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NANCY07 sucked tongue for moment


NANCY (teen incest mf ff)

by Drifter

Our Innocent young Niece

7 - Ahhh incest

Bob stiffened and came all over the wall. I had hit a sensitive nerve. After
he got his cock back into his pj's he looked at me,

"It has been hard to leave her alone for Jan and I"

Bob kissed Joy goodnight. He stood there and looked at her full body
completely exposed and then left. Since it was just the three of us girls I
stripped nude and said,

"I sleep nude guys, OK?"

Joy looked my body over,

"Damn Nancy you are stacked, why not, no big deal."

I sat on the bed and posed myself so my cunt opened wide, pointing
right at Jan. She enjoyed the view and winked at me, running her tongue
slowly over her lips sexily. She stripped,

"It sounds nice sleeping nude I think I will too."

Her body was more mature than ours but she was really built. I could
hardly keep my hands off of both of them but particularly Jan since I knew I
soon would be eating her pussy while Bob watched us or fucked me.

Jan leaned over and kissed Joy goodnight and she leaned over and
french kissed me briefly as her finger found my cunt and slid in it for a second.
This was all shielded from Joy but I loved it and I whispered in her ear.

"I will join you two shortly"

When Jan had gone Joy patted the bed,

"Sit here with me Nancy, we need to get to know each other."

I sat down and our legs brushed against each others and then she lay
down propped up by one elbow. I did likewise. I felt her leg slide over the top
of mine,

"Nancy my folks like you a lot. I don't think I have seen the two of them
take to one of my friends like they have to you. That's good, they will expect
you to help watch out for me but forget it. I am a big girl and I have been
waiting a long time to get to college so I can do as I please."

I smiled, "Sounds good Joy"

She continued,

"We can really enjoy guys here, I love boys. I have gone steady since I
was 14 and developed these big boobs. The guys love to fool around with
them. I don't have to tell you that, your tits are as big as mine. In my
hometown if you go steady all the kids think you are putting out and it is true in
most cases so I put out. I loved it from the first time a guy touched my nipples.
Wow do I love it when a guy goes down on me ... and I love cock, I love to
suck cock and fuck cock. I hope I haven't shocked you but better you know
from the start. I plan on fucking my way through college, guys, teachers,
whatever comes my way"

I laughed softly, "Thank's Joy, I am glad you told me. I was worried a
little that you might be real innocent. The way you came in almost nude in
front of your Dad. I love sex too baby, every way imaginable. I think we will
get along fine. Maybe we can double date and bring the guys back to the
room and swap, or each of us take two guys at the same time, have you ever
done that?"

She smiled, "No but sounds good."

"You will love having one guy fuck your cunt while the other fucks your
ass or you blow him. Has anyone ever fucked you in the ass?"

Joy shyly, "No, I like to finger it myself but I was afraid it would hurt to

I smiled, "Baby your ass stretches just like your cunt does. Try it
you will love it. One time I had one guy fuck my cunt, another my ass and I
gave the another one a blow job. It was a real gas. I see you have a lot to
learn. Trust me I will help you to love all that plus a lot more."

I leaned over and kissed her sending out an invitation with my tongue.
She gently sucked my tongue for a moment and then darted hers out for me to
suck. When I broke the kiss she smiled and she was flushed and breathing
heavily as she said,

"That felt nice. I have never been kissed by another woman like that."

I got up and closed the door. I kissed her lips again and this time she
responded. I felt her body move against mine. As I broke the kiss I asked,

"Like that?"

She nodded, "Yes, shit I am hot as hell Nancy"

I cupped one of her full breasts and leaned down and sucked and licked
a nipple. She stiffened with pleasure and moaned softly,

"Fuck that feels great. I have heard about women fucking around and

I slipped my hand between hers legs. She quickly parted them for me
and I slid two fingers into her hot wet cunt. She sighed softly and when my
thumb found her clit she gasped loudly. We froze for a moment to see if her
folks would come in. When it was clear they weren't, I felt Joy hunching
against my hand, demanding more attention. I said,

"You said you liked it when a guy ate your cunt, now you are going to
see what it is like to have another female eat your cunt."

