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NICEDOG video would keep him


Keywords: M/F, D/s, anal, oral, bdsm
Author: W R Jenkins
Title: Nicwe Doggie

Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

Nice Doggie
It had been a long road, but finally she was settled in. Jimmy
and his bizarre bondage had been a lot better treatment than she had
gotten from most men, but it certainly was more his kink than hers.
Sure she appreciated some of the inventive positions he had tied her in
and the delightful nastiness of being fucked in those obscenely
available poses, but she wasn't about being restrained.
It was more her style to twist herself into those pretzels on
command- something she would make broad hints about to Andre. For
her, it was subtraction by addition. The addition of the ropes subtracted
her participation and robbed it of the spice. She thought Jimmy must
have felt it, too and probably it took the edge off for him. That not-
quite-suited went both ways and certainly explained how well Jimmy
took the break-up.
He would find a better victim. She knew she was better off
with Andre. He was tuned in to every nuance of her special needs.
After all, wasn't she considering this as she hunched naked in the dog
house in the back yard? It would be light soon and Andre would leave
for work. Then she would have to scamper into the house in full
daylight to be by the phone when he called from work.
She could sleep after that- a good thing since her excitement
had kept her awake since Andre had dragged her out to the doghouse
on her leash and told her to stay there. It was a quiet neighborhood, but
not necessarily a very private one. She had not been able to stop her
mind from following the swirl of who might see her and what it would
For instance, old Mrs. Kitzy might call the police. What would
they do when she answered the door in the nude? And Mr. Reynolds
was just the type to take the sight of her nude dash as an excuse to
come over and check on her. Given her passive nature and Andre's
forbidding her to dress, Mr. Reynolds might want to play any number
of naughty games and she wouldn't be able to resist. There were
enough people with a view that scenarios had filled the night.
And then it was time. She heard the door close and Andre's car
start. Nipples hard, labia engorged, breath short and quick, she was at
full flush of an orgasmic plateau state as she crouched to sprint to the
back door. It was a little harder to squeeze out the doghouse door than
she had expected, but that was nothing compared to the shock as she
tried the knob of the back door. The resistance of the locked door
almost made her come right then. But it was the bright sunshine beating
down on her in the front yard that made the juice run down her legs.
Andre hadn't locked the front door. Perhaps he had his own
idea of the scenario Mr. Reynolds might come up with if she had been
forced to take naked refuge at his house. But it was a fine glow in
which she collapsed on the sofa to let her heart slow to a normal
rhythm. Yes, she had finally found her place.
Her relaxing came to nothing, however. Just as her pulse had
settled near a resting rate, a knock on the door shot it back to
hummingbird speed. It was one thing to take guilty pleasure in the
thought of being discovered; it was another to be actually pushed into
the scenario unprepared... and unclothed.
She didn't know the man she saw through the peephole. He
wasn't a neighbor and though he was dressed in some type of uniform,
he wasn't a cop. Her relief at not having to answer to the authorities
was tempered by the renewed knocking and dispersed by her frantic
attempts to think of what to do.
"Who is it?" she asked, stalling for time to consider.
"Cable guy!" came a somewhat mocking response.
Then it was easy. She would make him go away and then settle
in again to wait for Andre's call.
"There's nothing wrong with our cable," she said.
"Your husband ordered a couple of new outlets," the man said,
"I've got the work order and I've got to get in to wire them."
Andre! There was little reason to be clever now. It would be
bad form- and bad judgment- to find a way out of this scene. If he had
set up this scenario for her humiliation, it would be foolish of her to
circumvent it. She would have to play it up. He would know and he
would want his part of it.
"Alright," She said, opening the door. "Come in."
She didn't stand directly in the opening, but she didn't hide
behind the door either. The cable guy knew at once she was naked, but
could see no more than one long leg and a breast from his side of the
door. That was quickly changed as he stepped in and she closed the
door behind him. He wasn't obvious about his appraisal but she knew
he was memorizing her body as he showed her the slip of paper in his
hand. It said the outlets were to go in the "family room" and the
She wasn't about to show him the "family room" first, so she
led him to the kitchen. She was about to leave him to his work when
the phone rang. Andre demanded that she get the phone by the second
ring at least, so she had no time to reach the phone in the hall.
"Where are you?" Andre asked as soon as she picked up.
"In the kitchen, honey," she said, watching the effect of the
endearment on the workman.
"And the cable man is hard at work a few feet away?" he
"Yes. What a surprise," she said. "And in the 'family room' too"
Andre chuckled a nasty-sounding chuckle and said, "I have
plans. But for now I want you to listen and do as I say."
"Of course, dear," she said, already tingling in anticipation of
the naughty game Andre was about to immerse her in.
"Can he see you?" Andre asked.
"Not very well, I'm afraid," she went on trying to keep her end
sounding like a conversation.
"Then walk to the table on his side, pull out a chair and sit
facing him," Andre ordered. "Don't stare at him now- make it look like
you want to take a load off,"
"That would be about the only thing I could," she answered as
she followed his stage directions to the letter.
"Well, you know how much better it is to please me," Andre
said, catching the reference to her nudity, " Now casually let your
knees fall apart. Show him the pink!"
