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NEXT GIRL ejaculation started and used


The Next girl by Michelle Lewis

Hi, my name is Michelle and I'm a 24 year old female and I live in Escondido,
California near San Diego. My story is pretty amazing, even to me after a
year has passed since it happened. I'm writing it for two reasons. One, is
that it's very hot and a lot of guys (and girls) might get turned on by it.
The second reason is for her, the next girl who experiences it, so she'll
know about the unique group of girls that she's joining. Like I did.

I had met Tim at a friend's party and we'd being seeing each other for about
two months. Tim is my age, with blond hair, and a really good body. Especially
his butt which is so cute from all the bike riding he does. We both were
into fitness and worked out at the gym on occasion but I preferred mountain
biking over the gym. You get out in the fresh air and can really get your
heart going especially up the steep hills we have in our area. It was also
great for my thighs which I liked to keep firmed up, and my weight which
I liked to keep around 115.

Tim and I had sex twice and he was good, but not great, in bed. He tended to
get overexcited and wouldn't wait for me to have an orgasm all the time. It
was a small thing and he was so much fun to be with that I could overlook
his one flaw.

One Sunday in early January Tim and I drove to a nearby wildlife preserve
to do some biking. The preserve was in a large canyon area that had development
all around but had been set aside for wildlife. It had some historical
significance as well, I think, but mostly it was for horse riding, hiking,
and, of course, mountain biking.

I had on my spandex biking shorts and shirt which were black with colored
patches. My brunette hair was only shoulder length but I put it up
in a pony tail so that I could wear my riding helmet. I noticed Tim glancing
at my breasts under the spandex top. I had on a sports bra but my 36 D
chest still tended to get noticed under the form fitting clothes. I returned
the attention by staring at Tim's butt. His muscles dimpled in on each side
and he had a really tiny....well, I'm getting off the subject.

We took our bikes of the car rack and headed for the many trails in the
canyon. It had rained several days earlier, and the usual trails were pretty
muddy. There were some very narrow, lightly used paths that looked more
promising so we took those instead. During the rainy season the normally
hard, caked ground is covered with a carpet of fresh green rye grass and
we followed the paths that cut through it all the while getting deeper and
deeper into the preserve.

There were other people on the trails walking or biking and we'd say hello
and get information on where the muddy spots were. After following one
path for about five minutes, Tim stopped and got off. We were at the foot
of a small hill that sloped up into the brush. For whatever reason we
started walking up the slope and came to a very unusual sight.

In the middle of this canyon preserve was a single grave site. The brush
was cleared all around as if the grave were tended and the headstone was
freshly painted in white. On the ground before the headstone were piled
rocks, atop the grave beneath. It was so out of place and unexpected. I
walked up and read the inscription on the stone.

John Boland
Born: March 24, 1816 AD
Died: January 12, 1863 AD

"He died during the Civil War, didn't he?", I remarked.

"There was no Civil War in California, Michelle.", Tim pointed out like a
typical guy that thinks he's so smart.

The stillness and solitude of the spot soon caught Tim's attention and you
girls out there know what was next on his mind. He put his arms around me
and we started kissing, then we sat down on the fallen trunk of a birch
tree and necked a bit more. His hands felt nice on my breasts even through
my top and bra. Then he started feeling up my thighs and eventually, cupped
me on my crotch to rub my vagina. I knew what was coming before he did.

"I guess you still have your...period, huh?", he asked having felt my
mini pad under my shorts and panties.

"'Fraid so. You're about two days early. Anyway, there's people riding
through here all the time. Kids even. I don't think we should risk getting

"There's nobody around here, Michelle, and besides nobody would care if they
came across a couple doing it out here."

"I'd care. I don't want to have to explain what we were doing to some young family or something. Forget it.", I explained in clear terms.

I wasn't trying to be a prude, I just didn't feel comfortable undressing there.

"Well, I'm not going back until I have some fun. I'll undress and you can
watch or help. Ok?", he said determined not to miss an opportunity for some
outdoor sex.

