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NBLOOD hurt going in But then Max


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

New Blood- (Nblood.txt)- Max Montrose might be a bit old, but
is he hot! Little Shelly Seward doesn't think he knows how she feels
but that's not the only surprise in store for the babysitter when the
Montroses come home. M/F. F/f, M/f
New Blood

Shelly didn't care how odd it was. All kinds of things happen in
families and she didn't think it was her place to ask why the Montroses
hired her to watch their grandchild.
She liked riding home with Mr. Montrose - Max. She had the
naughtiest fantasies as she sat in the passenger seat on the way home.
She'd read all the stories about men and the babysitters. She thought
how exciting it would be if Max stopped the car and kissed her.
He was pretty old, but so distinguished and worldly. He was sexy
in a man of the world kind of way. Shelly was sure he wouldn't fumble
undoing her bra.
But he was such a gentleman that she never thought any of her
fantasies would come true. His hand never even paused on her knee on
its way to open the door for her to get out. That was sexy in its own
way. He wasn't a letch at all. It made her want him all the more.
She was afraid to think too hard when he came home early that
night. She was afraid that might wake her from her dream. It was so
much like she'd imagined it would be.
She heard the car just after she'd put Jimmy to bed. Max didn't
usually pull into the garage because he was going to take Shelly home,
but that night he did. A moment later the door into the kitchen opened
and Shelly tried to jerk herself back to reality. Mr. Montrose hadn't
really come home early to fuck her. That was just her fantasy. Something
else had happened and she should try not to act like a fool.
"Something wrong?" she asked as she met Max coming out of the
"Nothing at all- unless you're worried about being here all alone
with me," Max said.
Maybe it was a dream. Either way, Shelly had no intention of
resisting whatever Mr. Montrose wanted. She tried not to look too anxious.
"Oh no, Mr. Montrose, I like being with you," Shelly answered.
She hoped she had captured the right mix of innocence and
seduction. If he did have something planned, she didn't want to change
his mind. But she didn't want to be too brash if it was all in her mind.
"Then you don't mind staying on to midnight even if I'm here?" he
asked. "And call me Max."
Shelly was quickly running out of alternate explanations for the
way Max was acting. He had moved just a little too close and was
standing there waiting for her reaction. Shelly decided to be bold and
find out his intentions once and for all.
"Does that mean I have to babysit you?" she giggled and reached up
to put her hand on his cheek.
Max smiled at her bold gesture. Nothing made them as aggressive as
demonstrating self-control, he thought. All those times she wanted him
to 'accidentally' grope her and he didn't were paying off. Restraining
all rude confidences and double entendres made him a challenge.
"Does that mean I have to pay double?" he asked.
"No, I'll sit on you for free," Shelly said, unaware of how it
sounded until it came out of her mouth.
"Then we should go somewhere more comfortable," he said.
The doorway to the kitchen was unsuitable, Shelly agreed. Max led
her into the living room and over to the huge plush sofa.
"We should be able to sit on this about every way there is," he
said as he plopped down and patted the seat next to him.
It was her move again, but Shelly didn't feel like she had a
choice. She couldn't screw it up if there was a chance Max wanted to do
something with her. She couldn't sit way on the other side and make him
think she didn't want him. Anyway, just sitting right next to him wasn't
like an invitation to fuck or anything.
She sat down so they were rubbing together. He put his arm on the
sofa behind her to give her room and Shelly took it as a sign. She
wanted to tell him it was all right to just start.
"And what do I have to do to take care of Max?" she asked as she
turned her head to put her face close to his.
He just smiled. It was time to take over and stop her awkward
advances. She was ripe, had been ripe for weeks, to be plucked. It was
time to take control and get to the part where he put his dick in her
as soon as possible.
It was not a passionate kiss, just enough to keep her attention
while he ran his hand lightly over her body as if he was reading it in
Braille. He figured that the mystique of the older man would be exciting
her more than rough handling and a warring tongue could. He let her
bathe in the mystique of knowing he would have her.
There was no repartee or snappy patter as he undressed her. They
both considered the significance in silence. Shelly noted that he was as
experienced undoing women's underwear as she had expected.