The cable man was doing his best to appear not to be watching
as she sat down, but that facade was seriously flawed as her thighs
parted. She wasn't looking at him, but she still could see his eyes and
even feel his gaze as her crotch came into view and then parted,
showing off the dewy red center between her coral-hued love-lips.
Unbidden, she contracted and made her cunt wink at him.
"Rock a little and sound turned on by what I'm saying," Andre
"Hee-hee," she giggled, putting her hips in motion with a subtle
thrusting, "Oooo baby, you talk dirty."
"You don't have to be crude," Andre scolded, "I'm hoping he
will be crude enough for us all. Now touch your breast
absentmindedly. Slide your palm across the nipple and then let your
fingertips circle it until it pops up good and hard."
"It's been that way all morning," she told him as she complied
with his direction.
The workman had been drilling a hole when he was distracted
by the split beaver almost in his face. Now he was frozen, watching her
and letting the drill thrust into the already drilled hole in a weak
simulation of intercourse seemingly without any conscious control.
"Okay, We're going to hang up now. Busy yourself in the
kitchen until he's done," Andre instructed. "Press the pager when you're
on your way downstairs and I'll call back with the rest of your duties
for the day."
With that the line went dead and she made up a few more
replies to make the conversation seem more normally terminated
before she got up and went back to hang up the receiver.
On his end, Andre pushed his head back against the high back
of his leather chair and gave himself to secretary Janet's demanding
mouth. In startling correspondence to the moment she hung up the
phone, his butt cleared the chair and he began pumping his seed into
the kneeling blonde's hungry throat.
Janet hadn't spilled a drop, sucking Andre long after the spasms
of orgasm had subsided, but she had left a fragrant puddle on the
kitchen chair from the growing flush that was making it hard to hear
over the blood pounding in her ears. She could only think of
meaningless wiping to do as she waited for the cable installer to finish
the outlet.
When he signaled that he was done, she made a careless
gesture that beeped Andre as she led him to the stairs and then down
into the "family room".
She knew he would call. He had said he had instructions. There
was a reason this stranger was being let into their sanctorum. And it
wasn't going to be something Miss Prissy America would be ready for,
as if parading nude for workmen was. Just waiting without knowing
what was planned as the man surveyed the furnishings was making her
edgy enough. Her leashes hung proudly from the walls. Outfits of latex
and rubber, leather and baby supplies- much too large for a baby- hung
on an open rack. There was her doggy-bed and newspapers in the pet
corner and the porcelain corner with its all too obvious resemblance to
a six-person toilet.
But most damning were the photographs of the paraphernalia
in use. The walls were nearly papered with the glossies of her on all
fours, in her costumes, doing her doggy tricks and being used as a
urinal. There was little actual sex beyond the scattered few face
ejaculations and two or three penetration shots- Andre was never
photographed above the waist- but in its way this was worse. She was
even more naked now than when she was spreading her twat wide for
the man in the kitchen.
And he was absorbing this new nudity with as much gusto as he
had the first. His head swayed forward as he snuck better looks at the
photos, gradually becoming emboldened to sweep the whole wall with
his gaze as he discarded the pretense. There was a silly grin on his face
as he turned to her.
"Where you want this?" he asked, holding the cable socket
unmistakably near his crotch.
"I would think, the wall," she said, dealing with his proposition
a little harshly.
Then the phone rang and jangled her from her tête-à-tête with
the installer.
"Remarkable thing, computers," Andre greeted her, "Remote
control from anywhere on Earth. I will be directing you in a movie
now. You need to put in your hearing aid."
"Why, Hi!" she said enthusiastically as she sat and seemed to
settle in for a long conversation. But as she was slipping off her
earring, she was slipping in the small receiver made like an in-the-ear
hearing aid.
"Are you on?" Andre's voice boomed in her ear from two
" Oh yes," she went on in her breezy style.
"You know where the cameras are. I'll be switching back and
forth and giving you directions to stairs, wall and potty. Make it real,"
Andre told her.
"Why sure, But we've got to really talk sometime," she told her
phantom friend.
"Okay- get to work," Andre growled as he heard her hang up
the phone.
She knew what she was doing now. But she didn't know how
he was going to want it. And exact execution was very important- to
both of them. It was as much proving her own worth as dutiful lover as
it was his adherence to strict guidelines and absolute control. His
precision allowed her to express her submissiveness and gave him a
willess doll to play with as he chose.
Today he chose her as the seductress. She was the colorful,
pleasant-scented flower that drew the bee in. She turned on the track
lights so everyone could see better. She let her foot slide off the couch
onto the floor. Her other was still beneath her, tilting her snatch
invitingly toward the cable man. She emphasized the invitation by
shifting slightly to a more reclining position while she let the foot
swing her thighs wide.
"Tell me again how the hook-up works," she echoed Andre's
voice in her ear, continuing to follow his every command with attention
to content and impact.
"Huh?" said the amazed cable guy, for the first time being
asked not to ignore her nudity and the sexual promise that had
remained unspoken before.
"How does that thing you put in and the cable get together?"
she echoed again.
"You just push it in," said the wide-eyed man.
"You'll have to show me. Pretend this is the socket and hook
me up," she said, sliding her hands slowly down her body to pull open
her cunt.