Knowing his powers of control, I didn't think it would take long for him to
get off and this was a pretty quiet area..."

"How's this sound? You drop the shorts only and I'll see...what I can do."

I was purring up to his lap the way that guys love and running my hand up
his thigh at the same time. He peeled down his spandex shorts and his black
cotton briefs underneath, then sat on the carpet of rye grass with his
back on the birch trunk.

Sitting beside him I worked the skin of his penis back and forth while we
kissed. It was a bit dry so I leaned into his lap and put his penis in my
mouth, tasting his skin and leaving my saliva to mix with the little pool
of fluid that had formed on the tip. His fluid was a little salty but had
almost no taste.

It struck me that this was the first time I can remember when I offered to
give a guy oral sex. Usually, they would ask and I would do it for them but
I had initiated it this time. As I felt him swell inside my mouth, my own
vagina began to feel all warm and tingly. It was a good thing that
I did have my period or I would have lost it right there and probably had
intercourse despite my better judgment.

Tim's penis was fully erect and slippery wet by now. I took him as far into
my throat as I could but I had never overcome the gagging problem that keeps
me from really going all the way down on a guy. It was strange that you could
swallow food without gagging but not a penis.

He was real close. I felt and heard that little grunt guys do before their
ready to come. His penis and balls spasmed a fraction of a second before his
ejaculation started and I used my fingers full speed to get him off completely.
His semen shot straight up in several jets and rolled back down over my
fingers around his shaft. I loved watching it happen, especially the expression
on his face, kind of strained and animal-like. Sometimes, I think it would
be fun to be a guy, only for a day, just to feel what that feels like when
they come.

We were doing pretty well on time. Start to stop Tim took about 2.5 minutes.
He hadn't even caught his breath before he was pulling up his briefs and
shorts. Then I did something that I never did, that I never would have
thought of doing before that moment. As Tim watched me, I took my hand that
had been inundated with his semen, and licked off every white strand,
swallowing every drop. It had a mildly metallic, almost dry taste, not
unlike my own vaginal fluids.

He was smiling ear to ear at my unexpected display of nastiness. It wasn't
like all.

I wasn't until two nights later that I really started getting crazy. Maybe
it was just a hormone surge or something but I was definitely feeling...
different. I awoke suddenly from a weird dream I was having, with the
distinct impression that there was somebody else in the condo. At first,
I thought it was just Nikki my roomie coming in from a late date. Then,
I remembered she hadn't gone out last night. I got up and walked down
the hall from my room to her's. Her door was closed but I could hear her
breathing on the other side so I knew it wasn't her. Still, the feeling
of being...watched was so strong it scared me at first.

I went into the living room and checked the deadbolt on the door. It was
locked as were the windows and back door. My heart was really pounding as
I went back to my room but instead of being afraid I realized I was feeling
really, really...horny. Not just mildly excited like when you meet a cute
guy for the first time but deep down, gotta have it, horny.

It was three a.m. and I wasn't about to call Tim, not that he would have come
at this ungodly hour. But I wanted a man. Now. I remember vaguely thinking,
"Where is this coming from?".

Rooming with Nikki was real casual and, being just us girls, we dressed
pretty functional for bed. I had on just a long sleep shirt with Taz on
the front and my bikini panties underneath and a bra. I lifted the
shirt up over my hips, pulling it over my head as sensuously as I had ever
done it in my life. Then I did the same with my bra, dropping it on the
floor with my shirt. I peeled my panties down slowly over my ass then let
them drop to my feet before stepping out of them, like I was stripping for
an audience.

The room was dark except for the light from the hall that spilled in. Nikki
had to sleep with the hall light on for some reason. I turned on the table
lamp by my nightstand and closed my bedroom door. Standing in front of
my dresser mirror I surveyed my own nude body as if it were another woman's
that I had never seen before.

