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NATFAM3 video with lady who had


Naturist family III -- Caitlyn's Diary -- "Playing Dildo"
(c) 2000 Anais Ninja

[Daddy's notes: My wife corrected the spelling when she typed this into
the computer but I asked her not to correct the grammar and run-on
sentences because that's sort of how Caitlyn talks. It seems more
natural that way.]
April 1

Dear Diary,

My name is Caitlyn. I'm ten years old and I live with my Daddy. mommy passed away a few months ago, so it's just me and Daddy. I miss mommy a lot. So does Daddy. He looks sad sometimes. I try to cheer him up,
but after a while he's sad again. He misses Mommy, too.

My best friend is Elena. She's in the same class as me. She lives with
her brother Pitr and their Mommy. They lost their Daddy before they
moved here. They used to live in Russia but they live here now. Elena
says her mommy is sad sometimes, too.

Anyway, Daddy says its time for bed so I got to go now. Goodnight!


April 5

Dear Diary,

Today was so much fun!

After school, me and Elena went over to her house. Her mommy was at
work. She works later than Daddy sometimes. Anyway, we went over there
after school. Usually, I'm bored there because they don't have a tv or
computer. But today Elena said she wanted to show me something.

We went into her Mommy's room and Elena opened her drawers. Inside the
table next to the bed Elena's mommy had these plastic things. There was
a long pointy thing and another that was pink and had like a little
helmet on the end. She said they were dilbos or dildos or something.
There was a little knob that she twisted and it started to hum! I
thought it was a musical thing but the humming was so soft.

Anyway, Elena sat on her Mommy's bed and pulled down her shorts and
panties and put the pointy end in her cunny. She pushed it in and out
and then she started to shake! I got scared for a second but then she
stopped and asked if I wanted to try it.

I wasn't going to, but Elena told me it felt really good. So I pulled my
panties down and sat on the bed with my dress up. I felt really naughty
doing this with Elena and my stomach was like tingling. Elena put the
tip of the thing in my cunny and turned the knob and wow! It felt so
funny! Elena started to push it in my cunny but it hurt when it went in
to far. She said something about a cherry in my cunny, but I don't like
cherries and I wouldn't put one in there.

I started to feel like I had to pee real bad, so I told Elena to stop.
The feeling went away so I asked her to start again. That's when it
happened. I felt like I had to sneeze but all over and not just my
nose. Then Elena put her finger on my pee hole and started to rub me
there. I was going to tell her to stop because it was dirty but the
tingling got stronger and stronger and I couldn't talk! I started to
shiver like I was cold and then Elena stopped. My cunny kept tingling
and then I really had to pee.

She told me something about an organism or something but I just wanted
to play some more. I tried getting the pink thing in me but the end
was too big. Elena could put in inside her so I played with the pointy
one. We both had another organism and then we looked inside each other's
cunnies. Elena showed me my cherry with a mirror, which isn't a real
cherry like I thought. It's a pinkish thing with a little hole. Elena
said she broke hers with the big pink thing and she bled a little after,
like she got her period. After she told me that I didn't want to play
anymore. Her brother came home from softball anyway, so we had to stop.

Elena's mommy is working late tomorrow, so we're going to play again.
And that's all I have to write tonight. Goodnight, diary!


April 6

Dear Diary,

Today me and Elena played again. She told me that the pink dildo (not
dilbo!) was supposed to look like a man's pee pee. I saw my Daddy's
pee pee once, when he forgot to lock the bathroom door. It was
smaller and had hairs and stuff. Elena said that men got correct or
something. Is my Daddy's pee pee wrong?

Anyway, this time when I put the dildo in me I started to shiver even
harder than yesterday and my bottom felt all tight and tingly. I tried
to put the dildo in further but it started to hurt again when it hit
my cherry. Elena said that I came that time but I didn't go anywhere.
She talks funny sometimes, mainly when she puts the pink thing inside
her and starts talking dirty. She said she came pretty hard, which
doesn't make sense because she didn't go anywhere either.

She said I'll learn, but the more I learn the more questions I have.
We're going to play again tomorrow, so maybe I'll find out more.
I'm going to go to sleep now, so goodnight! Sweet dreams!


April 7

Dear Diary,

Today me and Elena were going to play, but it was raining so Pitr was
home instead of playing ball. So we drew pictures instead. Elena
drew her Daddy with a big pink pee pee. I tried to draw Mommy, only
not naked like her Daddy. I wondered if her Daddy knew my mommy in
Heaven. Elena said her Daddy was in Russian Heaven and my mommy was
in America Heaven but I thought it was the same place. We argued
about it and she started crying and I went home.

Now I think Elena hates me. It was so stupid! I wanted to call her
but her phone is not working anymore.

I feel like crying again. I miss Mommy. I miss Elena. I want my Daddy
to be happy again.

I wish you could talk to me diary.
April 10

I'm so happy! I saw Elena at school and we made up! Friends forever!
We promised not to fight anymore and I told her Russian Heaven was
just as good as America Heaven and I was sorry if I said it wasn't.
She told me to meet her after school and that she had a big surprise.

I could hardly wait until school was over and we ran home. I asked
Elena what the secret was and she said just wait. I thought it was
a new dildo thing but she had the same ones we played with before.
I got the head of the pink one inside me but it hurt even more than
the pointy one when I put it in too far. Elena said I had to pop
my cherry hole but I was afraid of the pain. It felt like I was
being ripped apart!

Anyway, Elena's big secret was her brother Pitr. When I heard him
come home, I thought it was Elena's Mommy, so I jumped off the bed
and pulled my skirt back down but it was only Pitr. Elena called
him into the bedroom and had him pull his pants down and show us
his pee pee. It was a lot smaller than the dildo, smaller than
Daddy's, too. It looked like a little hand with one finger between
his legs.

Elena said watch and she told him to do that jerking thing. He spit
in his hand and started to pull his little pee pee until it was
sticking out and then he kept rubbing it with his fingers. Then he
shivered a little and stopped and his thing got small again. Elena
said he came. I'm still not sure what that means.

Pitr let Elena touch his pee pee a little and she asked if I wanted
to but I didn't. Then she told Pitr to scram and we played dildos
again until I had to go home.

I'm glad we're friends again.
April 12

Dear Diary,

Today I was walking home from school and I saw this man put a big
stack of magazines on the curb for the recycling people to take.
I had to do a collage for social studies class homework that week
and I needed pictures of people working and stuff. So after the man
went back inside, I looked through the pile of magazines he left.
They were all naked people magazines and I took as many as I could
cram in my backpack and ran home. I hid them in my closet inside my
old toy chest and took a couple over to Elena's house. Her mommy
was home so I told her we were going to do homework.

Me and Elena sat in her room and read the magazines together. We
stuck them inside our notebooks so we could close them in a hurry.
One of them was all blurry pictures of naked ladies. Sometimes
they wore pretty undies or bikinis but they were mostly naked and
touching their cunnies which had hair like my Daddy's pee pee. They
all had big titties and bottoms and were all very pretty like models.
I felt under my shirt to see if my boobies were growing but they
were just puffy lumps. I was going to say something to Elena about
my Mommy's boobies being bigger than her Mommy's but I didn't want
to start another fight.

The other magazine I brought over was different. It didn't have as
many words as the other one and had naked men and ladies together.
This one picture had a lady with the man's pee pee in her mouth and
we started to giggle and Elena's mommy came in to see what we were
doing but we closed the notebook in time. When she left we looked
at the rest of the pictures. The naked lady put the man's thing in
her cunny and there were a lot of pictures of that. The last picture showed the man peeing white stuff on her boobies which was sort of
gross. When Elena's mommy heard us going ewwwww she knew we weren't
doing homework so she sent me home.

That's all I'm going to write today. I want to read some of the
magazines before I go to sleep. Sweet dreams!
April 25

Dear Diary,

I know I haven't written in a couple of weeks but I've been so busy
with those magazines! There's so much to write I don't know where
to start!

Now I know what Elena was talking about! And its orgasm not organism.
That's what she meant by come and coming! Now it makes sense to me.
And dildos are called vibrators because they vibrate. Duh! And that
little button by my pee hole, it's called a clitoris or clit, sometimes
they call it a love button. And there's my vagina and my labia and
the pee pee is a penis. So many funny new words!