There was a moment or two of protest, which Andre guided her
through and then his overalls hit the floor. His "cable" was a ready as
any piece of metal and he was likewise ready to go.
"Now tell me about it," she said urgently as he clambered over
her to get his prick in her twat.
"You take the long, hard thing and you push it in the hole," he
wheezed as he hurried to insert his cock.
"Show me.." she chided, "Do it slow and let me see."
He didn't suspect he was low man on a daisy chain and he very
well may have wanted her enough that he wouldn't have cared. He
certainly wanted her enough to follow her directions as meekly as she
was following Andre's. He slid her forward on the couch to Andre's
approving: "good, good" and pushed his dick down to her crack.
"The cable's got the long thing and it goes in the slot like this,"
he said as he nudged open her cuntlips with his cockhead.
"Sometimes you got to push..especially the first time," he
grunted as he found the way into her twat a little harder to breach than
he had imagined.
But she was acting now. There was so much of her listening to
Andre and responding that the sex was gone from the act. She was sure
he would work up some juice when he got in her, but she was going to
enjoy this fuck more when she watched it on tape than in person.
"Oh Yes!" she exulted when he had pushed in an inch or two,
"I can feel that cable vibration beaming into me already!"
She followed the scripted words with the action, jiggling her
pelvis up and down on his invading member. It helped him inside her
and then he started to pump.
"Ooooo the sex channel!" she repeated as he fucked her.
She reached for his hands and put them on her breasts. He
needed no direction to squeeze the soft bags of fun as he drove into her
now lubricating twat. She lifted her knees and his fucking became
audible. Ride him like a bronco Andre instructed and she lifted and
dropped her knees in his rhythm, cupping and sucking at his retreating
organ as he withdrew and opening wide to his thrust as he rammed
back in.
"Tell me before the coming attractions," she gasped, "there's
another movie I want to see."
"Well you better change channels soon, 'cause they're about to
come up." he gasped back.
"Okay" she said succinctly, stopping him by dropping her
knees and sitting up into his arms.
She stroked his face and looked in his eyes with his prick
buried deeply in her belly and pouted, "I just feel so naked. Be a dear
and get me something to wear- from that wall."
Or, pick a leash for me, since that was all that was on the wall.
As he chose, she simpered on the couch on all fours for the camera and
then lept off the couch when he turned. She couldn't quite reach his
dick from her hands and knees postion, but she was sure it was a good
shot if Andre wanted her to keep trying. While she attempted, he
looped the collar around her neck and fastened the buckle.
"Now where?" he asked as he let the leash hang loose in his
"Tie me to a post and use me like a dog," she pleaded.
The closest thing to a post in the basement was a support
stanchion- conveniently in range of the wall camera. The workman saw
that and tied the leash around it as if he was in on the script. Then he
got down and started to dog-fuck her.
"I want you to come in my mouth," she said breathlessly as he
jammed her from the rear frantically, "I want to suck out your come. I
want to feel it wash my tonsils. I want to feel your cock ramming
down my throat. I want to choke on your meat."
Andre was feeding her just the lines to insure he would pull out
in time. And they sounded good on tape, too. Of course, it was a
promise to be ignored when the time came. What she really wanted
was the control to show the come-shot to the camera. He might be
persuaded to pull out and jack off on her belly, but you couldn't count
on it. She certainly was going to pull back when the first spurt hit her
tongue and jack him off as he splattered her face with his projectile
It was already more than he bargained for going to work this
morning. She wasn't cheating him, she reasoned. And if it came to that,
she could suck him some more when he was done coming. If Andre let
her. He was certainly lasting better than she though when he was so
quick with her on her back. The constant rummaging was heating her
up, but Andre was giving her no instruction on variations or if she
should participate.
That became academic as he finally yanked his crank from her
mushpie with a groan.
"Pull Me around," she hissed under her breath as he tried to get
to her head.
He pulled the leash free and yanked her to him with a cinema
verite born of his desperate need to ejaculate and soon. She recovered
from the unbalancing jerk with an acrobatic skill that made it look as if
he had pulled her from her former position to mouth balls-deep over
his prick with a single snap of her restraint.
"Just pull the leash," she growled around his dick as a hand
crept to her head.
He complied and she rewarded him by obediently taking him as
fast and as deep as his pull on the leash sought. He was gagging her,
but that was one thing that made the here and now better than the tape.
She took it because she wasn't told to struggle, but all too soon she had
to leap back into control.
Her stomach tried to vomit when the first jet of jizm went down
her throat, but that wasn't in the script either. She pulled off him before
the second and felt it splash her face as she was raising her hand to pull
on the throbbing organ. She made sure the rest went camera-side and
tried to get an eye shot and one low enough to drip from her chin.
He didn't seem disappointed that he was wasting his semen in
empty air, but he was coming and that was taking up his attention. She
circled the underside of his glans in an attempt to tease another wet
shudder and then let a silver string glisten from his cock to her tongue.
He stood unfortunately still as she knelt open-mouthed in front of him
and she had to dare a self-conceived action to rock forward and take
him into her mouth again.
Good, good, Andre concurred, allowing it. She sucked him
with robin-like pulls until he was too limp to be of any interest. Then
she had to get out of it. She went back to all fours and heard the
camera move in anticipation of her crawling her way to her basket.