I held my breasts underneath, lifting them slightly. My nipples were like
little erasers and I touched each of them with a wet finger making circles
around the pink part. I'd shaved back my pubic hair into just a narrow strip
so I could wear the one piece suit I'd bought with the high cutouts on the
legs. I turned and looked at my ass and legs. Not too shabby. I wasn't
Cindy Crawford but guys turned and looked at me when I passed them, so
I knew I had something going for me.

I went back and pulled the comforter and sheet up as if I were making the bed.
Then I layed on top with my back propped against the headboard and several
pillows. I drew up my knees and began to caress my vagina.

I can probably count on two hands the number of times I've masturbated myself
since I was 13. Well, maybe a few toes as well, but its not something I
normally do even when I'm between boyfriends. I'm not against doing it,
I just don't think about it. Tonight, I really wanted to get off and this
seemed like the only way. I was just a little...wound up.

I was surprised how wet I was this soon after my period. My wetness was
pooled at the opening of my vagina like liquid soap, thicker than usual.
Probing inside, I covered my fingers then, brought them to my mouth and
tasted my own juices. Yep, that was me all right. I resumed my slow stroking
up and down my labia trying to keep from diving on my clitoris and getting
off in a rush. I've never been interested in those 'toy' things except the
really big massagers.

What was really turning me on was the game I was playing in my head that I
was doing this while someone was watching. I talked to him, asking if he
liked me touching myself, and telling him how delicious I was feeling. It
was wild the effect the game was having on me. My clitoris was throbbing,
begging for attention. I could feel it standing up inside the skin around it,
like a little erection, rubbing itself against me as I turned or shifted.

Unable to hold back much longer, I began rubbing my clitoris on the side
and underneath. It still did the trick without the sharp, itching sensation
that happens when I stroke it directly on top. I lifted up my bottom from
the bed ready to come. In the back of my consciousness I remember hearing
a knock on my bedroom door at the moment of release.

"Michelle. Are you all right? I heard you get up before. Any problem?",
Nikki was asking as she stood outside.

I couldn't have stopped my orgasm at that point if my own father was at the
door. We were friends and both girls. She'd have to understand this time.

"Ohhh..I'm comin...coming....Ohhhh, Ohhhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhhhh."

I had not tried to hold back. It just felt so good to really let go after
all the build up and tension since waking up. Nikki could hear everything
and her imagination was even better than mine.

"Ooops. Sorry to...bother you...Uh, sleep tight.", she said through the
door in embarrassment at catching me 'in the act' as it were.

I'd walked in on her with her boyfriends a couple of times so it was not
really a big deal. It was kind of expected with boyfriends and roommates and
all. But this felt even more personal. Why was I getting off alone? It
wasn't like me, again.

I turned off the light on the nightstand and just turned over on my tummy
without putting my clothes back on or getting under the comforter. It was the
first time I'd slept in the nude by myself that I could remember.

I was awakened by the sound of running water. I glanced at my bedroom clock
and saw that it was past seven. If I didn't hurry I'd be late for work.
It was warm in the condo, Nikki ran up the heating bill something awful, and
I didn't feel chilled even though I had been sleeping nude on top of the
bed covers. It had been a weird night and the feeling...the horny sensation
was still with me. Maybe I was getting sick?

Although Nikki and I are close we do maintain some privacy between us. But
this morning I was not myself. I opened the bathroom door and walked in
unannounced. Nikki was washing herself in the tub and looked up at me a bit
startled. She'd seen me nude of course but not just walking around the condo.

Nikki is a year older than me with dyed blond hair cut real short and cute.
She's what the guys call a 'fox' by any standards. We are about the same
size in most things except bras, I'm a cup larger. She's also a lot more
uninhibited than I was and she would tell me stories about things she'd done
that I would never have done in my life.

She didn't show embarrassment or cover herself as I came in. I could see
her breasts but the rest of her was under the soapy water in the tub. I
proceeded to walk over to the toilet, and take a pee.

"Sorry, I forgot.", she said apologizing for not flushing before. "Sorry,
about last night know...Are you all right, Michelle? Is Tim
not working out or something?"