Her breasts responded to his touch on their naked skin. Her
nipples hardened. She felt a strange twitch in her pussy as he laid her
back to pull off her jeans.
He was going to do it. He WAS going to do it. He was going to do
IT. The shift from fantasy to reality began to trouble her. Her
insecurities were making her react to being naked with Max. Her breasts weren't big. Did he wish they were bigger? She wasn't a virgin, but she
wasn't experienced. Would she disappoint him with her ignorance?
He left her ankle socks on. That was something for her to think
about as he took off his own clothes. He wasn't a god of manhood by any
means. His torso was soft and fleshy, but he had so far avoided the gut
most men his age had developed.
Her socks, his torso, they all were forgotten when the prime part
came out of his pants. Shelly relaxed a bit when she saw how much he
wanted her. His cock was erect and so swollen it vibrated with his
heartbeat. It wasn't freakishly huge, but it was pretty and gave her the
feeling it was confident and competent. He watched her stare.
"Would you like to see it closer?" he asked and stepped forward.
Shelly wasn't a baby. She'd seen- um, two before. She knew what
boys liked. She reached out to wrap her hand around his cock and started
to jack him off. She considered putting it in her mouth. She knew all
the boys liked that.
"I don't need that help," Max said, taking his cock away from her,
"You're enough to excite me all by yourself."
It sounded like a compliment and Shelly took it that way. But with
the perversity of human nature, she wished she'd sucked it first after
it wasn't there for her anymore.
Max put her mind on other things. He climbed over her and Shelly
thought he was going to put it right in. She braced for the pain of
intrusion. Max stopped with just the tip of his cock touching her slit.
His mouth lined up with hers and he kissed her again, this time with
He was the devil for the way he tempted her. His cock was close
enough that she could get the merest tip between the lips of her cunt although she struggled to get more. His kiss only made her work harder
to pull that hard rod into her twat, but he was only letting it touch
He gave her two millimeters more as he slid down to nuzzle her
neck. Shelly had a sense of anticipation as if he was preparing her
to be dinner- or a sacrifice. All she knew was she wanted it to happen.
"Do you think you're ready now?" he asked.
"Oh yes, please, let's do it!" Shelly replied.
He bent down and kissed each of her nipples and then reached down
to guide his cock to her cunt. He rubbed it up and down just a little
farther in and Shelly thought he was going to tease her to death.
"I think you need some special treatment," he said and Shelly
thought for a moment he had answered her silent thought.
Max moved back and Shelly was confused. Wasn't he going to put it
in her? Then his head went between her legs and her confusion was
replaced by panic. How would she smell, taste? Would it gross him out?
She was sweet as honey to Max. For all her squirming, she wasn't
very excited. He had felt her dryness when he first wanted to enter her.
He was confident that a direct application of tongue would fix it.
It was hard to feel embarrassed about what he was doing while he
licked her slit. Somehow she couldn't be concerned if her cunt was
smelly when his tongue squirmed around her hole. He pushed his tongue
inside her and it felt good!
Her cunt reacted to this tongue-fucking with a greedy response.
It felt like her cunt deepened and got more sensitive to Shelly. It
felt like it was hot as the blood poured in and opened her lips for his
tongue. This was the way it sometimes felt just before George fucked her
hard and came.
That was the good part and Max was starting her there before he
even put his dick in her. Shelly wanted him more than ever. She wanted
to know where that feeling would go if the guy didn't cum right when it
was getting good.
She was ready now. Max could taste her secretions. She was
engorged and lubricating and ready to take his cock inside her. He
crawled back over her and put his cock just inside her lips again. Yes,
that was the feeling of a woman ready for his thrust.
Shelly braced again. It always hurt going in. But then Max eased
the head inside and waited.
"You're so tight and warm," he told her, "You have an excellent
pussy. I feel lucky to put my dick in it."
If he hoped to put her at her ease, he wasn't thinking about her
need to have him inside her. It felt like the same teasing to Shelly.
She wanted him inside her. She wanted the entrance over with.
She didn't know what to think, or if she was thinking when he
eased forward and filled her sheath. He did stretch her a little, but it
was nothing like the rough entrance she was used to. It was a challenge
adjusting to his size, but she couldn't call it painful.
