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Naturist family I -- Carl's story -- "My Daughter's Panties"
(c) 2000 Anais Ninja

"Wake up, Daddy!" My ten-year-old daughter Caitlyn tugged at the

"Just give me another half-hour, sweetie," I muttered in to the
pillow. It was Saturday and I wanted to sleep in.

"Daddy, wake up. You need to do the laundry. I'm out of panties."

"Take a pair of my boxers," I said.

"Daddy! I'm serious!" She gave me a playful punch.

"Wear a pair of your mother's." I regretted saying this the moment
I had uttered it. Laura had passed away almost six months before.
I still hadn't removed her clothes from the bedroom we had shared
for ten years.

Caitlyn gave me a long look and got out of bed. She walked up to
my wife's dresser and opened the top drawer. Rummaging around for
a bit, she pulled out a skimpy white lace thong and stepped into
it, pulling it up her long, coltish legs and over her round
little bottom.

There was something reminiscent of her mother as she pulled the
elastic over her hips, holding the hem of her nightie up to
look at her reflection in the mirror.

"I'll do laundry after breakfast," I said. "Just give me a few
minutes in the bathroom."

Caitlyn adjusted the back of the thong and let her nightie fall
back into place. Jumping back into bed, she snuggled against
me. Beneath the thick blanket, my usual morning erection
throbbed from the combination of a full bladder and Caitlyn's

"Go pour us some OJ, sweetie. I'll be down in a sec." I didn't want
her to see my hard-on when I got out of bed.

After breakfast, I gathered up Caitlyn's laundry for a wash.
I couldn't help but notice how worn and frayed most of her
undies were.

"Mom didn't get a chance to take me shopping for school clothes
and stuff," Caitlyn said.

"Let's throw this in the washer and hit the mall," I said.

Ten minutes later Caitlyn was pulling me by the hand into the
girls' department, excited at the prospects of getting a whole
new wardrobe. She ooh-ed and aah-ed over a rack of colorful
spandex bike pants and singlets before rushing over to a display
of pretty sundresses.

"Remember, you need socks and undies, too," I reminded her,
hesitant to bring her back to Earth. This was the happiest I
had seen her in months.

Five hundred dollars later, not including lunch, she had a whole new
wardrobe of spring and summer clothes. We returned to the house with
our bundles and bags.

"Let's put these new clothes away so they won't wrinkle," I said.

"Okay, Daddy," she said, opening the plastic packages of socks and
undies and placing them neatly in her dresser drawers. I gathered
all of the clothes she had outgrown and stuffed them in the
shopping bags we had brought home.

Caitlyn was eager to wear one of her new sundresses, and when she
undressed I noticed that she was still wearing her mother's lace

"Don't you want to wear a pair of your new undies?" I asked her.

"But these feel so good, Daddy! Can I keep them?" she asked,
lifting the hem of her dress and turning around. The way the back
of her mother's lace thong disappeared between her cute little
buns gave me a warm feeling in my groin. I felt an erection
stirring in my slacks, so I turned my attention back to arranging
my daughter's closet.

"Can't I keep them, Daddy?" she pleaded.

"Sure," I mumbled, trying to will my penis back to a flaccid state.

"What's wrong, Daddy? Don't you think these are pretty?"

Caitlin, still holding her dress up, imposed herself between me and
the closet, trying to get my attention. In the process, her hand
brushed up against the front of my slacks and my half-erect member.
She looked up at me with a surprised expression, her mouth open in
a silent "Oh!".

I had no idea what the extent of Caitlyn's sexual knowledge was.
Her mother passed away when Caitlyn was still only nine, so I
didn't think she and Carol had discussed the "birds 'n' the bees".
I was sure that it wasn't taught in school until 6th grade, but
I also knew that Caitlyn and her friends were of the age that
interest in sex had just appeared on the horizon, the subject of
whispers, giggles, and numerous notes passed in class.

So I was totally caught off guard when Caitlyn dropped the hem of
her dress, unzipped my fly, and reached her hand inside, trying to
fish my penis out of my boxers.

"Caitlyn! No!" I yelled, dropping the clothes I was holding. She
was just leaning forward with her mouth open, about to suck my
stiffening cock when she looked up.

"But-but-but Daddy! Your pe-pe-penis is..." she stuttered. I took
her by the wrists, unwrapping her hands from around my prick, and
led her over to the bed. Her expression changed to one of panic and
dread, knowing she was in big trouble.

In fact, she was in big trouble at that moment. I had it in my head
to give her the spanking of her life. I sat on the edge of her bed and
took her over my knees, her lithe young body balanced on her tummy.
I pulled her dress up and reared my hand back, ready to give her the
first slap.

But seeing her bottom in my wife's lace thong, the little white bow
on the thin strip of fabric emerging from Caitlyn's cleft, two perfect
creamy little buns, melted my anger. I lowered my hand, gently resting
it on Caitlyn's pretty bottom.

Caitlyn had been sobbing in anticipation of the spanking she knew was
coming. But she stopped after feeling the gentle caress of my hand
on her cheeks, the fingers tracing the lacy waistband of the thong
on her hips. When she felt my erection tapping against her tummy,
she turned her head and smiled. I lifted her off my knees and into
my lap, kissing her cheek and burying my face in her long hair. I
thought for a second that I smelled Carol, but then I realized that
Caitlyn was using her shampoo.

"Oh, Daddy. I just wanted to make you happy," she said, throwing her
arms around me and hugging me tight.

"It's okay, baby," I said, my eyes tearing up, "I want you to be happy,

"So why can't I make you happy like mommy did?" she asked. She pulled
her dress up over her head and laid it on the bed next to us. Her
little breasts had just barely started to bud, two brown cone-shaped
nipples atop a pair of fleshy mounds, all that was left of Caitlyn's
babyfat. I suddenly had the urge to run my tongue over my daughter's
pubescent chest. I held my legs together, trying to keep my hardness
from touching the back of her thighs.

I closed my eyes, trying to find the words to explain the incest taboo to the child-woman in my lap, barely understanding it myself, when I
felt Caitlyn's lips against my own, her little tongue trying to force
its way into my mouth. She threw her arms around my neck, gripping
me tight.

I involuntarily spread my legs when our tongues met and immediately
felt her hand in my crotch, feeling for my open zipper. While I
nibbled my daughter's tender lips, her hand found my penis, gripping
it gently and slowly stroking it.

I opened my eyes and broke off our kiss. Caitlyn looked me in the
eyes with a puzzled expression as I lifted her off my lap. I got up
off the bed and took her by the hand, leading her into the master

Rummaging through Carol's dresser, I pulled a lacy white garter belt
and stockings from her underwear drawer. Caitlyn sat on the bed
while I unrolled the white nylons up her legs, her smile beaming
as I clasped the garter belt around her waist.

I found a little white bralette with adjustable straps, and at the
back of the closet the pair of white mules that Carol had always
complained were too small for her little feet. Caitlyn stood up
and stepped into the slippers, raising her arms so I could slip the
bralette on her, then lowering them so I could adjust the straps.

I led Caitlyn over to Carol's vanity and sat her down at the mirror.
Most of Carol's cosmetics were covered in dust, except for a blush
and a lipstick that Caitlyn must have played with before. Caitlyn
smiled at me in the mirror and began to apply makeup, dusting her
cheeks with rouge, a bit of eyeshadow on the lids, and finally the
reddest lipstick her mother had, all applied with a practiced hand.

I sat on the bed and watched, daydreaming about the countless times
I had watched her mother perform the same routine. After Caitlyn
brushed out her hair, she stood up and walked over to me, standing
between my legs.

"Caitlyn, you're beautiful," I said, taking her in my arms. I cupped
her little bottom in my hands as she wrapped her arms around me,
hugging me tight, her belly rubbing against my erection.

"Let me see you, Daddy," she whispered in my ear.

I leaned back and pulled my shirt off over my head, kicking my shoes
off at the same time. Caitlyn undid my belt buckle and the button
on my pants, tugging at the waistband of my boxers. I lifted my bottom
up and pulled them down, letting her help me pull them off. My penis,
freed from my boxers and slacks, bobbed between my legs. Caitlyn
dropped my pants on the floor and climbed up on my lap, pushing me
back on the bed. She lay on top of me, hugging my chest, nuzzling
the crook of my neck, while my hands roamed over her lace-clad little

My fingers lingered at the bow on the back of her panties, traveling
lower to the warm place between her legs. I felt her hot breath on
my neck as she sighed and spread her legs wider, giving me easier
access. Her hips started to grind against my own as she tried to
rub her clit against my pubic bone. I pulled the thin crotch of
her panties aside and probed her rubbery, hairless lips.

Caitlyn groaned and moved her hips faster as my fingers found her
opening and the warm wetness within. I probed inside her with a
finger, coming up against her hymen. I tentatively pushed against
my daughter's maidenhead, eliciting a soft "Ow!" from her.

I rolled Caitlyn over on her back on the bed, pulling her mother's
lacy white thong down her coltish legs. I planted a trail of kisses
up my daughter's creamy thigh, ending at the petals between her
legs. She sighed when my tongue found her budding little clit, and
she squirmed as my tongue invaded her vagina. I cupped her little
cheeks in my hands and drank from her fresh young slit.

Caitlyn balled her fists and curled her toes as my tongue lashed her
pearly clit. Her hips rocked faster and her breathing grew heavier.
She grabbed my hair with her little hands and began to squeal "Oh,
Daddy" between breaths.

When her thighs clamped around my head and she began to shudder, I
stopped licking her clitoris and plunged my tongue deep inside her
tender young hole, trying to reach her hymen. I could barely
reach it with the tip of my tongue. I pulled back and lashed her
puffy lips, probing all the way down to her puckered anus.

I looked up to see Caitlyn smile at me through hooded eyes, fistfuls
of bedsheets wadded up in her hands. I moved next to her on the
bed and rolled over on my back, pulling her on top of me. She
giggled and spread her legs, straddling my lower torso and rubbing up
against my hard penis.

"Daddy, that was wonderful," she sighed, hugging me.

I ran my hands along her back, marveling at how smooth and soft her
skin was. She inched down my body so the tip of my cock was just
barely touching her pussy. I tugged at her bra and pulled it up over
her head, exposing her puffy, budding titties. Her nubby little
breasts were exposed and I couldn't resist licking and nibbling on her
puffy brown nipples. I felt my baby girl reach down to touch my
raging hard on. She was tentative, tracing a finger along its length.

"Sweetie, what do you know about sex?" I asked her.

Caitlyn looked hesitant to reply.

"Did mommy have a talk with you?"

"No, Daddy."

"Did you have a lesson about it in school?"

"Sort of, there was a talk by the gym teacher," she replied.

"Do you know where babies come from?" I asked.

"Yes, Daddy. The man puts his thing inside the woman and seeds come

"Have you talked about this with your friends?"

Caitlyn bit her lower lip, obviously stalling.

