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NEW MAN thick black hair that looked great


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Cocksucking New man; M/F bond, M/M, Fdom, Mdom, etc.
by Bigby 2002
I could have found a "traditional" wife, one that would have kept
the home and spent her life raising our children. My business was
doing well, I could have easily raised a family on the income.
But no, I was a "New man", I wanted a woman who was my equal.

Gina was the one. She didn't earn as much as I did, but she had a
degree, and an entry level executive position at a good firm.

We were both only 24 years old when we got married. We thought we
knew it all already, we thought life was pretty much as we
thought it would be.

But things change; people change.

I was the one to call the shots at first. This was subtle; I held
the tv control, I decided where we would live. Of course
everything was discussed, [from the tv program up to the house],
but it was I who somehow had the last word.

It was the same in bed.

If I wanted to fuck, we fucked. If I asked Gina to give me head,
she always did. We were equals, but I was a little more equal
than she was.

Don't get me wrong, I lived to please her; I loved her to death,
I'd married her to make our lives together, as equal partners.

The shift was so subtle, I didn't even notice at first.

Gina got promoted; my business wasn't doing so well. Her income
was then greater than mine.

And slowly, it was me making the coffee most mornings; and then
every morning. Gina held the tv flicker most evenings, and then
every evening.

If Gina wanted to fuck, we fucked. She started to like to be on

I like being on the bottom and playing with my wife's full
breasts, but not for too long. I don't have control down there,
and she would always push back too hard, so it hurt. But Gina
liked it better that way, so that's how we did it.

That being said, we had a pretty good sex life. We always got
each other off, and we did it twice or three times a week after
Gina started to take command.

But after a while, she was getting bored with it. I suppose that'
s when the slide really got started.

We got friendly in the living room one evening [not unusual], and
she told me to strip. When I was naked, she played with my hard
on as I stood at attention in front of her, as she liked to do.

"Go wait for me in the bedroom, sweetheart." She told me, "I have
a surprise for you."

I lay naked in our bed for a few minutes of suspense before she
entered, wearing a see through powder blue negligee that always
made me nuts for her. Gina has gorgeous thick auburn hair and a
slim waist, full breasts and perfect legs.

She was grinning wickedly and swinging a pair of handcuffs from
her finger.

She rode me with my wrists chained to the bedpost; her full
breasts were clearly visible through the blue gauzy fabric,
moving enticingly as her body slid back and forth on my cock; she
pinched my nipples a little too hard, and I could see that she
was more turned on than she had been for a while.

And I loved it.

I was shocked to find that I was turned on by this, but not
unhappy. It made Gina go wild, and she was my wife, for seven
years at that point. Anything that could make us as horny as the
day we met was a good thing.

She hugged me tight as she came the third time, sticking her
tongue into my mouth; what a joy to feel your sperm pumping
deeply into the woman you love, as she moans with delight!

Within a couple of more years, she had me in full restraints. I
would be completely unable to move any of my limbs an inch, they
were all in tight leather cuffs. Gina would restrain me in
different positions before tormenting me for a while, pinching me
here or there, squeezing my balls, biting me, or just taunting me

Then she would slide her ready pussy over my hard waiting dick,
fucking me until we were both satisfied.

Then she suggested I quite my business.

"Sweetie, you're earning less than I would be able to deduct for
you if I could claim you as a dependant."

"But business could pick up again."

"But baby, if you weren't working, we wouldn't need to hire
household help any more. It just makes sense."

So we let Maria go, the only person who would call me "Sir". She
was a cutie, and I was quite fond of her, too.

Other than when Gina would restrain me and fuck me, we were
fairly normal. We talked, we went out, we had friends who we
invited over for barbeques. But our roles were reversed, she was
the breadwinner.

And she won plenty of bread; we moved to a better neighborhood, a
bigger house.

It had a dedicated room.

We got a kind of rack that Gina could pivot around, locking it
into any imaginable position. She'd strap me in standing, but
then she might turn me upside down and suck my cock [I liked
that], or beat me [I didn't like that]. She would always have me
on my back and ride my cock when she was ready for penetration,
turned on by her power over me.

We were at it one day when the phone rang.

"Hello? Who? No, I'm afraid you have a wrong number." Gina said,
holding her riding crop loosely in her hand. "No. No, I'm afraid
not. What? Oh, thank you, so do you. Gina. Sorry, no, I'm
married. Thirty five. Haha, yes, happily. Actually, my husband is
right here with me, but he can't talk because I've gagged him.
Yes, of course, otherwise he could take the gag off, what use
would that be? Well, wouldn't you like to know! Ok, I'm wearing
thigh high lace up high heeled black leather boots. And black
gloves, and a dog collar. Yes, that's all. Oh, he's not wearing
anything, just his gag and wrist and ankle cuffs. No, not an
inch! Yes, with a riding crop. Yes. Oh, yes! Really, you are?"

At that point, Gina resumed whacking me. It didn't really hurt much, but it did sting.

"Oh yes. I wish you were too. No, I'm afraid not. I'm hitting
him, can you hear it? Five foot seven. Brown, to my shoulders.
One thirty. People say so, yes. Hang on."

She put the phone down and unlocked the table; she swung it into
the screwing position, and took the phone again.

"I'm climbing on top of him now. Oh yes, like a log. I'm putting
it in me. Yes."

True to her word, she was squatting over my helpless body,
holding my aching cock in her hand, sliding herself down over me,
the warm wet tunnel of her love so incredibly in contrast to the
agony that had preceded. I strained against my restraints with
all my strength, my hopeless struggling adding to the excitement.

"I wish you were here, too." Gina said into the phone, "Are you
hard? You are? Will you come? I'm going to." She moaned loader
than usual, for the pleasure of the mystery caller. "Did you?

A new level; new excitement. She dropped the phone, and the
connection was lost. I'm sure her new friend must have tried
every possible combination of numbers, but he never got back to

So the new dimension was added to our love play; the extra man fantasy.

"He had a deep voice, I think he was black." She would tell me,
walking around my helplessly bound body and scraping one
fingernail excruciatingly across my stomach.

"I bet he had a dick like a baseball bat. I'd love to fuck him,
while I make you watch. I'd like to suck his big black dick while
you look but don't touch."

We found a sex number that would cater to this new fantasy, and
Gina would put it on speaker phone while she did her thing to me
and fucked me; but it was never as exciting as the first
spontaneous random call, and it was expensive. They charged by
the minute.

It was going to happen, there was no two ways about it. But we
needed to be careful; we maintained outward normality to our
social circle, and we didn't want there to be any possibility of
our strange habits being known to them. We went to another town,
taking a hotel room for the express purpose; Gina wanted to screw
a stranger while making me watch.

Of course, for me it was all pain; but by that time, pain was
our pleasure. We had been into mental pain more than physical
pain right from the start.