The pictures were pretty cool but it was the letters that I really liked.
People would write little stories about fucking and send them to the
magazine. That's so cool! Some of them I'm not sure are real, because
they talk about doing it at work or on an airplane or even in a school.
I never saw anybody fuck at school, especially not a teacher and a
student like in one of the letters, but maybe they did it when nobody was

Oh yeah, more new words, like fuck and suck and screw. I heard my Daddy
say fuck but only when he was really mad and I thought it meant the same
thing as shit did. Now it's funny to think that every time he gets mad
he's saying man puts his penis inside the woman's vagina. I guess fuck
is easier to say when you're mad. And suck is good in the letters but
bad when something sucks, but all the men in the letters love to have
their penis sucked by women. So sucking is good?

And what is an anus? I think it's my poopy hole but that's so gross!
Why would you want to put anything in there? Adults are so weird

Anyway, I was reading the last few magazines and tucked inside
one of them was a smaller one. It was older and sort of worn out
like someone carried it in their pocket. It said Lolita on the cover
and it was all girls my age with other girls and boys and older men and women. They were sucking and fucking just like the grown-ups in
the other magazines. And there was this one picture of two girls licking each other's cunnies. You couldn't see their faces, just their
hair and I imagined it was me and Elena licking each other. The
grown-up women in the letters in the other magazines did that a lot
to each other. They called it lesbian or something.

So after I found that Lolita magazine I went over to Elena's house
and we read it together. We were both tingly and went to play with
her Mommy's vibrators but she had hidden them somewhere. So instead
we took off our shorts and panties and tried licking each other.
At first, it just felt wet and sticky until Elena touched my button.
Wow, it was better than playing dildos! We had orgasm twice and then
Pitr came home and Elena dared me to suck his pee pee. I told her I
would but he had to lick me too and he didn't want to, but Elena
took his little cock in her mouth anyway. At first he was scared that
she was going to bite him but I held his arms behind his back while
she licked his little thing. He's pretty strong for 9 but then he
stopped fighting me and let her lick him until he came. Then he pulled
away, saying it hurt after he came. We finished reading the magazine
and I went home.

That night I was in bed, trying to go to sleep but I felt too tingly
down there. I started rubbing it through my panties and then I took
them off. I stuck a finger inside my pussy but it just didn't feel
big enough like Elena's dildos so I started to rub my clitty because
it felt like it itched down there. It felt better and better when I
closed my eyes and thought about Elena licking me and sucking Pitr's
cock, and the grown-ups fucking in the magazines with their big
boobies and cocks then I thought about my Daddy in the bathroom and
I came so hard just rubbing my button!

The next day I couldn't wait to show Elena cunny rubbing which she
loved because even though she found where her mommy was hiding the
vibrators, the batteries inside were worn out. We sat on the bed
in her room and rubbed ourselves until Pitr came home. Then Elena
sucked him again and he even licked her pussy which he wouldn't do
the day before. She dared me to suck him but he still didn't want
to lick me, so I didn't.

Elena and me got together to read the magazines and cunny rub every
day that week, mostly at my house. We brought Pitr along with us
and he finally agreed to lick my pussy but he didn't do it as good
as Elena did. Elena dared me to suck him again, so I did for a little
while but he didn't come. Elena said he was too young to shoot the
white stuff, semen or jism they called it. He didn't care, he just
liked having his little thing sucked.

Then Elena had Pitr get on top of her and put his penis inside her.
He kept falling out of her pussy and rubbing against her leg and
she'd make him stop and put it back in. After a while she got mad
at him and that's when we heard my father come home and we had to
get dressed in a hurry.

After that scare, we mostly did stuff at her house. I liked
sucking Pitr's penis. It was really hard, but sort of soft on
the outside like that doll I had when I was little with the
special skin, only softer. His hips moved back and forth and
then he shivered like he came but still no white stuff. Elena
said it would be a couple of years, like when a girl starts
getting her period. Pitr made us explain what a period was and
he was pretty grossed out. Elena and I licked each other a lot
and played dildos too.

So today Elena wanted Pitr to fuck me but I didn't want to lose
my cherry yet. The letters in the magazines said it hurt and
there was a little blood but that the hurt went away fast and
then it felt good. But Elena said there was a bit of blood and
it felt sore for a while and she had to throw out her panties because of the blood. I wish I had a dildo so maybe I could do
it over the toilet but there's still the pain. When things
hurt down there they really really hurt, like the time I bruised
myself on the balance beam in gym class. mommy had to put an
ice bag down there and I could barely walk.

Anyway, I'm going to read some more magazines and go to sleep.
Maybe I'll have some sexy dreams. I love those!


April 26

I'll make this short because I have to go to school.

Wow, did I have some sexy dreams! And Daddy and mommy were in them!
They were fucking by a pool like in a magazine and I was there, watching
Daddy's big cock go in and out of mommy and she was smiling at me and
they were laughing.

And then it was me! I was on top of Daddy, holding on to his shoulders
while he lifted me up and fucked me with his penis! He was kissing me
and calling me his munchkin and I looked around for mommy and then I
woke up.

I was so tingly that I just touched it and I came, just like that! No
rubbing and rubbing! I was going to rub and see if I could come again
when Daddy knocked on the door to wake me up for school. I pulled the
blankets up real quick before he came in.

I kissed him real hard. His whiskers were scratchy and he was still in
his pajamas and t-shirt and he hugged me and then I noticed that the
covers were down and Daddy could see that my panties were down. I pulled
them back up before he noticed and he told me to rise and shine munchkin.
Just like in my dream! I had to wait until he left to take a shower
before I got out of bed and put on a fresh pair of panties. I hope Daddy
does laundry soon.

Oops, I'm late! Bye!
April 28

Ow! I feel so sore down there! Elena and me were playing dildos today,
even though the batteries were dead. She pushed the pink thing a little
too hard and I felt a sharp pain down there, like she started to pop my
cherry. I screamed really loud and even the old lady next door heard it.
She knocked on the door to see if we were ok and Elena told her she was
brushing my hair and it had a tangle in it and it hurt when she pulled
it. I told her the same thing and she said ok, no ruffhouse and no
playing with matches and she left.

I checked my panties and there was a little blood, just a few spots.
Elena wanted to lick me to make it feel better but I just went home and
put some ice down there like mommy did after my gym accident. I threw
the panties in the neighbor's garbage so Daddy wouldn't see them. I wish
he would do the laundry already or make it so I could reach the buttons
on the washer so I could do it.
May 2

I think I'm in big trouble. After school Elena couldn't play because her
mother was home so I asked Jimmy Phillips if he wanted to play. We were
in my room and I showed him one of the magazines I found. He was getting
horny and rubbing the outside of his shorts and I told him he could read
the magazine if I could suck his cock. He sure took his time making up
his mind. I thought he's never pull his shorts down. But I was just
about to suck his cock when he chickened out and pulled up his shorts and
ran home.

I was going to rub myself when I realized that he took the magazine with
him! That asshole! I just know his parents are going to bust him
and he'll tell them that I gave it to him and that I tried to suck him!
So I've been just sitting in bed, waiting for the phone to ring and for
Daddy to punish me. I want to get rid of the magazines but he's home
now and it's too late for me to go out.

At least I'm not sore down there anymore.
May 4

Okay, I'm not in trouble. Jimmy saw me in school the next day and told
me he was sorry and that I could have the magazine back. He came over
after school and I told him I didn't want to suck him but that if he
was really sorry he'd jerk off for me. He said yes but only if he
could see my vagina. So we took off our shorts and undies and I watched
him rub his penis while I rubbed my cunny for him.

When he came there was a little drop of something on his pee hole but it
was clear, not white like in the magazines. We pulled up our shorts and
he gave me the magazine he swiped and then he went home. I made him
swear not to tell anyone what we did. I'm glad I didn't throw out any
of the magazines.
May 8

Dear Diary,

Summer is here soon and I wonder what will happen. Last summer my mommy was still alive and we spent a whole month at the beach, Daddy, Mommy,
and me. I wonder if my Daddy and me are going away this summer. I wish
we could take Elena with us. We had fun playing dildos today. Her
mother got new batteries!

Elena and Pitr told me that they used to go to the beach in Russia, some
place called the Black Sea, except the water was blue just like here.
Their mommy and Daddy would be naked all the time like in the magazines.
She asked me if there were places like that here but I didn't know.

Pitr licked me real good and I sucked him after. He didn't come like
Jimmy did but he liked it anyway.
May 15

Dear Diary,

I did it.

I fucked Daddy. Or he fucked me. Whatever. We did it. A lot.

Okay, where do I start? Oh, yeah panties.