After she did her turns and settled into the dog-bed, she dismissed her
"Can you find your way out when you're done?" she asked the
naked repairman before settling down to fein sleep.
The movie was over. Now she could watch through hooded
eyes as the cable man surveyed her and installed the new outlet in the
nude. He hesitated after he dressed, but thought the better of disturbing
her and left without a word. Now she could relax into a true sleep- the
one she had craved before her exciting morning.
She awoke hours later still in her dog-bed and with the crust of
dried semen still caking her face. She should have been uncomfortable,
but it was the chill that woke her. The rest of the house was toasty-
comfortable for her usual lack of attire, but the basement was subject to
the occasional draft. She decided to curl up on the sofa and wait for
Andre. She also decided to greet him with the other man's spunk still
gracing her face.
That turned out to be a decision of both brilliance and bad
judgment. It was brilliant because it gave Andre an unexpected plot
device to use. It was bad judgment because Andre used it as an
excuse to whip his bad dog.
"Look at this! She proudly wears the mark of a true bitch in
heat," He told Jim Molloy as they stood over where she lay on the
Andre hadn't told her he was bringing home a colleague, but he
wasn't required to. He hadn't told her to take off the leash either, and
her decision not to came into play as he pulled her off the couch by it.
She knew better than to stand and instead went to her hands and knees
on the floor in response to the yank on her collar.
"Bad dog!" Andre scolded as he swatted her rump with the
rolled-up newspaper he had conveniently picked up on the front step.
She hopped and minced convincingly as he hit her with the
newspaper, but she knew this was not going to be the end of it. She
knew that from two separate places in her mind. Her all too real
understanding of Andre and the game told her he was going to offer
her to Jim to use in his favorite forbidden way. That was a real life
business objective and it also meant she was going to get it up the ass-
that was always their favorite forbidden way. Her understanding of
dominance and humiliation told her Andre still had to set several
specific and escalating stages before he had toyed with her enough.
And getting Molloy up the butt wasn't going to be the final
chapter either. Andre would have to top that. Done correctly, and she
had no doubt it would be, Andre would take back his control and leave
Jim with final image that would make the night unforgettable.
The fear that Andre might be ruthless enough to make that a
snuff scene if it would please the client just made her anticipation that
much sharper as she treated her submissive performance as if it might
be her last.
"Excuse me, Jim," Andre apologized as he pulled her over with
a jerk on the leash, "I'm going to have to punish her. She needs to learn
her lesson right now. I'm afraid it's going to take awhile, so why don't
you come along and watch."
As if Jim was going to refuse. 'No thanks- I'll pass on watching
you spank or whip or whatever this naked broad with cum on her face.'
That would really happen. Instead, the wide-eyed man in the cheap
blue suit just grinned and followed Andre down to the play room.
And Andre always knew what the guy would want to watch.
When he dragged her over to the toilet corner, she knew Jim was a fan
of water sports. That was pretty good. It was one of her favorite things
to do. It wasn't as tiring as some of Andre's scenarios and it was so
basic and direct in the humiliation it provided.
"You dirty bitch!" Andre was yelling, "You don't even bother to
wipe off the proof you're a sex-mad little slut? Well, I'll wash it off
Andre had simply opened his pants and pulled out his dick
while he scolded her. His penis was incongruous peeping out of the
gray Italian silk, but even as she noticed that, Andre opened the stream
of piss full in her face. The force with which it hit her cheek told her
that Andre had been saving up and he was going to drench her
"That's the only liquid you're worthy of washing in!" Andre
scolded, "Anything else would be too clean for a dirty little bitch like
He pulled her closer and directed the salty stream up her face,
into her hair and down over her ears. Jim was almost hopping from one
foot to the other with glee at the display. Her hair hung in dark,
clumped strands around her face and Andre's piss streamed off her chin
as the stream finally slowed.
"Now drink it, you filthy little slut, suck out the last drops,"
Andre ordered as he pulled her face to his crotch.
Jim saw Andre work up the last couple of brief spurts as her
mouth opened to take him in and watched the golden piss splatter off
her tongue. Then she closed her mouth over him and sucked the last
sour drops of his piss from his dick. But this wasn't just a cleaning
expedition. Andre would not tolerate her spilling drops on his pants,
but she also knew Andre expected her to suck his dick until it was hard
"Damn it Jim," Andre said in mock amazement to Molloy,
"You piss on her and she still wants to suck your dick. I guess this
wasn't enough training to break her of being a slut."
"She seemed to respond to the newspaper," Jim offered, the
hope oozing from his voice.
Obviously, Jim had a kink that wasn't strictly in keeping with a
submissive. But submission means doing whatever you're told and she
knew Andre would tell her to do whatever Jim wanted.
She was a step behind Andre- as usual.
"Maybe she'd listen better in a training uniform," Andre said as
he pulled out a harness she had never seen before. "Could you give me
a hand here?"
It was more invitation than question and Jim almost fell over
the couch getting to Andre's side.
"Make sure you open that 'receptive' end real good," Andre
reminded Jim as he handed him the bottom of the harness.
