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NEW The Count


Filename: The Count.doc
Title: The Count
Author: Writers Cramp
Keywords: (MFf, FF, nc, forced, rape, inc, teen, rom & more)
From the Author:
Be warned: this story involves explicit sex in many forms including
that forced on young teenagers so if that offends, read no further.
Story is copyright by Writer’s Cramp with all rights reserved and
must not be posted to any commercial or pay site whatsoever.
Individuals may archive the story for their own personal use but the
story should not be reposted to any other site without the author’s
All names are fictitious and do not intentionally relate to any person,
either living or dead. Neither the author nor any acquaintance of the
author, has ever indulged in situations described in this story; they
are solely based on fantasy of the mind.
THE COUNT (MFf, FF, nc, forced, rape, inc, teen, rom & more)
©December 2002

( )

The Characters:
Rudolpho de Heppte, Count of Heppte, aged 28.
Chad Sawyer, a Serf in the Fiefdom, aged 37
Marie Sawyer, his wife, aged 33
Aimee Sawyer, their daughter, aged nearly 13.
Pierre and Jentie, friends of the Sawyers, aged 38 and 35 with 2
boys, Jacques, aged 13 & Teddi, aged 9, and 1 girl, Abelle aged 11.
Wilm and Lizette, friends of the Sawyers, aged 28 and 24, no

In the year 1673, Rudolpho de Heppte, son of the Count von
Heppte, ruler of the Fiefdom of Heppte, knew the time he had
dreamed of for so long, would soon be his.
His father’s health had progressively deteriorated to the extent
that the old man lay on his deathbed, unable to do a thing for himself,
totally dependant on his manservants for every single need. In the
last few days he had drifted into semi-consciousness for hours at a
time and the carers who waited permanently at his bedside kept
shaking their heads in agreed wisdom that death was imminent.
Rudolpho, eldest son and by law, inheritor of the title and all
the estates that went with it, could hardly contain himself with glee at
the prognosis.
“My lord,” they would say several times a day, in utmost
seriousness, “There is little time left, you should prepare yourself for
the grief that is to come.”
“You’re sure there is nothing else you can do for my dear
father?” He asked each of the doctors over the past hours and as each
agreed there was nothing, the deep satisfaction grew strong in his
belly. He looked the picture of misery, allowing a whimper of grief
from time to time but inside he felt as jubilant as any man could.
Tomorrow or maybe the next he would become Count von Heppte
the fourth, to rule over the fiefdom with ultimate power and
authority, passing laws as he saw fit, the judge and jury over every
matter that came before him. But more particularly, he held the
power of life or death over every person on his estates.
He had sat silently by watching his father carry out those
duties for many years, cringing at the leniency of his sentencing,
allowing thieves and those found guilty of assaults within the hamlet
being let off with such soft punishments even for repeat offenders.
These people would soon come to know what it meant to perpetrate
any crime and be caught.
Rudolpho had thought many times of how he would act when
he finally became Ruler of these three hundred odd peasants who
were owned body and soul by the reigning Count of the day, and he
declared to himself that he would never allow such leniency when
handing out sentences. Rudolpho too had spent many idle hours
thinking through new laws he intended to pass, laws that would give
him absolute control over everything they did, be it in his fields
during the day or in the privacy of their homes at night.
The thought of where that could lead sent the blood coursing
through his veins once again and he found his hand roaming under
his skirts to stroke the hardness beneath. Soon he would no longer
need to use the unfulfilling folds of his wife’s body to satisfy the
lusts that soared through his head. Soon he would have the softness
of any one of a hundred or more young wenches from the village and
as Lord over their lives, the Count could choose at will and no one
would dare refuse him. There was no one to whom his subjects could
turn for as the charter of the fiefdom declared, not in so many words,
yet declare it did, he would own every man, woman and child within
his realm. But only after his father drew final breath.

The moment was drawing near and he had to leave the death
room for the solitude of his own quarters. The closer it came, the
more impossible it became to control the wide smile as he thought
about his plans. Rudolpho had meticulously listed the details of every
peasant under his protection making excuses to the Priest to gain
access to the baptismal records so that he knew their birth and
wedding dates and all the birth dates of their children; a family
history of every one. Against many names he had added symbols for
which only he knew the significance and comments about physical
features, personality traits and especially, a mark against those whom
he would never press against his body because of their age or looks
or infirmities. Yet he planned to use even these poor souls,
delighting in their humiliation when they found themselves in
situations of being required to perform acts they could never
imagine, sometimes in front of many of their own townspeople. Oh,
yes he would teach these filthy specimens to comply if for nothing
more than his own sadistic satisfaction.

Chapter One
He could wait no longer and bounded from his room and
flung the door of his wife’s rooms wide open as he burst inside.
Several maids gasped in shock for no man ever intruded into the
sanctuary of their lady’s bedroom, not even a husband. Sex always
took place in the Master’s rooms after summoning the wife with
appropriate notice. Rudolpho had not summoned his wife for well
over twelve months, feeling no urge to copulate with her large loose
body, performing the act less and less but neither taking nor giving
pleasure for several years until with much relief for both of them, he
ceased altogether.
“Rudi,” his wife exclaimed as he barged in. “Is he dead?”
“Not yet, my bundle of lard, but soon.” There was a hushed
gasp from the maids who were sitting in various chairs around the
room. They had never heard the master speak to his wife so
ungraciously before.
“And what’s your problem?” He roared, glaring at each one in
turn, daring them to return his stare. None did. “Well?”
They shifted uncomfortably, none prepared to answer for all
knew Rudolpho’s ways. Each one had felt the wrath of his voice
shouting them down, usually for nothing more that to show he held
the power to do so.
“Rudi, they’re just shocked at the way you came in here. After
all it isn’t usual for you to intrude, you know that,” his wife tried to
“Shut up, you stupid fat cow. Get rid of them and take your
clothes off,” he shouted back so they all knew what his intentions
Even his wife was shocked at the crudity of his words in front
of the girls.
“Rudi, don’t…” she began but that infuriated him all the
“No, wait,” he roared back. “You,” he said, pointing at the
last girl who had almost reached the door. “You stay. Come here.”
The girl, a young teenager with breasts that barely showed
under her tight bodice, was physically trembling as she shuffled
towards her tormentor. Not knowing what she should do, she knelt
before him, eyes downcast waiting for what she must endure.
“What’s your name?”
“ It's Aimee, sir.”
“How old?”
“Thirteen, sir,” she answered quietly, then added, “almost.”
“What do you do for your mistress?”
“I am one of her chambermaids, Sir. I help her dress.”
His wife was standing stock still, sure that he still had
intentions to copulate with her, even though he hadn’t done so for so
long. She waited silently, ready to stop anything her husband might
do to this young girl.
“Well, this time you will do the opposite. Understand?” He
growled, pushing her chin upwards so she had to look into his eyes.
She gave a quick glance towards her mistress and replied,
“No, sir. What must I do, sir?”
“You must disrobe her, this minute, that’s what you must do.
Now, go and do it.”
The girl almost fainted. She knew the tenor of his voice, she
had heard similar many times when her father demanded sex with
her mother, as he pushed her towards the bed, leaving the young girl
to listen through the thin curtain that separated the two rooms.
“She doesn’t have to, Rudi,” his wife interjected. “I will do
what you say. You may leave, Aimee.”
“No, she will do what I say,” he roared back. “Do it,” he
snapped at the trembling youngster.
“Rudi, please…,” his wife pleaded to no avail for she saw the
frightened girl was moving towards her, unwilling to disobey him
any longer.
“Every stitch. I want to see her as God made her,” he
instructed, then in a quieter voice. “Only God knows why he made
such an ugly bitch as my dear wife.”
The girl whimpered and his wife put an arm out in
encouragement. “Do what he says, Aimee,” she told the girl and
raised her arms for her to begin unfastening the skirts she wore.
Aimee had seen her mistress unclothed every day for it was her task
to assist when she bathed each morning. She had never thought of
her as ugly as the man had intimated but as she unwound the layers
she saw the flabby fat the woman had around her torso and legs. She
was even fatter than her own mother and her father never accused
her mother of being fat. But the master was right. Her mistress was
flabby and very unattractive.
The master watched intently, giving accusing little laughs as
each layer disclosed more fat.
Finally the mistress stood naked before the two onlookers.
“What do you think of your mistress now, Aimee?” He said
with a leer, more in disrespect than of sexual overtones. “Fat isn’t
The poor girl could not reply to such a question. Of course she
was fat, ugly in fact, the way layers of fat rolled down her body.
Rudolpho’s wife covered her hanging breasts and turned her back to
her husband. “Haven’t you humiliated me enough, Rudi? Let the girl
go and we can talk. I know how you must be feeling with your poor
father at death’s door.”
“It’s got nothing to do with the old man. It’s just time to put
you in your place, you lazy fat bitch. You’re going to learn that a
woman’s duty is to please her husband and you do not please me one
bit, woman. How could any man enjoy rodding so much fat? Eh?
Answer that, bitch.”
“I’ll go, Mistress,” the young girl whispered as she turned to
“You will stay, girl. There’s no humiliation if there’s no one
to witness it. You will stay and watch. And you have permission to
tell anyone you wish, what you see.”
“Please, sir, let me go home. I don’t wish to stay. Please…,”
she pleaded and he almost ejaculated in his trousers when he saw the
tears falling down her cheeks.
He said nothing but took her by the arm and with his other,
spanked the girl once on the bottom so hard her feet left the floor.
“Don’t ever disobey me again,” he said matter-of-factly as he let her
arm go.
She shrieked with fright and slumped to the floor, blubbering
not from the hurt in her behind because the smack had been over
several layers of clothing, but from the sheer shock of what he had
Rudolpho watched her for several seconds and then
disgustedly growled, “Get up and wipe your face. How can you see
this piece of lard receive her punishment, bawling like that? Get up I
Aimee rose immediately, her lesson well learned and stood
awkwardly, watching his every move in case he wanted her to do
something else. She had no wish to displease him again.
“I want you to watch everything that happens here today and
watch carefully because tomorrow you will come and repeat to me
everything you saw. In great detail, is that understood? Woe betide
you if you miss anything out.”
“Oh… Oh, yes sir,” she answered, blanching at the thought of
what he might do if she didn’t please him tomorrow.
“Rudi, please don’t do this. I don’t know what you intend but
not in front of the girl. Please don’t do that,” his wife pleaded
walking towards him with her hands reaching for him, oblivious of
her nakedness in front of the young girl.
“My god, you’re a pitiful sight,” he sneered as she came
closer. “Look how your tits flop around even when you walk. Can
you hear them flopping together, girl?”
“Yes, sir,” she replied, knowing that was what he wanted to
“Then go and hold them up for her. Show her how a woman’s
tits should look, all taut and firm. Go on.”
“You mean… You want me to touch them sir?”
“No, Rudi, stop it this minute,” his wife demanded.
He rose out of his chair so fast he caught his wife by surprise
and slapped one of her breasts so hard it bounced and almost hit her
in the face. “Don’t you ever talk to me like that again. No one talks
to the Count von Heppte in that manner,” he hissed between
clenched teeth. Then he relaxed, pleased with his wife’s reaction for
he saw her face turn white with shock. In a more relaxed voice he
said to Aimee, “Lift them up and pull them tight, girl. I want to see
them the way they should look.”
Hesitantly the young girl stepped in front of her mistress and
without catching the older woman’s eyes, placed her hands under the
drooping breasts and lifted them upwards. They were so large and
loose each breast rolled over the sides of the girl’s small hands and
she found it quite difficult to grasp the orbs, let alone pull them tight.
Then one breast rolled right off her hand just as though it were filled
with water, and fell with a snap against the woman’s chest.
“Ha, now you see why I can’t stand the sight of you, woman.
Oh, shit, what an ugly sight. They’re so loose I should put you into
the front line of the army. You could suffocate a thousand men at a
time. Can you understand why I find you so ugly? Well?”
It seemed like the last straw for the poor woman who knew
she held no sway in their household anymore and she was finally
crushed. The might of her husband’s power was just too much and
she couldn’t stop the deep sobbing that shook her whole body. “I’m
sorry, Rudolpho. I’m not a young woman any more. I can’t help it.
Kill me if you wish it but I can’t stand your taunts any more.”
“That’s too easy. You haven’t given me pleasure for years as
a wife should so now you will. Undo my breeches.” When she stood
unmoving, he added with a roar, “Now.”
Aimee jumped and his wife was shocked out of her dream-
like state.
“Please don’t make me do anything while the girl stays,
Rudolpho. I’ll do what you want but please sent her away.” Aimee
was pleased to hear her mistress pleading on her behalf, hoping she
would be allowed to shrink away.
“She stays and you perform. Do what I tell you, woman or I’ll
give you to the troops for the whole night. Perhaps you’d like that?”
“Nooo…,” she gasped and knelt between his legs. He was
sitting half sideways, one leg thrown over an arm of the chair, the
other still on the floor so she had complete access but it was no easy
matter to carry out his demand.
First his codpiece had to be unstrapped and she had to have
him raise his bottom to slide it off. Then the breeches, the under-
breeches and finally the pantaloons all had to be untied and the laces
removed before his genitals were accessible. She knew what she
would have to do. Cock sucking was his favourite joy in their earlier,
more happy days, where she would do all the work, produce a climax
and swallow his discharge after which he would invariably roll over
and sleep for the rest of the night. Her own hand usually gained her
rare orgasms after he slept.
As she was burrowing through the billowing silk and cotton
garments he wore, her mind went back to those happier times when
the intimacy was at least enjoyable. She couldn’t recall one single
time when he had actually given her the pleasure of an orgasm,
neither during their intercourse nor even by his finger or tongue. He,
of course, would not let her stop until his ejaculation was produced
by whatever means he chose.
“You’re no better than you ever were,” he sneered with
contempt as she burrowed through and finally closed her hand
around his flaccid penis.
She began to massage him but he soon objected. “Take it out
woman and let our guest see how badly you arouse a man. Maybe I’ll
have her show you how it should be done properly when she calls on
me tomorrow.”
“Oh, no, Sir. I couldn’t,” the stricken youngster cried out.
“If I choose that, you will do it,” he replied simply, laying his
head back along the chair as his wife’s ministrations began to take
effect, taking no notice of the girl’s feelings.
Aimee had never seen a man’s erection before. She had heard
her parents making love almost every time they did so but had never
seen, nor wanted to see, what they did. As her mistress drew the
manhood from it’s covering, Aimee gasped with shock. Never in all
her imaginings could she have known it would be so large. It was
nothing like the boys who swam naked with her in the pools when
she was younger for that was what she had always thought would be
used to take her virginity when she married. But this? This was ten
times the size and she knew it would never fit inside her pusspuss;
her opening could never accommodate such a monstrous projectile as
her master’s thing.
“Ha, ha,” Rudolpho laughed when he saw the look on her
face. “Little bit bigger that those boys’ cocks you play with isn't it?”
“No,” she cried, feeling the blush spreading across her face. “I
don’t play with… Oh, I never…,” she gasped, embarrassed beyond
anything she had ever felt before.
“We’ll have to correct that then, won’t we? Perhaps your
Daddy should be teaching you a thing or two. I’ll have a talk with
him for you,” he smiled and laid his head back to enjoy the
masturbation he was receiving. Then just as suddenly, he lifted his
head and told his wife to suck him.
Aimee’s eyes opened wide as her mistress’s mouth formed a
wide circle and sucked the mammoth penis between her lips to
fellate him. As she moved her lips along the erection, Aimee found
herself gasping for air, as though her lungs had refused to function.
The more her mistress worked over the cock, the greater her shock
and dismay. How could anyone take such a filthy thing into their
mouth? Something that was used for peeing? And to suck it like she
was doing? It was so sickening she was sure she would vomit right in
front of them. But she also knew that if she did she would be
revealing her feelings and as he seemed to be enjoying it so much,
she did not want to incur any more of his displeasure. So she forced
herself to watch despite the turmoil inside her stomach.
Occasionally he would thrust himself deeper into her throat
making his wife gag each time but she returned to her rhythm hoping
he would explode quickly. Her wish was granted sooner than she
expected but his actions were not. As soon as the first spurt of semen
hit the back of her throat he took hold of his penis, withdrew and
allowed the rest of his discharge shoot over her face and breasts.
“Don’t move, bitch. Take it the way you should. Let it run
down that fat body of yours and drip onto the floor,” he said with a
cackle of glee. His hand aimed his cock at every angle and drenched
her face and upper body while Aimee looked on, incredulous at the
white stuff shooting from where boys peed. Is this what men’s piss
was like? she asked herself over and over. Is this the way wives help
their men to pee?
When he had finished, he gave a sigh and sat straight around
in the chair, covering his cock from sight.
“Go and bring your fat mistress a nightdress, girl,” he
commanded and Aimee was only too happy to leave, if only for a few
“That was terrible, Rudi,” his wife cried, tears mingling with
long strings of sperm as it drained downwards. “What must the
youngster think? She probably never even knew what a penis looks
“Well she damn well knows now,” he replied with
“Let her go, Rudi. She has to face me every day and it will be
terrible for her.” She began to wipe the strands of sperm away with
the side of her finger.
“Leave it there, bitch. You sleep with it tonight.”
“What do you mean? I can’t just leave it there.”
“You will not only leave it there, you will not wash any part of
your body for a week. It should improve your smell anyway.”
“That’s a terrible thing to say, Rudi. You’re not the husband I
used to know.”
“You’re not the woman I married so we’re square. Disobey
me and I will flay the flesh off your buttocks in front of the whole
“It’s more that I can stand, Rudi. Please be nice to me again. I
can’t help the way I look. I still love you, really I do,” she pleaded but
it made no impression on the man who was about to assume
complete dominance over the whole fiefdom.
“When my father dies, which will be any moment now I hope,
I become Count von Heppte but you won’t be standing by my side as
Countess looking the way you do. I plan to find another consort. It
will take time and consideration but then I have something like two
hundred women to choose from. How long do you think it would
take me to have them where you stand now, stripped and willing to
obey my every whim? Hmm?”
“You couldn’t,” she gasped. “These people are your workers,
not your slaves. Your father looks on them as his children and they
all looked up to him. How could you betray that trust?”
“Very easily. There is some delicious flesh out there and I
mean to test every piece before I decide the one to be your
“And what of me? I would never agree to a divorce. The
priest wouldn’t allow it anyway.”
“You won’t have to worry about that for a long while. By the
time I get through the present ones, young ones will be growing up,
and younger ones after them. Don’t you think the life of a Count is
an onerous task? Oh, yes, very onerous indeed.” He gave a little
laugh and saw Aimee returning.
“Bring it here and slip it over your mistress’s head. Good,
now pat it against her body to soak up my seed. She must not waste
any,” he said callously.
The young girl was reluctant to touch the gown as it became
wet where the strings of semen ran down her body. Aimee saw the
woman’s saturated face with globs of the viscous fluid still clinging
to parts, one large glob hanging from her nose as though it were
mucus. It sickened her at first but the child made herself think of it
for what it was, something the master had discharged and definitely
not pee, she realised later. She had seen both her father and mother
peeing in the night bowl and it was never like this. So what he had
spewed from his man’s thing was probably a sex thing, she surmised.
She still didn’t know its true character but the sense of disgust she
felt when she first saw it, had changed into something of interest.
Not that she was about to ask either her mistress or the master. She
began to pat the cloth against her mistress’s body until the whole of
the front was saturated with wet stripes and blotches.
“Do you realise if I shot that sperm into your cunt, little girl,
you’d get pregnant?”
Aimee wasn’t sure he was speaking to her until he used the
term, little girl, then suddenly realised what he meant. She squealed
and jumped away, wiping her hands down her legs trying to remove
every last drop of wetness.
It made Rudolpho laugh loudly which caused the girl blush
more deeply.
“Tomorrow you will bring your parents with you for we have
things to discuss,” he declared. “Be here at ten in the morning.” With
that he left the two women standing, mute and unsure.
“Mistress, I’m sorry,” the girl cried out in anguish. “There
was nothing I could do but obey my master.”
“I know, Aimee. It’s nothing for you to worry about. Go home
now but you must be here as he says with your parents. Make sure
they are not late for he will use any excuse to humble them.”
“What does he want my parents here for, Mistress?”
“I don’t know child, all you can do is be on time and trust
your father can protect you. I will try to help but you see the way he
is right now. It’s the strain of knowing his poor father is about to
pass on that makes him like this. Do not hate him for the way he
treats me. I’m sure that when he becomes responsible he will govern
just as his father before him.”
The girl looked dubious. “I hope so, Mistress. Shall I go
“Yes, of course,” she said giving the youngster a smile of

Chapter Two
Aimee struggled to explain what she had witnessed to her
parents. She had been told to tell anyone about what she had seen
and she had no choice but to tell her parents of the command the
young master had made on the whole family. Somehow she knew the
white discharge was something only adults knew about and was
probably very secret. In her innocence she knew that men and
women did things they never spoke about and what she had
witnessed was probably one of those things. Did Mummy suck
Daddy’s thing? Did he spray his white stuff over her like that? She
had never seen any on her mother but they did do strange things
behind the curtain and made strange noises, quite often too. Did all
parents behave like the Master? Did Daddy make Mummy stand
naked while he slapped her breasts? She had heard slapping sounds
sometimes but Mummy usually giggled then so she wasn’t being hurt
like the Mistress was.
“What is it, dear? Something seems to be bothering you,” her
mother asked as they sat down for supper.
“Oh,…” Aimee stammered. “It’s nothing I guess. I was
helping the mistress dress today when the master came in and was
really rude to her.”
“You mean he was angry about something?”
“No, he was just rude calling her horrible names and saying
she was fat.”
“Well he sent all the girls out but made me stay and watch
while he kept on saying these things…”
“But the master? We heard he was nearing death and I’m sure
he wouldn’t treat anyone like that usually. She must have upset him
in some way,” her mother interrupted.
“No, it was the young master, not the old one. Mistress said
he acted that way because he knew his father was about to die.”
“Well that is a reason to make some people upset, I guess. Do
you want to tell me what happened?”
Aimee felt her face redden and her mother saw the change as
well. “Well, I guess he made mistress undress… Uhm, I had to help
her while he watched.”
“Oh, I see,” her mother said, trying not to sound alarmed.
“Well when the mistress was naked he called her fat and
things and slapped her breast, then made me hold them up so they
weren’t hanging down.”
“You mean your mistress’s breasts?”
“Yes, but one slipped off anyway. They were so… Well, they
were squishy and just rolled off?”
“And that made the young master mad at you too?”
“No, he just laughed and it made the mistress cry.”
“Oh, I see. He wasn’t being a very gallant man?”
“Oh, he was horrible. He made her put her hand inside…”
“Inside where?” By now her mother, a simple woman though
she be, was not innocent to the ways of men and expected to hear he
had ordered his wife to finger herself in front of her maid. Things
like that were common in other towns and she was thankful that their
Lord of the Fiefdom was not as brutal as most. In fact the old Count
treated them all as equals. She had heard rumors about his son but
until now, nothing of substance had been proven.
“Oh…, uhm, inside his trousers.”
“Oh,” her mother gasped. “You mean between his legs, to
touch his… manhood?”
The girl felt her face becoming hotter and simply nodded.
“Did he send you away then?”
“Oh, Mummy he made the mistress do things to his… you
know, his… thing.”
“Men and women do pleasurable things like that, baby. But
they sent you away then, didn’t they?”
“No he made me stay and watch and I have to go back
tomorrow and bring both you and Daddy with me. We all have to be
there at ten o’clock in the morning.”
“He made you watch while they did things to each other? You
mean things with his manhood?” Her mind never moved from the
first part of the sentence. “Aimee I want you to tell me exactly what
you saw, what he made you watch. Tell me baby, it’s alright.”
But it was all too much for the young girl and she could tell
from her mother’s voice that all had not been proper in what she had
“I’m embarrassed, Mummy,” she managed to sob. “I think
it’s… I think it’s what you and daddy do behind the curtain.”
“Tell me, then, baby. Don’t be embarrassed in front of
Mummy. I won’t be angry. I just need to know so I can help you.”
“Well, at first she held his thing in her hand and moved it up
and down, then he told her to suck, so she put it into her mouth. Oh,
it made me feel really sick. It’s where men do pee. You don’t do that
do you? To Daddy, I mean.”
“We’ll talk about that another time. Just tell me what
happened then.”
The youngster recounted all she saw including the nightdress
and her having to pat it over her mistress’s body.
“Did I do something naughty, Mummy? I didn’t know what I
should do; the young master told me to do it so I couldn’t refuse. I
don’t know what the white stuff was that came out of his… thing. It
was all gooey.”
“You didn’t do anything wrong, baby, because you had no
choice. The young master will soon be the next Count and you have
no choice but to obey him. I guess your mistress was right about him
being upset because his father is dying. It would upset anyone, I’m
“So you will come with me tomorrow then?”
“Come with you? Where?”
“I told you,” Aimee laughed. “The young master says I have
to go back to him tomorrow at ten o’clock and he wants you there
She saw her mother’s face blanche and she couldn’t answer
for a long time. “You mean he wants Mummy and Daddy there with
you? Tomorrow? Did he say what for?”
“No, but he got very angry when he didn’t get obeyed so we
should all go, I think,” the young girl said, sensing her mother was
becoming quite agitated. “Why, Mummy? What’s wrong?”
“It’s nothing, dear. It’s just that we have never been
commanded to present ourselves before, that’s all. Are you sure you
don’t know what it’s about, Aimee?”
“Well, he did say… He did say at first that he wanted me to
repeat everything I saw today, to him tomorrow and that if I didn’t
remember everything, he said woe betide me. What does that mean?”
“Oh, I wouldn’t be too worried about that. Anyway, you can
remember what you saw, can’t you? Besides only the Count has the
power to sentence someone for punishment and he hasn’t done that
for years and years.”
“Oh, I see, so it will be alright then.”
“Of course it will, baby.”
“Mummy, do you and Daddy do those things?”
“What th… Oh, that. Well, people do all sorts of things when
they love each other, baby.”
“But do you suck his thing like the mistress did?”
“Some men like that, Aimee.”
“Does Daddy?”
Her mother found herself blushing just as much as her
daughter had a few minutes ago. “There are some things that are
secret between adults, dear. It’s not nice to talk about them.”
“But if it’s alright to do, why can’t you talk about them?”
“Because it’s very personal, that’s all.”
“Doesn’t it taste awful?”
“It’s time to change the subject, Aimee. Eat your supper.
Daddy will be home soon and we have some things to talk about.”
“Will you tell him what I did today?”
“Of course. And about our trip to the Manor tomorrow.”
“About how she sucked his thing?”
“Aimee, that’s enough. You’re being rude and it must stop.”
“Oh, it’s just that I want to know things.”
“I know you do, sweetie but until you grow up, you have to be
patient. You’re still only twelve years old you know.”
“But I’m growing boobies and I’ll soon be thirteen.”
“When you’re seventeen I will tell you about men but not
“Oh, I just hate not knowing, Mummy.”
“Let it rest, Aimee,” she responded with a hint of warning in
her voice and the youngster heeded it.

