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NEXTGIG stretch car Suzanne crawled back


Title: Next Gig
Keywords: mF, inc, mom, son
Author: Caesar

Next Gig

by Caesar, copyright 2002

$Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 2002/05/21 18:47:12 $

The chaos of human flesh was ignored. A few waves of the hand that
caused more screams and calls seemed to satisfy the mob's urge for
him, if only for a second. Shrill female voices yelled out begging to
be with him, promising him anything. A few faces were able to press
into the half-open limo door, but were barely able to smile let alone
say a word before one of the three hundred pound gorilla's shoved them

Chevy slipped between the huge bodies and took a deep breath as if the
air in the limo was not polluted by the screaming mass of humanity
that circled the car.

"When can we get the fuck out of here?" There was little humour in
his words - he was a man used to getting exactly what he wanted.

Chevy smiled his customary, 'Its gonna be OK man' smile, "That old chick is here." It was the last thing that needed attention before
the driver would be given the order to drive away from this mob. Even
though the exact location where his boss was staying was supposedly
'secret', in every city, it was the same screaming mass outside all
the doors.

Dirk squinted his blood-shot eyes at his Road Manager that caused
Chevy's customary smile to disappear... if only for a second. "That
'chick' is my mother."

Chevy was impressed, also concerned that he had not shown the
middle-aged woman the proper respect due to the mother of this Rock
And Roll God. Though chicks old enough to be, in fact, Dirk's mother were rare as groupies but it was not unheard of. "Hey man, sorry!" He
jerked from his bucket seat, "I'll go get her."

Before Dirk had a chance to stop him Chevy was out into the mass of
flesh that filled the air around the limo. Dirk cursed the short fat
little Road Manager for being an idiot.

For three weeks Dirk's mother had been calling, and then showing up at
his public appearances. He had successfully ignored her but knew that
no time was right for this confrontation. Best to get it over with
here and now.

Just as two bodies pressed through the mass of people and into the
spacious limo, Dirk turned away so he did not have to be confronted by
his parent. There on the other side of the limo, were two sets of
large round breasts smashed against the mirrored side of the car.

Even the beautiful flesh before him only gave him a passing smile -
his mothers presence drawing his attention in the back of the stretch limo like a five hundred pound man in a thong at a public beach.

Dirk heard the door close, which instantly dulled out most of the
pandemonium outside. Chevy grunted something to the driver and then
closed the partition.

Bodies were over every exposed part of the car, so it was slow going.
Fists were pounding against the metal of the roof, faces and other
body parts were pressed against the mirrored windows.

Yet for all that, Dirk could smell the cheap scent of his mothers
perfume, could hear her gasps of fear and surprise as she watched the
flesh about the bubble the three of them were in. It gave the man a
moment to steal a look at the woman that had given him life and little
else, at least in his regard.

It had been over fifteen years since he had last seen her, and she had
changed a lot in that time. Her long black hair was short and mostly
gray now. Her face had creases about the eyes and mouth, her skin not
as tight across the bones as once had been. She wore, which was
probably her best dress Dirk knew, a moth-eaten flowered summer dress
that was now several sizes too small. She had gained weight, thought
not fat she had become voluptuous.

What pleased Dirk the most was he the felt nothing for her, nothing
that a son was supposed to feel for his mother. It had worried him,
this confrontation, that he would feel some guilt at leaving her and
their home so long ago.

He knew why she was here of course, she wanted something... money
probably. It was always money. For others there may be other
reasons, but he knew his only parent better than she probably wished.

"God damn I can never get used to the circus around a tour!" Chevy
was trying to ease the obvious tension in the limo - unsuccessfully -
while Dirk knew that the fat weasel thrived on tour, loving every
second of it. Where else would the fat slob like him get a different
chick a night - often several.

"Hi Johnny." Chevy looked surprised at his boss - never knowing him
by any other name than the one Dirk had made up for himself nearly a
dozen years before.

Dirk could not turn to face her, to meet her eyes. He had run away
from the dump she called home and had never looked back - she was part
of a past he had wished never existed.

"I don't blame you for ignoring me all these years." Let alone the
last couple of weeks she did not add.

The guilt trip was not working - would never work. Not now, not here.

"Your father is dead."

Dirk laughed without humour and finally turned to meet this mothers,
Suzanne, or Suzi as most of her boyfriends liked to call her, eyes.
The laughter died almost as quick as it came on. He did not even try
to still the anger from filling the silence between his harsh words,
"You always said you did not know who my father was!"