As I shifted on the bed she turned to help. Soon she was making little
whimpering noises as she said, "Oh yes"

She loved it and came over and over. One moment I slipped a
finger up her tight ass hole and she screamed into the pillow and collapsed.
She sat up slowly with this satisfied smile on her face and said, "My turn"
She returned the favor eagerly. Later as she drifted off to sleep she muttered
"Three cocks and Nancy's tongue"

When I heard her regular breathing and I walked to the other bedroom
to find Bob and Jan. As I walked in they were nude and Jan was spread
eagled on the bed as Bob ate her cunt. I watched for a moment then sat on
the bed. They welcomed me. I felt hands and tongues in my every cranny.
Bob fucked my mouth, my tits, my cunt and my ass as he had promised. Jan
ate me and I her, both of us coming many times. Finally we all collapsed
and as we lay there Jan said,

"Welcome to the family baby. I can't tell you how delighted we are to
meet you like this and have you for Joy's room mate."

I began to idly stroke her pussy,

"Thanks, my Aunt and Uncle introduced me to threesomes and more
and you guys were great. I look forward to frequent visits from you. But
aren't you a little concerned that I might introduce Joy into all of this sex,
threesomes, foursomes, girl sex?"

Bob smiled at Jan and she said,

"We hope you do baby. We think sex is the greatest thing ever and
want Joy to love it as much. We know she loves to fuck. We watched her
and her date several nights in our living room. We saw her date go down on
her and she loved it. She sucked his cock so expertly we knew she had lots
of experience at that too. They fucked on the floor and she was good at it all.
So we know she likes sex. She just needs a little broadening."

I laughed and shared with them how I had just introduced their
daughter to girl sex. How she had loved it. Bob said,

"I wish we could have watched the two of you."

The thought of them watching turned me on and I said,

"You can, let's go in there and I will wake Joy up for another mini-orgy
while you watch from the door."

They stood concealed as I slipped in bed beside a nude Joy. She
was sleeping soundly as I kissed her nipples and sucked on them. I began to
finger fuck her and she finally awoke saying,

"Oh fuck yes Nancy, I was dreaming about the taste of your cunt. And
she turned so we could 69. After we came I started playing with her clit and
then I told her to get on her knees. I began to eat her clit as I fingerfucked her
cunt and asshole simultaneously. She came over and over and soon I had
three fingers in her ass and I said,

"A guy could easily fuck your ass hole now baby"

She gasped and came saying

"Oh yes I want a cock up my ass."

Then she returned the favor for me and again she curled up in the bed
and fell sound asleep. In a moment I spoke to her loudly but she didn't stir.
Then I shook her hard and she continued to sleep deeply. I motioned for
Bob and Jan to come in and they did. The four of us were lounging on the
bed nude when Jan said,

"I loved watching you two. You were a hot fucking pair. It made me so
hot I came just watching my daughter eat your cunt Nancy"

She leaned over and kissed me hotly. As our tongues dueled Bob
began to caress my ready tits as he said,

"Yeah I can't believe how hot watching the two of you made me too"

I broke the kiss with Jan and kissed Bob. I caught Bob's big hard cock
in my one hand and the other found Jan's clit. Jan looked down at Joy
asleep on her back her legs sprawled open her great tits so near. Then both
Bob and Jan were looking at their lovely sexy daughter with loving lusting
eyes. As we sat there I said,

"Why haven't the two of you fucked Joy?"

Bob's cock jumped even larger in my hand and he said,

"I have wanted to many times. She is such a little sex pot like her
Mom. While I watched her dates fuck her I wanted it to be me. We have
talked about it but we were afraid it might screw her up fucking her parents."

I laughed and said,

"I would love it if my parents fucked me. I have teased them but
nothing. I still hope someday"

I leaned over Joy and said,

"Your baby is completely fucked out watch",

I cupped one of her large breasts in each hand and alternately sucked one nipple and then the other. Joy's nipples swelled and got hard again but
she slept soundly. Then I sat up and said,

"You do it Bob",

He looked at me and then Jan. After a second she said,

"Yes Bob do what Nancy did"

Bob lovingly caught a breast in each hand and he squeezed and
rolled them with obvious pleasure. Then he bent and sucked each swollen
nipple in turn. Joy writhed under him and moaned in her sleep but didn't
rouse. Then Bob sat up and Jan followed suit. As we watched Joy sleep
restlessly now sexually aroused I said,

"I think you both ought to fuck Joy now while she is asleep then it will be
easier when she is awake."