Gina was looking great [as usual] in a short blue skirt and
matching padded jacket, stockings and heels making her shapely
legs an irresistible sight as she sat at the bar.

She rejected the first three men who made passes at her. Then
Clyde came in.

I knew immediately that he was the one she would go for. He was
big and black, well dressed and good looking. I couldn't see her
face from where I was sitting as she gave him the eye, but I
could see his; he looked like a dog who'd just sniffed a bitch in

They talked and laughed for a while, then moved to a table. After
a while, Gina walked over to me. Clyde pivoted around to watch

"Honey, that man I've been talking to, his name is Clyde, he
wants to come up to our room. He understands that you'll be there
too. Now I want you to go upstairs and get ready."

"Yes, ok." I answered, standing up without hesitating. Gina didn'
t like it if I hesitated even slightly when she gave an order.

"We'll be coming upstairs in 10 minutes. Put on your uniform."

I lost my breath for a moment; I hadn't realized that she would
want me to wear The Uniform. I had never imagined that anybody
except Gina would ever see me in The Uniform.

"And the red wig, darling. Make sure the seams on your stockings are straight this time, and don't smudge your lipstick. All
right, we'll give you 20 minutes. There, you can't say I'm too
hard on you."

I went up to the room and dressed quickly, putting on the French
maid costume, net stockings, heels, and the wig. I only had 10
minutes left for the makeup, but I managed fairly well. I stood
at attention next to the door as my wife and her new friend
entered the room.

They both looked me up and down, Gina with some criticism and
Clyde with fascination and amusement. I was 5'11" in the heels.

"What you think, Clyde?" Gina asked him. As she lifted her coat
from her shoulders and waited for me to remove it for her.

"Wow, I've never seen anything like it." He said with a laugh.

"Take Clyde's coat, Ben." She told me. I did as instructed, and
hung it in the closet.

I stood in the corner and watched silently as they stroked and
kissed each other while lying on the bed. They ignored me, and
started to undress each other after a while, as people do. My
heart and my penis were both on fire as I watched the woman I
love enjoying herself, as much turned on by my pain and
humiliation as by the handsome young man in her arms.

Clyde was young, perhaps 22 years old. Gina and I were both in
our late 30s by that time. He was lean and strongly muscled, not
a bad catch at all.

Gina kissed him luxuriously while stroking his muscular chest
with her fingertips, lying back against the cushions and allowing
him to choose the timing, like I hadn't been allowed to do for
many years.

She pulled his underwear off of his perfect ass eventually, and I
saw her eyes widen; I found myself choked with anticipation; I
desperately wanted to see his dick, I had to see the mighty cock
that would soon be doing my work.

When he finally rolled over onto his back, and just before Gina
hid it inside of her mouth, I saw it.

It wasn't what I expected. He was only six inches long, and
perhaps 1-1/2 in diameter. I had to suppress a giggle.

Well, one can't have everything. He was still big and strong,
not to mention black. He was willing to help us play our game,
and Gina was looking at me as she sucked down on his black cock.

Oh, it hurt. It hurt fantastically, deliciously. The pain in my
heart and the swelling in my cock were delightful.

I wasn't wearing any underwear, and the light black skirt could
be seen rising in front of me. Gina smiled happily as she
caressed her lover's body, as she spread her legs for him.

Clyde smiled at me as he slid his dick into my wife. I couldn't
help but smile back; I was having fun, we were all having fun.

Gina hadn't had an orgasm lying on her back for years, but
looking at me standing at attention in the corner, watching her
with her black lover, dressed for a transvestite ball, that did
it for her. I watched her clutch his young black ass as she
shuddered through the event we had come here for.

I smiled as the pain clutched tighter at my chest; my cock still
stood straight out in front of me, stiff as a log.

"Shit." Said Clyde, looking at my erection. "Are you going to do
something with that thing of his, Gina?" He asked her.

"Oh, I don't know." She answered with a smile, her fingers
lazily tracing over his muscular shoulders. "I like him like

"Me too." Clyde answered her, "Is it OK if I suck his cock?"

Gina was stunned into silence. Her new man was a cocksucker.

"Sure, knock yourself out." She told him.

He got out from between her legs, and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Come over here." He told me, pointing at the floor between his
feet. I didn't move for a moment.

"Do what he says." Gina told me. I didn't want to get in
trouble with her, I complied.

It was hard to stay still as the stranger's black hands fondled
my stiff cock. I couldn't even figure out if I loved it or hated
it; both, I decided. Pain and pleasure, humiliation and pride.

"Jesus, Gina; your little maid here has a gorgeous cock!" He
said, and he started to suck me off.

Nobody had ever done it to me except Gina. Clyde was very good
at it, never concentrating too long on one area, reaching under
my skirt to stroke my ass and balls, sliding his other hand up
and down my stiff pale shaft since he couldn't get it all in his
mouth at once.

I never would have thought that I would enjoy having my dick
sucked by a man. But actually, it was fantastic. My dick was
being sucked by the same man who had just humiliated me by
screwing my wife while I watched; I was half woman at that time,
with that outfit I was wearing, and I loved the way my pink dick
was disappearing between his dark lips.

The physical sensation was almost more than I could bear; Gina
never sucked my cock so deep and hard, with such overt pleasure.

Gina moved to the foot of the bed, and watched in fascination.
Standing in heels on a carpeted floor isn't particularly easy.
Standing like that while getting a blow job is less easy. The
tension in my legs that I had to maintain just to stand up also
made it impossible to stop from coming.

Clyde held my cock tightly in his mouth, humming happily while
sucking it all down.

"Jesus Christ, that must be the sexiest thing I've ever seen."
Gina said, sliding back to the head of the bed, and laying back
against cushions. "Ben, lick me out."

I almost hesitated; she was full of his sperm. But I did as
instructed, and lay on my stomach with my face between Gina's
thighs, and started licking.

His juices were running out of her, and I caught the salty
mixture on my tongue, cleaning her pussy and consuming the
mixture of fluids.

I was surprised to find that I liked this strange activity; it
was wonderfully submissive and emasculating, and I found the
heavy musky smell pleasant. And after all, Clyde had already
swallowed mine.

I felt warm hands gently caressing my naked ass as my tongue
searched for the last remnants of my strange meal as deep as it
could reach into Gina's vagina. A finger played with my asshole;
it wasn't Gina, she wouldn't be able to reach. It was very
distressing, very frightening, and very exciting.

I then felt the first exciting sting of Gina's little riding
crop; she whacked my back steadily as I continued.

I felt Clyde's strong confident hands moving over my balls and
pulling on my once more stiffening cock.

"On your back." Gina ordered. I knew what she wanted; to ride me.
It had been her favored position for some years. Clyde let go of
my stimulated equipment as I did as I had been told.

Gina squatted above me and held my cock in her two hands, and
then slowly lowered her body, impaling herself on it.

