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NATFAM2 video from the resort give


Naturist family II -- Nadia's story -- "Cherry Cove"
(c) 2000 Anais Ninja

The alarm clock jarred me awake. I silenced it before swinging my feet
out of bed and reaching for my robe. Stepping into my slippers, I
padded down the hall to wake the children for school.

My daughter Elena was already up, sitting in bed in her nightie. I gave
her a good-morning kiss and went to wake up my son. Our apartment is
small so Pitr sleeps on a folding couch in the living room.

He had thrown off his blanket in his sleep and was sprawled on his back.
I was about to lean over and give him a kiss when I noticed that he was
wearing a pair of his sister's panties. And he was obviously aroused,
his young penis erect beneath the soft white cotton, peeking out from
a lacy legband.

I studied my ten-year-old son's sleeping form, his arms and legs spread
out on the worn mattress. Gently, I traced the line of his erection
through the panties. He mumbled something and rolled on his side. I
pulled the blanket up over his waist before waking him up, allowing him
his modesty and privacy. I woke him up with a gentle kiss, his brown
eyes slowly opening to the morning light. As he grew older and shed
his babyfat, his resemblance to my late husband grew stronger. I kissed
him again before heading off to the shower while he and Elena sat down
to breakfast.

After my shower I dressed for work, shedding my towel in my bedroom. I
took a moment to look at myself in the mirror. Unlike my sisters, I was
always considered "petite", a characteristic admired in this country but
derided as "too skinny" back in Katerinasburg. It seemed as if I had
stopped growing at age sixteen. I traced the two faint scars that ran
across my belly, reminders of my children's births and how my slim hips
complicated things.

Snapping out of my reverie, I quickly got dressed, throwing on a pair of
panties and a soft cotton bralette. I bought most of my underwear in
the same store as my eleven-year-old daughter, more concerned with
saving money than fashion. Besides being cheaper, they fit my small
figure much better. Only the expensive imported lingerie ran that small
in adult sizes.

Considering my petite frame, it still amazed me that my thuggish boss
had managed to find a waitress uniform that was so tight on me. It
seemed to have a shorter hem than any of the others. His open leering
had me worried, having heard many stories from the others about his
behavior. I buttoned it up, silently cursing him under my breath.

In the kitchen, Elena had poured Pitr's cereal and was making a bowl
for herself. She gave me a cheerful good-morning hug and I sat
down to the glass of juice she had poured for me. Elena was always
happy to help with the housework and cooking, often taking care of
dinner when I was too tired from work.

"What will you be doing today?" I asked. It was Sunday but I had to
work anyway. I was concerned about leaving the children alone, but
there was no alternative. I wondered how they amused themselves.
Most of the children their age had televisions, video games, and
computers. It was all I could do to buy them books to read and
school supplies.

"Caitlyn is coming over, Mama," Elena replied. The young blonde girl lived with her father two blocks away. She was a polite youngster,
well-raised, the same age as my daughter. I tried to picture her
father but a vague image of a tall man in a suit was all I had.

"Don't play with the stove or matches when she's here. And call me
at work or go to Mrs. Garvey if there is a problem." Mrs. Garvey was
the elderly woman next door who would babysit for me when I had to
work nights. A retired nurse, she was a bit hard of hearing but
still had a sharp mind.

"Yes, Mama," the kids replied, in unison.

After breakfast I threw a coat over my uniform, despite the warm May
weather. I didn't want to attract attention to my skimpy uniform on
the bus. I kissed the kids good-bye and left, five minutes behind
schedule and dreading the reaction of my boss were I to punch in late.

* * *

Sitting on the bus during the half-hour ride to work, I thought about
my children. We had come here right after my husband was killed in
an automobile accident. I placed myself at the mercy of my relatives
in America, rather than see my children starve.

Not long after had I enrolled the children in school, almost all of my
relatives were deported, having been caught running some stock market
scam. Right before his arrest, my uncle slipped me an envelope stuffed
with $100 bills, advising me to leave the city. I followed his instruc-
tions, pulling the children out of school and moving across the country.

That had been almost five years ago. Again, I began to wish that my
husband were alive, wishing he were here to help me raise Pitr and
Elena in this strange country.

True, I missed his touch as well, his shining eyes and broad smile, the
gentle warmth of his hand on the small of my back. I thought back to
our last vacation, a fortnight spent on the Black Sea in a naturist camp.
The children were just toddlers then, splashing in the water, their
plump little bodies tanning in the sun. We watched them play from our
blanket on the sand, my husband's veiny erection bobbing in the breeze.
I closed my eyes and tried to remember how his penis tasted, salty from
the sea, how the children giggled when he came, big spurts landing on
his tanned stomach.

I almost missed my stop and had to call out to the driver. He gave me
an annoyed look as he stopped the bus a block past the stop. I ran
most of the way to work, now nearly ten minutes late.

Waylon, my boss, was waiting in the staff locker room. I put my bag
away and faced him, expecting the usual tirade. Instead, he lunged
forward, pinning me against the row of lockers. He pawed at me, his
lips planted on mine, trying to force his tongue into my mouth. I
tried to scream and push him away, but he was so much bigger than me.

The locker handles dug into my back as Waylon tried to force my legs
apart with his knee. I tried to dig my nails into his arms but he
kept groping me, holding me against the lockers with all of his weight.
He managed to get my legs apart, but that gave me the opportunity to
push my knee as hard as I could into his crotch. He staggered back
a foot, his face red with pain and I screamed as loud as I could and
ran from the restaurant, my clothes disheveled, red marks forming on
my skin where he mauled me.

I hailed a cab and was halfway home before realizing that I had left my
bag at the restaurant. All I had was five dollars change in my apron
pocket. I had to tell the driver to drop me off, even though I was
only halfway home. Luckily, he could tell something had just happened
and he turned the meter off, asking if he could take me to a hospital
or police station. I thanked him for his concern but I just wanted to
be with my children. I would think about the police later, though I
couldn't imagine that they'd take my word over that of a businessman's.

My hands didn't start shaking until I was at my own doorstep. It took
me a few minutes to find the key we had hidden in the flowerbed and even
longer to get it into the lock.

"Pitr? Elena?" The house was quiet. I walked down the hall, checking
both of the children's bedrooms. They were both empty. I went to my
bedroom, hoping to take off the skimpy little waitress uniform for the
last time. I stopped outside my door, hearing giggling and a faint
humming sound. The door was slightly open and I peered through the gap.

Pitr and Elena were on my bed, along with the neighbor girl, Caitlyn.
Elena had my vibrator inside her vagina, her head tilted back in
pleasure as she guided it in and out of her bald little slit. Her
dress was hiked up around her waist and her panties were lying next
to her.

Caitlyn was lying on the bed next to her, wearing only a lacy thong.
I wondered where she got such racy adult undies. She was laying on
her side, playing with Elena's clitoris, the little bow on the back of
her thong nestled between her plump little cheeks.

What was most shocking, though, was seeing Pitr dressed in his sister's
clothes. While he played with Elena's budding breasts, licking her
puffy brown nipples, his hand was busy inside his panties, playing
with his penis. He giggled along with Caitlyn as Elena had an orgasm,
her back arching and her thighs quivering as she fucked herself with
my vibrator.

I silently backed away from the door and tiptoed into the kitchen. I
found an old bottle of vodka in the back of a cabinet and poured some
into a coffee cup. It had been years since I had a drink and my eyes
watered after the first sip.

So now I knew what the kids were up to when I was at work, and why
it seemed as if I was always running out of batteries. I began to
get angry, first at the kids, then at my boss, finally, at the whole
world. I poured another shot of vodka and began to pace the kitchen,
ripping my apron off when it began to loosen around my hips. I flung
it into the living room, where it hit a lamp. The lamp toppled and
hit the floor, bulb and base both shattering. A wave of nausea swept
over me, and I heaved into the wastebasket.

The children ran into the kitchen after hearing the lamp smash. Pitr
was back in his shorts and t-shirt, but the waistband of his sister's
panties peeked out between the two. Caitlyn and Elena were both fully
dressed. They both rushed over to my side while Pitr peeked around the
doorway. I shooed them away, telling them that I was all right, just a
bit of flu or something.

After my nausea had passed, I sat on the cool kitchen tile, sobbing
quietly. I had no job, I had just been attacked by my boss, my husband
was gone. I wasn't really upset at what the children had been doing.
I had done all of that and more when I was that age, exploring my body
alone and with other children, sometimes with adults.

I must have passed out for a few minutes, waking up to see a strange man pulling me to my feet. It took me a minute to recognize him as
Caitlyn's father. With his arms around me, holding me steady, he guided
me into the bathroom and held a cold washcloth to the back of my neck.
When I began to heave again, he held my hair out of the way while I
kneeled over the toilet, gently mopping my brow afterwards.

"I'm Carl, Caitlyn's father," he said, wringing out the washcloth in
the sink. "She called me when you passed out. The kids were worried."

He sat and listened while I related the events of the past few hours.
I showed him my torn bra. It was then that I noticed the red marks
on my breast where my boss had mauled me. Carl held me while I cried,
curled up on the bathroom floor, for what seemed like an hour. He
offered to help retain a lawyer, and even offered to open his home to
us. It was hard paying the rent on such a large apartment and I was
always a month behind in my payments. He invited us to his home for
dinner, saying that the kids could have a sleep-over. I wondered if
he knew about the games they had been playing.

He helped me to my feet and steadied me while I wobbled to the bedroom
to change. My uniform was open in the front, but I did not bother to
hold it closed. I didn't mind having Caitlyn's handsome father see
my body. While I changed into a short sundress, I could tell he was
looking at me. I let him see my undies, coyly asking if he liked them.
He smiled and mumbled something.

We rounded up the kids and walked over to his place. It was much larger
than our apartment, with a large kitchen and extra bedrooms. I sat in
the kitchen, sipping ice water and watching him cook while the kids went
to Caitlyn's room to play.

After he had put the sauce on to simmer, Carl asked me about the games
the children were playing. I blushed when he mentioned my vibrator, and
then accompanied him as we quietly crept down the hall to peek through
the door to his daughter's bedroom. They must have been picking up
where they left off earlier, for it was Caitlyn's turn to come. She had
two vibrators inside her little body, a large fleshy one in her vagina and a smaller, thinner one in her anus. Watching her little body writhe
under the influence of the two plastic wands made my insides tingle. I
could feel a damp warmth growing between my legs.

Carl was standing next to me, looking through the door as well. I
turned around and our lips met, tongues melting, his strong arms
holding me tight. He took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom.

I pulled my dress over my head and stood before him in just my little
panties. He smiled and began to ravish my breasts, tonguing and
suckling my nipples. I held my breasts up for him, wondering if he
found them too small. He seemed to like them, though.

