opened my mouth and slid my tongue between
her parted lips. She stiffened immediately but then relaxed and her tongue
began to explore my mouth hotly. Fortunately Joy was in the bathroom and
Bob was putting on his pajamas so we were alone. After a few seconds of this
very hot kiss Jan broke it and looked around the room. Assured we were
alone she said softly,

"That was some kiss Nancy, do I get the feeling you like kissing other
women like that. I admit I enjoyed it my little love."

I smiled up at her and brushed her lips lightly with my tongue and said,

"I got this overpowering feeling when you put your arm around me that
you were bi-sexual like me. Are you?"

Jan smiled and I felt her hand drop lower on my ass as she said softly,

"Yes darling I am, I kept getting vibes from you all day that you loved
sex, from your looks at Bob and me, with both men and women. I loved the
way Bob lusted after you all day. It is OK baby, we are open about sex. As
soon as I saw you I knew he and I would both want to fuck you."

Just then Bob came in and looked at us and smiled. He walked over
and closed the bathroom door isolating Joy. He walked back over and joined
us. He kissed Jan hotly and then me. Then he said,

"Jan darling, I see you couldn't resist hitting on Nancy any longer."

I laughed and said, "Actually Bob I think I hit on her."

Bob replied, "Joy will be out here shortly, Nancy darling if you will
join Jan and I as soon as Joy is asleep I think we will have a enjoyable time

I smiled and could not resist reaching into his pajamas and pulling his
hard cock free. I stroked it and got this great rush from Jan watching me play
with her husbands cock. Then Joy came out of the bath room in these sheer
babydoll nighty that showed all of her charms clearly. She sat on the bed and
crossed her legs her hairy little cunt shining up at us and her small nipples on
those huge tits were also in clear view. Bob's back was to Joy and I laughed
and continued to stroke Bob's cock. Jan stepped closer helping to block the
view. As I squeezed his cock I whispered into his ear letting my tongue
explore it,

"Bob .... your daughter Joy is a sexual dream, how come you haven't
fucked her?"

end part 6


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