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NEIGHBOR stretch out first then


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[NOTE: This is a work of fiction--illegal acts are described herein for
entertainment purposes only. If you are under the legal age of consent
in your area, do not read. All resemblances between characters in this
work and persons living or dead are purely coincidental.]

By Big B.

I didn't think much of the doorbell ringing at 2:45 that afternoon. I
work out of my apartment and Federal Express and UPS are constant
interruptions. To my surprise, one of the neighbor girls was there, in
her school uniform with a backpack full of school books.
"Can I come in Mr. Abernathy?" she asked shyly. "I forgot my key and
mom won't be home 'til six."
I pushed the door open. Great, another interruption. I was never
going to finish my project. "Sure. Make yourself at home," I lied.
"When's your sister going come home?" I knew these girls, this one was
Roxanne, a twelve-year old brunette nymphet who was just starting to
grow little breasts on her tiny little torso. The other one, Jodi, was
seventeen, blonde, and stacked.
"She's off with her boyfriend, Gary," Roxanne said, tossing her bookbag
on the couch.
"Oh. Well I've got a lot of work to do. Maybe you can do some
homework while I get back to my paperwork." I felt sorry for her. I
was too abrupt. If her sister had stopped by I would have paid lots of
attention to her. "Do you want something to drink?"
"Have any soda?" She flopped down on the couch, putting her feet on
the coffee table. I could see white underwear as her plaid skirt
parted. I averted my eyes. She was only twelve.
I returned from the kitchen with her drink. She had taken off her
uniform jacket, but her face was still red. She must have run up the
"What size shoes do you wear Mr. Abernathy?" she asked.
"That's a strange question," I said. I was both self-conscious and
proud of my feet. Although I'm only six feet tall, I wear size fourteen
shoes. I told her the size.
"Fourteen is good," she said.
I smiled, puzzled, and went back to my desk.
"Mr. Abernathy," she said, before I could even pick up a piece of
paper. "I have a business deal for you."
I turned my head toward her. What business offer could a pigtailed
child have? Did she want to sell me girl Scout cookies? Why did I let
her in?
"You see," she said, standing up and brushing wrinkles from her blouse,
"I'm mad at my sister, so I want to get back at her. She broke the
antique clock that mom got from her grandmother and I got blamed for it.
So I'm going to get her back."
"Roxanne, I have work to do. If you don't mind...."
"I'm almost finished," she said. "You see, Jodi really likes her
boyfriend, Gary, and, well, he is kind of cute. I want to take him away
from her. I know she won't let him screw her. All she does is give
hand jobs and I think he wants more."
I had seen Gary around. He was also seventeen. Of course he wanted
more than handjobs.
"Yesterday I told Gary he could do whatever he wants with me, but he
said no."
I almost told her that she was too young to be thinking such thoughts
and that Gary had the right idea. Instead, I wanted to see where she
went with this idea.
"He laughed at me at first. Then he told me he was too big for me and
he'd never fit inside me. I asked him why he thought that and he said
because he had a really big dick and you could tell because he has size
twelve feet. I think he was trying to scare me away or something. But
I came up with an idea. You see, I remember seeing you around the
building and noticing how big your feet were, so I figured you must be
really big. You could stretch me out first, then he wouldn't have any
excuse. Y'know? I can pay you my lunch money."
By the time she had finished saying all this, she was standing right
next to me as I sat at my desk. The top two buttons of her plain, white
dress shirt were undone and I could see a little of her chest. She was
too small to have any cleavage.
"I don't think this is a good idea," I started, but she shut me up by
leaning forward and kissing me lightly on the lips.
"The least you could do is show me how to kiss."
Even though she was twenty-two years younger than I, I thought the idea
wasn't too bad. Who would if faced with such a situation? I kissed
her, parting her lips with my tongue and gently stroking hers. She
pulled away for a second, maybe she didn't know about French kissing,
but she quickly got into the pleasure of it and kissed harder. Our
tongues explored and entwined and I tasted cherry cola in her mouth.
The kiss continued and she leaned against me. I put my arms around her
and put her on my lap, still convinced I was going to tell her to
abandon this crazy idea. When I lifted her I realized how little she
was. I was definitely going to tell her to stop when the kiss was over.
Roxanne had a different idea, however. She shifted her weight, landing
her ripe little rump on my swiftly growing penis. Somehow my hand was
on one of her tiny little tits. It was small, firm, and the nipple was
already hard. I could feel her heart beating rapidly.
"I'm ready for it," she said, when the kiss ended. Unable to stop
myself, I unbuttoned her blouse. She wore a training bra that hooked in
the back. I removed her shirt, but left the bra on, kissing between her
little breasts.
Picking her up I cradled her like an infant. She only weighed about
eighty pounds. With ease I carried her to the bedroom. I gently put
her on the bed and tugged off her plaid skirt. Her underwear came with
it and I saw some light, silky hairs beginning to grow over her plump
little mons. I couldn't resist. I bent down and licked her there. I
could feel her squirm as I tongued the moist little cleft of her cunt
lips. She tasted fresh and sweet, like honeysuckle smelled. I reached
up, closing a hand over one of her breasts, again feeling her erect
nipple and beating heart.
The different sensations of my tongue and my hand on flesh that had
never been stimulated quickly sent this little girl--this almost woman,