That was more for show than instruction. Jim had the tight part
down pat. She tried not to cry out as Jim set the hard leather edges next
to her cuntlips and then yanked the straps down tight on her thighs. The
straps squeezed her and spread her at the same time. She knew from
pictures that it held her open wide even with her thighs touching,
allowing a clear view deep into the mouth of her vagina. The way
opened into a funnel as Jim pulled the straps higher when he buckled
the waist cincher tight.
Andre was dawdling in his expert application of the breast
harnesses to give Jim time to enjoy his capture of her rear. Andre could
have caught each tit in the strangling leather and popped them out and
up in the time it took Jim to put on the thigh straps, but he waited so
they could finish about the same time.
They both stood and surveyed their leather-bound package and
Andre said, "Maybe we need to block her accesses to get her
He tossed Jim a vibrator and took down the ball gag. Jim knew
where it went and slid the ivory-hued faux cock into her yawning cunt.
That he could do in the time it took Andre to force the ball into her
mouth and buckle the harness behind her head.
She knew what was coming next and was privately cursing
Jim's lack of ability. He thought he had the vibrator in her, but he was
short by inches. You HAVE to PUSH She screamed in her mind. This
fear of hurting her in a man obviously in love with S&M was just
pathetic. The result was real pain as Andre ordered her to sit. They had
no 'stop' sign between them. There is no 'she's not having fun anymore'
signal. She and Andre didn't need one- they were professionals. But
she would have felt justified in using one to point out Jim's complete
lack of ability to grasp the simple concepts of kinky sex.
Plopping on her butt rectified Jim's mistake at the cost of a stab
to her cervix that tore her. She jerked as the brand of pain seared
through her and only the gag contained her outcry. The vibrator was
well seated now, in any case. She was spraddle-legged, flat on her
butt, arching her back to hold her balance. Her arms were free but she
had not been instructed to use them, so they hung limp at her sides.
Jim's eyes were fixed on the picture of her leather-bound pose-
restrained in a position that threw back her shoulders and proffered her
breasts in their swollen and purple blotched state to Andre.
It might look like the harness is torture and the bulbs of
discolored breastflesh are particularly vulnerable, but really there's only
a pinch as the harness is cinched down and then the restricted
circulation acts as an anesthetic. It's like a foot that has fallen asleep.
The real pain comes when the blood is allowed to flow again. But ole'
Jim didn't have a snowball's chance of knowing that.
She thought he would cum in his pants when Andre took down
the riding crop.
"Now you little whore, maybe this can get you attention,"
Andre growled as he slapped the crop onto her tit.
The broad leather tail on the crop leaves a magnificent deep red
crease on a bound tit. Andre left many deep red creases, on the top,
sides and undersides of her breasts while he scolded her. True to form,
Jim was fairly hopping from one foot to the other like a little boy with
a bladder problem as he watched. She suppose she entertained him
with what may have looked like terror in her eyes, but she was really
still seething at the pathetic little worm.
When Jim's hardon was barely restrained by his cheap blue
pants, much less concealed, Andre put down the crop and pushed her
head to the floor. She scrambled to her knees as he bent her and stayed
in the knee-cheek as he turned to Jim.
"You might have been right. She seems pretty docile now. But
she think we ought to check," he smiled at Jim conspiratorially, "Why
don't you see if she's still hot for it- if you don't mind."
Another meaningless courtesy. Buns up and strapped so the
curtains of her buttocks were lifted to reveal a puckered brown eye,
Jim was about to say no- especially with the hardon he was sporting.
Yeah- that's real.
Jim probably tore his flimsy pants he was so anxious to be out
of them. And Andre had made it easy for him to be 'forced' into using
her back door. If she had liked him, she would have bent her knees a
little to give him more room to push deeper into her ass, but she stayed
straight up as Jim pressed his cock into her back door.
She made grunts and moans because Andre had brought this
waste home, but his organ was no problem to accommodate. She'd like
to have said it was too small to notice, but her asshole wasn't that big.
She could feel him in her, but his bumping the vibrator in her twat was
the only real sensation his exertions were giving her. And that just
reminded her why she didn't like him.
She would have noted his screwing in more detail, but her by
the time had made those notes it was over. He made some pathetic
strangling noises (that made her hope) and then pulled out of her. She
thought Andre was also caught off-guard by the brevity of his
coupling, but he recovered smoothly and invited Jim to a seat on the
She was relieved. Now the master was going to take over.
Andre pulled her up to her hands and knees by the hair and
unbuckled the gag. She let the straps fall and held the ball in her teeth a
moment before she let it fall. Andre liked that- he had giggled the first
time she had done it and Andre is not given to giggles. Then he pulled
the vibrator out of her pussy, paused and set it carefully on the end
table. Later he admitted he was taken aback by the blood on the dildo
and it had made him pause.
"We'll see if that training worked," Andre said to Jim as he took
down a leash.
He put on the leash and led her to the front of the sofa then
dropped it in a signal to stay. She knew this drill. Andre and Jim were
going to use her for a footstool.
"Put your feet up," Andre invited Jim as he settled on the sofa.
He reached for the remote and flicked on the television as they
relaxed. She was not surprised to see she was the featured actress.
"Tell me again how the hook-up works," she was saying as she
spread her legs for the cable installer on the screen.