Max had to be careful as he put his cock in her. She was still too
innocent to know how to open for him. He had to negotiate the tightness
with patience so he wouldn't hurt her. But he had the feeling from how
she responded to his tongue that it wouldn't take long for her to form
to his size and hold him comfortably in her cunt.
When he had pushed all the way in and his pubic hair was mixed
with hers, he leaned down to kiss her again. He didn't move at all
while their tongues twisted around each other. He let Shelly squirm her
hips around on his cock.
"Are you ready?" he lifted his head to ask.
Shelly was ready for something. She already felt as good as she
ever had having sex. She couldn't imagine what else there could be, but
she was eager to find out.
"Oh yes, please, fuck me," Shelly begged.
Max gave her a few experimental thrusts. Her butt began to squirm.
It was time for the big surprise. He pulled back to the head and fucked
her with long strokes.
"I've always wanted to fuck the babysitter!" he said, rather
loudly, as he fucked her.
"And I've always wanted to fuck you!" Shelly said in return.
The marvelous thing that was happening was interrupted. Shelly
was feeling a thumping in her chest already when Mrs. Montrose loomed
over them and started yelling.
"You're fucking a goddamn child! I leave you alone for a second
and you go fuck the babysitter!" Kay was yelling.
Shelly was scared by Mrs. Montrose's anger, but she was terrified
of the large silver gun she was waving. She wasn't excited any more.
Her passion had been replaced by the chill down her spine.
"I'm sorry," Max whined, "I couldn't help myself."
"Don't move!" she ordered Max as he started to get up.
A smile came over her face. It wasn't a pleasant smile. It was a
scheming smile. Maybe it was a bit of an amused smile.
"If you couldn't help yourself, go ahead," Kay proclaimed. "Go
right ahead and fuck her. Make it a good show. I want to watch."
Shelly certainly wasn't in the mood any more, but there was little
she could do about that. Mrs. Montrose looked serious and she was
trapped under Max in any case.
"I'm sorry, but we better do what she says," Max said to her. "Try
not to think about her being there."
It was the only thing Shelly could think about. Even when Max
started fucking her again she couldn't take her eyes off the woman with
the gun.
Mrs. Montrose wasn't looking back. Her eyes were on Max's rear as
it moved up and down on top of Shelly. She seemed to have lost interest
in pointing the gun at them and instead was staring hungrily at the way
her husband's buttocks rose and fell as he fucked the babysitter.
Shelly's fear couldn't hold off the burning in her belly forever.
She lost interest in the threatening wife as Max's cock fucked her with
long strokes that were subtlety speeding up.
"Please help me," Max snapped her attention back to him, "At least
pretend you like what I'm doing."
He made her feel ungrateful. He had already given her as much
pleasure as any of her other boyfriends. Now she made him beg for her to
pay attention to the wonderful feeling between her legs. She looked into
his eyes and tried to block out his wife standing over them with a gun.
"I like it, I'm sorry I can't concentrate," Shelly apologized.
Her hips seemed to move on their own. It felt like the right thing
to do. Max was pausing with his cock fully inside her and grinding
against her. He was making her clit tingle like it would explode. Then
he was fucking her with short, deep strokes that made her belly do
Kay Montrose no longer concerned her as Max pulled back and
started with the long, fast strokes again. This was great. This was
wonderful. He was taking up where all the others had left off. Shelly
couldn't contain her excitement.
"Please don't stop. That feels so good!" Shelly begged Max.
"He's not stopping, dear, not if he ever wants to fuck again,"
came Mrs. Montrose's icy voice.
Even that reminder couldn't chill the heat Max had fired in her
belly. Shelly was relieved to hear that Max would go on and on. She
didn't care about Kay Montrose any more. She only cared about the cock
that was fucking her with the short, deep strokes again.
"Something's happening! I'm going to..." Shelly gasped.
She wasn't sure what she was going to do, only that something was
going to happen. Something inside of her was swelling up and about to
burst. She pulled frantically at Max to get more of his cock.
Then it hit her like a bolt of lightning. A frantic discharge of
some energy crawled through her nerves like electricity. She jerked and
twitched like she was plugged into a socket. She felt her womb pull up
and create a suction in her cunt. She felt her cunt clamp on Max's still
thrusting cock.