It was Friday morning and I'm totally out of clean undies. Daddy's still
asleep because of the holiday so I go to wake him up so he'll do laundry.
He's all groggy and he tells me to take a pair of Mommy's out of her
drawer! Now, like he was always funny about her stuff, like how her make
up was still on her vanity and her shampoo and stuff was still in the
bathroom. As if he thought she was coming back from a trip or something.
So I was surprised when he told me to take a pair of hers.

I found a pair that I thought might fit, a really tiny lace thong and I
put them on and looked in the mirror. Daddy's face is sort of red when
he gets up, but now it was really red. I jumped into bed with him and
hugged him and I could feel his penis get hard under the covers. I
wouldn't let go of him until he promised to do the laundry and he said
yes he would. He moved his leg so I couldn't feel his thing through the

After breakfast, we went to the mall and he bought me all new clothes!
My undies and things were getting worn out anyway, and I hadn't gone
shopping since before mommy passed away. So I got to drag Daddy from
store to store and buy anything I wanted. mommy used to pick things
out for me but Daddy just paid and that was that, except to remind me
that I needed undies and socks.

So anyway, we're back home and putting my new clothes away and I put
on one of my new sundresses. Daddy saw that I still had Mommy's
panties on and he asked me if I didn't want to wear one of my new
pairs. Mommy's panties felt so sexy on me, like something one of
the magazine ladies would wear, so I asked him if I could keep them
on. He was hanging up some clothes in the closet and I lifted my
dress to show him and he turned red like he did in bed and turned
away. Then I went over to show him and brushed against his thing
like by accident and he was hard!

When I pulled on his fly and reached into his pants he got real mad
and picked me up and laid me on his lap like he was going to spank me.
I started to cry because I knew he was really mad. Daddy never ever
spanked me. I just wanted to make him happy like mommy did.

I was like cringing because I knew it was going to hurt but I felt his
hand on my bottom, just rubbing me there like really gentle. He pulled
me up and kissed me like I saw him kiss mommy once and he put his tongue
in my mouth and felt me up and stuff. I could feel his penis getting
hard while he did that. I pulled off my dress and he started kissing
my nipples and sucking them and feeling me. I unzipped his pants and
started rubbing his cock.

I was thinking about that dream I had when all of a sudden he got up and
took me into his bedroom. He dressed me in some of Mommy's things, her
stockings and a belt with those funny tabs to hold them up and a little
bralette that matched my panties and then he watched from the bed as I
put on some of Mommy's makeup and brushed my hair. He told me I was
beautiful and I asked if I could see him naked and he got undressed and
pulled me on top of him.

Then we did all sorts of stuff. His penis got really big and fat when
I played with it, not at all like it had been in the bathroom that one
time. It was much bigger than Pitr's or Jimmy's little things.

Daddy pulled my panties off and licked me like I never was licked
before! I came so hard, just like the magazine ladies! And I finally
saw the white stuff come out! I sucked Daddy's cock and rubbed it until
he came. Daddy said that was his seed and that they were too small to
see, little things swimming in the white stuff. It tasted sort of bitter
like radishes which I don't like too much.

Daddy asked me what I knew about sex and I sort of told him that me and
Elena would do stuff together and Pitr too. I tried not to use any of
the new words I learned from the magazines, which I said were Elena's
anyway. Daddy felt inside me to see if my cherry was ripped and then he
showed me how to rub my cunny which I already knew but I made believe
I didn't. I felt so sexy rubbing my cunny with Daddy watching, like it
was really naughty. Daddy said it wasn't right for daddies and daughters
to do these things together but I could tell he like watching me.

I so wanted him to fuck me. He was so gentle with me like he was afraid
of hurting me and he said I wasn't ready yet. Then he fell asleep and
he must have been having a sexy dream because his cock began to get big
again and I thought I heard him call mommy by her name but I'm not sure.
I wasn't sleepy so I started to suck him again and he rolled on his back
and his penis nearly stuck straight up. mommy had some lotion in her
drawer so I put some on his cock to make it go in easier.

I squatted over him and his cock poked at my cunny. It kept slipping
until I held it steady and straight up. I was sitting down on it like
I saw in one of the magazines and I lost my balance and it went all the
way in me. Wow did that hurt! I started to cry and get it out of me
when Daddy woke up!

I thought he was going to be mad but he just lifted me up off his cock
and wiped me down there and gave me a tissue to blow my nose. Then
he hugged me and kissed me and pulled me on top of him and asked me if
I wanted to finish what I started. I was so happy that he wasn't mad
that the pain didn't matter. It hadn't been that bad when Elena ripped
it and we had plenty of ice in the house anyway.

Daddy's cock felt soooo big inside me! He held me steady while I
moved up and down on it. The pain wasn't too bad, not as bad as the
balance beam had been. Daddy really breathes heavy when he fucks!
And when he comes inside me! It feels so good when he squirts!

After that we took a shower together and got pizza and then Daddy
stopped off at the mall to rent some sexy videos. We watched them
together and played some more. I wish Elena could have watched them
with us. They were much better than the magazines! There was even
one video with a lady who had a penis! And I finally found out what
anal meant. Grown-ups do stick things in their poop holes. And they
piss on each other! And ladies fuck five guys at once and dress in
school uniforms and lick each other. I asked Daddy if he wanted to
fuck my ass but he said maybe later. He said he likes my little
snatch he called it. We fucked again and went to sleep. It didn't
hurt so much but I feel a bit sore down there, maybe from rubbing too
much. Those videos were so sexy.

I slept in his bed and we fucked again when we woke up. Then we had
breakfast and went to the mall. I steered him over to a lingerie
store because I thought he'd like to see me wearing sexy undies but
he said it wasn't proper and told me that I could have Mommy's things.

After we got home, he put Mommy's bras and panties in a pillowcase and
gave them to me. But she also had vibrators like Elena's Mommy! Daddy
showed them all to me and there was even a long thin one that was
supposed to go in my bottom! Daddy showed me how to use it and it felt
so good in in my bottom with the big vibrator in my pussy.

Daddy put his penis in my bottom and came inside me. It didn't feel as
good as in my cunny but it gave my sore pussy a rest. I love it when
we snuggle together afterwards and he puts his penis between my legs.

Okay, that was what happened yesterday. I can't wait to go to Elena's
and tell her what happened! Daddy's reading the Sunday papers. We
fucked when we woke up and I held Daddy's cock while he peed. Anyway,
I'm going over to Elena's now and I promise to write more later. Bye!
May 17

Wow. I don't know where to start! Like Friday and Saturday were
amazing? Sunday was even more amazing. And I think I have a new Mommy!

So I went over to Elena's yesterday, Sunday. I was dying to tell her
that I lost my cherry to my Daddy of all people! She made me tell her
all about it. Even Pitr was interested and he hates girl talk. Elena had
been making him wear her panties, I don't know why, but we were all in
her Mommy's bedroom and Elena made me put the pink dildo all the way
inside me to prove that my cherry was gone. That's when Elena's mommy came home early from work. We didn't know she was home until we heard a
lamp break in the other room. Did she see us playing on her bed?

We got dressed and went to see how much trouble we were in but Elena's
Mommy was getting sick in the kitchen. Elena got worried and wanted to
get the lady next door but I called Daddy instead. I was glad Elena's
Mommy got the phone turned back on.

Daddy was over in like two minutes and he said that Elena's mommy was ok
and we shouldn't worry, that he'd take care of everything and he helped
her into the bathroom and held her while she threw up some more. I
stayed with Elena and Pitr and we held him while he cried. He was
worried about his Mommy. He stopped when he saw that his mommy was
better and my Daddy said we were all going to our place for dinner.

Daddy told me and Elena to play with Pitr in my room while he talked to
Nadia, that's Elena's Mommy's name, and made a spaghetti sauce for
dinner. I showed Elena my Mommy's vibrators that Daddy gave me and we
took off our panties and played while Pitr watched us. I saw the door
open a bit and knew Daddy was watching us play dildos, Elena and me. She
was really curious about the anal thing and she watched me put it in me
real close. I came really hard and when I looked up Daddy wasn't at the
door anymore.

We snuck down the hall real quiet like and looked inside Daddy's bedroom.
Elena's mommy was sucking his cock. She was wearing panties just like
mine or Elena's, not grown-up panties like Mommy's. Daddy stopped her
from sucking him and laid her on the bed and pulled her panties off.
Then he licked her real good and she came really hard. Pitr's head was
pressed against my cunny as he tried to get a good look through the
doorway and I got really horny and pressed back. Then Daddy started to
fuck Nadia real hard and I got a good look at his penis going in and out
of her, like the dream where he fucked Mommy. His cock was really shiny
because she was so wet down there and he fucked her and he fucked her and
they both came. Daddy sure puts out a lot of that white stuff and I could
see it dripping from Elena's mommy after he pulled out.