"Tim's fine. He's on a business trip till Friday. Don't feel bad about
catching me. I just felt...horny for some reason. No big deal. You do it
don't you?"

"Sometimes. Just for old times sake I guess or when the guy I'm with is
really fast or bad.", she said in support.

"Nikki. Could I borrow some clothes from you for work.", I asked.

"Sure. Just don't take my new jeans. I'd like to wear them once before you

"No. Do you have a pair of nylons I could wear?", I asked directly.

"Pantyhose or thigh tops?".

"I've got those, what I mean is the old kind, that you need garters for.
Do you have a pair of those kind. And a garter belt for them."

"Michelle, are your going to work at the usual place or are you making a
career move. How come little miss I-can't-wear-a-dress-today-its-too-windy
suddenly wants to dress like the nasty girls? Are you trying to impress some
guy at work?"

"No, I'm a mood to dress up, that's all. Now, can you lend me some
or are you going to cross examine me some more."

"Bottom drawer on the left. That's where I keep all my gifts from my
boyfriends. You know, the Victoria Secret stuff. guys just go nuts when
you wear stockings and garters for them. The problem is then they want you
to go out with them with no panties on under your dress. The worst ones
start asking to watch you get off in front of them. I once had a guy offer
to give me a car if I fingered myself in front of him."

"Did you do it?"

"Sure, but the jerk bailed on the deal and I never got the car. He was an
Arab or something, I think. Not that I really minded. It was kind of a
turn on and I didn't really like him that much." She got back to my request.

"Just don't run the stockings. And wear your own panties, Ok? I love you like
a sister Michelle, but we have to draw the line somewhere.", she said,
climbing out of the tub and drying off as I was washing my face in the

I took a shower after she left and got ready for work. Sitting on the
sink I started putting on the usual stuff but it didn't look...right today.
Despite the time I started putting on my 'night' face, you know all the
glitzy stuff that you put on for a big date. I'd never wear that much
makeup to work but something just kept goading me on. I put on deep warm
brown eye shadow and liner that brought out my brown eyes and thin eyebrows.
I put on so much blusher that it even embarrassed me at first and I toned it
back a tad. It looked like some Western dance hall girl, way over the top.

Now that I was made up I had to get dressed. I found Nikki's lingerie
drawer and pulled out several items. They were all pretty 'costumey', you
know real wild colors and heavily adorned with lace and bows and stuff.
Pretty, but not what I wanted. At the bottom was a very simple, old fashioned,
white garterbelt with some lace embroidery. It was wide, but not like one of her waist
cincher corset things.

She had lots of pantyhose and thigh tops but I couldn't find plain stockings.
There was a cellophane package under several of her pantyhose bags and
I took it out. These were real silk stockings, not the lycra and nylon kind
that scrunch up when you take them off. These looked like they'd been
ironed or something, very sheer and very soft to the touch.

I hooked the garter belt around my waist and sat on the bed to slip up the
stockings. They fit almost perfectly, just a bit too long for my legs, but
I folded the welt part over and clipped each of them to the four garters of
the garter belt. It was a funny feeling compared to the covered feeling you
get with pantyhose, like your wearing something but you're not exactly

Then I slipped on a pair of bikini panties in a bone or off-white
color over my stockings and garters. I suddenly occurred to me as odd that
I would put the panties on over the garters rather than the more natural
way of putting on my panties first. Might be less complicated in the
ladies room but still not what I would have normally done. I hooked up
my matching bra with the lace embroidery and began the hard part, finding
the right dress. The clock was my enemy at this point.

I went through my entire closet and couldn't find a dress that...matched my
wicked mood. Never fear, I knew Nikki had a much better selection so I
went into her room and opened her closet. She was such a fucking clothes
horse that I almost got buried from dresses falling off the rods as I
tore through them looking for the 'right' dress. Then I spotted a dress that
seemed to have what I was looking for, a sexy, but slightly dated look, with
a Mexican flavor. It was a black dress with and orchid print in white,
salmon, and green colors. It was still wrapped in plastic from the
dry cleaners and I took it off the hanger to try on.