I untied his shorts and pulled them off his hips, letting his erection
spring free. He was as big as my husband, though circumcision made the
head of his penis seem bigger. I took it in my hand and stroked it
before kneeling before him and taking it into my mouth.

To my surprise, he stopped me before I could suck him, scooping me up
instead and laying my on his bed. Then he slowly pulled my panties down my thighs. After they were off, he lay next to me, his face
between my legs, his erection only inches from my lips. As I took
his penis in my mouth, I felt him parting my vulva with his tongue,
penetrating my vagina. He licked me there, tasting my wetness, as
I softly sucked his hardness.

When his tongue swirled around my clitoris, it was as if an electric
shock had coursed through my body. I had to stop sucking him for fear
of biting him. It had been so long since I had felt a man kiss me down
there, that the first few minutes were too intense. Soon, however, I
went back to sucking him, enjoying the way his hips rocked to meet my

He took my bottom in his hands, cupping my cheeks and bringing my hips
closer to his mouth. All the while, his tongue was sending waves of
pleasure through me while I licked and sucked his hard penis. When
my orgasm hit, I had to pull him from my mouth. I gasped and shrieked
as he kept licking me down there, my quivering thighs locked around his

After my orgasm subsided and my thighs relaxed, I lay back on the bed
while he mounted me. His hard penis, glistening with my saliva, pointed
at my wet sex. I took him in my hand and guided him inside me, my
wetness making his penetration easy. His penis slowly filled me as he
leaned over and kissed me. Our lips locked as I grabbed his butt,
urging him to drive his penis deeper. Finally, he filled me completely,
feeling bigger and better than any of my toys. I gasped as he began to
thrust, his shaft feeling massive within me.

I dug my nails into his firm bottom, encouraging him to pump me harder
and faster. I locked my legs around him, letting him pound my vagina,
feeling his balls slap against my bottom. My nipples rubbed against
his chest with every stroke of his hardness, my hips rocking to meet
every thrust.

I felt my second climax building and I closed my eyes, surrendering
to the pleasure washing over me. I felt him kissing my neck as he
kept thrusting inside me, my orgasm making my vagina clench around
his organ. I felt his penis twitch, growing even harder before
releasing his sperm. Each gush of his semen triggered a mini-orgasm,
and it seemed as if he would never grow limp, his hardness feeling
like a long-lost friend, filling my tender void.

Only after I opened my eyes did I realize that Pitr, Elena, and Caitlyn
had been watching us, just as we had spied on them.

* * *

They joined us in bed and, eventually, our marriage bed as well, as my
husband Carl has related in his account. Though he earned enough to
support his new family, I began to work as a freelance translator,
working from home while I took care of the house and the kids. Soon
enough, I was bringing in as much money as Carl. He joked that I'd
be putting Caitlyn through college instead of him, but I knew he was
proud of my accomplishments. My income freed up enough money that we
could afford to move to a bigger house in a neighborhood with better
schools. We continued to take weekends at the lakefront cottage that

One day in July, I received a proofreading job in the mail. I was
looking at the routing slip and noticed a familiar name. It was a
woman who I had known years ago, back in Russia. We had met while
at the naturist resort on the Black Sea with our families, and we
somehow happened to cross paths a few times since. I wondered if
she was indeed the same person. I began to proof the galley, but
the thought kept distracting me. I found the number of her office
and called, getting her voicemail instead. Still, her voice was

Tanya returned my call an hour later and we spent a while on the phone,
remembering old times. She expressed her condolences over the loss
of my husband and congratulations over my recent marriage.

"So, where do you go on holiday?" she asked.

"We have a dacha on a lake. It's very nice," I replied.

"Don't you miss the Black Sea?" she asked.

"Very much so. It is hard to get an even tan here."

"There is a place not far from you," she said in a semi-whisper.
"Just like the old place. I go there often."

I pressed her for details and she promised to e-mail me. Just as
I was hanging up the phone, Carl came home. We met in the hallway
and kissed. He went to the bedroom to shower and change while I
went to the kitchen to pour a couple of glasses of wine.

"Remember the resort I told you about?" I asked him as he stepped
out of the misty bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist. I
handed him a glass of wine and he took a sip while I unwrapped
the towel, exposing his lovely penis.

"Um hm," he grunted as I knelt at his feet and gently kissed his

"I think I've found one here on the coast," I said, opening my
lips to accept his stiffening sex into my mouth.

"Really?" he said, running his fingers through my hair as I took
his shaft into my mouth. I didn't reply, concentrating on sucking his member and fondling his sac, instead.

Just then, the kids came home, stripping off their clothes in the hall
and bounding into the bedroom. They surrounded us, laughing and
hugging us, Caitlyn and Elena both playfully kissing Carl's penis.
Pitr hugged me from behind, his hands roaming over my breasts and
under my dress. I kissed him and the girls hello before returning
to my husband's organ. Caitlyn and Elena each began to tongue one
of his balls as I ravished his penis with my lips, tongue, and hands.
Pitr had his hands down my panties, trying to make his mommy feel
good, his slim fingers parting my lips and finding my clitoris. I
closed my eyes and concentrated on sucking my husband, knowing that
he was nearing his climax.

Sure enough, I felt him stiffen in my mouth, twitching under the
influence of three greedy mouths on his penis and testicles. His
hot, thick semen began to spurt out the end of his hardness,
filling my mouth. I swallowed what I could, letting Elena and Caitlyn
lick the sperm that dribbled from the corners of my mouth. I pumped
Carl's cock with my hand so the girls could lick the last dribbles
of semen.

"It's Mom's turn," he said, lifting me to my feet and pulling my
dress over my head. I stood there while the kids pulled my lacy
thong panties down over my legs. After I stepped out of them,
Carl guided me to the bed and gently laid me on my back, kissing
me gently on the forehead, the nose, the lips, the neck, the lips
again, both breasts, my belly, both thighs, my belly again...

The kids joined in, four mouths bathing me in light little kisses,
Caitlyn suckling my nipples, my husband parting my thighs. His
breath was a warm cloud over my sex as he teased me, the tip of
his tongue just barely touching my labia. It felt like a hard
little penis as he parted my slit, circling my clitoris for
what seemed like an eternity before making contact.

Pitr knew I liked to suck on him, so he straddled my chest, his
little thing sticking up like a finger. I cupped his little
bottom and drew him closer, taking his young member in my mouth
and swirling my tongue along the bottom. He closed his eyes
and sighed, pumping his slim hips as I sucked his growing penis.

Elena was caressing my thighs and belly while Caitlyn continued to
suckle my breasts. My husband's tongue continued to lash my sex,
his saliva adding to the juices that were already flowing. I had
been horny since Tanya mentioned the resort, and sucking my husband
had added fuel to the fire. Now my husband's expert tongue would
bring me the rest of the way.

I pulled Pitr's penis from my mouth just as my orgasm hit. My thighs
clamped together around my husband's chest but he had them pinned under
his arms, keeping my sex open to his oral assault. I lifted my bottom
up off the bed as the second wave washed over me, my back arching up and
then back down to the bed. I took Pitr back in my mouth and sucked his
penis greedily. I felt his body shudder in my hands as he came, his
hairless young member growing limp in my mouth. He got off my chest and
lay next to me, both of us panting. Carl came up from between my legs
and lay next to me as well, and we kissed, sharing the taste of my sex.

The kids wanted to play some more, but knew they had to do their
homework and have dinner first, so they only protested weakly when we
reminded them of the rules. I went to prepare dinner while the kids
cracked the books. While I cooked, Carl suggested having Tanya's
family up to the cottage before we went to the resort, just to get
to know one another. She and her husband had two boys and a girl,
ages 12, 11, and nine.

Tanya's e-mail arrived after dinner, and I extended an invitation to
the cottage with my reply. Her answer came the next day, and we
finalized arrangements over the phone for the following weekend.
The kids were excited when we told them about the resort and the
weekend with Tanya's family, as was I.

* * *

We had just unpacked the Range Rover when they arrived, pulling into
the driveway in their minivan. Carl and I came out to greet them,
calling for the kids to join us.

Tanya looked exactly as I remembered her, except she was a bit slimmer,
in deference to American sensibilities. Her husband had put on a couple
of pounds and his hair was beginning to thin, but he still had a sharp,
handsome Slavic face. Ivan, Vanya as his wife called him, exchanged a
handshake with Carl. Their children were extracting their bags from the
van. Tanya called them over just as Elena, Caitlyn, and Pitr showed up.

Katerina, or Katya as she was called, their youngest, had fiery red hair,
like her father. The boys, Alex and Andrey, had dark hair, like Tanya.
Andrey, known as Andrushka to his family, was twelve years old and was a
strapping young man, nearly as tall as his father. Alex, or Pasha,
eleven, looked almost girlish with his long hair and slim figure. We
invited everyone inside for a drink while the kids went to explore their
rooms. The cottage had four bedrooms, so we divided the kids between two
of them, boys in one, girls in the other.

We took our drinks out to the sundeck after getting Tanya and her husband
settled in their room. I took off my dress, shedding my bra and panties and relaxing naked in the sun. Tanya and Ivan joined us on the deck,
taking off their clothes as well. We passed around the sunblock and
assured them of our privacy behind the hedges and fences along the edge
of the property.

Carl rubbed sunblock over my back, lingering over my buttocks and the
backs of my thighs. I watched Ivan rub lotion over his wife's ample
breasts, his uncircumcised penis growing in his lap. Tanya returned the
favor, making sure every inch of him was covered in suntan lotion. We
all relaxed in the warm July sun.

A quiet stampede of bare feet presaged the children, all six of them
wearing their bathing suits and stripping down when they saw their
parents sunbathing nude. I glanced at Tanya's kids. Katya was quite
pale, and her brothers took care to apply sunblock to her fair skin,
Andrey's hands lingering over her bottom while Alex massaged her
flat chest. My kids were doing the same, the lotion making their firm
young bodies glisten in the sunlight. Caitlyn and Elena spread some big
towels on the deck, and the kids lay side-by-side on their backs, basking
in the warm summer sun.

I reached over for Carl's penis, finding it semi-erect, while I admired
Tanya's two sons. Unlike their father, both Andrey and Alex were
circumcised. Alex's penis was still immature, like Pitr's, but Andrey's
was more developed, quite large for his age. He had begun to sprout a
tuft of hair above the base of his penis and his scrotum had a light fur.
I imagined how his young sex would taste while I stroked my husband's

Carl left for a couple of minutes, returning with more chilled wine and
some soda for the kids. While he was inside, he turned on the stereo,
piping some soft jazz out to the sundeck. Tanya's husband suggested that
she and I dance together, a suggestion that turned-on Carl quite a bit,
judging from how hard his penis was getting.