Then Daddy rolled over and told us to come inside the bedroom. He knew
we were watching! Elena's mommy was looking at him like he was nuts but
then she smiled when Daddy told her about our games and stuff. We took
off our clothes and got in bed with them and we all sucked and fucked
until dinner. Elena looked so sexy sucking on my Daddy's cock and he
liked to watch me suck Pitr's little thing.

Anyway, after dinner Daddy went out to get some more videos and while he
was gone Elena's mommy had me and Elena help her shave her pussy so it
was hairless like ours. Then she put on one of my Mommy's little
nighties and hugged Daddy when he came home. And then we dressed Pitr up
in one of my old dresses and we went to watch some more videos. Elena
wanted to see one of those movies with the ladies who have dicks so we
watched that one first and Pitr put his pee pee in her ass because that's
the way they were doing it in the video. And Daddy fucked me real good
and then he fucked Elena's mommy in the ass and then Pitr did it too and
then Daddy fucked Elena and then we got tired and all went to sleep

The next morning Elena's mommy woke us all up and made us wash up and get
dressed for school. It was just like having my mommy around again. And
when I got home from school she was still there, cooking dinner and doing
laundry! She even went to their house and brought over some of their
clothes and books and stuff. She told us that she and Elena and Pitr
were going to live with me and Daddy for a while because she didn't have
her job anymore and they didn't have any money. Elena was sad for a
while but I told her that my Daddy makes a lot of money and he would take
care of all of us and she cheered up and we did homework until Daddy came

We just had dinner and I was going to go to my room to write some and I
went back into the kitchen for a glass of water and Daddy was licking
Elena's mommy and then I watched as he fucked her on the kitchen table.
I watched them for a while and got some water from the bathroom and then
Daddy came into my room to talk. I asked him to play with my cunny and
he did and then he fucked me real hard like grown-ups do, hugging me
real tight while his big penis went in and out. After I came I asked
him if he was going to marry Elena's mommy but he said he didn't know
and that it was too soon to think about that.

But the good news is that me and Elena get to share my room! We're both
excited and it's going to be like we're sisters even if Daddy doesn't
marry her Mommy. I asked if Pitr could sleep with us too. He's getting
better at licking my pussy. Daddy said the room was too small and he
didn't want us to stay up all night fucking and stuff. That's cool, me
and Elena like to lick each other a lot so it's still going to be fun.
She's my best friend in the whole world.

I hope Daddy and Elena's mommy get married. He's so happy now. I can
hear them fucking right now in their bedroom. Wow is she loud sometimes!
I hope my Daddy has some white stuff left for me. Maybe Pitr will start
making it soon. Anyway, I'm going to tell Elena the good news and she
can lick Daddy's semen out of my pussy. She loves to do that!
June 20

Dear Diary,

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last wrote something. But
anyway, here's what's been happening!

Daddy and Nadia got married! Right after school ended for the year they
surprised us with the news! Me and Elena and Pitr were so happy! They
had a wedding with a judge guy instead of a priest and me and Elena were
the flower girls and Pitr and Daddy wore tuxedos and Nadia looked so
beautiful in her gown. Then we went up to the lake where Daddy rents
a cottage and had a honeymoon together.

Daddy and Nadia spent the first night alone together. Me and Elena were
disappointed we were being left out. I wanted Elena to ride Daddy's
cock because now he was her Daddy, too. But Pitr found a little hole in the wall under the sink in the bathroom and we watched them fuck and
suck. They sure like to lick each other! Then me and Elena and Pitr
had our own wedding night in our bedroom. We both sucked Pitr at the
same time. He really likes that a lot. Then we played dildos just like
old times and watched Daddy and mommy some more.

A couple of nights later mommy and Daddy had another wedding night for
us, too. Me and Elena wore the frilly undies that we wore under our
flowergirl dresses and Nadia wore her bridal lingerie. It was so
pretty and lacy like her gown was and Nadia told me and Elena that
we'd wear beautiful things like that on our wedding nights. Daddy
and Pitr wore their tuxedoes but not for long because we couldn't wait
to undress them and suck on their cocks. And then Daddy pulled Nadia's
panties down and licked her and Pitr did the same with me and Elena and
then we all fucked and Daddy and Pitr fucked Nadia at the same time and
we all came a lot. I decided I don't mind sharing Daddy's cock with
Nadia because she licks my pussy better than Daddy even.

Anyway, Nadia's been like a mommy to me and I call her Mommy, too, even
if she isn't my real Mommy. She likes that. And Daddy really loves
Pitr like he was his own son and they do a lot of guy stuff together
like playing ball and fishing. Nadia takes us shopping now and she's
just like Daddy when it comes to letting me pick out clothes and stuff.
She even bought me and Elena some slutty underwear at that shop at the

I should go now. The rain stopped and it looks like the sun is coming
out. I want to lie on the deck with Elena and get a suntan and then
maybe go swimming later with Daddy. I love it here at the lake and I
love my new mommy and Daddy and Pitr and Elena. I wish we could live
here all the time.
(c) 2000 Anais Ninja
July 5

Dear Diary,

I think I'm in love! His name is Alexander, but everyone calls him Alex
or Pasha. I like Alex better. His mommy and Daddy are friends with my
Mommy and Daddy and we all stayed at the lake this weekend. Alex has an
older brother named Andrey and a little sister Katerina, or Katya they
call her. She's only nine and really pretty with red hair and fair skin.
Tanya is their mommy and Ivan is their Daddy and they all came up to
stay with us because Tanya knew Nadia from back in Russia, some place
called Dresser on the Black Sea which is really blue.

Anyway, Alex. Alex Alex Alex. He's my age, maybe a few months older because he's in the next grade from mine. He's got long hair and the
most beautiful eyes and his skin is so soft and he has a beautiful cock,
not really big yet but I love to suck it.

I think Elena has a crush on Andrey. When his family came up to the
cottage we all lay out on the deck and Tanya and mommy started to
dance together and then they were licking and then Daddy and Ivan
started to fuck them. I was next to Andrey so I decided to suck his
penis. Andrey is 12 and he's starting to grow hair down there and
when he comes he shoots semen but not nearly as much as Daddy does.
Oh, and his Daddy's cock is uncircusised or something. It's as big
as Daddy's but it looks like it's wearing a sweater and it pokes its
head out when he gets hard. It makes his cock look so fat! I wonder
how it feels inside.

Anyway, I was sucking Andrey and Alex was eating Elena and I saw she
was looking at me funny! Like she was totally jealous! So Andrey
fucks me and Alex fucks Elena and later on we talk and she keeps
going on about Andrey this and Andrey that and I can take a hint.
But it's okay because I like Alex better. He's got the nicest long
hair, unlike his brother who wears his short.

So later on after dinner we all get together and watch a video of the
club Alex's family belongs to. It was really hot and we were all
wearing just undies. So the video starts and I thought it was going
to be boring home movies but it turns out to be really sexy and stuff.
Everybody is naked all the time, old people, young people, families and
stuff. And everyone fucks all the time! It was just like one of those
letters in the magazines! Even when they're playing volleyball, you can
see people screwing in the sand or a mommy sucking a daddy by the pool
or even a bunch of girls my age licking this little toddler girl's

Mommy says we're all going to stay at this place next weekend. I can
hardly wait!

So anyway we're watching the videos and Elena made sure she was sitting
between me and Andrey but I was too busy with Alex that I didn't care.
Pitr and Katya were licking each other and Tanya said that tomorrow was
Katya's special day and that she had never been fucked by a grown-up
cock, just little ones like Pitr's or her brothers'. Anyway, Elena was
licking my Daddy's cum out of Mommy's pussy and I tried to take both
Alex and Andrey in my mouth and suck them both but Andrey pulled me on
top of him and started fucking me while Alex put some lotion in my ass
and fucked me there. Wow I came so hard! But Elena was looking jealous
so instead of coming again I let her get between Alex and his brother and I watched them both fuck her. Then mommy fucked Daddy while she
sucked Andrey and took Alex in her bottom. She looked so sexy like
that! Daddy filled her up good and she had Andrey's come on her face

The next day was Katya's special day. Daddy and Ivan took the boys swimming in the lake while mommy and Tanya and Elena and me dressed
Katya up for her first grown-up cock. She looked so cute! It was
just like when Daddy dressed me up in Mommy's things the first time
we licked each other. We brushed out her hair and dressed her in
stockings and little panties that tied on the side then we made her
comfy on the bed while we waited for the boys to finish their swim.