She could not hold her son's gaze for long and looked down at the
carpet between them, "I knew. I was scared."

He didn't believe it for a second. Nor did he believe Suzi came all
this way from shit hole Saskatchewan to tell him a man he never knew
was dead.

"I am still your mother Johnny."

"How much money will it take so I never see your face again 'mother'?"
Dirk's voice had risen so that his question had come out as a shout.

Chevy looked like he would rather be anywhere but in the seemingly
small confines of the back of the limo. "Hey man, we stopped", at a
red light, "I'm gonna jump up front so you and your mom can catch up."
He could not move fast enough to escape the stress that filled the
limo. Though Chevy was always the man who can 'get anything', or
anyone, on tour - he was not very good at confrontations.

When the door closed Dirk, calmer this time, though angry that he
allowed her to get him angry after so many years telling himself he
did not care, he repeated, "How much mother?"

The tears in her eyes did not surprise Dirk - he knew she had to be
desperate to have tried so hard to see him these last few weeks. In
the decade since he became 'Dirk' and released his first album - he
feared this moment. When his parent would seek him out and find him,
not by his name, but by his face on the cover of numerous Cd's, on
videos, on television and on tabloid newspapers as they publicly
whispered about who he was fucking at any given moment in time.

"So you would just give me money to go away?"

The answer came without hesitation, "Yes".

She mumbled a number that was astronomical and Dirk barked out a short
nasty laugh. "I could hire an army of bodyguards for only a tenth of
that - each with a picture in their pocket with strict orders to keep
you away from me."

Suzanne's face lost some of its hurt and looked suddenly nervous -
perhaps that she was about to loose out on the jackpot after getting
so close.

The silence was thick and Dirk could not stand it, "Why don't you go
back to whatever scum is your boyfriend this week and leave me alone.
I never asked for you to come here."

For all the years that Dirk lived with Suzanne, she always had a
string of losers that seemed to want to fuck, watch television and
drink beer before they left. It seemed that a new one followed her
home from the bar, where she waitressed, each week.

She whispered, "I don't have a boyfriend."

Maliciously, "Old age slowing you up mother?"

Her face took on some ugly quality and her voice became shrill, both
reminiscent of the fights his mother got into in their so-called-home
so many years before, "I'll have you know I can still suck a golf ball
through a rubber hose... there isn't a cock I can't please."

Instead of retaliating, Dirk smiled smugly, this was the woman he
remembered. How many of her boyfriends, or just one night stands, had
he seen come from her bedroom in the trailer to tell a teenage boy that his mother had to be the best cocksucker in the province. The
boy knew that, and much more - a fourteen foot aluminium trailer holds
no secrets.

Perhaps it was his home life that taught him the morals, or lack
thereof, that he now lived by. The life that Rolling Stone magazine
called 'The Degenerated Life of a Rock And Roll God' in one of its
cover features a couple of years ago.

"Not something to put on your resume huh mom?"

She seemed to calm and mumbled, "Your one to talk."

He smirked, "Following my career mom? Or just who I'm fucking?"

Again the silence was almost deafening until Dirk pressed the intercom
button, "Chevy, how long till we get to the gig?"

"Twenty... twenty five minutes Dirk." He released the button.

"In twenty five minutes mother I never see you again."

Suzanne looked around nervously as if the time was up and she had not
got what she came to get. "Just like that?"

"Just like that."

"Mister big and fucking famous...", what the next several seconds of
shrill verbal abuse amounted too was half of her initial financial
offer to disappear from her son's life.

"I change my mind mom, your not worth a nickle."

Tears, real ones this time, appeared in her eyes.

He could not help it, and maliciously added, "I heard you were turning
tricks to make ends meet?" He had given a job to one of his pot
buddies from high school - he had come with a flood of gossip from the
old one granary tower town.

Nothing was said for nearly five minutes - with Dirk alternating from
looking out the window to looking at the pitiful aged woman before

Finally, Suzi seemed to find some hidden reserve as she mumbled, "I
want to be back in your life Dirk." It was the first use of his
chosen name and sounded almost natural coming from her.

"Why in the fuck would I want you back in my life Suzi?" He could not
call her 'mom' or 'mother' at that moment, it did not seem to fit.
Something had transpired between them and Dirk was only just
witnessing the change.

"I know you used to watch."