She leered down at me through the tangle of her thick brown hair,
her eyes betraying the affection she really felt for me as I
experienced the inside of her warm body with my now fully erect

"Clyde." She said to him, "Come here. Darling, would you like to
see me suck Clyde's black cock? Would you? It's so lovely to suck
a cock, sweetheart."

Clyde was standing on the bed next to her, and she sensuously
stroked and cupped his balls, before sucking his small dark dick
into her mouth. Her pelvis moved back and forth against my dick
as she sucked his restiffening member gleefully.

"So, baby, you like to watch your wife suck a strangers cock."
She told me as she continued to rub Clyde's organ across her face
and lips, "You might be seeing a lot more of it in future,
sweetie. Clyde, Ben will now suck your cock. Kneel down so he can

He did it, grinning with excitement; his stiff black cock was
presented to my face.

I was less than eager; I might dress in drag to please Gina, and
I'd even come to like being submissive to her. But the thought of
having a man's cock in my mouth disgusted me. Still, there wasn't
much I could do about it; Gina had said I was to do it. The dark
stiff strange organ was already in contact with my painted lips;
it was wet with Gina's saliva, and warm with a heat of its own.
My mouth seemed to open of it's own accord, and Clyde's black
cock slid easily inside.

A living object invading the sanctity of my body; the pulsing
penis of a strange man who had just had sex with my wife. It
began to slid in and out, and I couldn't help but suck against it
gently; I explored the strange shaft with my tongue as it moved
inexorably, I tested it's texture and firmness with my lips as
the strange object crossed them, sliding, living, pulsing,
fucking, pleasuring.

Gina was humping me at the same time, and she lay down against me
and started biting my ear and licking my cheek as it bulged with
the impression of Clyde's cock.

"You love it, don't you?" she whispered to me, "You love sucking dick. God, I love watching it!"

I reached around him with one arm to steady him, holding his
round black ass. My other hand reached for his balls without my
conscious consent, pulling them gently.

Gina clutched me tight through her orgasm. Then she sat upright
again, and started striking both Clyde and myself with the crop.

The noises coming from Clyde were pretty funny; "Ow! Oh, that's
nice; ouch, shit, that stings! Oh yeah, suck my dick; Ow! Not so
hard, Gina."

Gina was hopping up and down on me, and I looked up at her with
one eye; she was grinning from ear to ear, swinging her little
crop against us both with wild abandon. I hadn't seen her so
excited since the first time I'd worn a corset.

"Oh man, play with my balls! Oh yeah, that's gonna make me come."
I heard Clyde saying.

I suddenly realized what that meant; his cock was pumping in and
out of my mouth, he was holding the back of my head in his hand,
and he was going to.

His reproductive fluids flooded into my mouth and throat; I
thought I was going to drown in it. I knew he had only just come
20 minutes ago [don't forget I had tasted the proof], so I knew
there wasn't really very much. But it was the first time for me,
and I was quite freaked out about it.

Clyde was clutching my head tightly, and I could feel the spasms
pumping down the length of his cock; the bulge would pass my
lips, then I would feel it against my tongue before the fluid
shot out the end and into my throat.

I was quite helpless, pinned down by my wife and her. Our, I
suppose, lover. It was the ultimate humiliation, forced to
swallow my young rival's spunk; I did it, and I reveled in it. It
was so deliciously low, so wonderfully horrible.

"OhmyGod, Clyde is coming in your mouth! Are you swallowing it,
honey? You are! Oh, you are!"

My wife was clearly delighted, and she humped me frantically
until she had another orgasm.

Clyde invited us over to his place on the following weekend. He
said he would invite some friends.

I didn't want to go, but Gina said we would anyway.

I was really nervous on the drive down; I didn't know who these
people were, or what would happen. But then, does one ever?

At the door of his apartment, Clyde gave Gina a big hug and a
deep kiss, and shook my hand as though his dick had never found
my tonsils.

"You'd better get dressed, Ben; the others will be here soon." He
told me.

I had brought my female clothes and paraphernalia, but I had been
hoping I wouldn't have to wear it in front of strangers. One look
from Gina informed me that that was what I was going to do.

I wasn't looking half bad, I decided as I checked myself in a
full length mirror a half hour later.

I had been wearing corsets for nearly a year, and my figure had
been forced into a feminine shape. I wore a small padded bra that
gave just the subtle illusion of breasts under my dress. I had
nice legs, and I was wearing my best wig, made from real hair;
thick black hair that looked great against my blue eyes.

Clyde's other guests were a kind of unlikely threesome. An older man, in his late 40s or early '50s; a rather attractive thin
woman in her early 40s, and Nadia.

Nadia eclipsed us all. She was perhaps 22, five foot 8, blond haired and blue-eyed. She was the kind of beauty that stopped
traffic, model material. Her figure was phenomenal, her breasts ample yet her ass tight and round. Her waist so tiny it looked
like you could touch your thumbs and fingers together if you held
her. And her legs.

The man, whose name was Francis, glanced at me briefly, and I
noticed a look of distaste pass briefly across his face. He
nodded to Clyde, and then rested his eyes on Gina.

"You must be Gina." He said, offering his hand. When she took
it in hers, instead of shaking hands with her, he lifted her hand
to his lips. His women entered behind him, and Clyde took their
coats as Gina and Francis stood staring at each other for just a
moment too long.

"I understand you're normally dominant." He continued, "And this
must be Ben." He said, waving in my direction but not bothering
to actually look at me. "Excellent, let's go to the living room."

Francis was a tall man, and heavily built. His shoulders were
wide, his hips lean. He had a certain air about him, a total
confidence; he took it for granted that he would be obeyed. He
took his coat off and handed it to me, and strode into Clyde's
living room as if he owned the place. The others shuffled in
behind him as I hung his coat in the closet.

"You!" He said, pointing to me as I entered the room, "Stand
there in the corner and keep quiet."

I looked to Gina for instruction; but she was just staring at
Francis in a way I didn't quite appreciate.

Francis sat on the couch, with Gina and the older woman, Elaine,
on either side of him. Clyde put on some music before sitting in
a chair. I stood as ordered.

"Dance for us, Nadia." Francis instructed.

She looked oddly familiar to me, but I couldn't quite place her;
I found out later that I knew her from television. She was an
actress in one of the afternoon soaps I was watching. We all
watched her dance, slowly gyrating, meeting everyone's eyes in
turn [even mine, very briefly]. She undressed herself slowly,
smiling at her master sexily with one leg up on the coffee table
in front of him while she lowered her stocking slowly. You get
the picture.

"You there." Francis said to me, suddenly, "Crawl over here."
He pointed to the floor between his feet. Gina looked at me
briefly and nodded. I got down on my hands and knees, and
crawled across the carpet.