Then Daddy and Ivan came in with the boys and me and mommy went from
one to the other sucking them and making them hard. Katya wanted her
Daddy first and we watched him put his fat thing in her little pussy.
Her mommy popped her cherry with a dildo a while ago so there wasn't
any blood or anything like my first time. She looked so happy under
her Daddy! Then my Daddy fucked her and then she fucked Andrey and
Alex and Pitr at the same time. Me and Elena made Daddy and Ivan
put their cocks in her hands and she had five cocks at once just like
in that video I watched with Daddy. When they came they covered her
with their white stuff and we all licked it off and kissed her a lot
and then went out for a swim while she napped.

I was so horny watching Katya get fucked that I could hardly wait to
play after lunch. I got to ride my Daddy's big cock and me and Elena
both took turns. Alex's mommy had all the men fuck her one after the
other, even little Pitr. She has big boobies that shake when she
gets fucked.

Anyway, we played some more and then they had to go home and we had
to also. I kissed Alex goodbye real hard and he got all embarrassed
and stuff because Andrey teases him. And on the ride back I fell
asleep and I had this dream where Alex and me were in this big bed
and I was watching him fuck me only it was like I was another person
looking down from the top of the room and then I realized that there
was a mirror on the ceiling and I wondered why anyone would put a
mirror on the ceiling and then his butt twitched and he started to
come and he was filling me with so much semen and then Nadia woke
me up because we were home already. Then she laughed and kissed me
and told me I had my hands down my panties the whole ride home and
that it must have been a really good dream. It was!

So now I'm not tired but I really want to go to sleep and dream
about Alex again. I'd use my dildo but Elena is asleep and I
don't want to wake her up. I'm glad there's no school tomorrow and
I don't have to get up early.

Well, I'm going to try and sleep again. I love you Alexander. Meet
me in my dream again, ok?
July 8

It's true! Elena loves Andrey 4ever! I found out she keeps a diary
just like mine! I saw it in her drawer under some panties but I
didn't look in it. Before we went to sleep I took mine out and was
reading it and she told me about hers and we agreed to read each
other's. She had started writing hers in Russian with those funny
backwards letters like in Mommy's books but then switched to English
because mommy didn't really learn to write it until last year. Now
she translates for people on the Internet and for books and magazines
instead of working at the restaurant so I guess it doesn't matter any

So Elena read her diary to me and then I read the English parts while
she read mine. She really liked what I wrote about Daddy and me and
she said it made her horny and we rubbed ourselves and then licked
each other until we both came then we went back to reading. I skipped
to the last couple of pages because I wanted to see what she wrote
about last weekend. Elena must have done the same thing because we
laughed at the same time and I said Andrey and she said Alex and she
said she was sorry about being so jealous. I told her that it was
ok and since we were sisters we'd share them both the way we shared
Daddy and Pitr and mommy and our room and we kissed and promised
never to feel jealous again but that Andrey was special to her and
Alex was special to me the same way. Then we figured out how many
hours were left before we saw them again and went to sleep in the
same bed together. I really really love my sister.

p.s. 43 hours 17 minutes and 32 seconds if we get there at noon.
July 12

Wow am I sore down there! It's like I lost my cherry again! Elena
is too and we're both back home in bed writing in our diaries and
putting ice cubes in our panties.

The resort was so much fun! It's called Cherry Cove and it's right on
the ocean and there's a pool too and a big house they call the Mansion
and a big room where everyone has dinner together. Some of the people
stay in the Mansion but Alex's family has a cottage like the one we have
at the lake. Me and Elena shared a room with Katya and Pitr shared one
with Alex and Andrey and we all got undressed and went to the beach.

There's this older couple, Marv and Eileen who run the place and she's
really tanned and he has this huge cock and his hair is all grey, even
down there. So they said hello to us on the beach and Eileen was really
nice and all and you could tell she really liked Pitr.

Then it started to rain so we went back to the cottage and played a
game of spin the bottle and when Alex kissed me I could feel my face
turn red and he caught me looking at him like he knows I really like
him. Then it was my turn and I tried to spin it so it would choose
him but it pointed at Daddy. That's ok, I love to kiss my Daddy and
make his dick grow hard. Then it was Daddy's turn and he kissed Alex's
Mommy and she kissed Ivan and he kissed my mommy and then she kissed
Andrey. Then it was Andrey's turn and he had to kiss Pitr and we were
all laughing as they did it!

Then Pitr kissed Katya and she kissed me and I was about to spin again
when Alex's mommy said this time it was a suck not a kiss and she had
a little hourglass from a game and she would time us and we had to stop
when time was up. I'm like hardly listening to her because I'm saying
Alex Alex Alex to myself and then I spin and yes! I sucked Alex until
his mommy called time.

I sort of forget who sucked who after that because I just kept looking at
Alex's penis. Anyway we all started to fuck and I had Alex in me and
then Daddy filled me up and I sucked on Ivan's cock a little because I
wanted to feel that funny skin he has on his cock. Then the sun came out
again and we went back to the beach.

Then there was this big dinner and we all got sort of dressed for it.
Mommy and Tanya put on some pretty stockings and garter belts and
panties and me and Elena and Katya just wore little lace panties that
were Katya's and were sort of tight on me. Daddy and Ivan and the boys wore these little pouch things that had a string up the back. Pitr
kept fidgeting with his and Alex's mommy had to help him with it.

Anyway, we all go up to the Mansion and there's that big ballroom with
tables and a shiny wood floor in the middle. Melissa, Eileen's her
Grandma, takes us kids to a special section while mommy and Daddy sit
with Marv and Eileen. There was this lady playing piano in her nightie
and two guys playing along with her and all the women wore pretty undies
and the men had those pouches on.

So Melissa introduces us to all these other kids, Megan and Cathy who are
also new here, and all these girls that Andrey knew which made Elena
really jealous, and she started talking to Tommy and James just to get
back at him and I could tell she was playing with Tommy's thing under the
table. Alex was sitting next to me and he was being really shy until I
started to play with him and he put his hand in my panties and played
with me while we waited for the food to come. And then Marv gets up and
makes a speech and introduces mommy and Daddy to everyone and he asks us
to stand up and Megan and Cathy and Melissa and some other girls start
saying Pitr! Pitr! Pitr! which makes him blush real hard.

So we eat and the grownups dance a bit and then they come to clear the
tables so we all go out to the pool and there are all these fires lit and
it looked really cool. And there was music and people were dancing and
stuff. And then Marv gets up and says that he and Eileen were now great
-grandparents and they kissed on the diving board while everyone clapped
and cheered and then he said something about Eileen's pussy and everyone
laughed and she whispered something to him and he called Pitr to come
over and fuck Eileen on the diving board while everyone watched so Alex
and Andrey dragged him over and all the guys lined up to take their turn
with Eileen. When Pitr came Marv threw a switch and fireworks went off
and Pitr looked totally amazed like it was the first time he ever saw
fireworks. Then the guys all fucked Eileen, even Daddy and Ivan.
Afterwards they said something about the muscles she had down there, like
it was a little mouth sucking them. They really came fast, too.

Anyway, everyone started to take off their pouches and panties and start
fucking and sucking by the pool. I never saw so many different cocks!
I finally got Alex alone and we made out for a while and then licked each
other and fucked while standing in the pool. I saw Elena was able to get
Andrey alone, too, and she looked really happy while he licked her pussy.
Then we watched Daddy fuck Tanya and Ivan fuck mommy and they both sucked on Marv's big wiener. No wonder he has so many kids, his balls are huge,

And then it got late and we were tired from so much fucking so we all
went to sleep in the cottage. When we got up the next morning mommy and Daddy and Alex's parents were all in the shower fucking again so
we watched them until they were done and then it was our turn and
after breakfast we went swimming and lay on the beach. Then we had
lunch and Melissa came over and asked us if we wanted to be in the
beauty pageant that they had every month. We said yes but Katya was
too young but she came along anyway. Melissa painted a number on
my bottom and my chest with body paint and she did the same with
each girl.

Then the contest began and we walked around the pool one by one so
people could see us. But most of it was the talent contest and that
was really sexy and fun. First there was this guy who was older and
a little tubby like Marv and he would stand there while each of us
had to suck his cock for a little bit. Then he'd write something
down and go to the next girl and she'd suck him for a while. I tried
to suck him real good and use a lot of tongue and watch my teeth.