It was a bit snug across my breasts but the length and even the...feel was
perfect. The skirt was pleated in a deep, wide broomstick fashion and hung
off my hips at a very flattering angle. It was a very lightweight silk or
rayon material that made a swish sound as it moved over the silk hose I
was wearing. I stepped into a pair of black sandal high heels and buckled
the small strap over each of my ankles. The hem hit me about eight inches
above my knees, just about my limit of modesty. I looked so feminine
and pretty I thought I was one of those Spanish flamenco dancers as I
modeled in front of the mirror. I was so struck by the appearance that I
even dug out an old comb I had with a big pink rose on it and put up my hair
with it on one side. If I'd had a real rose I would have carried it in my teeth.

Arriving at the office where I worked I realized that I was creating quite
a stir. Some of the girls gave me flattering comments but the looks from the
guys were pure lust. This was not the Michelle Lewis they had come to know
and love.

"Just don't wait for a bus dressed like that.", one older secretary said
snidely, "They might get you for solicitation."

I could have been pissed but the fact was she was right. What in the world
was I doing dressed this way? And why was it turning me on so much? I was
pretty much a useless klutz the entire time I was there. My mind was
definitely somewhere else. But where? After nearly destroying several
thousand customer computer files I told my manager I was feeling a little
sick and needed to take the rest of the day off. She was understanding and
supportive. I had the best manager in the world.

I started driving back to our condo. It was just after ten in the
morning and I'd have the whole day to think about the way I was feeling.
I was driving on autopilot, completely preoccupied with my anxious,
erotic state of mind. Then I realized I was in the wrong lane. This was
a left turn only lane and I was blocked on the right. It was the turn
into the wildlife preserve that Tim and I had biked in just last weekend.
How did I manage this?

I made the left looking for a place to turn around but the road was narrow
asphalt with deep ditches on either side all the way to the gravel parking
lot. As I wheeled the car around in the lot to go back out the way I'd come
in my car made one of those funny car sounds that strike fear in every
woman's heart...and stopped, dead.

Perfect. I was sitting in the only car in the lot in this isolated wildlife
preserve dressed in the most provocative, sensual outfit I'd ever worn in
my life and my car was dead. Why hadn't I listened to Nikki and gotten a cell
phone? Too late now. There was a ranger office about a quarter mile into the
preserve. They would have a phone but first I had to get there in five inch
high heels. As I got out of my car the thought went through my mind, "This
could not possibly be worse. Nikki will die laughing when I tell her."
Then it got worse. Much worse.

A very old pickup truck had pulled into the lot. It had tools in back like
for a gardener or something. A man got out. He was over six feet tall with
wide shoulders like he was a laborer or construction worker type. He had
longish sandy hair that over his ears and a grizzled, unshaven face. He wore
a white shirt that was buttoned all the way to his neck and black pants with
black boots that were muddy, like he'd been walking in the preserve.

My first instinct was to ask him for help but as my eyes caught his he
smiled. He held a cigar in his teeth and took a quick puff as his eyes
moved from my face down over my breasts and consumed my hips and legs. I'd
never seen a man look at me with more pure lust than at that moment. I
also experienced something I'd often wondered about as an attractive female
in an evil world. What does it feel like to know that in the next few
moments you are going to be raped?

Every news story I'd ever heard about torturer-rapist-murderers flashed
through my mind. Hadn't I just read that one of these monster's had spanked
a twenty year old woman for hours until she had a heart attack from fear and
died? This wasn't funny anymore and I had better figure out something fast.
I took about four steps backwards and then started running as best I could
in my heels for the ranger office I knew was down one of the paths from the
parking lot.

Several times I turned and I could see him following me into the preserve,
getting closer every second since running in high heels through rocks and
mud is very awkward and not very fast. If I twisted an ankle he would be
on me in a second.