Tanya and I got up from our lounge chairs and faces each other. Her
ample D-cup breasts and large nipples made an interesting contrast to my
small, perky pair. I admired the sensuous swell of her belly and the
dark tuft of fur between her tanned thighs, neatly trimmed but not
completely shaved like mine. We moved closer to each other while our
husbands and kids watched, until our nipples were just barely touching.

"You're very wet down there," Tanya said, her manicured fingertips
parting my sex and gently probing inside me. We locked our thighs
together and I could feel her wetness as well, leaving a glistening spot
on my leg. Our breasts squeezed together as we kissed, rubbing against
each other, trying to find some blessed friction. Tanya's lips were
soft, but her tongue was pursuing mine relentlessly. I relaxed and
surrendered in her arms, letting her hands roam where they pleased.

Though the children had groaned when Carl turned the music on, the
display that their mothers were putting on more than made up for it.
They played with themselves while they watched, except for Katya and
Pitr, who were playing with each other, more interested in exploring
their young bodies than the two adult women humping each other.

I began to work my way down Tanya's womanly body, kissing her neck and
nibbling on her earlobes, down her freckled chest and between her
breasts, pausing to suckle her nipples before planting a trail of kisses
down her belly. I knelt at her feet, kissing her thighs, zeroing in on
her sex. She parted her legs and I watched her glistening labia bloom
like a hot- house orchid. My tongue dipped and probed her, like a bee
seeking her nectar. I looked up to watch her breasts heave with each
breath. She smiled at me, running her fingers through my hair as I
teased her pearly clitoris from its hiding place.

Tanya's knees began to weaken as I lashed her with my tongue, forcing me
to pause while she lay down on the deck. I hoisted her legs over my
shoulders and resumed my oral assault, probing her vagina, nibbling at
her ruby labia, swirling over and around her clitoris.

I felt a gentle hand probing my upturned bottom. It was Carl, parting my
labia with his fingers before kissing me down there. While I continued
to ravish Tanya's sex, Carl began to do the same to me, licking me from
anus to clitoris and back. Tanya beckoned for her husband to join us,
and he knelt at his wife's head while she accepted his penis in her
mouth. She pulled back his foreskin to reveal his purplish glans,
parting her lips to suck his member. Before long, he was pumping his
hips, squeezing her breasts while she pleasured him.

I glanced over at where the children were laying. Pitr and Katya were
locked in a sixty-nine, her red head bobbing in his lap. Alex had his
face buried between Elena's legs and it looked as if she was about to
come. Her toes were curled and her hands were balled up into little
fists as she rocked her pelvis. Caitlyn was curled up between Andrey's
legs, fellating his hard, young penis, one hand jammed between her
thighs, pleasuring herself while she sucked him.

Tanya's bottom began to twitch and tighten in my hands as I probed her
sex with my fingers. As her orgasm mounted, her cries were muffled by
her husband's thrusting cock. She kept sucking him as her first climax
of the long weekend arrived, her thighs shaking and pinning me in place
between her legs.

Tanya pulled her husband's penis from her mouth and knelt in front of
me so that we were face to face. As Ivan prepared to take her from
behind, she kissed me, sharing the taste of her sex lingering on my
lips. She gasped as her husband entered her, breaking off our kiss
as he began to thrust inside her. Her breasts swayed with each stroke
as she pushed back against him, urging him deeper.

I felt the head of Carl's penis pushing against my labia and I reached
down to part my lips, allowing him inside me. He held me around the
waist and pulled me back, slowly filling me with his shaft. I savored
the feeling of his hardness inside me, gasping as he slowly pulled out,
only to quickly fill me again. He continued this slow-fast-slow-fast
pace until I couldn't stand it, my randiness causing my hips and legs
to move of their own accord. Carl teased me, withdrawing all but the
head of his manhood, pumping me with quick, short strokes before he
began to pound my yearning sex harder, faster, deeper.

Caitlyn had climbed on top of Andrey and was guiding his penis into her
tight, young vagina, settling down on his thighs once it was inside her
preteen sex. I watched her ride him, his erection disappearing between
her firm, young cheeks. Alex had mounted Elena from behind, his hands
running over her puffy little nipples as he fucked her doggie-style.
Pitr was on top of little Katya, her babyfat legs swaying while he
pounded her preteen pussy energetically. Her head was tilted back,
mouth open, eyes closed, as she concentrated on the pleasure that Pitr's
penis was bringing her.

Tanya's second orgasm was more intense than the first, and this time her
cries weren't muffled by a penis in her mouth. She shrieked with
pleasure as Ivan fucked her, his hands cupping her breasts as he rode
her. I rubbed my swollen clitoris as my husband's penis pistoned in
and out of my vagina, my wetness glistening on his veiny shaft. I felt
him probe my anus with a moistened finger, making me clench both my
sphincter and the muscles wrapped around his plunging manhood.

I gasped as my climax hit me, surging outward from my sensitive clit to
wash over my body and out my limbs. I felt limp, weakened, as Carl
continued to take me, and I felt like a ragdoll in his strong hands.
A second wave of pleasure washed over me as I felt Carl's penis stiffen
and spasm inside me, his warm ejaculation filling my sex and leaking
from my stretched labia. I heard Ivan let out a sharp grunt as he
came inside Tanya, and she rolled over to suck his waning erection,
savoring the last drops of his semen. Carl's softening cock was still
inside me as I turned my head to watch the children play.

Pitr and Katya were lying quietly, her head on his chest, her hands
idly playing with his slim, young penis, trying to get him hard for
a second round. He closed his eyes and smiled as she took him in
her mouth, giggling as his penis expanded between her soft lips.

Elena was enjoying her first climax of the day as Alex took her from
behind, his tight young bottom twitching as he came inside her. Next
to them, Caitlyn was impaled on Andrey's manhood, her blonde hair
concealing their faces as she leaned over to kiss him. Suddenly, she
broke off the kiss, her cries of pleasure rising in pitch and loudness,
her slim young hips rocking faster on his penis, until she collapsed
on his chest, like a puppet having her strings cut. After she caught
her breath. she climbed off of him and went back to sucking him, this
time to completion. She was delighted at his ejaculation, watching the
first spurt arc through the air, landing on his stomach, before
catching the rest in her mouth, gently milking him with her tongue and

We reapplied the sunblock that we had sweated off during our steamy
summer coupling and went back to relaxing in the sun and swimming in
the cool waters of the lake. After dinner, a cookout outdoors, we
gathered around the television in the cottage's living room. Tanya
had brought some video from the resort, to give us an idea of what it
was like. The kids claimed the floor space in front of the set as
their parents settled down behind them, on the couch. The night air
was humid and still, and none of us were wearing anything more than
panties or boxers.

The video showed families enjoying the sun and sea, gathering for the
evening meal, pairing off or enjoying each other in groups, always
nude and tanned. There were people of all ages, shapes, and sizes,
families and couples, all smiling for the camera while they swam, ate,
and had sex. Most of the daytime activities were rather innocent,
though people could be seen making love even in the middle of a beach
volleyball game, leading to a time out to watch as they came.

"Looks like fun," Carl said to me. My silent reply was a smile and my
hand reaching into the fly of his boxers. His penis was erect, a drop
of his semen forming at the tip. I felt Tanya reach for my hand, her
fingers gently grazing my palm as she stroked her husband's penis with
her other hand.

On the floor in front of us, the kids watched the video intently, hands
idly roaming over backs and thighs, inside panties and boxers, finding
sensitive spots, hard or wet. Caitlyn and her father shared a look, and
I smiled at Carl when I saw the pleading look in her eyes, a silent
"Can we, Daddy?" on her lips. My husband smiled and nodded his head, and
she went back to playing with Alex's young penis.

"We do not allow the young ones to be penetrated," Tanya remarked, as the
video showed a group of young girls smothering a toddler with kisses, the
child cooing and laughing as eager tongues lapped at her puffy labia and
sucked her fat little toes.

"Only when they have turned nine years old," Tanya continued, "and this
month little Katya comes of age." Her young daughter beamed proudly as
she stroked Pitr. She looked forward to their next visit to the resort,
when she'd be able to play with the adults, as well as boys her age. Her
mother had broken her hymen when she was six, the family smothering her
with kisses as the pain wore off and pleasure took hold. But until now
she hadn't taken anything larger than Pitr's stiff four inches.

Elena was trying to watch the video, a task made more difficult because
her head was buried in Andrey's lap, sucking his stiff member. Finally,
she gave up on the television, concentrating on the hard penis sticking
out of the fly of his shorts. Andrey's hand was stuffed down the front
of her panties, fingering her moist, young sex. He pulled her off his
cock, arranging her so that she was on her hands and knees, facing the
television. After stepping out of his boxers, he pulled Elena's panties down, exposing her hairless slit. He kneeled behind her, his glistening
cock poised to enter her. My daughter gasped as his erect penis plunged
into her.

I pulled my panties off as Carl peeled off his boxers, and I straddled
his thighs while I guided his penis inside me, my back to him and his
hands on my waist. Slowly, I settled down on his hardness, watching
the video and the kids playing on the floor. Next to us, Tanya had
mounted her husband the same way and was bouncing on his erection, her
hand furiously frigging her clit.

Alex was kneeling behind Caitlyn, his slim, five inch penis pistoning
in and out of her tender slit. Elena's bottom was dancing on Andrey's
pole, the video forgotten as she closed her eyes and began to moan. Only
Pitr and Katya had yet to start screwing, being content with each other's
gentle touch. Her mouth was open, her breathing heavy and labored, as
Pitr played with her bald, preteen sex.

I reached down to feel my husband's erection entering and leaving me,
stretching my tight hole. I rubbed my clitoris, increasing my pleasure
as I bounced in his lap. I moved his hands up to my breasts, and he
fondled and kneaded them, cupping them gently and flicking my nipples.

Next to me, Tanya was coming, her hips squirming on her husband's pole.
At our feet, Elena and Caitlyn were crying out in pleasure at the stiff,
young rods that speared them repeatedly. Katya was lost in ecstasy as
Pitr licked her puffy little pussy. The sounds of sex faded away as my
climax left me insensate to all except the intense pleasure rising from
my womb. My orgasm made me clamp down on Carl's penis, triggering his
own orgasm. I felt his warm jets of semen fill me, and I lay back,
losing myself in the feeling of his hands roaming over my body, his
hardness waning within me.

Elena recovered from her own climax, crawling between my legs and
catching the semen that leaked from me with her tongue. I felt
Carl's shaft twitch and grow slightly as she took his balls in her
mouth and licked the base of his penis before returning to my labia
and clitoris.