They arrived exactly on time and were shown into a small
room, much smaller than her mistress’s rooms and were told to wait.
And wait they did for what seemed like hours. Finally, a door to the
side opened as though by itself and a voice called, “Come.”
Chad Sawyer put his head around the corner and saw the
young master beckoning. “Come on, I haven’t got all day. I have
serious work to do,” Rudolpho shouted in frustration.
Chad clawed his hat from his head and clutched it in two
hands, ushering his family before him.
“My daughter tells me you wish to speak with us, your
“So why weren’t you on time then? And I am not your
honour, not yet anyway. But soon.”
Chad looked at his wife and back to Rudolpho. “But we have
been waiting since ten o’clock, Sir.”
“Well I didn’t see you. Be more prominent next time,” he said
waving off any protest. “I am telling each family under my… our
care, what will happen when my dear father dies. There will be some
changes but they will be in your favor.” He waited for their thank-
you but saw only anticipation in their eyes. “At present you pay taxes
of what? Ten percent of your share of the crops?”
“Yes, Sir, that’s correct, ten percent and we pay on time every
“You wouldn’t still be here if you hadn’t,” Rudolpho growled
ungraciously. “Well, I’m pleased to tell you there will not be any
taxes levied from now on.”
“Oh, thank you sir.”
“Instead, you will receive thirty percent of the harvest instead
of the usual fifty percent.”
The parents gasped in shock. “But… But sir, that means we
will receive ten percent less than before.”
“Don’t be ungrateful, Sawyer. It means that if you work
harder and produce better crops, you will still earn more than you do
now and you will have no taxes to pay on the increased portion.”
Chad thought about that for several moments and still didn’t
understand. “Sir, I work very hard now, from daylight until dark, six
days per week. Your ledgers will show that. How can I do more,
“You can work faster and you can work seven days, that’s
“But… But that would be on Sunday, sir. The priest would
not allow it.”
“The church will do as I say. At least they will when I
become Count. And there will be incentives to work better, very
good incentives indeed.”
“You mean we will receive more payment when we work
harder?” Chad couldn’t stop himself asking.
“Incentives you never dreamed about. I will explain those to
you Sawyer, once the women have left, but before they do, I have
things to explain to them as well. Women are lazy and stay home all
day while their men work hard.”
Marie was so shocked by his words she gasped and was about
to object when her husband took her arm and squeezed hard. She
shut her mouth and listened.
“From now on, they will become part of the whole workforce.
No,” he added when he saw the fire in Marie’s eyes begin to boil
over. “No, not in the fields, but for the good of the whole
community. They will be the ones to urge the men to greater heights
of industry, to provide incentives no man would ever give up should
he have the chance. And I will expect every woman, every woman of
childbearing age to be a part of that force. Would you deny your men
the chance to increase their value to the community and in turn raise
the family income? Well, Marie Sawyer, would you?”
“Oh, nh, I guess not,” she replied, not sure what he really
meant. How could a mere woman help the men to increase their
crops? she asked herself over and over.
“Good. I thought you would understand when it was
explained to you. There is one more thing I require of all women and
that is faithfulness. I expect them to be totally faithful to their
husbands, their family and the community of Heppte and to me
especially. Lust causes many women to cheat on their husbands,
which in turn leads to turmoil in two families. I will not allow that to
happen in Heppte. If a woman cheats and one of the injured parties
complains to me with proof of the injury, that woman has three
choices. Firstly she can submit herself to my discipline, which will be
harsh and sometimes extended. Or she can choose to leave the family
and the community, never to return. Or thirdly, the family as a whole
will be banished. Is that not penalty enough to remain faithful,
“But I have never been unfaithful, Sir,” she replied quickly,
blushing at what her words meant.
“Is that so, Sawyer. She has never strayed?”
“Never, Sir.”
“So she was a virgin on your wedding night?”
“That’s none of your business,” Marie interrupted, in a
furious voice.
“Well, Sawyer?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“And your daughter?”
“My daughter, Sir? I don’t understand.”
“Is your daughter…? No never mind, I see it’s upsetting to
your wife. As for myself, I demand complete obedience from each
and every subject in the Fiefdom. What I declare, be it singly or to a
group, is to be carried out without hesitation. That is being faithful to
me and I suggest it is even more important than being faithful to your
spouses. The punishment for being unfaithful to the Lord of the
Fiefdom would be far more drastic than simple banishment. I trust
you are clear on that aspect. Hmm?”
They stared at him in shock. The old Count never spoke that
way to any of his people, as he called them.
“But, Sir, we have no wish to disobey your rulings,” Chad
“I’m sure you don’t, Sawyer. Some may but I hope not, for
their sake. By the way, our discussions today are strictly between
ourselves. You will not discuss anything with your friends. Nothing.
I would consider that action as being quite unfaithful. I will find out
if you do, you know. But I’m sure you would never think of
disobeying, so I am happy. You all look shocked. Don’t be for I am
not as harsh as you think my rules may be. But we do need to prepare
our people for the change. You are not the only ones who have
looked shocked but you will soon realise I am a compassionate man
to those who obey.”
He let his words linger on their minds for some time then said,
“Well young lady, you have something to tell me, do you not?”
Aimee blushed and took a step forward. “You mean about
yesterday, Sir?”
“What else? Can you repeat what you witnessed in front of
your parents?”
“I… I think so, Sir.”
“Then go and fetch the mistress. I want to see her reaction as
she hears her punishment in front of others.”
“We should not be here, Sir,” Marie spoke up, knowing what
was to come. She had told her husband just a little of what Aimee
had described, and certainly none of the sexual activities their
daughter had witnessed.
“You are here because I say so. It would be too easy for my
wife without you being witnesses and she does need lessons in
humility, many lessons. So you will stay.”
He sat, watching their discomfort while Aimee went to fetch
her mistress. His smile distressed Marie no end.
Finally, Aimee returned, following her mistress who looked
shocked to see others in the room.
“Strip, you fat fool,” Rudolpho demanded with little
compassion. “Let the people see what a fat Countess they will be
“You can’t mean that, Rudi,” his wife stammered.
Aimee’s parents stared in disbelief at what they heard. Marie
realised Aimee had told her the truth about yesterday and they may
be going to witness more of the same.
“Obey me woman and strip yourself naked,” he said in a low
hissing voice, daring her to disobey. She knew when she had reached
the limit of his endurance and began to remove the crumpled
nightdress, turning her back on them. Rudolpho laughed derisively.
“Should we go, Sir?” Chad suggested and was answered with
a hand that said stay. They stayed.
“Now show yourself to these good people. Let them see what
a slag of a Countess they’ll be getting.” His wife turned to face the
visitors, allowing herself to be completely dominated.
Neither Chad nor Marie could bring themselves to turn their
heads to look at the stricken woman until Rudolpho commanded
them to.
“Master, we do not need to see your wife this way,” Marie
managed to say quickly but his eyes were enough to silence her.
“Well, Sawyer? What do you think, is she a fat ball of lard or
Chad felt his head spinning from fright. Here was a man who
very soon would have the power of life or death over his family and
he was being forced to speak callously about the man’s own wife.
“I… I… I think she’s your wife, Sir,” he finally mumbled.
“And… She is a little large, Sir.”
“A little large? She’s a grease-ball, man. Can’t you see that?
Here, woman, bend over and let them see how your big fat tits hang
down. Go on.”
The poor woman whimpered as she leaned over, knowing that
she would present a grotesque sight to everyone. Her beasts drooped
almost a foot down like water-filled balloons.
“Squeeze them, Sawyer. Go on, do it,” he said with a cackle.
“Feel what I have to put up with. It’s not a pretty sight screwing
something like that, now what do you say?”
Chad looked at his wife then stretched his hand out, briefly
brushing the closest breast.
“They are soft, Sir.”
“Would you like to fuck someone with tits like that? Eh?’
“No, Sir.”
“And neither do I. That’s why I’ve begun some discipline that
might wake the slug up to look better for her husband,” he explained
and then completely ignored the crying woman who remained bent
over. “Come, child, come and sit on my knee and you can tell your
mummy and daddy what you witnessed yesterday.”
Aimee blushed, realising not only was she going to relate the
story in front of her parents but while sitting on the young master’s
knee as well. She glanced quickly at her parents and then moved to
his side. He opened his legs wide and indicated she should sit on one
knee with her legs between both of his. It felt strange to be so
intimately close to a man like this and it made her all the more
“Now I told you I wanted a complete account of everything
you saw yesterday and I don’t want to hear you hesitate or stop until
the story is over,” he told her and she could only nod her agreement.
It seemed a daunting task.
To her parents he gave just one instruction. “You may listen
but on no account will you interrupt your daughter. She must be
given every opportunity to complete her task. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir,” they chorused.
“Good, then you may begin, little twelve year old Aimee.”
She began from the time the girls were sent away and she was
made to stay. Almost immediately she began to speak, she felt
Rudolpho slip his hand under the hem of her skirts, clearly visible to
her parents. His hand cupped her knee and moved up and down her
shin, touching so lightly yet so purposefully. He never took his eyes
off her face, disregarding her parents altogether but behind it all was
his dare to both parents, giving them every reason to object in
disregard of his instruction, and to Aimee herself, in tempting her to
hesitate in her telling.
His actions were obvious to all three and he became bolder,
testing their resolve. Should they protect their most precious
possession or remain silent? Will Aimee object and thus fail his
Marie and Chad never heard a word their daughter was saying
for every nerve in their bodies was trying to decide what they should
do. The master’s purpose was obvious and they both knew the
consequences of disobeying. Yet his hand was progressing further,
upwards above her knees now and they could see he was pushing her
thighs apart. They both knew he could go all the way if they did not
react and yet to do so would mean that as soon as he became Count,
they could easily be stripped of their home and livelihood.
Aimee felt his fingers parting her legs and she resisted but
when he pinched the skin of her inner thigh, she allowed his hand to
separate them, just a little. How impossible he was making it for her
to recount the story. She had reached the part where she had
removed the mistress’s clothes and he was calling her names for
being so fat when his hand began to reach higher and higher until it
passed the area where her stockings stopped and touched bare skin.
He caressed the smoothness for several minutes, watching her face
intently, hoping she would falter and break down in tears. Then he
would have her. But she forced herself to forget his intrusions and
His hand went higher and began to stroke inside, pushing her
legs wider with each pass and his wrist had pushed her skirts so high
that her parents knew how wide her legs were parted. They saw how
close he had come to her crotch.
Marie was fuming inside at the sheer audacity and filth of the
man but her husband was holding one arm and squeezing it so tightly
it hurt; a warning not to say anything. Would he ever rape one so
young, even with his hand? Chad had to weigh this against the
trauma his daughter must be suffering and the consequences of what
any intervention would be. All things being equal, Chad had decided
to call this fiend’s bluff by not objecting in any way.
Aimee had reached the stage where she witnessed his climax
and the spray that gushed over the mistress’s face and breasts. She
even used those words, trying to be adult in the midst of what he was
doing to her. She was in fact proud of achieving what she had
described so far despite having the man feel up her legs and was
confident of finishing because she was nearly to the end of her story.
But he was nearing his goal also and finally used both hands
to deliberately spread her knees wide apart and then returned the
hand up her inner thigh, tickling it with the tips of his finger until the
side of his hand brushed against her underwear.
He never rested there and Aimee felt his fingers stroke the
crotch of her cotton pants, right along the line of her sex. She jumped
at the first touch and stuttered the words she was speaking but never
stopped. She was now at the part where she patted the nightdress
over her mistress’s wet body and knew all she had to do was tell of
being sent home. She finished but the moment she tried to stand
down, he held her firm.
“I am not finished, little Aimee. You recounted your story
well, but you missed out a most important part. Were you
embarrassed by what you saw, little one?” As he spoke his fingers
were stroking her sex and he knew she was becoming aroused from
the wetness she was producing.
“Missed something? No, I couldn’t have, Sir,” she said
hesitantly, not wishing to dispute him but frightened at missing
anything out.
“No? What about when you touched your mistress here?” And
he pressed his finger harder against her pussy.
“There?” She asked, feeling the blush double in intensity. “I
didn’t do that yesterday, Sir. Not then.”
Rudolpho was taken aback at the reply and looked strangely at
her for several seconds then as if a light had dawned, smiled and
said, “So, not yesterday but some other time. Is that it?”
Aimee gasped as she realised what she had said and knew she
had no option but to tell the truth. She was so confused with his
hand stroking her like no one ever had before and knew he could tell
when she lied.
“Just once, Sir.”
“When?’ his hand was more insistent now, pressing harder,
arousing a clitoris that had never been aroused before.
“Uhm, a few days ago.”
“Were you alone?”
“No, the other girls were there too.”
“And you all touched her cunt?”
“Oh, yes, sir. They do it often, whenever the mistress asks.”
His wife gave a moan of helplessness and sank to the floor,
her body heaving with emotional sobs.
“Forget her, tell me more. What do they do to her?”
“They use their hands. And kiss her.”
“On the lips?”
“Sometimes. And her breasts and her… down there.”
“She’s a fucking lesbian too,” he roared incredulously. “My
wife is a fucking lesbian who uses servant girls to keep her happy.
My god, what next?” He roared at no one in particular, pushing
Aimee off his knee and walking over to his wife.
“Well, woman, what other little secrets do we keep in the
closet, eh?” He growled, poking one of her breasts with the toe of his
“Please leave me alone, Rudolpho. I can’t take any more of
your humiliation.”
“Maybe you won’t have to. When I see the Priest he will
surely agree my argument is strong enough to grant an annulment
without any trouble at all. Get out of my sight and stay there,” he said
with disgust and the poor woman ran from the room, clutching the
discarded garment to her chest.
“Do you use girls to get your pleasures, woman,” he asked
Marie boldly.
“No,” Marie cried out in shock at being asked such filth. “I do
not,” She declared.
‘Lucky you don’t or I would banish you immediately. Are any
of the other women that way inclined? Don’t like cock but use
female tongues instead? Well?”
He was getting himself so worked up he wasn’t in control of
his words anymore.
“I… I don’t… I don’t know of any,” she told him hesitantly,
clasping her husband’s arm for support.
Then they saw him relax. “Well, I guess it isn’t any great deal,
as long as they don’t stop giving it to their husbands. Maybe I’ll have
to look into what you women get up to while your hardworking
husbands are in the fields. I might be surprised,” he said with a
laugh. “Now you two women can go. I have things to tell your man.”
Marie grabbed Aimee by the arm and whisked her through the
door as quickly as she could. It wasn’t until she was home with the
door locked that she relaxed and burst into tears, holding her
daughter firmly in her arms.

Chapter Three
“Now, Sawyer, I told you there would be incentives for all the
men to improve their crop yields which in turn will give you more
money. It will be up to each man to decide for himself how he does
that and I know some will never achieve more than they do now. But
the smart ones will find ways and I think you are one of those,
Sawyer,” he said looking at the man condescendingly. “I know many
of you keep some of the crop back for yourselves but with no taxes to
pay, there won’t be a need to do that now. That’s one way you might
increase your results.”
“But, Sir, I never have done that. I have always been honest
with the Count. Always,” he stressed, still holding his hand to his
chest, almost pleading to be believed.
“I’m sure you do, Sawyer. But listen to what you will receive
if you do better this year. Every man who does will be granted one
night with any woman from the village. It will be his choice.”
Rudolpho watched the face before him as the man slowly took
in all the ramifications of that. Chad couldn’t believe what he had
“I beg your pardon, Sir?”
“You heard me correctly. Achieve better results than last year
and I have all those results carefully listed and I will provide you
with the woman of your choice to do with as you wish for one whole
night, from dusk to dawn. Can you think of the woman you would
choose? One you’ve lusted over in your dreams? Well?”
“But… But she wouldn’t… I mean no woman would allow…
How…? My wife; she wouldn’t agree. It couldn’t be…” He felt most
uncomfortable because there was something about the way the young
master was smiling that told him the master might not be jesting.
“I promise you that will be the prize for every man in the
village who improves his harvest. I will test how much is produced
for each square cubit of your farmland and calculate the results from
that. I promise you the woman of your choosing for one night in your
own bed.”
“I could not… I couldn’t do it, Sir, I love my wife and need
no-one else.”
“Ah, but if everyone else does, and they all leave me saying
they will make sure their returns improve, you would be the only one
who doesn’t want to taste forbidden fruit. Think of a woman and tell
me her name. Think man.”
“A woman…? Oh, I can’t say, Sir.”
“Then just give me the name of any woman you know.”
Chad blanched and knew he was upsetting the young Count.
“Oh, Jim Spice’s woman, Sir.”
“Ah, the busty one. Well, I’ll put her down as your choice.
Several have chosen her, she will be busy after harvest.”
“But she would never allow…”
“It’s amazing what women will do when the circumstances
have been explained, Sawyer. But you have not heard the best news
yet. There are several more incentives for those who perform best.
For the top five, they will be given an additional one to five choices;
the top producer, will receive his normal choice of the marrieds and
then five other choices from all the eligible females, those who are
no longer virgins. Virgins remain under my protection always. So if
you become one of those five you may find yourself in the arms of a
very young lovely, maybe fifteen or sixteen years old, maybe even
younger. I’m sure there are many who lose their virginity by that age.
Does the thought of that raise your prong? Eh?” He giggled with glee
at his own wit.
“But it can’t be, Sir. How…? No man would allow… And the
Priest, he would never allow it, Sir. Have you spoken to him?”
“You are one of the last I have spoken to, Sawyer, I’ve been
going down the list alphabetically and your name is near to last.
Once I’ve explained it is for the good of the village and for
themselves as well, no-one objects at all, every man goes away happy
that they will be participating in something that will be for the
benefit of all, well, most all, anyway. I’m sure there will be a few
layabouts but when they see the rest of the village enjoying
themselves I’m sure they will change their minds too.”
“But the women; they’d never agree to anything like that.”
“Then you’d be very surprised to know that the women are far
more willing to share themselves than even the men are to accept
their incentives. Oh, the ladies will co-operate, believe me. You are
still doubtful, Sawyer?” He asked sarcastically.
Chad stared down at the floor for a long time then in a broken
voice asked, “Then that includes my wife too, Sir?”
“It includes every child-bearing woman in the village, married
or single. If the female has lost her virginity she knows the ways of
men and of course is included. I thought you would have understood
that, man,” the soon-to-be Lord said with a derisive laugh.
“Does she know yet? Has anyone chosen her? She hasn’t said
anything to me, Sir.”
“Oh, she’s been chosen, several times. She will know
tomorrow. Most of the women have been told and have agreed to
cooperate fully after it was explained to them and I know your wife is
wise enough to understand as well. Send her here at nine o’clock in
the morning. Her daughter is to come too for I have female things to
say to her as well.”
“She is still a virgin, Sir. She doesn’t have to participate, you
said so yourself.” Chad felt weak from the thoughts that were
roaming through his brain. He felt sick at the thought of sharing his
dear wife with anyone, let alone some of the uncouth oafs in the
“Sir, I don’t want my wife to… To… To, you know, with
“To fuck other men? Is that what you mean, Sawyer? You
don’t wish your wife to join all the other women who have agreed
wholeheartedly to offer themselves for the good of the whole
community? Is that what you’re saying?”
“I’m begging you, Sir, to leave us in peace. Do not impose
such dreadful rules, not just about my wife but the other women as
well. We can work harder without the need to give our women up.”
Chad was near to tears and on bent knee, he looked pleadingly up at
the ruthless man who would soon be his ruler.
“I know you say you’ll work harder but if there were no
incentives your resolve would soon fail and I would be left with
fewer yields than I expect of you. I haven’t seen any other men
whimpering the way you are and certainly none of the women have
objected, in fact after the arrangements were explained, most left
with a wide smile on their faces in anticipation of being chosen. You
have an attractive wife and she will be chosen quite often, I’m sure,
but only the top farmer will be able to choose the same woman more
than once in a year. So no man will have a monopoly over her
charms. And you will have the pleasure of someone you secretly
fancy as well. Don’t forget that, Sawyer. Nothing like a piece of
fresh fur to get the old prong fine-tuned, eh? You wife will certainly
enjoy your new vitality after that, you know she will.”
“Would it be in order to ask what happens if we do not wish
to share in the new arrangements, Sir? I am willing to pay more
“I’m really sorry you had to ask that, Sawyer. Here I was
thinking of you as one of my best producers and you go and ask
something like that,” He said sadly, shaking his head. Then he
looked fiercely at the man and roared, “I’ll tell you what would
happen. You would be banished, immediately. You’d lose your home
and your farm along with everything in and on the property. You
would be cast out and never allowed back. And,” he added with
increased savagery, “And I will personally make sure no other Lord
in the whole land will offer you sanctuary. Your daughter is mine
because she was born and raised on my property and you and your
wife would be left to rot in hell, for that is how your life would be.
Every vagabond who comes along will probably rape her, no matter
what she looks like simply because she’s got a cunt. Could you
imagine how weak you’ll be after, what, four or five days without
food? You wouldn’t be able to brush a fly away let alone protect her.
Just think what it would be like, man.”
“I’m sorry to upset you, Sir. I didn’t mean I wanted to refuse
your rules I just wanted to know. You wouldn’t really keep one’s
children, would you, Sir?”
“Keep? Of course I would, they’re mine anyway, by
birthright. You weren’t born here so I have no rights over you once
you leave the village but I do own your daughter and she would be
given to someone who deserves a wife more than you do, obviously.”
“No, please forgive me, your Honour. I was stupid and should
never have thought about wanting to be different. I will explain it to
my wife tonight, Sir.”
“You will do nothing of the kind. You will talk of it to no one,
not your wife tonight or even after she arrives home tomorrow. She
will not talk to you about it and you will discuss it with no one, ever.
Do I make myself quite clear, Sawyer?”
“But we have no secrets, Sir. We would not talk to anyone
else, I promise you that. Never.”
“Let me tell you this, Sawyer. One man has spoken to another
about the arrangement, I know it is true because one of my guards
heard the conversation. As soon as my father croaks and I become
Count, those two men and their women will be tried and sentenced.
Every villager will attend that trial and witness their punishment.
When I say something, Sawyer, I mean every word of it. You and the
rest of my children, for that is how I cherish them, will understand
that my decisions will be carried out.”
“Yes, Sir.” He had to bow his head because he didn’t want
the young Count to see him trembling with shock at what he had
“Very well, then I can expect your cooperation?”
Chad could only nod his head in acceptance.
“Then be off with you and till your soil well. Imagine six
fifteen-year-old girls to share your bed. Oh, one more thing. There
will be an added bonus to every father who sires a girl child, a bonus
of a virgin girl to have permanently for three months until your wife
is able to offer her services again after the birth. A rather nice
incentive, don’t you think? Now go and make sure your wife and girl
are on time tomorrow.”
Chad ran from the room and hid himself in the darkest corner
of the Castle walls. He was crying like a little child, weeping for
himself, his wife and his beautiful daughter. He saw no way out of
the vileness that was about to be brought down on the whole village.
He couldn’t believe a whole village could go about its business so
calmly after knowing what was in store

“What does he want with us tomorrow, Chad? Hasn’t he
humiliated us enough, what more can he want? What he did to our
daughter was no different to raping her, it was against her will and
ours as well but he was playing with us, knowing we wouldn’t dare
object. He won’t do anything to her tomorrow, will he? I’ll kick him
if he does,” she declared and slumped down onto a chair, holding her
face in her hands to black out the thoughts that were bubbling up in
her head. “Can you come with us? Maybe that would help.”
“I can’t, Marie. He specifically said just the two of you.”
“What did you talk about when we left? I suppose he was
telling dirty stories about Aimee or something.”
“Baby, don’t ask me now. He told me what he wanted his
farmers to produce once he takes charge and he said he would talk to
you about the women’s role in that. I don’t know exactly what he’s
going to say though.”
“Well what does he want you to do for him when he takes
control, then?”
“Marie, please don’t ask me now. We might be able to talk
later but he forbade me to tell you tonight. In fact he said neither you
nor I could talk about our discussions with him and I’m sure he’ll tell
you that tomorrow. He was very, uhm, persuasive.”
“He can be, he has rights over us we have to observe.”
“That’s very true. Oh, how I wish the old Count was not so ill.
Maybe he won’t die after all. Maybe he’ll get better and his son
won’t take charge for years.”
“Ha, some hope. I’ve heard they expect the old man to go any
hour now, so I guess we’ve just got to accept the changes, whatever
they are.” She looked for a long time at her husband who seemed
different, almost withdrawn, speaking as a friend or even an
acquaintance rather that her dear husband.
“Oh, Chad, what is going to come of us? What will it be like
when he takes over? I’m frightened for us, Chad that our wonderful
life might suddenly collapse on top of us and vanish. Am I being too
“You’re never silly, my dear. No, I can understand what it’s
like especially after this morning. I feared for our daughter but she
seemed to come up alright, don’t you think? And after what he did to
her, the way she acted, I don’t think she’s ever touched herself like
he did and yet it didn’t seem to concern her at all.”
“She liked it, Chad. She told me she liked what he did to her
and hoped he would do it again. I think she’s fallen for him, that
bastard has won her affections. I don’t know what will become of her
when she goes back to work there tomorrow.”
“Well she won’t go to work tomorrow because she’s going
with you to see him again.”
“Oh, damn, I’d forgotten her in all this. Oh, I fear for us all.
Am I just worrying too much? I think I will really fight him if he tries
to feel her up again. It isn’t right, Chad.”
“We all know that, dear, but we are his property by law and
he can do what he likes in the end. What you must keep in mind is
that as long as we can stay together, with a roof over our heads and
food on our plate, no matter what his demands, Marie, no matter
what his demands,” he repeated, “we’ll be better off than being
thrown out of the village. Who else would take us? There are people
clamoring for a place in every Fief in the country and until they get a
place, they are nobodies. No home, no food, no family as we know it,
just derelicts and once they get that way they stay that way. We have
to hold our position here even if it means giving up some of the
freedoms we take for granted as our right. When it comes down to it,
we have no rights at all except those the Lord of the Manor allows.
Can you understand that, Marie? Please don’t fight him tomorrow.
Let’s see how it all works out before deciding to do anything rash.”
“But what if he rapes her, Chad? I think he’s quite capable of
doing that, don’t you?”
“So he rapes her and we decide to leave. Where do we go,
Marie? What do we have to take with us? Absolutely nothing. Here
we have a whole family with all we need to be happy, at least as
happy as he allows.”
“I do understand, my darling,” she said as she laid her head
on his shoulder and gave him a lingering kiss. “And I promise to
keep my cool tomorrow, no matter what. Now is that a bulge in your
trousers just for you or does my husband wish to share it around?”
She asked as she cupped her hand around his erection. “Come to
bed, darling, and it’s my turn to be on top. I want to feel your sperm
leaking out of my pussy all night.”

