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NEWYEAR young and curious this not


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

New Year's Eve Ball (Newyear.txt) We all know stage hypnosis is
a cheap parlour trick. There's no way a group of revelers could be
influenced by a dance floor ball and soothing words. If there's an orgy
it certainly couldn't be induced by a cheap parlour trick. M/F orgy

New Years's Eve Ball

Kathy was horribly confused. She was sure it was Christmas time
and Christmas meant elves. But it had to be dwarves sitting on her
shoulders and banging her head with their hammers.
Maybe it wasn't dwarves either, but something was trying very
hard to keep her from thinking. It was like every door she turned toward
was slammed and locked in front of her. Worst of all, she felt like she
couldn't wake up.
Then she was sitting straight upright at a table decorated with
party favors and plastic champagne glasses. Whatever it was blinding,
deafening and restricting her had vanished. But something had happened.
There was no one sitting at any of the tables.
The mirror ball spun slivers of light around the darkened room.
The band wasn't playing but there was an undertone of noise, like a
rumble coming from the front of the room. Kathy turned to her left and
it was like coming awake again.
Some smug voice in her head told her she knew what she would see.
She was denying it because she was afraid. And she was less disturbed
than she would have thought by the scene of naked couples engaging in
every kind of sex act under the sun out on the dance floor.
Had someone told her she was coming to an orgy? She wouldn't have
come then. But she wasn't shocked enough by women sucking men's cocks
and sitting on their cocks and letting them put their cocks in them all
over side by side.
Cocks, cocks, cocks, somehow she felt concealed and she consented
to look at those stalks of man-meat. They were all different and yet
interesting. There were greedy women taking more than one of them. The
cocks were sliding out, shining of moisture, and sliding in- in so far.
Kathy shifted uncomfortably in her chair. She felt so restricted
in her cocktail dress. These people were so rude to make her react that
way when she couldn't be naked and enjoy it.
"Who's fault is that?" Came from an inner voice. Kathy understood
what it meant. She could very well take her clothes right off and go
over and give herself to one of those cocks. But she couldn't do that.
Or could she? She must know someone fucking on the floor, but she
couldn't recognize anyone. She really couldn't see the faces clearly.
There were so many of them going on like they weren't concerned.
Then Kathy jerked again. She looked up at the stage. Things came
back to her. The hypnotist was saying a lot of things and smiling.

"And my, my, my it looks like fun. Maybe you've had a bit too
much to drink and you're not responsible. Maybe you're giving into that
secret desire you've always had.
"But it looks like fun. Everyone is enjoying themselves. No one
else seems to be ashamed to join in. You wouldn't want them to think
you feel you're too good for them.
"And it looks like fun. Did you agree to this earlier? You know
they made it pretty clear what kind of party it was. You came, so they
certainly expected you'd join in. Everyone else is in agreement.
"And my, my, my, it looks like fun. No one will care. You ought
to have some fun. Join in."

Actually, that made sense... But there was something else to remember. It pushed aside her obsession with the moving flesh she
watched copulate in front of her. It was the rest of the puzzle.
The man left and everyone applauded. It was a normal New Year's
Eve party. She didn't remember anyone even barking like a dog or
scratching themselves obsessively. They danced and drank champagne.
They were counting down the seconds, 8..., 7...., 6...
And the Times Square ball was falling. And.. And... And then nothing.
Kathy was really awake now. Somehow she had escaped the trance.
This was the parlor trick. Everybody was fucking in the new year
instead of kissing. It was really dirty and no one seemed to care.
Kathy's hand went to the side of her dress for the zipper.
If no one knew, what was the harm? She'd be anonymous. She'd
pretend the gag had worked on her too.
There were a lot of cocks out there. Watching all that unbridled
lust had made her want one. She'd pretend she didn't know what she was