Katya watched Elena service us orally and crawled over to her parents to do the same, Pitr following her and continuing his oral pleasuring
of the young red head. Tanya moaned and squirmed on her husband's
penis as the little girl lapped at her mother's stuffed vagina, bathing
her father's penis and balls with her tongue.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn had left the room for a minute, returning with a tube
of lubricant. She arranged Alex and Andrey so that, by kneeling between
them, she was able to take both of their members in her mouth. She
greedily sucked and licked the boys' two penises, her hands on their
firm, young butts, urging them to double-fuck her pretty face. Alex and
Andrey exchanged a knowing look, and soon Caitlyn was on top of Andrey,
riding his stiff cock. Alex was putting the lubricant to good use,
smearing it on his tool and working a generous amount into Caitlyn's
tight anus.

Caitlyn slowed down when Alex got behind her, allowing him to place the
head of his penis at her back door, grimacing as his glans penetrated
her anus. Gradually, she relaxed and the rest of his shaft filled her
bottom while his brother's penis filled her slit. The two brothers
found a steady rhythm, spearing both of Caitlyn's tender openings. Her
eyes were closed as she surrendered to the sensation of two penises
inside her, filling her completely.

It wasn't long before she was coming, shuddering between the two young pumping bodies. Her climax was so intense that she fell forward, the
boys' cocks spilling from her stretched holes. Instead of stuffing
them back inside her, she let Elena take her place in the sandwich,
guiding the brothers' slick members into Elena's tight young body.
Caitlyn watched as her half-sister enjoyed the feelings she had just
experienced, kissing her until Elena began to cry out in ecstasy,
two thrusting members ravishing her tender young holes.

I was so enthralled by the sight of her young body, writhing from the
intensity of her climax, and the two boys pumping her little body.
I climbed off of Carl's hard penis and had him lay on the floor while
I straddled him and took his cock back inside me. I beckoned Alex and
Andrey, still pounding an exhausted Elena, to come over. I had Alex
kneel behind me and slide his young penis into my eager anus, while
Andrey stood by my head, his fine member inches from my lips. I began
to ride my husband's hardness while Tanya's sons filled my other two

Caitlyn and Elena lay together on the couch, caressing each other's
smooth bodies while they recovered from their intense orgasms. Tanya
had arranged her husband on the floor and was riding him while Pitr
poked at her bottom with his penis and Katya sat on her father's face.
I enjoyed my husband's veiny member in my sex, Alex's slim young cock
piercing my bottom, and Andrey's hard penis in my mouth. He smiled
as I bathed his member with my tongue, enjoying the taste of his
young penis, glistening with Elena and Caitlyn's fragrant juices.

Alex began to breath heavy, thrusting harder and faster as I tightened
my sphincter around his slim young organ. I rode Carl faster, and
sucked Andrey harder, hoping to bring pleasure to the three cocks
within me, feeling my climax rising between my legs. Andrey moved
his hips faster as I played with his balls, my head barely bobbing
as he did all the work, using my mouth for his pleasure.

Alex was the first to come, his young member twitching in my bottom,
just a few pearly drops spurting from his penis. He lay against my
back while I humped my husband, letting his member shrink and slip
from my ass before heading to the bathroom to clean himself off.
Andrey came next, his lovely manhood spasming and filling my mouth
with his hot semen. I milked his penis dry until my own orgasm
hit and I had to release him. Carl mauled my breasts as I writhed over
him, his pole churning my sex, his pubic bone rubbing against my
clitoris. I collapsed on his chest, still impaled on his hardness,
my spasming vagina squeezing him, urging him to fill my sex with his

It wasn't long before he erupted inside me, sending me over the edge
again. I ground my hips down against his groin, trying to work his
spasming cock deeper. I relaxed against his chest, his strong arms
around me, gently caressing my back. Though my eyes were closed,
I could hear Tanya reach her climax while sandwiched between Pitr
and Ivan, her low guttural moans building to a crescendo of sighs.

We spent the rest of the evening watching more video of the resort,
including some of Tanya's family home movies. Before we all went
off to sleep, I pulled Tanya aside and we shared a glass on wine on
the deck, a cool evening breeze blanketing our naked bodies.

"Your husband is a handsome man," Tanya said, her nipples slowly
hardening in the cool night air.

"Thank you," I replied, gently caressing her breast with my fingertips.
She gasped at my light touch and I felt her nipple stiffen even more,
her pebbly areolas puckering.

"You must try my husband. Vanya still stuffs me with his fat cock like
we were newlyweds." She punctuated her sentence by parting my labia
with her fingers. I shuddered as my wetness was exposed to the cooling

"I would like that very much, I replied, running my hand along her smooth
back and round bottom. I closed my eyes and imagined Tanya taking my
husband's penis in her mouth, his firm buttocks twitching as he lay
between her thighs and speared her sex repeatedly. Tanya and I shared a
secret orgasm on the deck, under a canopy of twinkling stars.

Before going back inside to rejoin our families, we made plans for the
next day. It was to be a special occasion, little Katya's coming of
age. Until now, she'd had nothing larger than Pitr's young penis in
her preteen body. Now her mother decided it was time for her first
adult cock.

* * *
(c) 2000 Anais Ninja

Katya was the first to wake up the next morning, the anticipation of
her special day feeling almost unbearable. I could hear her through
the cottage walls, giggling with my daughters first, then bounding
into the boys' room to tease them, before jumping into bed with her
parents and waking them.

After Carl and I took a torrid but teasing shower, we joined everyone
in the kitchen for breakfast. The kids were already there, except for
Katya, who accompanied her parents. Her long red hair had just been
brushed and her puffy little labia were red from rubbing. Her brothers
grabbed at her plump little bottom as she took a seat at the table,

After breakfast, Carl and Ivan took the boys out to the lake for a quick
morning swim. We hoped that this would cool them off a bit, making the
festivities last longer. It also gave Tanya and I some time to prepare
Katya for her first adult cock. Caitlyn and Elena helped us while we
made a soft nest of pillows on the bed in the master bedroom. Katya
adored the attention she was getting as the girls dressed her in lacy
lingerie, applying makeup and lipstick to her cute little face. The
girls enjoyed dressing and making up their living babydoll, oohing and
aahing over pretty little Katya in white lace garter, stockings, and
sheer little panties.

We could hear our husbands and the boys rinsing off under the patio
shower, so we laid little Katya on the fluffy pillows, spreading her
legs and exposing her sex. Caitlyn and Elena had rouged her labia,
making her preteen pussy appear inflamed with desire, a moist ruby-
colored passage awaiting it's first adult penis. Tanya knelt between
her daughter's babyfat thighs and began to lick her young snatch.
Katya's stocking-clad legs began to quiver as her mother tongued her
clitoris. Her flat chest heaved beneath her lacy camisole as Elena
began to caress her nipples. I shared a kiss with my step-daughter
as we watched Tanya ravish her daughter's sex with her tongue.

Our husbands arrived with the boys in tow, five penises of varying sizes
and shapes stirring to life at the sight of little Katya, lying on the
bed in white lace lingerie, Tanya and Elena pleasuring her young body.
I arranged the men in a line, Ivan and Carl at one end, then Andrey and
Alex, and finally Pitr. Caitlyn and I knelt before each one, Caitlyn
sucking on their testicles while I used my mouth on their cocks, urging
them to their full length and hardness. My husband smiled as his wife and daughter serviced Ivan's uncircumcised penis, laughing and nudging
him in the ribs as I sucked him, preparing his member for his daughter's
tight hole.

Ivan stroked his erection and watched as we serviced my husband next,
and I gave Carl an especially long tongue bath while Caitlyn tongued
his pendulous balls and ran her hands over her father's firm buttocks.
We could hear Katya coming under her mother's tongue, her childish
shrieks of delight making my husband's penis stiffen even more. I winked
at him as I ran my tongue along his veiny shaft, knowing that he looked
forward to Katya's tight pussy around his manhood.

As Caitlyn and I moved on to Andrey's six inches, Tanya asked Katya who
she wanted first.

"I want my Papa!" she said, still out of breath from her orgasm.

"Come, Vanya. Take our daughter," Tanya said as her husband stepped
forward, his purplish glans preceding him. They shared a long, deep
kiss, her hand stroking his shaft, before she guided him between Katya's
creamy thighs.

"Like this or on top?" he asked his daughter, his cock throbbing only
inches away from Katya's puffy labia.

"Like this, Papa. Fuck me the way you fuck Mama," she said. Ivan smiled
at his daughter's slutty talk, and he placed his plow in the furrow of
her young sex.

Katya gasped as the head of her father's penis penetrated her, his
foreskin sliding back along his shaft as he buried himself inside his
daughter's vagina. Her mouth was open, a silent cry on her lips as her
father's fat penis filled her preteen body. Caitlyn and I stopped
sucking Andrey for a moment to watch Ivan stuff his daughter full of

He paused for a second, all but a couple of inches of his member buried
in Katya's tight slit, and asked her how she felt, concerned that his
cock was splitting her in two. She nodded, apparently unable to speak.
But as she began to move her hips, trying to accommodate the invading
member, it was obvious that she was in ecstasy, not pain. I shared a
knowing look with Tanya, sure that she had prepared her daughter for this
occasion. She would not want the pain of a torn hymen to detract from
her daughter's first adult penis. In fact, it had been a flick of the
wrist and a vibrator a few years earlier. Katya had hardly noticed and
there had been almost no blood.

Ivan began to thrust slowly, his daughter's immature labia clinging to
his plunging cock with each stroke like the neck of a sweater. Her
plump little bottom rocked with each thrust as she held her father around the waist, gripping him tight. He supported his weight on his
hands and knees, mindful of the difference in their sizes. But as he
pumped her faster, she pulled him closer, longing to feel her father's
body pin her to the bed and fuck her senseless.

Katya all but disappeared under her father. Only her cries of pleasure
indicated that she wasn't being smothered. The crescendo increased
until it was clear that she had reached her climax. Tanya stroked her
husband's back, her hands roaming lower until she was probing between
his cheeks, trying to make him come inside their young daughter's
snatch. Her efforts were soon rewarded, and he grunted repeatedly as
he erupted inside his daughter, filling her preteen slit with his hot
semen. As his thrusting slowed, he lifted himself off of Katya. She
had her eyes closed, a big smile on her face as she wriggled her hips,
trying to milk her father's penis.

Ivan pulled out of his daughter and Tanya gave him a passionate kiss
before kneeling before him, cleaning his flaccid member with her lips
and tongue. They kissed again before she knelt on the bed between her
daughter's splayed legs, sucking her husband's dripping seed from her
young daughter's pussy.

Katya began to recover from the intensity of her orgasm, running her
fingers through her mother's hair as she enjoyed her darting tongue.

"How was that, sweetheart?" Tanya asked her daughter.

"It was wonderful, Mama," she replied. "Please, may I have another?"