My sense of direction was never good and it totally failed me in my panic.
I was avoiding the muddy trenches and found the path that Tim and I had
taken on our bikes. It was the best I could do at this point. Either I
managed to lose him, or run into some other people in the preserve, or I
was going to end up on the nightly news. I turned up the path to the
grave site we'd seen, hoping to duck behind the brush long enough for him
to pass, then I could go back out and escape.

I passed the tombstone and sat down behind a large thicket of brush. My
skirt had billowed up around me as I sat and my bottom was sitting directly
on the fresh green rye grass carpet that covered the bare ground.
I was out of breath but trying not to be heard gasping for air. Then I
waited. I hadn't seen him pass by but I knew he was very close when I last
looked. After about ten minutes I was ready to get up when I smelled it.
His cigar. The smoke was not visible but I could smell the oily cigar he
was smoking, unseen, near me.

It was so quiet and serene as I sat looking up at the overcast clouds that
were now blocking the morning sun. I was convinced that we were the only two
people in the preserve this time of day. He'd had every opportunity to rape
me if that was his intent. But that's not what he wanted. I sensed it just
as I sensed that weird presence last night in my bedroom. He wanted to
watch me. I felt a sudden hot surge go through me as all the pent up fear
and rage transformed into an intense desire for sexual pleasure. The whole
circumstance was so beyond anything I'd ever experienced that it felt like
a dream. And I wanted so much to have him watch me dream it.

"I know you're there.", I heard myself speak. "I...I can smell your cigar.
Can you see me? Can you see me sitting here on the grass? I can feel the
grass on my bare legs and it's turning me on. Its so soft, like green fur."

I drew my dress up over my stockings in folds savoring the sound and feel of
the rayon rubbing over my silky thighs.

"See my stockings? You like how they make my legs look, don't you? They
feel so smooth, like little skins on my legs. You'd like to kiss my thighs
wouldn't you? Around my garters, then up higher, up to the legs of my

I had my skirt over my waist with my legs apart, resting my back against the
birch trunk.

"Is this what you want to see?", I cooed tugging the crotch of my bikini
panties to one side. "Can you see my vagina? Look at it close. Can you see
how wet I am? I'm aroused, I'm very aroused doing this for you with you
watching. Bring you face close and smell me. I can feel the heat from
your cigar on my clit. Bring it close and make it glow red. I want to
feel the hot tip near my clit."

I sat up long enough to unzip the dress, pull it off over my head, and
slide my panties down over my hips and legs. Then I unclasped my bra, freeing
my breasts.

"Do you like breasts? They're very soft and I love to have them sucked and
teased. I think sometimes I could come just from having my nipples sucked.
Oh God, I'm so hot doing this I could come any second."

My right hand went between my thighs, touching the wet lips and starting
to stroke around my clitoris. I was past all sense of control or modesty
as I masturbated myself in front of this complete stranger.

"I'm so, I'm...I'm going to come...OHHHHHHH, OHHHHHH."

I lurched up with an ear shattering cry as my first orgasm swept over me. It
hardly made a dent in my need. My senses were intensely aware of all around
me. I could feel the beginning mist on my bare skin as the rain began. The
breeze blew through the brush as wild birds chattered and fluttered in the
dense trees surrounding the grave site. And I could smell the strange
pungent aroma of his cigar mixed with the damp earthen smell of the sandy
clay under the new rye grass.

I turned on my front and drew my bare breasts over the green moist carpet,
slithering like one of the rattlesnakes that populate the preserve in the
dry season. I felt like and animal crawling across the ground toward the
white headstone in the clearing.

I came up to a large rut in the ground where the previous rains had almost
dried leaving a thick, sandy mud at the bottom. Reaching with both hands, I
submerged them into the still warm muck pulling back handfuls of the wet,
dripping earth. Rising up on my stockinged knees I pressed the mud into my
face, smearing it down over my neck and breasts. I took more handfuls of
mud and smeared them down over my belly and thighs till I was coated in a
brown, muddy icing. In a final hedonistic act, I lowered my front into the
rut and slid forward forcing the wet mud up and around my torso, crawling
into it until even my shoes her nearly submerged. The stockings and garter
belt were stained brown and the stockings were pulled from their garter tabs,
slipping down my legs to my ankles in little, muddy folds. I unclipped the
belt and removed the stockings from my feet, leaving them in the rut behind
me like a molting snake.