I reached down and spread the lips of Joy's wet cunt with my fingers
and then I bent over and kissed her clit sucking deeply. Joy stiffened and
raised her cunt to my mouth. Joy was mumbling in her sleep about me eating
her and the she mentioned several boys names who had been her lovers. Jan
could,'t resist and she pushed me out of her way and was sucking on Joy's clit.
Later Bob took his turn and as Bob ate her Joy stiffened and screamed in her
sleep and came wildly.

Bob sat up with this pleased look on his face. He had gotten his sexy
daughter to come with his tongue. Then I heard Jan say,

"Fuck her Bob, I want to watch you fuck our Joy."

Bob needed little encouragement and soon he kneeled between her
spread legs and slowly eased his very large cock deep into his daughters cunt.
He fucked her for a very long time and then they came together.

As Bob stood up his cock was amazingly still hard. In her sleep Joy
rolled over on her tummy now sexual satisfied by all three of us eating her and
her dad fucking her cunt thoroughly. I was getting envious of all the attention
Joy was getting. But things weren't complete yet, not in my mind. I started
sliding my finger up and down the crack of Joy's great ass and each time as I
crossed over her cunt I would wet my fingers and then at her asshole I would
press my finger in a little. She was still loose from when I had fingerfucked her
ass with three of my long fingers earlier. I began again fucking her ass with
three of my fingers.

I said to Jan, "Sweet Momma, help me get several of these pillows
under Joy so her ass will be up high so Bob can fuck her in the ass."

Jan shivered and soon we had Joy positioned her legs spread, her ass
elevated and Bob eagerly again kneeled between his daughters long trim legs
her cunt and ass hole nicely exposed and he eased his well lubricated cock
up his daughters tight ass hole slowly. As he had it all the way in we heard
Joy groan ,

"Oh yes, Nancy I love it"

Again Bob fucked her slowly and gently and his daughter came
regularly. Finally Bob came, his flood overflowing his daughters tender orifice.
Bob withdrew and Jan and I took turns licking Joys cunt and ass clean of the
overflow come. As we stood up to go back to the other bedroom I said,

"Well guys, are you glad you fucked your daughter"

They both eagerly agreed they loved doing it. Then Bob said,

"I wish she had been awake. Next time I fuck her I want her to tell me
she likes it, knowing it is me."

We went back and Jan and I were eager to get off so we did 69 as
Bob watched lazily, somewhat fucked out. I rejoined Joy and cuddled up
close I fell asleep. I awoke hours later as Joy was sucking on my nipples.

When I sat up she said,

"Wow I had this awesome dream last night.I dreamed that you and my
Mom and my Dad came in here nude and you and mom and Dad ate me and
Dad fucked my cunt and then my ass. It was a fabulous dream."

I looked at her and said,

"Do you like the idea? Would you like to fuck your Dad? Would you like
your mom to eat you the way I did last night?"

"That is a hot idea Nancy. I watched Dad fuck mom one night and I
wished it were me he was fucking. It would be something to do sex with your
Mom too. It would really be hot, yeah I would love it."

I crawled out of bed and took Joy's hand and led her behind me. In the
other bedroom Jan and Bob were nude and spread out on their backs. We
were standing over Jan and I said

"Wouldn't you like to eat her hot cunt the way you ate mine?"

Joy nodded and licked her lips then I led her over above her Dad's cock
and I said,

"Look at that. If you start to play with it and suck it it will get big and
hard. Do it now"

Joy knelt over him and soon had his awakening cock deep in her
mouth. It wasn't long and Bob awoke and realized his hot fucking daughter was sucking his cock. He smiled at me and said,

"Hi Baby ......I have wanted you to do that for a long time."

Joy pulled his cock out of her mouth to say,

"Oh Daddy I have dreamed of this since the first cock I sucked. I want
to do it all with you and Mom. I have for a long time. Nancy talked me into
being brave enough to try it. I hope mom wont be mad."

Jan was now propped up on one elbow and she said,

"Oh no baby I love it. I was enjoying watching you suck your Dad's
cock. Let's do it together" and they put their heads together and took turns
sucking Bob's big weapon and then they were both sucking it at the same time
from the side and they kissed each other passionately.

Bob came all over both of them and all three of us kissed and licked it
up. Without pause Jan and Joy did a lively 69 as I coaxed Bob to fuck me
once again. Before they left we told Joy all that had happened. She hugged
me and said simply,

"Thanks roomy"

As her folks got into their car to leave Jan said,

"Honey keep a dairy of all you do and so will we and we will compare
notes next time we are together."

end part 7


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