"Of course, honey! Today is your special day," replied her father,
his flaccid penis still moist with his daughter's juices.

"I want Pitr's papa!" she said. She looked at me first, as if asking
for permission. I smiled back and led my husband to the bed. We kissed
before he climbed between the nine-year-old's legs, pausing to give her
a preliminary lick before placing the head of his penis at her juicy
gate. Katya gave him a pleading look, and he obliged by slowly pushing
his penis inside her, watching carefully for any sign that he was hurting
the little girl. Tanya and her husband looked on proudly as their young princess took my husband's big tool deep inside her. He was long enough
to bump against my womb when we made love, so I knew that he must have
been stretching Katya's immature vagina to it's limits.

Katya was lost again, letting the sensations produced by the fleshy
organ invading her intimate space overwhelm her little body. Her
second climax came faster than the first, and I could see my husband
was nearly overcome by the feeling of her young vagina clenching and
releasing his hardness. Tanya and I began to play with his pumping
buttocks, cupping his swaying balls and probing his anus. It didn't
take long for my husband to start spurting, and he filled Katya with
so much sperm that it began to leak from her overstuffed labia.

When Carl pulled his penis from her, we were surprised to see Katya
pull his hips closer so she could suck the last drops from his
glistening cock. She smiled and licked a drop of fluid from her
lips, her own juices mixed with the creamy semen of two grown men.

"How was that, sweetie?" her mother asked, massaging her daughter's
swollen labia.

"Wonderful, Mama!" came the reply. "Can I have Andrushka next? And
Pasha in my mouth and Pitr in my bottom?"

Tanya smiled at her daughter's randiness. Caitlyn and I helped her
arrange the boys on the bed. First, Andrey was laid on his back,
with Caitlyn and I stroking his cock to its full length. Katya
straddled his strong thighs, and we helped guide his penis inside

Alex was next, kneeling over his brother's head, his young penis
jutting out in front of him. Katya leaned over to accept his
manhood into her mouth, leaving a lipstick mark near the base of
his erection. Finally, it as Pitr's turn. His stiff little
cock needed little encouragement, merely a dollop of lubricant.
Before long, his member was buried in Katya's round little ass
and he was happily pumping away at her quivering bottom. Andrey
didn't seem uncomfortable at all of the weight that was upon him.
The tightness of his sister's slit more than made up for any

We watched young Katya take three cocks inside her, until Elena
and Caitlyn maneuvered Carl and Ivan onto the bed, flanking the
tangle of writhing young bodies. They placed Katya's hands on the
two adult penises that had just invaded her, smiling as they
helped young Katya service five men instead of just three.

Tanya and I caressed the girls' smooth young bodies while we watched
Katya writhe under the assault of five thrusting members. Alex had
pulled her camisole off so he and Pitr could play with her flat, fleshy
chest while they invaded her from both ends. I dipped a finger into
Elena's bald pussy, feeling her heat and wetness. Caitlyn was playing
with Tanya's breasts, scrunching them together so she could fit both
nipples in her mouth.

Katya's creamy little body, clad only in a lacy garter belt and
stockings, began to shudder and shake in the middle of the pumping pile
of flesh on the bed. Her cries of pleasure could be heard around Alex's
penis, causing him to fuck her mouth faster. Pitr was the first to come,
the orgasmic clenching of Katya's tight little anus bringing him off.
His smooth little butt twitched as his orgasm hit. It wasn't long before
the rocking of Katya's hips on Andrey's penis caused his shrinking member
to fall out of her bottom.

I left Caitlyn on the bed for a moment while I led Pitr to the bathroom
to wash off his little penis. When I returned, Caitlyn had her hands
between her father's legs, manipulating his balls from behind while Katya
stroked his penis.

Alex was the second to come, leaving a scant few drops of his semen on
his sister's hungry lips. She wouldn't release him from her mouth until
he was completely limp, wishing to taste all that he had to offer her.
Andrey watched this from beneath his siblings, and from the way his back
was arching, his climax had arrived, too. He tried to fill his sister as
deeply as possible, depositing his young seed deep inside her womb. He
held her upright when, as if on cue, Carl and Ivan began to spurt their
sticky loads. Little Katya smiled and laughed as they covered her with
cum, ropy strings dripping off her face and over her pale body. We all
applauded her for taking five penises at once before we smothered her
with kisses, licking the semen from her as she giggled with glee.

Caitlyn and Elena wanted to get in on the fun. I had to admit that my
own sex ached to be filled, especially after watching little Katya's
special time. We promised them that we'd play later, and we let Katya
nap while we took a swim in the lake. She woke up as we were coming
inside for lunch, walking slightly bowlegged. The girls went off
together to play while Carl, Ivan, and the boys watched television.

That afternoon and evening, Caitlyn and Elena got their wish, and I
helped them ride their father's cock, drinking my husband's seed from
their bald little pussies as they squirmed in my hands. Tanya took on
all of the men in succession, from Pitr's stiff little pecker to her
husband's fat prick. I watched in envy, imagining how wonderful five
cocks would feel.

After dinner, Tanya and her family departed for home. We made plans to
join them at the resort as their guests the following weekend. On the
ride home, Carl and I discussed how much fun we had with Tanya and her
family, and how sexy our children looked when they made love. I glanced
up at the mirrored visor and watched them slumber in the back seat.

"You were not jealous when I took Ivan's penis inside me?" I asked.

"Not at all. I thought it was really hot," he replied, placing his hand
on my tanned thigh. I reached into his lap, caressing his cock through
his shorts. He smiled as I lay my head between his legs and slowly sucked him as we drove home.

* * *

Cherry Cove was nestled on the coast, a flat shelf of land between two
rocky promontories, gently tapering to a margin of white sand and blue
water. The property had once hosted a grove of cherry trees and for a
short period served as a vineyard before its current incarnation.

There was a guard at the front gate who, seeing our faxed guest pass,
waved us through and pointed in the general direction of the parking lot.
Carl rang Ivan's cell phone from the car and Tanya appeared a few
minutes later. We exchanged hugs and kisses before she led us to their
cottage. Though most of the members were staying here on a time-sharing
basis, her family joined early, leasing the cottage year-round at a
reasonable rate.

The little stucco bungalow didn't have much in the way of a kitchen or
living room. Most of its floor space was devoted to sleeping area, and
the three bedrooms could easily accommodate a dozen people. Tanya got
the kids settled in one room while Ivan showed us to our own room.

After getting settled, we all stripped to our sandals and trooped out to
the beach to enjoy a warm, sunny day. Caitlyn, Elena, and Katya spread
a towel on the sand and quickly got reacquainted, while Tanya's boys went off to toss a frisbee around with Pitr. Tanya brought out some
beach chairs and a big umbrella for the adults. Carl and Ivan drank
beer while Tanya and I chatted. She seemed to have a bit of gossip
about each of the other families at the resort.

An older couple approached us and Tanya introduced them as Marv and
Eileen, two of the resort's founders. Marv was in his late 50s, with
graying hair tied back in a ponytail and a slight paunch. Eileen, his
wife, had a deeply tanned and aerobically trim body that belied her
age. Carl exchanged a hearty handshake with Marv.

"Tanya tells me that you're considering joining us as members," Eileen

"We shall see how the weekend goes," I replied.

"Your daughters are quite lovely," Eileen remarked. Caitlyn and Elena
were lying with Katya, tanning their lithe, young bodies on a beach
towel. I thanked her for the compliment.

"I'm sure you'll love it here," she said, extending a friendly hand.

Just then, the boys ran over, looking to raid the cooler for juice and
soda. Eileen cooed over young Pitr, and he blushed at the attention,
shuffling his feet in the sand as the older woman doted on him. Tanya
whispered in my ear, telling me that Eileen and her husband had five
children and 17 grandchildren, all members of the resort, and that
she was expecting her first great-grandchild soon. I wondered if I
would look as good as her at that age.

Eileen whispered something in Pitr's ear that made him blush even more.
She chucked him under the chin and kissed him on the cheek, her long,
manicured fingers lightly brushing his penis. Then she patted him on
the bottom, sending him on his way as he ran to rejoin Alex and Andrey
and the frisbee toss.

"You have the loveliest son!" Eileen said, gently touching my hand.
I thanked her again offering her my congratulations on the imminent
birth of her great-grandchild.

"Thanks, hon," she said. "She's due any day now, and when it happens,
we're going to have a huge party! Fireworks and everything!" Her
brown eyes sparkled with pride.

Marv and Eileen invited us all to dine with them that evening, before
continuing their stroll down the beach.

"She likes your little one," Tanya remarked. Eileen's interest in young Pitr had been obvious.

We swam and tanned until the sun disappeared behind a cloud bank. After
showering under the cottage's outside spigot, we all had a light lunch
of sandwiches. Before we had finished, it started to rain, heavy drops
pelting the roof of the bungalow.

There was no television, just a battery-powered radio, and it didn't take
long for the kids to get restless. Tanya suggested a game, and we
gathered the kids together in the cottage's tiny living room. She
produced an empty wine bottle and we sat in a circle to play a variation
of "Spin the Bottle".

"I'll give the first spin, and that person will spin the bottle to see
who they must kiss," she said, giving the bottle a whirl with a swift
flick of the wrist. It made a few revolutions before coming to rest, its
spout pointing at Alex. He grinned and gave it a spin. It wobbled
crazily, coming to rest with the neck facing Caitlyn. She blushed and
giggled as Alex crossed the circle and knelt in front of her, taking her
arms and kissing her, first tentatively, then deeply. Andrey began to
chant his name, joined by Pitr and then Elena and Katya. Caitlyn's face
was deep crimson after the kiss, as Alex took his place between Katya and
Andrey. She looked at him longingly, her affection for him obvious.

It was Caitlyn's turn, and she overcame her embarrassment to give the
bottle a spin. It came to rest pointing at her father, and though her
intention was to choose Alex, there wasn't a trace of disappointment in
her voice as she yelled "Daddy!", bounding over to him and kissing him
with no less passion then she had shown Alex. Carl was sitting cross
-legged next to me and I noticed his erection rising in his lap. I
smiled at him and gave him a few playful strokes after Caitlyn resumed
her place between Elena and Pitr.

Carl gave the bottle a spin, the result being a torrid embrace with
Tanya. Ivan grinned and winked at me, laughing when Tanya's spin
selected her own husband. He made a wry comment about "buttered bun"
before taking his wife in his arms and kissing her.

When his spin pointed at me, I made a weak protest about "fixing" the
game, before surrendering to Ivan's darting tongue and roaming hands.
I even heard my husband encouraging him to have his way with me, and
my loins tingled with excitement.

It was my turn to spin, and the bottle came to rest pointing at Andrey.
My hands roamed over his firm young body as his tongue sought mine,
and I felt his manhood rise in my hands. Tanya had to break us up to
keep the game moving along, and I caught Andrey giving me a smoldering
look, pure animal lust, after he had rejoined his side of the circle.

