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NANCY2 panties over her hips then down


Tired of the normal "fuck-suck" stories I read, I decided to write
some my own way. They are much longer than most, and have (I feel)
more character development than most other adult stories.

This story is intended only to be enjoyed by consenting adults. It
is based on both real life experiences and fantasy. Any
similarities to anybody, living or dead, is intentional. Only the
names have been changed to protect the involved parties.

If you are interested in more like these, my E-Mail address is All of my stories and more are now available
at my web site, "Adventures In Erotica". This is a free site, and
the address is

I welcome any input, or comments, or your own stories. Since I
distribute it for free, please do not place it in any "pay for
access" sites. Other than that, as long as nothing is cut out
(including these comments) distribution is unlimited.

Thank you, and enjoy.

High School Dream

Part II

I woke up during the night, and was lying spoon fashion with
Nancy. My arm was around her, and she was holding it to her chest.
I sighed, and moved it as I tried to settle back down. I was still
half asleep, and my movement was enough to stir her awake. She
moaned happily, and rolled over to face me.

We softly kissed, and she reached down to caress my cock. I was
soon hard again, and she rolled onto her back and pulled me on top
of her. I kissed her passionately as I slid back into her. She was
still wet from our earlier lovemaking, and it was nice to be in her.
We made love slowly, and she had a strong orgasm right before I came
again. We rolled back onto our sides, and slipped back to sleep.

I woke up, and found her gone. I heard the shower running,
and went into the bathroom. When I had the house made, I had them
put in a large double shower. I slipped in, and Nancy happily
hugged and kissed me in the warm water. I turned on the second
shower head, and we washed each other.

It was fun, and something I had not done in years. After we
were both clean, I sank to my knees, and washed her feet. She
giggled, then moaned as I raised my head, and licked her pussy. I
proceeded to lick her clit, and she held my head as I ate her out.
Soon she was bucking her hips at me, and leaning against the wall.
She told me she was about to cum, then came on my face. I washed
again quickly, then we got out. She dried us both off, then left as
I shaved.

When I got out, I found her in the kitchen making breakfast.
She was wearing one of my robes, and looked beautiful. I held her
as she finished up, and we both enjoyed the breakfast. I had to go
to work, and told her that I would be back afterwards.

I spent the morning talking to a new client, helping her plan
her new office system. I was almost finished, when my ex called. I
had forgotten all about the lunch we had planned, and quickly ran
off to meet her.

I got there a few minutes late, and we quickly ordered our
food and started to talk about what was on our mind.

After the divorce, she took her share of the money, and also
started a business of her own. However, Blanca cared more about
money than I did, and profit was her obvious goal. She was about to
open a third clothing store, and wanted me to design the computer
layout and maintenance for her new store.

After talking business and money, we settled down to enjoy the
meal. We talked about how things were doing, and I mentioned that I
had finally followed her suggestion, and hired a housekeeper. I
told her about Nancy, and that she was Mark's sister.

Blanca knew that I had been looking for Mark for years, and
was happy that I had found his sister. I did not mention that we
were lovers, but I think she suspected it. She told me about her
new boyfriend (the fourth this year), and that she was planning on
going to Hawaii with him for a week.

Blanca was much different about her ideas about money than I
am. She grew up poor in Argentina, and saw it as something to
collect and hoard. She also loved to spend it lavishly, getting new
cars every year, throwing large parties, and expanding her stores to
make more of it.

On the other hand, I still drove the same car I had when I hit
the jackpot. It was a '77 Celica. Granted, I had it restored, so
it now looked like it has just been driven off of the showroom
floor. I also had 3 other vehicles (a restored '75 Goldwing, a 2
year old Cadillac for impressing customers, and a new Bronco). I
still lived simply, doing most of my own work, and could not imagine
living any other way.

When I first hit the lottery, I spent money lavishly. Trips
to Europe, new cars, 2 houses, and the rest. But once I got tired
of it, I tried to ease off. Blanca was the opposite, and wanted to
do more. Our arguments started then. She did not understand my
wanting to live that way, when we did not have to. We finally
parted, and for the most part, were still friends.