Chapter Four
“Ah, the beautiful wife of the Sawyer has arrived and on time
too; very good. Did your husband fuck you last night?”
“Wha…? Oh, you can’t…” She managed to get out before he
cut her off sharply.
“Now, Sawyer’s wife, don’t get aggressive with me, ever,” he
warned menacingly. “It will only give you grief. So, do you want to
answer my question sensibly or do I have to show you what happens
to uncooperative wives?”
“Oh,” she gasped, feeling herself becoming light headed and
thought she would faint if she didn’t hold onto something. She
clasped Aimee’s shoulder and managed to hold herself straight. Her
mind was buzzing with fear and knew she had to do something to
appease his anger.
“Oh, I’m so sorry for angering you, Master. It was just the
shock of hearing such… Of hearing such an intimate question.”
“So? Now you heard it, what do you say?”
Marie blushed and mumbled, “We made love, Sir.”
“So he fucked you, why can’t you women just be honest with
me? Eh”
“Uhm, it wasn’t exactly…” She didn’t know what to say.
Give him all the details or just agree and hope he never asked more.”
“It wasn’t exactly what? You made love but it wasn’t exactly
what? You sucked him off like a whore, is that it?”
Marie glanced down at her daughter who was blushing so
badly, her face glowed pink.
“No, not that. We love each other, Sir.”
“I’m getting tired of your mumbling, woman. Explain it to me
now or by the beard of my father I’ll…”
“I did it to him, Sir. On top.” Now Marie felt her face burning
with the blush that covered her whole body.
“Ha, ha, ha, that’s the best one yet. You women do stumble
over the simple act of sex, don’t you? What’s so wrong in talking to
your master, the one who has control over every aspect of your life,
about anything he wants to know? Well? You’re one of the last I
need to speak to but you’re no different to any other. They all blush
and go coy when I ask about their fucking. I need to know, you see.
That’s why I ask. I need to know everything my people do and I
don’t take kindly to those who try to hide truths from me. Are you
clear on that now, woman?”
“Yes, Sir, I do understand. It’s just so difficult to tell someone
about such private things.”
“Well you’ve done it now so it won’t be difficult in the future,
is that what you’re saying?”
“Yes, I think so.”
“Good, at least we’re making progress. How often do you
The question was asked so quickly it took her several
moments to comprehend and her eyes opened wide in shock. He
watched her and sighed when he knew she had capitulated. God, it
was easy to persuade these women. So, damn easy, he thought to
“We… We do it… Uhm, we do it three or four times a week,
Sir,” she said, looking down at the floor, unable to look at either him
or her daughter. All that was running through her mind was what
Chad had told her last night. Agree with all he said and see how
things turn out. Marie knew very well that they would have no
chance of living any life at all if the master threw them off their land.
No chance at all.
“That pleases me, woman. At least you don’t hold back, do
you? Give it to him whenever he wants it, is that how it is?”
“How does he like it best?”
“Best…? Oh,” she gasped but knew she was going to tell him
anything he wanted to know. She raised her eyes to the ceiling as
though thinking and stated, “I think he likes my mouth the best, Sir.”
“So you do act the whore for him.”
“Yes,” she conceded.
“What else?”
“Oh, I haven’t stopped him from anything, Sir,” she
answered, her eyes closed tightly to stop the tears.
“Ah, so he buggers you too?”
“Does he ever give you pleasure? You know what I mean,
don’t you?”
“I think… Yes, I usually climax. He likes to give me
“Do you let the girl watch?”
“Oh, God,” she pleaded. “Please don’t involve my daughter,
she is so young.”
“It sounds as though she does watch you rutting about the
house. Do you like watching Mummy and Daddy fucking, little
“No, I never have,” Aimee cried out.
“Then woman, of Sawyer, you should be more careful,” he
said with obvious glee.
“No, she never sees us, Sir. We go to bed behind a curtain,”
Marie stated quickly.
“Ah, I see. But you hear them, girl?”
Aimee blushed and bit her top lip as she nodded her reply.
“Do they groan and moan? Does your Mummy scream out in
“Oh, God, no,” Marie cried, almost out of control at what this
beast was doing to her daughter.
“Yes,” Aimee answered almost silently.
“Then I believe you may be one of the Village’s better lovers,
Sawyer’s woman. He is a lucky man.”
Marie knew he was for she loved her husband so much.
Whether they would be lucky for much longer was now up to the
God’s… and to this vile man, were the thoughts running through her
“Of all the things your husband does, behind that curtain, I
need to know which you enjoy the most, woman.” He stared coolly at
her, waiting for her to object once again. Daring her to.
Marie glanced across at Aimee then looked up to the roof
again, tears forming in each eye as the indignity of his probing
became worse and worse.
“Please, do I have to tell you?” she asked in a voice that
almost squeaked.
“Dear woman, you never have to do anything, nothing at all,
if you don’t wish to. It’s just that the consequences of not doing as I
ask may be very much worse than you could ever imagine. You
decide whether or not you wish to answer my question. Go on,
decide away.” His face carried an evil smile, almost as though he
were hoping she would refuse.
“No, I will tell. It is when… Oh, it’s so difficult. When he
pinches my, uhm, my nipples very hard while he thrusts into me.”
Her face was red with shame and she just couldn’t look towards him,
hating to see the glee on his face.
“Well, well, sensitive tits, eh. I’ll remember that when the
time comes. So we’d better move on for we have much to discuss
yet. You lead me to believe your daughter is a virgin, is that
“Yes, Sir,” Marie said, feeling a trickle of sweat run down her
spine as the subject passed to Aimee.
“Do you know for sure? Have you tested her?”
“Tested her…? Oh, no, never. I just know she has never
allowed anyone to come near her.”
“Are you a virgin, Aimee. Have you kept yourself pure?”
“Yes, Sir,” she said almost proudly.
“Then remove your pantaloons please.”
“Take them off? Oh,” the girl almost swooned. She may have
been innocent but she suspected this man, who made her feel so nice
yesterday, was going to do something even her mother had never
“Be quick about it, girl,” he replied abruptly.
“Please let me check her, please, Master. She has never been
touched, I know it.”
“Hurry up, girl, uncover your nether regions or I will do it for
Aimee knew better than to dispute him any further and
reached down to loosen the strings that held her undergarment in
place. She felt so stupid pulling them down while both her mother
and the master looked on.
“Now come and sit on my knee again, just like last time.”
Both Marie and Aimee knew what he would do next and he
wasted no time in beginning.”
“Open wide, little girl. I have to be sure. I’ve found several
girls who professed to be virgins, had in fact told lies and had been
very naughty girls instead,” he said as his hand slid along the soft
inner thigh. “Virgin girls are very precious and have my special
protection. If you are truly a virgin as you say, you will be under my
protection from this time until you give your purity away to the one
who most deserves that privilege.”
He watched her face as his hand finally touched the parting of
her legs. Her hands hanging down at her sides, eyes looking straight
ahead as if in a trance, she made no move to stop him. The twelve
year old felt his finger touch the lips of her pusspuss and lightly
stroked up and down for some time before he intruded further. She
remained quite still, waiting for the pain she knew would come when
he pushed inside her but determined not to let him see how
frightened she was.
“Regular little iceberg, aren’t we?” He said with a soft laugh.
“You liked it much more yesterday when I only stroked over your
pants, didn’t you? Well?”
“I’m frightened, Master,” she finally admitted.
Just then a loud beating at the door came to their attention as a
man’s voice sought audience with the young Master.
“Oh, shit, what is it, you ass?” He called out, removing his
hand from her vagina and pushing her off his knee.
“I’m sorry, Master but I came the instant… I’m sorry to tell
you, Sir, the Count is dead. You are now the Count von Heppte. I am
your humble servant, Master.”
The man was old and struggled to kneel, but he did so and
waited for his master’s instruction to stand.
“At last; at long bloody last. He took his time but he’s dead at
last and I am now the one to rule. All of you, bow down to the new
Count. I am Count von Heppte and you are all my subjects. Bow
down and honor me.”
His voice showed no remorse at the demise of his father, just
glee and anticipation of what he had been planning for so long. “You
two cunts; into that room and wait for me, no matter how long it
takes.” He pointed to a door Aimee had never entered before and the
two women hurried to do as they were bid, the young girl clasping
her pantaloons as she went. They heard his jubilant shouts through
the door; orders flying that had to be obeyed.

“He touched my pusspuss, Mummy and he almost pushed his
finger right inside. He only stopped when the man knocked on the
door. Oh, it was embarrassing.”
“I know it was, baby. It’s not right for a man to do things like
that but you must understand we are just chattels to him and have no
say in stopping him from whatever he wants to do. I don’t think he
would have pushed his finger right inside because I suspect he wants
to keep you as a virgin girl at least for the time being.”
“Then what is he going to do, Mummy?”
“I don’t know, baby. We’ll just have to wait. You are really
untouched, aren’t you?”
“Of course I am. No-one’s ever…” She began but burst into
tears and clutched her arms around her mother. “Yesterday I liked
what he did to me, it felt real nice but today it almost made me sick
when his finger…”
“I know, baby. It’s all too much but maybe it’s a good thing. If
you stay virginal, maybe he really will protect you,” she reassured the
“Do you think so. Oh, I hope he will.”
Marie couldn’t bring herself to say what was really on her
mind. She was quite convinced now that all the virgins of the village
would be used for his pleasure alone before many weeks had passed.
And who was to stop him now? He had the power of the law on his
side. They were nothing more than objects, sex objects at that and he
took great delight in the humiliations he poured on everyone he came
in contact with.
For the first time she looked around and realised they were in
a bedroom of lavish proportions, almost certainly his bedroom and
they were told to stay there until he came back. He was now in
charge and here were they, literally imprisoned in his bedroom.
Marie thought there was every possibility that both women would be
raped before they ever saw their home again. A shiver ran the length
of her spine.

Chad returned home for lunch, unable to stay away, wanting
desperately to know what the master had told his wife but when there
was no sign of either, his heart sank and dread filled his mind. He
returned to the field, his mind reeling with visions of torture and
death. He could do little to assist with productivity this day.

They had remained almost silent in the Count’s bedroom for
over three hours; Aimee asking from time to time whether they
should go home but Marie had decided she had to remain where he
said they should. All sorts of thoughts were running through her
mind, including the vague possibility that her daughter may not be a
virgin after all. She knew quite well that Aimee had never even
looked at boys but it was just possible that the girl may have split the
thin membrane while she was climbing trees or jumping all over the
place as she often did.
“Aimee, dear, come here a moment.”
“What is it, Mummy?”
“Let, Mummy feel, baby. Just to be certain you are still
“Intact? What do you mean?”
“Just let me check that you haven’t torn your hymen while
you were out playing with your friends or something. If he were to
find you weren’t a virgin, after all our promises that you were, I
don’t know what he might do. Open your legs for Mummy, dear. It
won’t take long and I promise it won’t hurt.”
The youngster blushed as she felt her mother’s hand slip
between her legs and feel along to her secret place.
“It feels funny, Mummy.”
“I don’t know. It makes me tingle down there between my
legs. It’s really strange.”
“It will be over in a moment.”
She found the slit and rubbed her finger along the outline
brushing the girl’s fluids over the tip so it would slide in more easily.
Then with just the smallest of pressures it slipped in to the first
knuckle of her finger. There the telltale barrier stopped any further
intrusion. She breathed a sigh of relief that the girl was indeed a
fully intact virgin but having reached such a milestone she would
have liked to leave her finger just resting in the warm sheath.
“Is it alright, Mummy?” Aimee asked and broke the reverie
her mother had drifted into.
“Wha…? Oh, yes, it’s alright, baby. Nothing’s wrong down
there. I thought it was best to check, just in case. All in order,” she
said a she sucked the musk flavored finger dry.
“Do you think he’ll come soon?”
“I guess he has things to do now his father has died. We
might have to stay the night,” she told her daughter, preparing her
just in case that’s what happened. Both women were feeling hungry
and thirsty but no one came to offer any help. She wondered if
anyone knew they were still in the Count’s bedroom. Maybe even the
Count had forgotten about them. Her greatest concern was that Chad
had no idea where they were and if he gets home before them he will
worry, she knew he would but she had no idea how worried he was.

Marie couldn’t tell how long they had been there when finally
the door burst open and their new Master stood with his arms open
wide, like Moses parting the waters.
“Well? Do you not bow down to your new Lord and Master?”
Marie took the cue and curtsied, one knee on the floor, her
head bowed. Aimee followed her mother’s example.
“I’m going to love this life, really I am. Now where were we?
Did I have my hand under yonder child’s skirts about to feel her up?”
“Yes, Sir,” Aimee said shyly.
“You may now call me Master, child, especially as it is my
true right now. So I was about to find out if you truly are a virgin but
I think we’ll do it another way now. After all, I can ask anything of
you now and I know you wouldn’t object. Isn’t that so, mother of the
girl? Am I really your Master now?”
“Yes, Master, you are,” Marie agreed feeling sheepish as she
said it.
“Good, then I think I will better learn of her virginity if she
were to dispense with clothing altogether. Hurry along, little girl,
Marie had never expected even he would do such a thing and
was about to protest, regardless of the outcome when Aimee glanced
at her mother with a strange smile on her face and began to unclip
the front of her bodice.
“Good girlie. Ah, yes, this will make it much easier.” His eyes
were glued on the youngster as she divested layer after layer,
stopping when all that remained was her vest. Her pantaloons were
already off and Aimee couldn’t see any reason for her childish
breasts to be exposed when all he needed access to was her
“All off. I want it all off.”
“But you just need to inspect between her legs, Master.”
“Ah, yes but as Master I now intend to inspect every part of
her. Looking for blemishes, you understand.”
Aimee blushed because nobody had ever seen her breasts
since they began to swell a year or so ago. She was quite proud of
them but had not mentioned their growing even to her mother. She
removed the last vestige of modesty and stood before the Count
completely naked. She had no idea where to look or where to put her
arms and hands.
“Come, you may sit on my knee once more for I am about to
become an explorer. Oh, what a sight, a twelve-year-old with little
tits. How delightful. Does your Daddy play with them, Aimee?”
“No,” the youngster gasped. “Daddy has never seen them. Not
“Then you have been a selfish young lady. Why would you
want to hide such beauty from your Daddy, eh?”
“But it’s personal, Master. I don’t want him to see me naked.”
“Does your blood flow each month, girl?”
Aimee looked at her mother, not understanding what he
“She has her bleedings, Master,” Marie replied for her.
“Just as I thought. Then, young lady, you must change your
ways. Women must learn that they are made to please men, even
virgin girls. Mother, you are charged to see my words are carried
out,” he said pointing at Marie to make sure she listened intently.
“Tonight when you get home your daughter must undress in front of
your husband. You are to supervise it and she is to press his hands
against her breasts and allow him to feel her cunt regularly She will
do this at least once a week until she marries. At the same time, the
curtain between your daughter and your bed is to be removed and if I
ever hear of you stopping your daughter from watching you fuck, my
wrath will fall on your shoulders. Hear this as my first rule for your
family. Do you consent?”
Marie knew her face had turned white for she felt herself
becoming faint once more. Never could she have imagined such
control over their lives. What could she do? Refuse and be cast out?
Accept but not do anything about it? No, someone would tell him. He
would find out.
“Yes, Master,” she agreed, bending one knee to the floor
again in subjugation.
Satisfied with her response, he began feeling the girl’s puffy
little mounds, running his hands over the nipples, which quickly
perked up under the manipulation. Aimee loved the feeling and
closed her eyes. He noticed it immediately and slipped a hand
between her legs. His finger seemed so insistent that she actually
sighed and spread her legs wider apart. Marie saw too and her heart
nearly burst with remorse. He was taking every liberty with the
innocent child and yet the law gave him every right. He was Master
even over their bodies. She wondered where it would end but gave in
to the fact that she was probably going to be treated just the same
way. Would he force her into sex too? Probably, was her silent
answer, which meant he would be only the second man ever to enjoy
the pleasures of her body. Oh, how she detested him yet she knew
she could never show it.
“Now we shall see,” he stated and Marie watched his finger
slip inside her daughter’s virginal slit. “Oh, you little bitch, you are a
virgin without doubt,” he quipped happily as he removed his digit.
“Taste yourself, child,” he said and pressed his finger between her
lips. Marie was aghast at seeing Aimee’s response for she sucked the
whole length inside her mouth and was obviously licking her own
juices away. “Holy hell,” the Count murmured as he withdrew.
He rolled the girl over on her stomach and stroked her bottom
cheeks for several minutes before he seemed to lose interest. Giving
her a light slap on the rear he told her to stand up. “You are to
remain a virgin until I decide the time to forfeit that privilege. Do
you understand that, Aimee?”
“I think so, Master.”
“Good. For it is again on your mother’s shoulders if you lose
it without my permission,” he said, looking Marie squarely in the
“When will that be, Master?” Marie asked. “She is not even
thirteen yet.”
“She has the flows so she can bear children. Females who can
breed children will not remain virginal for long, woman.”
“Oh,” Marie gasped, clawing her face with her open fingers.
“Oh, my God, she just a child.”
“A child with a woman’s body. She will be forewarned when
the time is due. Don’t concern yourself. Now I have things to say to
you, woman. I’ve given the same instructions to almost every woman
in the village and I’m pleased to say every one without exception has
happily agreed to participate for the good of the whole community,
as well as for each individual family. So you must listen carefully and
I will ask for your consent at the end.”
“Yes, Master,” Marie replied, sure that she would not like
what she was going to hear. What more could this wretch do to
them? she wondered.
“I have explained to your husband what I require of him to
increase the yields from his land. In fact just as I’ve spoken to most
of the women of the village, so too have all the men agreed to fully
participate, your husband included. Women were put on this earth
for man’s pleasure but I see very little pleasure in the faces of the
men of this fiefdom. That leads me to believe the women are not
doing enough to raise the village to it’s greatest potential. Women
are naturally lazy, staying at home and loafing while their men are
working the fields. When the men get home they are not greeted by a
loving wife who opens her legs to pleasure him and say thank you for
the hard work they have done during the day. Don’t try to deny it,
woman because I know it’s true. No, they grow lazier by the day,
their sex is stale, never washed and never inviting to the man they
should be pleasing. And so the men grow stale too.”
He stopped and waited for an onslaught of denials, which
came from most of the women he’d already talked to. When it didn’t
come, he smiled and proceeded.
“So what I have decreed is that women will form an integral
part of village life from now on. I have given men incentives to
produce more crops each year, incentives that the women will
provide. Every man who increases the yield of his crops over the
previous year will be given the choice of one married woman from
the village for one night. He may do with her as he wishes as long as
he does not harm her, or break any of her skin. Other than that… Be
quiet, woman,” he roared when he saw Marie about to object. Then
he went on, “Other than that she will be his plaything, to be used as
he see fit.”
“When chosen, I will send the woman to the man’s abode and
she will be accepted by the wife and other members of the family as
part of that family for the night. The man must use her for sex at least
once for I will allow no man to refuse what he rightfully deserves.
However he also has the right to fuck her as many times and in as
many ways as he wishes and anything else he desires. The man’s
wife must also sleep in the same bed the whole night and if the man
so desires the wife may use the woman for her pleasure as well. The
man may well insist that the two women make love to each other so
he can watch for his own pleasure. If there are girls in the house who
already have blood flows or boys of thirteen or more the husband
may allow the children to use the woman too. The husband has
earned the incentive and whomever he chooses must do his bidding
from the moment she arrives until she leaves at sun-up the next
morning. Now before you begin to rant and rave your objections to
me, any objection you make will be an objection against the men of
the village and all the other women who I’ve spoken to have readily
agreed that their participation will help the whole village. Two
hundred women can’t be wrong, surely?”
“Does that mean if someone chooses me I must go to their bed
and allow them to do anything they like with me for a whole night?”
“Of course,” He was smiling at her attempts to make some
sense of what she had just been told. “As long as there is no
permanent damage or breaking of skin,” he added with a wry smile.
“I guess that leaves much to his imagination.”
“But my husband, he would never let me, Master.”
“Oh, he will let you, my dear. He has already agreed. In fact
he has already named the lady he will choose if he is fortunate
enough to increase his yields.”
“He has chosen…?” Marie asked each word deliberately,
unable to finish her question. How could Chad ever think of taking
another woman? In front of me, even? Fucking her in the same bed
we share.
“He was most definite about her. tits so large she could
smother him but I think he really wants to fuck them, her tits, I mean.
When I suggested that, his cock rose up like the Phoenix. Now are
you going to be silly and refuse to participate? I’ve already explained
what the consequences of that would be and he fully understands. I
think you could guess the problems you might encounter if you
refused, couldn’t you, Sawyer’s wife?”
“Yes, Master. I haven’t refused, it’s just the thought…”
“Ah, do I detect a woman who hasn’t tasted another man
other than her husband?”
“Yes, Master.”
“Then dear lady I am giving you the chance to taste other
fruits with the blessing of your husband. You will come back more
enthused than ever before about fucking the man you really love. Or
maybe you’ll discover he is not the best lover you thought him to be.
There are men out there, lady, who can maintain an erection the
whole night long, while giving you more orgasms than you’ve
experienced in your entire life. Be honest with me now. How many
times has your husband given you a genuine climax from his
fucking? Eh, how many?”
Marie knew he would know when she was lying. He had a
sixth sense to tell that. She blushed again, looking everywhere but
towards him and agreed, “He helps me have climaxes most times,
Sir. He does love me and I love him.”
“Of course you do and I’m not taking that away from you. All
you have to do is spend a few nights each year in the bed of men who
choose you. Then you come back and fuck him silly to prove he is
the only man you ever want. Now how bad is that? Really, how bad
is it when your husband knows every wife in the village is doing the
same thing because I have decreed it? It may not be your wish but
when someone chooses you, you will obey. That is how you explain
it to your man. He already knows about the incentives anyway so it
won’t be such a shock.”
He looked steadily at her almost able to watch her mind
conjuring various bits of the puzzle, trying to fit each part in its
place. “Are you ready to consent, woman? Oh, by the way there are a
number of other incentives. The top five men, the men who produce
the best yields receive special incentives. If your husband is the fifth
best, he also gains the pleasure of one of the unmarried young ones
for a night to use in exactly the same way. She will share your bed
just the same way and you will feel her pleasure too, I’m sure. I do
believe your husband is a generous man to the ones he loves. Of
course if he is the very best, he has five different young ones over
five different nights. Imagine that. And every man who sires a female
baby from now on is given a female of his choice for the first three
months after the birth. The woman also receives a young one to act
as a servant and any other activities the mother chooses for the first
three months. So I suggest you start planning for your next baby
now. The men are, I assure you.”
“My daughter will not be one of the young ones, will she,
“Not until she gives up her virginity. Then she becomes a
young one too. We need more breeding to grow our little village and
breeding comes from women, not men. Any scraggy old male can
sire but it takes a beautiful woman to produce a beautiful female.”
He waited for his words to sink in.
“Now, I need your consent. I wish to receive it with a smiling
face and a promise that you are doing it for the good of our little
community. Do I have your consent, Sawyer’s woman?”
Marie had no choice. She allowed herself to smile the
happiest smile she could and answered, “Of course I consent,
Master. I want to show my appreciation to the men who bring in our
livelihood and I want to do it for the good of the whole town.”
“Ah, well said, woman. See, all the women have agreed in the
same happy way. I’m so pleased you will become part of the new era.
I told your husband that he may not speak to you of the arrangements
but that was so he would not tell you last night. You may speak to
each other and your daughter about what you have agreed to but on
pain of severe punishment, you must never speak even a few words
about it to any one else.” I have already caught two who have and
you will witness my wrath very soon.”
The more he spoke the less Marie was able to comprehend.
She did know not to speak to others but some of the details of the
arrangements were just a faded memory. Oh, how she wanted to run
to her husband and tell him she loved him very much.
“Before you go, my dear, I have one last task to complete.
Come and sit here please.” He indicated a chair by his dressing table,
facing a large mirror.
“Please, Master, if you’re going to make me do something for
you, please send the girl away. It’s not right she should be made to
“So you think I’ll make you do things you may not want her to
see, woman?”
“I don’t know, Master,” she said humbly, wishing now she
had waited until she knew what he intended.
“You’re very perceptive, for a woman. But no matter, she
stays. Do you know what fashion means, Marie?” It was the first
time she could remember him using her name.
“Fashion? You mean the clothes people, I mean, women
“Yes, exactly that,” he said in a congratulatory voice. “Have
you noticed anything different about the fashions being worn in
recent weeks, in the village, Marie?”
She had thought something was changing in the village but
couldn’t pinpoint what it was. Thinking back and with clothes in
mind, it suddenly dawned on her. The women were showing much
more cleavage than they ever had and she did recall thinking the
Martin woman looked like a tart the other day with her tits almost
hanging out and a skirt that didn’t even cover her knees.
“Yes, I think I have, Master. Some are wearing a lower uhm,
“Showing more tit, is that it?”
“Yes,” Marie said, blushing at his crudity. “And they’re
wearing shorter skirts.”
“And who do you think organized that?”
“You, Master?” She asked the question but already knew the
“Now I’m going to teach you how you will dress from now
on. Look at yourself in the mirror. Go on,” he added brusquely when
she was slow to turn towards her reflection.
“What do you see?” He asked, standing right behind her.
“See. Why it’s me, Master and you.”
“I see a woman who covers her most important parts from my
sight. Any man can see that,” he said, lowering his face so he was
speaking directly into her ear. “From now on, you will flaunt your
beauty just as the other women do. Your tits and legs are not just for
your husband to lust over. You must show yourself to every man so
he can decide whether you are the woman he will choose when he
earns his rewards. Undo your bodice, woman, and show your master
what charms you cover.”
She blushed again. Why did she have to do that? she thought
when she saw her reflection colour up. Was it because he would see
the beginnings of her breasts or because Aimee was watching her
“Please, Master, I will do everything you ask but please, not in
front of my girl. She is so young, she doesn’t understand what sex is
about yet.”
“That is your fault. I will tell you what you will do before you
leave today. Meanwhile, begin.”
Marie knew she had no option and began to undo the buttons
one by one, until five had left her cleavage widely spread and level
with the lower portion of her breasts. If he parted the garment any
wider her breasts would be exposed completely. She looked up into
the reflection of his face and saw he was almost drooling, his eyes
glued to the swell of her breasts. No man but Chad had ever seen so
much of her treasures and the thought of allowing this man to see so
much cut deep into her.
“I always knew they were beauties,” he finally said as he
massaged her shoulders with his hands. “Oh, yes, great tits, woman.
When the men begin to see what you’ve been hiding under all those
clothes you’ll have a waiting list so long you won’t get to fuck your
husband until next harvest. Then it will be their turn all over again.”
“Oh, no, Master. Please don’t make me do that. Not every
night, I love my husband and it’s not fair. He loves me too,” she
added as her eyes filled with dears and she began to sob loudly into
her hands.
“You will do what I say and nothing short of that will please
me, understand?” His face gleamed with power, the love of being
able to make her do anything he wanted.
“Yes, I understand master, but to make me visit every man
who chooses me isn’t fair. Surely you can’t make me forsake my
husband altogether. Please, Master, have pity on me.”
“I have no pity for blubbering women. If you can’t take my
demands then leave but just remember, you will never be allowed to
come back. Come, Aimee, you will live with me now, your mother
has decided she doesn’t want to be a part of this community
He grabbed the girl’s arm and began to pull her towards the
door despite the youngster screaming with fright.
“No, I don’t want to leave, Master. I will agree. Anything you
wish, I will agree.” Marie screamed as she fell to the floor pleading
for her daughter to be left alone. She knew she was beaten. This evil
man had the power to do whatever he wished.
Rudolpho smiled to himself not even turning to face her but
knowing he had her under his complete control. “You will pay a
penance for your obstinacy, woman and you will pay it now,” he
shouted aloud, still facing the door. “Remove every stitch of clothing
and present yourself before me. Now,” he roared and heard the
frantic rustling of clothing and heard the patter of her bare feet as she
ran to stand in front of him.
“Lay on the floor.”
She did as she was told, expecting to be raped immediately.
“Open your legs wide apart.”
She spread herself knowing her daughter was watching
everything. He was about to rape her in front of Aimee.
“Masturbate until you climax and make very sure it is
genuine, whore.”
“Oh,” she gasped as she realised the sight she was about to
present to her own daughter. Her hand cupped her vagina and then
she slipped two fingers deep inside and began her penance. The
Count and Aimee watched impassively, Aimee’s whimpering having
stopped when she saw her mother naked on the floor. It was all so
new to the youngster and she watched every movement of her
mother’s fingers, enthralled at the sight, not really knowing how
devastating it was to her mother.
“Come on, whore,” the Count demanded callously. “Show
your daughter what a slut of a mother she has. Fuck yourself and
make plenty of noise. Let her see what goes on behind that curtain at
“Oh,” Marie sighed as her fingers pressed against her clitoris,
desperate to feel the beginnings of an orgasm. She was well
experienced in masturbation, pleasuring herself at least weekly ever
since she was married. Chad’s lovemaking was wonderful but she
was often left unfulfilled and that need was filled after he left for the
fields the following morning. The whole process was usually drawn
out over an hour or so, as she writhed in almost silence under the
warmth of her bedclothes. But in this situation, a climax as soon as
possible was her desperate need.
Yes, there it was, those first little flickers deep inside, a tickle
she was always amazed at, and it was coming even when she was in
such humiliating circumstances. “Oh,” she gave a little gasp as she
continued to manipulate the hard little nub of flesh.
“See your Mama, girl. She’s fucking herself and she’s so good
at it I’ll bet she does it every day. Go on, woman, finish yourself off
before I begin to get angry.”
The feelings were there but Marie knew it would be a while
before she rose to the crest so decided to bring herself on for his
benefit and hoped she was convincing. With eyes closed, deep
concentration all over her face, she began to shudder just as she did
when she came properly. Her voice rose and her body tensed as she
rubbed herself faster, screams of pleasure flowing around the room
as the Master took hold of Aimee and began to rub his hands all over
the youngster’s body.
“See, child of the woman? That is what you will learn to do,
when you visit me next time. Women have to know how to fuck
themselves, understand?”
“Y…Yes, Master,” she replied, her eyes wide with surprise at
the antics of her mother on the floor. Never had she heard her make
such a noise as this. Never had she seen her mother in such a frenzy,
her head shaking from side to side, hair mussed up, and her face and
breasts covered in perspiration.
Finally, it was over and Marie laid still, her body wracked by
deep sobs of humiliation and fear. What was she to do? Continue to
lay exposed like this or get up? No, he held the power, she decided
and finally calmed herself. An arm lying across her eyes so she didn’t
have to look at her daughter or him.
“That’s enough, woman, Get up and get dressed. Remember
what I told you; don’t ever make me punish you again or this will
seem like a picnic by the stream. Tell your husband what happened,
everything and make sure your daughter is taught about sex by the
time you visit me again.”
Marie glanced at her naked daughter, still being felt up by him
as he spoke to her. She began to dress and held out Aimee’s clothing
for her to do likewise.
“Yes, you too, girlie. I’ve felt enough of you to know this
won’t be the last time you visit to cheer me up.”
“Oh,” Aimee gasped at the blatant power he displayed. But
she dressed quickly and both women were shocked to find it was
pitch dark as they left the Castle. “Quickly,” Marie encouraged her
daughter. “Let’s go home.”