She would have liked a better view, but it was not her place to
turn her head. She had to be satisfied with what she could glimpse out
of the corner of her eye. And she liked what she could see. Andre was
excellent as a director in all the senses of the word. Jim must have been
going nuts.
That turned on him soon after the shot of her settling down in
the doggie bed. There was a second of blank tape and then Jim sliding
a dildo into her popped up on the screen.
"Here's an interesting one, Molloy," said Andre with no more
emotion than he had had all evening.
The only change in tone was his use of the surname. Obviously,
Andre was more than one step ahead of her. She was nearly as shocked
by this turn of events as was Jim Molloy. For his part, Molloy had
leaped to his feet when the first scene came on. On the screen now he
was dropping his pants and getting ready to butt-fuck her.
"What's going on here?" Molloy blustered.
"Jim, Jim, Jim, you must know you've made some enemies on
your way up," Andre began. "I'm only trying to help you out by
making sure some really nasty guy isn't the one holding your chain."
Molloy was in shock on top of being stupid and somehow
Andre's line of bullshit made him start nodding his head in agreement.
Next he would be thanking Andre for blackmailing him.
"Now that we understand each other, I'd like to show you
there's no hard feelings," Andre said and reached for her leash.
He pulled her erect on her knees and pulled her toward Molloy.
Jim hadn't retrieved his pants and it was evident Andre wanted her to
suck Molloy's dick. Her feelings aside, Andre was her master and she
took the dick in her mouth and sucked. It took a while for the fear to
leak out of Molloy and the lust return, but when it did, his little dick
fairly snapped to attention in her mouth.
Andre pulled her away then, saying to Jim, "You've seen this
get-up, I'm sure you'd like to have better memories of your next
encounter with my bitch."
"Go put on your bad girl outfit," Andre told her, "And don't
forget how bad you've been."
By now, peeling the leather away from her skin was a painful
proposition as it had become imbedded. She took that pain with a
smile. She hoped she would be as brave when the feeling came back to
her breasts, but for now the prospect of the scene to come was buoying
her spirits. Her bad girl outfit was of a dominatrix. Studded leather bra-
high heels- red and black garter belt and fishnets- and a nasty belt with
a large studded leather front and an opening for a selection of dildos.
The remark about how bad she was told her she should pick a big
Big stupid was in for a treat. She had thought it was pretty
demeaning for Andre to sink to entertaining the likes of Jim Molloy,
but it was becoming clearer now. Andre was talking to Molloy, but he
directed her with his eyes to move up from behind Jim.
"Well, Jim, I think this time we'll do something right up your
alley," Andre said, motioning her forward.
Molloy's eyes went wide when he saw her outfit, but he
listened as Andre said, "Now I don't want to influence you, or put any
pressure on you, but I think you might like to try something different."
Molloy just gulped as she put her hands on his shoulders and
pushed him down. she was not fond of being the master, but she was
good at it. She just put herself in the slave's place and think what
would turn her on the most. Molloy was simpler than that. He was
already sweating when she pushed her rubber dick in his face.
"Suck it you worthless slut!" she thundered.
If it hasn't been mentioned, she was a large woman. At 6'0"-
6'4" in the heels- she may seem an unlikely submissive, but this kind of
inversion is common. Now you can understand the sight she made
towering over the kneeling Molloy and shouting orders.
Molloy lifted the rubber dick and put it in his mouth with a
look like a trapped rat. He pretended to suck it mechanically. There
was no rage, no calculation, just fear and a frantic search for an exit
were in his eyes. Andre had retreated and she knew that poor, stupid
Molloy was making another video of himself .
"Okay doggie- on the couch," she told Molloy after she was
sure there was enough footage.
She pushed him up so his face was toward the camera. A deep
gratitude toward Andre ran through her as she looked at Molloy's
pasty-white ass.
"Oh puppy, puppy," she teased him as she reached beneath him
to stroke his balls and play with his cock.
She thought that would relax him, but his asshole was still
clamped shut when she pushed the dildo against it. His loss. She
recalled the pain of sitting on the sloppily inserted vibrator as she
heaved the rubber dick into him.
On the tape, the teeth-baring grimace and scrunched eyes look
as she breached his rear hole is priceless. But at the time all she heard
was the squeal. It instantly made her think of Ned Beatty in
Deliverance. She didn't fuck him hard, but she was firm with him. Each
time she nudged the dildo into him with a flex of her thighs, her pussy
got wetter.
She wasn't touching herself anywhere, but she was getting
excited. Finally she had to bend over him and grab his hips as she was
fucking him faster and faster as she climbed up the hill to her crest.
When his begging broke into sobs, she came. She might have rammed
him a little hard then, but she was shuddering and twitching so much
herself it wasn't intentional.
He curled up in a fetal position when she pulled the rubber
cock out of him and just sobbed.
Andre waited a few moments for her breathing to slow near
normal before instructing, "Now slave- take off those things and go to
your room."
She was eager to get some ointment on her breasts and not in
the least interested in what happened to Molloy. Again her master had
done what was best for her. The welts were hurting now and she
thought her nipples would remain painfully hard for the rest of her life
because of the stinging.
She would have plenty of time to deal with that, however, since
Andre would have to dispose of Molloy and come back. She thought
for a while, but she had no opinion. That did give her the bright little
thought that she was becoming even more perfectly submissive. She
didn't just follow orders well, she didn't know anything to do if she
didn't have orders.