The girls shrieked with glee as the bottle came to rest pointing at
Pitr. My son blushed as Andrey smiled and made a "come here" gesture
with his finger. Pitr got up and approached the kneeling boy, allowing
Andrey to pull him close and kiss him. The girls giggled when they
noticed Pitr's little pecker stiffen at the hands of the older boy.

Andrey made the younger boy sit by his side, and he threw his arm around
his shoulder like an older brother, making up for his embarrassment in
front of the girls. All was forgotten when Pitr spun the bottle,
selecting Katya. His passionate embrace of the young girl made him look
so much older, and we were all reverently silent while they kissed,
Caitlyn and Elena leading the cheers when they were done. Andrey and
Alex gave Pitr playful "well done" slaps on the bottom as he rejoined

Katya's spin pointed at Caitlyn, and the two young women kissed with the
boys urging them on. To Katya, the soft tough of another girl's lips was
a new sensation, just as her father's penis had been the week before.
She and Caitlyn took their places, the older girl embracing the younger
as they sat together.

Before Caitlyn had a chance to make her second spin, Tanya raised the
stakes. The spinner would have to suck and lick the genitals of the
spinee. Caitlyn closed her eyes, silently repeating a name, before
giving the bottle a spin. It ended up pointing at Alex, and Caitlyn
happily knelt in front of him, gently guiding his semi-hard penis
into her mouth.

Tanya had a little hourglass from a board game, one that ran out after
three minutes. She kept one eye on the timer and another on the young girl sucking her son's penis, smiling and slowly massaging her clitoris.
When time ran out, she gently separated the two, pulling Caitlyn off of
her son's glistening cock.

Alex's spin pointed at me, and I lay back on the floor, parting my
freshly shaven labia with my fingers, and enjoyed three minutes of Alex's
tongue dancing on my sex. Tanya separated us after three minutes,
winking at me as I rubbed my moist pudenda, my loins aching for more.
Carl fondled my breasts, his bobbing erection betraying his horniness
from watching Tanya's young son lick my most intimate parts. I reached
over to stroke him, leaning my head against his tanned shoulder.

Our embrace was cut short, however, when Tanya reminded me that it was my
turn to spin. The bottle spun and rolled, coming to rest in front of
Tanya. Her husband took control of the timer as she lay back, spreading
her legs to accommodate me. I knelt between her legs as she parted her
lips. Her swollen clit twitched in anticipation of my tongue, and I did
not disappoint. She groaned when her husband said that time was up, and
she kissed me, licking her essence from my lips before I rejoined my

Tanya spun the bottle, and this time it was Elena she had to pleasure.
My daughter ran her fingers through the older woman's hair as she
surrendered to her oral ministrations. Elena's puffy nipples were
erect and her flat chest was flushed, showing how close her climax had
come after three minutes beneath Tanya's experienced tongue. She had
to catch her breath before taking her turn to spin, the bottle ending
up pointed at Ivan. I proudly watched my young daughter take Ivan's
fat penis in her mouth, her big brown eyes looking up at him and watching
the effect her well-learned skills had on the older man. He was close
to erupting in her mouth when his wife reminded them that their time
was up. Elena smiled at him, a thin string of his precum suspended
between her smile and his hardness. I kissed my daughter, sharing the
taste of Ivan's cock, before she took her seat among the girls.

Tanya couldn't resist climbing into her husband's lap and sitting on the
cock my daughter had just sucked so lovingly. As if by mutual agreement,
the game was over, and I mounted my husband just as Tanya had mounted
hers. Around us, the children paired off, Pitr and Katya, Caitlyn and
Alex, and Elena and Andrey. While I bounced in my husband's lap, his
manhood spearing me, I watched my son and daughters with Tanya's kids,
happily humping away while their parents made love.

Tanya's clever game had gotten us all worked up, and it wasn't long
before the sighs of women and the grunts of men filled the room, the
aroma of sex and sweat mixing with the salty sea air. We fucked until
we were satisfied, and then we sucked and fucked again until we were
exhausted. Caitlyn had been the last to climax, collapsing on her
father's chest, when the sun came out, hotter than ever.

With renewed energy, we all ran across the beach and into the surf,
along with all of the other families at the resort. There were so
many glistening cocks and leaky pussies that it was obvious what
the favorite rainy day pastime at Cherry Cove was. While our
children splashed in the surf, Tanya introduced us to some of the
other families. Everyone greeted us warmly, and I began to lose
track of all of their names.

"Dinner is formal dress," Tanya said as we returned to the cottage
after our swim.

"Formal? We had no idea!" I said, starting to panic.

"Relax! Here at the resort, formal means 'sexy lingerie'", she assured
me. After we showered, she selected some items that might fit me, even
though we were different sizes. She lent me a pair of panties, garter
belt, and stockings that she had kept from before her marriage, when our
figures were similar. It was antique ivory silk, lacy and delicate.
Tanya persuaded me to accept them as a gift, as she would never fit into
them anymore. I told her that I envied her voluptuous figure, now clad
in sheer black panties and stockings and a lacy garter belt. We shared a
sisterly kiss before going to dress the girls for dinner. Fortunately,
Tanya had small feet like mine, and I followed her out of the bedroom
in a pair of her ivory marabou slippers.

Katya's undies fit Caitlyn and Elena, albeit a bit snugly. Katya was
delighted to help dress her new older sisters, pulling the sheer panties up their thighs like her mother used to do for her. With their girlish
charms covered, we went out to meet our men and head off to dinner.

The male equivalent of our sexy lingerie was a brief pouch to hold their
jewels, supported by a thin string around the waist and up the back.
Pitr fidgeted uncomfortably with his, and Tanya helped him adjust the
back, telling him he'd soon grow accustomed to it. She patted him on the
bottom when she was done and he bounded over to show me his little pouch.
I kissed him on the cheek and took his hand as we left the cottage for

* * *

In the middle of the cove's vineyard was the mansion currently occupied
by Marv and Eileen. The larger wing had been converted to bed and
breakfast style rooms, while the two of them occupied the lesser with
their living quarters and the resort's administrative offices. Two of
their daughters lived there with their husbands and children, helping out
with the day-to- day affairs of Cherry Cove. One of their sons, recently
a widower, also shared the quarters, along with his teenage son and

Between the mansions wings was an elegant double staircase, the two
halves leading to the mansion's two wings. A wide doorway in the middle
led to a grand ballroom, the long parquet dance floor surrounded by
tables full of resort patrons, chatting over drinks while a woman in a
sheer white negligee played piano, accompanied by a bassist and jazz
drummer wearing black pouches and mock tuxedo collars and cuffs. A few
scattered couples were on the dance floor.

Eileen greeted us warmly and guided us to their table while one of her
grand- children, a young blonde teenaged girl named Melissa, led the
children to the kids' area. She gave Andrey an affectionate kiss and I
caught Elena looking positively jealous. The look melted away when she
saw Melissa greeting Alex and Katya the same way, even kissing her after
Andrey introduced them. Tanya's kids made my children feel welcome as
they all sat down with the other members' children.

Marv stood up and kissed me like an old friend, his bulging pouch the
same deep violet hue as his wife's panties and stockings, a royal purple
that set off his deep tan, silvery hair, and gold medallion. He
introduced my husband and I to the other couples at the table, most of
them long-time resort members, except for another couple that, like us,
was here for the first time.

I looked around the room before sitting down, trying to estimate the
number of people at dinner. I was counting the tables, multiplying by
the number of seats in my head when Eileen came over.

"Forty-two couples and 127 children this weekend, hon," she said. "And
this is a peak weekend because of the weather. Our total membership is
118 families, mostly couples, some single parents, with 284 children.
With timesharing and vacations, only about a third of us are here at any
one time, except for the Labor Day weekend, when we have an annual

"Where does everyone stay?" I asked.

"Oh, it gets cramped, I'll tell ya. But lately, we have relatives
sharing their cottages, and we have plenty of space for RVs and campers.
The grove is a great place to pitch a tent, and we even had a few
families sail here, mooring their boats offshore, inside the cove, and
taking a rubber raft to the beach.

"How can so many people keep a secret?"

"When you join, you sign a waiver. If you go to the police, it comes
back to haunt you. Even if you get immunity, they'll take your children
away." Eileen delivered the last sentence not as a threat but as a
statement of fact. We shared a knowing look.

"Everyone here loves their children, and people are fiercely protective,
even if it's someone else's child. It's like the old days, when I was
coming up, when people still cared. A couple of years ago, one of the
kids swam out a little too far -- don't worry, we have the float barrier
in place to prevent that now -- and when she started to shout for help,
every single father on the beach ran into the surf to help her. My
Melissa was on lifeguard duty and got there first, but the girl had not
one but two thoracic surgeons giving her CPR on the beach, not that she
needed it." Eileen laughed at the memory of the two doctors attending
to the young girl who hadn't even come close to drowning.

Assured of the safety and privacy of the community, Eileen and I had a
drink at the bar. One of her grandchildren, a handsome college student,
served us, flirting with me shamelessly, much to Eileen's amusement.

"You have such a darling little boy," Eileen said. "I really love them
at that age. So young and full of energy."

"He really enjoyed your attentions on the beach," I said. "My daughters
and I are teaching him to be a good, considerate lover. Perhaps you
would care to take him and see how his education is progressing?"

Eileen's eyes sparkled with desire at my offer. She hugged me and said
that she knew we were going to get along wonderfully. We sipped our
drinks as Eileen pointed out some of the more prominent members of the
resort. Everyone seemed to be a doctor or lawyer, banker or software
zillionaire. There were even a couple of judges and law enforcement
officers, drinking and laughing in the ballroom with their families.

Marv stood up from the table and tapped his wineglass with his spoon,
bringing the chatter of conversation to a halt. All eyes were fixed
upon him as he spoke.

"Welcome to another wonderful weekend at Cherry Cove, where it never
rains, it comes!" Marv paused as everyone laughed at his reference to
the afternoon's downpour. Marv's mission in life was to make Cherry
Cove into a garden of earthly delights, and he wished he could keep it
from raining on peak weekends, almost taking the weather personally.

"We'd like to welcome two families, candidates for membership. Let's
all make them feel especially welcome, part of the family, if you know
what I mean," Marv said, pausing for more laughter. Then he introduced
Bob and Carleen, the other new couple at our table, before introducing
us to the assembled crowd. Carl and I stood at Marv's request, as well
as the children. A smattering of hoots came up from the girls seated
in the kids' section at Pitr, making him blush beet red.