"Sweetie, if you and your friends have played some 'games', it's
okay. You can tell me; you won't be in trouble," I said, trying
to sound soothing.

"Well, sometimes me and Elena and her brother...", she started to
say, trailing off.

"Tell me, sweetheart." Elena and her brother Pitr lived down the
block with their mother, a Russian immigrant named Nadia. Like
me, she had recently lost her spouse. Elena was Caitlyn's age; her
brother was a year younger.

"Um, well, Elena showed me a game she plays with Pitr where she puts
his pee-pee in her mouth and licks it like a lollipop. Once they
tried to make a baby but nothing came out." This last part was a
hushed whisper. Caitlyn knew it was a big secret.

"Where was Elena's mother?" My paternal instincts were kicking in.

"She works every day and comes home late," she said.

"Have you played this game with Pitr?"

"Well...I licked him like Elena did. Just a little," she admitted.

"Did he put his thing in you?" I asked, trying not get upset over
the kids' lack of supervision.

"No, but..."

"But what?"

"Well, Elena's mom has this plastic thing that hums when you twist
the bottom," she said.

"A vibrator?"

"I put that in me but it hurt when I put it in too far. I could feel
it hit my hy-, what's that word?"


"Hymen," she said, giggling over the funny sound of the word. "Elena
can put it all the way inside her."

I tried to imagine young, dark-haired Elena with a vibrator in her tight
little snatch, lost in the throes of orgasm.

"Have you had your period, yet?" I asked, snapping out of my daydream.

"No, Daddy. I bled a little when I put the plastic thing in me."

"That happens when you tear your hymen. It bleeds a little and hurts
the first time." I lazily stroked my daughter's smooth back as she
sighed and hugged my chest. My flagging erection began to stir anew.
Caitlyn's hand began to work its way down my torso, until she once
again had my penis in her little fist.

"Let me show you something, Caitlyn," I said, sitting up and lifting
her off my chest. I sat on the bed with my legs spread, my pretty
daughter sitting cross-legged between my thighs. I placed her tiny
hands on my hard cock and showed her how to manipulate a man's penis,
holding the skin taut, stroking the shaft and head, fondling the balls.
She was eager to learn and fascinated with my genitalia.

"Have you ever seen a grown-up penis before?" I asked.

"Only in a magazine Elena's mom had," she replied. The magazine must
have reminded Caitlyn of something, because she suddenly smiled and
lowered her head on my penis. I closed my eyes and gasped at the warmth
of her lips and tongue. She even managed to fit a third of my cock in
her little mouth. But what really surprised me is what my baby daughter did with her tongue, swirling it over my shaft and glans. I looked
down to see her looking back up at me, reveling in the power she had
over me.

"Sweetie, I'm about to come," I said through gritted teeth. I didn't
want to surprise my daughter with the huge load that was welling up.
I lifted her head from my cock and began to stroke it. Caitlyn
stared intently at my throbbing dick. It didn't take long before I
was spurting a great geyser of ropy semen. Caitlyn jumped back a bit,
startled by this display. I gave my waning member a few last wanks and
then groped around for something to wipe up the mess on my stomach.
I found my boxers but, before I could blot it up, Caitlyn scooped up
come on her finger and examined it closely.

"I don't see any seeds," she said.

"They're tiny, like the individual cells in your hand."

"Will I have a baby if..." she asked, about to take a tentative taste.

"No, not if you taste or swallow it. Only if it's in your vagina and
only after you start having a period."

Reassured, she licked her finger and then scrunched up her nose.

"Bitter, isn't it? Like radishes." I asked. She agreed. Her mother had been indifferent to the taste, except for that one time she served
asparagus tips with dinner. Having wiped my sperm off my stomach, I
took Caitlyn in my arms and hugged her.

"That made me very happy, honey," I said as we snuggled together.

"I love you, Daddy," she whispered, her little hand curling up around
my flaccid penis.

"I love you, too, honeybear." My cock stirred to life in her warm grip.

"Daddy?" Caitlyn looked up me and I kissed her, my tongue parting her
soft lips and finding her tongue. I ran my hands along her taut young body, my fingers lingering at the hairless slit between her legs. She
parted them, allowing me to feel a hint of lubrication.

"Baby, do you know how to pleasure yourself?" I asked her.

"Like when Elena rubs her cunny?"

I took Caitlyn's hand and placed it on her pussy, dipping a finger
in so she could feel her own wetness.

"When a boy sees a girl he thinks is sexy, his penis gets big and
hard. But when a girl sees a boy and gets turned on, her vagina gets moist, like how your mouth waters when you get hungry."

I guided her fingers around her vulva, pointing out her urethra and
clitoris. I showed her how to play with herself, one hand in her
pussy, the other on her clit. After a few minutes of concentrated
masturbation, she arched her back and shuddered, her eyes wide with

"You see! You can enjoy this whenever you want, in private, of
course," I said, "but sex is better with someone you love."

"I love you, Daddy! Can we have sex?" Caitlyn asked, snuggling up
close to me.

"I'm not sure we should," I said, "I don't want to hurt you."

She looked disappointed, but didn't put up a fuss, knowing that
getting off scot-free for playing naughty games with Elena and Pitr
was enough for one day. She wrapped her legs around one of my
thighs and we drifted off to sleep together.

* * *

"Ow! Ow, ow ow ow!"

Caitlyn's painful shrieking jarred me awake, and I opened my eyes to see
her straddling me, my cock erect and jammed into her tight little pussy,
a rivulet of blood running down my shaft.

"Caitlyn! What are you doing?"

"I'm sorry, Daddy..." she sobbed, her eyes welling up with tears.

I grabbed her by the hips and gently eased her off my cock. I must
have been having a dream and Caitlyn, still awake, thought she'd take
advantage of the situation.

"Are you okay, baby?" I asked, blotting the blood from her vulva with my

"I'm okay, Daddy," she replied, sniffling. I handed her a tissue and
she blew her nose. "It only hurt for a second."

I kissed my sweet daughter. She looked so sexy in her mother's garter
belt and stockings. I took her in my arms and lay on my back, pulling
her on top of me.

"Now that I'm awake, why don't we finish what we started," I whispered.

My cock was still erect and glistening with Caitlyn's young juices,
mixed with the blood of her torn hymen, and a generous amount of
lubricant from a tube Caitlyn found in my wife's bed side drawer.
Caitlyn wriggled her bottom so the head of my cock made contact with
her puffy cunt lips. I swiveled my hips, popping the head of my
prick inside her. I gently took my daughter by the hips, supporting
her weight. She slowly settled down on my hard shaft, wincing when
my glans passed her torn hymen. I felt her inside passage narrow and
end with a bit more than half my 7" inside her.

"How does that feel," I asked.

"It feels so big, not like a finger or a plastic thing," she replied.

Slowly, she started to move her hips, rocking back and forth with
small, gentle motions, getting used to these new sensations. Her
vagina gripped me in a velvet vice, and I felt each ridge and vein
in my cock rubbing against her inner walls. She began to relax and
loosen up a bit, smiling and rocking her hips faster. My hands
roamed over her sweet young body as she rode her first cock.

"Oh, good..." she said between breaths, her hips moving
faster and faster. The pain must have subsided because it looked
like my daughter was enjoying herself immensely. I cupped her
little bottom, probing her crack with my finger. I could feel my
cock stretching her young labia. I coated my finger with her juices
and probed her tight little anus.

Feeling my finger at her back door, Caitlyn started humping faster.
She leaned over, her long hair covering my head, and we kissed
until she began to shudder and moan. Her little pussy tightened
around my cock as I held her tight and buried myself inside her.
My cock exploded in a torrent of sperm, washing against my little
girl's cervix and leaking out of her puffy lips. Caitlyn gave
a second, shorter shiver when I came and then collapsed in my arms,
exhausted from her first fuck.

"I felt you come inside me, Daddy," she said with an air of pride,
"It felt so good!"

I kissed my beautiful baby girl and then we cuddled up and drifted
off to sleep together, contented.

I woke up to the sound of Caitlyn in the shower, her soft humming
audible through the closed door. I got out of bed and went into
the bathroom, needing to urinate urgently. The bathroom was
shrouded in a thick, humid mist.

Caitlyn heard the door open and peeked around the shower curtain.
Her hair was wet and soapy with shampoo. She smiled at me and
ducked back under the water as I stood at the toilet and peed.
I noticed her peeking out of the corner of my eye as I shook the
last drops from my dick. It was still coated with dried sperm,
blood, and lubricant, so I stepped into the shower with my daughter.

She had rinsed the shampoo out of her hair and was soaping up her
lovely little form with body wash. Spritzing some in her palm, she
stepped closer and began to lather me, starting at my belly and
working her way down. I returned the favor, lathering her shoulders
and working my way down her back, soaping up her firm, young buttocks.
She giggled when I probed her little bottom with a soapy finger.

Caitlyn took great care lathering up my cock and balls and she soon
had me fully aroused. Her little hands stroking my slick rod felt
fantastic, and I had to steady myself on the shower stall to keep
from falling. She smiled, pleased at the effect she was having, and
stroked my shaft faster. Suddenly, the head of my cock twitched in
her little fist and I spurted a thick, ropy jet of semen that landed
right on her chin. Caitlyn opened her mouth to try and catch the rest,
but it just dribbled over her fingers. She laughed and licked what she
could from her lower lip.

We rinsed off the suds and sperm and left the shower. I dried Caitlyn
off with a towel, lingering over her soft, young body, planting kisses
on her neck, shoulders, and the cleft at the small of her back.

It was nearly dinner time and we were both pretty hungry, so we got
dressed and piled into the car to get some pizza, Caitlyn's favorite
meal. Afterwards, we were driving back in the twilight.

"Daddy?" Caitlyn asked.

"What, sweetie?"

"Can you teach me more? About sex, I mean. I mean, there's more to
it than what we did, right? Like what grown-ups like to do?"

I shivered at the thought of my sweet little ten-year-old baby growing
up so fast. She was asking about things that even I was hazy about.
I thought about it for a few minutes and pulled over at the mini-mall
a few miles from our house.

"Stay in the car, sweetie. Daddy will be back in a few."

I returned to the car with a bag of video tapes and a bottle of scotch.
Caitlyn snuggled against me in the front seat on the short trip home.
She peeked inside the bag but it was too dark to read the tiny white
letters on the tapes.

When we returned, I poured a scotch on the rocks and joined Caitlyn
in the living room. She had opened the tapes and was looking at
the titles. After a few minutes she selected one and inserted it
in the VCR. I settled back on the couch and loosened my belt as
Caitlyn hit "play".

On screen, two blonde women wearing blouses, short pleated skirts, and
knee socks were lying together in a bed, kissing and undressing each
other. By the time they were down to their panties and bras, they
were locked in a 69-style embrace, licking the wet spots in each other's

Caitlyn sat next to me on the couch, watching intently. One of her
hands absently wandered under her skirt and she stroked her pussy through her white cotton panties.