Francis ignored me and kissed my wife as his wife [Elaine]
unbuckled his belt, unzipped his trousers, and pulled out his
penis. She smiled at me wryly as she played with it and shook it
closed to my face. I knew what was coming; everyone knew what
was coming. I wasn't happy about this at all, I didn't want to
do this, I didn't want to be here.

"What are you waiting for?" Francis asked me with a hint of
anger, "Suck my dick, shit head."

My wife's arms were around him, her fingers were stroking his
neck. She nodded at me again. I had no choice in that case.

Elaine held his half hard cock in her hand as I opened my mouth
and moved forward and down, doing what I was told.

After all, isn't that what submission is all about? It just
wouldn't be submission if I liked everything I was ordered to do.

I worked hard to pleasure him, bobbing my head up-and-down and
playing with his balls. I didn't hate him yet, but I was aware
that I probably would soon. Still, I wanted to be a good boy. I
could no longer see what the others were up to, but Gina's hands
were sliding around on Francis's thighs next to my face.

The position I was in was uncomfortable to the point of anguish;
humiliated in front of strangers, forced to suck the cock of this
man who was seducing my wife. Yet the penis in my mouth was
oddly pleasant; I didn't feel threatened by the organ itself.
The texture and heat was exciting, the sensation of what I was
doing wasn't unpleasant. The physical part was kind of fun.

It was quite some time before Francis had had enough. He really
wasn't interested in me sexually; he only wanted to demonstrate
his dominance.

"That's enough." He told me, pushing my head away. "Go in the

As I stood to comply with the order, I saw that Gina was stripped
to her underwear; Elaine was sitting on the couch arm stroking
Gina's naked back, and my wife's head was resting on Francis's
shoulder, her arms were around him and her fingers were playing
idlely with his curly gray chest hair. I didn't see Clyde and
Nadia; I found them in the bedroom.

They were naked and in bed. They weren't actually doing much;
just kissing and some light petting. They looked so sweet and

Clyde didn't look completely happy that I'd entered the room. I
could understand that, Nadia was the kind of woman that a man would love to have for himself, even if only for an hour.

"Did Francis tell you to shove off?" The young beauty asked me.

"Yes." I answered, feeling very awkward. I really didn't know
where I belonged.

I sat on the foot of the bed. Nadia's elegant white fingers were
tracing up-and-down Clyde's stiff black penis, her long perfectly
manicured fingernails scratching him lightly.

"Do you like wearing that get up?" She asked me, as Clyde kissed
her perfect breasts.

"I don't know." I answered her, "I like to turn Gina on, and it
drives her crazy when I get dressed up like this."

"Funky. It doesn't do anything for me, why don't you take it all
off and clean your face?"

I left them for a moment, as I stepped into Clyde's bathroom to
undress and clean myself up.

When I came out, Gina was on her front and Clyde was sitting on
her thighs massaging her back. I thought he was fucking her at
first, but he wasn't; his dark dick was sticking up and out from
between her perfect pale round ass cheeks. She looked up at me
and smiled; her eyes traveled lazily down my body until they came
to rest on my half stiff naked cock. Her eyes stayed there. She
reached out her hand towards me, and I stepped up to her. She
wrapped her hand around my ass, and stroked my poor butt. She
pulled me insistently towards the edge of the bed; towards her
stunningly beautiful waiting mouth.

Clyde was looking fairly put out; he'd been taking his time,
making love with her slowly, enjoying the foreplay. Now here I
was cutting in on his efforts.

My oh my, but she was a beautiful girl. Her big clear eyes
stared up at me as she filled her mouth with the end of my cock.

I'd been feeling all sorry for myself after what had been going
on in the other room; it had been unabashed psychological
torture, my lovely wife in the arms of another man as I was
forced to suck his cock dressed in drag. But the agony slid away
from my mind at the incredible sight and sensation of the young actress at my organ.

She was so young and fresh, so perfect in her beauty. And she
was moaning with pleasure as she sucked my cock and played with
my balls. Or maybe it was because Clyde was sliding his
inpatient cock into her other end.

I was starting to remember what it was like to be a man; it had
been so long. I had an irrepressible urge to hold this exquisite
beauty in my arms, to kiss her and fuck her like I used to do
with Gina so long ago.

After some minutes, I motioned for Clyde to move aside. He did,
and I lifted one of Nadia's shapely legs and rolled her willing
body over onto her back; I felt incredible exhilaration, I could
feel vitality and confidence flowing through my body; my cock was
as hard as steel, it was pointed at Nadia's shaved vagina, her
legs were spread wide, she was up on her elbows staring at me
with excited anticipation written on her face.

A face like Nadia's with an expression like that staring at a
man's penis could make the testosterone race through the brain of
a corpse.

I spread the lips of her pussy with my thumbs, and worked my way
carefully into her gorgeous young body. Her breasts were taut
and full, her nipples were standing proud; her lips were parted
and her teeth seemed to grind together, her hands gripped my
shoulders, her fingernails bit into me as I slowly started to
slide my dick in and out of her.

"Oh shit." She muttered, "Shit, oh my God. oh wow. that feels
good, oh my God."

Encouraged by her vocalizations, I started giving into her
harder. Her slim young body was tight against my shaft. She came
fairly quietly, the spasms passing through her body were
unmistakable. I didn't know how long I could hold out, and I
sure wanted to make her come like that again.

I let Clyde take a turn, and I enjoyed watching his black ass
rising and falling between her pale thighs.

Clyde put in a valiant effort, but he was missing something; I
don't think it was really just that my dick is about twice as big
as his. There has to be more to life than that. I was making
some kind of connection with the young woman.

Clyde pulled out and rolled over; I sat next to Nadia and pulled
her over onto my lap; she smiled happily as my cock disappeared
into her once more.

"Give Clyde head." I told her. I wanted him to come in her
mouth; I wanted the rest of her to myself.

He held her head as he slowly fucked her mouth, standing on the
bed next to us. I suppose it's strange, but when he came in
Nadia's mouth, it was at least as hurtful as when he had
ejaculated into my own wife. But as I said earlier, I was into
pain for its own sake. After he came, I rolled Nadia over again,
and I felt the primal surge of testosterone as I dominated her
physically, holding her slim form in my arms as I screwed her
silly. I couldn't resist her lips; despite the smell of what
Clyde had put in there, her mouth was too gorgeous for me to
leave alone. I held her head and kissed her, squeezing her
breasts between our bodies until we both came.

There was something extraordinary about our pairing; the way she
was looking at me when she came couldn't be normal. There was an
extra effect, a connection. It was a very intense moment, one
that I hope to never forget.

Nadia rested her head on my shoulder, and we lay quietly
listening to the moans and indecipherable voices filtering in
from the other room, and Clyde's quiet snoring.

The next thing I knew, the door was opening; I had slept a
little. It was Gina, she was dressed and ready to go home.