We even made love once a year or so. Blanca was still a
wonderful lady, and our sex life was never a problem. It was just
that to much money killed the marriage. She still said that I was
the only computer person she would trust, and I was happy to help
her out. I promised to send her a cost analysis and proposal next
week, but she said to skip it.

"I trust you. Just build the damned system, and send me the
bill. If you want, you can come over next weekend to give me the
paperwork and collect for your services."

She had a naughty twinkle in her eye, and I knew that she
wanted to also give me a special reward. I blushed lightly, and
told her that I was seeing somebody now. She giggled, and said that
was great. She made the offer again, but extended it to my
girlfriend, saying that we could have dinner together.

I told her I would ask her, and tell her if she accepted.

"Tell Nancy that I would love to meet her" was her response.

I said that I would, then quickly stopped myself. I asked why
she thought my girlfriend was Nancy, and she giggled, saying that
she was simply guessing. But she had also guessed right, by my
reaction. We talked for a while longer, then hugged and returned to

I spent the rest of the day working at a customers office,
then returned home with a splitting headache. Both the computer (an
older one, bought from somebody else) and the customer were major
pains, and I wanted nothing more than to relax.

Nancy was wearing a very pretty jumpsuit, and had dinner
almost ready. She handed me a glass of wine, and told me to relax.
I watched the news, and was starting to drift to sleep when she
brought me dinner.

We ate a wonderful meal, then cuddled together watching TV.
We spent the night watching tv and drinking wine.

I told her about my ex-wife inviting us to dinner, and she thought
it would be nice. Since I got along with her, and she seemed to her
like a nice person, she said she would love to meet her. We talked
some more between watching tv and drinking wine. All in all, it was
a wonderful evening.

By the time the late news started, we had killed 2 bottles, and were
both a little drunk. I helped Nancy to her feet, and said I wanted
to go to bed. I was not sure what would happen, and was pleasantly
surprised when she followed me to my bedroom.

Once inside, I held her closely, and we shared a long
lingering kiss. We could not seem to stop. We just kept kissing.
We would break apart, then kiss a few more times lightly, then
another long one. Finally breaking for air, I held her tightly and
asked her if she was sure that she wanted to stay with me.

"Paul, I have dreamed of this for years. Even after I got
married, I could not get you out of my mind. When Mike (her ex-
husband) would hit me, I kept dreaming that you would come by and
take me away from him. When things were going bad at home, I
imagined that you would return from Korea, and take me away with
you. For the last 12 years, I dreamed that you would save me. Now
that I have you, I have no intention of leaving you, unless you want
me to."

I kissed her deeply, and told her that if I had known how bad
it had been, looked even harder for her and her family, and I would
have taken her away. I reached out, and gently unzipped her
jumpsuit. I knelt down, and removed her shoes and socks, then slid
the suit down and off of her feet. Still kneeling, I unfastened her
bra, then slipped her panties over her hips, then down her legs.
She let me lift each foot, and I set her panties on the floor, next
to the rest of her clothing.

I picked her up, and carried her to the bed. I kissed her all
the way, and continued to hold her in my arms. I kissed her neck,
telling her how much I had loved her, and for how long. If I had
had any idea how she felt about me, I assured her that I would have
done just that.

I laid her on the bed, but she quickly got up, and stripped
me. She stayed on her knees, and took my cock into her mouth. I
stood, gently caressing her hair as she sucked me off. Her eyes
were closed, and there was a look of pleasure in her face.

I gently caressed her face, and softly called her name. Her
eyes opened, and locked on my own. I whispered that I wanted to see
her eyes, and she actually seemed to be smiling as she gave me head.
I was starting to get close, and she eased off her suction. She was
wanting to prolong it, and I had no complaints.

For over a half hour, she would alternate between fucking me
quickly with her mouth, and gently sucking. I was quietly going out
of my mind, and my knees were starting to buckle. I told her how
good it felt, and she finally was not able to hold herself off

She was bobbing her head quickly, sucking as hard as she
could. I moaned, and could tell that she did not want me to hold
back anymore. I looked down into her eyes, and moaned as I came,
spurting into her mouth. She held my ass tightly as I came, moaning
as I filled her mouth. As I finished, a look of pleasure crossed
her face and she closed her eyes.

