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NANCY1 split the money from the lottery


Tired of the normal "fuck-suck" stories I read, I decided to write
some my own way. They are much longer than most, and have (I feel)
more character development than most other adult stories.

This story is intended only to be enjoyed by consenting adults. It
is based on both real life experiences and fantasy. Any
similarities to anybody, living or dead, is intentional. Only the
names have been changed to protect the involved parties.

If you are interested in more like these, my E-Mail address is All of my stories and more are now available
at my web site, "Adventures In Erotica". This is a free site, and
the address is

I welcome any input, or comments, or your own stories. Since I
distribute it for free, please do not place it in any "pay for
access" sites. Other than that, as long as nothing is cut out
(including these comments) distribution is unlimited.

Thank you, and enjoy.

High School Dream

Part I

I was driving down in the sleazy part of town, looking for a
little action. Since my divorce 2 years ago, I had not really had a
serious, long term relationship. So once a month or so, I cruised
around in the seedy area, looking for a whore to pick up.

It was not that I did not have much money. I had more than
enough to get a high priced call girl. It was simply that I had found
through experience that many street hooker were better. They were
independent, and since they valued the return customers more, often
tried harder, and gave better performances.

It was still early evening, so there were not many girls out. I
was hoping to be able to find Maria. She was a cute little Hispanic
girl, with firm titties and a mouth that was almost as talented as her
pussy. Sarah would also be welcome tonight. She was around 25, with
nice big titties, and she loved to let me feel them as she sucked me
off. I had been cruising around for about 10 minutes, and was getting
ready to leave when I saw a girl that caught my interest.

She was about 5'6", nice looking and about my age. I drove by
her one more time, looking for cops. Satisfied that there were none, I
drove back and pulled over. She walked up to the car and climbed in.
I drove off, and we started to talk business.

She said she charged $20 for a blow, $30 for a fuck, and $45 if
we used her room. She looked familiar, but I could not quite place
her. I looked closer at her. Shoulder long black hair, brown eyes,
with a nice figure. It bothered me, so I introduced myself, even using
my real name.

She said her name was Star, and I almost stopped the car.

"Star, as in Nancy Star Smith?" I asked.

She looked at me, asking me where the hell I got that name from.
I was in a state of shock, kinda like the old song "Angel Was A
Centerfold", where the singers High School Sweetheart became a Playboy
centerfold. My High School Dream girl was working as a whore.

I said my name again, and I could see the lights coming on in the
back of her head. "Paul? Oh my god." she whispered, clearly shaken.
We were both from Idaho, and she probably never expected to be
recognized here in LA.

I drove us to a restaurant, and guided her inside. We sat at a
booth, and I bought us dinner. Sex be damned, this was the little
sister of one of my best friends. I wanted to know what had happened
to her the last few years.

I joined the Military after graduation, and left to go overseas
for 3 years. When I got back home, Mark and his entire family had
moved. I tried to track them down, but after 3 years I finally gave
up. Now, over 10 years later, I find Nancy. I asked her what had

Mark was now living in Las Vegas, and had a family there. Her
parents lived there also. I had tried to track them down in Vegas, but
her fathers name (John Smith) made that almost impossible. Mark was a
manager at a store there, and would be thrilled to see me.

I told her about what I had done. My short Military career
(training accident wrecked my back, and I had to get out). My failed
marriage, and my current career as a computer store owner. I was
independently wealthy, and the store was more for something to do than
for the money. I had not always been wealthy, but a lucky pick in the
state lottery now had me set for life. The store was more to keep me
busy than it was to make money.

After we finished dinner, we headed back to my car. I was
wanting to ask her how she had started this, and what had been
happening over the last 10 years. Last time I saw Nancy, she was 18,
and was a cheerleader at the High School. She was Mark's younger
sister, and I had had a crush on her for years.

Once in the car, she started to tell her story. She had gotten
married after she graduated, and moved down to LA with her husband.
After 4 years of beatings and abuse, she finally left him. She had no
skills, and had a tough time getting or holding a job. After being
evicted, she faced starvation. A guy saw her walking down the street,
and without realizing it at first, she became a prostitute. That was
almost 2 years ago.