The two blondes had their panties off and had broken out the toys,
plumbing each other's pussies with vibrators while tongues kept
swollen clitties busy. An anal probe was introduced, and it caused
the recipient to quiver with glee.

I had my arm over Caitlyn's shoulder and could feel her rubbing her
clit next to me. When the two blondes reached their thundering video climax, Caitlyn gave a little shiver and I felt her hand slow down,
but not stop. She picked up the remote and hit the fast-forward

"So, does this mean Elena's mom is a lesbian? She has toys like
those women had," Caitlyn asked. I tried to explain that Nadia
probably wasn't gay, that women had things like that so they could
enjoy orgasms by themselves, and how even married people sometimes
masturbate. Caitlyn still seemed a bit confused.

The lesbian tape wasn't holding her attention, so she ejected it and
put in another. It was a group sex tape, with a buxom, tanned red-
head and five athletic young men. Each of the buff studs presented
her with a penis to suck, a few of them being of heroic proportions.
She undid her bikini bottoms and climbed on top of one of the men,
guiding his hard, glistening cock inside her moist snatch.

Caitlyn was fascinated by this scene, watching intently as the redhead
took three cocks inside her and held the other two in her hands and
stroked them. The camera zoomed in on her bottom, framing the two
hard members assaulting her pussy and asshole.

"Doesn't that hurt her bottom?" Caitlyn asked.

"It probably hurts at first, then she loosens up and gets used to it," I
replied. I could feel Caitlyn's hand moving faster inside her panties.
The redhead climbed off the cock in her pussy and lay on her back in a
lawn chair, frigging her clit, as the five men stood around her,
jerking off, and covering her with their goo.

"That last part was pretty gross," Caitlyn said, changing the tapes.
I agreed, but the lump in my slacks said otherwise.

Caitlyn settled back into the couch, nestled under my arm, her hand
finding its way back under her panties. This third tape started
with a man and two women in a bedroom. He was naked, but the women
wore bras, panties, garter belts, and stockings under sheer robes.
They joined the man in bed and he slowly pulled their panties down
over their thighs.

"Daddy! That lady has a penis!" Caitlyn shrieked as the man undressed
the second woman. A small but stiff penis and somewhat shrunken balls
were revealed under the lacy nylon briefs. The man took the cockette
in his mouth and ravished her with his tongue. Caitlyn had a look on
her face that was part horror and part fascination as the transsexual
lay back on the bed and let herself be serviced by the man and the

Caitlyn's interest never waned as the tape played out to the end. By
that time, the man had penetrated the shemale anally, the shemale had
serviced and fucked the woman, the shemale sucked the man and then
penetrated him anally, some random black guy showed up and penetrated
them all anally, and the man lay on the floor while the woman pissed
on him.

"That last part was pretty gross, too," Caitlyn declared, putting in
the last tape. This one was a pretty straightforward "Secrets of a
Sexy Marriage" tape, put together by a sex therapist with a bogus-
sounding title and acted out by aging porn stars portraying married couples looking to spice up their bedroom activities. Caitlyn began
to get bored with the somewhat clinical descriptions of toys and

"Tired, munchkin?" I asked after she had yawned a third time. She shook
her head, but I knew she was sleepy.

"Come on, let's go to bed. You can sleep with me tonight." That perked
her up a bit and she got up off the couch, kissed me, and scooted off to
brush her teeth. I finished my scotch and wobbled off to the bedroom.

Caitlyn returned from the bathroom wearing nothing but her little white
cotton panties, a pair we had bought today. She got under the covers
and snuggled up against me, her cotton-clad fanny pressing against my
penis. I began to stiffen as Caitlyn wiggled her butt against my cock.
I held her close and nestled my cock between her legs, feeling her
reach down and rub it up against her panty crotch. I let my fingers
wander down her body, slipping under the lacy waistband of her panties,
and finding her nubby little clit, puffy from all the frigging Caitlyn
had been doing.

I pulled back, lifting Caitlyn's slim little hips off the bed, and
pulled her little panties down over her ass, pushing back forward
so my cock was again between her legs, rubbing against her bare
pussy lips. She sighed and pushed her bare bottom against my
crotch. I kept playing with her clitty, lubricating it with the
juices from my daughter's young pussy. My other hand roamed her
chest, fingering her puffy nipples and cupping her growing breasts.
Caitlyn rocked her hips, rubbing my cock along her crack, from the
top of her vulva to her anus.

"Do you want to put it in there?" Caitlyn asked, after the tip of
my cock lingered at her back door.

"No, sweetie. Not tonight. Not until you're ready," I whispered,
"Right now I want to feel your pussy. I want to fill you with my

"Oh, Daddy," she sighed, pulling one of her legs up and out of her
panties, parting her thighs to let me enter her. I pushed my hips
forward and she reached down to guide me inside her tight, wet
snatch. She lowered her thigh, clamping me in place in a hole that
was even tighter than before. I held her by the hips and guided
my pole in and out, her moist pussy making sucking sounds with each
stroke. Caitlyn furiously fingered her clit as we lay side-by-side.

I felt her shiver once, then twice, then nearly convulse as her
orgasm hit her. Her tight little twat rippled around my cock,
triggering my own climax. I pushed my cock in as far as I could
before I spasmed hard, filling my daughter's tiny hole. It was the
fourth time I had come that day, but watching porn all evening
with my randy daughter had resulted in an impressive load under
the circumstances. My daughter's spasming pussy milked out the
last drop. Caitlyn went limp in my arms, and we relaxed together
as my shrinking cock slipped out of her wet pussy.

"I made an awful mess down there, sweetie. I should clean it up,"
I said, slipping down beneath the blankets and between my daughter's
thighs. I greedily licked and sucked at her messy snatch, cupping
her firm, young bottom in my hands, drinking my own semen mixed with
her fragrant young juices. She squirmed in my gentle grip as I
made sure her pearly clit was clean. And then some. By the time
she came, her pre-teen pussy was immaculate. I would have taken
my daughter again, but we were both too exhausted to put together
another fuck, and fell asleep nestled like spoons.

I awoke the next morning to find Caitlyn curled between my legs,
sucking my cock.

"Good morning, Daddy!" she said, pulling the head of my cock out
of her mouth and smiling. I was too groggy to reply so she went
back to sucking. A moment later, I pulled her up and onto my
chest, running my hands along her smooth, young back. My hard
cock pressed against her moist pussy, and Caitlyn took the hint,
pushing her hips down against my rigid member. The swollen,
glistening head of my penis popped inside her, and she slowly
settled back down on my shaft until her young vagina was fully
stuffed with her father's cock.

My bladder was full, adding to my sensitivity, so I slowly rocked
her on top of my hips, my engorged member pumping in and out of
her hairless slit. Her extreme wetness made for some obscene
squelching sounds as I slowly pounded her preteen pussy. She
held on to my chest for dear life, her eyes gleaming with pleasure.

I noticed her breathing get shorter and harder, and a flush bloomed
over her face and chest. She shuddered on top of me, her pussy clamping my member in a tight velvet grip. My resistance melted,
and I let loose a profuse torrent of hot sperm inside my blissful
daughter. I grabbed her firm young buns, pulling her towards me
in an effort to deposit my seed as deep as possible in my daughter's
young snatch.

We held each other close, catching our breath, feeling my waning
erection slowly slip out of her, followed by a clot of semen. We
relaxed together until the need to urinate couldn't be ignored.
Caitlyn followed me into the bathroom and marveled at the amount
of piss I could generate first thing in the morning. She insisted
in blotting the last drip off my cock with a piece of toilet paper,
even though I was just about to step into the shower.

We took a quick shower together before driving out to get some
breakfast. After returning the videos, we drove by the mall,
hoping we could finish shopping for Caitlyn's summer wardrobe.
Though it was a Saturday, it was early and the place was relatively

We had just left the mall's big department store when
Caitlyn tugged at my sleeve, steering me over to the mall's
lingerie store, a Very Sexy franchise. The headless, limbless
mannequins in the window modeled an assortment of push-up bras,
thongs, garter belts, and corsets. Caitlyn looked up at me with
that "Can I have a pony, Daddy?" look. I steered her away from
the store display before anyone could see the way she was looking
at me.

"Sweetie, your mother had a lot of sexy things like that.
I suppose you could have hers," I said. Caitlyn realized that
shopping for sexy lace lingerie was different from our buying
a package of cotton briefs and didn't press the issue. We
grabbed a quick lunch at the mall food court before driving

While Caitlyn put away her new clothes, I went through Carol's
underwear drawers, stuffing everything into a pillowcase. Then
I went through her bedside drawers. I had never looked in there,
as my wife and I respected each other's privacy. What I found
in there surprised me.

Underneath a couple of women's magazines was a selection of dildos
and vibrators, anal probes and clitoral stimulators, and an
expensive Hitachi Magic Wand, along with various cremes and jellies.
I had no idea how much my late wife was into toys.

I gathered them up in a bundle and took them, along with the pillow-
case full of my wife's lingerie, down the hall to Caitlyn's bedroom.
She was busy putting her new clothes away and I found her in the
closet, stretching to hang a new skirt, her short sundress exposing
the white cotton panties covering her bottom. I spilled the bundle
on her bed, plastic dongs and anal probes rolling over the covers
of my daughter's bed.

"Here. You can have these," I said, sitting down on the edge of her
bed. Caitlyn came over and examined my wife's toys, reaching into
the pillowcase to inspect Carol's lacy undies.

"Thank you, Daddy," she said, hugging me.

We went through each toy, and I explained what each one was supposed
to do. When we go to the vibrating anal probe, Caitlyn was eager to
try it, curious as ever. I helped her lubricate it and she slowly
inserted it in her back door. When it was halfway in, I turned on the
power. It seemed like an electric shock traveled through her body.
I took one of the other dongs and licked the tip before placing it at
my daughter's puffy, hairless pussy. Her wetness made inserting it
easier than the probe in her ass had been. When I turned on that
vibrator, her squirming started in earnest.

I loosened my jeans to give my stiffening cock some room and then leaned
down to press my lips against Caitlyn's pussy. I kept assaulting her
young holes with the two vibrators while I began to ravish her clit with
my tongue. I kept it up until she came, squirming against the feelings
that were engulfing her tender bottom.

I gently flipped her over on her stomach and buried my face between her
firm, young buttocks, my tongue probing her tender anus. I tasted the
flavored lubricant that had coated the anal probe. My tongue wormed
inside her as my fingers manipulated her tender clitoris.

"Daddy? Can we?" she asked, looking back over her shoulder.

"Yes, sweetie," I replied, pulling my face out from between her sweet
cheeks and reaching for the lubricant. I squirted a generous blob
on her brown, puckered anus, working it in gently with my finger.
At the same time, I coated my hard cock, working it in with my other
hand. I placed my slick knob at my daughter's anus.

"You sure about this, munchkin?" I whispered.

"Please, Daddy. I want to feel you in there," she pleaded.