Andre came home laughing. He wandered into the bedroom
still shaking with mirth.
"That was one hell of a performance, good girl," he
complimented her. "I thought Molloy's eyes would pop out when you
jammed that dick in his ass. I had him all set for this performance when
I got a call late in the day saying he is out. Actually, he performed the
same function as I do- entertaining, but that was all the good he was.
He did all right in a good ole' boy sort of way, but I am much more
precise and I do have a value beyond entertaining. We made an 11-th
hour decision that the video would keep him on a short leash with
company secrets, dirt and our customer lists."
"And we made a couple of real beauties. The bondage ass-fuck
is tame enough, but still embarrassing, but getting dildo-raped will
keep his head down until he goes to his grave," Andre said, sitting on
the bed and stroking her hair as she laid her head in his lap.
She really like it when Andre shared things with her. It meant
that he wasn't seeing her as meat. A submissive is a very special person
and his sharing showed he appreciated that she was a person first and
than she was a submissive as a special addition to that. She cuddled up
to him and he shared even more.
"You roll your face down and get me interested and I'll tell you
the story of how that scene came to be," Andre said and, of course, she
"It was a smooth transition, but one with definite steps," Andre
said as she worked at lifting his organ into her mouth with her
tongue, "The original plan- when Jim was still on the team- was for me
to rebuke you for still being shameless and shit on you in disgust.
Tom's from the old school that secretly fears a woman's power and he
likes to watch them abused. And a pretty sight it would have been. I
took that dump after dropping off Molloy and it was loose, black and
incredibly foul-smelling. I could just see it hit your chest, run around
your breasts and splatter on your face."
She captured his cock with her mouth as it got chubby and
stopped falling off her tongue and he continued, "When things changed
and we decided to get the video of Jim, I just reversed the roles. If he
likes to watch women abused, then what's better than have one abuse
him? I was going to have you shit on his chest and then sit in it and
smear it around on him. I know what a good job you could have made
of that."
"Then I saw blood on the vibrator and I decided Mr. Molloy
could see what it feels like to bleed deep inside. And you certainly did
a bang-up job of that. He didn't straighten up or stop holding his
stomach the whole way back," Andre said as she sucked busily to bring
him erect as soon as she could to thank him for the sweet sentiment.
All of a sudden Andre's cock grew like a blade of grass in a
time lapse sequence. She knew he had come up with a scene in his
mind. He let her suck him until his prick grew so big that keeping her
face in his lap was becoming a chore.
"All right, girl, you may sit up," Andre told her.
She squatted on her heels awaiting his next words. He reached
out to her breasts and watched her brace as he traced the crop marks
with his finger.
"Very nice," he said as he let his thumb and forefinger linger,
lightly caressing one still-erect nipple.
Now pain is not Andre's thing. Control is. Pain as it can show
evidence of submission is one thing, but what he did to lead Molloy to
a wrong conclusion was out of character. She thought he was sorry he
had to mark her that way.
He got up with his cock still protruding angrily out of his
trousers. He turned to walk off, snapped his fingers and patted his
thigh. That meant heel. She assumed he wanted her on her hands and
knees since he used dog commands, but when she climbed down he
lifted her to her feet.
He led her into the kitchen and opened the door to the back
"Check to make sure the doggie dish is full of fresh water," he
instructed and shooed her out the door.
It was just cover. She was never to see him do anything but
command her. When she returned, she didn't notice the change. Of
course, he was standing in front of the sink.
"Oh, oh, oh," He said in a warning tone, "What have you been
doing all day? You told me that you were cleaning up in the kitchen
while the cable man was here. What were you really doing?"
He pointed to a spot on the floor by his left foot. She got down
to look closer and he put his foot on her neck.
"Clean it up," He told her with the cold tone of command as he
pushed her face to the floor.
It was pudding like she had in the refrigerator, an obvious set-
up, but just the kind of master-slave scene he knew would get her
excited. She stuck out her tongue. He pushed it to the floor and rubbed
her head back and forth with his foot to make her lick up the spill.
It was enough to start the juices flowing. He took the foot off
her neck and jerked her to her knees by the hair. He pressed her to his
crotch and she automatically opened her mouth to let his dick slide
down her throat. That was all the instruction she needed. She sucked. If
he wanted something else he would correct her.
"Your conciliatory concession has been noted," he told her as
his dick regained its hardness in her mouth. "It in no way excuses your
unsuitable attention to your duties, but it may have spared you a
painful punishment in this case."
He knew the big words got her hot- especially when they were
portentous of correction or punishment or an impossible regimen that
he would strictly supervise with previously stated penalties for all
possible transgressions. She liked to know the consequences as she
faced a task she knew it was impossible to perform.
Of course, facing mystery consequences for a task that was
never explained had its joys as well. It seemed to be the latter that
Andre had planned for her. In Andre's case she knew her actions made
a difference, but only he knew the rules. With anyone else, she would
suspect they were making it up as they went along, but not the master.
Her wild thoughts made the drama of waiting a kind of
foreplay. Andre could tell by subtle changes in her cocksucking how
aroused she was becoming as the inevitable was achingly delayed.