She tried and still held regular jobs most of the time. Her last
job was as a cocktail waitress, until the bar went out of business the
month before. Her unemployment was not enough to cover her expenses,
so here she was again. I was to have been her first trick in over 3

I had driven us to a little park that I knew about on top of a
hill. She told a lot of her story from up there, the two of us looking
down over the lights of the city. We then lapsed into remembrances of
our childhood. Friends, places and things we used to do.

She admitted that she had a crush on me when growing up, and she
used to dream that I would return from Korea, and take her away with
me. She giggled at that, and I saw a little of the cute girl was still
there. I also admitted that I had a crush on her, but her being 2
years younger, on top of the fact that she was my best friend's sister
kept me away. When you are 17, 15 seems a lot younger. When you are
32, 30 is not that much of a difference.

She took my hand, and looked into my eyes. "I wish things had
gone differently for us Paul. We have both had it rough."

I sank into her deep blue eyes. Before I knew what I was doing,
I had leaned forward, and I saw her close her eyes. I did the natural
thing, and kissed her. It was gentle, lasting for almost 2 minutes. I
actually felt my chest doing flip-flops, something I have not felt in

All we did was kiss. No tongue, no feeling each other, no
moaning. A nice, almost childish kiss, only the duration marking it
different. We finally broke, and she was very flushed. "I have wanted
to do that with you since I was a little girl. And it was just as I
had thought it would be."

I leaned forward again, and we kissed. This time, I wrapped my
arms around her. We hugged and kissed, and I lost track of the time we
spent with our mouths glued together. I started to rub her back with
one hand, and Nancy moaned into my mouth. I moved my other hand into
her hair, caressing her scalp as I ran my fingers through her hair.

I opened my mouth slightly, and she did the same. Our tongues
lightly touched, then started to massage each other. We now had our
bodies pressed against each other, and I was feeling incredible.

It had been years since I had either had or given a kiss like
this. Eventually we broke apart, both of us breathless. I noticed
that the windows were heavily fogged, and I pointed this to Nancy. She
laughed at that, and rested her head on my shoulder. It was around
9pm, and I asked her if she wanted me to drop her off.

"I would rather stay here with you." was her reply. I suggested
we go to one of our places, and she agreed. She only had a motel room,
so I suggested she come to my place. As we drove down the hill, I
asked her if she had ever done cleaning work. She admitted that she
had, but most of the jobs were monopolized by Mexican families, which
made it hard for a single woman to get one.

I had been thinking of hiring a housekeeper, so I decided to
offer her the job. I told her that I was looking for one, and could
pay her $1,000 a month, in addition to food, board, and a car if she
needed it. She looked at me, and asked if I was sure I wanted her as a

I looked at her for a second, and said that that was all I
expected of her. "Let me be frank for a second. I am not looking to
hire you as a live-in call girl. You will have your own detached room,
and can do whatever you want. You are a friend, and I want to do this
to help you get back on your feet. I expect nothing in return except
that you clean the house, and maybe cook 2 or 3 meals a week."

She looked at me, and agreed. We made a trip back to the motel,
and got her belongings. She loaded them into her car, and followed me
to my house.

I live in one of the nice areas of the North San Fernando Valley.
It is a 4 bedroom 3 bath house, with a detached garage and a detached
guesthouse. I had bought it with my ex-wife, and I took it during the
divorce. We split the money from the lottery, and she took the second
house we owned in the Huntington Beach area.

I showed her the guesthouse, and got her settled in. It was
furnished, so all she needed to do was hang up her clothes and put her
stuff in the bathroom. I then showed her the main house. She marveled
at the size of it, and a lot of the features I had installed after I
bought it.

Some of the features included a built-in vacuum cleaner, an
intercom-stereo station in every room (there was one in the guest house
also), and a sophisticated alarm system. I gave her an activation
code, and showed her how to use it. After showing her around, I had
her sit in the living room while I made us dinner.

We ate in my living room, listening to some light music in front
of a fire. She chose some wine, and we killed the bottle together.
Soon we were cuddled up together, kissing while she leaned up against
me. She started to caress my chest, and I gently inserted my tongue
into her mouth.

We necked for around an hour, ending up lying on our sides,
bodies pressed up against each other. We took a break, and I told her
that it was late, and we should get to bed. She looked at me oddly,
when I asked if I could escort her to her room.