Marv concluded his brief remarks by inviting us all to a party by the
pool later, to celebrate his granddaughter's imminent birth, as she
was in labor at this very moment. A woman's voice called out "How
many centimeters?", and everyone laughed as Marv checked the pager
clamped to his pouch's waistband before shouting "Ten centimeters!".
After the applause died down, dinner was served. It was a buffet-
style setting, as this was less labor-intensive. Seven of Marv and
Eileen's grandchildren, working at the resort for the summer, handled
the work easily, with their aunts and uncles supervising them.

I checked on the children to make sure they were well fed before
sitting down to a delicious meal. Carl and I both agreed that joining
the resort was what we wanted to do. It was good for the children to
be with youngsters their own age, something that the privacy of our
cottage at the lake didn't offer. Carl mentioned Ivan's offer to
share their bungalow in return for weekends at the lake, and though
Carl was thinking of buying a camper, he agreed that it would be a
good arrangement to start.

After dinner, the trio resumed playing, and I danced with my husband
before Marv politely cut in. The older man stepped lightly, carving
out a place on the floor as the band played. Carl and Eileen danced
next to us, before Bob, the male half of the other new couple took his
turn with the resort's queen bee. Marv went off to dance with Tanya,
and I took a moment to get acquainted with Bob's wife, Carleen. A
petite woman with short blond hair, she contrasted with her tall, dark
husband. We talked about our children, and she pointed out her two
teen girls, part of the crowd clustered around Andrey and Alex. Tanya's
boys were quite popular with the resort's young ladies, and my son
seemed to be basking in their reflected glory, little Katya at his
side and looking at him adoringly.

The resort's teen workforce cleared the tables while we all filtered
out to the resort's pool. Marv had illuminated the place with torches,
lighting the whole area. The poolside bar, constructed of bamboo
and thatch, was open and serving free drinks, courtesy of Marv and
Eileen. The trio's bassist slipped into the back of the bar and
turned on some quiet music for the crowd. Marv had ice cream and
sherbet for the kids, looking like a kid himself as he doled out
cups and cones for the children.

In the sultry evening air around the pool, some of the men began
to shed their pouches, followed by their wives pulling off their
panties, stuffing both in a handbag or the waist of a garter belt
if no bag was handy. Carl and I stood at the bar, waiting for our
after-dinner drinks while I watched woman next to us kneel and start
sucking her husband. I looked up and saw Marv working his way over
to the bar and then pause, looking at his pager. He looked around
for his wife, spotting her by the diving board.

"Hey Eileen! It's a boy!" he shouted, and the crowd roared. Eileen
was persuaded to stand on the diving board, acknowledging the applause,
her purple panties tucked into the waistband of her garter belt, her
sex, now the source of a third generation, neatly shorn of hair. She
curtseyed, holding out imaginary skirts, while Marv joined her. There
was another surge of applause as they kissed, Eileen whispering some-
thing in her husband's ear afterwards. Marv smiled and motioned for
the crowd to hush.

"My beloved wife, who has given me such wonderful children, and grand-
children, and now great-grandchildren, who has the sweetest, tightest
cooze of anyone I've ever married...". Eileen blushed and poked him in
the ribs at that last comment.

"...would love to enjoy the attention of all of the males present for our
blessed event," Marv announced, pausing to catch what his wife was
whispering in his ear, "starting with Pitr! Where's little Pitr?".

I glanced across the pool to see Alex and Andrey ushering my son over to
the diving board, where Eileen was laying, her legs spread. Marv was
fingering her as Pitr, blushing at the attention, was guided over to her
by Tanya's sons. Eileen sat up and pulled Pitr's pouch down, exposing
his young penis.

"Sweetie, I hope my new great-grandson grows such a lovely dickie like
yours," Eileen said, fondling Pitr's cock and balls. Despite his
embarrassment at being the center of attention, his penis stood erect and
he seemed to be enjoying Eileen's gentle touch. She guided him between
her legs, and I watched my son's penis disappear inside the sex of a
woman older than my own mother. As he fucked her before the assembled
crowd, Marv disappeared behind the bamboo bar, peeking out to watch my
son's smooth young body pumping between his wife's thighs.

I stroked my husband's cock as we watched Pitr and Eileen. I wondered
how his immature penis could find pleasure in her matronly pussy, but
the look on his face, his eyes closed with ecstatic concentration as he
pounded away at Eileen, his mouth clamped around one of her large brown
nipples, told me that he was in heaven between her tanned thighs. He
released her breast from his mouth, his orgasm building, just as Eileen
started to shudder. As she reached her climax, Pitr froze, his bottom
twitching. Just then, Marv threw a switch from behind the bar, and
fireworks filled the sky over the resort, right at the moment his wife and my son came on the diving board. Pitr was awestruck, his orgasm and
the fireworks combining into one overpowering sensation. Eileen gave him
a gentle kiss before Katya, Caitlyn, and Elena came over to help him to
his feet, my son blushing again at the applause of the crowd. The men present gathered in a line at the diving board to take their turn with
Eileen, while the girls sat Pitr on a bench and cleaned his flaccid penis
with their tongues. Eileen's attention had made him suddenly quite
popular, and even the older teen girls were doting on him, smothering my
son with their perky breasts as they kissed him.

"Eileen has amazing muscle control," Tanya said, as our husbands joined
the line. Marv was organizing the men by size, sending the younger boys to the front while the older, more endowed men waited their turn. Wives
and daughters moved along the line, making the wait more bearable with
their oral attention, preparing their men for Eileen's hungry womanhood.

"She teaches a class on Sunday mornings," Tanya continued. We agreed to
attend tomorrow. If anything, the look on the boys' and men's faces as
they pumped Eileen was enough. Even my husband looked astonished as he
fucked her, and my two c-sections had spared me some of the ravages of

"You know, she teaches a..." my husband said, before I cut him off in mid
- sentence, telling him to wake me up in time for her class in the
morning. He smiled and kissed me, reminding me why I loved him and loved
to please him. We watched Eileen take on almost thirty men and boys over
the course of two hours while lying on her back on the diving board. She
must have climaxed a dozen times, the last one coming when her husband
contributed to the river of semen flowing from her vagina, pulling out
when he had finished, and stepping back to make room for a bevy of young girls who greedily licked Eileen's messy snatch. Afterwards, she and
Marv took a victory lap in the pool. I marveled at how large Marv's tool
was, even when it floated flaccidly in the water.

"You'll feel it soon enough," Tanya said, reading my mind. "Marv and
Eileen like to get to know the new members."

Tanya and I left our husbands for a moment to check up on the kids. Pitr
and Katya were lying together like boyfriend and girlfriend, attended by
a coterie of teen girls, making Eileen's new favorite feel welcome. I
steered Tanya away, not wanting to embarrass our youngest in front of
their new friends. My daughters and Tanya's sons were chatting with some
kids their age, so we returned to our husbands near the bar, happy to see
our children enjoying the resort as much as we were.

"Thanks for inviting us here," I said to Tanya, kissing her on the cheek.

"It is my pleasure, Nadia," she said. We kissed again, distracting our
husbands from their conversation with Marv. They joined us, watching as
our thighs intertwined and our kiss became a standing hump 'n' grope.
Carl and Ivan invited Marv to cop a feel, his hands roaming down my back
and over my bottom, cupping my cheeks gently. Tanya moaned as we kissed,
Marv's hands probing her ass as well.

A small crowd gathered around us as Tanya and I knelt on a pile of towels
by the pool, still kissing and groping each other as Marv and our
husbands explored our most private places. Soon we were both on our
hands and knees, our husbands licking us furiously, while Tanya and I
broke off our kiss to fellate Marv's beautiful penis and majestic balls.
I concentrated on his long, veiny shaft while Tanya worked on his large,
circumcised glans, trying to keep from biting him as my husband lapped at
my pussy.

Carl teased my clit with his tongue, keeping me in a state of pre
-orgasmic excitement. I felt his tongue withdraw, followed by the
feeling of an unfamiliar penis. Looking back, I saw Ivan behind me,
smiling as his fat, uncircumcised cock penetrated my labia. I smiled and
looked over to see my husband behind Tanya, pushing his cock into her.
Giving Tanya a kiss on the cheek, I went back to bathing Marv with my
tongue, spurring him to thrust faster, fucking Tanya's mouth.

I knelt next to Tanya, feeling her husband's penis pistoning in and out
of my sex while we sucked Marv's cock and balls. I was barely aware
of the crowd around us, encouraging us to suck Marv harder, watching
us get fucked by the other's husband. Even the children gathered around
to watch their parents.

Tanya came first, bucking and thrashing on Carl's manhood while her
husband plowed me faster. My own climax arrived soon enough, and I had
to release Marv from my mouth, for fear of biting his lovely penis. He
didn't seem to mind, and he stroked his cock a few times before erupting
in our faces. Tanya and I were soon covered with sperm; Marv's, our
husbands', and even sticky, ropy spurts from some of the men who were
watching us.

Tanya and I smiled and kissed for the crowd, swapping Marv's load between
us with our tongues, before we were pushed into the pool along with our
husbands and Marv, laughing and splashing as we were joined by other

We dried off and had another drink before retiring for the night. Tanya
promised to wake me up for Eileen's class, and we rounded up the kids,
heading back to the cottage for the night. I fell asleep with Carl's
penis between my legs, his arms around me, holding me tight.

* * *

A gentle hand awakened me, followed by a soft kiss. I opened my eyes to
see Tanya and reached over for Carl, but the bed was empty.

"He went jogging on the beach with Vanya," she said, handing me a glass
of orange juice. I sat up and yawned, accepting the glass and taking a
sip. A few minutes later, having showered, I joined her outside the
cottage and we walked to the mansion for Eileen's lesson. The sun was
just coming up over the grove, a cherry red orb low in the sky.

The ballroom's dance floor was covered with large cushions. Eileen and
her teenaged grand-daughter Melissa were at the front of the room, naked
and cross-legged, talking to a few of the thirty or so women present.
After a few minutes, everyone claimed a bit of floor, sitting cross
-legged and facing Eileen and Melissa.

"Good morning, girls!" Eileen said, stretching her arms over her head.
"Let's stretch and do some breathing exercises, then Melissa will pass
out the toys and I'll show you all of those ancient chinese secrets
everyone wants to learn!" We laughed at that last part, and then Eileen
led us in some simple yoga breathing and stretching exercises. Almost
three dozen women moved in unison, trying to recapture the lost
limberness of youth. Some of the older women groaned, stretching muscles
that hadn't been exercised in years. Melissa darted around, helping some
of the less flexible members into the harder poses.

After about fifteen minutes of warming up, Eileen and Melissa passed out
the vaginal barbells. These were heavy chrome cylinders, smoothly
tapered with knobs at each end. It reminded me of the paperweight in my
office, an oversized "jack" like the ones I played with as a little girl,
except without the other two lobes crossing at the middle. I chuckled as
I pictured myself using my paperweight as a sex toy. Eileen clapped her
hands to get our attention.