Then this lady who was his wife I guess would stick her finger in
everyone's pussy and taste it and then she'd do it again and write
something and go to the next girl in line. She gave my clitty a
little rub, too. The last part was the come contest and they had
this padded thing set up and each girl would lie down on it with
her legs spread while Eileen used this really strong vibrator and
an anal thing and make each girl come and the people would clap
at the strongest comes. This one girl Megan who's also new came
so hard she almost fell off and everyone loved it.

So then we line up while the judges make up their minds and Megan
won! She's 16 and she has really pretty boobies, they sort of
point up a little, and she came really hard which the judges liked.
I was starting to get disappointed until I got the Best cocksucker Award and they gave me a beautiful gold pendant! Elena got one
too for having the Sweetest pussy which is true, she always tastes
so good down there even when we haven't had a bath or shower. mommy helped us put on our pendants and then we went to thank the judges
and we sucked the tubby man's cock and his wife licked Elena's
pussy and Megan and her sister Cathy, who was a runner-up. Then
some boys fucked Megan, three of them at once, and she really came
hard and then they covered her with come. They threw her in the
pool and she dragged one of them in with her and they came up kissing
and it was so sexy and cool.

Anyway, all the boys wanted to talk to me and Elena after that and I
sucked a lot of cocks and some of them licked me and fucked me and
I lost count of how many times I came. Elena too, because everyone
wanted to taste her pussy. We lay next to each other and even held
hands while the boys got on top of us and put their things in us and
others stood next to us so we could suck them too. We were really
gooey by that time so we took a swim and found Andrey and Alex and
it seemed like they were jealous of all the boys that just fucked us
so we let them fuck us in the pool until it was time for dinner.

We ate by the pool this time and stayed until it started getting
dark watching everyone sucking and fucking even during dinner.
I got to feel how a cock like Ivan's feels when this guy who was
18 came over and said hi. It felt so tight and fat up there and
he really came in me a lot and he was really cute but I wanted to
spend the last couple of hours with Alex so we snuck out to the
cottage and made love in his parents' bed until I felt too sore
down there. I gave him one last suck for the weekend and then
we went back to the pool. On the way back we saw Elena and Andrey
sneaking back from the beach and we all laughed at how funny it was.

Anyway, next weekend we're all going up to the lake again and mommy says that we're going to go to Cherry Cove a lot more often because
we're members or going to be members soon. Me and Elena are so
happy! We'll be with Alex and Andrey every weekend and maybe for
the whole month of August! Pitr is happy too because he really
likes Katya and it seemed like everytime I saw them together they
were diddling each other or licking each other. I'll bet he's not
sore like Elena and me. She says even looking at a dick would make
her feel sore right now and I laughed and said let's play dildos and
she groaned.

Well I'm going to go now and get more ice for me and Elena's panties because it's melted already and we're still sore down there. Then
I'm going to go to sleep because I'm really tired even though we
slept in the car on the way back tonight. I can't wait until next
July 18

We're up at the lake again and Alex and his family are here with us
too. It was sort of cloudy all day so we stayed inside and watched
some more videos. Alex's Daddy really likes those videos and he
and my Daddy brought some really sexy ones up to the lake for us
all to watch. Then Daddy took out a video camera and took some
pictures of us and then we watched them on the tv. And then he
took pictures while Ivan fucked me and I sucked Alex. Ivan's cock
feels so big in there. I have to take it easy or I'll be to sore
to make love with Alex later.

Anyway I have to go back downstairs now. Daddy and Ivan are probably
done setting up the camera for more pictures. Me and Elena and Katya
just put on some sexy undies and we're going to pretend it's our
wedding night with Alex and Andrey and Pitr while Daddy and Ivan take
pictures. mommy and Tanya put makeup on us and helped us get dressed
and stuff.

Daddy's calling so I have to go now!
July 22

Okay, the weirdest thing just happened. I was in my room and I was
reading that old Lolita magazine because there's one picture that
sort of looks like Alex from behind and the girl he's fucking has
hair like mine and I like to look at it when I write him letters.
So anyway Daddy comes in and asks me where I got the magazine and
I tell him the truth. And he's not mad at me or anything but he
asks me to show him the house. I'm waiting in the car and Daddy
knocks on the door and this man answers it and he and Daddy talk.
The man looks worried for a while and then he and Daddy laugh and
Daddy goes inside for a while. Then he comes out and I asked him
what happened and he just said bird on a feather or something and
when we got back home I heard him talk to mommy about the man.

And Daddy didn't take the magazine away, he just told me to keep
it out of sight because it was rare and they didn't make them

I'm going to finish my letter to Alex. Bye.
July 24

The man Daddy talked to the other night, the one who threw out the
magazines, he came over for dinner with his family and it turns
out that he's Jimmy Phillips Daddy! So he came over with Jimmy
and his sister Shelly and their mommy Sheila. His name is Jimmy
too and they call young Jimmy Junior which he really hates.

So anyway after dinner we all sat in the living room while Daddy
showed them some of the video he took last weekend at the lake
and then mommy took off her blouse and let Daddy play with her
tits and Jimmy's parents started to do the same thing and Elena
and Pitr and me took Jimmy and Shelly in our room while the
adults played and Pitr showed Jimmy my magazines while me and
Elena showed Shelly how to play dildos. She's 13 and her titties
are starting to grow and she has a little hair down there like
Andrey does only she's blonde like me. She was really tan because
they were at the beach last weekend except for where her bathing
suit covers. She asked us why we didn't have tan lines and we
told her and Jimmy about the lake and Cherry Cove. That was when
Daddy and Mr. Phillips and mommy and Mrs. Phillips came in and
watched us play for a while. mommy started sucking Jimmy's
dick and she talked Mrs. Phillips into doing it too and then
Daddy played with my cunny and Mr. Phillips watched while Daddy
fucked me and then we watched while he fucked Shelly. She said
she never fucked before but there wasn't any blood and it didn't
hurt her or anything. Mrs. Phillips said something about riding
lessons and afterwards we all went into mommy and Daddy's bedroom
and I got to suck Jimmy's dick which I didn't do that day he
swiped the magazine. I sucked his Daddy's dick too and he really
came a lot. Daddy fucked Jimmy's mommy and Mr. Phillips fucked my
Mommy, too and we licked their pussies afterwards. Mrs. Phillips
has big boobies like Alex's Mommy.

So I guess Jimmy and his family are coming up to Cherry Cove next
weekend with us. I hope Alex doesn't get too jealous. Katya
told me he has a girlfriend back home but he said he didn't.
Maybe he will get a little jealous.
August 5

We're at Cherry Cove right now and we're staying for the whole month.
Alex and Andrey are here and they're staying for the whole month too!
Me and Elena are so happy. Jimmy Phillips and his family are here also
and I thought he looked at me funny when he saw me holding hands with
Alex on the beach. Is he jealous?
August 12

Okay, this morning we woke up early even though it's a Sunday and me
and Elena got out of bed to have some breakfast and we saw mommy and
Tanya were up too and they said they were going to the Mansion for an
exercise class. So after we ate me and Elena went up to the Mansion.
And everyone was in the ballroom, it seemed like all of the mommies
were there and it looked like they were playing dildos! Even my mommy had this metal thing in her pussy and she was trying really hard to
make it move. Eileen and Melissa were going around and helping them
out, telling them to squeeze like they had to hold in their pee or
poop. They were trying so hard they didn't see us watching them so
we sneaked out and went back to the cottage.

I told Elena that I heard that Eileen could make her pussy suck like a
mouth, at least that's what I heard Daddy say when all the guys fucked
her that one night. Elena said she heard boys liked little girl pussy because it was tight and that having a baby made it looser. She said
they had to take her and Pitr through her Mommy's belly because she
was too small down there when they were born.

Anyway, we played dildos and tried to squeeze like we saw them do and
Katya woke up and we played with her, too. Then Daddy and Ivan and the
boys woke up and they had breakfast and we all went to the beach.
I asked mommy about the exercises and she said I didn't have to worry
about things like that until I was older and had kids of my own. So
I guess Elena's right.

And Jimmy Phillips is back with his family and I asked him if he liked
me and he got all red in the face and then he kissed me and ran away!
He is so weird! I found him at the pool and I made him kiss me for a
long time and he felt me up and then I sucked him and he came. He looked
like he wanted to run away again when I told him Alex was my boyfriend
but that we could still have fun and he could be my boyfriend when the
summer is over and we have to go back to school. That made him happy
and he even became friends with Alex and Andrey and we played frisbee
on the beach with Elena and Pitr and Shelly. Shelly has a really nice
tan now just like us.