Chapter Five
“Oh, Chad, it was terrible,” Marie, cried as she fell into her
husband’s arms, tears streaming down her face, wetting his cheeks.
“What is it, lass? What did he do to you?” Chad had spent the
last few hours since returning home from the fields, terrified that he
might never see his family again. The relief when they burst through
the door was incredible yet it quickly turned to fear as he saw the
state both females were in.
It took some time for Marie to relate her ordeal to him,
including the demands the new Count had made in relation to their
daughter’s learning about sexual matters. But when he heard that
both women had been naked in front of the man for several hours, as
they were humiliated beyond his wildest imaginings, he began to
shake with rage.
“No, my husband, you mustn’t feel that way. We can never
challenge this man, you know that. None of us can, not even the
whole village together could ever overthrow his power. The soldiers
would cut you to pieces with their swords and arrows before you got
five paces inside the walls. Our life has been changed forever and we
have no choice but to accept it.”
“So, you want to be led off to fuck another man, is that it?”
“You know I don’t want that, Chad. I would hate every
second of it but is required of us all; you, Aimee and I will learn to
accept it as part of our burden for living here. You told me yourself,
that there was no way we could ever leave, he would see to that.
Either we die now or we accept those few hours apart and cling to
the rest as precious. Isn’t that what you said last night? And you
knew then what my role in the life of the village was soon to be.
Didn’t you?”
Chad slumped back in his chair, beaten.
“Did you choose the Spice woman to lie down with?”
“Oh, damn, no of course not. Well, he made me give him a
name, it was the first one that came into my head. You know how I
hate big titted women, sorry, Aimee,” he added as soon as he realised
she was still sitting with them. He glanced at her quickly then went
on. “You know I don’t like that, don’t you, Marie?”
“I… I guess so. Who would you really like to choose then?”
“No, don’t, honey. Don’t even think about it.”
“But I want to know, Chad. I need to know.”
“I’ve not looked at any woman that way but you, you know
that, don’t you? Please say you trust me, Marie.”
“I do, Chad my darling husband, of course I do, but sometime
you will have to choose. Tell me who you would like it to be.”
“No, I don’t even want to think about it.”
“You have to, husband. Otherwise we’ll have some old hag in
our bed that you will be duty bound to… you know. Maybe we could
choose together since I’ll be required to do it to her and to Aimee as
“What will I have to do, Mummy?” The youngster asked
“It’s nothing, darling, nothing that you couldn’t do easily,
“Oh, my god, this is a nightmare,” Chad cried aloud and then
losing all control, rocked in his chair, hands clasped over his face as
he wept like a baby.
His was the only sound in the room for several minutes until
finally, Marie came and sat on his lap and began to whisper
encouragement into his ear.
“It’ll be alright, Chad. We’ll get through somehow as long as
we stick together. I love you and you love me and we both love our
daughter beyond measure. We’re a family, darling and we can keep
it that way if we can be realistic about our new circumstances. We
have to do some very private things that we would never have
thought of before this but they will take up very little of our time.
The rest or our time can be just as loving as it has been if we don’t
take what he wants of us personally. Do you understand what I’m
trying to say, Chad?”
He had listened. His wife’s voice was soothing and
comforting, almost as if nothing had changed. But it had changed.
He had no power to stop this madman taking his wife and daughter
away, to use them like whores, to humiliate them and him for the
sport of it.
“I’m the head of the family and yet I can’t stop those things
happening to you. Don’t you see, Marie, I can’t protect you any
longer. I’m a failure as a husband and provider, a failure. I might as
well go and take the arrows of his guards rather than stay and see
you used as he says you will be.”
“If you did, we’d still be used any way he wants so that
wouldn’t help one little bit. It will be the worst moment of my life
when I have to lie in another man’s bed and allow him and his family
to carry out their desires on my body, but it won’t change my love for
you and you alone. It’s not that I’ll be doing it willingly, it will mean
nothing to me and because everyone in the village will be doing the
same things, all unwillingly, no one could ever believe that I’ve been
unfaithful to you. My love will be for you and Aimee alone. I, all of
us, will learn how to switch our minds off when others use us and
then we’ll return here, and make real love together.”
“You’ll have to watch me doing it to other women. How
could you do that and still love me?” He reminded her.
“We’ll be in the same bed doing it together, remember? I’ll
make sure you don’t enjoy yourself.”
He looked up into her face and saw the glint of mirth in her
“You would too, wouldn’t you?”
“Definitely. The moment you shoot off inside her, I’ll squeeze
your balls until your eyes water.”
“Yes, I can picture that. Don’t think I could shoot off and
remain silent so you’ll know when it happens.”
“There’s another thing, Chad. If we could make private
arrangements with some of our friends, we could keep our bodies
restricted to a few whom we could trust. That would be better for
Aimee too. I’d much prefer having our friends handling her rather
than some ruffian who could do tremendous damage. If Aimee or I
have to spend the night in another’s bed and share our treasures with
their whole family, I’d prefer to do it with Pierre and Jentie and their
kids, or Wilm and Lizette. Their husbands would feel much better if
their women came here too, don’t you think?”
He sat, still thinking about what she had said for many
minutes. “We’re not supposed to talk about it to anyone else, Marie.
What if word got back to the Castle? Is it worth the risk to talk to
even our friends?”
“Let’s see what happens over the next few weeks. Things
could settle down once the shock of his demands has eased. Besides
it’s nearly six months before harvest.”
“Hmm, yes, I guess it is a long way off yet. But it makes me
feel so… so impotent. There’s just nothing to be done about him is
“Nothing we can do, anyway. Maybe some other Warlord
might come and defeat the new Count and take us under their care.”
“They could be just as bad or even worse.”
“Yes, at least we’ve been told the rules,” Marie added with a
She looked sadly into her husband’s eyes. “There’s something
we could do to take away these terrible thoughts,” she said,
“Make love to me, Chad. Let’s begin Aimee’s education right
“What does that mean?” The youngster asked, rousing herself
from where she sat in silence as her parents talked over their
“It means, young lady, that the new Count requires you to
share the intimate parts of our life with you from now on. Tonight
the curtain comes down and you get to watch us making love.”
“Oh, yuk, do I have to?” The youngster’s face had turned
crimson with embarrassment.
“Yes because the next time you visit the Count he’ll want you
to describe what you’ve seen. If you don’t watch, you’ll have no idea
what to tell him.”
“It’s embarrassing,” the girl wailed.
“Think how we feel, baby. But if it has to be, then we’d like
no one better than you to share our secrets. Let’s all go to bed and
make love.”
“You mean me too? Get in bed while you do it?”
“You don’t have to do anything but it’s better to share rather
than just watch from across the room. We’re a family and I want us
to stay that way, from now on, with no secrets at all. Aimee, you’ll
get to know exactly what we do when we make all those noises
you’ve been hearing for so long.”

Marie began to undress immediately, unashamed that her
daughter stood watching. When she saw the doubt on the young
girl’s face she tried to reassure her.
“Don’t be shocked, baby. You’ve already seen me quite naked
today haven’t you? Come, you too, sweetheart.”
“Me too? Get undressed? But… But… Daddy’s watching.”
“What you’re saying is that it’s alright for that beast of a man
to see you naked but not your loving father. Is that what you really
think, Aimee?”
“N… No,” she stammered, realising her mother was right. But
the thought of standing before her daddy undressed was still
“You have to, baby. It wouldn’t be right for us to be
undressed and you still in your clothes. Anyway, remember what the
Count told you about having to let Daddy touch you every week? Do
you want me to help?”
“N… Oh, I… I guess so,” she whimpered, feeling terribly
Marie began to disrobe the youngster who stood stock-still,
eyes downcast.
“Men like to watch women taking their clothes off, you’ll
soon learn that, Aim. That’s why I undressed before Daddy did. But
that lets us watch while he takes his clothes off.” She then leaned
down and whispered something in Aimee’s ear which made the
young girl blush all the more.
“What did she tell you then, Aim? It made you blush.”
“Oh… N… Nothing, Daddy.”
“I told her your cock would be hard once you see her naked.”
“Oh, that’s true,” he admitted, watching intently as the last
vestiges of modesty were removed from his young daughter. He
sighed aloud as he gazed on her pubescent swellings. “Oh, my, we
have sired a beauty, haven’t we, wife?”
“She’s very pretty, no doubt about that, Daddy.”
“Oh, this is terrible.”
“Worse than this afternoon?”
“Yes… No, nothing like that,” the youngster admitted.
“Go and give your Daddy a big kiss and tell him you love him.
Yes, right now.”
“But… I’m naked.”
“He can see that.”
“He’ll touch me.”
“Isn’t that what you were told to do, press his hands against
your breasts every day and let him feel you up between your legs?”
“Oh, that? But he’ll never know, Mummy.”
“He will, you know. He has spies everywhere. Anyway, I
suspect every young girl who has grown breasts has been told to do
the same as you so you are not alone, Aim. After you’ve done it once
it won’t be hard to do again, will it? Do it now, baby. Offer your
breasts to your daddy and let him feel them. Its your way of showing
that you do really love him, don’t you think?”
“I… I guess so,” she admitted doubtfully. Then Chad took
control and raised a hand that brushed gently against her bosom.
“They are so soft, baby; so beautiful. Will you let me touch
you each day? I would like that very much.”
“Y… Yes you can, Daddy,” she agreed shyly, an incredible
feeling of warmth flowing through her now the ice had been broken.
He kissed her chastely on the lips then stepped back and
began to remove his own clothes. There was no hesitation before he
slipped his undergarments down and she saw for the very first time,
her Daddy’s erect cock, pointing directly towards her.
“Oh, gosh,” she gasped, stepping backwards.
“I think that’s a little bigger than the one you saw yesterday,
Aimee,” her mother stated with a smile.
“Y… Yes, I guess so, but Daddy’s is so… so long and hard.”
“That’s what happens when he wants to make love. Come, lay
down beside me and you can see everything,” Marie said as she
stretched out along the bed.
“You want me to get into bed with you too?”
“Lay beside me, baby and you can see everything.”
“What’s he going to do?”
“I’m going to fuck your mother, Aimee. That’s what men do
in bed.”
“Does it hurt, Mummy?”
“It’s beautiful, Aim, don’t listen to your crude father. He
really means we’re going to make love to each other. Only after
you’ve experienced it will you know how beautiful it is with the right
man. And your Daddy is very much, the right man.”
“But… You told that man than Daddy didn’t make you feel
“What?” Chad almost roared.
“That’s what you said, Mummy.”
“No, that’s what he wanted to hear so I let him hear it. But it
wasn’t the truth. Your Daddy makes me come every time we make
“Do I?” Chad asked strangely. “You mean that?”
“You know very well it’s the truth. At least now, I can make
some noise when I come. I don’t have to hide it from Aim.”
Chad squeezed in beside Marie and laid on his side, one hand
holding up his head, the other taking a nipple between his fingers
and flicking it until it had doubled in size.
“It’s incredible how you can do that,” he mused almost to
himself. “Give your tit a little caressing and it becomes an inch long
in no time.”
“Ha, that’s because it feels nice, my silly husband.”
He leaned over and sucked it between his lips, glancing at
Aimee as he did so. Marie began to moan softly, breath hissing
between her teeth as she breathed. Aimee watched intently,
wondering what would come next. She could see her father’s cock
poking over her mother’s hip, the tip wet and glistening. She thought
he might need to do peepee.
Before long he began to suckle her other breast then massage
each in turn with his large farmer’s hands. Marie began to moan
more loudly, a sound Aimee had heard many times. She was
surprised because when they were behind the curtain, she was sure
her mother was in pain, as though Daddy was hurting her. But now
she realised it was quite the opposite.
“Oh, Chad baby, that’s wonderful,” she gasped.
He was becoming more and more aroused and soon a hand
slipped between his wife’s legs and he began to masturbate her
clitoris. It was the first time Aimee had taken notice of her mother’s
heavy bush of hair between her legs. It was something she didn’t
remember seeing even this afternoon but that was probably because
she was so shocked at everything that had happened in the Castle.
Now, much closer, she could see the mass of individual curly brown
hairs that her father’s hand was covering. Indeed, she could see
every movement of his fingers as they spread the sex slit and rubbed
back and forth making her mother buck and moan loudly.
“Now, Chad, do it now, please,” Marie finally moaned.
“Yes, ma’am,” he agreed and levered himself above and
between her widely spread legs.
“Ooooh,” Marie gasped as Aimee saw her father’s cock slide
easily into her mother’s pusspuss. “Oh, Chad, fuck me, my love, fuck
me,” she pleaded.
He held himself at arms length off her body which gave the
young girl full view of their copulation, he thrusting in and out, she
clutching at his arms, moaning loudly, a look of bliss on her face.
“Oh, god, it’s coming already. Faster, baby, make me come.”
“Me too,” he growled pulling a face that Aimee could have
sworn was one of excruciating pain.
“Yessss,” she hissed, her body becoming stiff and heavy
shudders shaking the whole bed. He fell full length over Marie’s
body and gasped, “That was fantastic.” Then he laid still. All that
Aim could hear was heavy breathing, mostly from her mother, an
occasional grunt from her father.
Until he finally leaned up and kissed his wife passionately,
she wasn’t quite sure whether everything was alright.
“Thank you, my wonderful husband. As usual you fulfilled
your duties admirably. Or perhaps it was because you were
performing for others this time? Is that what made you so big?”
“Don’t you get smart with me, woman,” he growled them they
both fell into a fit of laughter.
Aimee watched their mirth dubiously, not understanding what
could be so funny.
“It’s alright, baby, it’s just that making love leaves us feeling
so happy and satisfied. You will really only understand that when
you finally begin to make love with a man. Oh, Chad baby, hand me
that towel, I’m leaking.”
She pushed the small towel between her legs then explained
to her curious daughter. “Your father left his sperm inside me when
he came. The towel will soak it up by morning.”
“What is it?”
“It’s what you saw that demon shoot over his wife yesterday.
The white stuff you saw, remember?”
“Of course I remember. It was gross.”
“But when my husband deposits it inside of me it’s not gross
at all. It means he loves me dearly. Isn’t that so, Daddy?”
“Oh, yes. Of course, there are other places too.”
“Don’t get crude, baby. Let her learn slowly. Your father is
trying to show off in front of you. Take no notice of him..”
“Why is it white? Mine’s yellow.”
“It’s not peepee, baby. It’s the seed that makes babies.”
“Babies? Will you have a baby now?”
“I hope not. Herbs stop me having babies.”
“Oh. Then you won’t win a girl for three months?”
“No, we don’t plan to, Aimee. We have you, you’re all we

Chapter Six
Nothing more was heard from the Count for several weeks
and the whole Village had returned almost back to normal life. The
women still wore more revealing clothes which the men decided was
better than before but no-one seemed to be sent for any more and the
Count had little to do with anyone from the village.
Marie even became bold one day as she walked to the market
with her friend, Jentie.
“Has that man in the Castle talked to you and Pierre, Jentie?”
“Wha… Marie, don’t. We can’t talk…”
“Come, let’s go down here. Stand by the fence and look out
over the fields as though we’re looking for our husbands. I’ll talk
softly so no one could ever hear us. I really want to ask you
“But he said… If we talked to anyone we would be sent away
and he would keep the children.”
“He told us the same. He said everyone in the village was
warned. It’s just that I couldn’t bear to give myself to anyone. I
mean, think of some of those men, they make me sick just passing by.
What are you and Pierre going to do?”
“We… Oh, it’s so terrible. I don’t know what I’d do if
someone wanted me. It would drive Pierre insane. He gets jealous so
quickly, I’m afraid he will do something stupid and get himself killed
if another man touches me.”
“Have you talked it all out with Pierre? What does he say?”
“He doesn’t say anything. Hasn’t said I can’t go to someone
else, just stews in silence.”
“Did the Castle tell you to show the children… you know?”
“Yes, we have. We’ve shown both the boys and Abelle. She
hates being naked in front of the boys but we make her, every time
we… every time we do it.”
“We do too but I guess it’s easier with just one child. Aimee
has grown used to seeing us together and she doesn’t mind her father
feeling her body. In fact I think she has sexual feelings when he does
“Does he touch her when you’re there?”
“Pierre does it behind our curtain and makes the boys go
behind the curtain with me before they go to bed each night. I think
he’s embarrassed more than Abelle is but he takes her there every
night before she goes to bed.”
“What does he do?”
“I don’t know. I’ve been too frightened to ask in case he
thinks I was accusing him of something. But I’ve wondered; after all,
half an hour is a long time to be alone with her each night.”
“Do you think he’s…?”
“I don’t know, Marie. I wish I did but our life’s been so
messed up since that bastard in the Castle put out all those decrees
that I’ve been doing everything I can to help Pierre hold his calm.
Marie, I think he’s using her to give him relief, you know…”
“I understand, Jentie, really I do. Maybe if he’s just using her
hands it won’t come to anything more. How old is she, Eleven?”
“Yes, eleven. She’s just a baby, Marie. Oh, I feel so guilty yet
we’ve all been made to do these things.”
“I know. Chad used to feel the same way but he takes great
delight in feeling Aimee all over every night. He gets hard when he
does it.”
“But at least you’re there when he does it, to keep a watch on
her, aren’t you? What if Pierre lost his cool one night and raped her?
It would be all over before I could stop him and then we’d have a girl
who isn’t a virgin. What would that bastard do to us then?”
“Jentie, I’m going to say something that might shock you but
try to stay calm so no-one sees. Chad and I talked last night, you
know, about me having to go to someone else’s bed for a night. The
way the Castle talked to us, several men have chosen me already….”
“Oh, Marie, how terrible.”
“No, that’s not what I’m going to tell you, it’s something else.
We were wondering if we could talk to some of our friends, you and
Pierre, Wilm and Lizette and maybe a couple others, who we could
choose instead of someone we don’t care for.”
“You mean, Pierre could choose you? Oh, how could you,
Marie? I thought you were my friend but you want to fuck my
The stricken woman began to back away when Marie grabbed
her arm and almost hissed, “Jentie, shut up and listen, for god’s sake.
I no more want to fuck your husband than I want my husband to fuck
you. But if we have to give ourselves to other men, wouldn’t it be
better if it were our own friends? We’d be clean, we’d care for the
partners, we wouldn’t be subjected to horrific acts and I can imagine
what some of those degenerates in the village would want to do to
us. Even the children would be taught about caring for others rather
than becoming rapists and perverts themselves. Isn’t that better than
lying on your back beside some strange woman who’s encouraging
her husband to fuck you silly so she’ll get some relief for the next
few days? Think about it, Jentie.”
Marie looked around to make sure no one was taking an
interest in their animated speech. It all seemed calm.
“I… Oh, Marie, I’m sorry. I didn’t think. You’re my best
friend and all I could think of was the bad in you. Yes, it does make
sense. Do you think we could do it? I mean, get in first before
someone else does?”
“Do you think Pierre would agree? I mean if he’s not talking
about it with you, maybe he’d go berserk.”
“He’ll go berserk when I have to go to someone else’s bed
anyway. I think I should talk to him tonight.”
“Talk about the children too, Jentie. I’m concerned that he
might be treading on thin ice with Abelle. What you said about her
virginity is very true, you can’t afford to give him the chance to take
it, even by mistake. I know what men are like when they get their
loins all worked up, nothing stops them.”
“Tell me about it? Pierre’s uncontrollable until he spreads his
seed then he’s as meek as a mouse,” she said, blushing then giggling
“They’re all the same,” Marie agreed, adding, “But we still
love them.”
“Not that bastard in the Castle, I don’t. He’s a sadist and
“Has he touched you?”
“Me and Abelle. I thought I would die when he stripped her in
front of me.”
“When did this happen, Jentie?”
“About a month ago. The day he summoned us all. After he’d
finished ranting and raving about producing more crop, he sent
Pierre away and started making Abelle and I do things, sex things.”
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“No… Yes, I guess so. I suppose he did the same to you but it
was just horrific. I’m not sure Abelle saw the significance in it all,
but I knew exactly what he had on his mind. He made me strip her
naked then lick her all over, you know, even her…her sex. He was
laughing and shouting out crudities all the while, threatening to cut
my… my tits off if I didn’t please him. I think Abelle thought it was
some sort of game because she giggled away as he laughed. When
I’d finished, he stripped me too and made Abelle lick me, her
mother, all over too. When she came to my sex, she balked and the
bastard threatened to cut her tongue out if she didn’t get on with it.
By this time she realised it was no game and was crying pitifully. I
had to cajole her to do it and then she stood and watched while he
sprayed his spunk all over me. I think he’s a lunatic.”
“I know he is. We were treated just as bad. I had to
masturbate while Aimee looked on. It was humiliating but it was
worse when I had to tell Chad everything.”
“You told him? Oh, my, what did he say?”
“He just hugged me for an hour or so without saying a word.
He understands, thankfully. You mean you haven’t told Pierre?”
“I couldn’t, Marie, I just couldn’t.”
“He has to know sooner or later. One day you’ll be doing
things in front of him just to please the lunatic.”
“I’m going to talk to Pierre tonight after the children go to
sleep. What you’ve said is right, I’m sure. Have you talked to Wilm
and Lizette?”
“No, I thought I’d ask my best friend first. Tell me what
“You know I will. We have no secrets, do we?”
“No and I want it to stay that way, Jentie.”
As they were about to part, Marie called her back. “Will you
tell me something?”
“Of course I will. What is it?”
“Uhm, the boys… behind the curtain with you. What
The woman blushed and gasped. “Oh, you’ll think I’m a
pervert too.”
“You know I won’t.”
“I… I play with them… with their penises. Jacques comes
almost every night but Teddi is too young but he likes to play with
my tits while I’m doing his brother.”
“You mean you’re all naked behind the curtain?”
“I’d like to see that sometime,” Marie whispered with a grin.
“Oh, you are terrible, Marie.”

Buoyed up by the good reception she received from Jentie to
her suggestions, she decided to visit Lizette. It wasn’t far to walk and
she enjoyed the younger woman’s company just as much as she did,
“Oh, Marie, oh, it’s so good to see you. Come in,” the
younger woman gushed, throwing her arms around her friend as
though they hadn’t seen each other for months.
“Hello, Lizette, love. Hey, you look a little frazzled. Is
everything alright?”
“Alright? Of course it is. Why wouldn’t it be?”
“Oh, no reason. It’s just that you look as if you’ve been
crying. Did you have a late night, last night?”
“No. No, just normal. But I was crying, I just can’t help it.
That pig in the Castle has made life so terrible, I think I’d rather be
“Pig, eh? That’s…”
“Oh, no, not you too, Marie. I never thought you’d be like
that. You won’t report me will you?” She asked, horror written all
over her face.
“I was about to say, I call him a lunatic, Jentie calls him a
bastard and you think he’s a pig.”
“He’s all of those and more. I bet his mother got fucked by a
pig and this was their offspring. He’s… He’s…”
“He’s a bastard?”
“Yes, he is. Oh, we should whisper, Marie, we have no idea
who might be snooping. Do you know he’s offered young girls to
anyone who reports anyone complaining about his decrees?”
“No, I haven’t heard that. When?”
“Just this morning. I was called… up there. Oh, Marie it was
so terrible I can’t even tell you.” She began to sob pitifully, her hands
clasped over her face, her body arched down between her legs with
an eerie wail filling the room.
Marie came and knelt beside her friend and put an arm around
the stricken girl’s shoulders.
“You should tell me, Lizette. It will make you feel much
better, sharing it with someone you trust. What happened, honey? I
promise it will stay my secret.” Marie was beginning to feel aroused
at her friend’s distress. Everything that happened in that damned
Castle is related to sex these days and while she hated the way the
females of the village were being treated under this madman, the
thought of hearing her friends relate their experiences at the hand of
the so-called Count, sent warm floods of excitement to her genitals.
She was peeping into their very soul, into secrets they wanted to
keep to themselves.
“When he first called Wilm and I up there a couple of months
ago and told us of the incentives for better work, Wilm got all
excited and began asking all sorts of questions about how he could
do things better in his field. It really hurt me because he knew that if
he improved his crops he would get a woman, some other woman, to
sleep with and I was expected to be happy about it.”
“We all had that decree forced on to us, Lizette. It comes
down to the fact that if we don’t lift our output we’d starve because
that madman wants to take more of our share. In return, the men are
given a woman as compensation. It’s so unfair and cruel. Didn’t
Wilm understand that? Does he realise you might be chosen by one
or more of the men to be used for sex as well?”
“Yes, yes, he understands. I know he loves me but all he can
think about is improving enough to win another woman. He just
brushes off the thought of me having to spend the night with
someone else. Oh, Marie, I can’t bear to think about letting someone
else do it to me. Wilm won’t even be there to protect me, I’ll be all by
myself, anything could happen.”
“I know it sounds scary, Lizette but every woman has to face
the fact that they will almost certainly be chosen from time to time.
Maybe Wilm thinks that since it will happen, he should at least
provide for you, no matter what.”
“It’s not that, Marie, oh if only it were. He also wants me to
get pregnant so he gets a girl for 3 months. Can you imagine it? He
wants a girl in this house for three months to fuck in front of me. I
have to be ready for him as soon as he gets home, when we go to bed
at night and again in the morning. He spanked me two days ago
because I wasn’t doing enough to arouse him so he could spunk
inside me. What woman wants to get pregnant while that pig has
power over us? But Wilm does, not for us to have a child but so he
can fuck another woman.”
“Has he told you who he wants to choose?”
Marie waited for several moments but when nothing further
was forthcoming she said, “Well?”
“Please don’t make me tell you, it’s so hurtful.”
“Someone with big tits and a bit ass, I suppose.”
“Lizette,” she asked again, feeling frustrated. “Who is it?”
“He… He wants… He wants you.” At that, she returned to
her wailing, tears squeezing out between her fingers.
“Me? He actually said that? He wants me to come and sleep
with him?” She asked incredulously.
“Oh, don’t let him know I told you, Marie. He’s just as likely
to report me for talking to you about it.”
“Oh, my god, I never thought he’d… And to think about what
I was going to suggest to you. Oh, my poor, poor friend. I understand
how you must feel now. Don’t hate me, please. I can’t do anything
about it, you know that.”
“Yes, I know it’s nothing to do with you. It’s just the way he’s
been acting; it’s horrible. Today we had to see the Count again; we
were called. Oh, when I think about it, I… Oh, it hurts so much…”
“Tell me, Lizette, it will help, I promise it will.”
She remained bent over for several minutes, trying to regain
her composure, sniffing and blowing her nose, wiping the tears in
her eyes away. Finally she sat up straight and began to talk, unable to
look at Marie directly.
“When we got there we faced a tirade of abuse from the pig. It
wasn’t anything we did wrong, he was just complaining because we
haven’t had any children yet. He started on Wilm first, accusing him
of not being a man, unable to get his wife pregnant but Wilm retorted
by telling him how much he was fucking me, yes that’s the word he
used, gross, isn’t it? So then the pig started to get into me for not
trying enough to hold his spunk until I got pregnant. All I could do
was cry my eyes out, I was really scared of what the pig might do.”
“I can understand that. When I was with him he could have
done anything he wanted to me. As it was, what he did was the worst
thing I’ve ever done, but you should finish your story.”
“When he saw me crying he laughed gleefully and suggested I
was filling my… my sex with herbs to stop any pregnancy. I cried
out that it wasn’t true but he told Wilm to undress me so he could
check for himself. Instead of objecting, Wilm actually started to take
my clothes off. There were others in the room too, guards and
someone who was writing things down. They all looked on while my
own husband made me naked. It was terrible, Marie. I wish I could
have died, it was so embarrassing but Wilm looked on as though he
was proud of me standing like that before so many men’s eyes.”
“Oh, you poor thing.”
“Then I was made to stand still while the pig came up and
began to feel me all over. He squeezed my breasts until I cried out in
pain then he slapped my bottom and laughed when I began to cry.
After that he made a big thing of poking his finger in my… you
“Your kitten?”
“Yes, it was horrible. He was standing in front of me and
looking directly into my eyes while he probed around, daring me to
object. When he stopped he forced his finger into my mouth and
made me suck the filthy thing clean. All the men were joking about
what I tasted like and even Wilm was laughing, for the pig’s sake.
I’m sure it wasn’t at my discomfort but his way of staying on the
good side of someone who could give him another woman for sex.”
“Maybe he was as frightened as you were, Lizette. I couldn’t
imagine Wilm laughing at you like that.”
“That’s not all, it continued, Marie. Oh, how terrible it was,”
she said, tears welling up and overflowing down her cheeks. “In
front of all these uncouth men I was made to bend over and hold on
to my ankles while he pushed his finger right into my… you know,
down here,” she explained, clutching at her bottom crease. “I felt like
I needed to do a plop but he kept pushing and pulling his finger in
and out while all the men howled with laughter. I’m sure I nearly
fainted but I didn’t. I wished I had then because he made me suck his
finger clean again and it was the most terrible taste you could
imagine. As bitter as gall. Oh, how I ever survived, I can’t imagine.
Then the pig decided I hadn’t been using herbs to stop a baby and he
berated Wilm for a long time about being impotent and that if I
didn’t start to get a swollen stomach soon he would have to give me
to his soldiers to do the job for him. I know it stung Wilm because he
pleaded his innocence. It never entered his mind to object to the
possibility of me being given to the soldiers.”
“Oh, my dear, dear friend, how evil that man is.”
“Wilm growled at me all the way home, he never even said
sorry. I feel so lonely, Marie.”
“Come on, you poor thing, let me give you a cuddle,” Marie
said, sitting down beside her friend.
Lizette held her close, her face snuggling into Marie’s neck as
she shuddered with deep sobbing breaths.
“I love you, Marie,” she whispered, running her hands up and
down Marie’s arms. Marie took no notice of the movements and
continued to hold her friend as she calmed down.
After several minutes, she heard her friend ask softly, “Will
you kiss me?”
It took several seconds before Marie understood, the softness
in her voice, the continual stroking of her arms, the snuggling of her
face against Marie’s neck, the now noticeable little kisses she was
receiving on her neck.
“Lizette? What did you say?”
Lizette moved back and looked directly into her friends eyes.
“Please kiss me, Marie. On my lips.”
“You mean…? More than just a friendly kiss?”
“Yes, yes, yes. I’m so lonely. Oh, please say you will. Please
don’t get upset with me. Just press your lips to mine. Please,” she
“I… I’ve never kissed a woman like that.”
“Nor have I. Don’t you wonder what it would be like?”
“Kiss you like a lover? Is that what you want? A lover’s kiss?
We’re both women, Lizette.”
“As if I didn’t know that,” her friend smiled back at her.
“Oh, if anyone saw us we’d be flogged in the stocks and
driven out of the village.”
“No-one will see, Marie. See, all the curtains are drawn, it’s
almost dark in here. Please kiss me, my darling.”
“Oh, god,” she responded, “I’ve never done this before.”
“Neither have I but I’ve wondered what it would be like to
kiss another woman. Will you? Please,” she pleaded with her waif-
like eyes.
Marie’s heart was beating like a drum inside her chest. Never
in a million years could she have dreamed of doing this. Her
inclinations were to run from this house and never come back. But
Lizette was her friend. She had protected her when she was a child
and they had remained close ever since. And she had been subjected
to demands no woman should have been. She was upset, she thinks
her husband is abandoning her; she just wants to feel loved by
someone. What’s wrong with that? No one will know, it will be their
secret. Maybe all women should do this and forget their men. Maybe
they should rally together and refuse to be subjected to the demands
of that lunatic. Refuse the men sex and they’ll soon change their
minds. Oh, look at her, she’s feeling so terrible.
In the few seconds that it took to think her way through this
dilemma Lizette took the initiative and lightly touched her lips
against Marie’s. The deed had begun.
“Oh, Lizette,” she moaned as she opened her lips and returned
the kiss that was offered. Her resolve melted as they kissed
passionately yet so softly. Never had she known the softness of a kiss
like this before. Chad kissed to arouse but it seemed that Lizette
kissed to love. Oh, the feelings that ran through her mind in those
moments were beyond description.
The two women leaned against the back of the seat they were
sitting in, hands caressed neck and face, little moans of pleasure
rippled from both women, saliva dribbled from the edge of their
mouths but was caught again as their lips sucked against each other.
Marie felt a hand cup her breast, which sent shivers along her spine,
shivers of more than arousal. It was as though she had kissed her
friend a thousand times before, so automatic were both women’s
She dropped one hand to hold Lizette’s side, feeling the swell
of her breast, so young and firm and it was only seconds before she
found her way inside the garment to caress the naked flesh. Never
had she felt such tautness, the nipple large and protruding was rock
hard. As her fingers brushed over the point, Lizette cried out in
“Yesss, Oh, yes, like that. Nice. No, no please don’t stop.
Hold me. Squeeze.”
So Marie caressed her friend and in return was favoured with
hands that sought and found her own breasts beneath the layers of
fabric. She was proud of her breasts, firm and uplifting for a woman
who had spent a lifetime of hard work and deprivation but no one
had ever touched her like this.
“Oh, Lizette, I never knew… I never realised how this… How
this could feel.”
“I love you, Marie. I mean it, I truly love you.”
They kissed more frantically, wetting each other’s face with
their lips, their tongue. Lizette nibbled her ear lobe then pushed the
tip of her tongue as far as she could into her lover’s ear. “Let’s go to
bed, Marie.”
Marie rarely ever made love in the nude, the session with
Chad and Aimee the other night, one of the few exceptions.. When
she was young, newly married, it was because of shyness and
modesty, then the child came and certain proprieties had to be
maintained. Chad had never wanted her nude, at least he never asked
but now as she lay on the top of Lizette and Wilm’s bed it seemed
the most natural thing to do. Lizette was cradled in her arms, the
younger woman nibbling at Marie’s breast and nipple, her hand
stroking the other, sending shivers of pleasure through her being.
Marie kissed her deeply, pressing her tongue against closed teeth
until Lizette gave in and allowed entrance. Marie kissed as she had
never done with Chad, had never even thought of doing. She had no
idea how she knew what to do now.
Both women were beyond thinking clearly as they explored
the other’s curves and crevices. Lizette’s matte of hair between her
legs was thick and black, out of place with the petite figure and
pearly white skin. As Marie’s fingertips tickled their way downward,
the young woman sighed and moaned, wanting more, desperately
needing more. Her fingers reached their goal at the same moment
Lizette found Marie’s entrance.
They dallied, combing the curls with their fingers, slipping
along the petals which seemed to open as though morning sunshine
on a flower, dampness clung to fingertips, dew with its female
muskness and shivers of anticipation. Marie found the nub first and
her touch made Lizette arch her back, pushing towards the intrusion,
seeking more intensity, more exhilaration. Marie obliged but needing
her own fulfillment, took Lizette’s fingers and pressed them into her
own vulva, against her own clitoris. From there, the women
pleasured each other willingly.
Neither penetrated the other, it seemed almost sacrosanct that
inside belonged to the husband, outside was theirs. They soon found
their own rhythm, bringing the other near fulfillment then slowing,
causing an ache that both felt at the hands of the other. There was no
lust. There were no demands. There was a love of kinds but more, a
need to simply satisfy the other’s natural urges, longings.
“Please, do it now,” Marie finally capitulated and as Lizette’s
fingers pressed harder and with more purpose, so did Marie’s.
Breathing became erratic as each rose higher, finally reaching their
climaxes, almost together but not quite, the noises of their pleasure
muffled as they pressed their lips together in a deep lover’s kiss.
Unlike their husband’s love, their caresses continued long
after the glow of orgasm had subsided, not a word spoken, delighting
in their own feelings until, drowsy from their exertions, they finally
relaxed and lay still.
Marie couldn’t focus her mind on what had taken place.
Visions of Chad laying on top of her after his lovemaking swirled
around like smoke from a fire. She had never felt this satisfied in her
entire life. Chad, whom she thought a good caring lover, had never
once, left her with the feelings she now experienced. Was she
ashamed of cheating on him? She didn’t think so, for there was no
feeling of guilt whatsoever. Rather a calm peace that permeated
throughout her being. Oh, God, what if Lizette wanted to do this
again? No, she couldn’t let that happen. It was wonderful, absolutely
wonderful, but it happened because Lizette needed comforting. Yes,
that’s why. Nothing more. She had to stop it before her friend
wanted more. Yes, right now.
It made her stir which roused Lizette from the dream world
she was in.
“Lizette, it’s half way through the afternoon. I have to go,
Aimee will be wondering where I am.”
“Oh, Marie, that was wonderful. I never knew how wond…”
“Listen, Lizette, it can’t happen again, do you understand? It
was something that happened and it was wonderful, I agree, but it
can’t happen again. I love Chad and I’m sure you love Wilm. I have
to go now.”
“Yes… No, wait. Can’t we try…”
“No. No, not ever again, Lizette. You have to understand
that,” she said firmly, extracting herself from the embrace and
reaching for her clothes that were strewn across the floor.
“I love you, Marie. Thank you for loving me,” the young
woman said softly, looking doe-eyed at her new lover.
“It isn’t love, Lizette, it was lust, nothing more. O.K.?”
“Yes, but…”
“No buts. Let’s remember the friendship we have and leave it
at that,” she said as she made towards the door. “Now get yourself
dressed and start preparing your husband’s meal.”
“I understand we can’t keep on like this but it was wonderful,
Marie. I still love you.”
In swift response, Marie quickly kissed her short-term lover
on the cheek and left before Lizette could say another word.