"God! That's it! I'm going to cum!" Max yelped as her cunt fluttered on his cock.
Cum. That was what she had done, Shelly reflected between spasms.
What a wonderful thing. She still felt like she was floating on a cloud
as Max pounded rapidly into her. Then he held her tight and she felt
something else happening in her cunt. This was all Max. His cock swelled
and jerked inside her and she felt more wetness pouring inside her.
Then his weight was on her and the thrusting stopped. Slowly she
began to think about Mrs. Montrose again. She looked over and Mrs.
Montrose looked demonic. It wasn't quite hunger and it wasn't hate. It
was a disturbing fire in her eyes that told Shelly that she wasn't done
with them. Shelly was right.
"There. Now you've satisfied your sick desires," Kay said sharply,
"Now it's time to crawl to me and beg forgiveness."
Kay's first move as Max got up was to snatch away Shelly's
clothes. Kay grinned at Shelly.
"I'm not done with you," she said. "The only way to escape is to
run away naked. Or you can take what's coming to you."
Kay's attention then snapped over to Max. He was standing by the
couch looking at his feet.
"I said CRAWL to me and beg forgiveness," she snapped.
There wasn't much room for crawling once Max got to his hands and
knees. Kay was close enough to the couch that he could almost press his
face in her crotch without moving, but he made the one move closer and
then sat on his heels.
Kay reached down and slowly snaked her dress up her thighs. She
gathered it at her waist and displayed a naked and shaven crotch. Shelly
wasn't alert enough to think it was a bit strange she had gone out
without wearing underwear.
"Now beg me," Kay ordered. "Make it up to my poor cunt for going
some place else."
"Please, honey, I couldn't help myself," Max whined.
"Don't talk to me. Talk to my cunt. Beg its forgiveness," Kay
Shelly thought she might be able to sneak away. Mrs. Montrose
wasn't paying any attention. She was too busy doing twisted things to
Max. She knew her turn would come next. But she'd have to run away
naked. Mrs. Montrose was cunning. Shelly knew she couldn't do that.
"Please, pink pussy of pleasure, please forgive me," Max said
to Kay's cunt. "It's not that I don't love you. I just couldn't help
"Show it you love it," Kay ordered, "Kiss it."
It was too weird, but it was fascinating at the same time. Shelly
had never seen anything like it. She sat up to get a better look at the
naked Max kneeling in front of his wife and licking her pussy while
she held up her dress. Shelly had never watched anyone do anything
before. It was addictive.
She watched as the balance of power slowly shifted. Max slid his
hands up the back of Kay's thighs and took the rolled up dress from her.
He held her dress up and Kay let her hand drop on his head as his
tongue squirmed over her pussy. Now Max was the active one and Kay was
beginning to sigh in a kind of surrender.
Kay clutched the gun to the side of Max's head when she needed
both hands to steady herself. Her knees wobbled and her hips shook.
Shelly knew what she was feeling. It was her new discovery- orgasm. Kay
was having one and it looked like a good one.
"I'm not ready to forgive you yet," Kay gasped with one hand still
gripping a handful of Max's hair more for support than control, "But
you've impressed me with your contrition."
She turned her gaze in Shelly's direction. Her grin came back.
"Now I think we ought to settle things with your girlfriend," Kay
said gleefully.
Shelly felt tingles all over her skin as Kay looked at her. It was
her turn and she couldn't imagine what Kay would want her to do. Would
she have to do the same as Max? She had no clue how to do that.
Kay came over and squatted by the sofa, her dress still draped
on her thighs and offering a distracting view of her pussy. It was
spread wide and glistening with moisture. Shelly realized with a start
that she was staring. She looked up at Kay.
"I glad you like my cunt," Kay said and made Shelly blush, "That
will make it easier on you. But right now I just want to ask you a
couple of questions."
Kay adjusted her position so she was kneeling by the sofa. Her
dress fell down and covered the distraction of her pussy. Shelly looked
up into her face again.
"Did you like the way my husband fucked you?" Kay asked sweetly.
Shelly nodded.
"Did he really make you cum?" she asked.
Shelly was sure enough that was what it was to nod again.
"So he didn't make you do it? He didn't force you?" Kay asked.