When she was sufficiently aroused, he put his shoe under her crotch
and lifted her.
"If you won't spend the time it takes to keep this room
acceptable when it is scheduled, I will see that you spend it now," he
scolded her as she got to her feet.
"If you won't stand over your sink during the day, preferring to
shirk your duties because of the smell of hot cock in the room, I'll see
you stand over it now," he berated.
He pushed her to the sink and bent her over with his hands on
her back. She felt the cold kiss of the icewater that filled the sink an
instant before the hot probe of his cock entering her from behind. The
freezing water was a torture of a quite indescribable kind as her breasts
burned, shot pain, ached and finally fell numb and dead by turns. And
all the time he was filling her ass with his insistent hardon.
The only upside to this strange tit torture was that the shock
overwhelmed the brutish insertion of his cock into her anus. She wasn't
aware of the path he had taken even as he banged into her until the first
freezing shock had died down to sharp pains running through the
interiors of her tits. Then she felt his motion move her tits thought the
icy water, refreshing the freezing, and the brutal thrusts of his cock
through her tightest hole and into her bowels.
She could have only been more afire with feeling if he had
whipped her bottom before he applied this combination of corrections.
Then his collisions on her butt would have brought fire to add to the
icy ache of her breasts and the rude distention of her asshole. But this
was more than enough. It remained more than enough even after the
cold had totally invaded her breasts and numbed them.
Andre's thrusting became more insistent even as the feeling was
frozen from her tits. She could still sense the cold surrounding her
breasts as he stirred them in the water, but she could not guess what
signal she had given that betrayed the numbing ache had become
simply numbness. But Andre's timing was too precise for there to be
another answer. As the last chill had faded, his next thrust had been
deeper. He pinned her hips to the counter and was exploring her as
deep as he could reach. Harder- harder- he threatened to lift her from
her feet.
He was not in a rhythm in the sense of time, but in a finer sense
of pushing her a little harder- a little more unexpectedly each time.
And then came the greatest in unexpected as he anointed her bowels
suddenly, without changing his thrust or the peripatetic driving of his
cock up her ass.
"You were adequate," Andre said as he pulled away from her,
"But look at the mess you've made."
She thought he was referring to the shit on his dick and she
turned prepared to kneel and take him in her mouth. But he was
pointing at the spills of water on the floor. He tossed down a towel and
then told her to sit. He held her hands over her head and told her wipe
up the water. Try this at home. Scoot around pulling a towel with only
your butt cheeks. It was quite a trick and something it was just like
Andre to come up with. It was so totally outside her experience, but
something so in keeping with the idea of submission. And the fact her
butt still ached from his reaming only intensified the feeling.
She realized later what Andre was concealing with his
wonderful little play. Besides being another in a fine series of games, it
was a game hatched when he traced the crop marks on her breasts. As
the cold wore off she realized it was a palliative planned by Andre to
relieve some of the pain and help reverse the damage of the whip. A
marvelous mixture of humiliating her with her own cure.
And he was about to punish her with her own reward.
"You may sleep inside to tonight to warm my feet against,"
Andre told her, "But if I wake and do not find your mouth on my
organ, I will whip you for impudence."
It was a good thing she had some sleep during the day, for that
meant a nervous light sleep tonight. The few times she had been
allowed to share his bed for sleep, Andre had slept the night through,
but a track record was not a good enough thing to risk a whipping on.
And even if he didn't wake until morning, she still had to be ready at
the moment to put her mouth in place on his morning erection.
Andre made the wisdom and necessity of that vigilance clear
when he chose the 'cat' as the whip he would bring to bed to punish her
with, if called for. Though the line blurs in sex play, submissive isn't
S&M, it isn't bondage or uroglania or beastiality or exhibitionism. The
point being that she did not hunger for the whip. She allowed the
unallowable because it is her master's will. She did not glory in her
own abuse, only in her master's testing and her own willingness to do
whatever he wished. The whip represented failure besides a very real
helping of very real pain. She wanted him to wake to find her sucking
him off.
He remained asleep while she sucked him several times during
the night, but he did wake to a blow-job as well. She must have been
sucking on his raw libido as he went from dreaming to awake, because
his cock was already throbbing when his eyes opened.
"Oh thank god, I'm a man!" Andre groaned as he woke already
on the brink of orgasm.
It was almost like he had been transported dream-like into the
waking state across time and space and into the middle of a waking
blowjob. It took less that a minute of steadily accelerating sucking to
make Andre writhe on the bed and fill her mouth with a substantial
feeding of his semen. She kept sucking until he told her to stop, a
disappointingly short time due to the pressure of his kidneys.
He did let her take his piss for him, however. Standing almost
over the bowl, she held Andre's penis between her thighs and directed
it for him while he had his morning piss. For the most part she had the
sensation of being a man taking a piss, but, since his penis didn't
actually protrude through her thighs, she also got the sensation of warm
piss running down her legs when she was not precise in her aiming.
Then she got to squat and piss while Andre showered and he
kindly let her shower while he was dressing. It was Saturday! Like a
puppy seeing her master with a frisbee, she was beside herself with
excitement when Andre put on casual clothes. A suit or athletic togs
meant Andre had something business-like to do. Casual clothes meant
doing something with her.


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