She asked why we were stopping, since I obviously wanted more. I
told her that I very much wanted more, but was willing to wait for her.
I apologized, but said that I still saw her as Mark's little sister,
and somebody to love and protect, not as somebody to use.

Nancy blushed, and gave me a nice hug and kiss. I then walked
her to her new home. We kissed one more time and I returned and went
to bed.

The next evening, we called Mark. We made up a story, saying
that she had answered my add in the paper looking for a live-in
housekeeper. It was good talking to my friend after so many years. We
chatted for hours, and made plans to meet in the near future. Nancy
talked to him for another 30 minutes while I made us dinner.
Afterwards, we retired to the living room again, and relaxed with a
little more wine.

Before I realized it was happening, we were necking again. I
caressed her back through her shirt, and realized immediately that she
was not wearing a bra. It felt so good, and I never wanted to stop.
We kissed deeply, out tongues caressing each other in our mouths. I
had my back against the couch, and she was half lying on my lap, her
body out at a 90 degree angle from mine.

Nancy took my hand in her own, and placed it on her belly. It
was so soft and flat, It took all of my willpower to simply keep it
there. Nancy placed her other hand on my neck, and softly caress it.
I moaned softly when she moved down, and kissed my neck.

Nancy worked all over, then moved up to my ear, kissing and
licking it. I sighed deeply as she whispered into my ear "I want you."
Those three words sent shivers through my body, and she felt them also.
I was barely able to contain myself as she continued to kiss and caress
my neck.

Her hand lifted mine from her belly, and brought it to her lips.
She kissed my palm softly, and I caressed her face as she did so.
After a minute or so, she removed it, and turned her face to kiss my
lips again. She took my hand, and placed it over her left breast.

I found myself torn in three different directions. My heart told
me to remove it, that she was worth waiting for. My hand was telling
me to leave it there, to enjoy what I was feeling. My hormones were
yelling for me to rip off her clothes and make love to her here and

My hand won, as I continued to kiss her, as I firmly grasped her
breast. I could feel her hard nipple poking into my palm, and our
kissing became more passionate. I realized that I had an erection when
Nancy rolled towards me a little, and rested her hand on it.

She started to stroke me softly, through my pants. I was afraid
that we had gone to far, and tried to untangle us. I removed my hand
from her breast (regrettably). I started to remove her hand, when she
pulled her mouth away from mine, and whispered "No".

"I have been wanting this to happen for as long as you have. You
have been teasing me for almost a week now."

I protested that, but she said that it had gone both ways. She
was wanting me as much as I wanted her, and was not going to take no
tonight. She sat up, and removed the shirt that she was wearing. I
could not help but stare at her breasts. They were fairly big for her
size (I found out later she was a 34C). Her nipples were large, the
size of half dollars. They were deliciously erect.

I pulled her against me, kissing her deeply as I held her against
me. She unbuttoned my shirt, and held herself against me. It felt
wonderful to feel her nude skin against mine. I caressed her back as
we kissed. Her skin was so soft, and I never wanted to stop kissing

After a few minutes, Nancy rolled away a little, pulling her
chest away from mine. I moaned softly into her mouth, and reached a
hand up to cup her right breast. She moaned in response, and pushed
her chest against me. Her breast was firm, and the nipple very hard
under my hand. I firmly squeezed her breast, then moved my hand down a
little, to cup the underside. I then ran my thumb against her nipple,
feeling the stiffness.

I moved away from her lips, and started to kiss and nibble on her
neck. Nancy moaned my name, wrapping her left arm around my neck as
her right hand held mine against her breast. I kissed my way up and
down her neck, and Nancy squirmed and moaned under my lips and hands.

Nancy's breasts were objects of beauty. Large and firm, they
felt wonderful under my hands. I moved my hand to her other cone,
caressing her other nipple. Nancy started to moan how good it felt,
and how hot I was making her. She was actually sounding like she was
close to an orgasm, there was so much passion in her voice.

Nancy how now rotated her body so that she was laying across my
lap, her body at a 90 degree angle to mine. I started kissing her
neck, moving down to her chest. She was actually pressing her chest
outward, and I knew what she wanted. I decided to tease her by kissing
her chest, and the top half of her breasts.