I slowly pushed forward, feeling the head of my cock assaulting my
daughter's tender back door. She tensed up for a second, until I
leaned over and kissed her on the back of her neck. I felt her
take a deep breath and relax her little bottom, letting my shaft
slide deeper inside her.

I started to thrust, slowly, gently, knowing that I was filling
my baby girl's bottom with hard cock. I reached under her hips,
my fingers finding her clit and stroking it as I ravaged her

"How's that feel, baby," I asked her.

She replied with a long moan, her tender little bottom convulsing
under me at the touch of my fingertips. I felt her orgasm travel
in waves from her cunny to her ass, her sphincter rhythmically
clenching and releasing around my pole.

I lost control to the pulsing of her bottom, flooding her bowels
with my semen. I pushed in deep enough that I could feel my balls
hit the back of her thighs, filling her up with my spurting cock.
We both fell back to the bed, exhausted and sweaty, my shrinking
penis oozing out of her anus.

We dozed off together, my sticky cock tucked between her firm,
little cheeks. Waking up in the middle of the night, I had to
carefully unstick my penis from my baby girl's asscrack without
waking her up in order to take a leak. Returning to her bed, I
tucked myself back between her legs. Still asleep, she snuggled
her ass against my crotch. I fell asleep with her in my arms.

* * *
(c) 2000 Anais Ninja

We woke up together, awakened by the sound of the Sunday paper
hitting the front door. Caitlyn stretched lazily and settled
back in my arms, wiggling her butt against my growing erection.
She spread her legs and reached back to position my cock against
her pussy lips.

I gently pushed my hips forward, popping the head of my cock inside
my daughter's hot little snatch. I reached around to massage her
clit as I slowly eased more of my shaft inside her. She moaned and
squirmed as I began to pump her, my fat cock plowing the tight little
walls of her preteen vagina. Her hips pushed against mine, trying to
get as much of my cock inside her as possible. I rubbed her clitty
faster, knowing that it wouldn't be long before I came and I wanted
to bring my little girl off first.

In no time at all, Caitlyn was climaxing hard, shuddering in my arms,
her pussy clamped around my hard on. I felt my balls well up and my
cock twitched before my orgasm hit. I filled my daughter's spasming
pussy full of semen. As my strokes got slower, cum leaked out of
Caitlyn's cunny, dripping down her creamy white thigh.

We lay quietly together in the morning light, enjoying the feeling
of each other's body. Soon enough, though, we both had to pee, so
we got up and went to the bathroom together. Caitlyn insisted on
holding my penis as I urinated, the warm touch of her little hands
making it somewhat difficult. We took a long hot shower together,
taking time to soap each other up thoroughly.

After breakfast, I settled down in the living room with the Sunday
papers while Caitlyn went over to Elena's house. I wondered if
Caitlyn and Elena would continue playing their "games" now that my
daughter had been introduced to the grown-up world of sex. I put
that thought out of my mind and lost myself in the paper.

I had just finished the sports section when the phone rang. It was
Caitlyn, calling from Elena's house. Elena's mother had come home
from work all upset and had started drinking and was now violently
ill. Elena and her brother were worried and Caitlyn asked me to
come over. After I hung up the phone, I put on some clothes and
ran over. The house was only two blocks away.

Caitlyn opened the door. The living room was a mess, a lamp was
toppled over and smashed, broken glass on the carpet. Nadia was
in the kitchen, sitting on the floor, a half bottle of vodka next
to her. Her hair was matted and her waitress uniform was unbut-
toned down the front, exposing a torn cotton bra covering small, pert
breasts. She started to look up to see who had come in when she
began to retch into the kitchen wastebasket. When she was done,
I picked her up off the floor and guided her into the bathroom.
Elena and Pitr were cowering behind the bedroom door, terrified.

Nadia bent over the toilet and puked again while I wet a washcloth
and dripped cold water on the back of her neck. I knelt next to
her and held her hair out of the toilet while she retched. When she
had finished, I held her as she sobbed.

From what I could gather between sobs, she had been fired from her
job for not putting out and, when she had protested, her boss tried
to rip the uniform off of her. She pulled aside the cup of her bra
and showed me the fingernail marks on her breast.

We sat together on the bathroom floor until she had calmed down. I
told her that I'd have my lawyer look into it. Nadia began to
panic again because her rent was in arrears, but I assured her that
she and her kids could stay with us if the worst case occurred.

When she had settled down a bit, I invited her and the kids over to
my place to have dinner. The kids could sleep over with Caitlyn, so
she could get a little break. She thanked me and I helped her to
her feet. She was still a bit unsteady, so I helped her walk into her
bedroom so she could change.

Before I could turn and leave the room, she had her dress off and was
undoing her bra. She was wearing girl's panties, white cotton briefs
with a little rosebud pattern. From behind, her slim figure reminded
me of a 14-year-old girl. Nadia pulled a dress from her closet and
turned around.

"Oh, these," she said, noticing that I was staring at her panties. "I
have so much trouble finding ones that fit, so I buy them at the same
place as Elena's." She put on the sundress and lifted it up, giving me
a good look.

"They are cute, no? Like a little girl's?" she said, smiling.

"Sure are," I mumbled. We left the bedroom and gathered the kids for
the short walk to my place.

Back at my house, Caitlyn took Nadia's kids to her room to play while
I fixed dinner. Nadia joined me in the kitchen while I whipped up a
quick pasta dinner with fresh sauce.

"Did you know our kids have been 'fooling around'?" I asked her while
waiting for the big pot of water to boil.

"Fooling around?"

"Playing sex games, using your vibrator," I replied. She blushed when
I mentioned her vibrator.

"Kids will be kids, I guess," she said. She knew something was up but
hadn't had a chance to catch them in the act. She'd had too much on
her mind lately.

"I'm pretty sure they're playing right now," I said. I took Nadia by
the hand and led her down the hall to Caitlyn's room. The door to her
room was slightly ajar. We peeked in and saw Caitlyn showing Elena
and Pitr the vibrators I had given her. She had her skirt hiked up
and her panties pulled down, manipulating the dildo in her pussy and
the probe in her anus. Pitr was gawking at her while Elena had her
hands down his pants, fondling her brother's little cock.

Nadia watched this scene for a minute and then turned to face me. Our
lips met in a hard, passionate kiss. My hands roamed under her dress,
cupping her ass through her little panties. Her tongue probed my mouth,
finding mine as she ground her hips against my groin. We groped each
other outside my daughter's room until I took her by the hand and guided
her into my bedroom.

She pulled her dress over her head and threw it aside, standing before
me in just her pretty cotton panties. I leaned down and took one of
her nipples in my mouth, tonguing it until it was erect and pebbly.
Meanwhile, she was undoing my shorts, reaching for my erect penis.

I took off my shirt and stepped out of my drawstring shorts, my erection
throbbing and pointing at her smooth, flat belly. Slowly, I peeled her
panties down over her thighs, exposing her womanly mons and vulva. We
fell together on the bed, kissing and fondling each other. She ground
her pussy against my thigh, giving me a taste of her heat and moisture.

After a few minutes of groping, we moved into a 69 position. I buried
my face into her cunt just as I felt her warm lips on the head of my
engorged member. I probed her pussy, finding her pearly clit and
lashing at it with my tongue. We sucked and licked each other until
she came, her thighs quivering and shaking, her pussy drenched with
her juices mixed with my saliva.

She pulled me from between her legs and I lay over her as she took my
cock in hand, guiding it into her messy snatch. I entered her slowly,
her warm, moist pussy enveloping my hardness. I kissed her on the lips
as I started to thrust, and she put her hands on my butt, pulling me
deeper inside her.

She wrapped her legs around me as we fucked, her pebbly nipples tickling
my chest as I pumped her. I grabbed her little butt cheeks and pounded
her harder than I dared to fuck Caitlyn. Nadia made little gasping
sounds with each hard thrust, almost as loud as the sucking sounds her
sloppy snatch was making. For a woman with two children, she was
surprisingly tight, something that puzzled me until I noticed the
c-section scars on her pale belly later on.

Nadia was just about to reach her second climax when I noticed that
we were being watched. The door was slightly ajar and I noticed three
sets of eyes in the gap, watching intently. Nadia gave a muffled
shriek as she came, her pussy spasming around my cock, pulling me
towards my own climax. My penis exploded inside Nadia's pussy,
spraying her womb with my hot, thick semen.

As we lay together, Nadia's legs still wrapped around my back, I
whispered to her that the kids were watching. She glanced over
at the door and smiled.

"Come on in, kids," I shouted. Caitlyn opened the door tentatively,
revealing Elena and Pitr, the former still playing with her brother's
penis. Caitlyn took the initiative, stepping out of her skirt and
pulling off her top, getting into bed with us wearing just her panties.
After a minute's pause, Elena and Pitr followed suit, stripping down
to their undies and joining us.

"When Caitlyn told me about the games, I took it upon myself to teach
her about sex, so she wouldn't have any misconceptions that might lead
to trouble later," I told Nadia. "Now she shares my bed at night."

Nadia looked at me for a moment and then over at the kids. Caitlyn was
helping Elena pull Pitr's boxers off, freeing his boyish cock. The two
girls then took turns licking his stiff little penis. I got up off of
Nadia and hugged my sweet little daughter, getting a loving kiss in

Nadia thought for a second and then moved over to her son, lowering her
head into his lap and taking his little cock in her mouth. Pitr was in
ecstasy as his mother licked and slurped at his penis. Meanwhile, Elena
moved between her mother's legs and began licking the semen that was
leaking from her mother's pussy.

"Do you like the taste, Elena?" Nadia asked. Elena looked up, my cum on her lips and smiled, nodding, and then went back to licking her
mother's cream pie. Caitlyn played with my flaccid cock while I
fingered her tight little cunny and preteen clit through her little
cotton panties. We watched as Elena licked her mother's pussy, bringing
her to yet another orgasm. Through it all, she kept Pitr's cock in
her mouth, licking and sucking her 9-year-old son's erection.

"Suck on the man's cock, Elena," Nadia commanded. Her daughter dutifully complied, wiping her face off on the sheets and lowering
her head into my lap. She tried to get as much of my cock in her
mouth as she could, daunted by my admittedly average length and
girth. Her mouth felt delicious, her warm tongue bathing my hard
shaft. I held Caitlyn in my arms next to me and finger-fucked her
as Elena worked over my cock and balls with her lips and tongue.

Nadia stopped sucking Pitr and turned to watch her daughter fellate
my rod. She spread her daughter's legs and knelt between them, her
tongue probing her daughter's hairless pussy. I could feel Elena
start to moan as she sucked me. Caitlyn took this opportunity to
take over sucking Pitr, scooting around so I could pull her panties down and bury my head between her legs, drinking in her fresh, young scent and taste. We formed a broken daisy-chain on the king-size
bed, needing only Pitr to go down on his mother to complete the circle.
It would be something that we would have to teach him.