"Is this what you want, John. Do you want me covered in the earth? The
earth that's covering you. I smell like the earth, John. Can you smell me
around you?"

I had turned again on my back and quickly masturbated to another teeth
clenching orgasm. Their was mud in the crack of my ass and all around my
vagina, even inside where my fingers had penetrated. The rain that had only
been a mist turned into a heavy drizzle as I lay on the ground panting but
unrelieved. The rain soon melted my muddy icing as I stood and walked up
to the white headstone.

I caressed it, licking the insides of the chiseled letters with my tongue.
I spelled out the entire inscription before I stood and straddled the smooth
curved upper edge. Rocking back and forth with the stone between my legs,
I felt the cool smooth stone pressed into my clitoris and labia.

"Fuck me, John. Fuck Michelle. Oh yes, fuck me so I can come again...Oh God,
yes, I'm...I'm com...COMING...OHHHHHH...OHHHH."

"Emma, there's a girl up under them bushes. She's butt neked. Maybe she
needs some help like?", came an unknown older man's voice from the path

"Leave 'er be, George. She'll be fine. Just don't pay 'er no mind.", an
older woman's voice replied.

Straddling the headstone, dripping wet in the rain, and stark naked, I looked
up to see an old couple, holding an umbrella, as they turned and began
walking down the path towards the entrance. They had no doubt witnessed much
of my last orgasm and the humiliation suddenly swept over me like a cold
shower. In an instant I was transported back from the wild horny animal I
had just been to my old self, Michelle Lewis, normal woman.

There was not much point in trying to dress in my panties and bra. They were
soaked and full of sand as were the stockings and garter belt. I just picked
them all up in a big wet ball and pulled my thoroughly rain soaked black
orchid dress over my matted, muddy hair. I must have looked a sight coming
out of the preserve.

I got lost of course and ended up on another path, the one that finally
did go by the ranger station. I was hoping it was not active and I could
sneak by and out of the park without a lot of explaining. As I tiptoed
past the door I heard a familiar voice.

"Well, Hello Missy. You all done up there by the Boland site. Emma, it's
the young thing we saw up a the grave site looking the worse for wear.", the
old man who'd watched me come called out.

"Don't mind him.", said the charming gray-haired woman of about 70. "George,
go tend to some work while I talk to the little thing. Go on now.", she
said herding her husband out of earshot.

I was flushed and utterly humiliated again and she could see my distress.

"We run across lots of folks using the park for...personal matters. Now, the
single men, well we run them off 'cause they could be trouble for the little
kids and stuff. The couples, well, we kinda figure to let Nature be Nature,
you know.", she was smiling with a grandmotherly wisdom.

"But the single ladies. girls out there alone. Well, that's something you
don't see anywhere real often. With girls alone it don't seem right. So
we suspect it's something with old John Boland up there. He was a real
rogue before the Civil War in these parts. Owned a lot of the land around
here at one time. An a real ladies man, least that's the legend. Now, the
myth round here is that his spirit is in the ground, and when a girl gets
near that spirit, well, they get as crazy as the men. I've seen it happen
around here enough to believe it, I do."

She gave me a towel to dry my hair and I stumbled off back to my car. I
turned the key for grins and it started like it had just come from the
shop. The old pickup was gone as well along with the smell of cigar.

I paid Nikki for her stocking and garter belt. The dress was a disaster as
well but she hadn't worn it for years so she wasn't too pissed. She had
about twenty thousand other dresses in her closet anyway.

I don't believe in ghosts or UFOs or anything weird like that but I'm
just passing on my story so the next girl who ends up naked in the rain
will not feel so alone.


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