"Oh Paul," she sighed as I bent lower, and captured her right
nipple in my mouth. I opened wide, taking a large portion of her boob
into my mouth before I started to lightly suckle. I licked her hard
nipple as I did so, causing her to hold my head tighter against her.

Without talking, the two of us changed positions, lying flat on
the floor. Nancy had my shirt on the floor, caressing my chest as I
caressed hers. I rolled her from her side to her back, and started
kissing her neck again. My hand had moved away from her breasts, and
was again caressing her soft belly.

I moved my mouth down, and she again gripped my hair as I started
to suck her breasts. Once again, she stiffened, groaning loudly as I
took her left nipple into my mouth. I was lying against her body, and
could feel her hips moving around. After about 5 minutes of this, she
was moaning loudly, and her nipple had gotten so stiff I thought it
would explode.

I moved to her other nipple, licking and sucking on it like I did
her first. My left hand moved down, caressing her upper leg and hip.
I moved it to her waist, hugging her tightly and caressing her soft
concave curve there.

I moved back to her left nipple, my hand working back up to cup
and caress her right breast. My right had was caressing her face,
Nancy occasionally kissing it, sucking on my fingers. I heard her
groan loudly, and take my thumb into her mouth, sucking hard, then
biting lightly. I was a little surprised when she moaned my name
loudly, pulled my head down against her breast, then exploded.

She bucked her hips against the air, shuddering through her
entire body. This was the first time I had given a girl an orgasm
simply by sucking her breasts. It seemed to be a strong one, and I
moved up to kiss her lips. Nancy's arms wrapped around me, holding me
tightly as she bucked a few more times, then sagged against me. Our
lips parted, then she looked up at me, passion in her eyes.

"Wow. I have never cum that way before." She said, looking deep
into my eyes. "I thought I was going to explode."

I kissed her deeply, passionately. I had loved this creature
from afar for years, and I was only now accepting the fact that she
felt the same as I did. I continued to caress her chest and belly,
emotions emerging that I had not felt in a long time. My cock was rock
hard, but I did not want sex as much as I simply wanted to belong to
her, and her to me.

Finally we broke apart, both of us panting a little. Nancy
rolled me onto my back, and curled up next to me. We cuddled like this
for quite a while, until she stood up, saying she needed to go to the
bathroom. I stood first, then helped her stand. We kissed again
briefly, then she went to the back of the house.

I went to the kitchen and made both of us a plate of cheese and
crackers, placed 2 wine glasses on it, and opened a bottle of my best
wine. I returned to the living room, but she was not there. I found
one shoe, and the other about 3 feet away. I knew she was wearing them
when she left for the bathroom, so was curious. I walked to the
hallway, and saw a sock in the center.

At the corner was another sock, so I went to it. There were her
pants, right in front of my bedroom door, which was closed. I walked
over to it, and saw a pair of light blue panties were on the doorknob.
As if in a trance, I picked them up, and felt the crotch. They were
very damp. I brought them to my nose, and inhaled a lovely scent.

I opened the door, and saw Nancy in my bed, under the covers. I
walked over to her, and set the tray and bottle on the table by the
bed. I leaned over to kiss her, and then stood up again. She looked
beautiful, her hair spread out on the pillow. She had a small smile on
her lips, and a twinkle in her eyes.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked.

She then told me that she was very sure. "In fact, if you do not
get into this bed in the next 5 minutes, I might get out and rape you."

I lit a candle that I kept on the dresser, then turned off the
light in the room. I quickly undressed, keeping my back to Nancy the
entire time. I then slid under the covers, and into her arms.

Time seemed to stand still as we kissed. We were on our sides,
so I started to caress her back again. Up and down my hand roamed,
from her shoulders to her ass. I caressed her ass, for the first time
feeling the soft skin I had wanted to hold for over 15 years.

Nancy was doing her own exploring, caressing my back and ass as
she rubbed her belly against my hard cock. We kissed and caressed each
other in the soft glow until we needed to catch our breaths again.
Once again, she rolled me onto my back so she could curl up next to me.