Shelly shook her head. The nice face went away. Kay's eyes
narrowed and her brows slammed down. Shelly was instantly on her guard.
"Then you won't mind him fucking you again, will you?" Kay asked,
nowhere near as nicely.
Shelly sensed the threat in Kay's expression. She was toying with
her. Shelly was going to have to do what Kay wanted to escape the
consequences of fucking Max. There was little choice.
She shook her head.
"Max! get over here," she called.
Max turned and shuffled next to them.
"Stand up," she told him.
That brought his cock to eye level. It wasn't so pretty hanging
down. It looked shriveled and was still covered in Shelly's juices.
It lay on his balls in the most unsexy way.
"I guess all this excitement has been a little hard on poor Max,"
Kay said conspiratorially, "It looks like you're going to have to provide
some encouragement to get him in the mood."
Shelly looked at Kay blankly.
"Suck it!" Kay snapped. "Lick it clean and suck it hard. Do it
Shelly leaned forward and started to lick. It tasted funny, but
Shelly was too scared to complain. She squeezed her eyes tight as if
that could block the taste and kept licking.
The flavor soon went away and Shelly instead was feeling Max's
cock begin to stir under the wrinkly skin. It was time to suck it. That
was her guess. She'd never had a boy who wasn't already erect put his
thing in her mouth.
She opened her eyes and saw it looked much more like a penis now.
She had to lift it to get it in her mouth and she kept her fingers
wrapped around its base for support as she sucked on the head. It was a
lot more spongy that the hard ones. It stretched more and she could make
it long and thin if she pulled back.
Max was beginning to groan as she sucked his cock.
"It doesn't seem to be working," Kay scoffed, "Maybe you need to
put more heart into it."
Shelly didn't know what she meant until she felt Kay's hands on her
breasts. She meant she had an excuse to fondle the young girl. It didn't
make Shelly suck any harder, but it did make Shelly like it better.
"Don't you think a girl should feel good before she gets fucked?"
Kay whispered in her ear, "Do your boyfriends make sure you feel good
before they fuck you?"
They were the words of a kindred spirit, not an avenging wife.
Shelly allowed herself to enjoy Kay's touch, even as it slid down her
belly and reached between her legs.
Max was getting hard. Shelly was tossed back and forth between the
fire Kay was setting in her pussy and the delightful feeling of making
a man get hard in her mouth. She was giving Max a hard-on directly. It
made her feel powerful.
"Now I'm going to show you how all your boyfriends should be," Kay
She pulled Shelly down onto her back and bent down to push her
face between Shelly's thighs. Shelly didn't think about it being Mrs.
Montrose. She enjoyed the slither of her tongue over the swollen lips
of her pussy. It was so much different than when Max had stuck his tongue
inside her. Kay knew where all the sensitive parts were. She teased
Shelly by flicking her tongue over them and then making Shelly wait for
Shelly was eagerly pushing her cunt up for Kay to lick when the
older woman pulled back. She stood up and lifted her dress again.
"Now I think you're about ready for a cock," Kay said, "But first
I think you ought to thank me for letting you fuck my husband."
Shelly didn't have to move. Kay put her knee on the other side of
Shelly's head and sat her cunt on Shelly's face. Shelly didn't know
how, but she knew she was supposed to lick.
Then she got to make her attempt in private. Kay dropped her dress
and it covered Shelly's head. She felt for the shaved pussy with her
tongue. She was veiled from the grins that passed between Max and Kay
as they prepared to both have the babysitter.
In fact a cunt was an interesting thing. Shelly's tongue found
marvelous crevices and hills as she ran her tongue over Kay's pussy.
It was a different thing altogether to explore in the dark.
Then Max moved between her thighs and she felt his cock probe her
own pussy lips. Her face was forced tighter against Kay's crotch as she
reacted to his meat filling her sheath. She sent her tongue back and
forth like a windshield wiper as Max pushed his cock into her.
Kay abruptly pulled away and dragged her dress off Shelly's face.
"Go ahead and fuck him, you little man-stealer," Kay hissed at her
as she replaced Shelly's tongue with her own fingers.
Kay's other hand brushed the strap of her dress off her shoulder
and pulled down the top to expose a breast. She stood there, bent-legged,
digging at her crotch with one hand and playing with her nipple with
her other hand.