Elena began to come under her mother's tongue and she pulled my cock
out of her mouth to catch her breath. Elena withdrew from between
her daughter's legs and watched my daughter suck Pitr for a moment.
Then she guided Pitr between his sister's legs, his little stiffy
poking up against his sister's puffy red lips. She helped him
enter Elena's pussy and then stroked his smooth, young back as he
began to hump with boyish abandon. Elena had a blissful expression
as her brother fucked her, her hips bucking to meet each thrust.

Caitlyn and I watched as Pitr's little buns twitched and he came,
though he was too young to fill her with his seed. He pulled his
little cock out of his sister, leaving her on the brink of coming.

"Would you like something bigger in your pussy, Elena?" Nadia asked
her daughter. Elena nodded, looking in my direction. With Caitlyn's
encouragement and Nadia's approval, I took Pitr's place between Elena's
legs and guided my erection into her young pussy. She gasped as her
tight little vagina expanded, her tender preteen cunny invaded by an
erect adult penis. I held her little hips steady as I slowly filled
her with my cock.

"Are you okay?" I asked her, seeing her grimace.

"Yes, it feels so...big," she whispered. I pulled her legs up over
my shoulders and buried my cock inside her until I could feel her
tiny cervix. Cupping her little cheeks in my hands, I began to
slowly thrust, her tight little twat gripping my cock like a velvet

Nadia had arranged Pitr and Caitlyn in a sixty-nine, coaching her
son in the fine points of cunnilingus, to my daughter's obvious
pleasure. She watched her ten-year-old daughter getting fucked,
fingering her own pussy and smiling.

I kissed and licked Elena's puffy little nipples while I pumped her
hairless little pussy. She had wrapped her legs around the small of
my back and was using her heels the way an equestrienne uses her
stirrups, urging me to fuck her harder and faster. Suddenly, her
mouth made a wordless "O" and she came, bucking and thrashing under
me, her tight, young pussy sucking at my cock, drawing my climax
from deep within my groin. She let out a yell as I came, my cock
spurting hot, thick jets of semen inside her preteen pussy.
I pumped her full of my come just as Caitlyn was coming under Pitr's
young lips on her cunny.

Just then, I remembered the pasta water on the stove and pulled my
waning cock out of Elena's tight little hole. My semen leaked out
of her stretched pussy and Nadia leaned over to lick it up, cleaning
her daughter's messy twat with her lips and tongue.

I returned from the kitchen with the wine and a couple of glasses.
Caitlyn was squatting over Pitr, stuffing his little erection into
her pussy. Elena was lying back while her mother licked and slurped
at her messy twat, sucking my semen from her daughter's vagina. My
cock stirred as I went over to Caitlyn, offering her my penis to
suck while she humped Pitr. She greedily gobbled my cock while
riding Pitr's young erection. I stroked her silken blonde hair while
my hardness began to fill her young mouth.

Caitlyn pulled herself off Pitr's cock and knelt on the bed, presenting
her cute little bottom to me. I pushed my glistening, wet cock into
her tight pussy, hearing her sigh as I pushed my pole deep inside her.
She leaned down between Pitr's thighs and took his cock in her mouth
as I slowly began to fuck her from behind.

Nadia's oral ministrations began to have their effect on Elena, and she
began to softly moan while running her hands over her puffy preteen
nipples. Her hips rocked under the lashing of her mother's tongue,
rubbing her clitty and lapping up the sperm that leaked from her just-
fucked hole. Watching Elena's thighs quiver as she started to come made
me pound Caitlyn's tender pussy harder.

Caitlyn kept sucking Pitr's hard little wand while she reached back to
feel my balls sway as I fucked her. My hands traveled from her slim
hips to her wet, stretched slit, finding her little, red clit. I pulled
her mound taut with one hand and rubbed her joy button with the other,
bringing her off almost immediately. My little daughter's pussy spasmed
around my cock. I pressed a wet finger into her tiny puckered anus,
making her twat contract around my cock even more. She came again as
I fingerfucked her tender little bottom. Between her cunny's sweet
sucking and her soft little hand on my balls, my own orgasm welled up
and erupted and I filled my daughter's sweet young snatch with my hot

As my erection flagged and I started to slip out of Caitlyn's messy
vagina, I watched with fascination as she kept sucking Pitr's thin
4" cock, trying to bring him off. His orgasm was dry, but intense
all the same, and he arched his back and cried out before relaxing.
Caitlyn tried to keep his cock in her mouth but he was too sensitive
and gently pushed her away.

Pitr was the first to declare that he was hungry. Unlike the girls,
he hadn't been lapping my semen out of someone's pussy. I got up to
restart dinner while Nadia trooped the kids into the bathroom to wash
up. A little while later, we sat down to eat, Nadia and I in robes,
the kids wearing just their undies. Nadia's hand was on my thigh
throughout most of dinner.

After dinner, Nadia and I had a talk over a glass of wine while the
kids went to Caitlyn's room to play. Elena and Caitlyn had been
whispering throughout dinner, sharing some naughty secret.

Nadia told me that she and her late husband had been members of a
nudist community that encouraged fraternization among families,
something she knew was forbidden in this country. After her
husband passed away, she came here, expecting to find similar
communities, but none existed.

"I'm sure we could find the same thing here," I said, "People are
people." I made a mental note to research the subject later.

"I hope so. Seeing you with Elena reminded me of those times," she
said, looking wistful. I took her in my arms and kissed her gently
on the cheek, hoping it would cheer her up a bit. She turned and
looked me in the eyes for a second, then closed her eyes and kissed
me on the lips, her soft tongue melting against mine. I slipped my
hand inside her robe and cupped her breasts, feeling her nipples
grow pebbly and erect. Our embrace was interrupted by the sound of
little feet, however.

Caitlyn and Elena's secret was revealed when they trooped into the
living room, a feminized Pitr in tow. They had dressed him in a
pretty pink sundress and applied a bit of makeup, adding a couple
of ribbons to his long hair. We laughed as he curtseyed, pulling
his hem up a bit too high and flashing his pink satin panties.

Caitlyn wanted to watch some more x-rated videos, so I threw on a
pair of shorts and a t-shirt and made a quick trip to the video store.

When I returned, Nadia was wearing one of my wife's filmy nighties,
a short white babydoll with sheer matching panties. She greeted
me at the door with a kiss, her long dark hair framing her pretty,
round face. I handed the tapes to Caitlyn and we returned to the
living room, where Elena and Pitr were waiting. She had her hands
under her brother's dress and was rubbing him through the pretty
satin panties.

Nadia poured me a glass of wine and we sat on the couch next to Pitr
and Elena. Caitlyn put the first tape in the VCR and came back to
sit next to me and Nadia. She tugged at the my shorts, urging me to
take them off. I stepped out of them and shrugged off my t-shirt.
I settled back onto the couch, Caitlyn in her undies on one side,
Nadia in my wife's sheer nightie on the other. Elena had taken off
Pitr's dress, revealing a pink satin training bra that matched his
panties. His little erection was poking against the shiny fabric of
his undies, to Elena's obvious delight. She stopped teasing him when
the video started.

Caitlyn had selected "Shemale Orgy" as the first tape. On the screen,
a rather well-endowed transsexual was going down on an even bigger
guy. They were soon joined by a half-dozen other people; men, women,
and transsexuals. Nadia was as fascinated as her kids as events
unfolded on the television. She even went "ooh!" when the well-hung
shemale penetrated one of the women vaginally, thrusting in deep until
their ample breasts were pressed against each other, nipple-to-nipple.

I ran my hand inside Nadia's nightie, feeling her breasts as she watched
the movie. Her hand worked its way up my thigh to my growing erection,
meeting Caitlyn's hand at my penis. I pulled my daughter closer so I
could play with her puffy little nipples while she and Nadia slowly
jerked me off. She had one hand in her panties and was frigging her
little clit. I smiled at my little sexpot, pleasuring herself and her
Daddy, too.

I looked over to see what Nadia's kids were doing. Elena had one hand
on her panties and the other jammed in Pitr's, while he was flicking her
puffy brown nipples with his fingers. They were both watching the video intently, fascinated at the gender bending on the screen. Elena asked
her mother something but Nadia just shrugged her shoulders.

Caitlyn climbed up into my lap, sitting with her back to me and my hard
member sticking up between her legs. She pulled it against the crotch
of her panties, looking down and giggling.

"It looks like my cock, Daddy," she said. I gave her a playful bite on
her shoulder and ran my hands over her budding preteen chest. Nadia had
her hand on my balls, gently fondling them while she watched the video.

Elena and Pitr had arranged themselves on the floor, Elena lying on her
stomach facing the television, while Pitr lay on her back, his crotch
against his sister's pantied bottom. He humped her tush for a while
before pulling her panties down, as well as his own, and sticking his
hard little cock between Elena's cheeks.

"Ow! No, Pitr, not there," she said, jumping up with a start.

"But that is the way that man is fucking the woman with the big pee-
pee!" he said, pointing at the television. A transsexual was being
penetrated from both ends by two men, bucking and thrashing on the
two poles invading her mouth and ass.

"Use your tongue to wet her, Pitr," Nadia said. Elena nodded and Pitr
set to work licking his sister's asshole while keeping his eyes glued
to the video. Eventually, Pitr mounted his sister, eventually managing
to penetrate Elena's tender anus after a bit of difficulty. Elena
reached under her belly to play with her clit while Pitr pumped his
little cock in and out of her tiny bottom.

Caitlyn was torn between watching the video and watching Elena take
Pitr in her ass. She solved the dilemma by pulling aside the crotch
of her panties and placing the head of my cock at the entrance of her
young cunny. Rubbing my cock against her puffy lips to wet the head
with her moisture, she wiggled her hips, cramming my cock inside her.
Nadia helped her guide the rest of my shaft in her tight, little
pussy, leaning over to kiss her. I watched my daughter tongue-kiss
Nadia as I slowly lifted my daughter and lowered her hips on my
rigid pole, the walls of her cunt gripping my cock in a hot, tight

While my daughter sat on my lap with my cock buried inside her, Nadia
had her hands in her panties and was frigging herself, while on the
floor, Pitr was pounding his sister's ass, his tight little butt
flexing and relaxing with each stroke. I reached into Caitlyn's
panties and found her clit, feeling her shudder as I rolled it
between my fingers.

Elena was fingering herself furiously while her brother pumped her
bottom, quickly bringing herself off while emitting little mouse-
like squeaks. Pitr came as well, his cute, young bottom tensing as
his orgasm washed over his body. He lay on top of his sister,
still watching the video.

I felt Nadia have a little orgasm, too. She shuddered and gave a
breathless gasp. Her hands slowed inside her panties for a moment
and then picked up the pace again. I put an arm around her and
felt her breasts through the lacy bodice of the nightie.

