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NANCY08 lesbian bout for their and our


NANCY (teen incest mf ff)

by Drifter

Our Innocent young Niece

8. Life At college
The first week was a blur. Classes, books, finding my way around,
sizing up lots of the male coeds and teachers (and a few females). Joy and I
had mostly the same classes and we had been together almost constantly. Joy
was a toucher and was continually brushing against me or patting me. We
seemed to be nude in our room a lot and she liked to touch then even more it
seemed. I wanted to instigate things several times but something came up to
put it off.

Then at the end of the first week there was this big dance for we
freshman. Joy and I started to get ready and we showered together and then
back in our room we stood nude talking about what to wear.

Joy shivered and then said,

"Are we going to go to the dance and start looking for guys to double

I jumped up and said,

"Damn right, maybe we will get lucky the first night."

I slipped into a close fitting sweater that clearly showed my nipples and
a mini skirt with nothing else under them. Joy laughed and said,

"No panties or bra huh babe? OK so we use all the weapons right

She dressed almost identically. As we walked into the dance a number
of the guys looked us over appreciatively and soon we were both dancing
every dance. After a while I had found herself drawn to this great looking guy
who had danced with me several times. I liked the way he held me to him
tightly on the slow dances and the feel of his cock half hard against me. I
had to fight to not lead him outside to the bushes. Then I noticed Joy in a tight
clinch on the floor with this other great looking guy I had also danced with a
couple of times. As I watched briefly the guys hand dropped to her cute ass on
top of the mini skirt. I smiled to myself wondering how these two guys would
feel about a gang fuck later.

Then the band took a break and Joy and I and our partners Jere and
Ned met at the door and the four of us walked out on the balcony, down to the
end where it was pretty dark and isolated. After introductions were made we
chatted briefly and then to my delight I felt Ned's hands slide around my waist
and pull me to him tightly as we moved away from Joy and Jerre a few steps

"I think they want to be alone Nancy and I sure as hell would like to be
alone with you."

I smiled up at him and let my lush body mold itself against him as I said,

"My my Ned why ever would you want to be alone with me?"

As I raised my lips to meet his.

We kissed and I felt Ned's cock harden and press into me. I did
not pull away but sighed deeply at the feel of it pressing against my clit which
was now tingling delightfully. Then I felt his hands drop to my ass and pull my
loins tighter against his cock as he slowly began to hunch his cock up and
down my love nest thru the mini skirt and we continued to kiss even more

I moaned softly thru the kiss and spread my legs so I could feel his
cock more on my cunt. As I did Ned broke the kiss and said,

"Baby you are hot. You know I am dying to fuck you. I don't want
to waste time with some fucking little prick tease and I don't think you are."

I laughed throatily and answered,

"No baby I am not a tease"

I pulled my brief mini-skirt up and put his hands back on my
bare ass. As he squeezed and patted my bare ass I unzipped his pants and
pulled his hard cock free saying,

"If you have the balls to fuck me standing here I am yours"

And I raised one leg placing my foot on a ledge, opening my cunt to
him. I caught his raging hard cock in my hands and started it in my wet cunt.
He pressed and slipped it deep into me. As it drilled repeatedly deep inside
my randy pussy I thrilled to being fucked again. After a moment I looked
around to see if we had an audience. There were a couple of guys watching
us with delight. I smiled at them as I began hunching Ned's big cock harder.
Then I saw Joy and Jerre in a tight clinch deeper in the dark and as I
watched I saw Joy drop to her knees taking Jerre's hard cock in her mouth.

Sometime later as Ned and I, now temporarily satisfied, walked back, I led
him in Joy's direction. As we got close enough to see them Jerre was sitting
in a chair and Joy was straddle him fucking up and down rapidly on his cock.

As we watched I said, "That is my new room mate Ned, How would you
like to fuck her too?"

Ned smiled and said, "Of course I would, I gather you two are into the
group thing?"

I smiled and said that I had been for some time but that Joy had never
had two guys at once but wanted to try soon."

I walked over and put my arms around both Jerre and Joy as they fucked
even more violently. I took turns kissing Jerre and then Joy deeply. She
called Ned over and said to him

"Why don't you play with me while Jerre fucks me?"

Ned was eager to comply and soon had her tits out in his hands. After
a moment I softly said,

"Ned honey, fingerfuck her asshole."

After Ned wet his finger on the overflow from her cunt he slid one finger
gently against her ass hole. As he moved it around and around the rim Joy
gasped and moaned louder. Then Ned slid one finger far up her ass and she
stiffened and came wildly causing Jerre to do likewise.

We left the dance and walked across campus toward our room for a
grand night of sex in lots of its variations. By morning the guys left happy and
Joy and I had done all that could be done with two couples. We had had their
big cocks in our mouths, our cunts, our asses, our tits. We had put on a hot
lesbian bout for their and our pleasure. We had had them again separately
and concurrently. It was early Saturday morning and we slept all day.

I awoke about dusk as Joy spread my legs and began to slowly lick
my clit. Still later after we had pleased each other for some time we dressed in
jeans and sweat shirts and headed out to get some food.

As we walked across campus I began to tell Joy about my visits to Jim
and Liz's place and what we had shared. I held back telling her about Dan for
now. She was thrilled and said she envied me and wanted to know when we
were going to visit the ranch.

We ate like we were starved. Joy started flirting with this cute waiter. He
was nice and he had this great huge outline in the front of his trousers. The
place was pretty empty and soon John, our waiter, was standing by our table
more and more.

Then one time when he was gone Joy said, "I think John would be fun to
fuck, what do you think? Should we take him home with us?"

I smiled and felt the rush in my crotch as I answered,"I agree baby."

When John returned Joy looked up at him and said "John when do you
get off work? Nancy and I were wondering if you would like to come over to our
room with us so we could get better acquainted."

John smiled from ear to ear and answered, "It sounds great ladies. I will
be free in about 15 minutes"

As we walked back across the campus John slipped his arms around
both od us and the three of us got closer. Then to our surprise and delight
John slid his hands up our sides, under our arms and cupped one of our full
breasts in each of his hands as he said,

"I always wanted to do this." as he kneaded our firm breasts in his
hands. I heard Joy laugh and say, "Well that relieves me, I was wondering
how I was going to suggest to you some threeway sex"

John laughed and pinched our nipples and said, "Hell the moment you two
walked in to the place I thought about that" then he released our tits and pulled
his hands up and over our shoulders and inside our sweatshirts and now had
our bare tits in his hands.

I was enjoying his hand and wished we were at our room when he
said, "I gather your ladies are into some healthy sex, how would you like to be
fucked out here on the mall?"

I liked the idea and told him. Joy quickly made it unanimous. John led us
to a clump of bushes that hid us just a little and he pulled his cock free. I went
down on him instantly and I noticed Joy had her jeans off and stood bare from
the waist down. As she bent over John moved from my mouth to Joys cunt dog style. As we took turns fucking, people walked by near enough for us to hear
their conversations but no one seemed to notice us.

John didn't make it to our room that night. It was to much fun fucking
out there like that. After we wore John out for the moment we dressed and
kissed him goodby and moved on. As we walked Joy said,

"We have to start the diary and keep all of our exploits in it."

I agreed and the Book of Fun was started. Somehow documenting it all
seemed to give added incentive to more and more adventures.

the end
Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly


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