We didn't speak of our experiences during the next week; we
didn't have sex with each other that week either, but that wasn't
unprecedented. I wondered if Gina wanted to meet Francis again,
or if like me, she would prefer, if possible, to let those
experiences slowly fade from our minds.

On Friday, she informed me that she would be going to see Francis
and Elaine Saturday afternoon.

"I suppose you want to come." She said, in a manner that made it
clear that she would prefer that I didn't.

"Yes, I do." I told her, my heart racing. I was unused to
asserting myself with her at all by that time.

"All right." She answered me, coldly, and went off to work.

I wasn't going to suck cock again, I decided. If he came to a
showdown, then so be it. Nobody was going to make me suck their
dick. I didn't mind dressing in drag and all that; I didn't mind
being tied up and letting Gina abuse me. I even enjoyed it, but
I wasn't going to suck that bastards dick again, not with Nadia
around. At least that's what I thought.

But Saturday at 4 o'clock found me kneeling on Francis's rug with
my hands tied to my ankles behind my back, naked, with my makeup
and wig on, as Gina slapped me, Elaine whipped me, and Francis
stuck his dick in my mouth.

It had crept up on me slowly. First the dressing up; then some
bondage. Then the abuse had started, with everyone really
enjoying themselves except me. I probably wouldn't have cared in
the least except Nadia was there. She looked appalled, and that
shamed me. I realized that I didn't want to be submissive
anymore, especially in front of her.

But I was quite helpless, and as Francis fucked me in the mouth I
vowed to never allow myself to fall into this position again.

But like before, there was also a pleasant edge; the very
humiliation, the very pain was pleasure. The penis moving in and
out of my mouth, hard and potent, the penis of a master; that was
secondary to the humiliation. And a major part of the
humiliation was the presence of young Nadia.

"This is what you've been living with, Gina?" I heard him
saying, "A woman like you needs a man. I'm not even sure if this
is a human being, I don't know what to call it. 'garbage', that's
a good name for it. Suck my dick, garbage. Shit, you can't even
do that. Come along Gina, I haven't showed you our playroom."

They all left me, and I heard them moving through the house as I
sat on my knees wondering what I should do now.

I rolled on my back and twisted my arms up under myself so they
were in front of me. I managed to pick out the knots and free
myself. I took off the wig, and washed myself up in the

As I considered what I should do, Nadia found me. She didn't
speak, she just took my hand and led me to another part of the
house. I was still stark naked, but she was dressed; in a
gorgeous blue designer thing that made her look about the most
desirable female on the planet.

I undressed her reverently, and as I stroked and kissed her
exquisite body, I wondered what the hell she was doing in this
house. I wondered what the hell I was doing in this house.

I had been watching her on tv all week, I'd taped her show and
kept playing it back again and again. I was infatuated.

"Hold me, Ben." She whispered, "No, that's not what I mean; hold
me so I can't get away. Pin me down. Restrain me."

Of course. Francis was dominant, Nadia was submissive. She
needed to be told what to do, she wanted to be told what to do.
She wanted what I had been getting for the last several years; to
surrender to another person, to not have to be responsible for
her own pain or pleasure, to serve a master.

And I wanted only to please her; that's what I get off on,
pleasing women. To please Nadia, I had to be hard on her. I had
to learn to play Dom.

I tied her to her bed; I found the straps already attached to the
corners. She was panting with excitement, and she started to
struggle as soon as she knew she was helpless.

I tickled her, I bit her, I struck her [carefully, not causing
any injury], I kissed her and ran my tongue up her thighs. I
licked her out until she cried for mercy, and then I fucked her.

It was incredible, phenomenal. I'd never even been able to make
Gina come like that. Again and again, and each time I felt
stronger. With each to orgasm I forced from Nadia's helpless
frame, I stared into her gorgeous eyes and felt myself grow
bigger, more powerful. Masterful.

I slapped her face lightly, and I pinched her nipples until she
cried, squeezed the muscles of her shoulders so she whimpered
with pain and pleasure.

I put my dick to her mouth, and she lifted her head eagerly,
anxious to suck me. I held her head in my hands and pushed my
dick into her mouth and came, staring helplessly into her eyes.

I lay next to her and stroked her flat young belly quietly for a
while as our bodies cooled.

I found the situation quite strange; Gina was somewhere in the
house with Francis and Elaine. I didn't want to look for her; I
didn't want to confront whatever was going on. I didn't want to
be told to suck Francis's dick.

I untied Nadia, and we nuzzled together and slept a little until
the others were done with whatever they were up to.

I couldn't get Nadia out of my mind; I kept seeing those eyes of
hers, the way they looked at me.

We started emailing each other. She told me what she liked, and I
wrote fantasy letters in which I fulfilled her wishes. We might
have met, but she had a tight shooting schedule, and anyway,
neither of us was quite ready to betray our superiors; yet.

"Ben," Gina told me on Friday morning before leaving for work,
"Francis and Elaine will be coming over tomorrow afternoon.
Clean the house, pick up some wine, and make sure there will be
some nice things to eat."

She left, without revealing any more information.

I e-mailed Nadia, but she didn't know anything about her master's
plans for the weekend.

I scrubbed the floors and cleaned the bathrooms, I did the
shopping as I had been told.

I knew I might be losing my wife. I knew that if I were to make
a serious play for Nadia, I would have to give up the role that I
played in my relationship with Gina. I didn't know if a
relationship with Nadia was a serious proposition; was this all
just a game? In any case, I resolved to try for her.

I enjoyed being master; it had been fun being Gina's slave, but
she was betraying me now. I'd had enough of it. Win or lose, it
was time for a change.

I stayed out of Gina's way, busying myself in another part of the
house before our guests arrived on Saturday. That way, Gina
wouldn't see that I hadn't put on my dress and wig.

I answered the door, and Francis entered my house as though it
were his. He gave me a brief sneer as he passed me. His wife followed in behind him, also paying me very little attention; and
then there was Nadia.

I could feel the anticipation and excitement filling the air
between us. We were like a pair of kids just before Christmas;
we desperately needed to know what we were going to get; would we
have pain and pleasure fulfilling our masters orders, or would we
betray them and hide together somewhere?

I needed to escape with her; I needed for us to be alone
together. If our superiors were to order us to serve them, we
might be compelled to obey out of conditioning.

I took her hand and led her quietly outside. We got silently
into my car, and went to a hotel.

"Ben, there's something I should tell you." She said to me as we
drove away.

"You will speak when spoken to." I told her firmly.

I turned my head to look at her; her mouth hung open in shock
that what I had just told her, her eyes shone with admiration,
and I saw her back straighten and her nipples harden under her

"Yes, sir." She said quietly.

It wasn't my desire; it was hers. If I wanted to win her, I
would have to be strict. It was what she wanted.

I had a bag in the car; a few small items to restrain her with.

She stood silently like a good girl as I unpacked the bag on the
hotel room bed.