It wasn't until the men in the video withdrew their cocks from the
ass and mouth of the shemale and blew their load on her melons that
Caitlyn came, her tight little pussy squeezing my cock. I held her
tight and buried my penis inside her as far as I could before my own
orgasm hit, flooding her vagina with my hot semen.

"Oh, Daddy," she sighed, moving her hips in my lap, trying to milk my
cock with her young pussy. I kissed her neck and held her as the
last of my cum spurted inside her. Nadia had another little orgasm
watching this scene, and I held her close, too.

"Elena, get a washcloth for Pitr's wee-wee," Nadia said after she had
caught her breath. I reached for the remote and paused the video as
she got up from under her brother. She returned a minute later with
the washcloth and a bath towel, plus some of the sex toys I had given
Caitlyn, and a tube of KY. She placed the toys on the couch next to
her mother before attending to her brother's messy penis.

While Elena was gently drying Pitr's young penis, Nadia slipped her
panties off. I looked over and was surprised to see that she had shaved
her pubic hair while I made the trip to the video store. She scooted
her butt down on the couch and spread her legs. Placing a blob of jelly
on the anal probe, she slowly worked its thin, rippled length into her
bottom. Then she parted her freshly-shaved pussy lips to make way for
a thick, penis-like vibrator, sliding it all the way inside her twat
before turning them both on.

When I reached over to touch her clit, it was like an electric shock had
traveled through her body. She arched her back and rocked her pelvis
so hard that my flaccid cock slipped out of Caitlyn's wet pussy. She
giggled and slid off my lap, adjusting the lacy leg holes of her little
cotton panties to catch the sperm that was dripping out of her young snatch. Wiping a trail of cum that had leaked down her thigh with a
towel, she ejected the shemale tape and put in another before plopping
down on the carpet with Elena and Pitr, watching Nadia pleasure herself
with two vibrators.

"Oh, oh, OH!" Nadia's orgasm was so long and intense that it was hard
to tell when it started and ended. When her convulsions had slowed, I
helped her off the couch, on to her hands and knees, the two vibes still
buzzing her tender holes.

"Which do you want me in?" I asked Nadia, wiggling the vibrator and then
the anal probe.

"I want you in my ass," she gasped, looking at me with glassy, distant
eyes. "Please, fuck my ass."

Her bottom was pretty well lubricated from the anal probe, so I had no
trouble replacing it with my hardness. I slowly filled her rectum
with my shaft, eliciting a series of short, sharp gasps from Nadia, each
one accompanied by a clenching sphincter around my pole. Even though
Caitlyn's tight pussy had taken a lot out of me, the buzzing of the
vibrator in Nadia's pussy more than made up for any loss of sensitivity
on my part. I began to thrust slowly, savoring the feeling of her well-
lubricated, vibrating anus.

"Kids, help Nadia come," I said, beckoning Caitlyn and Elena to play
with her breasts. Pitr crawled under us while I fucked his mother doggie-style, eager to play with his mother's newly-shaved pussy.

I kept up my anal assault, pumping her tight bottom faster and faster,
while turning up the vibrator in her pussy to its highest setting.
Nadia moaned and bowed her head, taking Pitr's cock in her mouth while
I violated her bottom. Elena and Caitlyn each had one of Nadia's
nipples in their mouths and were sucking her pert, little breasts as
if they were still infants.

Nadia's ass tightened around my cock as she came, triggering my own
orgasm. Her tight anus milked the sperm from my rod as I filled her
tummy with my hot cum. Her knees were so weakened by her climax that
she fell forward, almost smothering her son, who was still trying to
lick her clitty. I pulled my cock out of her, letting it rest between
the soft cheeks of her ass. Pitr and the girls stroked her smooth
back, still amazed at Nadia's orgasmic convulsions. Nadia turned her
head and smiled, contented. I turned off the vibrator that was still
buried in her snatch.

I noticed that Pitr's young cock was erect, so I got up from between
his mother's legs and guided him into my place. He knelt down to lick
his mother's ass as he had Elena's before I stopped him: Nadia had so
much of my semen in her he wouldn't need lubrication. I gently guided
his hard, little pecker towards her anus. He was too short to fuck
her while she was on her knees, so it was good that she was flat on her
stomach. His cute little stiffy penetrated his mother's bottom easily,
and before long he was vigorously pumping her ass.

Pitr let out a surprised yell when the anal probe touched his virgin
sphincter, but he never lost a stroke as I eased the slim vibrator
inside his twitching bottom. Simultaneously, I brought the probe in
his ass and the vibrator inside his mother's pussy to life, turning
them both on their highest settings. Pitr was overwhelmed at these
strong new sensations, the buzzing of the anal probe against his
preteen prostate and the vibrations conducted from his mother's pussy to the ring of flesh that gripped his youthful penis.

As the girls stroked his smooth, young back and tush, Pitr had the
strongest orgasm of his young, sex-filled life, crying "Oh, Mama!" as
he twitched and spasmed, pulling out of his mother's ass and revealing
a hard, young cock covered with lubricant, semen, and flecks of shit.
Elena was on him in a second, cleaning up the mess with a warm wash-
cloth. Nadia came, too, knowing that her little son had taken his
pleasure in his mother's ass, and leaving her exhausted and in a state
of semi-consciousness.

We barely even noticed the tape that Caitlyn had put in the VCR, a
group of men gang-banging a petite asian woman. Her recorded moans
and cries filled the room as we helped Nadia back on the couch, pulling
the top of her nightie over her head. I watched the video with the
kids while Nadia returned to her senses. She leaned over to kiss me,
whispering "Thank you," in my ear. I held her close and returned the
kiss, only longer and with more tongue.

Elena climbed up on my lap the way Caitlyn had earlier, her back to me
and pulling my flaccid penis up between her legs.

"Look, Pitr! My cock is bigger than yours!" she gloated, teasing her
kid brother. He blushed and looked away, embarrassed.

"Elena, you know his wee-wee will soon be big like Papa's was," Nadia
said, sternly. "Perhaps as big as Caitlyn's papa," she added, smiling
at me. I smiled back, glad to know that I measured up.

"Pitr's cock will grow even bigger if you suck it a lot," I added, "and
your little titties will grow even bigger, too."

Elena turned to look at me, trying to tell if I was speaking the truth.
She turned to her mother for confirmation, getting a smiling nod from
Nadia in return.

"Will it make his pee-pee bigger if I fuck him?" she asked.

"Anything that makes him come," I replied. She looked lost in thought,
her hands absentmindedly playing with my balls and stiffening cock.

"Can I make your cock bigger?" she asked me.

"Well, I'm too old for it to grow much bigger, but you're welcome to
prove me wrong," I replied.

She smiled at me and kept fondling my cock and balls, urging my penis
back into a stiff state. I stroked her smooth, young body as my cock
rose, rubbing against her puffy, little cuntlips. Her long, dark hair contrasted with Caitlyn's strawberry blonde locks, the same shade as
her mother's. I lifted Elena's slim hips, penetrating her young pussy with one decisive stroke.

"Oof," I said after burying my cock to the hilt in her young vagina,
"You do have the ability to make me bigger!". Elena turned to me and
smiled as she wiggled her little butt, settling her tight little body on
my hard cock. I held her tight, pulling her up and pushing her back
down on my rampant erection.

I reached down to cup Elena's hairless little mound in my hand,
extending a finger to feel my hardness stretching her tight little twat.
I parted her upper lips and sought out her clit, knowing that her orgasm
would squeeze the cum out of my reddened cock and heavy balls. Before
long, I was playing her like a violin, the delicate touch of my finger
on her clitoris controlling her orgasmic response. I felt myself coming
close to climax, and I increased the intensity of my stimulation. Like
a virtuoso, I timed it perfectly, making her come in a flurry of spasms
and convulsions that brought my orgasm to a peak. I filled her preteen
snatch with my thick, hot semen while her mother looked on, approvingly.

We all relaxed on the couch and watched the rest of the movie, even
though the actions on the screen paled in comparison to the pleasures
of the flesh we were enjoying. After a while, even Pitr got bored with
the increasingly mechanical motions of the young asian woman in the
video, as she took cock after endless cock in her mouth, pussy, and ass.

The kids were starting to yawn and look sleepy, so we went to bed. The
kids slept with us in the master bedroom, cuddling up to me and Nadia.
I felt Caitlyn's warm little hand reach for my penis, gently holding it
while she fell asleep, the rhythm of her breathing slowing down as she
drifted off. I held Nadia around her slim hips, her cute little bottom
nestled against my thighs. Elena and Pitr were on the other side of
her, nestled against her breasts. I relaxed and closed my eyes,
drifting off to sleep with my new family.

* * *

I woke up the next morning to an empty bed. I glanced at the clock,
thinking I had overslept, but there was still 15 minutes before the
alarm was supposed to go off. I got up and went to the bathroom, had
a quick shave and shower, got dressed, and headed for the kitchen and
a cup of coffee.

Nadia had the kids dressed and fed already. She was scrambling eggs
and motioned for me to sit down at the table. There was a place
set with fresh juice and coffee.

"How do you like them, runny or firm?" she asked.

"In between," I replied, sipping my juice.

"Good. So do I." Nadia handed me a plate with eggs, bacon, home fries,
and toast. I enjoyed the best breakfast I'd had in ages.

After the kids were packed off to school, Nadia and I sat at the table,
sipping coffee and enjoying a quiet, sunny spring morning.

"I would like to cook dinner for you tonight," she said, "I'm grateful
for your help yesterday."

"I'd like that very much," I said. There was an awkward silence for a
moment. "I'd like you to stay with us. The kids, too, of course," I

Nadia looked at me for a second. Her eyes welled up and then she leapt
from her chair and hugged me, her tear-moistened cheek against mine.
We kissed, short pecks at first, then a deep, long soulful kiss, tongues
melding, lips quivering. I slipped my hand inside her bathrobe and felt
her smooth, warm skin.

Nadia disengaged from our kiss and knelt between my legs, deftly undoing my belt and trousers and reaching into my shorts. She fished
out my hard cock and, lowering her head into my lap, took it into her
mouth. I leaned back in my chair while she sucked me, her big brown
eyes looking up at me. I smiled and caressed her cheek as she licked
and sucked my hardness with abandon, pleasuring my member with her lips
and tongue. My first orgasm of the day came at the breakfast table as
I served Nadia my delicious protein supplement as she serviced me. Her
cheeks bulged as she tried to swallow it all without dribbling any on
my suit.

"Thank you," she said, looking up at me.

"No, thank you," I replied, pulling her back up into my lap.

We shared a cum-flavored kiss before I went off to work. I found myself singing along with the radio during the commute, something I
hadn't done in ages.

By six o'clock I was pulling into the driveway. After dumping my briefcase in the hall, I headed towards the kitchen, following the
aroma of home cooking. The house looked different; Nadia must have
spent all day cleaning.

"Daddy's home," Nadia called, looking up from the stove. The kids
bounded into the room, greeting me with hugs and kisses. I gave them
each a smooch and a squeeze on the ass before coming up behind Nadia
and planting a kiss on her neck. She smiled and wiggled her ass into
my crotch playfully, while the kids went back to their homework.