He stared at her without a comment. It was so many years ago, a
lifetime. Little Johnny's introduction to sex was the bawdy sounds
coming from his mothers room right next to his. Then Johnny graduated
to peaking in on her - having drilled two small holes between their
rooms. So she had known, but she had been such a slut that she did
not even seem to care that her teenage son was watching her bang the

She continued, "It used to turn me on, knowing you were watching... it
got so bad that I would not fuck a guy unless you were home." Suzi
could not meet her son's eyes but seemed to be looking down at the
black leather pants he wore, directly above his crotch.

The pregnant silence caused Dirk to realize his heart was racing and
his cheeks felt hot and flushed - as if he was that teenager starring
in on his mother as she sucked or fucked some stranger. Memories,
desires, fantasies flooded back to him and teenage innocent shame hit
him causing feeling that had been foreign from his since he had left

"I came here to beg you to take me in... to be the mother you never
had or...", she took a long deep breath before continuing, "a mouth
and a cunt that you can use any time you want."

That was enough for Dirk to start to laugh, it sounded hollow even to
himself. "What about your ass mother - or is there limitations to
what even you will do?"

She brought her eyes up and glared at him with ill humour - this was
it, the truth of her visit, her soul bare.

Dirk took a deep breath and calmly, too calmly he thought, replied, "I
have dozens of hot sluts begging for my cock each day - why should I
even consider such a crazy idea?" It was more than true, matter of

"Since you were twelve years old, since you started to jerk off I knew
you wanted me."

It was true - for that teenager so many years ago. Yet, that was a
different person, a different life. Yet his mother was, though older and a little more voluptuous, exactly the same. Suzi was a small town
tramp seeing a way to escape from the grain-field enclosed town where
there, probably, was not a dick over twelve years-old she had not
service at one time or another. And everyone in town knew it.

She continued, "Your rich and famous now - I could be the slut you
always imagined." His own mother was batting her eyes at him now,
while stealing glances at the bulge in his leather. The message

Dirk had to admit that he felt a pull toward what Suzi offered - and
it was not only about sex. That was something he already had more
than enough - more than a host of men could even imagine for a whole
lifetime. What his mother offered was more - to dominate the one
person whom he had hated, let alone blamed for his childhood, for all
these years, having been slapped and verbally abused till he ran away
even while Suzi was getting fucked by some trucker in the next room.
It was also a taste of the forbidden - something that the average slut
could not deliver.

And if nothing else, if this got out, it would only enhance his
already sordid reputation. Hell, it would probably double his current
album sales.

Suzanne must have seen the darkness of her son's stubborn hate filled
eyes fade, "Just give me till the end of this ride to convince you?"

Her mature aged gaze held hope, an eagerness to convince her son that
she was the slut he desired as a teenager. This was Suzi's way out of
that dump of a home, a trailer that had no wheels. This was her only
chance to escape the life she had made herself - she would do it by
utilizing the very same thing that caught her in this lifetime of
purgatory. Having sex with her child was not so bad to a woman whom
had lived the sordid life she had - not when the rewards were so

"If you... enjoy it," her eyes twinkled with confidence, "then keep me
as a slut, your whore or your slave. I don't care. To the rest of
the world I will just be your quiet polite mother." Dirk has his
doubt she could ever appear anything like that.

Suzanne slipped to her knees on the carpeted floor and shuffled toward
her son. He was a rock star, a fucking sexual dynamo - and here he
was unable to say a word as he watched his mother crawl toward him.
Not in over a decade as any woman caused these base feelings within

Suzi's hands pressed her son's knees wide as she shuffled to a
kneeling position between them. She wore a knowing smile - this was
where this woman had spent most of her adult life, at least within any
relationship with a man. Her hands came up and Dirk felt her fumbling
with the leather strings holding his code-piece in place. He was not
about to help and thought that once this little charade was compete -
he need never have to see her again. And why shouldn't he enjoy a
blow job from this tramp? Did it really matter that it was his mother - he'd fucked chicks older that his parent, two or three at a time
actually. Then there was that teenage boy inside him, and not the
cold horny rock star, who wanted a taste of his fantasies to become

A warm dry hand held his half-hard penis, squeezing it expertly. A
cock in hand was familiar to this forty-something year-old slut. It
reacted accordingly, and when hard she removed her hand and lowered
her face.

Now, Dirk's cock had been in many a mouth. young and old, experienced
and virginal. Within half a minute of that soft kiss on the
circumcised crown of his penis he knew his mother was the best of all
other cock suckers. Hers was not only technique but the truth of
experience with hundreds, perhaps a thousand, different dicks. Her
son's was the cumulation of all that knowledge - that pinnacle of a
lifetime of sucking cock. If she could convinced her own child of her
worth as a cock sucker then the rest of her life was set.