Marie knew her face was still flushed and as she walked along
the cobbled streets she was sure people were staring at her. She felt
so self-conscious that she started to walk faster yet everyone still
looked in her direction.
“Excuse me, Missus,” a female voice called from behind her.
“Wha…? What do you want?”
“Thought you should know, your dress is all hitched up in the
back. I can see….”
Marie shrieked aloud, she couldn’t stop herself. Stupid
woman, she berated herself, now they’ll all guess what I’ve been
“Oh, I didn’t realise. How silly of me,” she said, feeling the
blush of guilt spreading across her face.
“It’s bad enough we’ve got to have our tits hanging out
without our asses as well,” the woman said with a giggle as she went
on her way.
“Yes… I… suppose… it… is,” Marie answered slowly as she
watched the woman depart. No one else seemed to be taking any
notice of her now.

Chapter Seven
As she walked in the door, Chad ran and took her hand.
“Where have you been?” He asked frantically.
“Chad? Why are you home so early? I… I was with Lizette.
She…,” she tried to explain but was cut off.
“No time now, we’ve been summoned… To the Castle.”
“What? Us? Why? What have we done?” All she could think
of was what happened in Lizette’s bed just a short time ago.
“Not just us, everyone. He ordered all the men home to bring
their families. Everyone has to come or we’ll be punished.”
Relief flooded through her mind. At least it wasn’t because I
had sex with another woman this afternoon.
“Oh, it sounds suspicious,” Marie wailed as she tidied herself.
Wouldn’t do to look scraggy when he’s in a rage, she thought. And
she did look scraggy. She put on her best dress and opened the
bodice another button to display her wares, just as the lunatic had
demanded. Most women had done likewise.
“Hurry, woman, get Aimee - we have to be there before the
horn sounds. All those who are late are going to be punished.”
As they got to the road, many families were ahead of them all
scurrying quickly.
“Hurry, lass, we can’t be late,” Chad reminded the two
females, half running as he pulled them along. “At least there are
many behind us so we won’t be last.”
Marie gasped as she saw Wilm and Lizette catching them
quickly as they had no child to worry about and were running
quickly. Marie thought they were the last people she wanted to see
right now and realised how close they had come to being discovered
by Wilm. What if Lizette said something that might make the men
suspicious? But they were all so short of breath the men just gave
each other a nod and kept on going.
Only a handful of families were late, mostly older folk who
could not hurry as the younger ones did. They were pushed to one
side and several soldiers made sure they were kept segregated.
There was a hum of murmured questions as the whole town
waited to learn what it was all about. Marie flinched as Lizette come
and stood beside her, an arm lightly around her waist.
“Don’t, they might see,” Marie warned in a whisper.
“So what, we’re friends, that’s all.”
Marie glanced at her recent lover and found nothing but an
innocent face of friendship. Maybe she has given up the idea of
loving me, she thought with a sigh of relief. Just then the shriek of
trumpets signaled the arrival of the Count and almost instantly every
murmur became silent.
The Count stood on a first floor balcony, a soldier on either
side with a group of six soldiers guarding the stairway to the balcony.
He was dressed all in black with gold buttons and a peaked hat with
a brightly coloured feather in the brim.
He looked over his people as though they were cattle then in a
loud voice he began.
“Today you have been called together to witness the
punishment of four of your townsfolk for disobedience to my
A loud restlessness arose but was soon stifled when he called
out the names of two families. Gasps of, “No,” were heard and a
shriek from a woman standing nearby soon located the hapless
husbands and their wives.
“Come here,” the Count demanded as the two men almost
crashed into each other in an effort to obey their Count before he
became even angrier. They pulled their women with them and stood
before all the people.
“Confess your wrong doings,” the Count demanded in an
almost hysteric voice.
“Master, we don’t understand,” one of the men began.
“You…,” the Count shouted, almost unable to speak from the
rage he was in. “You… your women have been charged with failing
to display themselves as I commanded,” he frothed at the mouth.
“And you men, who should have known better, you never took them
to task. You all know the rules. Women must display their wares to
everyone. How else can the responsible men of the village choose
their prizes unless they are on show? Eh? How else?” He demanded
pointing an accusing finger at the four unfortunates. But worse by
far, you were overheard speaking about that which I forbad yo to
speak. You know what I mean, don’t you?”
The men looked at each other, dumbfounded. True neither
woman had opened even one button of their bodice; in fact they wore
such clothes as to hide any feminine attractions they may have
beneath the voluminous robes they sported.
“We are sorry, Master. We never thought…” the second
husband began but was cut off with a swipe of the Count’s arm. He
had no intention of listening to excuses.
“Enough of this drivel. Guards strip them all naked.”
The women screamed in fright, clutching at each other as the
men tried to fight the guards off. It was but a token defense and soon
clothes were being strewn across the square. Once the men saw the
futility of fighting they even began to remove their own clothes but
the women were shrieking aloud in fright. Soon, both were held still
by a guard on each arm, displaying their total nudity to the crowd.
They wept in absolute humiliation at their predicament. True, both
families had colluded and decided their woman would not display
themselves in a sexual to anyone and with that collusion came the
discussion about wife exchanges. Neighbours, hoping for some sort
of reward soon reported the families’ defiance of the Count’s orders.
“People of Heppte, see what happens to those who disregard
my wishes? The women are given to my guards for one month. If
they survive, they will be returned to their homes carrying my mark
on their breast. The men will each receive one hundred lashes spread
over the next five days. They will remain on display in the Town
Square during that time. I own each and every one of you and you
will all obey, I thought I had already made that very clear.”
One of the women had fainted but was still held aloft by the
two guards. The other was weeping uncontrollably. She was young,
maybe not even twenty
“Oh, God,” Marie whispered. “This is sheer cruelty. Look at
the poor devils.”
One of the men broke down and fell to his knees as his wife
was lead away. Marie noticed many of the women opening their
blouses wider, shortening a skirt to make sure they could never be
charged with disobedience.
With a laugh the Count waved his hand at the crowd. “Now
be off and remember what you have seen today. My word will be
obeyed.” With that he turned his back and was gone.

When Marie closed their door she sent Aimee to collect
firewood, causing both Chad and his daughter to look at each other
questioningly. It was something that Marie herself usually did but
Aimee sensed her mother’s need for her to be gone for a time so she
left without a further word.
“Chad, what if we were ever caught. I mean disobeying the
“How do you mean? You do everything he demands, in fact if
you left any more buttons undone your tits would pop out,” he smiled
“It’s not that, it’s about Aimee. You know how we were
commanded to teach her about… you know.”
“What do you mean?” He asked in a perplexed voice.
“Well we haven’t… I mean we let her see us… You know,
Chad, when we make love. But we’re supposed to let her practice
with our bodies.”
“Of course we haven’t, woman. What respecting parents
would ever do such things? What goes on inside our home, no one
will ever know, will they? There’s no way that bastard could ever
“But… Well what if…”
“You’re being silly, wife. The demonstration he put on today
has spooked you too much. Just try to calm down. We do everything
he wants to see in public but in private, he’d never know.”
“But, Chad, what if he… Well what would happen if he took
Aimee up to the Castle and made her describe things that we do
together? I mean I wouldn’t put it past him to do something like that.
I know it sounds absolutely sick but what if he made our girl suck
his… his cock? She wouldn’t even know what he meant let alone
how to do such a thing. Then we could all be made a spectacle of in
front of the while village and I… maybe Aimee too, would be thrown
to those fiends of soldiers. I know it seems impossible but nothing
would surprise me about the Count.”
Chad looked at his wife for a long silent moment and she saw
the reality of their situation dawning on his face.
“Oh, shit,” he murmured. “Oh, that damned bastard. He could
do anything, couldn’t he? Our poor darling girl; I never thought… I
never worried about…”
“There are things we have to teach her, Chad. How to suck
your cock…”
“Nooo,” the man gasped near to tears.
“You told me yourself that we have to do what he says, no
matter what it is. We daren’t run the risk of him finding out we
haven’t shown Aimee how to do things. She has no idea how to
make you shoot your seed or how to pleasure another woman. That
bastard would just love to find out something like that, Chad. You
know he would, don’t you? Would you like to be the one who is
called out before the whole village and have that barbarian humiliate
us in front of them?”
By now Marie was working herself into a frenzy of fear and
“Marie… Shhh, calm down, my darling, calm down. I listen to
what you say and you are right. I understand your fears and they are
justified. Yes we do have to do things. I never thought I’d become a
pervert with our daughter but I’m afraid we both have to do things
that will make us just that. Oh, if only the old Count were still ruling
the village,” he wailed without any embarrassment.
“Jentie told me yesterday that she stroked her two sons every
night and Pierre takes Abelle behind the curtain for a long time every
night but won’t tell Jentie what they do. She thinks they are having
sex together but can’t ask him because he becomes aggressive
towards his own wife.”
“Oh, god, the bastard.”
“It’s no more than we have decided to do, Chad. We’ve all
been commanded to do it and we have no choice, do we?”
“No,” he sighed, a sickening feeling deep down in his
“At least we are not keeping secrets from each other.”
Chad remained silent for many minutes, his shoulders bent
low, his eyes staring at the floor. His reverie was broken as Aimee
came back inside with her armful of wood for the fire. “Gosh, there’s
already so much wood here, Mummy. I didn’t need to get any at all.”
“I know, baby. Come here,” she said softly, holding both
hands towards her young daughter. “There are things we must talk
about, Aimee. Adult things that involve us, you, even the whole
“You mean about this afternoon? About those naked women?
Oh, how sorry I felt for them. I don’t like the new Count, Mummy. I
think he’s a beast.”
Her mother let her ramble on but finally interrupted.
“I understand how you feel, baby, we all have similar hatred
for our new master but the fact is that he is just that, our Master.
What he said is true, he owns us and can do whatever he likes with
us. It’s no different throughout the whole country, we are just
unfortunate to have such a brutal Master, very different to his father
whom we all loved. But Aimee, you must be very careful about
anything you say against the Count or the way he does things. No
matter how much you despise him and his ways, if anyone overheard
something like that you could be summonsed to the Castle and he
could do anything he chose without fear of reprisal. The two families
today, some of their neighbours told the Count about the women’s
refusal to show their bosoms and the men talking about their women,
hoping to gain the Counts gratitude and you saw the result.”
Marie saw the colour drain from her daughter’s face as she
realized the reality of their situation within the community. “Oh, who
could we trust, Mummy? We can’t trust anyone, can we?”
“Just our dearest and closest friends, child, absolutely no one
else. You must remember that every day of your life, baby.”
“Yes, Mummy, I understand.”
“But there are other things we have to talk about. They’re
very personal and maybe embarrassing but you must believe me
when I tell you, it is for our very protection and safety that we must
discuss and carry them out.”
The youngster looked from parent to parent, wondering what
it was all about.
“You remember when we were in the Castle and the Count
gave Mummy and Daddy instructions about things we must do?”
“Yes, he was very nasty and has a dirty mind,” the girl said in
ridicule of her Master.
“Some things he said to Daddy, you never heard and we must
speak of them now.”
“You mean about him touching my… My boobies and down
“There was much more, baby. One of the things we were told
to teach you was about what men and women do in private.”
“You mean sex, Mummy. But you showed me that the other
“There is much more and we have to show you how to do
those things yourself. We have to give you experience in every
aspect of having sex, Aimee. Do you understand what that means,
The young girl looked at her parents searching for
understanding, her eyes darting between the two adults before her
and as the reality sank in, her face showed the shock then horror of it
all. No, they don’t mean… No, how could they make… It can’t be
true… In those moments of time that her mind raced dizzily along
she thought of a myriad of reasons to refuse. “But… But I don’t… I
don’t have a… I’m not married. I don’t have a husband to have sex
with,” she gasped in little more than a few seconds after the
nightmare surfaced.
“The Count has decreed that parents of virgin girls must teach
them everything about sex, giving them practical experience with
every act that a girl must perform. There is just one exception and I
think you can guess what that is.”
“One…? One Exception?” The youngster repeated, parrot
fashion, her mind still swirling with emotions of disgust and
“The one thing we all must do, baby is protect your virginity. I
don’t know…”
“Protect my virginity? What do you mean? You can’t mean
Daddy will have sex with me? No, you can’t,” she cried out in sheer
disbelief, pulling her hands from her mother’s grasp and shying away
from her father.
“Aimee,” her mother coaxed. “Aimee, please calm yourself. It
isn’t like that. Daddy no more wants to do anything to you than I do.
But think clearly dear; if that madman in the Castle makes a decision
it affects us all; us here now and all the families in the village. He has
decreed that every eligible girl, that is all who have monthly flows
must be taught about sex and have experience in those acts but no
virgin girl is allowed to give her up virginity until the pig approves.
Imagine what would happen to you and to us if he called us all to the
Castle and demanded that you show him how to do certain sexual
things. You wouldn’t know anything, would you? Then, once he sees
we haven’t taught what he demands, he will punish us. You saw
what happened to those poor women today. They are now in the
soldier’s camp being made to perform the most despicable acts you
could imagine with every guard in the barracks. Even I couldn’t
imagine the tortures they are going through right now and they have
a whole month still to try and survive. Goodness knows what he
would do to Daddy. Many, many beatings at least.”
She stopped her treatise for a moment to be sure her words
had sunken into the girl’s addled brain and was sure it had.
“So you see, baby, it isn’t our wish but there are ways we can
do things to make sure the demon in the Castle doesn’t take offence
with us as a family. You do see that, don’t you, Aimee?”
The stricken girl couldn’t see; her eyes were full of silent
tears, falling copiously down her cheeks and bodice. Her mind
couldn’t think for the flurry of revulsion and fear that was surging
through every cell.
As her mother came to her side and encompassed her in the
safety of her arms, the dam broke and her sobbing became a torrent
of anguish as she clung tightly back. The three participants all stood
in a clutch of arms and bodies, each trying to comfort the girl, the
girl taking solace in their very presence. Her protectors for the past
thirteen years held her in love and solidarity and as the fog lifted her
mind began to untangle all the facts. Everything was becoming
clearer. All their lives were in jeopardy from the new Lord of the
Castle and there was nothing anyone could do to ease that burden
except to obey. Anything less would surely mean the loss of all
privileges and possibly their very lives. In these few minutes of
comfort where no word was spoken, two adults held the child to
themselves and she knew everything her mother had explained was
the reality of their lives from then on. Her small body could be used
by her new master in anyway he chose and she had no say in the
matter. What she must do is everything possible to protect her most
cherished and loved parents. No matter what lay in store for her, she
could do nothing that would place her Mummy and Daddy in danger
of being paraded before that monster because she refused to carry
out his wishes.
“I’m scared, Mummy. I never thought about doing things…
you know, like that with anyone, let alone my own parents but if he
demands it, then I must. When do we have to start?”
Marie gave a sob of relief that her girl had worked it all out
for herself. Instinctively she knew Aimee had come to the decision,
albeit an inevitable one, after she had weighed up all the
Chad gave a sob, not of relief but of anguish. And it was not
because his daughter had capitulated but that her capitulation had
caused his cock to rise rock hard in his pants. The very thought of
having sex with her had brought on thoughts of the most intense lust.

“Come and sit with me, baby,” her mother said, patting the
padded seat beside her. Her Daddy was sitting opposite, letting his
wife take charge. The girl sat, hesitantly, not sure how her first
lesson would begin.
“Hey, don’t be frightened, baby. We both love you too much
to hurt you. In fact, once you begin to understand what sex is all
about, there’s every chance you’ll keep coming back for more. Now,
what do you say about that?”
“I’ll never like it, Mummy. I hate it. I hate that man and it’s
only for your sake that I’m even sitting here. If I could, I’d run away
but I know if I did that you would get into terrible trouble so I have
to do what he says.”
“Abelle does things with her father every night, Aimee.”
“What? She doesn’t; she couldn't, not Abelle?”
“It’s true, baby. Just as it is for every girl in the village, every
boy too.”
After a long sigh the young girl capitulated. “What do I have
to do?”
“Firstly, you have to understand something about men. They
think quite differently to we girls. While we think with our brains,”
Marie began, looking wickedly towards Chad, “Men’s brains are
governed by their cocks and every man’s cock says it wants to have
sex with every female it sees.”
“What does that mean?” The young girl asked innocently.
“Come on, Marie we’re not all like that,” Chad broke in, quite
annoyed at her inference.
“If it were untrue, how come your cock is poking a tent in
your trousers then?”
“What?” the embarrassed father exclaimed, looking
downwards then covering his lap with the pillow he was leaning
“It is true, baby. The difference between men themselves is
how they let their cock rule their brain. Some men, and our new
Master is included here, treat women terribly badly, debasing and
humiliating then, desiring cruelty and dominence. Other men, and
your father is thankfully in this category, treat women kindly,
lovingly, and seek to protect and honour them. Most men are in
between these two and are sometimes good to their women and
sometimes mean.”
“Is Uncle Pierre and Wilm in the middle kind, Mummy, or in
the best kind?”
“Oh, I think they are on the border of the best and the middle
types, I think. They love their wives very much but sometimes their
cock makes them do some not very nice things. Anyway, let’s not
worry about them just now. We have to begin your own lessons,
“Yes, I suppose so.”
“Remember what Daddy’s cock looked like the other night?”
“Yes, real thick and long and it went all the way inside your
pus, I saw it.”
“That’s exactly true, well done, baby,” Marie said
encouragingly. “But it doesn’t always look like that. If he isn’t
thinking about sex things it looks quite insignificant, really.” She
looked at Chad slyly. “In fact, if your Daddy were to think of other
things for a few moments, he might be able to show you the way it
usually looks, before it begins to get all hot and bothered about
having sex.”
Aimee giggled, wiggling her shoulders up and down as she
saw the embarrassed look on her Daddy’s face.
“Are you soft yet, Daddy?” Marie asked pointedly.
“Almost,” he whispered, trying to concentrate on anything but
his young daughter’s soft body.
Marie leaned over and undid the drawstring that held his
pants together, then exposed his softness all snuggled against the
black crinkly hairs, to his young daughter.
“See what I mean, Aimee? He’s all soft and little but see what
happens when you reach over and touch it.”
“Touch it? His thing? Nooo, I couldn’t,” she gasped but
before she could object further her hand was forcefully pulled across
and laid firmly against the soft penis.
“Just stroke it, baby and watch what happens.”
The youngster’s eyes were now glued to her father’s crotch, a
look of wonderment showing as his penis began to grow under the
soft movement of her fingertips along it’s length. When it had
reached midpoint between soft and erect, Marie placed her
daughter’s hand beneath the organ, nestling the back of Aimee’s
hand against his crinkly matte of black hair.
“Gently close your hand around it, baby. Feel it getting
“Mmm,” the girl murmured, her eyes never once leaving the
spectacle before her.
“You can rub it up and down, baby. Daddy likes that.”
And so she did, tentative at first until she realized the skin
moved back and forth with her movements. A drop of clear liquid
began to form on it’s tip, something else new to the young girl’s
“That means Daddy is becoming aroused, baby. You are
learning so fast. That drop never comes unless he is excited.”
In her excitement she began to jerk her hand faster, producing
a burning feeling at the point where his cock-head formed.
“Not so hard, baby, you don’t need to ring it’s neck. But you
can slide you hand up to the top and smooth the juice over the head.
Feel how slippery it is? That’s what helps him to slide his cock inside
my pus so easily. It’s called lubrication. Much better than spittle or
using grease from the pot.”
As her ministrations continued, Chad gave out soft little
moans from time to time, feeling his arousal grow with every
downward stroke. It was hard to imagine being in this situation,
having the apple of his eye, his beautiful daughter stroke him to
fullness while his dear wife coached the junior in her duties. He
knew he couldn’t hold out much longer.
“Soon, Hon, it won’t be long.”
Marie placed her hand over her daughter’s and whispered,
“Let me take over for a moment pet. You must remove your dress.
Quickly, take everything off.”
Nudity before her parents was commonplace for Aimee now,
as for several weeks she had presented herself to her Daddy for his
nightly feel of her body. It was something she had grown to adore
and made sure he touched her in all the secret places each night. If
he missed one for some reason, she made sure he found that place
before she left his side. So now she knelt in front of her Daddy in
total undress, taking hold of his cock once more.
Her mother coached her how to hold the head of his cock in
the palm of her hand, wiping the copious amounts of pre-cum around
the head as she concentrated her efforts over that one area now.
“When he shoots his seed, don’t jump away, baby. Let him
wash your body with his juice. girls should cherish his spendings
that way. You must learn to accept his offerings with love, baby. Just
keep stroking like that. It won’t be long now.” Marie was kneeling
behind her daughter, almost pressing against the girl’s bare back,
both hands guiding the stroking hand to make sure there is no slip of
fright when Daddy’s ejaculation began. She knew the first spurt
would come in total surprise and shock, even though the girl had
earlier seen the pig spray that poor woman in the Castle. She wanted
to make sure her husband’s discharge flew true and straight all over
her daughter’s body and perhaps her face.
“Aaah,” Chad groaned as the first surge left his penis and shot
straight for the youngster’s juvenile chest, splattering great blobs of
sticky sperm over her small boobies.
Aimee shrieked in surprise even thought expecting something
was about to happen but the suddenness of the assault shocked the
innocent more than she could have imagined. Immediately Marie
took over, pointing her husband’s penis straight at the child’s body,
dousing her with spurt after spurt of her father’s seed.
Try as she might, her mother’s arms held her still, leaving no
escape from the splattering ejaculations, covering her from head to
waist until the surges finally eased and finished with a small dribble
than hung from the tip of hic cock, swaying from side to side, not
quite heavy enough to fall to the floor.
Aimee’s shock soon eased as she realized it wasn’t Daddy’s
pee but the same white substance that the Count had sprayed over
her mistress those weeks ago. She knew she was covered in his
discharge, a discharge she had in fact created. It didn’t sting her soft
skin, it wasn’t cold and the small bit that clung to her lips during her
initial scream of shock, didn’t even taste nasty.
The whole room was silent. No one moved a muscle. All was
still as if waiting for a catastrophe that was to begin. Not even a
breath was heard then in unison each of them gasped in terror as a
loud knock reached their ears.
“Oh, God, who can that be at this hour?” Marie whispered,
still holding her daughter in her arms.
“It must be the Castle. Maybe they want us. Don’t make a
sound,” Chad responded softly.
“Oh, shit,” Marie gasped in fright. The knock resumed,
louder, more demanding. “Oh, shit” she repeated. “I’ll have to go,
they know we’ll all be at home at this time. Stay completely still,
don’t make a sound. Pretend we’ve gone to bed,” she whispered as
she rose and made her way to the door.
“Wh… Who is it?”
“Marie, let me in, please. Please open the door. It’s Lizette.”
The voice was frantic.
“What on earth’s the matter, Lizette?” Marie gasped as she let
the stricken woman in. “On, my god, you’re naked. What
Lizette surged into the room, gasping for breath, disregarding
her nudity, not taking any notice of the naked girl still kneeling at her
father’s feet covered in sperm. It took just moments for the family to
take account of their friend’s condition. Every inch of her body was
covered in welts and bruises, from her breasts all the way down her
torso, her thighs and even her feet were red and purple bruises, with
vivid red welts where she had obviously been beaten with a rod.
“Oh, my god, who did this, Lizette. Was it Wilm?”
“No, not Wilm, I think he’s dead,” she cried out in anguish.
Then she noticed Aimee still kneeling before her father. “Oh, I didn’t
know. I’m sorry, I’ll go,” she gabbled, hobbling to the door.
“No, you can’t go. Stay. We were just giving Aimee her first
lesson on how to please men. Chad had just finished when you
arrived. It’s alright to stay. You’re almost family anyway. Chad,
show your daughter how to clean your cock and let her taste your
sperm. Then you can rub your juice into her skin. I’ll tend Lizette.”
Despite her wounds, Lizette found Chad’s task fascinating,
watching as he brought his daughter’s face to his limp penis and had
her suck the final droolings away. She watched as he scraped a
substantial clot of sperm from his daughter’s young breast with his
finger and fed it to her, cradling her head with his hand so she
couldn’t pull away. After a momentary stiffening, she accepted the
raw discharge and then picked a glob from her cheek and tasted that
There seemed to be no resistance at all from the youngster
now, as she almost happily, rose up and sat astride his knees as he
began to knead the sodden mess over her chest and face with both
hands. She gave a little giggle from time to time and with her small
finger, arrested a globule from her left nipple and painted it over his
“Lizette. Lizzie,” Marie spoke louder to gain her friends
attention. “Forget those two, tell me what happened. Is Wilm really
dead? Who did this to you? Oh, you are a sight but I don’t think you
have been cut anywhere. Lizzie, speak to me,” she had to prompt
again as the woman’s gaze returned to the game Aimee and Her
Daddy were playing.
“Wha…? Oh, Marie, I’m sorry,” she said finally coming out
of her reverie. “Oh, Marie, it was terrible. That madman in the
Castle called us both up there this morning…”
“I thought as much. Did he do this to you?”
“No. Well, yes I suppose he did. At least he ordered the
soldiers to do it while he watched and laughed all the time I was
“Start from the beginning, love.”
“Love? Oh, you do…”
“Get on with it, Lizzie,” Marie said in frustration.
“Oh, it started out innocently, I guess. The messenger simply
said the Count wanted to speak to us about Wilm’s quota because we
haven’t any children so he needed to assess how much extra we
would have to pay him. Wilm got very mad before we left, calling
him all the vile names under the sun. I mean I agreed with him but it
was his anger that started the problems. The so-called Count was all
sweet and friendly at first asking us about our life, when we were
going to start having babies and things like that. But then he told us
that by not making babies we were being disloyal to him and so we
would have to give him an extra ten percent of all our crops. I
pleaded but Wilm started to call him bad things and before we knew
it, soldiers had come and held us both firmly on the ground. They did
terrible things to Wilm first, kicked him all over until he was
bleeding, crying out in pain from being kicked repeatedly between
his legs… you know where…?”
Marie could only nod.
“After a while Wilm’s screams stopped and I think he was
“You don’t know? Where is he now?”
“I don’t know. They never let him go. Well after what they
did to me, they pushed me out of the Castle and sent me home but
they kept Wilm or his body.”
“What else did they do to you, Lizzie? There are many
“Oh, just five soldiers raped me while the Count laughed as
usual. One after the other, Marie, and then they used… oh.”
“Tell me, Lizette. Talk about everything. What did they use?”
“After they all left their slime dribbling out of my cunt they…
Oh, I never knew… they then raped me in the back… in my bottom.
Oh, it hurt so much and it took them ages before they finished. The
Count kept shouting that if I didn’t use my cunt to make babies they
could use all my holes in the barracks. He threatened to send me
there to join the other two women. I was so frightened, not only
because I’d been raped so much but that I might be killed if I was
sent there. Wilm hadn’t made a sound since they beat him and I
didn’t know what to do. I kept pleading with the Count that I really
did want babies and Wilm did too but so far I’d never gotten
pregnant. All that did was make him even madder. He accused me of
taking herbs to stop the babies and no matter what I said he kept on
screaming something about banishing us both from the village if I
didn’t get pregnant soon. In fact I think that was the reason he
brought the soldiers in to rape me, so I would get pregnant. We really
are trying, Marie. I told you Wilm was desperate for me to have a
girl, you know why.”
“Yes, I remember, baby.”
“Anyway, once the soldiers were finished with me he told
them to beat me until I’d learned my lesson. The whole five had long
whippy canes and began slashing me all over, then they started
working their way up and down my body while I was screaming from
the pain. It just never stopped but the worst was when they rolled me
over on my back and they started to whip my titties and cunt while
other soldiers held my arms and legs so I couldn’t protect myself at
all. Oh, you’ve no idea how that hurt, Marie. For the first time Wilm
wasn’t there to protect me, in fact no one was there for that. I know I
fainted at some stage and the next thing I remember was finding
myself outside on the cobblestones with my clothes strewn about
“But you’re still naked?”
“When I went through the Castle gates, the guards took them
away from me, saying I had no right to wear clothes again until I was
pregnant. I just ran as fast as I could. Luckily it was getting dark by
then but a few people still saw me. Oh, I don’t care about them but
poor Wilm…”
“Have you been home to check if Wilm is there now?”
“No, I came straight here. I couldn’t think of what else to do.
Can you go and ask the Count about Wilm, Marie. Please can you?”
“Chad, you’d better go over and check Lizzie’s house. Maybe
Wilm has returned. If he isn’t, go to the Castle and…”
“I can’t go and front up to that bastard, Marie. He could kill
me too.”
“Go to the Castle and check the court yards. Maybe they
dumped him there like they did with Lizzie,” Marie continued with