"Go change and have a drink. Dinner will be ready in a while," she
said. I gave her another kiss and loosened my tie before heading off
to the bedroom. It was warm, even for May, so I changed into a pair
of linen shorts and a t-shirt. I poured a scotch and rocks before
returning to the kitchen.

I thanked Nadia for cleaning up the house and doing the laundry. She
had also brought over her clothes and the kids' belongings from the
apartment, setting them up in the guest room. My late wife and I had
planned to have more than one child, so we bought a big enough house
and used one of the extra rooms for guests and the other as a den.

"I'll have a talk with Caitlyn later and ask her if she wants to share
a bedroom with Elena," I said. Her room was big enough, but she had
made it her own personal space, covering every inch of wall with her
posters and stickers.

We all sat down to dinner, a delicious roast. The kids discussed the
end of the school year, only a few days away. Nadia asked me a few
questions about the computer in the den. She had typed up her resume
but wasn't able to print it. I said I'd look at it later.

After dinner we sent the kids off to watch TV. I had to insist that
Nadia let me do the dishes; she reluctantly agreed but then busied
herself making coffee. After the dishwasher was loaded and various
pots and pans were cleaned, we relaxed at the table with coffee.

"Thanks for dinner. And cleaning up, too," I said, kissing Nadia.

"It was my pleasure," she replied. "You worked all day. You deserve a

I took her hand and pulled her into my lap. She was wearing a light
tank top over a short floral skirt. I pulled up her shirt, exposing
her braless breasts. Nadia moaned and threw her head back as I took
each nipple into my mouth, suckling her breasts. She ran her fingers
through my hair, her ass squirming in my lap, rubbing against my
stiffening penis. I ran my hand along her thigh and up her skirt,
feeling the warmth between her legs.

Nadia sat up for a second and hiked up her skirt, pulling her little
lace thong panties down and stepping out of them. She sat back in
my lap with her legs slightly spread, giving me easy access to her
pussy. We kissed again as I fingered her moistness, spreading her
juices over her clit to slicken it.

"This morning was fun. Now it's your turn," I said, scooping her
up from my lap and plopping her down on the counter. I lifted her
skirt up and exposed her shaved pussy, taking a moment to admire
Nadia's petite body before diving between her thighs and slowly
licking her gash.

Nadia leaned back against the cabinet as I lashed her pearly clit
with my tongue, inhaling her intoxicating scent, clean yet muskier
than Caitlyn or Elena. I penetrated her with my tongue, reaching
for her g-spot before returning to her clit. Her fingernails dug
into my shoulders as I licked and sucked her faster and harder.

The intensity and suddenness of her orgasm took me by surprise. All
of a sudden her nails were digging into my back and my head was
locked between her quivering thighs. I kept ravishing her slit,
trying to keep her in this state. Eventually, she loosened her
thighs and relaxed. I wiped my face off on a dishtowel and stood
up. She pulled me close for a kiss.

"I've wanted you inside me since this morning," she whispered, "Please
take me now. Right here."

I was more than happy to oblige, so I lifted her off the counter and
placed her on her back on the table, her legs dangling off the edge,
her sloppy snatch right at the level of my crotch. She was so wet
that I penetrated her fully with one deep thrust. I held her by
the hips and began to fuck her hard and slow, her legs wrapped around
my back.

The kitchen table creaked under my thrusts as I pumped Nadia's hot
pussy faster and faster. She let out a little gasp each time I
pushed in all the way. When I leaned over and began kneading her
tits, she began to come again, moaning loudly and grabbing my
butt. I buried my cock inside her, swiveling my hips to churn
her frothing pussy with my shaft. Nadia cried out again, her
face and chest flushed, her nipples hard and pebbly. I took a
nipple in my mouth and flicked it with my tongue, feeling her
vagina contract and relax as she came.

I couldn't hold back any longer, though I wanted to see how many
times I could ring her bell. I felt my cock twitch and spasm,
flooding her pussy with my hot spunk. Her throbbing pussy milked
me dry as our lovemaking slowed to a stop. Nadia opened her eyes
and smiled. We kissed until my back started to feel the strain of
being bent over the table. I gave her a gentle peck on the fore-
head before pulling my flaccid penis out and standing up straight.
My sperm was leaking from her messy snatch as I leaned over and
planted a kiss on her swollen clit, eliciting a shiver from her.
I helped her to her feet and we stood in the middle of the kitchen,
holding each other on a long, tender embrace.

Nadia left to finish doing laundry, so I took the opportunity to
have a talk with Caitlyn. I found her in her room, reading a
book. She put it down and gave me a big hug. I sat on the edge
of the bed. Caitlyn was wearing just a t-shirt and a pair of

"I'm glad they're moving in with us, Daddy," Caitlyn said.

"I'm happy that you feel that way," I said. "Do you want to share
your room with Elena? It's entirely up to you."

"Can I share it with Pitr, too?" she asked.

"I think this room is a bit small. And none of you would get any
sleep," I replied, "Pitr's going to get the guest room, and Elena
could live in the den if you want your privacy."

"I think it would be fun to share with Elena," she said. "Are you
and Nadia going to get married?"

"It's too soon to think about that," I said.

"It'd be nice to have a mommy again."

I hugged her and said "I know, dear. But you'll always be my special
girl." I gave her a kiss. She reached up and hugged me tight.

"Daddy? Can you play with my cunny for a little bit?"

My cock stirred as I heard my daughter say those words. I kissed her
again, running my hands over her little body. Caitlyn scooted back on
the bed in to make room for me, lifting her little butt and pulling off
her t-shirt and panties. I curled up next to her so that her hairless
little pussy was inches from my face. She spread her legs when I gently
touched her slit with a fingertip, tracing the puffy fold of flesh that
went from her anus to her mound.

I could feel Caitlyn untie my shorts and reach for my erection as I
dipped my finger in her preteen vagina, feeling the moisture welling
up. Just as I touched her vulva with my tongue, I felt her soft lips
engulf the head of my cock, taking it as deep as she could without
gagging. I worked my tongue down to her clit and began to flick at it,
making Caitlyn rock her hips almost reflexively.

Caitlyn took my penis from her mouth and began to tongue my balls,
gently nipping the soft skin of my sac with her lips, her hands
busy stroking my shaft. I swirled my tongue over her pearly clit,
causing her to start moaning "Oh Daddy, oh Daddy..." over and over.
Cupping her sweet cheeks in my hands, I lapped at her fresh little
cunny, tasting her bitter anus, her sweet vagina, her salty clit.

Caitlyn was about to take my cock back in her mouth when her orgasm
hit, making her cry out in ecstasy, her thighs quivering and clamping
around my head. Her hips moved spasmodically, pushing her puffy lips
into my face, increasing the friction on her clit. I licked her
furiously, hoping my daughter's orgasm would never end.

Eventually, she relaxed, loosening her thighs. I lay back on the bed
as Caitlyn crawled on top of me, hugging me tight.

"That was wonderful, Daddy," she said, sighing.

"Anytime, sweetheart," I said.

Caitlyn reached under her belly for my cock, which was pressed against
her smooth tummy. She rubbed it against her wet pussy lips, lubricating
the head. She moved her hips down and against my cock, popping the
glans inside her tender pussy. Still wet from my oral ministrations, I
slid in easily. Her hot hole gripped my hardness like a glove. I held
her steady as she sat up to ride me, my hands on her slim, girlish hips.

"Ride me, baby. Ride your Daddy's cock," I urged as she began to rock
up and down on my member. My hands roamed over her smooth, young body
as I watched her tiny pussy engulf and release my adult cock, her slick
juices glistening on my shaft.

A couple of times, Caitlyn's energetic thrusts resulted in my cock
slipping out of her. She quickly reinserted me inside her snatch and I held her hips to make sure she didn't thrust too far. Whenever
I'd lift my butt to meet her thrusts, she'd gasp as if my pistoning
cock was punching the wind from her.

Caitlyn started to moan, a low note at first, modulated by the speed
of her thrusts. As her climax drew closer, her cry became louder
and higher, almost a scream as she collapsed on my chest, her toes
curled, hands balled into fists. I grabbed her bottom with both
hands and began to fuck her harder then I'd ever dared to for fear
of hurting her. She held on to my chest for dear life as my cock
ravaged her tender little hole. I hugged her tight as my climax
arrived and I filled her twat with my spunk, feeling her throbbing
little pussy milk the sperm from my penis.

"Was that too rough, sweetie?" I asked her after a few minutes of
quiet snuggling.

"Oh, no Daddy. That felt so good," she said, kissing me on the lips.
"Is that how grown-ups do it?"

"Sometimes, baby," I replied, "sometimes it's slow and gentle."

"I like it both ways," she said, resting her head on my chest. I ran my
hands over her smooth back, listening to her breathing. When she seemed
nearly asleep, I gently rolled her off me and on to the bed. I watched
her doze for a few minutes before gently kissing her and quietly getting
up from the bed. I covered her with the blanket and slipped out,
closing the door behind me.

Elena and Pitr were in the guest room next door, so I stopped in to see
what they were doing. They had moved the twin beds together and were
locked together in a furious fuck, Pitr's little ass bobbing between his
sister's creamy thighs. It took Elena a few minutes to notice my
presence in the room and she smiled through her blissful expression.
I left the room as quietly as I had entered, not wanting to disturb
their fun.

Nadia was in the bedroom, sprawled naked on the bed, working her pussy with a big pink vibrator, her breasts glistening with massage oil. I
stepped out of my shorts and doffed my shirt, joining her in bed.
As I kneaded her breasts she began to fondle my flaccid cock with an
oily hand, grinning at me while she pleasured herself.

"Anything left for me?" she asked, noticing the drying semen on my

"I'm sure I can come up with something," I replied. I straddled her
chest, laying my semi-erect cock in between her breasts. She squirted
some oil on it and held her tits together while I slid my cock back
and forth, fucking her greased cleavage. I reached back to manipulate
the vibrator in her pussy, churning her cunt while I tit-fucked her.

"Roll over," I said when my cock was hard again. She smiled and turned
over on her stomach, the vibrator still purring away in her snatch. I
squirted some oil in her asscrack, working some into her sphincter with
my fingers. Finally, I straddled her cute, heart-shaped bottom and
pressed my cock against her anus. She lifted her hips to make entering
her easier and I slowly pushed forward, feeling my cockhead penetrate
her ass.

Slowly, my slick shaft filled her bottom, my pubic hair tickling her
soft cheeks. I reached under her belly to rub her clit as I began
to thrust, making Nadia moan and writhe. Through the tightness of
her rectum gripping my cock I could feel the vibrator in her pussy buzzing away.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," Nadia muttered as I pounded her tight ass.
I increased the pace, pumping her rump and frigging her clit faster,
her hips matching my speed. With my free hand I grabbed her tits,
holding on to her breasts as I assaulted her bottom.