And me and Elena were runner-ups in the beauty contest this month!
Megan's sister Cathy won this time. She's really cute and she came even
harder than Megan did that one time. She's 14 and has really long hair
too. It comes down to her bottom but she usually wears it tied up or
braided. It must take so long to brush it out every night.

I'm going to sleep now. I think I'll sneak into Alex's bed tonight when
everybody's asleep!
August 13

Elena's being such a bitch! Okay, last night I was going to sneak into
Alex's bed, right? Okay so I didn't know he switched beds with Andrey
and Elena was there with him! I thought I was sucking on Alex but it
was Andrey and Elena got all mad at me. So me and Alex went back to my
bed and I sucked him and then he fucked me and I came and woke up Katya
who got scared and woke everybody up. And Daddy came in and said that
we still had to sleep in separate rooms because the cottage was small and
the walls were thin and nobody would be able to sleep.

So now I'm in trouble with Daddy and Elena hates me and she wants to fuck
Jimmy and she keeps trying to talk about it when Alex is around and I
don't want him to know about it! What a bitch! Like I care if she fucks
Jimmy just to get back at me.

Anyway, I just want to be friends again. I didn't know it was Andrey I
was sucking.
August 17

Me and Elena made up but Alex was really mad because she told him about
Jimmy. But I told him I knew about his girlfriend back home and Katya
showed me her letters so he couldn't deny it. And I told him that I
really really liked him and he said he really really like me and we
agreed we could share each other like our mommies and daddies did but
still be boyfriend and girlfriend. And we made out until Elena and
Andrey came and got us and we all went to the beach where they had a
bonfire and people were sucking and licking each other all over the
beach. Jimmy and Shelly were there and Jimmy was with this red haired
girl who I thought was Katya but she was older. And Shelly was with this
older boy who loved to play with her titties. I can't wait until mine
grow bigger!

So everything's ok again with me and Elena and Alex and even Daddy said
it was ok to get into bed with Alex at night as long as we were real
quiet and if we couldn't be quiet to go to the beach if we wanted to
fuck. Daddy's so cool letting me have a boyfriend even though I'm 11.
August 23

Today there was this big meeting of all the adults at the mansion and it
took almost the whole day. It was almost dinner time when mommy and
Daddy came down to the beach. It was just us kids all day and it was
like we had the whole place to ourselves. Some of Eileen's grandkids,
the older ones, watched us at the pool and the beach. They brought us
sandwiches and soda and juice for lunch and Melissa even went with me and
Elena and Katya and Shelly when it rained for a little while and we went
inside to play dildos. She really licked me good too!

So Daddy said the meeting was about the big Labor Day party when everyone
who belongs to the Cherry Cove Club comes for the weekend and it's like
three times as many people as a regular weekend. And they had a meeting
to plan the party and figure out who is going to stay where because there
aren't enough cottages or rooms in the Mansion for everyone and people
have to double up and put up tents in the grove.

And then Marv and Eileen came over to the cottage with a bottle of wine
because I guess part of the meeting was a vote to see if we could become
members and now we are. Megan and Cathy's family is too but they didn't
vote on Jimmy's family today. So we had a little party in the cottage
and they even gave me a little wine but I didn't like the taste and then
Eileen licked me and Elena and mommy and then Marv put his thing in me
and it was so huge! He fucked me real slow and gentle and after I came
he did Elena and then mommy and Daddy fucked Eileen and she had Pitr
again, like that first weekend we were here. And then me and Elena and
Mommy sucked on Marv and he blew his come in our faces and said we were
part of the Cherry Cove family now. And then they left because they had
another bottle to give Megan and Cathy's family. Daddy had the camera running and we watched it later and fucked some more before going to
sleep. Alex and Andrey and their family weren't there because they said
it was a special thing Marv and Eileen did with the new families at the

Oh yeah and Eileen let me put my finger in her pussy and showed me the
muscle thing but she said I was too young to learn that and I should
wait until I was older. But it felt so weird, like she had a mouth
down there and it was sucking my finger!
August 28

All anyone can talk about is this next weekend, the big Labor Day party.
There's so many people here now! All week long they kept arriving in
cars and campers and this hippy guy and his family drove here in a school
bus! It wasn't yellow anymore because they painted it all sorts of
colors and it said FURTHUR where it usually says school bus. And they
have like a dozen kids and they set up tents in the grove. Me and Alex
went over to look inside the bus because we wanted to see if it still had
the seats and stuff. And there were these two kids, a boy and a girl named Sunshine and Moonbeam and the boy Sunny asked Alex if he wanted a
blow job! Alex said no but I wanted to see them do it. Sunny was like
Pitr's age and Moonbeam was a year younger and they both had long hair
that was really tight curls and they wore lots of beads and stuff. Then
their mommy came out of the bus and said hello to us and she had so many
piercings that she made little jingly sounds when she walked! I asked
her if it hurt when she did her nipples and she said just at first. Then
she showed me the rings in her labia and the pole thing in her tongue and
she said she wanted to get her clit pierced. I feel sore down there just
thinking about that!

And then their Daddy came up from the beach with Marv and they were
talking like old friends and Marv introduced us to him and Alex kept
trying to get my attention and afterwards he asked if I noticed the hippy
guy's wiener and he told me it was pierced like the lady's tongue! Wow I
wonder what that would feel like inside me!

Anyway later I asked Alex why he didn't want that boy to blow him and he
said it was gay and stuff and I asked him if he thought me and Elena were
gay and he said that was different but he couldn't say why. And then I
asked him if he and Andrey ever played games like me and Elena, and he
said yeah when they were little Andrey made him suck his boner and jerk
it and he didn't like doing that anymore because Andrey never did it
back. And then Elena and Andrey walked into the room and me and Elena
started teasing Andrey about it and we made him suck Alex while we
watched. It was really sexy to watch! And then Alex licked me and
Andrey fucked Elena and after Andrey said to Alex we're even but Alex
said maybe if he sucks him a million more times then they're even. And
me and Elena told them that if they wanted to see us lick each other
anymore then they'd have to suck each other first. They love to watch me
and Elena lick each other so they said yes. Then Alex licked his brother and me and Elena licked him and then he fucked me while Alex and Elena
watched. And then we went swimming because we were sticky and sweaty from
all the licking and sucking we did. And I finally noticed the hippy
guy's cock when we were on the beach. That had to hurt a lot.

So later after dinner the hippy lady and her husband came over to the
cottage to visit because they know Alex's mommy and Daddy from way back
and they brought some fresh brownies they baked and this bag of stuff
that Alex said was pot. Tanya gave us just a little piece of a brownie
to eat, like just a corner and she said that these were a special recipe.
And then I started to get a little dizzy and mommy and Daddy were
laughing and I went to lie down and Alex got into bed with me and we
fucked so sweet and slow I didn't want to stop. I came so hard I started
to see funny colored spots even when I closed my eyes. And Alex felt so
big down there and my nipples were so tingly and when we kissed it felt
like we were melting together. Then Alex fell asleep and I noticed that
Elena and Andrey were in the same room and he was fucking her and she
was going oh oh oh and I didn't remember seeing them come in and then I
fell asleep with Alex still in me.

Me and Alex woke up in the middle of the night and all of the grown-ups
were asleep in the living room. There was some brownies left so me and
Alex split one and went out to the beach and lay on the sand and looked
at the stars. And we fell asleep until the tide woke us up and it was
dawn so we went beck to the cottage and washed off the sand and got back
into bed and slept until noon.

I want that brownie recipe. They would totally love that at the next
bake sale at school.
September 1

It's started! This is going to be so much fun!

Okay, tonight there was this big dinner at the Mansion and they had so
many tables set up that there was no room to dance. There's like a
thousand people here! Okay, maybe not that many but I tried counting
everyone at dinner and I gave up at 147 because everyone was walking
around too much and switching tables and stuff. But that was only like
one corner of the ballroom.

And there was this long table where Marv and Eileen sat with a bunch of
other people and it was raised up and everybody gave a little speech
which was really boring. But I was sitting between Alex and Jimmy and we
were having a lot of fun and Melissa had to shush us a couple of times.
Then we had dinner and went to the pool afterwards and Eileen was there
with her granddaughter's new baby boy and he was so cute with the
littlest pee pee. Then she put him to bed and people started fucking and
sucking and stuff like always but this time it was really crowded.