"Get undressed." I told her.

"You're a sexy bitch, Nadia. I'm going to tie you naked to the
bed. I'm going to enjoy myself with your body. I might strike
you." I slapped my palm with a riding crop. "Would you like

"Yes sir." She answered quietly. She was completely naked now,
her exquisite body filling the room with her sexuality. My
instincts were to worship her, pet her and stroke her. But I
could play this game as well.

"Get down on your hands and knees." I told her, "Crawl over
here. Unlace my shoes. Take them off. Massage my feet. That's
nice, you're a good girl, Nadia. Unbuckle my trousers. Would you
like to suck my cock? Would you?"

"Yes." She whispered hoarsely, "Yes sir, please, may I? I'll be
good, please let me."

"Go ahead, then."

I was sitting on the edge of the bed, and it was exquisite. I
don't think I could ever become bored of watching Nadia's face
with my dick in it.

"That's enough!" I told her, "Don't try to make me come.
There's a lot I intend to do first. You're not trying to make me
come already, are you?"

"No, no sir." She said, her eyes widening.

"On the bed then. Lie on your stomach. Don't move."

I began to strike her perfect ass with the crop. How odd, I
thought; the majority of males on this planet would do most
anything for the chance to caress Nadia's ass; and here I was
whipping it red.

I tied her spread eagled across the bed, and spent a good long
time biting her feet, licking her ass, sliding my hard dick up
and down her back, and pulling her hair.

I fucked her little bit; she was completely wet. I pulled out
and untied her.

"Roll over." I told her, "I want to look at you. Spread your
legs. Play with yourself."

I tied her up again, on her back. Then I got between her legs
and started licking her out.

She struggled and moaned, but there was no escape from the
pleasure of my tongue. Where does pleasure end and pain begin?
If pain was pleasure was pleasure pain? And does that make it
pleasure again?

She had her first orgasm. I stopped licking her, and put my dick
to her sweet pussy.

I felt her internal muscles contracting against my cock as I
pushed it into her. I grabbed one of her full young breasts in
each hand, squeezing and pinching them savagely as I started to
screw her.

I often wished that I could've really been a woman. Nadia's
capacity for pleasure was far greater than anything I could ever
hope for myself. That's why men love to make women come; our
pleasure is by proxy. When we come, it's usually over. But
women are not limited like we are. Nadia certainly isn't.

I pulled out of her, and licked her again. I had to get my cock
away from her body for a while. And she came. I put it in her
again, and she came again; I took it out of her, and beat her
crotch with the riding crop. She struggled in her restraints,
and came again. There seemed to be no limit to her capacity.

Finally, I had to take my own pleasure. I clamped her sweet face
between my palms as I fucked her hard.

I clamped her helpless mouth with mine, pushing my tongue into
her head as I started to release myself inside of her. I could
feel her muscles tensing and relaxing, I was aware of her
straining at the ropes as if to fight the orgasm that was washing
over her body. Her pleasure was my pleasure, her pleasure was her
pain. How strange that such a woman should need such treatment;
how glorious, what a privilege to be the one to administer it!

We lay cuddling together in our rented bed afterwards. I stroked
the rope marks on her wrists with a gentle touch.

"Do you want to be my woman, Nadia?"

"Yes." She answered quietly.

"You will leave Francis, and be only mine?"


"Good. From now on, you are to do what I tell you. That doesn't
mean I don't want you to think, Nadia. It doesn't mean I don't
want to please you, from time to time. You will serve me, but not
as an automaton. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Now tell me what Francis and Elaine are up to. Why are
they so intent on Gina?"

"Money. Gina earns very well, and they're a little frantic,
because Elaine recently lost her job, and my income will barely
cover their mortgage and bills. And my contract runs out in a few

"You pay their bills?"

"Of course. They are. were, my master and mistress. I worked only
for their benefit, I did what I was told. That's how I am, I need
to serve. Francis told me to keep you out of the way while he and
my. Elaine subdued your Gina. They were quite sure they had her
turned, and Francis was confident they would take her from you

"Go on."

Somewhere inside, I had known most of these things; But I had
refused to acknowledge them, living in my fantasy of having Nadia
for my own. Luckily, it looked like I would have. I didn't want
to lose Gina, but if I was going to, I was sure I could find
happiness if I could succeed in keeping Nadia.

"I hope I earn enough for you, Ben. Are your house payments very
high?" she asked anxiously.

That made me laugh out loud; and I realized it was the first time
in a while that I had.

"Don't worry about money, sweetheart, not while you're with me."
I told her, and I pinned her under me, squeezing her fantastic
young body tightly, and let my tongue explore her perfect teeth.

I entered my own house with a lot of apprehension, not knowing
what I would find there. Perhaps the battle had ended while I'd
been distracted with my new lover; perhaps my wife was still
here, perhaps she was gone. I was a new man now, and I would deal
with whatever situation I found.

I left Nadia standing in the hall, and proceeded quietly towards
our playroom.

"That's a good girl, Gina. You learn quickly, I like that." I
heard Francis saying.

I reached the doorway and looked inside; the three of them were
very intent on each other, and didn't notice me.

My wife was on her hands and knees, with her head at Elaine's
crotch. Elaine stood over her, naked, smiling in satisfaction as
Gina stretched her neck, doing her best to get her tongue to
Elaine's pussy. I noticed that Gina was wearing handcuffs. I
didn't see any other restraints on her, but she was dressed in a
very fetching pair of high-heeled black leather boots.

Francis stood behind his wife, running his hands over her skinny
body and cupping her small breasts.

"Is she satisfactory, dear?" He asked.

"Almost." Elaine replied. "She needs more practice, and more

It was really quite shocking to see my dominant wife submitting
to this couple like that. She was experiencing the other side of
the submission/dominance coin, just like I was.

I needed to grasp my new role now, and confront them.

But that was not easy thing for me to do. I had been submissive
to Gina for years. I was now the master of Nadia, but that
didn't automatically make me master of Gina. I was going to have
to try to take that role from Francis.

As all this was passing through my brain, Francis walked around
behind my wife, and got on his knees, putting his stiff little
dick to Gina's attractive rear end.

I saw my wife stiffen as he slid it easily into her. I was sure
it wasn't the first time he'd had it in there during this

"I'm going to fuck you in the ass now, Gina." He told her. "Has
anyone ever done that to you?"

"No." Gina answered him.

"No what?!" Francis demanded.

"No, master." Gina answered.

It was astounding that she would say something like that to
anyone, let alone a man she'd only known for a few weeks. A man who was now pushing the tip of his dick at her virgin ass hole.

I suddenly realized that I was learning things; Francis was
experienced at this.

"Do you want my cock in your ass, Gina?" He asked

"I'm not sure." my wife began, but was cut off by sharp slap
across the face from Elaine.