It was magical, an experience that soon startled the young man. Suzi
knew before he consciously thought of it, knowing when to tease the
head of his prick with her tongue or to suck firmly while bobbing her
face over him. Not only was this the immoral act of teenage desire but
also the selfish bliss of a rock god.

The inevitable was fast approaching - as was the gig - when Suzi
lifted her aged face and smiled knowingly at her child, "Where do you
want to come Dirk?" Her voice was husky and seductive - she was no
longer an old scared poor woman but a tramp with a hard cock in hand,
this was her realm.

He saw the stadium barely two minutes away, "I don't care - just don't
fucking stop!"

That face quickly descended and like a maniac she sucked and bobbed
her face upon him, her lips seeming to massage his hardness perfectly,
her tongue stroking and drawing that seed from him.

Suzanne swallowed loudly, almost hungrily, looking near thankful and
relieved. This was indeed what she had come for, Dirk knew. What she
had banked her whole house of cards on, a single blow job.

He was panting and gulping at his breath, watching his mother as she
studied his prick - licking at the small amount of sperm that she had
missed, teasing his cock maliciously as it decreased in size. Dirk
had to say something, anything, her mouth was magic, "Not bad mother."

She finally looked at up at her only child and smiled as if to say 'I
told you so', but instead said, "I thought maybe you wanted to come in
my ass?"

This was a side of his mother that he had witnessed through those two
little holes in the wall adjoining their bedrooms - this playfulness.
It was something that he had never remembered as a child - a fun and
playful mother. Did sex draw this out of her.

The limo turned into the parking lot and the screaming fans started to
rush for the sides of the stretch car. Suzanne crawled back to the
bench seat and sat down and seemed to realize where they were, what
was at stake at this destination.

The mother and child looked deeply into the others eyes for some
minutes - ignoring the screams and bodies again surrounding the car,
the push of over sized roadies as they tried to clear a path for the
car to drive into the underground garage. This was it, decision time.

Dirk thought it was easy, a decision he had come too in that dark
stormy night as he had run away from this women - to never see her
again. She had showed up, sucked him off and promised him
more... much more. Before she had sucked him, he knew her attempt
would be useless and he would walk away from her, forever, with
another notch under his depraved belt. Now, for some reason, the
answer was not so obvious.

Suzanne simply held her breath and prayed silently.

The cost of keeping another hanger-on, and many had come and gone with
his whim in the last years, would be negligible. Unlike other women,
he knew his mother would not demand his dick was only for her - but he
could demand that her cunt was only for him. Suzi would be a total
slut in bed, he knew for a certainty, even more so that he had
witnessed so many years ago - the life her son allowed her to lead
would demand her devotion. He could fuck her in any hole, have her
clean some other slut-juice from his dick with her tongue, tie her up
and whip her round ass, ignore her, have her beg for him... anything.

It was teenage Johnny's fantasies come true!

"Spread your knees mom."

Suzanne could not hide the smile that started to appear, nor the
tearing of her eyes as she immediately spread her knees as wide as she
could across the width of the bucket seats.

Dirk looked slowly down beneath her dress, as it was pulled almost to
her waist, to the tops of her smoke-coloured stockings to her trimmed
pussy and the pulsating pink-wet lips beneath.

The limo stopped, and both mother and son realized the crowd was
missing - forced beyond the garage doors by three-hundred pound
gorillas. Chevy knocked on the window, as he always does before
opening his bosses door when he was with someone, waited ten seconds
and opened it.

Dirk quickly came from the car, ignored his Road Manager, and started
to stride up to the doors where some tee-shirt clad roadies were
waiting to lead him to his dressing room.

Chevy had to take a second look, having been with Dirk for nearly his
bosses whole career and knew when his boss just emptied his nuts with
some slut. The fat round face with long greasy hair looked into the
limo toward the only other occupant, Dirk's mom, and saw that she was
licking her smiling lips contently while her hands were smoothing out
her skirt across the tops of her lap.


Dirk stopped just before the doorway to the cement hallway and turned
at the sound of Chevy's call, "Yea Chev?"

"What about...?" He thumbed behind him, into the limo.

A white face and wide eyes looked toward the rock star from inside the
contents of the limo. Dirk paused for a lengthy second and then
confidently said, "Take her back to the hotel and get her a room.
She'll be coming on tour with us."

Inside the stadium, above their heads, the crowd could already be
heard screaming and thumping on the cement floor beneath them to the
hard rock sounds of the opening band. To Dirk it sounded like the
rhythm of sex.



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