Shelly decided that thinking about the scene was not worth her
time. She had to try and ignore the woman masturbating over her head and
concentrate on Max's cock fucking her. He was touching her body more this
time. His hand rubbed over her breasts for a long while and then slid
down to grab her ass as he thrust into her quicker.
"Are you going to cum?" he asked her, "Are you almost ready to do
it? You want me to fuck you harder?"
He didn't sound like he wanted an answer. He sounded like he was
saying it for his own benefit. She decided to try it for herself.
"Yes. Give it to me," she pleaded, "Make me do it. Make me cum."
Max responded with fire. He bucked into her hard enough to move her
on the sofa. He was overpowering in his lust to ram his cock in her.
Shelly felt her own passion build. She was getting FUCKED now. There was
something very different in Max's confident thrusting and the battering
her young lovers gave her.
He was fucking her hard with a purpose and she was feeling that
purpose build inside her. It was too good to resist. He was bullying her
into cumming. His hard cock insisted.
Then he exploded. His cock poked her like the needle of a sewing
machine and she arched up to him even as she felt his cock swell and
shoot its juice inside her. She squeezed him and more jizm shot out of
his cock. Max kept fucking into her fluttering cunt as she moaned and
It was just as good the second time as it had been the first.
Shelly liked it. She understood why people always wanted to fuck now. It
was the best feeling you could have when it was done right.
"You're not done yet," Kay interrupted her reverie. "Now you have
to thank me for letting you fuck my husband."
Her cunt was much stronger than it had been before. Shelly could
tell Kay had stirred it up with her fingers as Max had fucked her. This
time Kay mounted her face so she could look down at the girl between her
"Now get me off or you'll be sorry," Kay ordered Shelly.
Shelly tried to lick Kay the way Kay had licked her. That had felt
so good. Kay moaned and groaned as Shelly licked dartingly over her
cunt. Kay obviously enjoyed it, but she didn't seem to be getting any
more excited. Shelly's tongue began to tire.
In desperation, she shoved her tongue into Kay the way Max had
shoved his tongue into her. Kay grunted. Her sounds didn't sound so
musical anymore. Kay sounded desperate and matched her actions to her
grunts. She ground her cunt on Shelly's face.
Shelly's nose took the brunt of Kay's needs as she worked herself
to orgasm on Shelly's face. Shelly spent the time fighting to breathe
under Kay's suffocating cunt.
It sounded like Kay was louder than when Max ate her. Shelly felt
a sly pride in accomplishing her mission, however she felt about licking
Kay's cunt.
Kay climbed off and sat on the floor. Max sat on the end of the
sofa and dropped Shelly's feet into his lap. They looked at her and then
each other and began to laugh. Shelly's cheeks began to burn.
"What's so funny?" she asked angrily.
"Oh please, honey," Kay laughed. "You had a good time didn't you?
You didn't even mind doing it with me very much, did you?"
Shelly didn't like Kay's attitude, but she wasn't ready to say her
words weren't true. She had experienced the best moments ever with Max.
She wasn't quite ready to say the same about eating Kay.
"We didn't scare you too much did we?" Max asked more nicely.
"I don't understand any of this," Shelly finally burst. "First you
come in here with a gun and now you're laughing. Is this some big joke
on me?"
"Not on you personally," Max soothed.
"After 25 years, even good sex gets a little routine," Kay said.
"Sometimes we like to do something to spice it up. And don't tell me
you haven't been drooling over the idea that Max might try to fuck you
while he's driving you home. I've seen the look in your eye."
Busted. Shelly couldn't deny that. She supposed Kay had been able
to tell no matter how she tried to hide her crush on Max. Then something
else occurred to Shelly.
"But that means you don't care if Max fucks me," Shelly piped up.
"Not as long as I get to play too," Kay said.
That was another twist. They used Max as bait to seduce young girls so they both could have them. It was sick, yes, but Shelly didn't
feel particularly disturbed by being their victim. She was more upset by
their laughter.
"Does that mean we can play again?" Shelly asked.

Does Shelly bring her friends to play?
Have the Montroses tapped a willing supply of new blood?
Be with us next time- same sex time, same sex channel.


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