She shrieked when she came, her tender hole contracting around my
cock, her pussy sucking at the vibrator that filled it. I grabbed
both her breasts and fucked her ass harder, enjoying the tightness
and warmth of her bottom. I came, spraying her bowels with what
semen I had left, and collapsed on her sweaty back, totally fucked-out.

We lay together until Nadia coughed, the reflexive clenching of her
sphincter forcing my flaccid cock from her penis. After a long, hot
shower, we lay in bed together, nestled like spoons.

"Caitlyn wants to know if we're getting married," I said.

"Is that what you want?" Nadia asked.

"We just met a couple of days ago. It's too early to think about
that," I replied.

"Elena and Pitr are very fond of you," she said.

"They're great kids. Let's see how things go," I said, kissing her
pale shoulder. She snuggled back against me and we drifted off to

* * *

Four weeks later, we were married in a civil ceremony. Pitr was our
ring bearer, Caitlyn and Elena the flowergirls. Since the kids were
out of school for the summer, we took them along on our honeymoon,
two weeks at a lakefront cottage I had rented.

Caitlyn and Elena became inseparable, as if they were really sisters.
Nadia loved my daughter as if she were her own, negating any feelings
Caitlyn might have had over sharing my affections. Pitr, however, was
the big story. As much as I loved my daughter, the apple of my eye,
having a son was special. Pitr loved having a father again and he
followed me everywhere. He was as eager to help me do chores as he
was going fishing, a smart young boy growing before my eyes. This
wasn't lost on Nadia, and she often took the girls shopping or on
errands just so Pitr and I could spend time alone, whether playing
catch outside or watching tv together.

For my part, I was happy to have Nadia around to ease Caitlyn's
transition into adolescence and womanhood. Dealing with her first
period was something I dreaded, among other things.

The kids were sort of disappointed that Nadia and I chose to spend
our wedding night alone, so we decided to have another one a few
days later and include the kids. Pitr and I put our tuxedoes back on
and met Nadia and the girls in the cottage's master bedroom. We had
brought another bed into the room, nearly filling it. They were
both covered with white satin sheets, strewn with rose petals from the
cottage's garden.

Nadia was wearing her bridal lingerie, a lacy white bra and panty set,
garter belt, white stockings and high heels, and a white veil. Elena
and Caitlyn stood on either side of her, dressed in the undies they wore
under their flowergirl dresses: lacy white camisoles and ruffled
panties, white thigh-high stockings with little bows on the front, black
patent mary janes, and frilly short petticoats.

Nadia slowly walked towards me, a vision in white lingerie. I parted
her veil and kissed her, just as I had on our real wedding night. The
girls did the same with Pitr, the three of them sharing tongues.

Nadia undid my jacket and reached around to unclasp my cummerbund. I
did the same with her bra, letting her breasts spill out. The girls stepped out of their pettis and began to slowly undress Pitr.

Before long, Pitr and I were standing in our boxers. Both girls had
their camisoles off and Pitr was fondling their puffy little breasts,
his hard little cock tenting his shorts. I fondled Nadia's pert
breasts as she stroked my cock through my boxers.

Just as she had on our wedding night, she knelt at my feet, pulling my
shorts down and freeing my erection. Looking up at me with her big
brown eyes, she took my cock in her mouth, drawing it in and leaving
a lipstick mark near the root. Caitlyn and Elena did the same, the
two of them bathing Pitr's stiff dickie with their lips and tongues.

Nadia made passionate love to my cock, her tongue swirling over the
head, her hands busy with my shaft and balls. My hips moved almost
involuntarily, thrusting my rod into my new wife's eager mouth. She
sucked me harder, her hands on my ass, urging me to fuck her mouth.
Next to us, Caitlyn was sucking Pitr's cock while his sister had her
face buried in his tight young cheeks, tonguing his anus. He cried
out in pleasure as his orgasm hit, almost falling back on Elena's

Watching Pitr come, even though he didn't squirt in my daughter's
mouth, was enough to send me over the edge. I came hard, filling
my little wife's mouth with hot sperm. She gulped, trying not to
spill my hot spunk. I caressed her cheek as she milked me with her
lips, her tongue lapping up every drop.

I took her hand, pulling her to her feet, and kissed her, tasting
my bitter seed on her lips. I lifted her up and carried her to the
bed, gently laying her on the satin sheets. She looked innocent and
virginal, despite the bit of semen in the corner of her mouth. She
smiled and sighed as I slowly pulled her panties down her thighs and
let them dangle from one slim ankle.

The kids joined us in bed, the girls laying side-by-side as Pitr
slowly pulled their frilly panties down, revealing their bald
little pussies and puffy lips. I kneeled between Nadia's legs,
planting a trail of kisses along her leg and up her thighs, ending
with a gentle kiss upon her shaved mons. She spread her legs wide
as I probed her with my tongue, teasing her clit until it was
swollen and red.

The kids moved around on the bed so that Caitlyn had access to
Elena's pussy while Pitr licked hers. Soon the room was filled with
the sound of tongue on cunt and muffled moaning. I felt a pair of
lips on my cock and saw Elena trying to suck some life into my
flaccid rod. Her warm little mouth had me stiff again and she
began to suck me while I ate her mother's pussy.

Nadia began to come, her thighs quivering as she cupped her breasts,
her back arching up to meet the lashing of my tongue. She thrust her
hips a few times before relaxing and pulling me up onto her. As we
kissed, she reached between us and guided the cock her daughter had been
sucking into her wet snatch. I entered her with one steady thrust,
filling her with my hardness. We lay together, body-to-body, kissing
deeply before I started to slowly pump my wife's wet pussy.

On the bed next to us, Caitlyn and Elena had Pitr on his back, Elena
riding his hard little cock and Caitlyn on his face. He held my
daughter's tight little bottom in his hands as he licked her bald
pussy. Elena and Caitlyn kissed as they rode Pitr's mouth and cock
with their preteen cunnies.

I pulled Nadia's legs over my shoulders, pushing my hard cock as deep
as I could. I withdrew slowly until only the swollen mushroom head
of my prick was still in her and then thrust my hips, filling her
juice-filled pussy. I plumbed the depths of my wife's snatch repeatedly, hearing her gasp each time.

Elena rode her brother's cock faster, her orgasm building as she
humped him. Her little ass was practically a blur as she rocked
back and forth, riding his stiff little cock. I glanced over to
see her start to shudder as she came, her slim little hips grinding
down against Pitr's cock, two sets of hairless preteen genitals
rubbing against each other. After her climax subsided, Elena
traded places with Caitlyn, slowly squatting over her brother's face
as my daughter guided his cock into her puffy red cuntlips, settling
down on his penis with a broad smile. Pitr started licking his
sister's cunny as Caitlyn began riding his young member.

Nadia had her hands on my ass, urging me to fuck her faster. I picked
up the pace, thrusting faster and harder, my balls slapping against her
upturned bottom. I released her legs, letting them fall from my
shoulders, leaning down to kiss her and play with her pert little
a-cup breasts. She started to moan when I took her nipples in my
mouth, suckling them one at a time. When I gave her titties a
playful little bite, I was rewarded with the feeling of her vagina contracting around my cock with each gentle nip.

Caitlyn fucked Pitr faster, her smooth young cheeks tensing and
relaxing with each stroke of her hips. Elena was tonguing her
puffy little nipples, making Caitlyn ride Pitr's cock faster,
her eyes closed and her head thrown back, lost in her pleasure.
She reached down into her crotch, rubbing her clit as Pitr's
young penis disappeared between her hairless pussy lips. Soon
she was trying to suppress a squeal as her orgasm hit her, waves
of pure pleasure washing over her young little body. She shivered
as if she were freezing, her lower lip quivering. Finally she
relaxed, a fine sheen of sweat on her creamy skin. She pulled
her wet young snatch off of Pitr's cock and began to suck him
greedily, bathing his hairless cock and balls with her tongue.

I kept banging away at my wife's box, her wet pussy making loud
squishing sounds with each thrust of my cock. Without warning,
I held her by the waist, holding our groins together, and rolled
over on the bed, pulling her on top of me. We didn't miss a stroke
as she began to ride my hard-on, her hips rocking and plunging, her
wet snatch grabbing and releasing my cock. I pulled her down to
me and kissed her, her long dark hair making a tent around our
heads. Her pebbly nipples tickled my chest as she rocked her hips
up and down on my cock.

"Pitr, come take your mother's bottom," I said, pulling my wife's
cheeks apart and exposing Nadia's tight brown sphincter. Elena
dismounted her brother's mouth, coming over to lick her mother's
anus to prepare it for her brother's sturdy young cock. Caitlyn
interrupted her blowjob to fetch some lubricant, greasing up Pitr's
glistening pole. When she was done, she guided him behind Nadia's
bottom. Nadia slowed down to let her young son push his cock into her

I could feel his slim young cock push its way inside Nadia's anus,
making his mother gasp at the invasion of her tight bottom. I began
to slowly start thrusting again as he worked his young penis deeper.

"I can feel your cock," he said, gleefully. He held onto his mother's
back, his young hips thrusting. Nadia had her eyes closed, seemingly
in her own world as two cocks invaded her most intimate spaces. The
girls, having helped guide Pitr's dick into his mother's bottom, were
now concentrating on Nadia's breasts, each sucking one of her pebbly
brown nipples.

"Oh, baby. Fuck me. Fuck Mommy's ass," Nadia moaned, before her
climax made her incoherent, screaming "Fuh! Fuh! Fuh!" and collapsing
on top of my chest, flushed and wet with perspiration. Her pussy spasmed around my cock as her anus clenched around Pitr's greasy
dick. She screamed again, her cunt and shitter throbbing under the
simultaneous assault of two glistening, pistoning cocks. Pitr came
first, letting out a muffled little cry as he buried his young cock
deep inside his mother's ass. This sent me over the edge, and I
pushed my cock inside Nadia's quivering quim, burying it to the hilt,
before flooding her pussy with my semen. Nadia's hot hole spasmed
with each spurt of my sperm, milking me dry.

The five of us lay together on the bed, a tangle of sweaty bodies,
while Nadia recovered from her intense orgasm. She opened her eyes
and kissed me while three pairs of young hands caressed our inter-
twined forms.

The girls laughed when Pitr pulled his softening cock from Nadia's
anus, making an audible "plop". Nadia got off me, pulling my
flaccid cock from her snatch and releasing a flood of my semen. The
girls immediately dived between her legs, taking turns licking the
cum from her leaky pussy. Nadia lay back on the bed and let a series
of mini-orgasms wash over her as the girls cleaned her messy snatch.
She hugged them to her breasts when they finished, a contented smile
on her face.

The five of us lay quietly in the breeze of the ceiling fan, cooling
our perspiring bodies. We basked in the afterglow of our family wedding night, dreaming of the life we'd share together.


(c) 2000 Anais Ninja


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