"Of course she wants it." Elaine said, "Don't you Gina?"

"Yes. Okay." Gina said, biting her lower lip

"You have a nice ass, Gina." Francis told her, "This is going to
feel really good. Don't worry about the pain, you'll get used to

Gina whimpered as Francis worked on jamming his cock into her,
pulling her ass cheeks open with his thumbs.

Elaine started whipping Gina's back with a little whip we had.
It wasn't a real whip, it just stung a little and didn't make
lasting welts.

"Who told you to stop?" Elaine demanded.

Gina did her best to service Elaine while Francis started fucking
her in the ass, holding onto her hips. She wasn't having much
success, Francis was bouncing her around too much.

I realized I was enjoying watching this; my mistress was being
humbled in a big way. Whether I got to keep her for myself or
not, watching this scene was rapidly erasing her dominance from
my mind.

It might be hard to understand for people who haven't experienced
the thrill of total submission; the excitement of complete
surrender, the joy of having no control. But I had been there, I
understood. I was surprised, but I understood.

Elaine suddenly noticed me.

"Look who's here." She announced, "The drag queen."

"Where have you been, garbage?" Francis asked me, holding his
dick inside Gina. He pulled it out, and stood facing me, his
little dick bobbing in front of him.

"Get in here and lick your wife's shit from my cock." He

Somewhere deep inside myself, I felt the urge to comply; to give
up my dangerous new course, and surrender. To accept humiliation
and defeat, to grovel and beg deliciously.

But it was only a small urge; my new confident persona threw it
back deep into my subconscious, and it has not been allowed to
emerge since. I miss it sometimes, it can be fun; but dominance
is even more fun.

"Suck it yourself, you needle dick little pimp." I answered him.

It probably wasn't the best comeback, Francis was an inch or two
taller than me; but I managed throw it back sharply.

He was truly enraged. I found that pretty funny; after all, this
was really just a bunch of crap. We were like dogs growling and
scratching the ground, trying to establish who was the alpha
male. I didn't expect him to actually attack me physically.

Still, I was glad he did. I hadn't had a fight since I was 17,
I'd sworn I wouldn't do it again after I'd injured someone quite

I sidestepped his bumbling attack, and leaving one foot sticking
out to trip him, I gave him an extra shove that sent him
sprawling into the corner.

Elaine attacked me with that stupid whip; she didn't seem to
understand it was only a toy. I grabbed her by the wrist, and
using my weight to spin her around, threw her on top of her

I saw Nadia standing at the door, her eyes wide and glistening
with admiration.

"Get out. I told the naked couple in the corner. "Get dressed,
and go home. You're through here. Gina, stand in the corner.
DID YOU HEAR ME GINA? Stand in the corner! Nadia, come in here.
Wait with Gina. Where are the keys to your cuffs, Gina?"

How strange, I thought, that this latent talent of mine might
have just played the pivoting role in this major turning point in
my life; if it had all boiled down to something I couldn't do,
like plumbing say, my whole life might be headed down the tubes.

I pretended to ignore Francis and Elaine as they dressed in the
next room, while actually keeping them under observation until
they were out of my door.

"Do you have the key, Nadia? Good girl, take the cuffs off of
Gina. Go get us something to eat, Nadia, I have to talk to Gina
now. In the bedroom, Gina. No, don't get dressed. And don't say
anything, you will have your turn to speak when I say.

"You were going to leave me for that needle dick pimp and his
wife, weren't you? THE TRUTH, GINA!"

"No." she whispered, not meeting my eyes.

I really don't like violence much, especially against my women.
But to play my new role, I have to strike them from time to time.
It hurts me, but I never let it show; it would demonstrate

"Don't lie." I told her after I'd done what I had to. "You
thought I was weak because I went too far trying to please you.
Well, that's over now. You'll do as I say, or we're through. Is
that clear?"

"What about. Her?" Gina asked, but with enough respect in her
tone that I felt it fair to answer her.

"Nadia will stay with me whether or not you do. She's mine now."

"And do you expect me to pay your bills if I leave you shacked up
with her? She doesn't earn enough to pay the mortgage on this

Her last strike in the battle for dominance; her financial power.

"It's amazing how worried you all are about money. Don't confuse
me with your broke pimp Francis. He needs your money, I don't. I
sold my business for stock options at the beginning of the boom,
since we didn't want money at the time. I exercised those options
two years ago. Do you know what company I was working with? You
never gave it a thought. It was Yahoo, and I sold out at the
peak. I don't need your money, I never did; you just loved the
illusion. You can keep working if you want, or quit. I don't
mind, Gina. If you choose to live with Nadia and I, you will do
as I say at home. Everything and anything I say. But that doesn't
mean I don't want you to be happy, I know that your work is very
important to you. You can be a hotshot executive during working
hours, but while you're here, you're mine. Is that clear?"

I watched it all going through her mind; I watched her balancing
her options, desires, and passions. It was close; she had just
discovered the pleasures of submission, but was unsure if she was
willing to commit to such a thing. She was attracted to it, yet
threatened. I knew her so well.

"Come down stairs." I told her. It was the moment to make her
mine again. "As you are."

Gina was naked but for the boots, in contrast to Nadia and myself
being fully dressed. Nadia was laying the table for three.

"Nadia, take off your clothes."

"Yes Ben."

"Is there anything cooking in the kitchen that needs looking

"No, Ben."

Gina was a fine looking woman in her late thirties, and I loved
her. Nadia was a world class beauty in her twenties, and I was
infatuated with her.

"Give Gina a kiss. A full kiss, I want to see you two kiss. Oh
yes, very good, girls, very good."

They were both very uncomfortable with this; and that was the

Gina was mine. She had submitted, and she was mine.

I'm amazed at how much sex I have these days; it's hard to keep
them satiated and in line, but it also gets me excited all the
time. I love to make one submit to the other. They like to be
tied up, which doesn't really do much for me, but it's part of
the Dom thing. I really like it when they're both in my room with
me, three in the bed, having some gentle and romantic touching
and love-making. But I know they both love and need to have it
the other way; hard and nasty with the toys and restraints of the
playroom. I usually screw one or both of them at least once a
day, and it's never boring.

For instance, last week I tied Nadia to the rack [naked, of
course]. I whipped her a little just to get her in the mood, then
I put it in her from behind. Gina was dressed in a very elegant
cocktail dress and heels, and she slapped Nadia's breasts and
pinched them until Nadia was in tears; then spoon fed her
chocolate ice cream, creating an incredibly delicious contrast of
pain and pleasure for her.

I like to make Gina do domestic work, that's completely
humiliating for her. She has to put on a sexy maid costume [the
kind a real maid would NEVER wear, if you know what I mean], and
clean the floor on her hands and knees while young Nadia
supervises. If Gina does a good job without complaining, she gets
a massage from Nadia, and then I screw her silly.