So I was with Alex and Jimmy but they weren't being jealous like the
first time. And I sucked them both at the same time and Jimmy called
that a swordfight which I never heard before. Then I made them sit on
the ground with their legs crossing each other and I sat between them and
put both their dicks inside me and it felt so good! Jimmy wanted to fuck
me faster but he couldn't because I was on top and his cock kept slipping
out of me so he stood up and I sucked him while Alex fucked me like
doggies. And after we went swimming together but there were so many
people fucking in the pool that it was hard to move. The water was even
starting to get a little cloudy! All that sperm, swimming around like

And the hippy lady, her name is Marsha, she gave me a whole brownie and
told me to eat it slow, which I did, and then she asked me if she could
lick me so I said yes and I ate the brownie while she ate my pussy and
the pierce thing in her tongue felt so good! And she licked me so long
and I came twice and then she let me play with the rings in her nipples
and she said they felt good. She has a lot of cool tattoos also. And
then she sucked Alex and he liked the way the pierce thing felt too.

Anyway, I'm going to sleep now. Those brownies make me so tired.
September 3

This weekend is going by so fast! I wish I could make it last longer.

Okay, like yesterday there was the beauty contest and Elena won! Shelly
was a runner up and I won Best cocksucker again! It was so much fun!
I love it when Eileen uses the vibrators. And then Alex and Jimmy
fucked me, Jimmy in my cunt and Alex in my ass and the hippy guy Dave
came over and I sucked him too. He has that pierced thing like Marsha's
tongue and he liked it when I tickled it with my tongue. Then after
Jimmy and Alex came Dave fucked me. I thought the pierce thing would
scratch my insides but it felt really good! His cock isn't as big as
Daddy's or Marv's but it curves up when its hard and it hits this spot
inside me that really feels good. I came hard for him and played with
his nipple rings with my tongue. Then he watched me suck Sunny's little
cock. He still has a foreskin like Alex's Daddy and he loved it when I
played with it.

Then there was another big dinner and we all had to dress up which at
this place means panties and those pouches the guys wear. And this
time there weren't any boring speeches except for Marv but he didn't
talk too long. And after dinner we had jello with whipped cream and
I poured some in my lap and made Alex and Jimmy lick it up! mommy got mad because she thought I ruined my panties but then Daddy poured
some jello down her panties and she laughed when he licked it up.
Anyway, they're not silk or anything, just really nice cotton lace.

And then me and Alex and Jimmy and Shelly and Andrey and Elena and Pitr
and Katya all went down to the beach while the grown-ups played by the
pool. The beach was lit up with torches and it was just us kids and
we played some night volleyball where the losers had to lick and suck
the winning team and we'd just play 7 points so everybody got a turn.
And then we had some ice cream and I licked chocolate off of Alex and
vanilla off Jimmy and this time Jimmy fucked me from behind while I
sucked Alex's cock. Jimmy fucks so hard and fast, I wish he would slow
down! Shelly said she'd teach him back home. She was with this guy
who is 17 I guess and she said she couldn't get enough of his cock. It
was just as big as Daddy's! And that hippy kid Sunshine sucked Pitr and
then Pitr fucked him in the ass while Katya sucked him! What a strange
little kid!

And then they lit this campfire in the sand and we all danced around it
and then the parents came and joined us and then it was time for bed.

The next morning was Sunday and all the ladies got up early for Eileen's
lessons but they went out to the beach because of all the tables in the
ballroom. And Melissa even let me use one of those barbell things and
I tried to make it move but it's so heavy. mommy can make it move up and
down now, Alex's mommy too. mommy let me put my finger inside her to
feel her muscles and she tightened up on my finger just like Eileen can
but she could only do it for a short time. Daddy's going to come so hard
when she does that for him!

Then me and Elena took a shower with mommy and Tanya and I had fun
soaping up Tanya's titties and she played with my soapy pussy. Then we
woke up Katya and the boys and Daddy and Ivan and we had breakfast and
then went to the beach. And it was really nice and we spent all day
there except for lunch which we ate by the pool. Me and Elena and Alex
and Andrey spent all our time together, Pitr and Katya too, and Alex
fucked me standing up in the ocean which was cool because you float
better and it's like being sort of in space floating around. And we
looked around and a lot of people were doing it like that, older ladies
with their boobies floating and young girls with young boys or older men.
Alex pointed at the beach and it looked like everyone was fucking or
sucking or licking there too. So we walked along the beach Alex and me
and we watched all the different people and how they fucked and sucked.
And Dave was fucking Marsha and doing something with his thigh between
them and she was grunting real loud like she was coming real hard. So me
and Alex lay on our sides with him behind me and he did the same thing
and it felt wonderful! Then whenever we saw people fucking in a funny
way we tried it. Some felt better than others like the thigh thing or
when I keep my legs together so it feels real tight for me and Alex.
Some weren't so good but maybe we didn't do them right. Sometimes it's
hard to figure out how they got that way without hurting each other or
eating sand.

Then it was time for dinner and we got dressed up again and after we ate
they gave out awards like on tv and then we all went out to the beach
where there was a huge bonfire, way bigger than the campfire the night
before. And all of the kids and all of the adults made a big circle
and we danced and sang some songs and then everybody started fucking and
stuff on the beach again. And I couldn't find Alex but this man my
Daddy's age played with me and he really fucked me good and then this
lady licked his come out of me and then I found Alex with Moonbeam and
she was sucking him so I helped her and then I helped Alex fuck her
little pussy and I licked her after even though Alex didn't fill her with
come. It was so sexy watching everyone fucking around the bonfire but I
couldn't help but feel a little sad thinking that we had to go home

So me and Alex went back to the cottage and Andrey and Elena were there
too and Andrey said that our families would get together after the
weekend was over but it would be only once or twice a month instead of
every weekend like over the summer. So I felt a little better but I
still wanted to be with Alex like it was our last night together. And
Alex was really sweet and romantic and he told me he loved me and I said
I loved him too and I started crying and he held me and kissed me and I
felt so good when he hugged me. And then we fucked for a really long
time, he'd stop when he got close to coming and then start again and I
must have come a dozen times under him and then we fell asleep snuggled
like spoons.

I just woke up a little while ago when mommy and Daddy came home and the
screen door banged. Alex is still asleep. mommy asked me what was
wrong when she came in to check on us. I guess my eyes were still puffy.
And I told her I loved Alex and I was going to miss him and she said
that we'd still get together with his family and even go skiing together
during the winter and that next summer would be here before I knew it.
And she said that a pretty girl like me should have a lot of boyfriends
and that Jimmy Phillips was cute and she laughed when I said that he
fucks too fast and she said yeah he does and then I laughed thinking
about mommy and Jimmy fucking. Then she kissed me and told me to go to
bed but I wanted to write in my diary a little. I guess I've been
writing a lot because the flashlight is wearing down. I better go now
because I want to snip a lock of Alex's hair while he's still asleep and
this flashlight still works. I'll write more when we get back home.
September 5

We're back home now. School starts in a week so Mommy's taking us all
for school clothes in a few minutes so I better write fast.

Yesterday was our last day at Cherry Cove for the summer. In the morning
there was this big meeting of all the grown-ups in the ballroom and
Melissa said they were talking about stuff like what needed to be done
around the resort and what needed fixing and they voted on some stuff.
She said it was really boring and that she had to take notes at last
year's meeting. All of us kids had breakfast around the pool and then we
went down to the beach for one last swim. And I didn't even feel like
crying because I knew I'd still see Alex and we had fun in the water and
then we made love on the beach next to Elena and Andrey and it was really
great. Elena looked a little bummed but Andrey was being so nice to her
and kissing her a lot. It was Katya's turn to cry though. She didn't
know we were leaving and she kept holding on to Pitr and Andrey said
don't be such a baby but me and Elena held her and talked to her and she
calmed down and she stayed next to Pitr the whole time, even when he had
to go pee.

Then the grown-ups came down to the beach and they took one last swim in
the ocean and we all had lunch at the pool and then it was time to pack.
That didn't take long because we didn't bring a lot of clothes so I spent
the last hour with Alex in bed. We promised to write every day and then
Mommy and Daddy loaded up the car and me and Elena and Pitr kissed Alex
and Andrey and Katya goodbye and Ivan and Tanya too and then we left
Cherry Cove for the summer. Alex waved goodbye and he looked sad even
though we're all meeting at the lake in two weeks. And me and Elena
cried a little, even Pitr too and then we fell asleep in the car and
when we woke up we were home. I was still really tired from all the
swimming and fucking we did so I fell right to sleep when we got back.

Mommy's calling and I have to go. I had the best time ever this weekend,
even if it means I won't see Alex for 284 hours 53 minutes and 45

There's mommy again. Bye for now!

(c) 2000 Anais Ninja


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