Nancy told me of her long crush on me. How she had wanted to be
like this with me for a long time. "In fact, when I played with myself
as a kid, it was normally you I thought of. One of the first things my
mom commented on when she met my ex-husband was how much he looked like

As we talked, our hands continued to roam around each others
bodies. Nancy moved half on top of me, then started to kiss me. Her
hand was caressing my lower belly, and her pelvis was pressed up
against my thigh. I could feel that she was wet, her curly hair
against my leg.

Nancy started moving her hand down, and was soon grasping my cock
in her hand. I moaned into her mouth as she gently caressed my length,
lightly stroking me. She continued to do this as we kissed, not
masturbating me as much as caressing. I was already close, and I broke
away, telling her that I was close to loosing control.

"Then do so. You made me loose control once tonight, it is only
fair. Besides, that way you will last longer the next time."

I expected her to jack me off, but was amazed when she quickly
ducked under the covers, and brought me to her mouth. I groaned as she
sucked me into her mouth. She took me half way in the first move down,
then had me fully in her mouth within 15 seconds.

Nancy was very gifted, alternating between moving her mouth up
and down quickly, and keeping me fully inside and sucking and licking
as I stayed still. Within 2 minutes, I was about to loose control. I
moaned her name, telling her I was about to cum. Nancy merely moved up
so the head was the only thing in her mouth, and jerked me off with her
hand. I called her name loudly as I came, spewing into her mouth.

She swallowed it all, not moving back up until I had gone almost
completely soft. I kissed her deeply when she came up, not caring that
I was lasting my own sperm. I wanted to kiss her, and nothing was
going to stop me.

We kissed for 15 minutes, and Nancy played with my cock the
entire time. I was hard again, and she moaned that she wanted me to
fuck her brains out as she rolled onto her back, and pulled me on top
of her. I looked down at her, with her legs spread wide. She looked
even more beautiful than any of my fantasies about her.

I laid down on top of my lovely lady (I was actually thinking of
her as "mine" now). We kissed deeply as I pressed my chest down onto
hers, felling her breasts flatten under me. She moaned my name softly
as I slid my cock up and down her vulva, then groaned as I slowly sank
into her.

I pushed the head in, then waited a few seconds before pulling
back out. I repeated this many times, each time sliding in a little
deeper. It took around 20 times until I was all the way in. She was
so tight, I was worried that I would hurt her. Nancy was obviously not
kidding about not having been with a man for a long time. She was so
tight, I almost thought she may have been a virgin.

We kissed passionately as I slid into her. Nancy alternated
between lightly clawing my back and moaning deeply as I slid inside.
When I was all the way in, I stopped, letting my cock rest inside her.
I could feel her vaginal muscles work up and down my length, squeezing
me inside of her. We kissed, and I moved to kissing her neck.

"Oh, so full. You feel so good inside me" she moaned. "I have
wanted this for so long, I can hardly believe that it is happening

I moved back to her lips, kissing her as she moaned into my
mouth. I started to slowly move my hips, only moving an inch or so
inside her, slow shallow strokes. As I moved longer, I started to take
longer strokes, finally getting to where I was only keeping the head of
my cock inside before I thrust back inside. Nancy was moaning non-stop
now, and I could tell she was close.

I laid on top of her, and rolled us carefully onto our sides. We
kissed and hugged as we thrust our pelvises against each other. I
moved my face back a couple of inches, and looked deep into her eyes.

I could see straight into her soul. I looked into them, and
softly spoke the words I have wanted to say for several days, but was
afraid to.

"Nancy, I love you."

She moaned my name loudly, then came. Nancy thrashed under me,
thrusting her hips in all directions as she milked my cock. I have
never been with a woman that had such strong orgasms. I was on the
verge of cumming myself, and tried to hold back.

But my lady had other ideas. She grasped my hips and made me
thrust harder, moaning that she wanted my cum in her. I was unable to
hold off, and she moaned that she loved me when the first spurts of my
sperm entered her. I shot 4 or 5 large bursts, then collapsed onto
her, kissing as we tried to catch our breaths.

WE held each other and talked, my cock slowly softening and
slipping out of her. Nancy moaned when this happened, and I said that
I wish I could have stayed in her forever.

Finally catching our breaths, I rolled off of her, and she curled
up next to me. We quietly talked until we both fell asleep.


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