They were marvellous big tits. Kathy could wrap both hands around
one. Like a big jiggling tub of jello, Kathy was fascinated with the
tit in her hands.
The rest of her was being taken care of a man kneeling behind her.
He has a sword of a cock and he had the upcurving smooth thing buried
in her cunt. It was fun. It felt like he was scraching an itch way up
inside her.
The woman pushed her head down and Kathy licked the nipple
between her hands. Everybody was allowed to do everything here. She had
been touched in every place as she found a spot in the tumble of flesh.
She had crawled through the gauntlet of hands eagerly. It felt
like an initiation into the group-grope. She passed into the mass of
fucking people through hands that tickled and then excited her. She was
ready for her part when the woman with the big tits stopped her and she
felt the man catch up to her from behind.
The woman was distracted. A huge cock had appeared and was now
going straight down her throat. Kathy glanced up from her licking and
then watched as the cock disappeared all the way into her mouth.
Kathy felt her own throat spasm in sympathy as this huge cock
fucked the woman's mouth. Her pause didn't go unnoticed. She felt a tug
on her hair and she was faced with another long cock pointed at her
The man fucking her cooperated and pushed her toward the cock in
her face. She was trapped. She had to suck the cock. She wrapped her
hand around it to keep it from fucking into her throat like the woman
laying under her.
It went far enough in her mouth that she felt stuffed with cock.
The man behind her increased that feeling as he fucked her faster and
deeper. She knew she was about to be filled with his cum. That was one
part of her naughty behavior that she hadn't considered.
He was gone before she noticed if he had finished. Then the cock
was pulled from her mouth and Kathy felt lost. In the midst of all those
fucking couples she felt alone.
The pause was only long enough for the man to get behind her and
replace the first cock with his own. He fucked her with a bit more
life. He was already halfway home when he shoved his cock in her.
The woman with the big tits had finished her cock and now pulled
Kathy down to kiss her mouth. The man behind her urged her forward.
Kathy opened her mouth as the other woman did and then was repelled
but did not recoil as she tasted the salty slime that the woman pushed
into her mouth with her cum-dripping tongue.
She wasn't sure why she shared the cum. It was a digusting thing
to do. But the woman was so insistent and the cock pounding her cunt made it hard for her to think.
Kathy was almost eager when the man's fucking became short and
obsessive. The tongue lashing kiss seemed to be building to a climax at
the same time. She was slowly overpowering the woman under her and
turning aggressor in the kiss.
She forced her mouth open wide and drove her tongue deep as the
cock in her cunt did the same. She tried to fuck her tongue into the
woman's throat as the cock swelled and came in her.
"Now make me suck it out of you," the woman gasped as she pushed
Kathy up.
Somehow it felt right. It felt like paying her back. It didn't
feel like another woman licking her cunt until the woman's tongue
actually touched her. Then it still wasn't like a lesbian thing.
Anyhow, the cock pushed in her face distracted her from the
internal discussion. It was nice to be free of all the restrictions.
She could do whatever she wanted. It was a party.
She was glad she woke up and saw these silly people hypnotized
into having an orgy. She had high morals herself, so she knew how funny
it was to see them engaging in immoral acts because of a suggestion.
She was glad she decided to pretend she was hypnotized too- just this
There were lots of women now. guys were licking and fingering and
squeezing, but it was the women that were really going at it hard. The
poor guys couldn't keep up with women. She was glad she had found the
woman with the big, huge tits. She usually didn't have sex with women,
it was wrong, but this was a party and she had the best one.
It wasn't any worse than letting men she didn't know and still
couldn't recognize fuck her. It was perverted all right, but sin is sin.
She had jumped right in for the party. My, that headache came up
Licking her girl between the legs made the headache go away. Or
maybe it was the tongue squirming in her own twat. She didn't need
to be so analytical. It was a party. She was having fun.

She jumped up out of bed and ran into the bathroom. She knelt by
the toilet, waiting. She started to feel a little better.
She wished that horrible dream would go away. It was March
already and it had haunted her since it had popped up on the first of
the year. She must have given in and drank champagne at the party.
She wasn't a drinker, but that was the only thing that could
explain her having scandalous thoughts like that. She didn't think of
such things normally.
Taken front and rear while being intimate with a woman- the urge
ambushed her and she vomited into the toilet. Ideas like that were
enough to make her puke, she thought as she ran the water to rinse her
mouth. She wished she could make them go away.
She must have been dreaming her salacious dream as she was driven
home after the party. She remembered waking up after two in the
afternoon laying stark naked on her bed. She quickly pulled the covers
over herself and tried to account for her brazen display.
She lived alone, but that was no excuse for such indecent
behavior. Some parts should be covered except for the brief time it took
to clean them. She had tried not to think about being sore in
unmentionable places and the horrid taste in her mouth.
She took it as her well-deserved punishment for letting herself
be talked into such merriment. She had no idea how her mind could spin
such a wild tale. No one could possibly do the things that plagued
her dreams, no matter how loose and immoral they were.
It had thrown her whole body off. She hadn't menstruated in two
months and now she was light-headed and prone to nausea. It was a good
reminder to never venture into such a situation again.
Next- Hypno-girl fights mysterious weight gain.


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