Chapter Eight
After Chad had left, Lizette was leaning towards the floor,
weeping piteously as Marie took her in her arms and cuddled her
friend. All thought of their brief encounter a few days ago, furthest
from her mind.
After the sobbing ceased, Lizette asked, “Was Chad fucking
your girl?”
“Fuck…? No, we were teaching her how to stroke a man, so
that bastard couldn’t catch us out by not carrying out his orders.
He’d just cum all over her face and chest when you knocked.”
“Oh, it must have been embarrassing, me catching you like
Marie looked at her seriously for a moment. “Embarrassing,
Lizzie? After what we did the other day? My god, nothing about you
could ever embarrass me, baby.” When she saw the look on her
friends face, she added, “No, I meant what I told you then. It was just
once. It won’t happen again.”
“What, Mummy?” Aimee piped up causing both women to
look across to the youngster whose presence they had forgotten
“It’s nothing, baby, just friends talking. Now you should go to
bed, it’s late.”
“I want to sit up until Daddy gets back. He hasn’t finished…”
“There’ll be no more lessons tonight, baby, now go to bed.”
With a sigh the youngster did as she was told and both women
looked at each other guiltily.

Sometime later, Chad rushed through the door, breathing
heavily as though he’d been running.
“Lizette, he’s alright, he’s home now,” he gasped with a sort
of smile, leaning both hands on the table to support himself.
“He’s home,” she shrieked, a look of relief on her face. “Are
you sure he’s well? Did he talk to you? Oh, I must go…” she
mumbled not able to think clearly.
“No, stop, Lizzie. You can’t go like that, you’re still naked,
you silly girl,” Marie berated her as she hurried to find a dress for her
friend. “And you, Chad Sawyer can stop ogling her. She’s been
through enough already today without having you stare at her like
Lizette’s hand instinctively went to cover her breasts but gave
up and began to pull the dress over her head.
“It’s not your fault, Chad,” she said. “I know it’s the way men
are. Wilm’s like that all the time, looking at other women, so I can’t
blame you not wanting to look at a naked one too. Oh, I must go.”
“Lizette,” Chad called to her. “I’ll come with you, it’s not safe
out there these nights with the soldiers out all the time. Besides,
Wilm’s not looking too good. No, he’s alright but he’s pretty much
bruised and cut and I’ve never seen balls bluer than his. They
worked him over real bad.”
“You behave yourself, Chad,” Marie warned him quietly as he
went through the door. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust her husband but
Lizzie was right, men and naked females don’t really go together,
especially when the man’s her own husband.

She smiled as she moved to Aimee’s bed.
“Well, baby, you’ve had some excitement tonight, haven’t
“I guess so. What does rape mean, Mummy?”
“It’s not nice, baby. One day I’ll explain it to you. Do you
want to talk about your lesson before you go to sleep?”
The youngster’s face became bright red as the thoughts of the
evening returned. “I… I guess so,” she agreed softly.
“Do you want to tell me how it felt when Daddy sprayed his
sperm all over you?”
“I was frightened just at first because I never knew his… his
thing would shoot like that. But when I realized… you know, that it
didn’t hurt, all I could do was watch it come out all over me. It’s very
strong, his thing, isn’t it, Mummy?”
“Oh, very strong indeed. Did you like the way his thing felt in
your hand?”
“Oh, yes. I never knew how wonderful it was. I loved feeling
it get harder, Mummy. Do you like feeling it when that happens?”
“Oh, you haven’t begun to learn how wonderful your daddy’s
cock is, my dear. To me it is the most wonderful creation but as he
begins to use it on you, you may not think so straight away. However
remember this, Aimee; a man’s cock can make that man quite
bedazzling or it can turn him into a monster; they are ruled by their
cocks and the few who know how to tame their appendage become
the most sought after of men. The other kind, and I’m afraid there
are many more of the worse kind than of the good, they use their
cock for their enjoyment alone and that enjoyment can take many
forms, bringing pain and suffering to the woman more often than
pleasure. That pig in the Castle is an example of the worst in men
while your father uses his weapon for the pleasure and love of his
woman before he takes his own satisfaction.”
“Oh,” the young girl sighed, more from the passion of her
mother’s words than their meaning, of which she understood little.
“Your lessons will continue each night after Daddy comes
home from the fields and we will both become your teachers. You
have much to learn and you have much to enjoy, baby.”
“I like the way Daddy touches me, Mummy. He makes me
“He makes me tingle too, lass,” she smiled at the girl’s
Just then Chad arrived back and Marie pushed Aimee off to

“He’s OK, I guess although he has trouble standing up. Marie,
his cock and balls are bruised almost black and he actually cries out
in pain every time he has to move. I don’t think he’ll get any work
done these next few days.”
“Poor Wilm,” she sighed. “How’s Lizzie now?”
“Oh, I think she got more of a fright than a beating although
she’ll have some bruises for a while yet. She stripped off in front of
me, you know; didn’t give a monkey’s cuss about me looking at her.
God she’s got great tits.”
“I should kick you in the balls until they’re black too, Mr.
Chad Sawyer. How can you come back and tell me such things? Did
Wilm know you were ogling his wife?”
“I don’t think Wilm even knew she was home but she sure
didn’t mind me looking, even though she was a mass of scratches
and bruises. She’s pretty proud of those tits, Marie.”
“Like them better than mine, do you?”
He caught the hint of sarcasm in her voice.
“Oh, shit, love, I didn’t mean… You know there’s no one but
you… It’s you, Marie, you know that,” he groveled, realizing how
she had taken his comments. Then with a grin he added, “but she
does have great tits, babe.”
“I can see the expression in your trousers, big boy,” she said
with a sly smile. “Enjoy yourself, did you?”
“I looked but didn’t touch, woman, so stop your bitchin’.
How’s our girl?”
“Oh, I suspect she enjoyed herself much more than she lets on
but the big tests are still to come. Maybe that’s why the little soldier
down there is standing to attention. It’s not Lizette’s tits at all?”
“You’d better believe it, baby. Now can we get under the
covers and play grown-up’s games?”
She giggled as she grabbed for his erection.

Marie met Jentie at the market and in their casual way, began
to talk about things that shouldn’t be spoken of at all in public.
“Have you spoken to Pierre, Jentie? About…?”
“I know what you mean, Marie. He says he has her play with
his… well you know anyway, but I think it’s more than that. Oh, I
wish he’d just talk to me. I know we’re supposed to teach the kids
about… about doing it and all but it’s embarrassing. I know you’re
probably doing it with Aimee but it’s so much harder when there’s
boys as well as girls always around.”
“Yes, that’s probably true because when it’s just us with
Aimee she’s taking it all as part of growing up and learning about
adult things. But it’s not right that Pierre is keeping everything from
you. You should come out and demand he tells you everything,
“The way he’s been lately I think he could even become
violent with me. I mean he keeps telling me to shut up when I try to
raise the subject. He says for me to keep on teaching the boys and
he’ll teach Abelle and that’s all he’ll say. Oh, Marie, how I hate that
bastard in the Castle. He’s a devil.”
“It’s making the whole village live in edge and I wouldn’t be
surprised if someone tries to slit his throat someday.”
“Don’t talk like that, Marie,” her friend whispered, peering
around to make sure no soldier was within hearing. “It could get us
into terrible trouble.”
“I know but I still meant it. Did you hear about Lizette and
“Oh, that poor child. I can’t imagine how frightened they
must have been.”
“All the more reason to stay well away from the Castle.”
“Yes but if we we’re called we have to obey and suffer the
madman’s antics.”
“You are teaching the boys, aren’t you, Jentie?”
“Ah, yes. They know just about everything that Pierre knows
about women. Who’d ever thought I’d be fucking my own sons a
few months ago? It’s obscene but the boys keep crying out for more
and if I don’t agree I’m afraid that the madman might find out and
then… Oh, I’m so glad we can talk about it together, Marie. It would
be terrible having to keep it to yourself like the bastard wants.”
“Do you want Chad to talk to Pierre about Abelle? He may be
able to get him to say something?”
“Oh, I don’t know. I mean Pierre is becoming so standoffish.
He never even wants… he doesn’t make love to me any more,” she
began but a flood of tears stopped the conversation.
“I will ask Chad. You don’t have to tell him we’ve talked.
Chad can bring up the subject about the two girls and how their
training is progressing.”
“Well, maybe…”
“Do you want to talk about the boys?”
“What? You mean… Oh, I’m ashamed, Marie. I can’t.”
“I’ll listen if you do want to, you know.”
“I do. Really I do but…. Well, can you imagine what it’s like
having two young boys always wanting to fuck... and wanting to be
stroked, you know until they shoot. And Pierre taught them about
getting, uhm, about getting sucked off. With my mouth. Oh, god, it’s
so… so terrible and yet I… I want it, Marie. I love touching them and
the way they touch me. Oh, I’ll go to Hades, won’t I?”
“No more than any of us, Jentie. We all do it, you know. We
do it to Aimee, we both do and she’s becoming addicted to having
climaxes. The only thing we haven’t done of course if for Chad to
use her… he hasn’t taken her maidenhead but he uses her back hole
and her mouth and I encourage them both. Aimee and I have sex
together, you know, we suck the other’s, uhm, slit until we come.
But we all understand it is only because the madman makes us. If we
didn’t, imagine what he would do when he found out we haven’t
been ‘teaching’ our child?”
“When do you think the Count will use the girls, Marie? I
mean they’re both maturing. He took a couple of young ones from a
few doors down and kept them for days. One mother said her girl
came back covered in bruises and won’t talk about what happened at
all but she does know the poor girl was raped. She was bleeding
profusely from her pussy.”
“Oh, my god,” Marie sighed, sitting down beside her friend.
“Is that what’s in store for our girls? He’s a sadistic bastard.”
“That he is.”

They had stopped working in the field for a few minutes to eat
their midday bread and cheese.
“I feel such a bastard,” Chad told his close friend.
“Why, my friend,” Pierre asked, wondering what was up with
his usually happy friend.
“It’s that madman in the castle and what he makes us do to
our kids. I mean, having to teach them about sex ourselves. In some
ways I want to feel my daughter up and try to convince her it’s for
her own good. But using her the way they make us…”
“If you didn’t do it, Chad, imagine what would happen when
he discovered the girl knew nothing. He’d not only punish us in the
worst ways, your wife too, of course, then he’d probably give Marie
and the girl to the troops. Chad, that might even kill them.”
“But a father shouldn’t do those things. I mean it’s against the
priest’s teachings and when it’s over Marie and I blame ourselves for
the abuse we’re heaping on such an innocent.”
“Does Aimee complain?”
“No, that’s just it. In fact I think she looks forward to what I
“So does Abelle and she’s only eleven.”
“But you don’t… I mean you don’t use her body, do you
“By using her body, I assume you mean her mouth? How can I
teach her without doing that? And her arse too. It’s the first thing
she pushes in to my face each night. She knows she won’t get
pregnant and frankly I think she gets her jollies when I’m in as deep
as I can get.”
“Doesn’t it make you and Jentie feel terrible about that?”
“What choice do we have? Besides, Jentie doesn’t get
involved with Abelle’s training. She looks after the boys and I do
“You don’t teach her together?”
“Shit no. I think Jentie would have a fit if she saw her
daughter sucking her husband off every night. And I don’t take any
part in how she teaches the boys… although I do know they enjoy
themselves just as much as Abelle.”
“Doesn’t she want to know what goes on between the two of
“Probably but it would be embarrassing for the girl if
everyone watched while she gets fucked. Doesn’t Aimee?”
“We do everything together as a family, Pierre. Sometimes,
Aimee masturbates me, sometimes her mother. We both suck her
little tits and she loves that and on the nights I use her back hole,
Marie is either getting her jollies at the hand of the precocious girl-
child or she is pleasuring the girl in some way. Aimee is just as
happy laying beside us while mother and father has their weekly
“Weekly fuck? Damn, I never have any juice left to do that
these days.”
“Well you should think about making it a family affair.
Besides I’ll bet the boys would like to take some of the pressure off
your juice storage instead of using their mother all the time.”
“I… I’ve never thought of that. I know Jentie pleads with me
sometimes to give her a nudge but I’m always worn out. Besides I’m
not sure how she’d take seeing me rut about in the girl’s arse as I do.
She’d go bonkers.”
“No more than you watching the boys bonk their mother.”
“Not maybe, Pierre. You should take the initiative. Why don’t
you make it a family affair tonight? All of you together makes a
happy family you know.”
“Yes,” he said, thinking seriously. “I’m glad I brought this
subject up, Chad. You’re right, I shouldn’t keep things secret; it is a
family affair after all.”
“Good man, but you have to tell me how it went tomorrow.”
“Oh, you’re a voyeur too?”
“Isn’t every man? Now look, there’s something else I want to
talk over. It’s about this woman swapping for the best farmers.”
“Oh, yes,” Pierre asked cautiously, looking around to see no
one was within earshot.
“Well, the fact is, I don’t like the prospect of every man and
his dog getting a poke at Marie. Frankly Marie and your Jentie and
Wilm’s Lizette are probably the three most attractive women in the
village, wouldn’t you agree?”
“Yep, I guess they are.”
“So there is every prospect of them being chosen by many of
the winners.”
“You’re right there and Jentie already thinks that. She doesn’t
know how she could ever lay down beside another woman while I
prong her but that’s what the bastard wants us to do.”
“What if the three of us chose each other’s wives?”
“You mean, swap wives? Fuck each other’s wives? Shit,
Chad, how can you even think that?”
“No, no, you misunderstand me. Not to fuck them but to have
them in our care. Once the time is up, they’d go home to their own
husbands without being touched by any of those filthy minded
bastards out there.”
“So, if you chose Jentie, you wouldn’t lay a finger on her?”
“No… well, only if she wanted…”
“Whaaat?” The man roared, causing Chad to roll away from
the fist that was headed straight for his nose.
“No, stop, I was just stirring. I promise I wouldn’t touch a hair
of her pussy… I mean her body.”
His friend’s angry face slowly disintegrated. “Stupid bastard,”
he spat as his face turned into a smile. “It sure sounds good to me. I
know Jentie would want something like that.”
“Just one problem, Wilm has the hots for Marie. He’s even
come out and told Lizette that he will be aiming to get Marie or
Jentie into his bed.”
“What does Marie think?”
“I think she’d kick his balls over the next hill if he tried but
that doesn’t alter the fact that we have to straighten him out.”
Pierre sat quietly for a moment. “Have you ever thought of
Jentie, Chad?”
“Thought of her?”
“You know, what she’d be like on her back.”
“You mean to fuck her?”
“Yes, have you?”
“Well, I…” He began feeling his face flush hotly.
“You have, haven’t you?”
“I suppose I… I guess we think of all the women that way
sometimes, Pierre. I don’t want to fight with you but to be honest,
she is beautiful.”
“And Lizette?”
“Shit, I know she’s beautiful. She was at our place only a
week or so ago stark naked after the bastard in the Castle beat her
and Wilm nearly senseless. She’s got a magnificent body, Pierre.”
“Lucky bastard. I wish I was there. I’d root her any day she
“What are you saying?”
“That if we can’t do something about Wilm, and I don’t think
he’ll be talked out of choosing Marie or Jentie, then we might have
to get the ladies to come to a mutual agreement. Share the husband’s
beds and their bodies to keep everyone happy.”
Chad stared at his friend for a long while, so long that Pierre
began to wriggle with embarrassment. “I would love to fuck Jentie or
Lizette,” he finally whispered.
“Then we have some negotiating to do, my friend. We also
have much work to do to make sure we get the chance to claim our
women. The other thing in our favour is that I’m sure the girls would
rather it be one of us than some of those animals out there, and that
includes the Madman.”

“Pierre said he’s going to carry out his teachings with the
whole family from now on. That should keep Jentie happy,” Chad
told his wife as they were stroking Aimee’s breasts as a preliminary
to her lesson.
“Oh, Chad you did speak with him. I didn’t think you would.”
“We’re good friends. All that was needed was a bit of
common sense and he soon saw the need to include everyone in the
kid’s molestation.”
“It’s only what we’re doing to our girl anyway, isn’t it?”
“Why do you keep doing it, Mummy?” Aimee asked
offhandedly. “I always thought it was bad having parents do sex
things with their children.”
“Are you complaining, Aimee?”
“No, I like it, you know that.”
“It’s done because the madman in the Castle…”
“You mean the Count?”
“Of course I do and he is mad. He’s a fiend. All parents are
required to teach their kids about sex by having them participate and
if we don’t do the same for you, when he wants you to show him
what you have learned, you won’t know anything, will you?”
“But I know lots now,” the youngster agreed.
“Still a couple of things to learn baby and tonight you’ll learn
how to make Daddy very happy. Tonight you’re going to learn the
taste of Daddy’s sperm and how to make sure you never waste a drop
of his precious discharge.”
“What? No, you can’t mean that. Not all of his white stuff,
surely not, Mummy? The first time was bad enough but all of it?
No,” she objected
“That white stuff as you call it, baby, actually made you so
don’t ever think of it as terrible. Daddy’s sperm is to be treasured,
not to be despised and tonight you’ll learn it doesn’t taste terrible at
all. In fact, one of the things men want most is to have their women
suck their juices into their mouths and swallow the elixir down,
every bit of it . It is an act of sex that gives them intense pleasure and
you must know how it is done because we think the Count makes all
the young girls do it to him as their test of loyalty. It must never be
wasted when he discharges into our mouth baby….”
“Oh, yuk, I’m going to be sick,” the youngster cried out and
made for the slop bucket.
“Come back here, Aimee. You won’t be sick and you will
learn to suck Daddy’s cock like every woman should,” her mother
told her firmly. “Now, come and stand between Daddy’s legs, give
him a big hug and a daughter’s loving kiss.”
Marie pushed the naked youngster between her husband’s
wide-spread legs, and held her hand firmly against her back so she
couldn’t back away.
“Come on, my little shrimp,” Chad smiled, “Let’s start your
lesson. I’m sure you will like it much more than you think right
now,” he added, putting his broad arms around her, forcing his
tongue between his daughter’s lips. She had been kissed this way
many times and accepted his intrusion without any dispute. In fact
she enjoyed the forcefulness of the act.
As he kissed, Chad’s hands roamed over her bare back and
bottom cheeks, fondling her nakedness and pressing his hardening
cock against her thighs.
“I think Daddy’s about ready, Aimee,” her mother whispered
after a few minutes of molestation. “Kneel down and take his cock
out, baby.”
This too, was nothing new to the youngster who was quite
happy to play with her Daddy’s hard cock over recent months. She
was always amazed at how hard it could get, how long and thick it
became almost as soon as she began to stroke it, how dark and shiny
the head became just before he shot his white goo all over her face
and chest. After the first two or three times she even looked forward
to moment he made that strange gurgling sound just as the first
shower of white shot forth and she hosed herself down so her Daddy
could massage the goo into her boobies so they would grow firm and
large. There was little doubt in her mind that what her mother had
told her about her Daddy’s crème being good for the health and
growth of her bosoms. Besides his hands felt wonderful as he slowly
smoothed the mess over her body until it finally disappeared.
But this time was going to be different. She had always kissed
his cock with her lips as she began to stroke him and sometimes even
wiped that little bead of pearl liquid that grew over the little slit in his
cock. She has seen her mother take his cock between her lips and
suck him all the way inside but this time it would be she, herself,
who was going to suck him in and his cock was so large she couldn’t
believe her mouth was anywhere big enough.
Tentatively, she knelt between his legs, taking up her usual
place, the tip of his cock now wet and glistening even before she had
“Kiss him, baby,” her mother encouraged.
Aimee could feel her mother’s hand on the back of her head,
pressing gently, not forcing her to act but showing her the way. The
youngster looked up into her Daddy’s eyes and saw the look of
anticipation. His cock was as long and hard as she had ever seen and
her fear rose once again.
“Open wide, baby,” she heard as her mother’s hand pressed
more insistently, forcing her open lips towards the bulbous, wet head
of his cock.
When contact between lips and cock was made the youngster
instinctively pulled back but her mother was ready and forced her
head down, encompassing the huge cock before her.
“Just take it gently, baby. Feel his cock slide between your
lips. Suck Daddy’s cock in, baby. Lick him; show him how much you
love his cock.”
Aimee gurgled and saliva dribbled from her overstretched lips
as the cock quickly touched the back of her mouth, making her dry-
retch. With a mighty effort she pulled away from the intruder as she
gasped for much needed breath.
“I… I can’t, Mummy. It’s too big, I hate it,” the young girl
panted pitifully.
“You have no choice, Aimee, you have to learn. Try again, a
little more slowly this time. Take a deep breath first then suck your
Daddy in and move up and down until you need another breath.
Come on, baby, you have to learn, you have no choice.”
“Noo…,” but her objection was cut short as her face was
pushed firmly over the cock for the second time. This time it was
slower and she had time to adjust before her breath was cut off as the
huge cock pressed against the opening of her throat. Her mother
maintained the firm pressure, finally releasing the youngster to allow
another lung full of air. Time after time Aimee found herself
swallowing her Daddy’s hardness almost all the way down, and she
learned to fight the desire to vomit.
Her mother’s face was pressed to her daughter’s ear as she
encouraged the girl in the ways of man.
“Yes, baby, you’re doing well now. As you lift your face
upwards, breathe through your nose so that when you push down
again. Let Daddy push his cock deep inside. He loves it, baby. Can
you hear him? He’s breathing very hard now. Soon he’ll cum. You’ll
feel his crème hit the back of your mouth, then you must swallow. It
doesn’t taste nasty, you know that anyway. Let your Daddy enjoy
your lips, baby. You’re doing so well. Oh, here he comes, can you
feel his cock get harder. Wait for it. Now…”
Exactly as her mother had warned, great splats of sperm
ejected into her mouth and everything seemed to turn to slow
motion; her movements, her Daddy groans of pleasure, the spurts
from his cock all seemed as though she were dreaming, it was so
Then there was a crashing bang on their front door and a gruff
voice called, “Open up in the name of the Count von Heppte.”
Her mother jumped away releasing the shocked girl who in
turn, pulled away from her Daddy, releasing his erupting cock
completely so that streams of sperm flew into the air and fell to the
“What…?” her mother shrieked.
“Fuck,” her father groaned as he tried to stem the spurting
organ by clasping his hand over it.
“Mummy…?” the shocked girl cried.
It took them all several seconds to recover from the shock.
“Oh, God, cover the girl, I’ll go,” Marie gasped quickly,
making for the door that seemed would crash inwards any second, so
severe was the beating.
“Y… Yes?” Marie stammered.
“Took your time, Missus,” the guard growled. “This is a
message from the Count. You and your family must report to him
first thing in the morning. That is the message,” he grumbled as he
turned to go.
“Wait. Why does he want to see us?”
“Don’t know, don’t care,” the man called back not even
looking around.
“What time, then?”
“First thing. Don’t be late.” By then he was almost out of
As Marie turned to face them Chad and Aimee sat silently,
each knowing to disobey could mean terrible trouble.
“What are we to do?” Marie finally asked. “Why does he
want us? Have you done anything wrong, Chad?”
“Wrong? No, nothing. I don’t know, maybe it’s one of his
little jokes; not give us a time and whenever we turn up, he’ll accuse
us of not obeying.”
“We’ll have to be there before sunrise,” Aimee said softly.
“The gates never open before then so he couldn’t accuse us of being
late before then.”
“You are just a child but you have the wisdom of a woman,
Aimee. You know we have no choice, don’t you?”
Ï… I saw the way he treats people, Mummy. He’s cruel and
vicious and if we refused his wishes we… I’m frightened, Mummy.
Why does he want us to go?”
“We don’t know, baby but you are right, we have to do as
we’re told, no matter how bad it might be.”
“He won’t beat us like he did to Wilm and Lizette, will he?”
“I rather think he has other ideas this time, baby. Look, I don’t
want to frighten you but he has been taking young girls up to the
castle lately and making them women, do you understand?”
“Making them women? I don’t… Oh, you mean…? You mean
he… Will I have to let him, Mummy. I don’t want to. It’s horrid,” the
youngster whimpered, tears beginning to run down her pale cheeks.
“Aimee, you know that’s what he said, remember? We had to
shield your virginity from the village boys until he decided when you
should become available. Well, several of the girls have been made
available recently so your Daddy and I think it might be your turn
this time. I’m sorry, baby,” she whispered encouragingly, encasing
the youngster to her bosom.
“Aimee,” her father spoke, his voice full of compassion. “It
comes to every girl as you reach maturity. If it is the Count’s decision
to do it tomorrow, I know you will be brave. I’m sure other girls have
told you how much it hurts and things like that but please believe me,
the hurt only lasts for seconds then it’s over. You’ve seen us having
sex many times, haven’t you?”
“That’s exactly how he’ll do it. Once he pushes inside, he will
break your maidenhead and you’ll instantly become a woman. The
pain will go and then he will let us all come back home.”
“Really? We’ll come straight back home, Daddy?”
“Of course we will. We just have to obey his wishes and then
it’ll all be over. Of course, he might not even want that tomorrow.
We’ll just have to wait and see.”
“I don’t think I’ll sleep much tonight,” the young girl sighed.
“You’ll sleep with us tonight, baby,” Marie explained. We’ll
hold you tight all night.”
“Oh, that would be nice, Mummy.”