"Okay, let's start by clenching," Eileen said. She licked the end of her
vaginal barbell and inserted it inside her shaved labia. "Imagine that
you have to pee like a racehorse and there's no place to go. Tighten
that muscle,!" She lay on her back, propped up on
her elbows, knees apart. The half of the barbell outside her vagina began to bob up and down. Melissa's moved as well, nearly as far.

"If it falls out, put it back in and keep clenching," she said after a
few women had managed to expel the chrome spindle from their pussies.

"Okay, now imagine that you just had a really spicy meal, and you've got
a runny bottom." A couple of embarrassed laughs were heard among the
crowd of women. "Clench your bottom, now. C'mon, ladies. Pretend we're
at Disneyworld and there's a 30 minute wait for a potty. Tighten those
butts, two! Three! Four!" A couple of the women blushed with
embarrassment as the anal exercise forced a bit of gas from their bowels.

"Don't worry about a little tootin', girls! My Marvie loves it when I
let one rip on his beautiful cock," Eileen said. "Now let's alternate
our runny bottoms and our pee muscles, and make those barbells bob up and
down, up! Down! Up! Down!"

I tried hard to follow her instructions, making the barbell twitch weakly
and losing my grip a couple of times. Eileen came over to coach me,
holding the end while I clenched around the slippery chrome knob in my

"That's right, Nadia. One and then two. One and then two. Wonderful!
You're getting it, hon! One, and two. One and then two. Make it bob
and twitch like your son's lovely cock, sweetie!" Eileen smiled at me,
lightly touching my sphincter to make me clench harder.

"Here, let me show you," she said, taking my hand and placing one of my
fingers inside her warm snatch. Immediately, the muscles in her vagina began to suck my finger inside, rippling and clenching. I looked at
Eileen in amazement as her pussy sucked my finger like a mouth. She
smiled and moved on to coach the woman next to me. I redoubled my
efforts with the barbell, amazed at her wonderful talent.

"Isn't she great?" Tanya whispered, busy with her barbell. I could only
nod in agreement as I worked my pussy muscles harder.

We took a short break, after which Melissa led us in another round of
stretching exercises. Then we took turns working with a special
vibrator, one that would react to being squeezed by oscillating harder.
It helped give feedback during clenching exercises. Since there weren't
enough to go around, we sat in circles of five or six and took turns.

Eileen and Melissa went from group to group, coaching various women with
the vibrator, joking around with the rest. After we all had a couple of
turns with the devices, we paired off and each couple was given a rubbery
double dildo. I sat crab-legged across from Tanya, the pink dong
connecting us at the crotch.

"Okay, girls. Time to do the seesaw. Let's all take turns pushing
against the dong, pushing, pushing, that's right!" Eileen and Melissa
sat at the front of the room, demonstrating with a double dildo between
them, the thick middle section moving back and forth between their
crotches. They demonstrated this move for a few minutes before getting
up to coach some of the pairs of women on the cushioned dance floor.
Then they resumed their position at the front of the room, crotch to

"Very good, ladies. Now try the opposite, pulling the dong. Pull the
dong. Pull the dong," Eileen chanted. She and Melissa demonstrated their
practiced muscle control. A couple of women began to moan out loud, the
movement of the dong getting them excited as they exercised.

After a few minutes of this, Eileen had us disengage and lie on our
backs, rubbing ourselves until we climaxed. Some of the women had been
getting twitchy as their orgasms approached, and Eileen wanted us all
relaxed and attentive. After Melissa led another round of breathing and
stretching exercises, Eileen continued with the class.

"Some of you may think I'm working you too hard. Well, you're free to go
any time. But remember that you're competing with the tight little cunny
of a nine-year-old," she said as some of the women began to groan under
the strain of the next exercise, a butt plug with a weight at the end.

"Okay, that's enough for now. Let's take a morning swim. Have fun, and
I'll see you next Sunday morning!" Eileen dismissed the class, taking
her teenaged grand-daughter by the hand and leading her into the surf.
They dove into the water together, two tanned, firm bodies swimming as
one. We followed them into the cool morning water, coming up for air
between the breakers.

"Thank you," I said to Tanya, kissing her.

"You're welcome, my rosebud," she said, returning the kiss, except with
more tongue and a gentle caress between my thighs. We swam together for
a while before returning to the cottage, soaping each other up under the
outdoor shower, and teasing each other's clitties to the brink of orgasm.
Then we rinsed off and kissed before parting to seek out our husbands.
As I rode my husband's sweaty morning erection, I could hear Tanya coming
through the cottage's thin walls.

Afterwards, Tanya and I playfully ushered our husbands into the shower
together, laughing as they blushed when we made them soap each other up.
Carl and Ivan smiled as they both became hard, and we soon joined them,
our four bodies intertwined in a soapy tangle. Tanya and I switched
partners, once again trying our newly learned muscle exercises, only this
time with each other's husband.

Our cries of pleasure must have awakened the children, because they
started to knock on the bathroom door. We had forgotten to lock it,
however, and it flung open, a surprised Katya and Pitr watching their
parents fuck. They came closer, followed by Caitlyn and Elena, watching
us avidly. We were all close to coming, so this audience had little
effect. Katya became so non- chalant about it that she even sat on the
toilet and urinated while we fucked in the shower.

We let the kids have the bathroom while we toweled off in the bedroom.
While they showered and brushed their teeth, we fixed breakfast and
prepared for another relaxing day on the beach. After the kids were fed,
we staked out a spot in the sand, planting our chairs and umbrella while
the kids went off to find their friends.

After lunch, we all gathered by the pool for the resort's monthly beauty
pageant, an event involving all of the girls under the age of 18. Elena
and Caitlyn were encouraged to enter by their new friends, and even Katya
got into the act, mimicking her older sisters as they practiced posing
before the contest. A panel of judges was selected from the crowd, and
they were encouraged to take a "hands-on" approach when evaluating the
young contestants.

After the initial presentation, when each of the twenty girls was shown
to the crowd and the judges, being escorted around the pool by a group
of young men, the talent portion commenced. This consisted of one of the
judges, a portly fellow roughly the same age as Marv, standing in front
of each girl as she knelt and fellated him. He would stand there for a
couple of minutes while the girl greedily gobbled his knob, and then step
back, write something on his notepad, before moving on to the next girl.

While he tested each girl's mouth, a woman was making her way down the
line of kneeling girls, bending each one over and inserting a finger in
her vagina. Then she'd withdraw it and taste it, smacking her lips
together as if she were sampling a young Beaujolais. She took a second
taste and gently cupped each girl's breasts before making notes on her
own pad of paper. Tanya, sitting next to Carl and I, leaned over and
told me that they were husband and wife, horse breeders by trade. I had
to laugh at that as I watched them move from girl to girl, professionally
inspecting each young filly.

The final part of the talent competition was administered by Eileen.
Each girl was laid on her back, atop a cushioned platform. Eileen would
then use an especially powerful vibrator, along with a long, thin anal
probe, and stimulate each girl to climax. The crowd was encouraged to
participate in the judging of this part, cheering wildly at each girl's
orgasm, especially the more spectacular ones. One of Carleen's daughters
earned the most applause when she nearly fell off the specially
constructed platform, bucking and thrashing wildly at Eileen's expert

Afterwards, the girls stood in a line at the end of the pool while the
judges conferred. Finally, they announced their decision: Carleen's
16-year-old daughter Megan was crowned Cherry Cove Princess for the
month. My daughters didn't go away empty handed, Caitlyn awarded a
prize for Best cocksucker and Elena receiving mention for Sweetest Pussy.
The winners and runners-up were encouraged to express their gratitude
to the judges by crawling under their table and servicing them orally.
My daughters bounded over to show me their awards, little gold necklaces
with a heart-shaped pendant. I helped them clasp their prizes around
their necks, patting their little bottoms as they ran off to rejoin their

This hour-long display of teenage sexuality had taken its toll on the
crowd, and all around the pool women were climbing on top of their
husbands or lying back as they were mounted, as throbbing erections
and flicking tongues found their way into the nearest mouth, vagina,
or anus. In groups of two, three, four or more, naked bodies around
and in the pool were pumping away, hips rocking, heads bobbing, buttocks
tensing and relaxing. Megan was being treated like a queen, three young men kissing her all over, licking her breasts and her sex, opening her
flower and drinking her nectar, before she took on all three of them at
once, each of their strong young cocks invading a different orifice.

Her climax was even more spectacular than the one Eileen had brought
forth, even though she was sandwiched between three muscular bodies.
Her true coronation occurred when the men covered her with ropy spurts
of semen, dribbling over her pert young breasts as she tried to catch
their sperm with her tongue. She laughed as they playfully threw her
in the pool, and she managed to pull one of them in with her, the two
of them coming to the surface in a passionate, wet kiss. The other two
dived in after them, anxious to take the young beauty once again.

As I bounced up and down on Carl's penis, I looked around at the resort's
other members. Next to us, Tanya was being fucked by her husband doggie-
style, her breasts swaying as she matched his thrusts with her hips.
Katya was standing behind her father, playing with his testicles and
watching his cock plow into her mother's moist snatch.

I caught sight of Caitlyn and Elena at the far end of the pool,
entertaining the portly man who had judged the contest, Caitlyn sucking his fat cock while Elena sat on his face. His wife was licking Caitlyn
from behind while she fingered herself. Alex and Andrey were double
-teaming a young blonde teen, Andrey's cock plunging in her wet gash
while she sucked his brother's young pole. My climax rose as I watched
the children, and my vaginal contractions squeezed the semen from Carl's
twitching tool. He gently suckled my breasts as we relaxed together, his
juices dripping onto his balls from my swollen pussy.

The humid air around the pool became a sea of sighs, muffled cries, and
the occasional shriek, as pleasure rose and spilled over. The sounds of
bliss rose and peaked, gradually falling off, replaced by the sound of
splashing as couples disengaged and jumped in the pool to cook off
afterwards. The bar started doing a brisk business, and cigarettes and
lighters began to flicker like fireflies in the late afternoon.

A buffet dinner was wheeled out to the pool, and people ate and danced to
a jazz trio as the sun set over the water. Tanya and I held hands with
our husbands as we watched the sky turn orange and then red. Before we
returned to the cottage to pack for the return trip, we made plans for
the following few weekends, splitting our time between the lake and
Cherry Cove. Marv came by before we left to bid us good-bye and give us
our membership information. He and Eileen kissed the children warmly, and
stood with Tanya's family, waving as we drove off.

I watched the children slumber in the back seat before I dozed off,
dreaming of the next time we'd get together.


(c) 2000 Anais Ninja


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