I pulled her to her feet, and we laid on the bed. I held her
tightly, and she was soon asleep. Since tomorrow was Saturday, I
fell asleep also, knowing that I did not have to get up early

The next morning, we made love again, then got dressed and
decided to go to the beach. I made room in my closet, and then Nan
and I moved her things into my bedroom. She put a lovely one-piece
swimsuit on, then a jumpsuit on over it. I wore my trunks, with a
tanktop and jeans.

I placed some towels, spare clothes, and other things into a
bag, then threw them into the trunk of my bike. Nan admitted that
she had never ridden on a motorcycle before, so I spent a little
time explaining how to ride, then placed her helmet on and showed
her how to fasten it.

We drove around the neighborhood a while, to get her used to
making turns, and make her more comfortable. Once she was used to
it, I got on the freeway and drove to Santa Monica.

Once there, we stripped to our swimsuits, and went for a walk.
We held hands as we walked in the surf, and enjoyed ourselves. She
giggled like a kid as we splashed and messed around in the waves.

After a while, we got the blanket and laid out for a bit. I
teased her about the looks the other guys were giving her, obviously
liking her slim figure. Unlike Blanca, Nan was very thin. Her
figure was 36C-20-35. The thinness of her waist made her chest and
hips look bigger, without looking out of proportion. Blanca was
larger, being 38D-28-37.

She left for a few minutes to get a drink, and I heard several
whistles coming from her direction. I turned around, and saw that
several guys were watching her lovely ass as she walked. Nan loves
to tease, and added a little sway to her hips on the way back. I
was delighted at the front view, watching her as she came back to

"I want them to know how I feel" she whispered to me when she
got back, right before laying a deep, tongue-massaging kiss on me.
This got my cock as hard as a rock, along with most of the other
guys in the area, I am sure.

After a little more sun, I took her hand, and the two of us
ran into the surf. We went in until it was to our waist, and
proceeded to have a blast. We swam, then splashed around. I was
standing when she ducked underwater, and then reached out and
grasped my cock underwater. Nan fondled me for several seconds,
then came back to the surface. She giggled as I mildly scolded her
for being so naughty. She took my hand, and led me until the water
was half way up our chests.

Once there, I decided to return the favor. I placed one hand
on her neck, keeping our tops about 2 feet away. I reached down
with my other hand, and caressed her pubic mound through her
swimsuit. A look of pure lust crossed her face, as I slid them up
and down her slit. I continued to stimulate her, then slid the
crotch of her suit aside, and started to caress her vulva.

I could see that her nipples were rock hard now, and I looked
at them, licking my lips. Nan moaned as I did this, knowing what I
was thinking without my saying it. She reached out, and slid her
hand into the top of my shorts, stroking my cock as I slid a finger
into her.

We stood like that for several minutes, stroking each other
under the water as hundreds of people were within 300 yards. This
probably would have continued, if a large wave had not come along
and washed us away.

We both came up, about 20 yards apart. We were laughing as
hard as we could, and I cursed mother nature for the interruption.
Nancy laughed harder at this, and she reached down to re-adjust
herself before we headed back to shore.

After putting our things back in the bike, we went for a
stroll to the pier in our swimwear. We went into a bar there, and
each got a beer and relaxed in the air-conditioning. We then went
over to the arcade, and she proceeded to kick my butt in several
arcade games.

It was getting dark out now, so we snuck into a shower
together, and quickly washed the salt water off of each other. I
admit that I took a few extra feels of her body as I did so, but I
am sure that she did the same.

We took a long drive up the Pacific Coast Highway, and I loved
every minute of her holding on to me. I felt like a million dollars
to have her pressing against my back. Whenever we stopped at a
light, we would hold hands, and I occasionally ran my left hand up
and down her leg, loving the feeling.

I was wondering if I was really in love with her. If not, it
was a close copy of love.


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