Chapter Nine
It was still quite dark as they made their way towards the
“Damn, how many people has he called?” Chad asked in a
whisper. “Look there’s someone ahead of us and isn’t that Pierre and
Jentie behind us?”
“Oh, yes it is. Wait for them. Do you notice, they’ve all got
girls with them, see?”
“Have you been summoned too, Pierre?” Chad asked, his
voice still no louder than a whisper.
“That bastard burst in on us last night, well his guards
anyway. We were told to bring Abelle but leave the boys at home.
You have Aimee with you.”
“So have they ahead. You don’t think… about their
virginity…?” Marie asked softly.
“I don’t think he’d be such a glutton as that, Marie,” Jentie
whispered back. “I mean he has the pick of everyone, you’d think
he’d space his virgins out a bit, wouldn’t you?”
“Then maybe he is taking them for a test of what we’ve taught
“It could be but who knows, he is mad, you know.”
“Oh, yes, we all know that.”

“What do you lot want,” a surly guard barked at the several
families crowded around the gates of the castle when he opened
them as the sun rose.
“We’ve been summoned by the Count,” Pierre responded.
“Poor bastards,” the man sighed as he returned to his post.
“Just a word of warning; he treated the ones yesterday like shit. The
women came out bawling their eyes out and the men just looked
stunned. Don’t know what he did but it wasn’t good, let me tell you.
Just tread warily, that’s my advice.”
The group of five families walked into the courtyard in
silence, an occasional soft weep or gasp, the only sound.
“Where have you been, you lazy bastards,” a voice growled
loudly. “Get in here, you’re late.”
“We were all waiting at the gates for them to open,” one of
the men responded.
“So you want to be a smart arse do you? You’re all late and
I’ll make sure the Count knows you were,” The man sneered, and
Chad saw that it was the Captain of the Guard. He was mean and
used the power of his office to gain anything he wanted. The Count
looked on him as his defender and gave him unlimited authority to
manage the security of the fiefdom. “Now get yourselves into these
rooms and wait until he wants you.”
Each family entered separate rooms and the doors were
“Oh, God, what is going to happen to us, Chad?”
“Don’t panic, Honey. Stay calm and let’s not worry. There’s
nothing we can do anyway. Aimee, I know you’re frightened but try
not to be. If anything, you are the safest one among us all; you have
kept your virginity intact and he won’t find fault in your knowledge
of sex, for you have been a good student. So, let’s all try to stay calm
and just wait and see what he wants of us.”
Just as he finished his little speech, the door burst open and
the Captain of the Guard entered. “Right bitch, I want you stripped
naked. Yes, you, you stupid cunt. Take everything off. Now,” he
growled even louder.
“No, you can’t,” Chad began.
“Listen, arsehole, I can do anything I like, understand that. Do
you want to argue with me? Eh? Eh? Before you try, listen to me.
Whatever the Count wants, I give him. Sometimes there is a price to
pay for my services but it is not the Count who pays, you pay. My job
today is check out the flesh he wants to look over and for that there is
a cost. The cost is that she and the girl are mine to do with as I wish
until he calls for you. Refuse and I will have your balls cut off with a
rusty sword and the women will become the guard’s playthings until
they are no longer fit to open their legs. Do.. you.. understand…
what… I’m… saying… Sawyer? Well?”
His snarling face was thrust up into Chad’s, challenging him
to object or argue the point any further.
“Well, arsehole?”
“Yes, Sir, I understand. I don’t object.”
“Then why isn’t your cunt naked by now? You go and strip
what’s left, right now.”
Chad looked towards Marie but knew he had no choice.
As he began unbuttoning her blouse he whispered almost
silently, “No matter what happens, baby, I love you. Do everything
you’re told, everything.” He gave her arm a gentle squeeze as if to
help maintain her calm. Soon the sobbing woman stood alone in the
centre of the floor, naked and at the mercy of the devil standing
directly in front of her.
“Nice tits, cunt,” he sneered as his hands took hold of her
mounds. “Oh, shit yeah, very nice,” he murmured into her ear as he
clasped her nakedness to him, one hand now gripping onto a buttock
and holding her firmly as he ground his crotch against hers. “You’re
going to feel cocks in all your holes today, bitch. That’s what you
were born for, weren’t you? You’re here to make men happy,
nothing else, aren’t you?”
“If… If you say so, sir,” Marie gasped, feeling his rough
clothes scraping across her soft skin.
“How many men have you fucked, bitch?”
“None… I mean only my husband.”
“Then you’ll be adding at least three more today, believe me.
Try to refuse anything in front of me or the Count today and I
promise you, if you survive the guards, I’ll slice off both your tits and
stuff them down your daughter’s throat until she chokes. Believe
me, I will.”
“I won’t, Sir. I won’t refuse anything, I promise,” the
distraught woman pleaded. “But please don’t hurt my girl. She’s all
we have.”
“A very good reason to behave then. Now, take my cock out
and suck me off.”
Marie looked toward Chad who by now was cringing against
the far wall, his eyes, clamped tightly shut. “Can the girl leave, sir?”
“Shit cunt, just get on with it.”
She slid to her knees and opened his dank, smelly britches.
His cock was damp and drooling as she exposed it and it took great
willpower to place her lips around the bulbous head. The nauseous
taste that hit her was overpowering but she knew she had no choice.
The size was much the same as Chad’s; a little less smooth as the
whole length was covered in raised veins but she soon cleaned the
taste away and began to fellate him with rhythmic thrusts. It wasn’t
long before she heard his moans and felt his legs stiffen, expecting
the first surges of sperm to fill her mouth any moment. Then as
quickly as it had begun, he pulled himself from her lips and stood
“Not bad, woman, not bad at all. But I have several others to
test before my needs are satisfied. We will meet again, I promise.”
His hands were all over her body again, mauling, prodding
and squeezing, molesting her in the most degrading ways, fingers
penetrating her pussy and bottom, sniggering sighs as he felt her
shudder in disgust. Even her mouth was used, to clean away the
genital odours he had collected. Finally he stood back.
“Now the girl; remove her clothes. Everything off.”
“Oh, please…”
“Shit, why do you women find it so hard to do what you’re
told. Fuckin’ well do it. Now,” he shouted in her ear.
Chad had moved closer but kept his silence, knowing the
Captain had noticed his movements. Marie jumped from the
forcefulness of his demand and began to undress her daughter.
Aimee wept silently as she was stripped, embarrassed at having this
terrible man staring at her humiliation and frightened at what was to
come after witnessing the way her mother had been treated.
“It’s alright, baby,” Marie whispered. “Just pretend we’re at
home alone, no-one else watching. He won’t do anything to hurt you,
I’m sure. Maybe he’s just doing what the Count told him to.” Soon
the girl stood with her mother, two naked women, shocked and
afraid, humiliated beyond words.
“Oh, shit, the Count’s going to cream himself when he sees
this,” The Captain whistled. “You’re still a virgin aren’t you, kid?”
“Y… Yes, Sir.”
“You know how to suck cock?”
“Yes. Yes, Sir.”
“You’ve been shunted up the arse?”
“I… I don’t know what that…”
“Has your father fucked your arse, girl?”
“Oh, yes, he has a couple of times.” By now all confidence
had left the youngster and she stood stock still, hands by her sides,
facing the floor for she couldn’t look up at the monster interrogating
her for fear of fainting.
“Only a couple?” He asked incredulously, looking straight at
Chad. “Shit, man, if I had access to something as sweet as this she’d
be on her hands and knees in my bed every night. Maybe she sucks
you off so good you don’t need anything else?” He asked callously.
“It hurt her so I showed her how it is done then did it no
“You know he’ll want her that way until he pops her in cunt,
don’t you?”
Chad glanced at Marie then his beautiful daughter and felt the
tears well up in his eyes. He was powerless to do anything to save
her. “We have brought her here at the Count’s request. We are all in
his hands, Captain.”
“Huh,” the man grunted. “Pity I can’t get at her yet for I
would fuck her to death, she makes my cock cry for help so much.
And if you weren’t being presented to his Eminence today, I’d take
relief in every hole your woman has,” he continued, taking hold of
Marie’s breasts and feeling deep inside her vagina. “You’re a lucky
man, Sawyer but now I know what you have, I’ll visit you when I
have needs, no doubt about that. I’ve got to go now, other women to
sort out. The women stay, you come with me.”
“No, I’ll stay with them.”
“Now,” he roared and walked through the door not bothering
to see whether Chad followed. He knew he would.

Chad was led into the main hall of the Castle. He had been
there before to listen to various tirades from the Count but was
surprised to see a dozen or so men all seated along one of the walls.
The Count was nowhere to be seen but Chad gasped when he
realised who were there. Pierre with several of those he considered
to be the better farmers of the village. The Priest also sat with them
but looked uncomfortable, squirming in his chair as Chad walked
toward them.
“La Ponte, tell this worm where to sit,” the Captain growled
to his Lieutenant then turned and left. Le Ponte was standing with
several members of the guard and saluted his captain as he was
spoken to. The Captain then left.
“I need to talk to you, Sawyer. It’s important,” La Ponte
whispered as he walked Chad to the last empty seat. Chad noticed
the Lieutenant remained by his side, closely watching the rest of the
guard who were talking and laughing softly between themselves.
Once the guards had settled down and were taking little
notice, the Lieutenant squatted by Chad and said, “Just sit still and
listen. The bastard is going to put you men to a test today. Be very
careful. Do whatever he demands. He’s just looking for a scapegoat
to punish the hell out of in front of you all. He’s going to do
something with the women you’ve brought along and is just waiting
for someone to refuse his demands. No matter what he does or makes
you do, do it. He’s insane, believe me.”
“You don’t need to convince me if that,” Chad whispered
back from the corner of his mouth.
“I’ve tried to tell the others but some of them wouldn’t listen.
I may be in trouble myself if any of them accuse me. He’s going to
make you do things to someone else’s woman or daughter so he’ll be
doing the same with your wife.”
“Shit,” Chad cried out silently, putting his face in his hands.
“It won’t be easy but you have to if you value yours and their
lives. Understand me, he wants to make an example of someone and
it won’t take much to get you into trouble. You’ll hate yourself but
you have to remain silent. You must,” he repeated as forcefully as he
could in a whisper.
Chad looked toward the men sitting beside him and found a
solid line of strained and worried faces. Pierre caught his eye and
nodded slightly
La Ports continued. “Some of my men want to dispose of the
bastard but while his prime henchman, my dear Captain stands by his
side, we are helpless. Sometime soon they will act and I will lead
them but we’re not ready yet. I also think the Priest is so frightened,
he’s in league with the madman so don’t trust him. Shush, here they
come,” La Porte whispered and stood to attention.
In his usual way, the Count entered in all his pompousness,
loud-mouthed laughter and derisive comments about the men sitting
before him.
“Why aren’t you bastard farmers standing and bowing when I
entered? Eh? Who do you think you are?” He demanded, eye-balling
one of the men who cowered under his dominance.
“I… I apologize profusely, Majesty,” he cringed.
“Majesty? Huh, explain to this idiot that I’m not the king, not
yet at least,” the Count gauffed, slapping the man sharply on the
The Captain elbowed the man in the stomach as he passed by.
“Fool,” he whispered.
With a regal swish of his cloak the Count eased himself down
onto his large throne-like chair and clapped his hands. “Let’s get on
with the show, Captain.”
The Captain left and returned seconds later with a woman and
a girl, obviously her daughter. The woman was stark naked and
shrieked when she saw so many men watching her entrance.
“Shut up, you stupid bitch,” the Count roared, then laughed.
“Now whose bitch are you, woman? Stand up straight, and stop
trying to cover yourself. Why do you think you’re naked anyway? So
I can look at you; to please me, of course,” he answered his own
question. “Now, where’s your idiot husband?”
“It… It’s me, your honor,” a man down the line from Chad,
responded, his voice quavering as he clutched his hat to his chest.
The Count looked at him severely. “Who asked you to speak?
I was speaking to the bitch, not you. So, who is it, bitch?”
“He is, Sir. That’s my husband,” she said, pointing to the man
who had just responded.
“Is he? He doesn’t seem too worried that you come in here
showing off your body to everyone. He doesn’t even seem to care,”
the Count told the woman callously. “Maybe he doesn’t care for you
any more. Does he still fuck you at all?”
The stricken woman had no idea what to say or do. She
clutched her daughter to her side and with her face to the floor,
sobbed softly.
“Aw, shit, your woman’s lost her tongue,” the madman
moaned happily to the man.
“She’s… She frightened, Sir. And she’s never let any man…”
“Never let any man what, you idiot? Never let anyone fuck
her? Not even you?” This brought a roar of laughter from the
“No, Sir, not that; I mean we do, but no-one else, not even to
look at her like this, Sir.”
“Are you objecting, Idiot?”
“N… No, Sir, never; I wouldn’t do that to you, Sir.”
“Course you wouldn’t; I’d cut your bloody heart out if you
did. Well, it’s about time she did try someone else. She probably
doesn’t even know what she’s missing. Pick someone, idiot.”
“Wha…? I… I don’t understand, Sir,” the man stammered,
nearing a state of collapse himself. He knew exactly what the Count
had in mind.
“Who do you think would giver her the best ride, eh? Pick
someone but do it quick or I’ll give your girl away too. I’m sure the
guards would appreciate some fun with the young’un.” The girl
shrieked a loud, “No,” and buried her face against her mother’s
“Sir, I can’t…”
“Captain send the girl to the barracks.”
“No, I didn’t mean that sir. It’s just that I can’t decide which
one, which man to choose, Sir. Him, I’ll choose him,” he said, spittle
flicking from his lips in his rush to appease the madman.
“Ah, you’ve chosen Pierre the farmer. You think he fucks
better than you?”
“I… I don’t know sir.”
“I’ll bet anyone is a better fucker than you, idiot,” the Count
responded cruelly. “Ah, well, at least you’ve chosen. Go on, bitch, go
and give Pierre the farmer a good fucking. See what a real cock feels
like up your cunt.”
The woman fell to the floor in a dead faint, her daughter
screaming like a banshee, frightened out of her wits, fell to her
Chad looked across to see a look of horror on his friend’s
face. He was sure Pierre was as frightened as anyone.
“Go on, man, fuck her while she’s laid out ready for you. Go
on,” the Count urged him.
“You mean…? You want me to…? Here? Right now?”
“You men worry me,” the Count sighed, shaking his head.
“You’re some of the best farmers I’ve got and I’ll be offering you the
world once the harvest comes in. This is just a little test run for you
all. If you don’t like the one you get to fuck here, you can choose
someone else. Go and test the bitch.”
Pierre stood but made no move towards the unconscious
woman. He glances quickly towards Chad then turned to the Count.
“Sir, could I ask something?”
“Oh, shit,” the man growled. “What the fuck is it?”
“There’s someone else I’d really like to… Well, to fuck, not
her,” he said pointing to the woman.
“Oh, yes, and who might that be; your own wife, maybe?”
“No, Sir. It’s his wife, Sir,” he said pointing directly to Chad.
It only took a moment for Chad to realise what his friend was doing.
It was Chad’s own suggestion back in the field that day. If they chose
each other’s wife, they could at least care for the women, not like
some stinking, rutting bull of a man who might otherwise choose
their woman.
“He… He has no right, Sir,” Chas objected vehemently,
carrying their charade one step further. “He’s been trying to… he
wants… he’s been pestering my wife, Sir, for a long time and now
he’s trying to…”
“Ha, ha, Captain, we have dissent in the camp,” the Count
laughed loudly, cutting Chad’s objection off instantly. “Do you hear
“Yes, Master. Shall I…?”
“No, no, I like it, really I do. So Farmer Pierre, you want to
fuck, Sawyer’s woman, do you? Eh?”
“Y… Yes, Sir, I do, really I do; with your permission, that is.”
“And you don’t want him touching her, is that right, Sawyer?”
“She hates him, Sir, the way he’s always pestering her.”
“And what if I let him? What would you do then, eh,
“I… I… I don’t know, Sir. I couldn’t stop him then.”
“You could kill him.”
“No, I couldn’t do that, Sir. I couldn’t kill anyone. If I did I’d
be hanged myself and I have a daughter to look after as well as my
“Ah, your daughter; yes, I remember her. Beautiful little
thing, isn’t she? I hope you’ve taught her how to suck cock,
“Y… Yes, Sir.”
“We’ll see about that later. So, you won’t kill him and you
can’t stop him from fucking her if I give her to him, is that what
you’re saying?” The Count asked, toying with the helpless man.
“Yes, I suppose that’s correct, Sir.”
“Do any of you other men want to fuck Sawyer’s wife, too?”
There was stony silence in the room.
“What about you, Priest? I don’t suppose you get too many
women opening their legs for you. Wouldn’t you like me to give you
a cunt for the day?”
“I’m pledged to celibacy, Master,” The Priest replied, his
whole body shaking in fright.
“Celibacy? Yes, I guess there are several definitions of
celibacy. One day I’ll discuss them with you,” the Count said,
glancing sideways to the stricken man as though bored.
“Let’s get back to your woman, Sawyer. If I do give her to the
Farmer here, then you deserve something in return. I wonder what I
could give you to make you happy, Sawyer. What kind of gift would
make you happy enough to let the Farmer fuck your wife? Tell me.”
Chad breathed a silent sigh of relief. His hastily thought-out
plan had worked.
“I… I don’t… If I could, your honor, I would like it best if I
could have my wife to myself but I know only you can do that. If you
choose to give her to him, then could I ask for something of his?”
“Hmm, that may be possible,” the Count agreed with a shrewd
smile. “What does he possess that you would like the most?”
“He… He has a… I would like his daughter, your honor,”
Chad blurted out, unable to look either Pierre or the Count in the
Pierre shouted out his objection so loudly, it echoed through
the large room.
“Ha, ha, ha,” the Count roared, slapping his Captain on the
shoulder. “Oh, that is a good one, Sawyer. You want a virgin in
return for your own wife?”
Chad had to play out his game plan. “A virgin? No, I don’t
think she is, Sir. I mean, she’s old, fourteen at least.”
“Nice try and very courageous, I must say. But all the virgins
are mine aren’t they, Captain?”
“Oh, yes, indeed they are, Master. You know how to treat
them little girlies, that you do sir.”
“Is she here, the Farmer’s girl?”
“Oh, yes waiting outside with her mother, Master.”
“Bring them both in, and Sawyer’s women, too,” he added as
an afterthought.
“You, Idiot,” the Count growled at the husband of the
unconscious woman.
“Yes, Sir, I’m here,” the shrimp answered.
“I know your there, you idiot. Bring your daughter here to
“Yes, Sir, here she is.”
“Remove her clothes.”
“If you don’t get moving I’ll cut your fucking dick off, you
idiot. Do it.”
While the girl was reluctant she was far too frightened to
object and blushed crimson as her nakedness soon appeared. The
Count lay back in his chair and gazed at the blushing girl for several
minutes. By now, the Captain had pushed both Pierre’s and Chad’s
wives and daughters into the room. They stood watching the scene
unfold. Both youngsters looked on with horrified faces.
“You re a beautiful young thing, aren’t you, girl?”
“I… I suppose so, Sir.”
“Are you a virgin, child?”
“Yes,” the girl whimpered, twisting her hands together.
“Do you know how to suck a man’s cock, girl. Has your father
taught you how to do that?”
“Oh, yes, Sir,” she answered, her face brightening. “He
teaches me nearly every night.”
There were sniggers around the room. The girl’s father
cringed in shame.
“Does he now? Do you like the way he teaches you, child?”
“Oh, yes, Sir, I usually do. It’s only when his cock goes in too
deep I don’t like it. It makes me sick up.”
“Come closer child,” the Count said, holding back his
laughter for the benefit of the girl. As he reached out his hand and
stroked her small breasts he said, “I want you to come and visit me
tomorrow in the morning. Bring your mother too if she is well
enough. Will you do that?”
“Visit you here? Oh, yes, Sir, we will,” She agreed, feeling
more important than she ever had in her entire young life.
“Good girl. You’ve grown up since I saw you last time. I think
it’s time to become a young woman, don’t you?”
“A young woman?” She asked with a giggle. “But I’m only
twelve, Sir.”
“But you’re a very grown up twelve, my dear. I’ll see you
tomorrow. You can go now. Your father can carry your mother
home.” The man struggled to bear the weight of his larger, very limp
wife but made the supreme effort to exit the room as quickly as he
Before the man had left the Count transferred his attention to
the new women. His leering stares turned any confidence they had to
jelly. Both felt the humiliation of having the eyes of all the men
ogling their nakedness
“I can see why these men want to fuck you ladies. You’d both
please any man alive,” he finally said, watching their reactions. Both
women clung to their daughters and remained silent. “Who wants to
go first?”
Marie and Jentie gasped in unison, shocked and unsure of
what to do.
“Neither wants to go first? Oh, I am disappointed,” the Count
cried in mock despair.
“I’d like that one,” Pierre spoke up, pointing directly to Marie.
Marie in turn cried out, “No,” as she looked towards Chad for
protection. Chad gave her the slightest nod and his instructions
earlier came flooding back in her mind. ‘Do anything the madman
wants, no matter what it is.’
Jentie looked horrified at her husband’s actions.
“You, woman, go and stand in front of the farmer. Spread
your legs and offer him your tits.” Marie’s eyes blazed with fury and
she stood her ground, clutching Aimee all the tighter.
“I won’t tell you again, woman.”
Marie let her daughter go and moved in front of Pierre,
holding her breasts, firm as they were, towards her husband’s best
“Do you still want to fuck her, Farmer?”
“Yes, Sir, she’s the one I want.”
“Pierre,” Jentie pleaded, feeling herself near to collapsing.
“Then get your rod out. Woman, sit on him and fuck him until
he can’t fuck any longer.”
To Jentie and Chad, all movements in the room became
unreal; everything moved in slow motion. Their eyes couldn’t leave
Pierre as he struggled to release his cock, now a raging erection.
Finally Marie leaned over and helped, the whole scene moving so
slowly, every detail registered in Chad and Jentie’s minds.
The room floated in silence as Marie, in the slowest of
movements, stepped astride Pierre’s upthrust cock and slowly
lowered herself until it disappeared from their sight. They saw Pierre
clasp Marie to his chest holding her tightly, his face buried in her
neck as though he was kissing her but that couldn’t be seen because
he nuzzled her on the side away from their view.
Several things were happening while they watched their two
partners fucking, oblivious to all else.
The Priest, who sat beside Pierre, has hastily crossed himself
and covered his face with his hands although there was a gap wide
enough to let him watch all that was going on.
What he saw wasn’t the same as the Count saw however. As
soon as Marie had plunged full depth over Pierre’s cock, he clutched
her to him and held her so tightly, she could hardly move at all. His
face buried into her neck and he whispered into her ear, “Marie,
listen to me. I didn’t do this for my pleasure,” he began and felt
Marie’s body stiffen. She was objecting already. “Chad and I worked
this out between us; if that bastard made us choose women to bed,
we would choose each other’s wives. It wasn’t because we lusted for
you; it was so you wouldn’t be chosen by some uncaring bastard who
would deposit his slime and make your lives hell.”
As the words sunk in, Marie glanced across to her husband
but found him in a complete daze, his eyes glazed over as if in
“Does Chad know that’s why you…?”
“Of course he does. You weren’t here but he began to object
strongly when I asked for your body. He risked a beating from the
madman to make him think he was mad as hell at me for asking for
“Oh, Chad,” she whimpered, looking across at her husband
again. Then she realised something else. “Pierre, you’ve shrunk.
You’ve popped out,” she said in surprise.
“Just keep moving. The bastard thinks you’re bonking me
good and proper.”
“But… Don’t I…? Don’t I arouse you at all?” She asked,
taken aback that her body couldn’t keep him aroused. She couldn’t
believe all the effort she had put in hadn’t kept him stiff.
“If we were together, Marie, I’d make love to you whenever
you said yes,” he whispered, kissing her ear, “but doing this to please
the madman isn’t my way of getting aroused. Just keep moving, he’ll
never know I’m soft as a jelly.”
The Count had dragged Jentie to his side and was feeling her
up in no modest way, his fingers delving deeply into her pussy as he
dared her to object. “What do you think of your husband now,
woman? Looks like he’s enjoying himself. Maybe you aren’t such a
good lover after all, are you? He likes other women, see how he’s
writhing? He’s probably going to squirt any minute,” he teased her
Jentie felt the intrusions on her body but it was her husband’s
actions that held her attention, just as it still did with Chad. Both
partners were assuming both Pierre and Marie were enjoying
themselves no end for that’s what their body language signaled.
Meanwhile the two daughters stood transfixed at the scenes
before them. Their parents fucking; the Count molesting Abelle’s
mother in a most undignified way was too much for them to
“Well, woman, you’d better take your revenge. Go and fuck
her man. Show her she isn’t the only one who can take pleasure from
other men’s cocks.”
“N… No, I couldn’t,” Jentie objected.
“You fucking well will do it, you filthy bitch. Do as you’re
told or your kid here goes to the guards. I’m sure they’ll know what
to do. No one refuses my orders, understand?” the Count was
working himself up into a frenzy of anger.
Jentie looked across to Chad; his eyes were still focused on
his wife, obviously disgusted with her actions; at least that’s what he
hoped to show the Count.
“Chad…,” Jentie touched his shoulder. “I… I have to do the
same to you,” she spoke softly.
“Wha… What?”
“The Count says I have to fuck you like Marie is doing.”
“No,” he cried in a long moan, looking into her face.
“Never say no to your Master, Sawyer,” the Count screamed.
“Get your cock out and rod the stinking bitch.”
Jentie actually attended to the exposure of his cock and held it
upwards as she lowered herself onto it. Chad too, grabbed the
woman tightly to his chest and as she rose upwards, slipped cock
from her pussy.
“Just keep moving and let me talk,” he whispered, appearing
to the Count to be in the throes of sexual bliss. Chad went on to
explain what had happened between Pierre and Marie and in no
time, tears began to fall down Jentie’s cheeks.
“I couldn’t believe Pierre would do something like that. Oh, I
do love that man,” she whispered back then with a sly smile added,
“But I often wondered how big you were. Now I know; you’re quite
the man, aren’t you?”
“Shut up and fuck me like I was the last man on earth. We’ve
got to make that bastard think we both love it.”
The other men who had not been implicated in any of the
Count’s diversions up to now remained stonily silent, hoping he
would simply forget they were there. They could not take their eyes
of the activities Pierre and Chad were engaged in however, all
desperately excited and wishing they could have either woman for
their own pleasure.
Once the Count saw Jentie fucking as he’d decreed, he turned
his attention to the two girls standing together clutching each other’s
“Ah, my little virgin beauties, I want you to please me too.
You will, won’t you?”
The girls looked at each other, fright and doubt displayed all
over their faces. All they could do was nod.
“Of course you will,” he laughed happily. “Now, why don’t
you young ladies undress each other? Yes, take everything off. I
want to see how much you’ve grown since I last saw you naked.”
Both Marie and Jentie turned their attention to what the
Count was planning for their daughters but not daring to cease the
actions of copulation they were faking.
“But, Sir…? The other men, they will see us,” Aimee whined,
pointing to the men who had turned their attention back to the Count
“Is that an objection I hear?” the Count smiled sarcastically.
“Oh, I do hope it’s not,” he added. The girls made no further
comment as they began undoing buttons and pins. Soon they stood
totally nude before the monster of Heppte. His hands couldn’t help
but stray to their immature breasts and almost hairless slits.
“Are you going to make me happy, my dears?” He asked,
making sure they understood his demand for obedience. “I knew you
would,” he smiled as his fingers and hands roamed over their bare
flesh. “One day soon you’ll return and I will fuck you just like your
Mummies are doing. Won’t that be nice?”
“N…” Abelle began but her friend nudged her with her elbow
and she never finished what she began.
“Beautiful flesh you have my dears. Yes I will wrap your little
cunts around my cock and make you happy, I promise. But right now
I want you to do something else.” The girls looked at their parents
then back to the Count. What was he going to make us do? Their
faces clearly showed concern.
“Do you know the Village Priest?” Both girls did of course. “I
want you to stand in front of him, take one of his hands each and rub
it over your tits and cunt. Make sure he feels every part of you,
understand? And don’t let his hands go until I say you can.”
“The Priest?” Aimee shrieked so loud, the whole room heard
it. The guards straightened up and looked across. Their mothers’
desperately wanted to protect their girls but knew they had to keep
up the pretense of sexual intercourse and could not help at all. The
priest heard as well and became instantly wary of what might happen
“Indeed the Priest,” the Count confirmed. “Go and do it
straight away. Now,” he roared the demand. “Priest, it’s time to learn
what celibacy has caused you to miss. Do what the girl’s want you
to. That is an order.”
The Priests face turned a shade of grey as the naked
youngsters moved toward him.
“N… No,” he cried in alarm when each girl brushed his hand
across their breasts. “No, it is a sin,” he pleaded to the Count.
“It’ll be a bigger sin if I have to shut you up, Priest,” the
Count warned, moving himself closer to watch the Priest’s actions.
“Yes, you have my permission to molest them both. Do it Priest.
Don’t make me any angrier than I already am.”
“It’s about time I shot my load,” Pierre whispered to Marie.
“Maybe you’d better moan out your climax too. We have to convince
the madman it is over.”
“”I won’t have any sperm to drain out,” Marie whispered
“Are you wet?”
“Then try to get some of that to leak out. He won’t take much
With that Pierre groaned noisily and began to jerk his hips
back and forth. “Ahh, you fucking bitch, that was fantastic,” he
sighed as he slumped back in the chair. Marie breathed heavily and
looked exhausted. “Bastard,” Marie whispered. “You really want to
do it, don’t you?”
“What man in his right mind wouldn’t, Marie? You are a
beautiful woman.”
She didn’t respond, rather moved off Pierre’s knees, holding a
hand tightly over her pussy.
“Sir, I need to clean myself,” she asked. “In my bag,” she
gestured towards the closed doors.
“Go, bitch-in-heat,” the Count said with a wave of his hand.