into a frantic orgasm. She beat her little fists against the bed, then
grabbed my hair and pulled me harder against her. From deep within her,
she shuddered--her first orgasm.
I lay down next to her, my hand on her small stomach, which still shook
with the final spasms of her orgasm.
The pressure of my dick inside my jeans was almost excruciating. I
unzipped and pulled them off. Another motion and my shirt was gone. We
were naked, except for Roxanne's training bra, which I had designs for.
Gently I kissed her. She had recovered from cumming and was eager to
learn more. I pulled down her bra and two small tits poked out. Her
little nipples peeked out, ready for my mouth. I complied with their
unspoken request and (while I put on a lubricated condom) tongued her
little buds until her hips started bucking again. Grabbing her training
bra, I pulled her up into a kneeling position, hauling her on top of me
as I lay on my back.
She got the idea and straddled me, ready to insert my eight and a half
inches. I knew she wanted to ram me in eagerly, but I was afraid of
hurting her. Not only am I long, I'm extraordinarily thick--that shoe
size myth was correct in my case, I was proud for a reason. I knew I
could rip something in her.
"Slowly," I cautioned. She understood. With one hand on her chest
and the other holding my organ, I lined myself up. She slid over the
tip of my penis with a gasp, forcing herself down as far as my hand,
which I held around my dick to keep her from sliding all the way down it
on her first thrust.
"Hold it there," I said. She rested for a minute while I felt her
relax a little. She was tight, a slippery silk vise. I could feel her
hymen right inside her virgin cunt. Once she got used to being
stretched like she was I could tell she started to enjoy herself. With
little twists of her hips she ground her pubes against my thumb knuckle,
which was right under her clit.
The grinding increased and, just before she came again, I pulled my
hand away, putting both hands on her shoulders. Her hymen kept me from
fully entering her, so I pushed down on her shoulders. I felt the
little bit of tissue give away as she impaled herself on me. Looking
down, I saw the outline of the bulge of my monster cock push out against
her flat little abdomen. The combination of pain and pleasure sent her
over the brink again--this time it was pain, however. She slumped
forward in a faint. I caught her and lowered her to my chest, damning
myself for hurting her, but impatient to keep going.
A few seconds later her eyes fluttered open.
"Ow," she said.
"We can stop," I said. With the tip of her tongue poking through her
lips she shook her head. I slowly moved her the length of my dick. As
I pulled out I could see some color come to her cheeks. I slowly
entered again. The pain on her face was visible, but she was
determined. I made it in all the way again, watching her bite her
bottom lip to keep from shrieking. Once again I pulled slowly out. I
grimaced at how tight she was. I would have come long before, but her
little cunny was so snug it was painful.
We kept this up for a little while until she seemed to relax a little.
Her breath began to come in short little gasps and she started moving
her tiny body up and along the huge hunk of meat inside her. I dug my
fingers hard into her ass to help her move. I held myself back until I
felt her start to tremble in her own orgasm before I shot my load.
"Jesus," I said, after both our bodies stopped thrashing. Gently I
pulled out and lowered her to the bed. I looked her over. She lay next
to me, slick with sweat and naked except for the much-abused training
bra. I unhooked that and looked at her. She may have been just a girl,
but she had the curves of a willowy woman, just smaller.
"How did that feel?" I asked her. She kissed me in answer.
We cuddled for a little while. In time, I grew hard again.
"What all do you want to do to Gary?" I asked. "I can teach you all
sorts of stuff."
"I want to do everything," she said. "What can we do next?"
The sight of her, twin pigtails against the pillow, her cute round face
and big eyes looking up at me, little nubs that were sensitive breasts
growing erect in anticipation, were all I needed. I had a raging
hard-on and wanted to put it in her again.
"Roll over," I said. She did and I was gifted with the view of the
roundest, sexiest ass I'd ever seen. I found some lubricant in my night
table drawer and put a generous dollop on my finger. She shivered as I
pushed my finger into her asshole. I put one finger in, then a second.
"Ow," she said into the pillow. I found her hand and put it between
her legs. She got the idea and stroked, combining her pleasure and
I greased myself up and put the head of my cock against her anus. I
knew I couldn't push myself all the way in. Just the head
overstretching her poor asshole's sphincter made her groan with
pain. With gentle thrusts I was able to get the head of my dick and
maybe another two inches inside her. She bit the pillow as she moaned
and frigged herself to orgasm. Unable to restrain myself as her tiny
ass shook with delight, I blew my wad up inside her behind.
We decided she'd have to come back to learn more about lovemaking. I
didn't charge her her lunch money, but I was flattered at the offer.
After two weeks of training she was ready to seduce her sister's
boyfriend. I had even given her suggestions on how to seduce Gary. I
would miss the after-school sex, but, I rationalized, I was ahead of the
game. I had two weeks of an experience many guys would give their life
savings for. I was doing OK.
Occasionally I saw Roxanne in the hallways of the building. Once she
gave me a thumbs up, which I interpreted as success in stealing Gary
away from Jodi. I smiled, jealous as hell. Then, one day at 2:45 in
the afternoon, my doorbell rang. It was Jodi, the sexy, stacked, older
"Hi Mr. Abernathy," she said after I invited her in. "I have a
business deal for you....."

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