I never knew this other Gina was inside the one I was living
with. By the end of the period of Gina being in charge , we only
had sex once every week or two, despite the extreme lengths I
went to please her. Now that I'm boss, I tell her when I want
her; and the very order usually turns her on. And she always
knows that if she doesn't respond how I want her too, she will be
sleeping alone while Nadia and I have all the fun.

Keeping two women isn't all roses; it's terrible when they're
fighting. Then I have to be the judge, get angry with them, and
send one or both of them to their rooms, which is a real drag.
And every month there is "hell week" while they simultaneously
have their periods.

On the other hand, when they're getting along well, it's heaven
on earth; Gina will spend some time dressing Nadia up for me, and
then bring her out to show me.

And you should see the outfits they come up with! Anything from
top of the line designer dresses to just a dog collar and heels.
Usually they mix things together, and I try to criticize it all
somehow, just so they know I'm paying attention.

They still pretend they don't want to actually kiss and touch
each other sexually. I used to make them do it just to assert
myself [and because I love to see it, of course], but now I'm
sure they really like it. Sometimes they're naughty in just those
ways that they know will lead to the order. God, it's so great.

Two women licking my cock; two women to hold and kiss, two women
to caress and love, care for and protect.

And two women to bear my children; I've told them both to decide
on the schedule, I want babies. Gina is always under pressure at
work, but she's the one in charge there, and she'll have to make
space for her own maternity leave. Nadia has been offered another
year's contract on the show, and I would never deny her that, it'
s too important for her career. But the writers said they might
have her character get knocked up so we can all have what we

I've hired my old housekeeper back, I was so happy to get her.
She doesn't know everything that goes on around here, but of
course there's no way to hide the basic arrangement. She's a
sweetheart, I can see she's amused and curious; but she says
nothing, even when I tell her to leave something specific undone
[so I can make Gina or Nadia do it later].

It's odd, but since both my women work outside, while I work at
home, I wind up alone in the house with Maria a lot. I can tell
by the way she's looking at me, and the way she's always so
careful to be looking her best [which is quite good, she has a
fine figure and great eyes] that it would take only a very small
push to throw her on her back. I know she's unhappy at home, and
we still have an empty bedroom.

Gina and Nadia won't like it, of course, but I'm in charge now.
I've pretty much decided to take Maria. I probably will next
week, Gina is going to be out of town and Nadia is very busy
these days anyway.

I will leave you with this;

Gina walked into the living room where I was relaxing on the sofa
with some work; leading Nadia on a leash.

Gina was wearing a powder blue "power suit", with a short skirt
that let viewers know that her legs were of a high standard.
Nadia had her hair up, and was wearing knee high soft black
leather boots, the dog collar she was being lead by, and

"Darling, Nadia has been bad again." Gina told me.

I never tire of them, my dick started powering up immediately.

"Really? What has she done?"

"She got lipstick stains on my new dress" Gina said, showing me a
slight smudge on the collar.

"I think she needs some discipline. Bring her over here." I said,
and patted my thigh.

"No, please Ben!" Nadia said, with that wonderful mix of fear and
excitement that precedes a good spanking. She didn't struggle
much as Gina pushed her down across my lap. I ran my fingers
across her perfect ass for a moment, savoring the warmth of her
young silky flesh. But the girls needed something else; Whack!
Whack! Whack! I slapped her savagely with an open palm, as she
screamed in delighted agony and Gina laughed gleefully.

"Bring her upstairs, Gina." I instructed, tossing my actress off
of me, so she was sprawled naked, vulnerable, and lovely on her
back. Her boots were waving around as she tried to find her
balance, her cuffed hands were trapped behind her. Her vagina looked incredibly inviting, and I wanted to just make love with
her right there; but discipline for all; I went upstairs to The

We strapped her elbows and knees to the legs of a special table I
had had made. Her knees and elbows touched the floor, but her
weight was on her belly on the table. She was comfortable but
utterly helpless.

I got on my knees in front of her so she could suck my cock while
Gina slapped her ass some more and whipped her a little with the
toy whip. Gina stayed dressed.

"Put a dildo in her ass, Gina."

"Which one?"

"The medium. No, try the large.

"Do you like that, Nadia?"


"Good. I think it's time I did you in the ass."

Even Gina looked a little worried.

"No, Ben, please! No!"

"MMM, yes, that's what I'm going to do. Gina, get the jelly."

I was running my fingers around the dildo, stroking Nadia's
stretched rim.

"Francis did you there, didn't he?"

"Yes, Ben, but you're much bigger than he is!"

"That will just make it better. Grease me, Gina."

I love the sight and feel of a pair of perfectly manicured hands
sliding around my dick. The jelly was a bit disgusting, but I
figure I'll get used to it if I decide to make anal penetration a
regular part of our games.

Gina stared in fascination as I carefully worked my dick into our
helpless victim. It takes some getting used to, but the pressure
against my cock was fantastic.

"Fuck her, baby, Fuck her!" said my high powered executive wife,
"Slide that big dick of yours right in there, it's what she

I was amazed at how Gina reacted; I decided that she would be
strapped to that table very soon for some similar treatment.
Thinking about that while I did it to Nadia made it even more

"Well, Nadia, are you sorry for what you did?"

"Yes, Ben."

"Do you like my cock in your ass, now?"

"Yes, Ben."

"Are you going to come for me?" I was fingering her button.


And she did.

"Get your clothes off, Gina." I said as I unstrapped Nadia,
without pulling my dick from her.

"Oh shit! You aren't going to do that to me!" Gina said.

"Yes I am, sweetheart. You thought it was pretty funny when I did
it to Nadia, now it's your turn. Get that fancy rag off your back
and get ready."

I fucked and fingered the younger woman for another minute,
bringing her to orgasm again while Gina slowly undressed, her
fear and apprehension an aphrodisiac for us all.

Gina's pampered ass is a bit more generous than Nadia's, but I
love it as much. I strapped her wrists to the ring in the ceiling
instead of using the table. In her heels, her butt was at about
the right height.

"You let Francis do it too, you slut." I said as I slowly forced
it in. "I should have done this long ago. Do you like it?"

"No, it hurts!"

"WHAT?" I demanded, whacking her on the back of her pretty head
with an open palm.

"Yes, yes I like it! It does hurt though."

"I'll be more careful, then. How's this?"

"Good, it's good, Ben."

"Lick her out, Nadia."

"Yes, Ben."

I took one hand from her breasts, twisted her face around and
started kissing her while she came. Nadia was naughty, though,
and started licking my balls; it made me come, which I didn't
want to do yet. None the less, it was a good session.

Bigby 2002

If I get much demand for it, I'll write about Ben's troubles with
the maid, Maria; the poor woman really needs someone to take care
of her properly. But Gina and Nadia won't like it. there may be
some trouble.

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I'll keep writing if I get some mail.


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