Both girls were now sitting on the Priest’s knees, his hands
trailing over their breasts without any help from them at all.
“Nice firm pussies, eh Priest?”
“I… I can’t…” he cried in anguish.
“You know you love it, Priest. If you didn’t, how come you’re
cock’s risen to the occasion?” the Count asked derisively.
“I shouldn’t,” the stricken man continued, his hands still
clutching the juvenile breasts. Two girls’ faces were crimson red
with embarrassment. Never could they have imagined their priest
doing such things.
“Suck his cock, girlies,” the Count commanded, laughing
loudly. “Let’s see if he tries to stop you. Just remember, Priest, stop
them and you’ll lose your hands altogether.” As he spoke he
indicated to his Captain to stand beside the Holy man with his sword
drawn. The Priest knew better than to refuse any further.
Both Aimee and Abelle looked towards their parents for
guidance. Chad gave them the slightest nod, not wishing to upset the
Count any further.
The whole room was watching the two youngsters by now,
the actions of Jentie and Chad having ceased altogether. The parents
frantic that something may go wrong that might cause the Count to
take out his wrath on the girls. The only eyes not watching were
those of the Lieutenant; his gaze was straight at the group of five
The priest’s huge cock was now in the hands of the two pre-
teen’s fingers. They stroked him until a droplet of moisture formed
on the tip them Aimee took the head between her lips and cleaned
the wetness away. As she pressed down, encompassing the purple
head within her mouth, Abelle was stroking the base of his cock and
ball sac. The Priest was gurgling; groaning and shaking his head
from side to side as feelings far deeper than his own hand had ever
achieved, ran up and down his spine. Erotic thoughts were not
needed this time as the youngsters brought him to the razor’s edge
and then tipped him over in a matter of seconds.
Aimee had sucked her father enough to know she had to
collect and then swallow the whole discharge and waited until the
splurges had receded. Then she held her face up to the provider of
her mouthful and purposefully swallowed, opening her mouth wide
for the Priest to see his seed had gone. The Priest sobbed in shame
and mouthed the words, “I’m so sorry, child.” He laid his head
backwards and wept openly, bringing on laughs of glee from both the
Count and the Captain of the Guard.
“Now go home and think of the pleasures I can provide,
Priest. There are plenty of other girls I’ll need you to purify from
now on.” Then he looked towards Pierre and Chad. “Take your sluts
home and fuck them silly, farmers. Just remember this, these bitches
are just a few of the women you’ll each have from now on if you
give me good harvest returns.”
As Chad and Pierre put their arms around their naked
females, leading them from the hall, they heard the Count roar, “Not
you lot. We’ve still got to see how good your women fuck yet.”
Chad’s heart fluttered until he realised the Count was talking to the
men still in the hall. He ushered his family out all the more quickly,
not daring to try and find their clothing.

Chapter Ten
Both Marie and Jentie were weeping uncontrollably once they
passed, through the Castle gates and Chad and Pierre simply gave
each other a nod as they parted. Now wasn’t the time to talk.
Walking naked from the Castle wasn’t uncommon anymore and he
found most townsfolk they passed, turned their faces away so as not
to stare.
“Oh, Chad, it was horrific,” Marie wept as she held Aimee
tightly in her arms once they had closed their door. “He’s a monster.
I hate him. I could kill him. I hope someone does. I would do it if I
could and I will help anyone who tries,” she declared. Just then a soft
tap on the door was heard which made all three gasp in fright.
“Behind the blanket and stay quiet,” Chad whispered
forcefully and the women moved quickly.
“Who is it?”
“Open the door. I have to talk to you.” Chad knew who it was.
“Come in, hurry,” Chad told the man and closed the door
immediately after.
“It mightn’t be a good time but I must talk to you,” The
Lieutenant explained. “This madman can’t be allowed to go on like
this. He’s evil.”
“We know that, son,” Chad acknowledged to the younger
“Apart from the Captain and the five guards who he always
keeps with him, the rest of the men are with me. We’ve been talking
ever since the old Count died, for our lives have been a living hell
just as yours have. We have a plan but it needs the help of someone
special,” the Lieutenant went on.
“Who do you need? Me?” Then both the Lieutenant’s and
Chad’s voiced were lowered as they talked on and on.
Marie waited for a long time and still they talked so she
dressed and came from behind the curtain.
Both men looked up, Chad especially acting embarrassed and
guilty as Marie came to them.
“What is it?” She asked.
The Lieutenant immediately stood and bowed. “It is nothing
to be worried about, Madam. I had some things to discuss with your
husband.” Marie’s eyes darted from one to the other. She was sure
something had been said that involved her; it could be the only thing
that would make Chad look so guilty.
“Tell me.”
“No,” the Lieutenant answered all too quickly.
“Yes, she has to know,” Chad interrupted.
“Not yet.”
“What is this all about?” Marie demanded.
“Remember what you said just before he knocked on the door,
“Before he knocked? You mean…? You mean about hating
the Mad… Hating the Count?” She asked quizzically.
“No, I mean after that, Marie.”
The woman bowed her head to think. “Oh, my God, he heard
me saying I wanted to kill that bast… the Count. Oh, God I’ve got us
all killed,” she whined piteously. “I said it, Sir, not my husband; not
my daughter. I said it, take me, not them”
“No, madam, I’m not here to arrest anyone. But I have come
seeking help from your husband.”
“Tell her,” Chad said, putting his hand on Marie’s shoulder.
“Tell me what?”
The Lieutenant then repeated what he had told Chad. It
seemed to take much longer this time and when he finished Marie’s
eyes continued to stare back, an uncomprehending look spread
across her face. She sat silently for several minutes, remembering
little of what he said but understanding exactly, the gist of his talk.
Finally she looked to her husband.
“I won’t make you, Baby,” he told her, unable to look at her.
“You don’t need to. I said I would help and this is how I can.
But… Chad, please don’t hate me afterwards.”
He stepped to her side, lifted her to her feet and took her in
his arms; their cheeks embracing, tears flowing from both.
“Nothing would ever make me hate you, my love. I love you
more than you can ever imagine but this is so dangerous. I’m afraid,
“I have to do it, you know that,” she told him forcefully.
“Yes, I know.”
“Yes, I will help,” she told the Lieutenant simply. He held her
shoulders as he looked into her tear-stained face. “Good,” he said
and left.

Marie looked in to find Aimee had fallen asleep on her bed
then returned back to her husband.
“I can’t imagine what it would be like to open my legs for that
bastard,” Marie finally admitted. He’s worse than the madman
because he has even more power. The Count couldn’t do what he
does without the power of the guards behind him and The Captain
rules that power. That’s why the Count gives him so much latitude.”
“Yes, that’s true and if he suddenly vanished, there is no-one
to lead his band of five thugs. Without them, the Count becomes
“I have to do it, don’t I?”
“No, you don’t but you are a pivot in the Lieutenant’s plan.
Without you, there is little chance of success.”
“How can I ever seduce…?”
“Rather, how could the bastard stay away from you when you
offer yourself to him?”
“Oh, God, I can’t imagine… The stench; his breath stinks
and I daresay his body is no cleaner.”
“It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to separate him
from his cronies, Marie. You only need to keep him occupied a short
time and then he’ll be no more. They’ve thought it through very
“When do you think…?”
“Soon, but I’m not sure.”
“Oh, God, how can I cope?” She sighed as though to herself.
“You’re strong, Marie. You’re very strong. You know you
can, don’t you?”
“I just know I have to.”
They clung to each other into the small hours then Chad lifted
her in his arms and placed her on the bed. “I need you,” he
whispered, lifting her skirt.
She held her arms towards him and he fell between her spread
legs. Just as he entered her she giggled. She giggled so much she
couldn’t stop. She pulled a pillow over her face to stifle the sound so
Aimee wouldn’t wake.
Chad laid still, his erection slowly subsiding. “What?” he
hissed in her ear.
“I thought Jentie may have worn you out already, tonight.”
That only helped the sniggers to rise again.
It slowly dawned. “Oh, now there’s a woman,” he finally
responded. “Oh, shit what a woman? What a cunt? It was smooth as
silk and hot as a furnace. You should have seen the spunk she
drained from me.”
“Bastard, you didn’t get even a feel of her cunt. Neither did
Pierre of mine.”
“Oh, I got my share,” he continued. “I know she wants more.
She came at least twice, you know.”
“Liar! She hid her face in your cheek while you told her of the
plan you and Pierre had cooked up. Pierre told me the same, you
know. Actually his cock never even got hard.”
“You don’t have much sex appeal then,” he shot back.
“And she didn’t shoot your spunk so let’s call it quits.”
“I did get lots of feels though and she never stopped me.”
“In your dreams, baby; I’m not as dumb as I look.”
“Thank God for that.”
“Bastard, bastard,” she retorted, playfully punching his chest.
“Would you like Pierre to visit sometime, Marie?” He asked
seriously. “After what we experienced?”
She looked at him for several seconds. “Would you like to
visit Jentie?”
“Me too.”
“I think so.”
“Not just yet though.”
“No, but afterwards, maybe.”
“We’re good friends, Marie; Pierre and Jentie.”
“What about Wilm and Lizette? She wants you?”
“Me? Lizette?”
“She thinks of you when she rubs herself. She told me so.”
“The Count would kill us.”
“Not once he’s dead.”
He placed his hands on the pillow each side of her head and
lifted himself up to look straight into her face.
“They’ve both said they’d like to fuck you, Marie and I’d like
“You’d like to fuck their wives.”
“No, I’d like to watch you. Then I’d like to fuck their wives...
But only with your permission.”
“Oh, shit,” Marie sighed. “You take my breath away.”
“Maybe we’ll discuss this again,” he suggested, leaning down
to peck her on the lips.
“If I suck you, do you think you could get hard? Oops, you’re
there already,” she giggled. “So do your stuff, Mister.”

They were woken early next morning by a loud knocking on
the door. “Open up,” a gruff voice demanded.
“Oh, God, he knows,” Marie whispered urgently. “What will
we do?”
“The same as last night. Stay here and be quiet,” Chad told
“Yes, what is it?”
“Message from the Castle. You and your woman are
commanded to be at the Castle gates when they open tomorrow
morning. Don’t be late; The Count de Heppte won’t be pleased if
you are.”
“Why does he want us?”
“How do I know? Just be there.”
“But you must know something, man?” Chad pushed for more
“All I know is that ten men and their women have been
chosen. Stay calm, man, you’re going to get another woman to fuck
and so’s your woman. I mean she’ll get a new man,” he laughed as
he walked away.
Chad looked around and found several couples looking up
and down the street. They were all as confused as he was.
“Marie, I think it will have to be today. If we leave it any
longer we’re both going to be given to others to fuck. That’s what it
seems like.”
“What will have to be today?”
“I’ve got to find the Lieutenant and try to get him to move
today. You have a guest to entertain, my love.”
“Oh, Chad,” she sighed, sitting down and trying to stop the
flow of tears. “For a moment I’d forgotten all about that. Yes, it has
to be done,” she agreed.
In fact the Lieutenant found them first as he slipped inside
their door without even knocking. “Sorry I didn’t knock but there are
guards everywhere. I just didn’t want any of the Captain’s cronies to
see me. Look, we have to do it today. The bastard has organized
something for tomorrow and it’s not nice. It has to be today.”
“What’s he organized? We’ve just been told to be at the
Castle in the morning.”
“You too? Then it must be today. Madam, are you ready?”
“No but I will be. Just tell me when.”
“What’s happening up there tomorrow, Lieutenant?”
“He’s chosen ten of the best workers and their women. He’s
going to make all the men fuck a woman each, not their wives. He
says it’s a taste of what’s in store for the best farmers but it’s far
worse than that. There’ll be incentives to perform the best. The man
who holds out the longest before spurting, gets to keep an extra ten
percent of his crop. It could make him a very rich man. But the
woman who he’s fucking is the female loser and will be given to the
guards for a month. You know how few of them survive something
like that. I and my main men try to protect them but they get so few
females they are desperate, all of them and the woman’s life becomes
sheer hell.”
“I’ve seen what happens to the women,” Chad agreed.
“The winning woman is the one who makes her man squirt
first. She is given the assurance that her eldest virginal girl is left
untouched by the Castle. It becomes the mother’s role to find a
suitable husband for the girl and the dowry will be so great because
girls these days never get to the altar untouched. The poor bastard
that loses however not only commits his wife to the guards but any
daughters he has also. He’s a madman and a tyrant, the bastard,” The
Lieutenant spat. “So to save you and the rest, we’ve made the
decision to do it today. Your visitor should arrive by midday,
Madam. Are you sure you can capture his attention for the hour we
“I’ll do my best, Lieutenant. We both wish you well; I know it
will be dangerous.”
“Thank you. I’ll be off now. You, Sawyer, and your daughter
must be out of the way well before midday. There is no way you can
be anywhere near here then. We’ll do everything we can to protect
your woman.”
They clasped elbows and then he was away.

“Love me, Chad. Please love me.”
As he undressed, Aimee rose from her bed and sat watching
them. Neither parent objected as they made passionate, beautiful

Chapter Eleven
The knock made her jump and she hurried to open the door.
Fright and hate filled her mind for those first few milliseconds then
she smiled. “I wasn’t sure you’d come, my Captain.”
“Stop the chatter, bitch. You’re mine so do as you’re told.”
“Yes, I am yours, Captain, and I’ll do whatever you want. I
need you,” Marie smiled back sweetly, hating herself and despising
the foul smelling man who had grabbed a handful of her clothed
breast. “You are in a hurry, Captain. We have time to enjoy
ourselves, don’t we? I can make you very happy if you let me,” she
told him, pushing her body against his.
The Captain was taken by surprise at the unexpected warmth
of her welcome. He took a step backwards and stared at the woman.
“So, the Lieutenant was right, you did ask for me to visit,
didn’t you?” he sneered. “Why are you so pleased to see me,
woman? You know I can make you do whatever I wish.”
“Of course and I will but you can also make me feel nice as
well if you wished, Captain. We could make each other feel nice
together. I need a man like you, Captain, not like my husband who is
so weak he can’t even protect me. But you can, can’t you, Captain?”
“Aye, and I can hurt you. Get your clothes off, bitch,” he said
“Let me take yours off first,” Marie smiled back, a look of
untold pleasures in her eyes. “Show me the man you really are. Show
me your strength,” she cooed as her fingers released his rough
soldiers clothing. “I want to feel you, my Captain. I want to feel your
manhood in my hands,” she continued suggestively as she looked
into his eyes. “And in my mouth and other places…,” she said letting
her words trail off as she pushed his trousers downwards.
“Shit woman, show me yourself,” he demanded but did
nothing to press the demand further as her hand engulfed his semi-
hard cock.
She stroked him lightly, looking down into his eyes. “You are
big, my Captain. I never realised how large a man could be,” she
whispered as her other hand slowly unhooked the bodice of her
peasant dress. “Do you like, Captain?”
“Yes, yes,” he hissed, sliding his hand inside the loose bodice
to caress the valley of cleavage now on view.
“Oh, God, that feels nice, Captain. Don’t stop.”

As soon as the Captain had entered Chad’s home, a lone
guard, who had been watching, moved quickly to raise his arm,
waving a white cloth. The signal was given. He then maintained his
station, watching the Captain’s five trusted guards, who stood watch
outside Chad’s house. They were lounging against the wall of the
house, waiting on their commander’s return.
When the Lieutenant saw the signal he went straight to the
Count’s chambers and knocked. “What?” The Count’s voice roared
and the Lieutenant entered.
“My Count, your honor, I have disturbing news.”
“What? Where is the Captain? He should bring that to me, not
“I couldn’t find him, my Lord and I thought it was so
important that you know straight away.”
“Well, what is it? What’s so terrible it couldn’t wait until the
Captain returns?”
“It’s about… I’ve been informed that some of his soldiers
have been raping the village women, my Count. It’s happening right
now at the Sawyer’s house and their girl has disappeared as well.”
The Count stood in front of the Lieutenant. “How do you
know this?”
“One of the villagers ran to complain to me, Sire.”
“Guards,” he roared towards the door.
“There’s no-one out there, my Lord.”
“Whaaat? He growled. “They must be there. They have their
orders,” he shouted throwing the door open and screaming for the
guards again. “Where are those bastards? Where’s my Captain of the
“I’m sorry, my Lord, but I don’t know. I tried to…”
“Yes, yes, you said all that. Come, bring some men. I’ll check
this out myself,” he said striding through the corridors, his face
shrouded in anger.
The Lieutenant clicked his fingers and immediately ten men,
fully armed with swords and bows fell in behind the fuming leader.
Guards on the gate took fright at the commotion, thinking they were
the about to be accused by the Count for something they were
unaware of but the company moved quickly through.

Marie’s breasts were on total display and suffering from the
squeezing and pulling of the overwrought Captain. Her hand moved
fast along his cock and he knew he was close to shooting. “Stop, you
blasted sex-crazy woman,” he gasped. “Not yet, you stupid bitch,
you’ll make me cum. Get your clothes off, now. I want to fuck,” he
The men in the street could hear all that was going on and
they sniggered between themselves, cursing the Captain’s good luck.
Marie was waiting desperately for signs of her rescue but she
daren’t let her molester catch any sign of something untoward. She
let his cock flop against his stomach as she stood before him and
slowly removed the rest of her clothes, offering her breasts towards
him with looks of anticipation.
“My lips are ready to salute you, Captain,” she said
suggestively. “Shall I give the salute?”
“Yes,” he hissed, lying back on the bed, watching her face
descend towards his groin. The sickly sweet smell of body odor
became so strong she had to breathe through her mouth to stop
herself vomiting. As her lips enveloped his penis her whole body
jerked in revulsion at both smell and taste but the Captain took that
as her arousal.
“Suck, filthy bitch,” he growled as he pushed her head into
his crotch. “Arrhhh,” he sighed and allowed her to move as she
But she knew the time must be near.
“Fuck me, Captain. Teach me what a real man can do,” she
pleaded as she rolled over beside him, tugging his penis invitingly.
The Captain couldn’t control his eagerness.
“Oh, fuck you’re a filthy whore bitch,” he accused in his deep
That’s when she heard the first hint of movement outside; a
loud voice, the scuffing of boots on the cobblestones.
That’s when she began to scream at the top of her lungs,
clasping the Captain with her heels around his waist and her arms
around his back.
He was entranced by her actions. No woman had ever clung
to him like that before and his thrusting increased by the second.

Outside, the Count had arrived and found five startled guards
looking bemused at their leader’s strange arrival. They were the
Count’s guards, not like the ten men behind him who were looked on
as underlings.
“What are you bastards doing here?” He roared in fury.
“Where’s the girl? Where’s your Captain?”
The guards began to realise they were in desperate trouble.
Why was the Count so angry? What had they done? They were not
used to being spoken to directly and couldn’t think fast enough of
what to say.
“Arrest these bastards and throw them into the dungeon. I’ll
deal with you later. Now, where is that bastard Captain?”
Just as he asked, Marie’s piercing screams rose from the
house. “In there,” The Count growled and crashed through the door.
The sight stunned him. Two naked people in the throes of
sexual congress; one his missing Captain, the other, Sawyer’s wife
thrashing about under the Captain’s body, trying desperately to
release herself from obvious rape.
“You,” The Count roared. “You are raping my women. Arrest
him,” the Count roared, dismissing anything the desperate Captain
tried to say. “Take him out and castrate him. Immediately,” he roared
as the men hesitated. “Cut his balls off and then his cock. Let him
bleed to death. Do… it… now,” he screamed and hissed
Marie listened to the stricken man’s screams of anguish and
the shrill cries as the Count’s orders were carried out as soon as the
man had been dragged outside.
“Where’s your girl?” the Count asked as his wrath slowly
subsided. He showed concern for her rape, but much more for the
missing girl.
“I… I don’t know, Sir. They… The Captain’s men, they… I
think they raped her. They took her away and I haven’t seen her
since this morning.” She began weeping.

The Count left her without another word, calling the
Lieutenant to follow him as they returned to the Castle.
“You are my Captain now. You have served me well. Take
your men and make those five bastards talk. I want to know what else
the bastard I trusted so much was doing behind my back.”
“Thank you sire, I will serve…” The new Captain began but
was brushed off by the Count.
“Just get to it and quickly. I want them all to lose their heads
before the day is out but not before you know everything. Go and do
The Lieutenant took no joy in disposing of the five men. It
was something he would have done anyway because those five
would be a threat to anyone who replaced their Captain and
benefactor. They were not tortured to speak as the Count had
demanded; rather their deaths were quick and clean.
Afterwards, he returned to the Count’s chambers. “I have
news, my Count, and something I must show you.”
“What is it?”
“You should come to see, Sire. The guards have disclosed
much. The Captain was about to murder you, Sire and I want to show
you what they had planned. It is beyond imagination.”
“What? Murder me? Murder me, the Count von Heppte?
Surely not; I trusted that bastard. What do you have to show me?”
The incredulous Count followed his new Captain. They
walked to the top deck of the outer wall and the Captain leaned well
over and looked down.
“This is what you must see, my Count. It is how he was going
to murder you and it was going to happen tonight. Let me hold your
arm, Sire.”
As the Count peered over the battlement he couldn’t see what
his Captain meant. “What? I don’t see anything.”
“You need to lean right out, Sire. It is directly below the wall.
Lean just a little further. I will hold you securely.”
The Count leaned out so far only his thighs were resting on
the wall, but his Captain held him safely. There below the wall was a
large area of sharpened logs, some hundred or more, clustered
closely together and embedded in the ground, the sharp spikes
pointing skywards. The Count looked at the sight in awe.
“He intended to throw you down there, onto the spikes, Sire.”
“No,” the man gasped, trying to pull himself back from the
“You are safe in my hands, Sire. Look again. Imagine how it
would have been if he had succeeded.”
“Enough,” the frightened man cried out. “I’ve seen enough.
Pull me back.”
“I think it was a brilliant plan,” The Captain said, making no
attempt to rescue the clutching man. “And a well deserved end to a
tyrant. You deserve nothing less, you cruel bastard.”
“No,” the crazed man screeched. “Let me back. I’m your
Count. Release me.”
“As it is your wish, Sire. Goodbye, Rudi,” The Captain
complied and released his grip. The Count screamed all the way
down until a loud ‘plop’ rose up to the Captain’s ear and then there
was absolute silence. He looked over the battlement and sighed. The
body lay face upwards, one spike protruding through its stomach, a
second almost obliterating its face.

The Captain sighed, “At last,” as he returned to the Castle’s
main rooms, making directly towards the Countess’s rooms where
she had been banished for the past year.
He knocked, waited for permission then entered.
“I have some sad news, my Countess,” the Captain explained.
“Who are you? I haven’t seen you before,” the woman said
hesitantly. “Has he decreed my death? I knew he would sometime,”
she added softly, showing no sign of fear.
“No, my Lady, it is nothing like that. I am now the Captain of
the Guard, the previous one dying this afternoon. My Countess, I
have the sorry duty to inform you that your husband, the Count died
in a tragic accident just a few minutes ago.”
Her shocked face looked into his for several seconds. “Is this
his pathetic attempt at a joke?”
“It is the truth, my Lady. The Count is dead. He fell from the
top of the Castle wall onto a terrible spiked log. I express my
condolences. My Lady, you are now the Countess de Heppte.”
The Captain bowed his head and knelt before his new
The Countess still couldn’t believe. “Take me and show me.”
And the Captain obeyed her wish.
As they walked back, he explained further, “There are several
people responsible, Countess.”
“No one is responsible, Captain. He fell and that was his own
doing,” she responded immediately. “What happened was totally
justified. There will be no repercussions. Make sure the body is
buried. Don’t mark the grave.” Then she sighed. “I never thought
this would happen. I have no idea this would be my fate. I do not
know what to do.”
“May I make a suggestion, Countess?”
She looked at the man beside her for several moments. “I will
listen to your advice, Captain.”
“There is a man, his name is Sawyer, Chad Sawyer and his
wife and daughter. Without their help, none of this could have
happened. They are loyal and they are wise. He could be of great
assistance in returning the Fiefdom to its earlier happiness. You
could trust him, Countess and I pledge my allegiance and that of my
men to you,” he advised. “Uhm, there is one other matter. It would
help my soldiers if they could find partners in the village, Countess.
Men alone do become animals.”
“I think we should announce the Count’s demise to the
people, Captain. Sound the horn and then bring Sawyer and his
family to me.”

Some weeks later, Chad called his friends, Pierre and Wilm to
his offices in the Castle.
“We are here, high and mighty, Chancellor. What is your
wish?” The two men bowed exaggeratedly before their friend.
“Enough of that, you idiots,” he laughed. “Marie and I have
something to ask you both. Actually your wives too, but let’s break
the ice between we men first.”
“Oh, yes?” Pierre queried, seeing a wry smile creep over
Chad’s face.
“We’ve talked this over together and we were wondering if
you two and Jentie and Lizette, of course, would be interested in…
well, let’s say…”

The End

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